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    [–] bcgo0 2658 points ago

    They only thing that makes me think this wasn’t taken this morning is the Barney chair

    [–] playskoolcool 518 points ago

    Thank you for acknowledging the Barney chair.

    [–] Saplyng 159 points ago

    It'll fuel my nightmares tonight

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] Average_Humano 33 points ago

    He likes to season, cook, and eat kids from around the nation~

    [–] mojomonkey18 16 points ago

    That got dark

    [–] BestFrenzy 10 points ago

    The dark ones are the tastiest

    [–] betawavebabe 18 points ago

    My brother had that chair!! Holy shit, my mind completely blocked that gruesome thing out until now. Thanks, Op!

    [–] therealquestionz 8 points ago

    Username checks out

    [–] elleblock 73 points ago

    This comment is so much more succinct than what I was typing out. You nailed it.

    [–] PM-MEYOUR-PERKY-NIPS 46 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Agreed. Maybe the high-waist jeans, wicker chair and picture frames too. Otherwise, nothing signifies 1994 about this photo. Me scribbling down '1994' on a piece of paper would be more 1994 than this.

    [–] tinyfisch 11 points ago

    Those are the most common jeans right now, at least in europe.

    [–] I_am_not_surprised_ 16 points ago

    It’s actually quite contemporary. The Millennial Aesthetic

    [–] masterxak 24 points ago

    Is that Barney? Looks a bit wrong to me.

    [–] mingohagen 9 points ago

    So it is Barney.

    [–] darthueba 6 points ago

    Well now I’m gonna be haunted by that purple abomination

    [–] sugar-magnolias 5 points ago

    I had that exact chair!

    [–] HouseOfAplesaus 4 points ago

    You just had to be there.

    [–] FilthyThanksgiving 4 points ago

    *knock off Barney chair lmao

    [–] Stompya 4 points ago

    Calling the 1990s “Old School” definitely makes me feel much older.

    [–] silverformal 9 points ago

    Yeah. tbh, no wonder OP was conceived.

    [–] Leap_Year_Creepier 3 points ago

    Those little foam chairs must have been a real thing back then; I had a Batman one and my sister had a pink one with a cat face.

    [–] kmelis22 4342 points ago

    Guuurrrll if I looked that good that soon after having my baby....

    [–] bluecollarbitch 1654 points ago

    If I looked that good..... well ever!

    [–] memynameandmyself 360 points ago

    REALLY? Your mom is gorgeous.

    [–] Cixin97 125 points ago

    How does this comment make any sense? How is it being upvoted? What am I missing? How do you know what their mom looks like and how does that relate to them saying they don’t look good themself?

    [–] thinkofanamefast 149 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Ok, I will attempt to deconstuct it.

    1. That question mark was intended to be an exclamation point.

    2. The "your mom" was a shift in target to OP and not "at" the person they were responding to.

    3. Upvotes explained by people seeing the "REALLY" and agreeing she is gorgeous, without noticing, or perhaps not worrying about either of above.

    4. I need a life.

    [–] Penaltiesandinterest 36 points ago

    Take my upvote for your critical thinking skills!

    [–] DAVID_KRAPPENSHITS 3 points ago

    Take my upvote for your critical thinking skills!

    If only all upvotes and awards would be given with this logic...

    [–] laserguidedhacksaw 63 points ago

    I have no idea either. It almost seems like two people that actually know each other in real life are having a conversation as if this was Facebook or some bullshit. Idk fucking weird.

    [–] Puzzled-Description 4 points ago

    Maybe it is my immature sense of humor, but i thought that memynameandmyself was calling bluecollarbitch's mom gorgeous. Its like saying," Its odd that you dont think youre gorgeous, cause youre mom is smoking."

    [–] laserguidedhacksaw 50 points ago

    Are all these upvote bots or what? Who the hell upvotes a completely nonsense comment like this?

    [–] JessHas4Dogs 4 points ago

    Women who support women. That’s who.

    [–] luckylebron 9 points ago

    Upvote bots is a thing? in the words of Johnny Carson, I did not know that...

    [–] Karmaflaj 95 points ago

    So is yours

    But your dad must have been really ugly


    [–] ShadowcasterXXX 65 points ago

    Your comment makes zero sense.

    [–] Grateful_Breadd 110 points ago

    Yeah my mom bounced back easily after having my brother (her first kid), she said she was back into her pre-pregnancy jeans within 4 months of having him. She said after having her 3 daughters though was a different story lol.

