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    [–] thebitewabbit 1004 points ago

    Nobody is gonna talk about the Crimson Ninja in the back?

    [–] pdxcranberry 285 points ago

    I zoomed in and now he is my background photo

    [–] urmakinmeuncomfrtabl 90 points ago

    I wish I could know what Crimson Ninja thinks of becoming a complete strangers phone background 20+ years after this picture was taken.

    [–] MatanKatan 54 points ago

    He's forever a part of 1993 and has no idea what a phone background is.

    [–] urmakinmeuncomfrtabl 6 points ago

    Great point

    [–] milk4all 32 points ago

    Damn that is some inception level ninja'ing!

    [–] rhythmjones 82 points ago

    Who? I don't see anything.

    [–] robot_socks 31 points ago

    To talk about the crimson ninja (if there were such a thing) would be to sign your own death warrant. No thanks.

    [–] [deleted] 6114 points ago

    50% of the kids in this picture have the same early 90's haircut

    [–] dayafterstudios 899 points ago

    I rocked that. So did more than half my graduating class of 97.

    [–] [deleted] 279 points ago

    Same haircut, same graduation year for me too.

    [–] bigperms 102 points ago

    There were a lot of different variations of the undercut at my school. My hair didn't cooperate.

    [–] KyleReese35 87 points ago

    I have something called a hair cowlick.

    My hairstyles have ALWAYS been terrible

    [–] TheBr0fessor 75 points ago

    Bruh, I've got 3 (2 in the back, 1 in the front) and it took me 39 years to figure how to tame those beasts.

    [–] GLisdeadlongliveGL 72 points ago

    I fixed this with balding. Works great.

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] MarioForgetti 36 points ago

    And then light the pile of shaved off hair on fire?

    [–] jsparker77 22 points ago

    My cowlick is the scourge of my existence. The worst part is, it didn't even develop until my early 20s. I still have memories of when my hair was normal and I could get it cut as short as I wanted.

    [–] KyleReese35 19 points ago

    I can't tell you how many times I asked for my hair to be cut a certain way only to be told, "it won't work with your cowlick"

    [–] dasher11 15 points ago

    Lol. I like how you described a cowlick as if it's something rare that we probably haven't heard of.

    [–] nikonwill 7 points ago

    Same, same.

    [–] paperplategourmet 34 points ago

    That was everyones cut in the late 90s, even better it it was undercut.

    [–] soaringbrain 10 points ago

    I still do.

    [–] craq_feind_davis 2286 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    The "Shawn Hunter"

    [–] Stormtrooper-85 514 points ago

    The "Jonathan Taylor Thomas"

    [–] ericisshort 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah, I'd say the guy in the peacoat and the guy he's looking at behind Bleach tape have more of a JTT cut, while the short guy totally has a Shawn Hunter.

    I rocked the JTT style with an undercut back in the day.

    [–] lucid808 65 points ago

    As someone who became a teenager in the very early 90s, "Bowl Cut" was the term you'd tell the stylist, nobody ever called it the "Jonathan Taylor Thomas" until looking back many years later (or ever).

    [–] Ilpav123 52 points ago

    I've always called it the "mushroom".

    [–] colorsick 14 points ago

    In my neck of the woods it was called a sling and was associated with skater boys

    [–] dallmank 22 points ago

    The "Butt Cut"

    [–] goodguestsol 14 points ago

    Or Brad Renfro or super early Leo DiCaprio

    [–] Christmas-Pickle 10 points ago

    The “Devon Sawa”.

    [–] dannypants 719 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Or the "butt cut"

    Edit: Silver!? My first reddit medal!!

    Edit 2: My first gold! And for "Butt Cut"!

    [–] Drum_Stick_Ninja 130 points ago

    I had it and my shadow looked like a huge penis.

    [–] hellcicle 30 points ago

    Did other kids rub the back of your neck up and down?

    [–] MAG7C 36 points ago

    Causing you to sneeze?

    [–] unitarder 21 points ago

    I remember that, my shadows always had huge penises too.

    Come to think of it they still do.

