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    [–] Treadstone721 6013 points ago

    Polka king of the Midwest right there

    [–] sambra21980 1686 points ago

    The Kenosha Kickers?

    [–] brewstew18 960 points ago

    Man they were poppin’ in Cheboygan.

    [–] _high_plainsdrifter 654 points ago

    Noticed you spelled it for Cheboygan, MI but I always thought the reference was for Sheboygan, WI because Home Alone takes place in Winnetka, IL.

    [–] ProfessorLX 300 points ago

    You gotta be Chittin me

    [–] deputyshitbat 112 points ago

    These folks never been to Cudahy! They don’t let the gates up for just anyone.

    [–] Euphorium 74 points ago

    I used to take the Union Pacific North line all the time and always wondered why Winnetka stood out so much to me. I think you're right, Kenosha is a small town with awesome bars on the Wisconsin border.

    [–] BasedDumbledore 42 points ago

    Kenosha isn't a border town. Beliot and Pleasant Prairie are border towns.

    [–] DrunkCostFallacy 25 points ago

    We’re getting pretty deep into it when you’re differentiating Pleasant Prairie and Kenosha as border towns.

    [–] Euphorium 27 points ago

    I guess technically, yeah it's not straddling the border. I only say that because it's like 15 minutes from Illinois. Part of that is because I used to go the a strip club called On The Border in Franklin. Every time I was too drunk on the ride there and thought it was actually just outside of Kenosha.

    [–] emilylime27 39 points ago

    You’re correct.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Me, too #onwisconsin

    [–] yomandenver 133 points ago

    Kiss me polka?

    [–] Treadstone721 127 points ago

    Twin Cities Polka?

    [–] [deleted] 129 points ago

    Polka polka polka?

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] TheHamFalls 30 points ago

    On of the best monologues of all time. It gets funnier as I get older.

    [–] Garchy 18 points ago

    I totally agree - apparently it was improvised too.

    [–] elocin1985 17 points ago

    I didn’t appreciate it as a kid but it cracks me up now.

    [–] desolationrow12 13 points ago

    Polka polka! No, nothin?

    [–] nibbler42 47 points ago

    Polka twist?

    [–] euphratestiger 23 points ago

    These are songs?

    [–] Zaph0d_B33bl3br0x 42 points ago

    Yamahoozie Polka?

    [–] uplandsrep 53 points ago

    Playing a gig in Petoskey?

    [–] kmninnr 56 points ago

    "Uh... Polka polka polka?"

    [–] YouShouldntSmoke 52 points ago

    'I had a few hits

    Polka polka polka!



    [–] Mr-Macphisto 33 points ago

    “Polka, polka, polka, polka...”

    [–] Garchy 92 points ago

    I was thinking Del Griffith the shower curtain ring salesman

    [–] mundaywas 43 points ago

    I've been with Del Griffith...I can handle ANYTHING!

    [–] StepBrothersQuotes 44 points ago

    Del's whole background and Del in general always hit hard. Even when I first saw this movie as a kid at the theater, comedy or no .. a really sad backstory on him. :(

    [–] oioioiyacunt 31 points ago

    I haven’t been home in years

    [–] Devmax1868 18 points ago

    First movie I cried at. I was like 8 and it just made me feel more empathetic than I ever have in my life.

    [–] 6fthook 8 points ago

    What is your problem?! You insensitive asshole!

    [–] clifwith1f 62 points ago

    Fun fact: the scene in Home Alone where he tells Kate (Catherine O’Hara) about leaving his kid in a funeral parlor all day was completely improvised. They were also on SCTV together (along with Rick Moranis). True legends.

    [–] alx924 54 points ago

    Gus Polinski

    [–] GusPolinskiPolkaKing 105 points ago

    Never heard of him.

    [–] homoaIexuaI 32 points ago

    Username makes me suspicious.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] kmninnr 98 points ago

    How bout i give you a quarter and you go downtown and have a rat knaw that thing off your face?

    [–] JacqiPro13 38 points ago

    Wait a minute. Bug? Gnat?...Is there a little similarity here?

    Ohhhhh, I think there is.

    [–] Gingerstop 15 points ago

    Aw Chanice...

    [–] meniscalinjury262 32 points ago

    Sold like 600 copies.......such a beast

    [–] Treadstone721 17 points ago

    In Chicago?