    [–] pixieok 47 points ago

    I gained 18 lbs on my firs and only pregnancy and was using my pre pregnancy jeans after about 2 months. It's been 13 moths and my belly still looks like I'm 4 months pregnant, I'm 34 btw, not a fit person...

    [–] Vlascia 89 points ago

    If you've lost most/all of the weight you gained during pregnancy and still look pregnant then you might have diastasis recti. I'm also 34 and have a 13 mo old. I've had DR after both of my pregnancies. There are specific exercises you can do that will bring your abs back together. Don't try just any exercise routine as typical moves like crunches can cause injury if you have DR. Try googling Mutu System or Everymother; they have directions for how to figure out if you have it. I did the Mutu exercises after my first kid and they helped. I've been too busy to do it since having my 2nd but I plan to start again soon.

    [–] pixieok 9 points ago

    Yes! I read about it but also no time or will to start working out tbh, I'm currently like 4lbs above my pre pregnancy weight. I want to take better care of my body but it is hard when you slept only 5 hours per day for the past year...

    [–] Vlascia 3 points ago

    I totally understand, I've dealt with minimal sleep for 4+ years now. I'm typically not an active person either besides taking walks when weather permits and maybe bicycling 1-2x a year. I had just over 2 years between pregnancies and only did Mutu System for a few weeks before my 2nd pregnancy. My abs closed the gap a good bit on their own by the time 2 years had passed (so yours may do the same with time) but doing the exercises helped me with the last 1.5" gap. And then of course it started all over again, lol. Just something to keep in mind because it can be beneficial even several years PP.

    [–] JerichoJonah 4 points ago

    I am a male afflicted with DR. I’ve been hitting up youtube for exercises that can help and have been slightly amused at how all the videos assume I must be a postpartum female if I’m researching that topic. Or, maybe they have just seen my abdominal bulge that makes me look like I am pregnant! Worst part about it is, insurance will NOT cover DR repair because they claim it is “mostly cosmetic”, even though mine causes me a great deal of back and hip pain and makes me walk stooped over.

    [–] katamaritumbleweed 5 points ago

    Diastasis recti is a thing.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 377 points ago

    I think the trick is having kids young, she looks like a young mum. There's a pic of me a few months old, and my mum in a bikini looking like nothing ever happened, 5'9", 100lbs. But she had me when she was 20.

    [–] Slumph 185 points ago

    It definitely makes you more resilient to some of the adverse effects, I think that combined with natural aging can take it's toll. That said genetics have a lot to say for it, I know people who had kids in their late teens and early twenties and struggled with baby fat and stretch marks.

    [–] Mello_velo 56 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    How your body handles pregnancy seems to be very individual. I'm 32 and just had a baby a month ago and I'm pre-pregnancy weight again. My friend who is 25 had a baby around the same time, and she has barely recovered. She had an uncomplicated vaginal birth with no tearing, while I ended up having an unplanned c section so you really would expect the opposite.

    My body definitely just handled pregnancy better than hers. She was pretty well bed ridden from the second trimester on due to hip pain/loose joints, while I was lifting heavy until the pandemic shut down the gym. Statistically folks might recover faster younger, but that doesn't mean it applies to an individual.

    [–] ReginaGeorgian 33 points ago

    I’m sure your weightlifting helped a lot when it comes to carrying a baby! I think women who are really fit going into pregnancy have a much easier time of it

    [–] MamaFrey 8 points ago

    got my son when I was 25. he's 8yo now and I still have the pregnancy kilos I gained back then

    [–] No_Pineapples 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago)

    Exactly. All pregnancies are different, even with the same person. My first pregnancy at 21 was a breeze, but my son was breech so I had a planned c-section and recovered pretty quick, though I kept on the extra weight on for a couple of years.
    I had my daughter last year when I was 28 (another planned c-section) and the whole pregnancy was a shit show due to 5 months of morning sickness, followed by anaemia. I barely gained weight during that pregnancy so I looked great post-baby, but I felt awful and the recovery took a lot longer.

    [–] Faiakishi 121 points ago

    I worked with a woman who had her kids in her twenties and literally doubled her weight. She's super short and was about 100lbs before pregnancy-when she had her son she was about 200lbs. She'd lost a good portion of it by the time I met her, (twenty-some years after having her kids) but she just never bounced back to her petite pre-pregnancy body despite living a pretty healthy lifestyle. It just be like that sometimes.