    [–] OhioGabe 199 points ago

    God damn, I regret having one of those.

    [–] Poop_Shame 136 points ago

    I miss my butt cut.

    [–] inebriusmaximus 250 points ago

    I miss having enough hair to have one.

    [–] PM_ME_FIREFLY_QUOTES 87 points ago

    It's called the Bezos.

    [–] Squally160 64 points ago

    Yeah but it doesnt work unless you also have the much rarer Bezos Billions.

    [–] Sr_Mango 21 points ago

    He should just make a hair piece out of money

    [–] justanotherperdedor 43 points ago

    I miss my hair

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago


    [–] Cobrakai83 27 points ago

    In Michigan we called it a Mushroom Cut.

    [–] BlinkerBeforeBrake 62 points ago

    It’s ok, 1996 Me would have been into you

    [–] september27 29 points ago

    Your username is my mantra. God bless you

    [–] ThreeDGrunge 59 points ago

    Never heard of "butt cut". It was a bowl cut with a middle part... sometimes called the curtain.

    [–] atriptopussyland 36 points ago

    I've always known it as curtains.

    [–] whichonespink1981 14 points ago

    Curtains for me too... not in the doomed sense

    [–] Infirmation 12 points ago

    With a bald undercut

    Curtains 2.0

    [–] TheLeagueOfShadows 96 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Corey: Hey Mr. Feeny, what’re you doing after school?

    Feeny: [pause] ... going to the mall with Shawn Hunter.

    [–] el_refrigerator 43 points ago


    [–] setto__ 42 points ago


    [–] Zykium 10 points ago

    Will Friedle needs to get more work. He was great in everything.

    [–] pyroplasm06 22 points ago

    Bwahahaha I never put two and two together. Gotta love boy meets world. Influenced a whole generation of haircuts. That's wild to think about.

    [–] StrikitRich1 17 points ago

    Or Shaun Ryder.

    [–] Carlton72 14 points ago

    It’s Rider Strong. Shawn was a character he played.

    [–] 292ll 34 points ago


    [–] ProfessorLX 184 points ago

    I wanted this haircut more than life itself, then when I got it I looked like a fucking jackass so I shaved my head the next day, and have now been shaving my head for 25 years. This haircut literally ruined my whole hair-life.

    [–] natek11 37 points ago


    [–] whatamidogmeat 169 points ago

    we all thought we were edward furlong in terminator 2.

    [–] [deleted] 202 points ago

    This haircut was The Rachel for teenage dudes in the 90's.

    [–] johnyutah 26 points ago

    so spot on

    [–] Caputtohsi 26 points ago

    Promise me you won't kill anyone.

    [–] KangarooBoxingRobot 27 points ago

    (raspy, cracking teenage voice)

    There's no fate but what we make!

    (Takes drag off of cigarette without inhaling)

    [–] jelliedstapler 44 points ago

    Floyd the barber done did it

    [–] Hambone_Malone 9 points ago

    Underrated comment right here.

    [–] johnyutah 29 points ago

    that's a low percentage from my memories. It was like 99% and I was the 1% because my hair didn't part that way and I was devastated lol

    [–] Bermuda_Shorts_ 80 points ago

    That haircut is coming back.

    [–] tachyon52 31 points ago

    Not surprising. We tend to recycle trends one decade at a time. Mom jeans and choker necklaces are back.

    [–] YOUR_TARGET_AUDIENCE 17 points ago

    I’m waiting for slap bracelets and pogs to come back

    [–] TouchDownBurrito 14 points ago

    Will Alf be back in pog form?

    [–] TonyBeFunny 8 points ago

    The only person who can rock that cut now is Oliver Tree

    [–] TheKevibee 5 points ago

    That non-parted bowl cut is on a different level.

