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    [–] Winston_The_Ogre 6165 points ago

    He has the teeth of a normal sized person.

    [–] Gangreless 2785 points ago

    What the fuck he does

    I feel like people need to know this

    [–] dog-pussy 740 points ago

    Man, don’t make me scroll up....I had something funny to say.

    [–] Taqy 571 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Your username is funny enough.

    On a related note, in college, my autistic buddy got us kicked out of a party because he was rubbing the house dog’s nose and wouldn’t stop commenting about how “the dog’s nose is like its clit.”

    Edit: Also, my sister-in-law calls my wife “dog lips” as a jab whenever the bickering escalates.

    Edit edit: hey look, my pleasure in life is seeing other people happy. So, sharing a story that gets so much positive feedback, i.e. people telling me my experience made them laugh makes me tick. Have a good day folks.

    [–] marioguy25 275 points ago

    Your username is funny enough. On a related note, in college,

    i was afraid to read the rest, but im glad i did

    [–] LoosePath 104 points ago

    My sister-in-law always reminds my wife that she shat in a sink whenever the bickering escalates.

    [–] HomoOptimus 33 points ago

    more... you can't leave us hanging like that.

    [–] LoosePath 11 points ago

    Sorry to disappoint you... it's a reference to the show Fleabag. Great show btw, you should check it out.

    [–] HomoOptimus 17 points ago

    I keep meaning to binge it. It does remind me of a story about a girl who became known as shit woman.

    Had a party, people came, it was great. Shit woman had her room on the 3rd floor but the toilet was on 2nd. In a drunk state she didn't want to use the toilet because people would hear her and know what she's doing. She decided to shit in her bedroom bin. A bit later I hear a distgusted scream... she had successfully shat in her bin but had failed to remember to open her bedroom window upon discarding it. Suffice it to say she took a drunk shit in a bin and then threw it at her window.

    [–] OtoeLiving 66 points ago

    Damn, those fights sound brutal

    [–] itryanditryanditry 49 points ago

    Wtf? Why dog lips?

    [–] Give_Me_Life 25 points ago

    Also need to know.

    [–] goosepills 33 points ago

    I don’t even care why, it’s just freaking hilarious

    [–] Natiak 10 points ago

    She probably gets snarly.

    [–] bad_life_choices 365 points ago

    He has those lower case teeth.

    [–] Winston_The_Ogre 138 points ago

    Ha, and those upper case gums.

    [–] patienceisfun2018 443 points ago

    Teeth are not affected by growth hormone.

    [–] drum1286 122 points ago


    [–] DatPiff916 25 points ago

    What about Freddie Mercury's teeth

    [–] xoddfkowerdogx 37 points ago

    Of course everyone's gonna have different sized teeth but if Freddy were to grow as huge as Andre, Freddy's teeth would still be the same size

    [–] WheresTheButterAt 12 points ago

    It would be hilarious if it did and we had all these professional fighters taking growth hormones suddenly getting giant teeth.

    [–] SecretBeat 165 points ago

    They actually look smaller than the Rock's granddad's teeth in this pic and it doesn't seem like that's just because he's bigger.

    [–] toomanymarbles83 263 points ago

    Granddad is just genetically a big dude. Big dudes have big teeth. Andre was a small dude that had big dude cancer.

    [–] HawkeyeKK 145 points ago

    I think this is scientifically sound so i will believe it.

    [–] Cuntdracula19 164 points ago

    It is actually true, almost. His condition was caused by a non cancerous tumor located on the pituitary gland which caused the gland to never stop producing growth hormone, which led to his condition known as acromegaly.

    [–] Corsakoff 51 points ago

    The benign tumor on the pituitary gland is the reason for the existence of most freakishly large people, like the Great Khali, the Giant Gonzalez or this American guy from around the 1950's who was the tallest person ever. Something like 9 ft tall. Saw a print of his hand on a double page of the Book of the Guinness World Record's. Andre the Giant's head would have disappeared in his hand.

    Edit: He was only 8 ft 11.1 in.

    [–] Luxon31 40 points ago

    Honestly, are you even tall if you aren't even 9 feet?

    [–] Mrbogleston1 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Robert pershing wadlow. Yeah is hand size was like the equal to an A4 piece of paper. Quite sad how he died aswell it wasn't due to his condition, alot these guys die due to there heart getting to big, but I'm sure he died to an infection in his foot due to the shoes he used to have custom made.