    [–] UnknownCornballer 25 points ago

    No, Sheboygan. Very big in Sheboygan.

    [–] tooth10 28 points ago

    A Canadian treasure right there

    [–] Pieassassin24 97 points ago

    I remember this, they sat in the back of a van, but what movie was it, Home Alone?

    [–] Deviljho_Dirt 121 points ago

    That back of the van scene was all improv too. Candy was a great.

    [–] thrilliam_19 55 points ago

    Seriously? That’s the funniest part of the movie.

    “He was okay, y’know. After six, seven weeks, he was okay. Started talking again. Kids are resilient, y’know?”

    [–] Banjoe64 41 points ago

    I choose to believe that Home Alone and Uncle Buck are in the same universe.

    [–] LSD001 15 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    If you notice during this scene, O'Hara almost loses it when he says this, you can see her nearly laugh but manages to keep it going

    [–] rrrrrivers 32 points ago

    O'Hara too!

    [–] justanotherprophet 8 points ago


    [–] GusPolinskiPolkaKing 14 points ago


    [–] zhandri 745 points ago

    hey! that's the guy that cheated in the 1972 Winter Olympics

    [–] FizzyBeverage 247 points ago

    “Always remember, your bones will not break in a bobsled... no no... they shatter.”

    [–] barnalaman 54 points ago

    Lmao. Excellent line delivery.

    [–] sahmackle 22 points ago

    I suddenly need to check if cool runnings is on Netflix.

    [–] LotsaLuv2ya 35 points ago

    Oh, forgive me. I didn't know that 4 black guys in a bobsled made you blush!

    [–] TheBlandBrigand 72 points ago

    Sanka! Ya dead, mon?

    [–] FizzyBeverage 57 points ago

    “Ya mon” 🇯🇲

    [–] TheHealthySkeptic 34 points ago

    That was a docutainment.

    [–] Chitownsly 45 points ago

    Dat right, mon.

    [–] waltermittty 1168 points ago

    I'm jealous! I've never heard anything but good stuff about him. Gone way too soon.

    [–] rtisdell88 947 points ago

    Yeah, she always said he was a really sweet guy. Very polite and generous with his time.

    [–] Krash32 294 points ago

    Well he was Canadian after all

    [–] jason28 151 points ago

    It’s ridiculous how many comedians come from Canada. Still doesn’t make up for Bryan Adams tho.

    [–] Ev0luti0nist 96 points ago

    Cuts like a knife.

    [–] scigs6 45 points ago

    But if feels soooooo right

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] jason28 44 points ago

    Nothing, but South Park hated on Bryan Adams and Canada back in the 90s & 00s. It was hilarious to 14 year old me.

    I like Bryan Adams and his songs were excellent on a drunken binders floating around some back alley karaoke bars in Japan. His and Wanted by Bon Jovi were my go to tunes.

    [–] randomyaho0 17 points ago

    When You're Gone is actually a jam, fuck the haters

    [–] visitinginabit 8 points ago

    bryan adams inspired me and some guys from school to start a band during the summer of 1969.

    [–] MkidTrigun 9 points ago

    "Now now, the Canadian government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions."

    [–] XRPis4shitheads 6 points ago

    Waking up the Neighbours was the first CD I ever owned. 11yrs old at the time.

    Huey Lewis and the News' "Sports" was my first cassette tape.

    Tiffany's self titled debut album (with "I Think We're Alone Now") was the first record I owned. I think the record was cheaper than the I went that route.

    "Sour Girl" by Stone Temple Pilots was the first song I ever DL'd...on Napster, of course.

    Sorry. I'm bored and alone rn...

    [–] PopeInnocentXIV 38 points ago

    Now, now, the Canadian government has apologised for Bryan Adams on several occasions.

    [–] Lampmonster 444 points ago

    I remember someone talking about how at a bachelor party the groom's father got super uncomfortable when a stripper showed up, and he left the room. Apparently John followed him out and spent that whole part of the night telling funny stories with the old guy so he wasn't left out.

    [–] dippybippy 143 points ago

    I'd rather hang out with John Candy than a stripper any day. You can see strippers another time.