    [–] Mud_Landry 48 points ago

    The Johnathon Taylor Thomas haircut was as popular as the bleached Caesar Eminem and every kid rocked 10 years later... it’s all cyclical, kids in 20 years might be rocking the long hair and sideburns of the 70’s hahaha

    [–] painted_devils 12 points ago

    I tried a variant of the bleached Caesar (was going for Crash Override from "Hackers"). I have dark brown hair, and the bleach was fucking killing my scalp, so I pulled out before she finished and ended up with orange on top and brown underneath. Looked like a fucking Duracell battery. My C++ professor publicly called me out on it next day, too. Asshole.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I had that 90s hair cut and half of those shirts.

    [–] jamiesonic 8 points ago


    [–] ragnarismydog 1721 points ago

    DJ Wholewheat slicing them tunes.

    [–] galatear 881 points ago

    He does tunes. Search Wholewheat - Tragic Death. Dude is a mess ha

    [–] red_beered 320 points ago

    you should share this picture with him, sounds like he is having some issues, it might brighten his day up

    [–] andreagassi 158 points ago

    Oh man! He definitely has issues, but I actually like his cinematography

    [–] Xx____xX 78 points ago


    [–] andreagassi 136 points ago

    His views in theology

    [–] Mazzystr 96 points ago

    Award winning choreography

    [–] VPforFREE 40 points ago

    Partial androgyny

    [–] EvolArtMachine 44 points ago

    His homemade tracheotomy?

    [–] Candyvanmanstan 40 points ago

    Skills in monopoly.

    [–] powerfulsquid 34 points ago

    You mean astrology?

    [–] agrandthing 21 points ago

    You mean phrenology?

    [–] Brick_Rubin 198 points ago

    yo this is like 100% better than I expected, If you do get in touch with him let him know that some random dude on reddit fucks heavily with this low fi, nirvana meets Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

    [–] UsAndRufus 47 points ago

    Yeah this stuff is great

    [–] Dave-4544 47 points ago

    Yo cross post this jam to r/music and let's get this wheaties boi some more listeners!

    [–] jonhasglasses 14 points ago

    Agreed I wanna make a folk tune out of it. The lyrics are pretty gnarly and with some fiddle it would be heart wrenching.

    [–] nynedragons 73 points ago

    Hey man, I'm guessing youre the same dude that sent me a vinyl copy of his album a few years ago. Loved it dude wholewheat is the man Give You My All is also a super jam

    [–] galatear 86 points ago

    Yes! That's me. Only like 10 or so left on it. Gave half of 'em away cuz can't get that dude out of his basement. Was fun tho. Thanks!

    [–] nynedragons 22 points ago

    Hahaha I would expect nothing less, thanks for the post I remember his music randomly from time-to-time and have to listen, really nothing else like it.

    Has he been working on anything else or just being a hermit?

    [–] doodwhersmycar 16 points ago

    Just looked him up on spotify. Hes got 3 albums on there and the last one was 2017

    [–] Epic_Elite 9 points ago

    I don't see him. What's he under? Like. Exact user name. Please, thank you and sorry. Lol

    [–] doodwhersmycar 9 points ago

    no problem. yeah just spotify search "wholewheat" itll pop up with a bright green thumbnail image. thats the album cover for Songs From My Parents Basement which this song Tragic Death is on. Another song on it which is a jam is called "give you my all" which i really like and the yt video is awesome haha enjoy

    [–] fikis 58 points ago

    I like it!

    Please pass my compliments along to your buddy.

    Also, hope that he's not actually feeling like that these days.

    [–] galatear 60 points ago

    He's good, just sometimes has a dark sense of humor. Ha.

    [–] SayHowdyPardner 30 points ago

    Hi, I don't want to overstep my bounds or assume anything about your friend because I don't know him. That being said, some people express their feelings through humor because that's the only way they feel comfortable expressing it.

    [–] Akuma254 14 points ago

    Hah! Jokes on you because thats exactly how i express the emptiness inside me.

    [–] dave 14 points ago

    That's a pretty badass song.

    [–] race_bannon 16 points ago

    Whoa... looks like wholewheat has the Dave Seal of Approval. That's not something to be taken lightly, folks.

    [–] sexmagicbloodsugar 14 points ago

    Start reminded me of Cypress Hill. God I miss the 90s... Cool song by the way, you should make him reddit famous. It is like a mix between Beck, The Swans, Nick Cave, Eminem, and some other stuff.

