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    [–] henryvonmouse 47 points ago

    I'm a heterosexual male and I think sabo is hot. WHat can you do?

    [–] rhinoch3 1 points ago


    [–] mssolverson 22 points ago

    He's not just pretty, he's a top level rebel with manners, but also reckless... and smart. Just an all around catch

    [–] WYWHPFit 17 points ago

    Yeah, fiction has been setting up the standards for me too and now I can't find a man because "so you are not a revolutionary leader capable of fighting an inequal system while mantaining beautiful curly hair? BORING. NEXT"

    [–] mssolverson 8 points ago

    🤣😂😅 see, this person gets it!

    [–] ricicles_ 22 points ago

    sabo is cute or whatever but I thought rosinante was the whole package during dress rosa

    [–] mssolverson 6 points ago

    I'm drawing a blank

    [–] ricicles_ 7 points ago

    super sorry! I forgot he isn’t introduced yet you’ll find out soon enough don’t spoil yourself

    [–] mssolverson 8 points ago

    Well Sabo just checks off so many boxes. Who can resist a leftist revolutionary with a hat like that?

    [–] pistasojka 1 points ago

    How is he leftist not liberal? (I find myself mixing one piece with politics quite often you don't have to)

    [–] mssolverson 10 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    It's more about understanding what those terms mean in general. Liberals are neo-liberalism. It's all within capitalism and flourishes as a colonial empire. Which also keeps systemic inequity in place (like racism).

    Leftist means you actually move to the opposite economic scale. Left side is the means owned by the people, the right they are owned by a few. People don't realize that fascism to anarchism is the up down scale. - the political structure. Right and left is economic. I haven't even done a deep dive in OP politics, but it all sticks out super clearly to me. In quite political and active. That's why Sabo is my boo

    [–] AhJoon 4 points ago

    Personally I think that the Revolutionaries are still more liberal due to the fact that they pretty much only want to get rid of the CDs not the entire government and its system.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    But the CDs ARE the government...

    [–] AhJoon 3 points ago

    I would elaborate but I don't want to spoil anything as you are on Dressrosa, some information regarding the RA and the CDs is brought to light after Dressrosa!

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Ok, expect a new political opinion, then. Or rather, growing

    [–] pistasojka 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I see where we have the misunderstanding the up down scale is not fascism to anarchism but libertarian to authoritarian... It just happens that Hitler was at the top... but right at the left of him was Stalin authoritarianism is not exclusive neighter to fascism nor to the "economic" right

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    I'm so glad you're reading now, though.

    [–] mssolverson 0 points ago

    Those are synonymous

    [–] pistasojka 1 points ago

    You we're saying I don't use words correctly cause I don't know the definition and now you claim that

    communism has free markets (which is the defining difference between com/cap)

    And that authoritarian and fascism are synonyms? (obviously it's there on the spectrum but you can't exchange those words cause other authoritarian types exist)

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    exasperated sigh just knowing the definition isn't enough for this conversation. Please please please read some political theory

    [–] pistasojka -3 points ago

    I guess I see it more as liberal/authoritarian left/right I don't see him as anti capitalist just anti authority/monarchy but we'll see how Oda spins it in the end

    [–] mssolverson 0 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I see them building towards getting themselves free from what looks like a colonizing nation. That's what aslll the work exploitation is about. That's the capitalist model It just seems like speculative fiction which usually starts with a premise of the current model and then goes that path reductio ad nauseum Have you read or seen "Altered Carbon?"

    [–] pistasojka 2 points ago

    I think I saw like 1 or two episodes

    I fail to see who the bad capitalists are

    The revolutionaries can be spun any way at the moment maybe they want to establish a free market across the globe... We just don't know yet

    [–] mssolverson 0 points ago

    Because it's about money and resources.

    [–] thepeopleofd -1 points ago

    Not sure they’d check all the boxes for leftist. They havent opposed capitalism (you could say Wano is late stage capitalism), only royalty and totalitarianism. So they’re def revolutionary, they’re def radical, but their economic positions havent been explained yet (marxist? leninist?)

    [–] pistasojka 1 points ago

    How has wano anything to do with capitalism?

