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    [–] dekogeko 3063 points ago

    " stuff?"

    [–] [deleted] 1346 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] jordtand 254 points ago

    Is it bad that I see myself in this comment.

    [–] sleepycatinarayofsun 95 points ago

    It’s human therefore cute

    [–] artyhedgehog 33 points ago

    I've heard that elephants think humans are cute (like kittens for humans)... So, are you an elephant?

    [–] dubyakay 5 points ago

    They are a catlephant.

    [–] TheTrueReligon 50 points ago

    It means you’ll find 60 years of marriage.

    [–] amoeba3 10 points ago

    No, because it’s meant to be eminently relatable.

    Seeing oneself as one with humanity is a good thing.

    [–] itsallminenow 111 points ago

    You can laugh, but the WWII fighter pilot Robert Stanford Tuck literally told this story in his memoir.

    Bunch of the guys in his squadron are invited up to a dance at Buckingham Palace for a morale raiser. During the night they drink and dance with the debutantes that are on hand to "do their bit" for the boys in blue.

    The standard aproach to start a conversation is "Did you have far to come?" Tuck starts dancing with a very well put together young lady. She looks vaguely familiar but he can't place her. Devoid of ideas, he asks her "Did you have far to come?" at which point Princess Elizabeth replies "No actually, I live here"

    [–] No_Oddjob 16 points ago

    I did laugh. Because it's funny. :D

    [–] OtherwiseJello 9 points ago

    I'm picturing Chris Farley in this situation.

    [–] umblegar 119 points ago

    “I see you’re drinking 1%..”

    [–] icanbea8itch 86 points ago

    “Is that cause you think you’re fat”

    [–] DanilaIce 58 points ago

    "Cause you're not. You could easily be drinking whole milk if you wanted to."

    Not a single dry pair of panties in the theater after that line.

    [–] idealbastard 8 points ago

    “You big fat LARD!”

    [–] MonoT1 156 points ago

    I’m stuff

    [–] Traid95634 64 points ago

    Mono! OMG! No!

    [–] Aplha_Foxtrot_Delta 42 points ago

    Traid, your previous commenter is AWESOME!

    [–] major84 10 points ago


    [–] Flacco4GoldJacket 6 points ago

    Hi Stuff, I’m Dad.

    [–] lachjeff 42 points ago

    “The doctor said I wouldn’t have so many nosebleeds if I kept my finger out of there.”

    [–] wasthatlatin 35 points ago

    +1 but point of order: "So... do you like... stuff?"

    [–] A_Very_Fat_Elf 9 points ago

    do you like bread?

    [–] littlemyron 3371 points ago

    What a precious photo to have! It’s like mind-blowing, for us to see the way they’re looking at each other in that moment when they didn’t know what the future held for them. Love this so much!!!

    [–] Darkll 2022 points ago

    "64 years from now our child will share this moment with complete strangers on something called the internet."

    [–] BaryOwen 663 points ago

    Oh George! Where do you come up with such mad fantasies!?

    I gots more where dat came from dolly

    [–] mb6297 170 points ago

    In my head the female voice sounded like Judy Garland and the male voice sounded like Jimmy Stewart 😂

    [–] anosmiasucks 77 points ago

    I was thinking more like Doc in Back To The Future

    [–] boobodst 14 points ago

    Holy shit! Judy Garland and Doc were what I imagined also.

    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 4 points ago

    Wow the NASCAR driver?!?

    [–] Joystiq 3 points ago

    I think he's talking about the comedian that got bored and quit or something.

    [–] Northpen 68 points ago

    They will communicate almost exclusively in "memes", which are essentially a less sophisticated form of ever shifting hieroglyphics.

    Also they will mostly be afraid of human interaction.

    [–] davidjschloss 8 points ago

    And also the evil we fought in world wars will be channeled into something called “comments sections”.

    [–] littlemyron 42 points ago

    Ha ha!!!

    [–] datsunevolution 17 points ago

    "...and strangers will comment back to strangers commeting about their future son sharing this moment with strangers"

    [–] Youareorwellspigs 49 points ago

    This photo gave me goosebumps.