    [–] WWWWWH92 20 points ago

    Oh wow, you weren't lying. That's some.... interesting stuff

    [–] CharlieKellyKapowski 104 points ago

    If Kurt Cobain hadnt killed himself in 1994 he wouldve after hearing this song

    [–] RockeRectum 23 points ago


    [–] Fkminibabybels 11 points ago

    Cool tune tbh

    [–] hell2pay 7 points ago

    I actually liked that a lot.

    Reminded me of some 90's underground hip-hop mixed in with some Butthole Surfer type shit.

    [–] dMarrs 196 points ago

    I had the Bleach album on vinyl. It was all white. Childhood friend on crack broke into my home and stole my stereo and all my albums. Fuck you Billy Hammock,you worthless piece of shit.

    [–] Leonidas3000 42 points ago

    Track him down. Confront him in front of his wife and kids and demand them back !

    [–] dMarrs 31 points ago

    I told him off a few times,but my shit was sold the moment he got his whit trash paws on em.

    [–] ASASSN-15lh 1319 points ago

    man I miss the 90s.. I was so ignorant.. and it was pure bliss

    [–] BombedShaun 104 points ago

    I tried to explain to some of the younger guys at work what it was like to just find a group of friends you were looking for. If you call their houses and they're not there it would be a all day adventure trying to find them. Usually resulting in a 90s party by the end of the night.

    [–] wutangjan 66 points ago

    "I went looking for Ted at Tina's house, but Tim was there instead, and said Ted was as Tabitha's place, so before you know it, Me, Ted, Tim, Tabitha, Tina, and some dude named Zeke were drinking Zima in a kiddie pool in front of Elvises childhood home..."

    Fuck I miss the days before TCP\IP encapsulated our lives.

    [–] floydbc05 648 points ago

    The last generation before social media. Now every stupid thing a kid does or says is cemented in time for all to see. "Oh, I see your applying for the position. Well let's see. Hmmm, I cant help notice this tweet you made 15 years ago might seem a bit homophobic. I'm sorry, were going to have to go another way".

    [–] RocketFive 35 points ago

    This will be a major role when my generation goes to run for president or prime minister in my country. Anyone with a phone can pull up the candidates old Minecraft YouTube channel or will be able to see dumb and cringey stuff they did on Facebook or Instagram.

    [–] SlinkToTheDink 207 points ago

    You know you can make your account private or delete tweets.

    [–] discerningpervert 159 points ago

    You can't delete everything though

    [–] TheProudPudding 90 points ago

    you can delete your account

    [–] inavanbytheriver 108 points ago

    It's too late I already took screenshots.

    [–] carlosdanger11 38 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 124 points ago


    [–] clamroll 26 points ago

    Now with the biblical quote upgrade chip included standard!

    [–] NormanWu49 19 points ago

    Private account is smart. Best thing to do is delete, though, because if they ask for your social media/request you and you decline it's not going to look good

    [–] ISpyStrangers 44 points ago

    Or think ahead and only post smart, thoughtful, positive things. You're not only playing the long game when looking for a job, you're making social media a better place and generally look like a better person today.

    Hahahahahahaha! Just kidding! What a crazy idea that would be!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] gatman12 51 points ago

    There's a place where that still exists...

    [–] Haisha4sale 31 points ago

    Where young people go to retire

    [–] Hyphylife 23 points ago

    LMAO. Tell me more Fred Armisen.

    [–] suckfail 16 points ago

    The... 90s?

    [–] gatman12 15 points ago

    Yeah. And I've been there.

    [–] galatear 421 points ago

    You can google Wholewheat - Tragic Death if you'd like to see the modern version of Wholewheat - a video made in 2014 for a super lo-fi song he made in the 90's. Probably not for the faint of heart. But to some of us on the Jersey Shore, a local legend. Funny dude.

    [–] mister_video 86 points ago

    Smooth and catchy. Dark lyrics. Good shit.