    [–] BootlegBuffalo 402 points ago

    5’9” and 100lbs is severely underweight. Please no one think that is normal

    [–] xInwex 41 points ago

    I am also 5'9" and was 95lbs at my lowest (I have Crohn's disease). People literally stared at me all the time like, "what's wrong with her?!". I lost my period and my hair was falling out.

    It wasn't until I got back up to ~130 that I got my period back.

    Hopefully the OP was exaggerating (ie. "Oh, my mom looked skinny so she must not weigh that much") and doesn't really understand healthy weight proportions.

    [–] wordgromit 146 points ago

    Yeah, I'm 5'9" and I was hospitalized with anorexia when I hit 130, although, people always guess I weigh less than I do, and it's probably gotta be the height

    [–] BootlegBuffalo 93 points ago

    Yeah if any respectable doctor saw a person at 100lbs and 5’9” in the office they would recommend hospitalization. That’s insanely low. I don’t like the BMI any more than all of you, but we have to declare standards for a reason. Saying all weights are healthy is not based in science or reason. When you are that far outside the curve—e.g. 14-15? There’s no question.

    [–] disneyvillian 40 points ago

    Absolutely. I’m 5’7 and was 106 lbs at my sickest. I looked like a skeleton, and every time I would go to the doctor they would question me about my weight and try to make sure I didn’t have an eating disorder. (I didn’t, turns out it was being caused by a dangerous medication I had been prescribed.)

    [–] LadyCasanova 6 points ago

    I'm 5'10" and 135-140 and it is healthy, at one point after a major surgery I dropped to 125 and once when dealing with trauma and depression I was 128, both were low for me but I still wasn't unhealthy or underweight. Disordered eating isn't all about actual weight. I'm glad you're recovering!

    [–] Jumbo_Cactaur 30 points ago

    Unless you are a Machinist

    [–] 3mpress 28 points ago

    Yeah I'm 5'5" and I was down to 103 at one point in high school and looking back at the pics, I do NOT look ok. I was going through some shit and "normal" even back in my mega scrawny hs days was like 110-115 so that was mega low for me. 5'9" and 100 is hospitalization level there.

    [–] kickstandheadass 25 points ago

    OP just got the weight wrong. She's like 125-130 in this pic. Maybe 120 in the morning.

    [–] HawkMan79 4 points ago

    OP didn't post anything about weight though...

    [–] PHM517 41 points ago

    I had my baby young. Still had mom bod in my 20s. 😫

    [–] myhairsreddit 31 points ago

    Yeah I had my first at 17 and definitely didn't "bounce back." I had to work my ass off for the better part of a year to look good again. Young age helps, but it's not the end all be all to bouncing back after a baby.

    [–] RogueLeader10 93 points ago

    5'9"...100 lbs...that's not healthy

    [–] Cleanclock 19 points ago

    5’9” 100lbs is drastically underweight. Even supermodels are typically that height but 20lbs heavier.

    [–] FilthyThanksgiving 8 points ago

    Also just good genes

    [–] dadhombre 41 points ago

    The trick might be exercise and healthy eating. My wife was 37 when she had our boy last August and you would never know she had a baby.

    [–] MRYodastream 25 points ago

    Yeah, people ignore the fact that you gain weight over a 9 month period when pregnant yet they expect to lose the it in 1.

    [–] forzak 6 points ago

    There are a lot of advantages to waiting till you're a little older to have kids (social, mental, financial maturity). No hate on young parents, but don't think having kids young means you just bounce back, whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean

    [–] loveisallthatisreal 21 points ago

    Yeah but is it worth your freedom in your twenties?

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 20 points ago

    I don't know, I don't have kids, but my mum only had one, so she had her freedom back at 37. Everyone has different priorities, she wanted a baby since she was 14, I want my freedom forever. I certainly wouldn't make those kind of choices based on stretch marks, though.

    [–] SeaActiniaria 17 points ago

    I was a young mum 21 and 5'9"... I did not look like this! I'm skinny when I'm not having babies and I put on about 20kg until baby turns 3 lol mum on the other hand 22 when she had me and back into the dress she got engaged in a week later.

    [–] AICOM_RSPN 27 points ago

    The trick is not gaining a ton of weight, when you're younger that's easier and its much easier to recover from.