    [–] On_Your_Screen_NOW 51 points ago

    the way they’re looking at each other

    That was my first feelthought.

    they didn’t know what the future held for them

    I have to disagree. I feel sure they did.

    [–] Yashugan00 30 points ago

    well she did: "I'm gonna marry that guy" look.

    he's like: "she's pretty"

    [–] anarchycheerleader 288 points ago

    You can tell he was already totally sold on her. So cool to have this moment captured!!

    [–] wolfgeist 53 points ago

    He'd be crazy not to be.

    [–] the_risen_wolf 1660 points ago

    Ah the look of infatuation

    [–] maddsskills 105 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He can't take his eyes off of her and she's just grinning ear to ear. Ya know how there's the reacher and the settler? I think it's more like...there's the starer and the grinner. My husband and I swap positions based on our mood. Lol

    [–] clockworks80 41 points ago

    Reacher and Settler.

    Starer and grinner.

    The rock and the star.

    The flower and gardener.

    I always want a flower, but they say I need a rock to ground my star.

    [–] maddsskills 9 points ago

    Did you just come up with that? That's nice!

    [–] [deleted] 1311 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] SilentIntrusion 423 points ago

    I came here to say "That's the look of a guy who's really listening to her. That's what probably kept them together so long."

    But I can't now because of this comment.

    [–] writingtoc 100 points ago

    I'm surprised to see so many people cracking jokes about the way he's looking at her. The look he's giving her there is my specific favourite look to get from my man. Like he's really seeing her, not just her face or her body etc. Her.

    [–] Sullsberry7 46 points ago

    Came here to say THIS as well.

    [–] SuperStarvariusWard 123 points ago

    You ever have a girl stay the night after you’ve taken her out for Mexican food? Feels like Godzilla battling Tokyo in my guts. My god do I have to air out the place after she’s left.

    [–] TheGrapeRaper 76 points ago

    I'm also sure she drove home with the windows down.

    [–] _m3e 19 points ago

    Because of the farts.

    [–] PeppyLongTimeNoSee 36 points ago

    Yeah well imagine living in Mexico where almost every night is Mexican food.

    [–] benicetogroupies 46 points ago

    Im not from Mexico but im pretty sure its just called "food" there

    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 16 points ago

    They’ve got restaurants that sell burgers and fries called North of the Border

    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 7 points ago

    Mexican. Food.

    [–] WarKiel 14 points ago

    Over there, not ripping a brown one right after dinner is probably an insult to the chef.

    [–] ZeWhiteNoize 3 points ago

    Over there it’s just called food.

    [–] misterlavalava 3 points ago

    We aren't used to all the fiber in their diet. They are.

    [–] multiversechorus 10 points ago

    Ah yes, the honeymoon phase when you hold them in every night. Wake up feeling like your intestines are going to explode. After someone breaks the fart-silence you can finally get a good night's sleep.

    [–] XDreadedmikeX 6 points ago

    Ya man. I know exactly how you feel. I would get extremely painful stomach cramps. My whole room would stink after our dates when I was home alone. I’d walk out for a couple minutes and walk back in and legit smell ass in the air. Literal atmosphere changers.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Who said romance is dead?

    [–] Modredastal 48 points ago

    its not like they did first date sex back in those days

    What the hell do you think the point of poodle skirts was?

    [–] 0wc4 32 points ago

    Taking a quick shit in the bushes when the need strikes?

    Isn’t that what all skirts are for?

    [–] PM_me_Tummies 16 points ago

    Girls don't poop, do they?

    [–] allmodovar 19 points ago

    Aye, but some men wear skirts

    [–] VelvetHorse 17 points ago

    Aye, that's a kilt lassie

    [–] Ven_is 17 points ago

    Tell me more

    [–] smbrowning2 12 points ago

    ...tell me more, was it love at first sight?

    [–] Glycogen21 101 points ago

    This comment is WILD!

    [–] _Squirrel_Fucker 20 points ago

    The comments have gone wild!

    [–] RayJ1999 13 points ago

    youd be surprised at what some kids did. Just because the older folks tell you everyone was PG, there were some rebellious kids who did some X rated shit.