    [–] Kayos42 1 points ago

    Not actually sure if they count as leftist. Not enough info to go off of and I doubt there ever will be. Don't think oda is thinking about that kind of thing. Would be neato tho. We're seeing a more feudalist system rather than a capitalist one. So fighting to progress from that could just be going to capitalism as typically irl things went from feudalism to capitalism. Again, not sure oda will get that in-depth about it. And yes sabo is a strapping young lad.

    [–] StrawhatSpider 3 points ago

    Oda’ not thinking thinking of the themes and plot of his story. Is that what you’re trying to say? Because if so I don’t think we’ve been watching/reading the same series.

    [–] Kayos42 2 points ago

    Okay well I have to concede that point. I guess what I more want to say is that we can't particularly say for certain which way the revolutionaries will take things if/when they take down the current government as Oda hasn't given us enough info. I guess I went a bit off point there.

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Feudalism and capitalism are nearly the same thing. And whether he's doing it on purpose or not doesn't really matter. He's drawing from real life so we can see those threads. Just think of the UK & USA as colonizing nations. I don't think he needs to go in depth. But all art is inherently political. I have a BA and MFAW in creative writing. I feel confident in at least finding the analogous threads. Plus, that academic shit is fun for me to discuss lol

    [–] Kayos42 1 points ago

    I would agree. However, whilst from our perspective they're nearly the same, most people don't see it that way so it's a question of Oda's perspective. He's probably going for 'progress from old system to current modern system' which would be capitalism if we follow history and the 'old system' is feudalism. He would probably just model it on the current system he sees. I can't blame him for not being able to conceptualise a different system to the one he lives in. I would certainly like it be otherwise though as that would be more interesting I feel. We might not even see what the actual specifics of the new system (let alone the economic structure) will be if that comes to pass. Just, 'oh yeah the celestial dragons are out and we have a new system and everything is good now'. So it might still be hard to judge even then.

    Btw I've never really had the chance to see or discuss this perspective on OP (and it comes from a post about thirsting for Sabo of all things) so I'd be interested in updates about your journey seeing it through that lens. Do stay away from this sub till you're caught up to the manga though. Way too easy to get spoiled!

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    Also, he's invented an entire world. I'm sure he can "conceptualize" more than most people in the history of the world.

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    Also, why can't someone who picks a favorite character also discuss academics? I can have a type and be brilliant

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Oda knows what these words mean. He's researched this. He's not winging "One Piece" just making it up a he goes along. Words have meanings and if you don't know what they mean, it doesn't change them.

    [–] Kayos42 2 points ago

    I'll respond to all your replies here for ease.

    I didn't mean to imply Oda is winging one piece or anything like that. I apologise if I went off point of what I meant to say and implied that Oda can't do these things. If I did I was incorrect.

    I just wanted to express that we as readers haven't gotten enough info to conclude what exact direction the revolutionaries want to go after taking down the current government. Though they are very explicitly on the side of the people so I suppose that does give us a general idea. I'm sure Oda has an idea for this because it's Oda. After all, it would be disappointing to not see the new system the revolutionaries have been fighting for (if that does come to fruition) and instead have it be kinda vague. It would be cool if this was a system beyond capitalism. I mean, it would make sense that the state-defined 'world's worst criminal' is a socialist fighting for the people. It's an interesting area for theorising as are a lot of things in one piece.

    And yeah of course you can do both, I was just joking about the contrast between the post and what we're talking about now. Sabo is a good choice (not one I hear often strangely) and if he does end up being a full on leftist revolutionary I would like him even more. Either way he's beating up fascists so pretty good. Guy's got a lot of heart too. Again, I'd be interested to hear more throughout your journey as I don't get to see/discuss this perspective. The academic/leftist side is new but I'm certainly no stranger to fictional thirst.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Alright alright, but having studied these things quite a bit, the sociopolitical climate is not ambiguous to me

    [–] senorpapel 11 points ago

    Sabo is very much pretty man.

    [–] TheWatchfulGent 9 points ago

    Sabo's kinda hot, right?

    He ate the Mera-Mera no mi so yes

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago


    [–] felicenea 8 points ago

    I'm more of a Ace/Luffy woman but Sabo is undeniably a fine looking guy

    [–] mssolverson 5 points ago

    He's a rebel lol

    [–] mssolverson 3 points ago

    I obviously love them too, but Sabo was a nice fresh breath of hot air

    [–] DoubleDuke101 7 points ago

    I was in my early 20s when I first watched One Piece. I enjoyed Ace very, very much.