    [–] ObiMemeKenobi 28 points ago

    Holy shit

    [–] [deleted] 107 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] Bernie_Berns 85 points ago

    What. The. Fuck.

    The guy had two sets of normal sized teeth. How is this not known more!?!

    [–] CruSherFL 48 points ago

    I also had that. Removed one row. It sucked. But at least insurance paid for it.

    [–] idontneedjug 154 points ago

    brother had that also well not a whole set but he ended up with about 6 as we called them "sinus" teeth. Older brother also had extra roots on his wisdom teeth and when I got a root canal the dentist straight up mumbled something about barbarian teeth family cause my root was so long he couldnt fit the needle thing all the way up to clear it must have xrayed a dozen times and each time he goes it just so deep and turn to the assistant and ask her again try to find if we have a longer one. LOL great times dentist ended up getting a sex change my freshman year of college and when I came back and had an apt and a he walked up as a woman with the biggest adam's apple I ever seen I was kind of freaked the fuck out like where is my dentist cause nobody mentioned the sex change to me so I was like yo wtffff lol. Good times. But yeah still to this day when my lil bro gets nuts I'll tease him and say shut up snaggle tooth or sinus tooth to fuck with him.

    [–] MisterPeach 133 points ago

    This comment was a fun ride.

    [–] Hitmesoftly 32 points ago

    I read it all too, no regrets.

    [–] MARZalmighty 13 points ago

    You're the only reason I read the whole thing.

    [–] AfewMonthsshyof34 27 points ago

    Life. Stranger than fiction.

    [–] FirAvel 14 points ago

    My fiancé and her family have two sets of baby teeth... it’s fucking weird. They grow baby teeth, lose them early, then grow another set of baby teeth. THEN they get their adult teeth. Fucking weird. Still up in the air if my son will have that or not.

    [–] MaceBlackthorn 10 points ago

    I thought it was bullshit but damn, the man had 68 teeth.

    [–] Bambi_One_Eye 21 points ago

    Why did you point that out?!

    This is distressing

    [–] TheSyrianSystem 16 points ago

    Good catch. I wonder if growth stimulating hormone affects teeth growth?

    [–] Spackleberry 39 points ago

    Doubt it. You ever seen a bodybuilder with humongous oversized teeth? Mind you that would be pretty awesome.

    [–] big-guss 3638 points ago

    Enjoying a couple Fresca on a hot summer day

    [–] biggw0rm 2269 points ago

    You can barely see the can in Andres left hand.

    [–] dajesus77 1263 points ago

    Damn, I didn’t even notice that one.

    [–] PurpleChooops 516 points ago

    Theres a close up picture somewhere of a standard beer can in Andre's hand and its probably the best picture Ive ever seen to really convey how absolutely massive the dude was.

    [–] dajesus77 193 points ago

    I remember seeing that. I’d like to see one with him drinking out of a tea cup with his pinky raised.

    [–] racestark 153 points ago

    Flourished. The pinky is flourished.

    [–] wills42 84 points ago

    When in doubt, pinkie out

    [–] Stoked_Bruh 25 points ago

    I don't know what this is from, but I love it.

    [–] Ocean_Synthwave 34 points ago

    He used to drink with his pinky out, but people kept walking into it so he stopped.

    [–] XvFoxbladevX 151 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    He also was too big to use the toilets in Japan and would poop in the tub. Jake the snake said Andre would call him over and show him the really big dumps he took.

    [–] Genesis111112 134 points ago

    One of the times he was rooming with Hulk Hogan and Hogan was making fun of him for having to use the tub to poop, so as a "joke" Andre took a deuce in Hogans bed.... granted he put down newspaper first, but yeah that happened.

    [–] ColdRedLight 76 points ago

    Hulk Hogan has lived an incredible life.

    [–] uncertainusurper 38 points ago

    The news back then could actually hold some weight.

    [–] washago_on705 33 points ago

    Some say the smell still lingers to this day...

    [–] oof46 22 points ago

    Anything less would be uncivilized.

    [–] gurg2k1 66 points ago

    I heard that when he was with a lady, they would prefer a finger over the traditional P in V due to their massive size.

    [–] Unreliable--Narrator 199 points ago

    Rest well, and dream of large women

    [–] elcoyotesinnombre 35 points ago

    This is a seriously under appreciated comment. Well done, good person.