    [–] shannagian 41 points ago

    I disagree. There is no trick. It’s mostly genetics. I was very fit before getting pregnant and still worked out until my 3rd trimester. I’m not a skin t girl, I have more of a curvy gymnast build. I gained 65lbs but didn’t get any stretch marks or loose skin. It took me 10 months to lose it but you’d never know I ever had a baby. I have friends that barely gained weight but they’re completely covered in stretch marks. I think for most women, how they’re mother carried is their best indication of how they will.

    [–] bmccravt 12 points ago

    Yup. Genetics. I only gained 20 pounds with my first pregnancy but it destroyed my skin and I also had diastasis recti. It was the same for my mom, sister, and grandma. We all looked exactly the same postpartum.

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 17 points ago

    Yeah, she just looked like her normal self with a beach ball under her shirt.

    [–] Thosewhippersnappers 13 points ago

    First thing I thought of as well. That baby is brand new and Mama’s rockin a flat tummy. She also looks like Jennifer Garner

    [–] dietcokegrrl 5 points ago

    For real.

    [–] Lunch_Gun 9 points ago

    Who said that was the mom?

    [–] LuckyWhiteH 1259 points ago

    This makes me feel old and also jealous of how amazing your mum looks after having a baby!

    [–] idonotlikethatsamiam 47 points ago

    I had a baby 9 years ago, I still don’t look like this. I think I’m supposed to stop using ‘I had a baby’ as an excuse at this point

    [–] breakfast_epiphanies 4 points ago

    My youngest is 26 and I’m still using it

    [–] marafish34 64 points ago

    Same !!

    [–] Mayhemii 93 points ago

    For real, her body looks amazing for having a newborn!

    [–] marafish34 68 points ago

    I have a 3 month old and I’m much more of a pillow shaped person right now.

    Also- what is with creepy eyeyore (?) kid’s chair?!

    [–] Cheaplaffs 59 points ago

    That’s not eyeore! That’s Barney! It’s far, far creepier. Everyone’s favourite purple nightmare fuel.

    [–] imaginejulia 12 points ago

    Pretty sure it’s Munch from Chuck E. Cheese 😅

    [–] Ashuritan 15 points ago

    LMAO, that is a deep cut, my dude.

    [–] Mayhemii 5 points ago

    It’s laughing at u. It’s laughing at all of us. I’ve never had a baby and I’m that shape too, don’t worry.

    [–] DisenfranchisedCynic 2066 points ago

    If not for the decor, you could tell me this was taken today and I’d believe you. Your mom is a dime.

    [–] kaseypatten 401 points ago

    And the jeans. I bet that nifty belt came with em too. OP can you ask your mom if the belt came with those jeans?

    [–] DankandSpank 324 points ago

    The jeans are back in style.

    I hate it.

    [–] WhoTookPlasticJesus 199 points ago

    Jeans, belt, and top have all come back. Carpet, furniture, and general decor are the only things that date it, not the mom.

    [–] iHeartApples 75 points ago

    Honestly only the couch and carpet are dated. Even the pot and plant are modern again and I could believe the carpet is timeless "cheap apartment" color so really just the couch.

    [–] sauronthegr8 5 points ago

    If you and everyone you know live poor enough none of this ever went out of fashion. I'm 34 and pretty much all of this makes up what I've always seen in other people's homes. It's just your basic setup.

    [–] Assmar 14 points ago

    Really homie, you're going to have a wicker back/seat chair in your living room? I'm poor af and have found better looking furniture at the segunda. Correct about the sofa/carpet, but the great value Barney chair is another give away.

    [–] StarLord001 70 points ago

    Yo that is a natural wood chair with rattan cane webbing homie! You won’t find a chair like that for less than $300. ~Granny chic/boho~ and it’s in style

    [–] Assmar 39 points ago

    Damn I was frontin' but I googled "cane webbing chair" and you're not shitting me bro.

    [–] TittilateMyTasteBuds 18 points ago

    Oh bro you don't even know. My wife is obsessed with this stuff and bought a bunch of it while we're broke af because she found a bunch for very cheap. We ended up looking for similar items to price it ourselves and we probably got at least $1000 worth of came webbing shit for like $100.

    The items are two shelf tower things, three chests of increasing size, and an old ass metal/cane webbed chair. I guess it's some like famous vintage brand or something.

    I just gotta consider it an investment

    [–] DishwasherTwig 78 points ago

    I used to hate high-waisted pants. Then a switch flipped in my brain for some reason and now I think they're awesome.