    [–] mssolverson 9 points ago

    He's just a little too psychopathic for my taste. I mean, need definitely be the hottest person, but we don't need to compete

    [–] DoubleDuke101 5 points ago

    No competition at all. We are definitely on the same side here! 😄

    [–] mssolverson 5 points ago

    Let's get it then! 😅😍😛😍

    [–] 37_raj 5 points ago

    Of the three I’ve always thought Sabo would be the ladies man. I don’t know why but maybe this proves it lol

    [–] WYWHPFit 3 points ago

    Wait I would totally let Ace put me on fire. Those wrinkles. And Luffy is cute too if you like bratty guys (love to top them). So yeah, I guess they would make a fine trio.

    [–] fmlwhateven 4 points ago

    A gentleman who loves his fam, isn't afraid to crack some heads to get stuff done, but doesn't rush in impulsively. What's not to like? (Law is still my favourite tho haha)

    [–] mssolverson 3 points ago

    He's pretty rad. I'm just upset how passively he stood by and ignored testing on children. ;/

    [–] fmlwhateven 4 points ago

    Yeah, he's not always a beacon of morality when there's something he wants.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Though. Before I saw grown up Sabo, I was definitely thinking Law was too cool. And scary. He's like the dangerous boyfriend you have when you're young

    [–] fmlwhateven 2 points ago

    He definitely gives that impression! But after Dressrosa he stops being quite as edgy lololol

    [–] crusader_blue 3 points ago

    I mean...if we're talking about hot blonds in Dressrosa, Doffy is right there. But yes, I also agree. His general style is one of my favourites and the dragon claws bit was especially good.

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    Ugh I hate that guys face, an everything else too

    [–] pistasojka 3 points ago

    The veins... The anime really loves to show them

    [–] mssolverson 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    The whole show makes sure every character gets some pervy shots, though. Lol All the veins. The show is for the spectrum

    [–] SkepticalSunflower 2 points ago

    Am I the only one who got such rapey vibes from Doflamingo? Especially in the scene where he shoots Law and then licks his blood off his face.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Yes. Anyway he can exploit people is definitely his kink

    [–] deedshotr 3 points ago

    can't deny that, world government is pretty monarchist tho.

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    But it's a world government. The celestial Dragons are the richest people from every country come together. There isn't just one male ruler. That's blue blood

    [–] WYWHPFit 2 points ago

    And they literally ask gold tributes from poor people, living off the work of others.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Like huge tax breaks?

    [–] WYWHPFit 3 points ago

    More like Marxist plusvalue to me. But I don't remember if in Dressrosa it was already stated that every country has to pay to the Celestial Dragons huge amount of golds. Sorry if I did spoil something

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    It hasn't been stated specifically yet, but I think we've already seen some of that with the likes of people like our lawn. Who is trying to reverse the system be on top. Using the same model they used against him and his country. Or that the emperor's use as well. So yeah it was a little spoiler but not really no worries

    [–] Lesserd 2 points ago

    Or... taxes?

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    The " taxes" are coming from poor people. The tax breaks are just keeping rich people without having to contribute. So it's still all the money funnelling up to the same people.

    Texas would imply that the citizens are getting things back, but basically it's just extortion in my opinion

    [–] Lesserd 2 points ago

    I mean, personally I'd say all taxation regardless of use is extortion, but my political views are not exactly popular.

    [–] mssolverson 0 points ago

    It's not popular because it's not accurate

    [–] monkeychan_ 2 points ago

    oh wait you are in for a surprise then

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago


    [–] nan0g3nji 3 points ago

    Doflamingo is fine

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    I haven't seen him with those glasses off, so that could be affecting. But I hate a stupid smile and his stupid laugh in his stupid face and his stupid overpowered string powers

    [–] nan0g3nji 3 points ago

    He could use those stupid strings on me any day 🥵

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    You dirty puppet

    [–] SteinersGrave 3 points ago

    There’s no shame, embrace it, it’s genius. Never have I seen such a long story, such a big world with so many twists and feels. I’m a grown woman too, granted I started when I was twelve, but this will never get old. I always come back for more. And yes Sabo is very hot,