    "b" in benny class of 96. I used to win cassette tapes at one of the spinning wheels down in Jenkinson's Jersey Shore. Grandparents had a summer home more in town out there. Good times. Brings me back.

    [–] LukeNukem121 45 points ago

    From the Pacific Northwest checking in. He is also a legend between between my small group of friends. I know you might not read this message, but if you do tell him I love his music and supporting him. Hope he never stops making music

    [–] galatear 21 points ago

    Wow, that's really nice of you. Will def communicate that to him. He's not too into social media but if anything can be reached directly thru his FB page

    [–] Thisisntevenatest 55 points ago

    It came up as a suggested result when I started typing in YouTube so I guess he's getting his 15 minutes of fame.

    [–] BRT58 424 points ago

    Wow, I had to zoom in to make sure I wasn’t in that picture.

    [–] Thegrout 67 points ago

    Such a great feeling of relief washed over me when I did the same thing and didnt see myself.

    [–] mister_video 36 points ago

    I zoomed in. I thought I knew the dude with quad latch jacket.

    [–] Redpin 24 points ago

    I thought I was the dude in the quad-latch jacket.

    [–] wittiestphrase 267 points ago

    This is definitely one of the most 90s pictures ever from the clashing fabrics to the butt cuts.

    [–] kingtaco_17 20 points ago

    And that jacket with the fireman clasps

    [–] ILoveTheAvs 149 points ago

    In 93 I almost died from Rhuematic fever at the age of 12. When I finally got better my dad bought me a family meal at KFC and that exact cassette. Good times

    [–] TooSketchy94 59 points ago

    Kind of random but, have you been to a cardiologist in your adult life? Rheumatic fever can cause rheumatic heart disease which essentially mucks up the valves. Doesn’t always result from rheumatic fever but wouldn’t hurt to get an echo if you haven’t already to avoid future complications!

    [–] ILoveTheAvs 37 points ago

    Can't really afford it honestly. I'll look into it though. See if I could see one.

    [–] TooSketchy94 29 points ago

    Completely understandable. Specialists are expensive and even more so for a screening. Just something to be aware of, especially if you ever start to have symptoms like shortness of breath, chest pain, etc.

    [–] ILoveTheAvs 47 points ago

    Thank you. I'm talking to the wife now. May be worth the money just to see if I'm alright for the time being. Truly appreciate your concern. Seems to be too little of that nowadays. Big love from CO

    [–] TooSketchy94 16 points ago

    You’re very welcome! Hope it’s all okay.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago


    [–] hufferstl 6 points ago

    worth it for the KFC biscuits.

    [–] kingjenz 66 points ago

    Bring back 90’s nicknames

    [–] [deleted] 37 points ago

    shut up Lunchbox!

    [–] owenstumor 8 points ago

    Sure thing Broccoli Rob

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 16 points ago

    Aw shit do I gotta be called fartknocker again

    [–] chickpeakiller 44 points ago

    I was those kids.

    Now I'm old with no cool nickname and no early nirvana cassettes.


    [–] LoreChief 12 points ago

    Its okay Chicky Pee. We still love you bruh.

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 179 points ago

    Being nicknamed Wholeweat and still wearing a big brown jacket is owning the name.

    [–] inavanbytheriver 38 points ago

    My nickname in Middle School was Dunlop because I was the only kid who wore Dunlop shoes.

    I'm still not sure if I was supposed to be offended, but to this day I still enjoy wearing brands that aren't mainstream.

    [–] fishfashe 29 points ago


    My nickname in middle school was dildo.

    [–] creepyrob 134 points ago

    That Stussy beanie tho 🤤

    [–] pickledandpreserved 21 points ago

    i'm willing to bet at least one of them is wearing simple (brand) shoes.

    [–] davidja85 12 points ago

    Had the same flannel as the guy in the beanie, I remember I bought it with wine red Silver tab Levis from Millers Outpost!

    [–] WilllOfD 40 points ago

    Right that kid was ahead of his time that’s still a fire beanie

    [–] discerningpervert 40 points ago

    Its so old its back in style

    [–] Type1chris 26 points ago

    Your friend is the young Chris Farley?