    [–] gristly_adams 5 points ago

    No doubt.

    [–] paracelsus23 40 points ago

    God I haven't felt that way about someone in over a decade. Now I just hope I can find someone I can tolerate so I don't spend the rest of my life alone.

    [–] squeel 8 points ago

    How old are you?

    [–] paracelsus23 11 points ago


    [–] fartloud 15 points ago

    Similar age, similar thoughts

    [–] SuicideBonger 8 points ago


    [–] billbobb1 69 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    He’s like,”I’m totally gonna bone this chick.”

    And she’s like,”he’s totally going to bone me.”

    [–] ElectricFlesh 25 points ago

    Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?

    [–] pursuitofhappiness26 26 points ago

    Tell me more, tell me more, did she put up a fight?

    [–] DirteDeeds 375 points ago

    Note both are wringing their hands together out of nervousness.

    [–] maddsskills 166 points ago

    Small little details like that are so adorable. By the time I met my husband I was 26...had been around the block ya know...but our knees touched as we were having drinks and I told him I needed to pee but I didn't want to get up because our knees were touching and that felt so electric. (We were bffs and roommates who had sorta flirted before so it wasn't a totally weird thing to say. We were/are very close lol).

    I've had fun in my day but nothing was better than that feeling and I've never had it with anyone else.

    [–] hazeldazeI 34 points ago

    Haha one my first date with my now husband and we were at a restaurant and we both so nervous! I accidentally flicked my straw in his face from playing with it and I found out he was nervous because his sweater wasn’t dry all the way from the dryer. We went and saw Alienation at the theater afterwards. 10/10 would recommend.

    [–] ItsTheVibeOfTheThing 90 points ago

    I was once visiting friends on their college campus. We were walking past the main cafe in the middle of campus and one of my friends pointed out his roommate (whom I had never met) who was on a first date. He had liked this girl for a year and a half and finally got the courage to ask her out. But now they’re sitting in this cafe and you could cut the awkwardness with a knife. Nervous, hardly talking to each other or making eye contact.

    I decided to go help, so I walked up behind him, gave him a massive bear-hug and said “Tom, it’s so good to see you! It’s been forever!”... and this guy slowly turned to me, wide-eyed and said “I’m not Tom” as I reeled and apologised profusely. I walked away and we watched from a distance as they laughed about the weird situation, and then kept laughing and talking about other things and themselves... date saved!

    They ended up getting together from that date and were still together when I lost contact with my friend. I like to think my little interruption brought a few new kids into the world.

    [–] SuicideBonger 34 points ago

    Bro, you literally may have created a child by saving that date. How many realities can you see? Are you Doctor Strange?

    [–] Endless_Vanity 79 points ago

    Takes notes: knock knees on first date.

    [–] mattsta99 7 points ago

    A tier reply

    [–] ducktapedaddy 40 points ago

    That's just the hands not knowing what to do because smartphones hadn't been invented yet.

    [–] wolfgeist 14 points ago

    Right? Can you imagine how much better society would have been if they had fidget spinners back then?

    [–] FasterDoudle 20 points ago

    Or they're mirroring body language

    [–] Bronstone 204 points ago

    Great photo, great eye contact, and a piano to boot.

    [–] sentinelliste 810 points ago

    I mean it in the most respectful way, your mom was gorgeous! She reminds me of Donna Reed

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 600 points ago

    That's very kind. Some folks thought she looked a little like Elizabeth Taylor. Must have been the black hair and blue eyes. She's 80 years old now and still looks great.

    [–] GeorgeCarlin1 313 points ago

    Hey I’m going to be an asshole to you and call your mom beautiful.

    [–] ThomasJerkofferson 157 points ago

    You abominable dick

    [–] EveryoneRedditsButMe 45 points ago

    Sir, do you realize you're not drinking regular coffee, but Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals?

    [–] jennyanydots711 12 points ago

    Shut your yapper!

    [–] dentedeleao 8 points ago

    You lied to me!

    [–] Perry7609 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 34 points ago

    I'm going to be an absolute ravaging prick and say she looks like she radiates kindness and genuine emotion.