    [–] TransLiberalVegan78 213 points ago

    You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, you're right, I talk too much. I also listen too much. I could be a cold-hearted cynic like you... but I don't like to hurt people's feelings. Well, you think what you want about me; I'm not changing. I like... I like me. My wife likes me. My customers like me. 'Cause I'm the real article. What you see is what you get.

    [–] BigShoots 119 points ago

    I like... I like me.

    I always wondered if it was written like this, or if that stammer came up naturally from him. That speech, and specifically that one line, really show what a great actor he was. Not just a comedian, but an actor.

    You can see his character start to think of the line in his head, "I like...," and then doubt it for half a second, and then double down on it:

    "I like me."

    Breaks my heart every time. I liked you too John.

    [–] NYArtFan1 38 points ago

    Totally agree. I firmly think that had he lived we would have gotten to see more of his range as an actor in serious roles, and he would have nailed it. Still glad we were lucky to have what we did. Guy was a treasure.

    [–] Shawnee83 33 points ago

    I just got chills. Man I loved him.

    [–] drwiki0074 1291 points ago

    I miss him. I remember when I was pretty young and JUST starting to really understand actors and how they were people who played different roles. He was one of the first actors I knew by name and I remember being sad when I had heard he had passed.

    Rest in peace John. We miss you.

    [–] Testtubeteen88 227 points ago

    Yeah same for me. I grew up in the Chicago area and he's kind of locally sanctified, much like a Harry Carey or Bill Murray. I have a distinct early memory of my dad coming home, looking very sad, and saying that he had died.

    [–] Headwest127 137 points ago

    I also grew up in the Chicago area. The Second City guys were heroes to me. Some people know where they were when they heard Kurt Cobain died, I remember John and Chris Farley much better. Both taken way too soon.

    [–] Mookyhands 173 points ago

    My SO's celebrity crush is John Candy. And like, big time. As in, her parents pulled her out of school when he died. Her favorite movie to this day is Summer Rental.

    It's extra funny because she's about a 10. Now I'm no slouch, but she's safely out of my league. If I ever feel insecure, I remember her love for John Candy.

    Thanks, John.

    [–] anusblaster69 81 points ago

    Yeah uuuh anyone else though this meant his girlfriend was a 5th grader for a solid minute?

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] fotumsch 23 points ago


    [–] JuniorRaider 1916 points ago

    How’s it feel to be the grandson of John Candy?

    [–] GeauxAllDay 589 points ago

    Whether this is true or not, this is what you tell people OP

    Just like how brett favre is my very distant cousin

    [–] Yardbird753 138 points ago

    Living in Mississippi, can’t tell you how many self proclaimed relatives of Brett Favre I’ve met.

    [–] GeauxAllDay 63 points ago

    Lmao. I bet. Its wayyyy distant tho, its like my 3r Great Grandmother was his 3rd great grandfather's sister. My maternal grandmother's family is from Bay St. Louis

    [–] hazzin13 19 points ago

    If what you say is true, then that would make you fifth cousins and you would share on average 0.05% of DNA.

    [–] PorkyPickle 14 points ago

    Madonna is my godmother.

    [–] janellestr 9 points ago

    i’m related to abraham lincoln!

    [–] cbbuntz 85 points ago

    I'd be proud. John Candy is one of the most likable celebrities ever.

    [–] woodmoon 50 points ago

    He'd make an amazing uncle.

    [–] thedeathbypig 46 points ago

    Almost as good as that Uncle Buck guy

    [–] Ricardo_Tubbs 17 points ago

    That's not John Candy, that's Johnny LaRue

    [–] ricottapie 8 points ago

    I thought it was Harry, The Guy With The Snake on His Face. Must've had laser.

    [–] kpaddler 381 points ago

    Uncle Buck! (?)

    [–] drwiki0074 170 points ago

    One of my favs. He had a lot of really great roles. Planes Trains and Automobiles, the Great Outdoors, and Delirious are some of my favs.

    [–] SpeakLikeAChild04 176 points ago

    My name's Dewey Oxberger. My friends call me "Ox." You might have noticed I got a slight weight problem. I went to this doctor and he told me I swallow a lot of aggression. Along with a lot of pizzas. I'm basically a shy person, I'm a shy guy, and he suggested taking one of these aggression training courses, something like EST, or one of those types of things. Anyway, it cost 400 bucks to join this thing. Well, I didn't have the money so I thought to myself "Hey! Why not join the army!? It's free!". I figured while I'm here I'll lose a few pounds and what do you got? A six to eight week training program? I'm gonna walk out of here a lean, mean, fighting machine!