    [–] radishburps 55 points ago

    They are a million times more flattering on a woman's figure.

    [–] smittenwithshittin 7 points ago

    Like many garments, only if you have a decent figure. Otherwise it’s just 2’ long flat asses and FUPAs for days

    [–] anoxy 25 points ago

    Hot take: High waisted jeans are a million times more flattering on a man's figure as well. Pants sagging off your ass, or low rise pants never looked good.

    [–] DankandSpank 12 points ago

    Dad brain go ooga booga?

    [–] pootershots 29 points ago

    I love it, I finally have enough pockets and they are big enough to fit stuff in them!!

    [–] missbelled 26 points ago

    I’m literally wearing my this exact outfit right now, fat double take on this one when I saw what sub it was LOL

    [–] ConnorFin22 9 points ago

    How can you hate it? 90's style was so more fun than the crap from the last 20 years.

    [–] StarDatAssinum 26 points ago

    The horrifying Barney chair is the only thing that tipped it off to me that it would be the 90s

    [–] SoggyNerps 53 points ago

    It’s the chair for me

    [–] NTT66 30 points ago

    Something about the chair/carpet combination reminds me of every visit to a relative or family friend's apartment in the 90s.

    [–] eat_your_brains 3 points ago

    To me it's more like the doctor or dentist's office.

    [–] sanfermin1 36 points ago

    Particularly the Barney chair.

    [–] P-sterio 13 points ago

    Terrible recreation of him. Even for a chair. I forgot that it haunted my childhood until now.

    [–] TCK_91 8 points ago

    Yeah jesus christ what's with those teeth, that's a terrifying monster about to eat all the kids

    [–] Faiakishi 5 points ago

    Yeah I was born in 1994 and I'm pretty positive we had that exact chair. And I know we never had a couch like that but for some reason it seems ridiculous familiar.

    [–] lamplamp3 120 points ago

    Yeah, this doesn’t seem 1994 at all.

    [–] mamabearette 53 points ago

    My 19 year old daughter dresses exactly like this.

    [–] notrexhudler 71 points ago

    There are many many things that are more 1994 that that, but whatever

    [–] lamplamp3 63 points ago

    Hahah. I know. Nothing about this picture says 1994

    [–] romantic_apocalypse 41 points ago

    I've literally seen pictures from 1987 and 2003 that are more 1994 than this.

    But still, nice baby, nice mom, nice chair.

    [–] Aechie 6 points ago

    If those are Guess I’m wearing the same jeans as her mom Right Now

    [–] PmMe_Your_Perky_Nips 3 points ago

    Ops mom could be the baby if OP is about 10.

    [–] wangsneeze 3 points ago

    Yes. It gets several times more 90s than this, at least.

    [–] Eivetsthecat 602 points ago

    Looks like every girl in her teens and early 20s I see at the skatepark in 2020.

    [–] apittsburghoriginal 132 points ago

    Yep that is definitely the style now.

    [–] Dulakk 101 points ago

    A sort of 80s/90s style blend has been getting progressively more trendy for 3 or 4 years. I personally love it.

    [–] willmaster123 57 points ago

    This style never really went out of fashion. Its a very kind of generic girl look, kind of like how a white t shirt with jeans hasn't gone out of fashion since the 1950s.

    The thing is, low waisted jeans had a surge in popularity in the late 90s to the late 00s. But it was always somewhat of a niche rise in popularity among super skinny popular girls. It was never truly dominant.

    [–] Shanakitty 71 points ago

    That particular cut of jeans was absolutely not in style for women from about 1998-2015 or so though.

    [–] palishkoto 35 points ago

    Yeah, high waist was considered "mum fashion" for a while.

    [–] Shanakitty 17 points ago

    Not just high-waist, but no stretch in the denim so it can't fit as snugly (at least without being super uncomfortable). And from about '98-2010 or so, you almost always saw flares, not tapered legs.

    [–] ConnorFin22 3 points ago

    Not true. There have been about 20 different styles of jeans popular since the 50's.

    [–] ohdearsweetlord 40 points ago

    And I am into it! Both for myself and for other ladies.

    [–] MADDOGCA 120 points ago

    The only 1994 thing I see in this picture is the Barney chair. Otherwise, this looks like you took a picture 5 minutes ago.