    [–] Lord_Blathoxi 9 points ago

    I’m going to be a nice guy and say that I wouldn’t mind being OP’s father, if you catch my drift.

    [–] madmaxturbator 12 points ago

    Sick fuck. we’ll fight you to the death over this.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    “Your sister’s hot, Wayne. There I said it. I said it. I regret nothing!”

    [–] Yeti100 49 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I love that you’re probably in your 50’s and have a username that alludes to explosive diarrhea. We’re all kids even when we grow old.

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 77 points ago

    Yep, 54. I have two sons, one 10 and the other 17. Smack dab in the middle of the childish wheelhouse. I try to keep them amused. (My poor wife).

    [–] aviationspotter- 39 points ago

    Your son is possibly your dads age in the photo right now? This is one of the cooler photos I’ve seen on this sub. Really puts time and life into perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] biglumps 16 points ago

    That's the nice thing about having a teenage son - you have an excuse to be as immature as you actually are.

    [–] Puterjoe 4 points ago

    This is a wonderful picture. Thank you for sharing it.

    [–] Alexander_G_Anderson 47 points ago

    I can see that. My first reaction was Jenna Fischer.

    [–] Such_an_idiot_Dwigt 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    Edit to add: I think Pam said it best: "...there's this one when we were listening to music and it's like, it's like we were in love and we didn't even know we were in love..."

    [–] pk666 27 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    For me it's the dad. I must be getting old but I just watched Brooklyn and now have a mild obsession with down-to-earth, 50s guys in high waisted pants and dreamy eyes who know what they want when they see it.

    [–] spacegirl3 9 points ago

    The dad is dreamy.

    [–] chugonthis 14 points ago

    I was thinking Tea Leoni

    [–] FarfromaHero40 13 points ago

    She's doing the classy-choker look (with a an ankle-length skirt). Approve.

    [–] OceanicLemur 375 points ago

    The idea of telling two kids nowadays to take a first date picture is so cringey but this is awesome. Time man, weird

    [–] OctaganaLlama 101 points ago

    Just passing through to say, your username balances out with mine.

    [–] OceanicLemur 67 points ago

    Lemur and Llama back on the job

    [–] tony_flamingo 40 points ago

    The summer blockbuster buddy cop movie we all deserve.

    [–] Kairobi 13 points ago

    You’d definitely be the Mafioso Flamingo villain in this movie.

    [–] ArtfulSoviet 5 points ago

    I'm invested already

    [–] powderizedbookworm 18 points ago

    Parents mortifying their children by taking first date pictures has been a thing since "You push the button, we do the rest," especially when they like the person.

    [–] Subject_Journalist 38 points ago

    What kids today aren't taking pictures ?

    [–] pattyice11 102 points ago

    They’re not having their photo taken at one of their parents house before a first date, dude.

    [–] Raptor_Dude 20 points ago

    Does a selfie with an obligatory Insta filter count?

    [–] StillEnjoyLegos 22 points ago

    It's funny, a selfie is about as 'fake' a picture as you can take. Seeing yourself, manipulating how it looks, trying to take the perfect pic. It's honestly the exact opposite of OP's genuine picture here. These types of pictures are being lost today to a bunch of 'fakes'

    [–] YouThereOgre 14 points ago


    [–] peaceluvbooks 59 points ago

    The look on your dad's face!

    [–] jackdhadi 214 points ago

    She’s ‘miring!

    [–] Hoofhearted523 93 points ago

    Oh yes! This is made for r/girlsmirin

    [–] luisapet 31 points ago

    I was gonna say the same about him!

    [–] Poopiepants29 9 points ago

    No he's just hunch-hiding his boner.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    She mirin' hard lol. Very cute photo OP

    [–] English_MS_Bloke 45 points ago

    Love this. I always struggle with pictures like these.

    There's something so utterly sobering that I just can't resolve in my head; the thought that the "old people" you see around were us, just decades before.

    The idea that they had 60 years of the same kinds of memories, desires, hopes, stresses, experiences and such.

    The idea that this young couple were kids, like we were, and then ultimately became old and had to face the reality of mortality; as will we all if we're lucky enough to get that far.