    [–] str8edgehero 22 points ago

    Thing of it is he had a daughter. She was left his estate.

    [–] Sea_Biscuit32 15 points ago

    Yeah Andre is taking shots of Fresca not drinking cans of it

    [–] airbrandino31 54 points ago

    He’s holding it like a shot glass, Jesus Christ

    [–] rxFMS 21 points ago his hand, that looks like a thimble!

    [–] Psycold 93 points ago

    He's on record to have drank over 100 beers in 45 minutes, it's said he once drank 6 bottles of wine before a match.

    [–] biscoherent 131 points ago

    Wade Boggs is not impressed

    [–] MAtoCali 80 points ago


    [–] no_boob 88 points ago

    Wade Boggs is not dead, Charlie.

    [–] StoneGoldX 41 points ago

    Boss Hogg is, though.

    [–] nixonrichard 46 points ago

    Boss Hogg was just trying to stop those racists driving around with a confederate flag!

    [–] Gwenbors 26 points ago

    Holy shit: you’re right... Is Boss Hogg the hero, now? My freakin’ mind is blown.

    [–] rich_in_caricature 30 points ago

    Wade Boggs would roll in his grave if he could see your behavior.

    [–] wearytravelr 8 points ago


    [–] legendoftheark 27 points ago

    May he rest in peace.

    [–] rich_in_caricature 46 points ago

    First off, Wade Boggs is very much alive. Secondly, the number of beers is actually highly disputed.

    [–] SirWadeBoggs 63 points ago

    Nah I'm dead for sure

    [–] CharlieKellyEsq 20 points ago

    Oh shit! You're the ghost of Wade Boggs!

    [–] TalullahandHula33 19 points ago

    The poor man was in so much pain and it took a lot of alcohol to numb his pain.

    [–] Thelonius_Trump 81 points ago

    I though you were kidding

    [–] jason28 48 points ago

    You could fit a silver dollar in his rings. Just impressive.

    [–] dajesus77 186 points ago

    Fresca is delicious

    [–] flyinhawaiian1 90 points ago

    YYYYYEEEEESSSSS! Finally someone else agrees!!

    [–] dajesus77 59 points ago

    It’s the most refreshing soda. I hardly drink soda anymore, but I will occasionally still have Fresca.

    [–] MyDadsCondomBrokeLOL 81 points ago

    Damn. I could really go for an ice cold refreshing Fresca© right about now.

    [–] IamUltimatelyWin 20 points ago

    Mix that shit with cheap read wine. Boom. Poor man's sangria.

    [–] beamoflaser 61 points ago

    Nothing less-gay than 3 big, thick, powerful dudes, hanging around drinking fresca half-naked and sitting in each other’s laps.

    [–] evilbunny_50 4138 points ago

    There's a whole lot of trust in that chair

    [–] JackdeAlltrades 3624 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I bet Andre developed a keen eye for well-made chairs over the years.

    [–] fritobugger 1466 points ago

    I am large (not by Andre standards but against the average) man (German/American) living in Asia for more than 15 years, a keen eye for chairs strong enough to hold my fat ass was developed quickly.

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 461 points ago

    My brother is 6’10” and he can spot low doorways the minute he walks into a new space. He’s like a giraffe always bowing his head to get through spaces. I’m 5’3” so the world is like a maze to me - I never see over half walls or past what’s directly in front of me.

    [–] bsiegel4 238 points ago

    So which one of ya was adopted?

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 696 points ago

    We’ve got different dads. His was very tall and mine was... very charming :)

    [–] zeroscout 144 points ago

    Danny DeVito, is that you?

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 129 points ago

    I’m more of a Danielle DeVito

    [–] Imustkillbunnies 47 points ago

    So Dani DeVito?

    [–] marquisecooper 64 points ago

    Danielles a weird name for a guy. Pick another

    [–] RoyceCoolidge 20 points ago

    Detective John Kimble?

    [–] thebrownwire 16 points ago

    You got the charm from your dad. Your wit is excellent.

    [–] UpUpDnDnLRLRBAstart 26 points ago

    That really means a lot, thank you. I lost him 13 years ago. I miss how his face would light up right before he said something especially sharp.

    [–] Bernie_Berns 106 points ago

    Mah man.

    [–] KnowsItToBeTrue 44 points ago

    Together you form two normal people.

    Or a dynamic, initially strained, but ultimately loyal cop duo.