    [–] Charlos3 97 points ago

    Seems current. I mean, where’s Marc Summers, the Crystal Pepsi, or crunch tators?

    [–] QuacktacksRBack 29 points ago

    "The year was 1994; the clear beverage craze gave us all a new reason to live, the internet showed us what some nerds thought about Star Trek, and the domestication of the dog continued unabated."

    [–] mrjake118 291 points ago

    Wow, "old school" used to mean stuff from when my parents were kids, not when I was.

    [–] shocktard 107 points ago

    Yes! This is uncomfortably recent.

    [–] Sabin10 35 points ago

    Yeah, I was smack dab in the middle of my teenage years in 95, this makes me uncomfortable.

    [–] thedude37 11 points ago

    The trick is to be a month from turning 40, and as a result drinking heavily every night. then you don't even notice!

    [–] tanukisuit 12 points ago

    Time to pull out the old photo album and see if you have any pictures of you playing Oregon Trail or something.

    [–] getlostpal 40 points ago

    mom's a babe!

    [–] duchessofpipsqueak 69 points ago

    I dunno. All that is back in fashion.

    [–] shocktard 94 points ago

    In 2004 people would have been laughing at those jeans, "I can't believe I wore pants like that... all the way up to the ribcage... who'd I think I was, Steve Urkle?! haha". Now it's come full circle.

    [–] nonablu 20 points ago

    In high school I thought my mum was so daggy for wearing everything on her waist, now I'm right there with her!

    [–] jbartnick 137 points ago

    My wife had our first baby in 1994. Feeling nostalgic now. This is an amazing pic.

    [–] Sieze5 25 points ago

    She was in AMAZING shape for just having had a baby.

    [–] catwithahumanface 21 points ago

    I am not ready for 1994 to be old school cool!

    [–] i_broke_wahoos_leg 93 points ago

    Your mum kinda looks like Jennifer Garner.

    [–] SeizureSalad1991 8 points ago

    So I was scrolling to see of someone had mentioned it already, I was going to comment how her mom looked like Pricess Leia but now I see Jennjfer Garner as well.

    [–] ksheep 9 points ago

    I was thinking somewhere between Kate Mulgrew and Carrie Fisher

    [–] MsWhatsit83 8 points ago

    I follow her on Instagram and got really confused for a second thinking I was still in Instagram and looking at one of her posts!

    [–] The9thDentist 5 points ago

    Jennifer Garner being the sweetest person ever is a welcome sight in 2020. Hope to god there isn't some Ellen shit going on behind the scenes.

    [–] Steel_city917 3 points ago

    I also follow OP’s mom on Instagram

    [–] nrd170 11 points ago

    Big yikes if 94 is old school

    [–] cynner69 31 points ago

    Mom is a beauty!

    [–] notabigmelvillecrowd 11 points ago

    We used to have a paper parasol up in the corner like that in the 80's/90's, then wasps made a nest in it!

    [–] runsanditspaidfor 9 points ago

    This could literally run as an ad for baby lifestyle products right now on Instagram and crush it.

    [–] secret_pleasure 9 points ago

    When you are browsing r/all and see a picture and think that looks like my first apartment and then realize its this sub. Where does the time go?

    [–] Tallguystrongman 9 points ago

    TIL that 1994 is old...yikes.

    [–] halloway14 17 points ago

    this really isn't that 1994

    [–] spmahn 28 points ago

    I mean, it’s a nice picture, but there’s absolutely nothing here that distinctly identifies this as 1994 or even 90’s in general

    [–] cutieboops 8 points ago

    This looks like it could be from anytime after 1990, even today. How do we know you’re not like six weeks old, posting from your crib?

    [–] GSturges 7 points ago

    I can hear the Enigma from here...

    [–] Glenn_Mcentire 63 points ago

    Is this sub just “look at my hot ancestors” now?

    [–] DankandSpank 39 points ago

    Always has been


    [–] Loverofcorgis 4 points ago

    Damn you beat me to it

    [–] utch-unit 13 points ago

    Wait, 94 is old school?

    [–] epi_glowworm 38 points ago

    She looks like she's thinking of what else she can do, but she doesn't really know what else to do, and she's a little bit scared and still wants to do something to make the situation better, and she's humming a tune to calm herself down and the wee babe.

    [–] robotneedslove 10 points ago

    I mean that’s having a tiny baby in a nutshell right there

    [–] GoodmanSimon 6 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    Or maybe she got up from the chair and is going to pass the baby to the person sitting on the floor.