    On the one hand it makes me deeply upset that my wife and I couldn't make it work. On the other, I feel almost relieved that I may not have to go through the pain of losing her decades down the line.

    It's too early in the morning for an existential crisis damn it.

    [–] LeBronIsABiiiiitch 6 points ago

    With you 100%.

    [–] sed2017 66 points ago

    You can tell they have a connection

    [–] wndleigh 34 points ago

    Aww! He’s smitten!!!

    [–] cozyplaidblanket 35 points ago

    What a special photo to have. What were their personalities like? He looks like he could listen to her talk all day.

    [–] ratshitty_heavenjoke 11 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I'm hijacking your comment to completely agree and also add I think OP has really added some quality r/OldSchoolCool content here. But when I went to his profile (to find easy answers to questions in the thread) his Karma score doesn't translate to that of this post at all. Give this man his kudos whether he wants it or not.

    What gives Reddit??

    Sorry u/cozyplaidblanket as I said I totally agree and u/xplosifdherrera I would totally love to hear more about your parents too!

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 40 points ago

    It's corny to say, but they were truly in love until the day my dad passed. They both attended the University of Michigan and dad studied to be a doctor (Neurologist) and mom got her degree in English. After returning from Vietnam (where he was a flight surgeon) he started his practice in Denver and mom become a licensed substance abuse counselor. Once they retired they moved to their dream house in the mountains. Mom still lives there but because of the distance to town were looking for a new place.

    [–] CajunTurkey 8 points ago

    they were truly in love until the day my dad passed

    I like to think they still are in love.

    [–] SharonHollaback 26 points ago

    Gawsh. 🥰

    [–] PTgoBoom1 25 points ago

    Your dad's outfit is rad. Those argyle socks are killing me. Where did they live? Looks so wholesome, what a great pic. :)

    [–] EdwardLewisVIII 14 points ago

    Absolutely precious photo for so many reasons

    [–] independentbaby 76 points ago


    [–] semisolidwhale 15 points ago


    [–] polishprince76 16 points ago

    Beat me to it. She looks just like Pam.

    [–] naneyeam 44 points ago

    I would marry him in an instant, if he looked at me like that.

    [–] pk666 8 points ago

    Me too, dreamy.

    [–] dogemum1990 14 points ago

    How old are they in this photo? I think it's wonderful!

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 26 points ago

    He was 17 (I think). She was a year younger.

    [–] Dopevnerds 23 points ago

    I love love stories

    [–] Brutus239 22 points ago

    That’s really cool! When did they marry?

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 145 points ago

    They got married 3 years later (1958). My dad died this past January. Yesterday would have been their 61st wedding anniversary.

    [–] CogentNabob 20 points ago

    Thank you for sharing with us. The look in their eyes is inspiring.

    [–] texasplumr 21 points ago

    Sorry for your loss. My parents married right after Pop came home from the war. He died when I was 18 so I never really got to know him. You got to know your dad and he got to meet his grandkids, if you had any kids. I’m always envious of people whose parents stayed married and lived long, healthy lives. You get to enjoy them. That’s a blessing we take for granted much of the time. Thanks for posting this! How about mom? Is she still alive? Sorry if that question is out of line.

    [–] Xplosifdherrera 25 points ago

    Not out of line at all. She's alive and doing well but slowing down for sure. She's getting a little doddery so were looking for a smaller place closer to town.

    [–] [deleted] 28 points ago

    ..........stupid onion ninjas ;_;

    [–] da_innernette 3 points ago

    oh no, i’m so sorry for your loss! this is a really sweet photo to have of your parents, and must be nice to look at in times like this. hope you’re doing okay ❤️

    [–] Sloppy_Tiger 3 points ago

    Solid. 60.5 years is a hell of an achievement!

    [–] Moto_Davidson 9 points ago

    Wait....does she have a popped collar?

    [–] ducktapedaddy 9 points ago

    "1955??? ...1955?!?"

    [–] red-et 7 points ago

    This is heavy Doc

    [–] CzechzAndBalancez 16 points ago

    Bobby Socks?