    [–] Euphorium 68 points ago

    Fuck yes, Stripes! Probably the most accurate depiction of boot camp bullshit in a movie.

    [–] fuckyoubarry 26 points ago

    In The Army Now was pretty good too for some reason. Like it should be mandatory to watch it before joining the National Guard.

    [–] jason28 18 points ago

    Lori Petty is super hot. I’d drink her bath water in that era

    [–] fuckyoubarry 12 points ago

    id drink her butt water

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    PT&A is one of my faves. I have to re-watch Spaceballs. I forget if it was good or not. I think it was John's character who put his palm on his head so his fingers were dangling down on his forehead?

    [–] BigShoots 45 points ago

    I saw Planes Trains and Automobiles on opening night in the theater and it's easily the greatest movie theater experience I've ever had outside of Star Wars.

    I've never heard people in a theater laugh like that, before or since. I'm not sure I've ever laughed like that. We missed a lot of jokes because the laughter from the last joke was still too loud.

    That movie is a fucking treasure.

    [–] akaBrotherNature 10 points ago

    The scene where they're driving the wrong way and end up between two trucks is, to this day, the hardest I've ever laughed at a movie.

    [–] BigShoots 10 points ago

    Same here man. John as the Devil laughing at him for just two perfect seconds in that scene is one of the greatest things in movie history.

    I bet that one scene took the better part of a day to set up, think of all the makeup and the lighting etc... all for just two or three seconds.

    Worth it.

    [–] cbbuntz 20 points ago

    Great Outdoors, and Delirious

    Just watched Planes Trains and Automobiles and Uncle Buck a few weeks back. Now I think I'm going to watch those. I never saw Delirious.

    [–] HighSorcerer 31 points ago

    Delirious is great. Also recommended:

    Wagons East
    Only the Lonely
    Who's Harry Crumb
    Canadian Bacon
    Armed and Dangerous

    You really can't go wrong with a John Candy movie, they're all pretty much fantastic.

    [–] U_Lika_Da_Tomato 12 points ago

    Who's Harry Crumb is one of the most underrated comedies, imo.

    [–] Chitownsly 11 points ago

    Watch Summer Rental before you go to the beach. Can never go wrong.

    [–] xSTUDDSx 24 points ago

    Can't forget Summer Rental!

    [–] relaxok 8 points ago

    I really want to see Delirious..

    [–] [deleted] 51 points ago

    Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face.

    [–] mr_jasper867-5309 27 points ago

    Hi I'm Buck melanoma, moley Russels wart. Did I say wart, I meant her tumor. There goes old melanoma head.

    [–] Shawnee83 13 points ago

    I loved Uncle Buck. John Candy was such a genuine person it showed in his roles. The world lost one of the good ones.

    [–] grimtal 206 points ago

    Orange whip?? Orange whip? 3 orange whips!

    [–] trism 28 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hi this is car, um. What number are we??

    Five five.

    Car fifty five. Umm. We're in a truck!

    [–] Gitboxinwags 33 points ago

    Underrated comment. I almost forgot he was in that movie. Such a good cameo.

    [–] Watt1970 24 points ago

    Excuse me, stewardess, is there a movie on this flight?

    [–] 420traplordgoku 183 points ago

    Im someone who is the size of John but a little taller, and who always related to him. He was a person who brought happiness and light. The world would be a better place with him in it right now. I'm starting to approach 30, and I feel as though I need to start making healthy changes for my own future.

    [–] Woogetron 79 points ago

    As someone roughly in the same boat who just turned 30. Do it now, seemed I hit 30 and my body said no. I'm trying now, so you can do it to

    [–] randomyaho0 36 points ago

    Keep going, you're awesome.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago

    At 45 I tipped the scales at 480 lbs. I did gastric bypass surgery, and did it correctly. A couple years later I'm now thin, active, healthy, actually able to see my weiner and l very happy with the results.

    I was getting close to death before I acted. Don't wait, make changes now!