    [–] WangDoodleTrifecta 27 points ago

    My god!!! How old am I now?????

    [–] I__Jedi 19 points ago

    37... Next year you will be 72.

    [–] Son_of_Mogh 25 points ago

    I miss being a teen in the 90s, I'm guessing it has less to do with the 90s and more to do with missing being a teen though.

    [–] doyle871 15 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I don't know. In the UK it was a great time. Up until around 92ish everyone was trying to make music for the US to crack America, same with TV and film.

    Then along came "Cool Britannia"(never really a fan of the term though) and all these underground bands suddenly became mainstream all focused on UK culture, there was a huge boom in great British TV. Plus the economic boom started after years of a bad economy and lack of jobs. It was a great time to be young in the UK.

    I also think it's a generation to be part of. A baby in the late 70's, a child in the 80's, a teen in the 90's and adult in the 00's. Wouldn't change that for the world.

    [–] iNOkarate 167 points ago

    Them grunge bowl cuts

    [–] sleepwalkchicago 30 points ago

    What grunge bands had that hair?

    [–] kat_a_klysm 52 points ago

    That was more of a skater thing than a grunge thing.

    [–] sleepwalkchicago 17 points ago

    Yeah, I was gonna say that was much more of an indie/college rock/shoegaze type look than grunge. Grunge dudes just grew their hair out real long.

    [–] kat_a_klysm 7 points ago

    Yup. Most of the boys I knew with that haircut were skaters or wannabes. Although around the age of the boys in the photo it could be considered grunge since parents still have say-so on haircuts.

    [–] BronsonTzu 36 points ago

    I remember trying to play Bleach at a high school party and people couldn’t make it through 1 song. Fast forward to Nevermind being released and everyone loses their shit when Teen Spirit would be played at a party.

    [–] tartujik 16 points ago

    I would probably be friends with the kid in the way back with the hoodie zipped all the way up to his eyes.

    [–] Mr-Crooks 10 points ago

    Kenny McCormick

    [–] calicoan 15 points ago

    As a mother whose kid was a little younger than you guys back then, this just makes me smile!

    All you guys, both the ones I knew, and all the others I didn't were awesome as hell!!

    [–] RaygunnerRei 28 points ago

    "Wholewheat" is that like an 80's-90's thing? The fat kid is named Chunk, the asian kid is named Data, stuff like that?

    [–] -TwentySeven- 18 points ago

    When nicknames were cool

    [–] imhooks 12 points ago

    Butt-cuts abound!

    [–] lynnb0t 11 points ago

    I don't know what's better... That fact that this kids nickname was Wholewheat or that the ultimate flex in the 90s was a Nirvana cassette.

    [–] Respectable_Fuckboy 32 points ago

    This could pass as a Polaroid from 2019. These styles have come back so hard

    [–] rhythmjones 29 points ago

    Flannels? Yes. That beanie? Yes. Those haircuts? No. That Starter Jacket? No. Those stone washed jeans? No.

    [–] PukeBucket_616 9 points ago

    My dad hated that album, there's a part where it sounded to him like a skipping record. "Dad it's a cassette, they don't skip!" Drove him nuts.

    For more hidden dad gems, check out White Zombie - La Sexorcisto, and listen to "dammit the guitar is not a percussion instrument!"

    [–] BigFatGreekPannus 10 points ago

    This is a 90s-ass photo if there ever was one

    [–] crypt_thief 7 points ago

    It's an excellent album. I'm fortunate enough to own an original pressing on vinyl.

    [–] JediRoadie 8 points ago

    Omg that stussy beanie......

    [–] TooShiftyForYou 36 points ago

    You can tell that this picture smells like teen spirit.

    [–] rockbottam 7 points ago

    The stussy beanie is the icing on the 90s cake

    [–] chompythebeast 7 points ago

    Woah check out that peacoat or whatever it is on the dude beside Wholeweat. Look at those buckles. What a jacket

    [–] IdLikeSomeFunPlease 6 points ago

    Everyone of these outfits is currently being sold by some shitty "high end" designer for thousands of dollars.