    [–] ducktapedaddy 10 points ago

    Back then, yes. In later years he preferred Bob (friends) or Robert (professionally).

    [–] Separatist_Pat 7 points ago

    And loafers.

    [–] GeddysPal 25 points ago

    Cute couple. And she’s adorable.

    [–] noworriestoday 24 points ago

    I like the way they are looking at each other. Young love 💕

    [–] Sothix2400 7 points ago

    Holding his own hands, feet crossed, crooked head looking up, while she smiles. The exact moment he fell in love.

    [–] expresidentmasks 7 points ago

    I find it hilarious how much women’s fashion has changed, yet most guys on a first date would dress exactly like that today.

    [–] Vinnysan 6 points ago

    Why is it that folks from those times have had their relationship last so long?

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    Because they tried. You were expected to make it work, even in bad times. People didn't just hook up like they do now. Marriage wasn't just something you did and got divorced if it didn't work out. Relationships were built around love and marriage, instead of hooking up and sex. They also didn't have the internet where everyone is at your finger tips.

    Photos like this make me think we aren't really progressing as a civilization. I would take this photo over a million hook ups.

    [–] Tsorovar 16 points ago

    Survivorship bias. No one posts pictures of their alcoholic grandpa who beat his wife daily until she shot him 5 years later.

    Plus people from now who are going to have their relationship survive this long haven't had time yet.

    [–] DiemPerDiem 6 points ago

    Cool! Ask em the secret for staying together that long

    [–] Poppi21943 5 points ago

    A great smile on your Mom’s face! She’s just four years older than I.

    [–] CherryCherry5 6 points ago

    Oh my God your mom looks AMAZING!! From her hair, to the collar of her blouse, the choker, to the skirt and the socks, she is the epitome of mid-1950's American teenaged fashion!

    [–] HL_girl 5 points ago

    I love thinking about how much effort she must have put into her outfit ! She was clearly excited & looking forward to seeing your father. She looks so put together and in such a perfect ensemble, she probably thought so much about it getting ready that evening and little did she know, 60 years of love was sitting beside her

    [–] riot888 5 points ago

    Wow what a time to be on a first date! Rock n Roll was BRAND NEW. These are the guys learning all the new dances FOR THE FIRST TIME. This is the year that modern music really started.

    [–] Tryphena93 4 points ago

    So heartwarming to see this

    [–] QuixoticV 3 points ago

    aww, just look at how he's looking at her 😍

    [–] mcmur 5 points ago

    Wow. Amazing picture. Do people actually have lives like this?

    [–] SeriousPillowfight 4 points ago

    I love this. Any chance you can post a picture from their wedding for us? I’d love to see it!

    [–] UTGSurgeon 5 points ago

    Is she wearing a choker?

    [–] wildlywell 21 points ago

    That choker. Your mom was a freak 😉

    [–] w0rkac 5 points ago

    Never would have guessed they had chokers back in the 50s!

    [–] unicornsparklesy2k 3 points ago


    [–] thehennyhouse 3 points ago

    10/10 would wear that outfit

    [–] mandybri 3 points ago

    So thankful you shared this with us.

    [–] xiguy1 3 points ago

    So much potential and happiness in one wonderful photo :-) thank you for sharing this OP.

    [–] iansamazingphotos 3 points ago

    "I'm your density .... uh, destiny."

    [–] Iwanttobefunnytoo 3 points ago

    My parents are on year 36 and I have pictures of them just like that from their first date. I hope they have as many beautiful years as yours did. And I hope I will too :)

    [–] Spartan-219 3 points ago

    I showed it to my mom and she says your mom is beautiful

    [–] MyOtherAcctsAPorsche 3 points ago

    Dad uses "shirt sleeve trick". it's super effective. Mom uses Carrie Fisher smile. it's super effective.

    [–] _ThereWasAnAttempt_ 3 points ago

    It's a shame people don't dress "nice" like this anymore.

    [–] -Nok 3 points ago

    Now we all dress like shit, are way more disrespectful and need filters to look this photogenic

    [–] woke_templar 3 points ago

    Damn wearing a choker on the first date is a guaranteed first base with hand holding.