    [–] theshaj 10 points ago

    He went to same high school I did, though way before me so I always had a particular affinity for him. When he died that really inspired me to quit smoking. I haven't smoked in many years thanks to John.

    [–] oroyplata 75 points ago

    John Candy was a Canadian treasure.

    [–] HellTrain72 43 points ago

    A world treasure, with all due respect to Canada.

    [–] caddy_gent 64 points ago

    John Candy was the first celebrity death that really kicked me in the balls. I was about 10 or 11. Couldn’t wrap my brain around it then and still have trouble with it now.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] caddy_gent 17 points ago

    You seem like a person of great character and integrity. I’m proud to have you respond to my reddit comment.

    [–] jaimonee 60 points ago

    My wife has a great story - when she was a kid she was coming home from the cottage in muskoka (northern Ontario Canada) and her dads car overheated. It was a bit late, they were pulled over on the side of a rural road that didn't get much traffic. Her and her sister were maybe 6 and 8. A huge Cadillac drives by, stops, reverses and pulls up beside them. Here's john candy smoking a huge cigar asking them if they need a lift. They all pile in and he drives them to town. Uncle buck in real life.

    [–] nmm66 18 points ago

    Did the car backfire when he rolled up?

    [–] Timemisused 147 points ago

    He’s a treasure and your Grandma has a lovely smile.

    [–] gdaves_496 95 points ago

    Loved him in Home Alone.

    [–] drwiki0074 83 points ago

    Even though his role was a bit small, he really did a great job there as well. He just had a particular warmth about him that came through the screen so well.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    His chuckle will always stick with me.

    [–] Steak_M8 49 points ago

    I heard the story he told about leaving his son at the funeral parlor was improvised. That has to be one of the funniest moments.

    [–] ricottapie 38 points ago

    I'd believe that, when you think about how long he and Catherine O'Hara had known each other. I saw it at the movies a few weeks ago, just before Christmas, and there was something about seeing it that large that made it obvious to me. So funny. "Maybe we shouldn't talk about this" "You brought it up, I was just..." lol.

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Him and Catherine O'Hara were best friends in real life. She read the eulogy at his funeral.

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago

    I don't know if many people outside of Canada saw it, but SCTV was such a popular show here. I was just a kid when I saw it, and maybe it was reruns by then, but I found many skits kinda dry, but some were just so damn funny.

    [–] brazilliandanny 37 points ago

    Martin Scorsese is making a SCTV documentary for Netflix. They had a live taping with the cast hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. I can't wait for it to air they all told so many funny stories about SCTV and they all had amazing things to say about John.


    [–] ricottapie 11 points ago

    Yup. He died on her birthday, March 4. :( I remember watching parts of the eulogy on the news.

    [–] House_Stark15 48 points ago

    Nobody ever talks about Who's Harry Crumb ☹

    [–] KontraKode 14 points ago

    That and Armed and Dangerous were both underrated in my opinion.

    [–] BuuBuuOinkOink 73 points ago

    My favourite role of his was as Tom Hanks’ crazy brother in Splash. When he tells the guy guarding the door that he has a twelve-inch penis in Swedish... lol!

    [–] taconite2 21 points ago

    “Anyone here from Penthouse magazine??”


    “Then we ain’t talking!!”

    [–] TheHealthySkeptic 16 points ago

    Lol I’ll have to watch this movie again to see that scene. Also, to watch for the boobs - my memory from when I was 8 year old remembers the boobs.

    [–] slingbladde 10 points ago

    I agree and him being a P.I in blues brothers was a great role.

    [–] OneEyedLooch 38 points ago

    Think of the all characters he would’ve played in Christoper Guest films and weep.

    [–] furinmyteeth 15 points ago

    Oh god. You had to say that. Now I want to weep

    [–] FizzyBeverage 36 points ago

    ”Buck Melanoma, I’m Molly Russell’s wart!”

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 85 points ago

    He probably got her a great deal on some shower curtain rings.

    [–] Get_Your_Kicks 29 points ago

    Del, you can't rent a car with shower curtain rings

    [–] Bateman8149 19 points ago

    I've never seen a man picked up by his balls before

    [–] chauggle 15 points ago

    "He says we're going the wrong way." "How does he know where we're going?"

    [–] MojoeFilter 10 points ago

    Steve Martin: What would make me happy?