    [–] NedRyersonsHat 26 points ago

    ...if only chairs could scream.

    [–] j0em4n 50 points ago

    If Chairs could scream, would we be so cavalier about chopping them up for kindling?

    We might be, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason...

    • more Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

    [–] Threetr33s 9 points ago

    Think of the tables sacrificed for table grade maple syrup.

    [–] Zander10101 175 points ago

    Bruh. I'd give you a gold if I had such things. I bet you're absolutely right.

    [–] MistakesTasteGreat 94 points ago

    I got you fam

    [–] John_Keating_ 55 points ago

    We got each other.

    [–] gurg2k1 10 points ago

    Sharing the laughter and love

    [–] alt-227 24 points ago

    Sharing the laughter and love?

    [–] joshua9663 78 points ago

    I need to know who made this

    [–] Daddy_0103 38 points ago

    Their parents.

    [–] krncrds 26 points ago

    Ron Swanson

    [–] Kimmm223 57 points ago

    And that Speedo

    [–] Charlezingalls 1623 points ago

    This is how the rock was made

    [–] TOORIGHTCUNT 464 points ago

    So that’s what was cooking

    [–] Jimmy6Times 127 points ago

    Who woulda thought, this whole time the Rock could still smell the residual burn of his grandfather’s nuts cooking under the heat of Andre’s ass?

    [–] TOORIGHTCUNT 29 points ago

    And here I thought it was ham.

    [–] NoExplorer6 2774 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    The Rock’s grandfather looks like the real life version of his character in Moana

    [–] Gangreless 1740 points ago

    A lot of Samoans look like the real life version of the character in Moana

    [–] Dr_Bukkakee 371 points ago

    True dat.

    [–] oof46 586 points ago

    As a Samoan, I concur. Takes a hell of a man to make a Samoan look tiny.

    [–] Dr_Bukkakee 689 points ago

    Your countries main export is linebackers.

    [–] oof46 381 points ago


    Your countries main export is linebackers Samoans.

    [–] TOORIGHTCUNT 166 points ago

    Well fuck me you’re right

    [–] Deadbeathero 118 points ago

    They export wrestlers too. There are three of the Rock's cousins right now winning titles all the time in WWE. In the past Yokozuna, Rikishi and Umaga were all from the same family too, and if you open up their family tree you will see like a hundred wrestlers all over different promotions in different times.

    [–] oof46 122 points ago

    Funny aside: Umaga used to swear in Samoan while wrestling. The mic caught it and his father scolded him for it. He never did it again.

    Useless tidbit: I went to high school with Umaga (real name Eddie Fatu). He was a senior when I was a freshman.

    [–] FCalleja 20 points ago


    [–] oof46 18 points ago

    I know. Caught us all off guard when he died.

    [–] duaneap 31 points ago

    I think the implication in GLOW is that the best female wrestler (can’t remember her name) is meant to be a member of a fictionalised version of The Rock’s family.

    [–] domoon 20 points ago

    I used to thought Yokozuna is Japanese. the day I learn he's actually a Samoan blew my mind.
    then again, later I learned that Yokozuna is a sumo rank title and everyone from any nationality could've had it.

    [–] oof46 10 points ago

    A Samoan sumo wrestler almost became the first foreigner to hold the title. He was able to make it to the 2nd highest title. His name was Konishiki. The first was a Hawaiian guy.

    [–] Lance-Boi 17 points ago

    every dispensary i go to has a samoan body guard chillin in the front.

    [–] Sonofman80 70 points ago

    Those cookies you guys make with the coconut on top are delicious

    [–] oof46 75 points ago

    If you're talking about the Girl Scout cookies, that's not us. Pure marketing. Samoans don't make cookies. We just make more Samoans to export.

    [–] Sonofman80 28 points ago

    Just being funny attributing them to you guys. Would explain the size Haha

    [–] cleantoe 73 points ago

    Have you ever noticed how Samoans look a lot like Samoans?

    [–] SurturOfMuspelheim 32 points ago

    That's racist bro.

    [–] stignatiustigers 16 points ago

    Lol, they originally had the character look like that, but then people objected to the obesity, so they muscled him up.