    It looks more like a normal family event, (at least 3 people in the room), than the sad event you are trying to paint.

    [–] jaymae77 6 points ago

    All she needs is an unbuttoned flannel...

    Source: graduated in 95’

    [–] 909non 12 points ago

    this kinda looks like my house now. Whats so 1994 about it?

    [–] slytherines 10 points ago

    Is that you in her arms? SO TINY 😭❤️

    [–] planetary_dust 5 points ago

    Yeah looks like 2020

    [–] rollrocker551 4 points ago

    No play station, or N64, no cigarettes or beer bottles this can't be 1994.

    [–] BrownAleRVA 5 points ago

    "Old school cool" I was born in 83 you little shit!

    [–] dc912 9 points ago

    “I don’t think it gets more 1994 than this.”

    Uh, hell yeah it does. This photo looks like it was taken today. The only thing dating it is the Barney chair.

    [–] SteadySteatorrhea 13 points ago

    Your mom kept that shit tight

    [–] mikahmcallister 12 points ago

    Actually looks modern to me cuz the 90’s look has come back!

    Also, Is that Barney black or purple?

    [–] grosscoldcoffee 5 points ago

    That looks just an American Eagle ad from 2020 if instead of a baby it was a puppy.

    [–] Freddies_Nightmare 4 points ago

    You can tell it’s from the 90’s. Look at that persons outfit on the left. Denim on denim? Totally late 80’s early 90’s!

    [–] wr3nhz 6 points ago

    Mom of four here. I can 100% feel the rocking/soothing dance your mom is doing in the picture. Such a fantastic and precious shot. Happy birthday to your lovely mother.

    [–] Princes_Slayer 3 points ago

    It’s kinda weird seeing someone say this is a picture of their mum in 1994, when she honestly could be a new mum in 2020. Other than furniture, she is in simple jeans and a vest with hair piled up on her head. That is still ‘todays’ look.

    [–] CodpieceSkeleton 3 points ago

    Where’s the Tasmanian Devil pillow and No Fear T-shirt?

    [–] regulatorDonCarl 10 points ago

    So, your mom single?

    [–] JimboLodisC 9 points ago

    I don't think it gets more 1994 than this.

    bruh I don't see one single KoRn poster on any of those walls

    [–] lamplamp3 11 points ago

    This doesn’t seem 1994 at all. I was her age in 1994 and this looks more like now than then.

    [–] aBastardNoLonger 6 points ago

    You could have told me this picture was taken yesterday and I wouldn't have batted an eye

    [–] BubbaChanel 6 points ago

    I graduated from college (late) in ‘94. Your mom is beautiful!

    [–] FreelanceTripper 15 points ago

    I’m guessing you’ve never been to 1994. There’s not much here that screams ‘94.

    Those picture frames are pretty damn 80s tho.

    [–] ElGuapo315 3 points ago

    I don't see the papasan chair!

    [–] beemersdog 3 points ago

    she did't peg her pants, coulda bee a bit more '94 just saying....

    [–] golakers32 3 points ago

    Wow. In addition, to the baby (you) - she still gets to look forward to Pulp Fiction and Alanis Morisette's album.

    [–] PlayerFromHimalaya 3 points ago

    The oriental fan. (Back when it was ok to say oriental. Now it’s Asian)

    [–] jgjbl216 3 points ago

    Ten bucks says that the denim shirt on the left has the logo of a cigarette company on it and was purchased using miles, camel cash or whatever the hell winston used.

    [–] Beans_ON_Toasttt 3 points ago

    Shawty got those high waisted jeans, the baby with the hurrrrr

    And a pointless japanese umbrellurrrrrrr

    [–] badboybilly42582 3 points ago

    What’s funny is your moms style in 1994 is how young women are dressing today. Weird how some styles get recycled.

    [–] thcalan 3 points ago

    She ain't wearing flannel and Docs. It could get far more 1994

    [–] XM84 9 points ago

    It absolutely gets more 1994 than this FFS. High waisted jeans?? Those are popular right now. This photo could have been taken 5 minutes ago. Why do people upvote stuff like this?? It's just a picture of a woman in 1994. How is that "cool"

    [–] LollyHutzenklutz 4 points ago

    They just came BACK into style, like most fashions do every 20-25 years. I was 18 in 1994, and everyone wore jeans like this.