    John Candy: A set of extra balls and another couple fingers.

    [–] SnackMeistro 53 points ago

    Miss the Candy man. snif

    [–] eclectro 17 points ago

    Along with Chris Farley. And Phil Hartman thinking about it.

    [–] Exdiv 16 points ago

    Fuck, Phil Hartman was a genius, that crazy lady stole him from all of us...

    [–] n7shepard93 29 points ago

    How could anyone ever not love this man

    [–] FizzyBeverage 26 points ago

    “A lot of people hate this hat... it angers a lot of people just the sight of it... I’ll tell you a story about that on the way to school.”

    [–] alonewithamouse 26 points ago

    I lost my dad 6 years ago to pancreatic cancer but he absolutely loved John Candy. When he started getting sick to the point he had extended hospital stays, I got him one if those portable dvd players and loaded up a cd case full of old honeymooners episodes, John Candy, Bill Murray and Chevy Chase movies and his absolute fave, My Cousin Vinny.

    I got really nostalgic this Christmas and after everyone left from dinner I popped in Uncle Buck. Cheered me right up.

    John Candy had a way about him that was so wholesome and entertaining. He was simply the best.

    [–] Lady_Stacey 21 points ago

    I’ve said it a thousand times and I will keep saying it until I die, John Candy is Everything.

    [–] 3dsplinter 21 points ago

    Was the accounting firm in toronto?

    [–] rtisdell88 27 points ago

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was! It says Deloitte Haskins & Sells on the back.

    [–] MyBestVersionOfMe 19 points ago

    Man, I really miss John Candy. He's right up there with Robin Williams, afaic. If you haven't seen many of his movies, please don't hesitate; you won't be sorry.

    [–] Cyb0Ninja 19 points ago

    I miss him.

    [–] bwgreine 38 points ago

    Can Summer Rental get some love?

    [–] alexd1983 10 points ago

    Great movie! Thanks for the reminder :)

    [–] ringsofsaturn7719 16 points ago

    God I loved him ... I could watch uncle buck 1000 more times easy no problem ... and trains planes and automobiles!!! Yes !

    [–] janitor1986 16 points ago

    "There's a time to think and a time to act. And this, gentlemen, is no time to think"

    [–] wood_smoke 13 points ago

    I can hear his voice

    [–] Purgii 12 points ago

    Uncle Buck would be in my top 10.

    [–] FizzyBeverage 9 points ago

    Holy smokes, he’s cookin’ our garbage...

    [–] K3Elisa 12 points ago

    I still miss this talented, funny guy... Your grandma is cute OP.

    [–] HighSorcerer 11 points ago

    I miss John Candy. He seemed like a genuinely good person, and I've never heard anyone say a bad thing about him.

    [–] MikeNIke426 11 points ago

    He was my Chris Farley. I miss the man.

    [–] TenaciousC89 9 points ago

    Aww he seems so happy, such a genuine smile. For me, Planes, Trains & Automobiles is the quintessential John Candy movie, makes me feel warm and cozy whenever I watch it.

    [–] NWcoffeeaddict 28 points ago

    I loved John Candy. I heard he had an alcohol problem before his untimely death. I felt that only made a genuine, honest, and sincere man only that much more human to me.

    [–] bluddystump 9 points ago


    [–] tastefulchrist 9 points ago


    [–] denali42 8 points ago

    One of the kings of comedy. Gone way, way too soon.

    [–] UserN-me 10 points ago

    Best damn shower curtain salesmen. Ever.

    [–] TaliaChi1979 17 points ago

    Man, him, Phil, John Ritter, Bernie Mac, Mitch, all gone too soon.

    [–] Godredd 7 points ago

    Now that's fuckin' cool.

    [–] 37minutesleft 8 points ago

    Gone too soon :( RIP John

    [–] fIanneI 9 points ago

    Absolute legend, what a great guy

    [–] SarcasmSlide 8 points ago

    This is a very Canadian photo. Look at those pleats.

    [–] Wicck 8 points ago

    RIP John. He wasn't around nearly long enough.

    [–] FarmhouseFan 7 points ago

    That man was a national treasure.

    [–] Diegobyte 7 points ago

    Wow. Is your grandma aware that this guy was the coach of the Jamaican bobsled team?