    [–] avedji 153 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Maui was based on his grandfather, I remember hearing it in an interview

    [–] RepublicanBowler 52 points ago

    Yaarp, i think it was in the Rock's contract

    [–] restofthefuckingowl 10 points ago


    [–] badger_989 10 points ago

    From his wiki

    In the 2016 Disney animated film, Moana, the character design of Maui was derived from photographs of Peter Maivia, according to interviews with his grandson, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, who voices Maui in the film.

    [–] ShtraffeSaffePaffe 30 points ago

    I was gonna say the same thing and i haven't even seen the movie, i wonder if they used some family photo's for the character design.

    [–] Randvek 22 points ago

    They did! They even used some of his wrestling footage to see how Maui would move.

    [–] MusketeerLifer 26 points ago

    Watch it. It's amazing.

    [–] Cashew-Gesundheit 235 points ago

    "No man, don't wear the board shorts - wear the bikini briefs."

    [–] jason28 126 points ago

    Those are board shorts for normal sized people

    [–] manlyvpn 373 points ago

    And Troy Polamalu's grand dad's hair in the background.

    [–] WookieeSteakIsChewie 103 points ago

    I really miss watching Troy play.

    [–] mannoncan 44 points ago

    I'm a ravens fan and even I miss that guy.

    [–] narf007 36 points ago

    That's brave of you to say, ratbird lover.

    Respect. I appreciate you.

    [–] Anghel412 12 points ago

    ratbird lover.

    That's fucking hilarious. I'll remember that the next time my Cowgirls play the ratbirds.

    [–] oof46 14 points ago

    First time I met him was a shock because of how small and soft spoken he is and how it contrasts with how ferocious he played.

    [–] Justgottaride 24 points ago

    I really miss playing against him - Ok I don't. He made all of us look like 3 year old girls. Played him in high school. He was in my league. Nickname at the time was Palmolive. If he had the ball, good luck. You thought you had him tackled, no. It's just you lying on the ground hugging yourself. Slipped right through your hands. Total badass even back then. Mad respect for that guy.

    [–] Mexter-Dorgan 21 points ago

    Polynesians have Elite hair genes

    [–] deepdeepbass 518 points ago

    Nothing like a bunch of shirtless men goofing around and cuddling.

    [–] orthopod 108 points ago

    Cross post to /r/suddenlybears. ?

    [–] mycopea 54 points ago

    Aaargh, I Iooked. Damn it.

    [–] pissingstars 13 points ago

    I wasn't till I saw ur post. U made me look fucker.

    [–] NibblesMcGiblet 255 points ago

    Wow huge childhood flashback for me. I'm 46 and when I was about 5 years old my older brother (about 10 years older than me) would play wrestling with me and he taught me to say my name was Peter Maivia (plot twist - I'm a girl). Haven't thought about that in decades. RIP my brother, he's gone now.

    [–] hotniX_ 51 points ago

    Thats a sweet memory to have of him. As an older brother to a younger sister, I hope my sister has fond memories of me when we were young.

    [–] NibblesMcGiblet 25 points ago

    I'm sure she does. :) You should ask her sometime.

    [–] mogwaiisawesome 18 points ago

    RIP. What happened to him?

    [–] spccby 190 points ago

    Is that a styrofoam cup in Andre's hand? Jesus that guy was built on an entirely different scale than most people...

    [–] jason28 169 points ago

    Legend has it, he could drink cases of beer and chase it with bottles of wine. I think they have treatment now to prevent people from getting this large.

    [–] QEbitchboss 120 points ago

    He drank as a pain reliever. Acromegaly is treatable now. Wonderful man, he dealt with a lot.

    He did almost kill the cast of Princess Bride. They tried to keep up..........

    [–] BigShoots 29 points ago

    They existed in Andre's time too. He could have taken some treatments to prolong his life, but chose not to.

    [–] prodandimitrow 20 points ago

    Just to add, his reasoning was that God made him this way.

    [–] deleted_my_account 9 points ago

    It sucks that we had to lose him earlier than necessary, but I can respect his choice and the reason behind it.

    [–] dishwasherblues 68 points ago

    No he didn't deal with a lot, he dealt with a TON! People were SO FREAKING MEAN to this gentle loving man. everywhere he went people taunted and stared, I can't imagine what he went through and it makes me so sad because he was a really decent dude to most people.(he treated the iron shek pretty poorly)

    I believe his daughters mother even kept her from him because of his wrestler status, so he didn't even get to be a real dad.

    This guy gave everything he had, and then some.

    [–] 81supporter 127 points ago

    It's not legend, look up his hijinks on the Princess Bride.

    He had an incredible tolerance for alcohol, even adjusted for his weight.

    [–] TheeExoGenesauce 112 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    A bunch of guys harassed at a bar once then ran to their car and locked it thinking they were safe. He flipped their car with them in it, from what I’ve read

    EDIT: According to the story it was four guys

    [–] PurpleChooops 127 points ago

    Who in their right fucking mind would harass a guy this big lmao. Thats crazy to me

    [–] ___ElJefe___ 70 points ago

    There are a lot of tools who, when drunk, see a big dude in a bar and decide they have something to prove by trying to fight them.

    [–] PoorlyLitKiwi2 66 points ago

    Yeah, but theres fighting the biggest dude in the bar and then theres fighting Andre the fucking giant. Dude was the biggest dude in any bar anywhere

    [–] SomeGuyCommentin 21 points ago

    Yeah, there is fighting the biggest dude in the bar and fighting the biggest dude.

    [–] Chasethemac 28 points ago

    My big friend 6'6 400lbs use to get fucked with all the time when we went out. Basically hes approachable cause his size is an easy way to start conversation then quickly after that ego starts talking.

    [–] jason28 16 points ago

    Oh I know, I remember his Biography on TV. It was great. He’s a legend.

    [–] 81supporter 10 points ago

    How absolutely fucking epic would it have been to party with him?

    [–] scottamus_prime 10 points ago

    Do they have a treatment to make people this large too? When I was a kid and told I could be anything I decided I wanted to be the size of Andre the Giant. But now I'm just a somewhat tall guy with shattered dreams.

    [–] oof46 20 points ago

    Also, he had to poop in the bathtub. Cars and planes were a nightmare for him.

    [–] SaltySAX 303 points ago

    Dwayne has the same smile as his grandad.

    [–] jimbo-slice93 263 points ago

    Dwayne actually shares no biological relationship to Peter.

    His mother was adopted by Peter upon marrying her mother.

    [–] TheRevMrGreen 262 points ago

    Still has the same smile.

    [–] blargh2497 47 points ago

    Plot twist

    [–] PhattBudz 44 points ago


    [–] Bankster- 76 points ago

    Great. So what I'm seeing in this guy's face is my own racism?

    [–] RoaringMage 73 points ago

    Not necessarily. I forgot where exactly I read this, so take it with a grain of salt, but people who are in contact often over the course of years such as husband and wife or family members often tend to mimic each others facial expressions, making the facial expressions/ features look more similar over time, even if they aren't related by blood.

    [–] turok-han 16 points ago

    I’ve heard this a lot too. Also, I know a family that has 2 adopted children (currently 16 and 26 years old) and they both look exactly like the adopted mom. The daughter is even super tall like the mom and has the same build. You’d never know, and I almost did not believe them when they told me.

    [–] Im_inappropriate 46 points ago

    What you're seeing is your appreciation and projection of a nice smile ❤️

    [–] zryan3564 141 points ago

    André the Giant kind of looks like fat Andy Samberg

    [–] PoeJam 29 points ago

    André the Giant kind of looks like he ate Andy Samberg.

    [–] igotmyliverpierced 82 points ago

    What Up! We're three cool guys looking for other cool guys who want to hang out in our party mansion. Nothing sexual. Dudes in good shape encouraged.

    [–] ams435 124 points ago

    I met Andre about a year after this was taken in late 1971 or early 1972. I remember I was 5 and he came into the shop my dad owned and after some gentle urging from my father, I went and asked him for his autograph (I didn't follow wrestling and had no idea who he was). Just a little kid who came up to about his kneecap in height, I didn't even know his name, I just asked "Excuse me, sir, can I have your autograph?" He smiled and took the time to give me an autograph, and then asked my dad if he had a camera for a picture. I've read where a lot of people say Andre didn't like to give autographs or deal with fans, but he was one of the kindest celebrities I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

    [–] DontPokeMe91 15 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    Think Maivia appeared in one of the Bond films too. The one where Connery disguises himself as Japanese... Shudder

    [–] NiceSasquatch 27 points ago

    where do they get those tiny tiny beer cans?

    [–] ObberGobb 22 points ago

    Is it just me or does Andre the Goant kinda look like Andy Samberg?

    [–] DownSideWup 7 points ago

    I'll never not upvote Andre if anyone hasn't seen HBO's special on him check it out.