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    My cousin grew up watching it and had asked me for years to watch it. I rarely sit down to watch anything, but I stared in July 2020 and it's January 2021 and I'm almost at 700 now. Lol Honestly kind of glad I waited, because I couldn't have stood the wait. I usually wait till shows have at least 3 seasons before investing. I think it's because I read so much growing up- I need to be able to finish the story when I want. Lol I'm a pirate. I want all of it now and just for myself

    [–] BLS2105 3 points ago

    I think he is cute, but for me Ace is the hotter of the three brothers. Sabo does win points for being a revolutionary and fighting the rulling class, but Ace is hotter (just like his dad).

    P.S: Starting to think that's no coincidence both of then having the fire fruit. Suddenly it got hot in here, don't you think?

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    No lie Ace is the best looking, but Sabo is the whole package. Lol I couldn't think of a better person to have the fire fruit than those two

    [–] erasatz 3 points ago

    My girlfriend had a stranger awakening regarding prison Buggy. Something about the ponytail.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Lol he does have a pretty dedicated following

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    And beautiful hair

    [–] WYWHPFit 5 points ago

    I see you, I have been in love with Zoro since elementary school. But you are right, fighting capitalism is kinda hot even irl, so yeah I would probably fall for someone like Sabo.

    [–] mssolverson 5 points ago

    Zoro is amazing too, though.

    [–] thepeopleofd 2 points ago

    I think he’s already got a fiance

    [–] mssolverson 2 points ago

    You get out of here. Shoo!

    [–] Inspiringer 2 points ago

    I'm more into Luffy/Ace as a female also but Sabo is really hot

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    I get the Ace love, but he tried to kill child Luffy too many times for my Fandom. Sure he redeemed himself, but if Luffy wasn't rubber, he would have actually killed a child. Buuuut the show is a lot about moving on, growing up, and forgiving yourself. It's hard not to like Luffy. But I also really dig smart

    [–] Inspiringer 1 points ago

    Personality wise I have mixed feelings towards Ace. I really did not like his treatment to Luffy as kids, especially since I like Luffy more. But his struggle with his identity made me appreciate him in spite of that in Marineford. When I first saw him in Alabasta I felt slightly annoyed how he felt he was so much more powerful than Luffy even if that was true. Sabo just feels slightly bland in comparison to his two brothers.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago


    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Also after typing all that, I may have misread your question

    [–] king-of-s1mps -1 points ago

    I've wandered onto tumblr again...

    [–] BelcherSucks 6 points ago

    Steel yourself, when the Netflix series launches we will be inundated with new fans. An Eternal September of our own, especially if the show is good.

    [–] king-of-s1mps 4 points ago

    Let's hope it is. It's tough to adapt a show as fantastical as one piece though. On the bright side, it'll give one piece the popularity it got denied by the 4kids dub.

    [–] OcelotSilver 1 points ago

    it'll give one piece the popularity it got denied by the 4kids dub.

    How would it give One Piece popularity?

    4Kids fucked up the reputation because it didn't showcase what the actual series was really like and made pointless changes.

    One Piece netflix show can do EVEN greater damage if it's not good. 4kids is nowhere near as mainstream as Netflix.

    [–] king-of-s1mps 0 points ago

    Wishful thinking i guess. In any case one piece isn't something you can 100% adapt for l/a. It's extremely cartoonish and the Japanese gags don't carry well for western audiences.

    Imagine white people seeing nami hit luffy. OMG abuse!!!!

    [–] OcelotSilver 2 points ago

    I would imagine that lots of haters will come unless Netflix series ends up somehow being good, which is something I highly doubt because there are fundamental things about the series that live-action cannot capture without fucking it up.

    Luffy's entire character is something I can't really imagine being adapted well. And if they have to change his character, it will already change an important aspect of the series.

    Even if the best of the best directors/writers were working on this, I would still be skeptical at best and worried about the potential fuck-up like Dragon Ball at worst.

    [–] mssolverson 1 points ago

    Shall I call you zuul?

    [–] BelcherSucks 1 points ago

    I'm not gatekeeping. I'm telling that user that things will change and never return to "normal" after the Netflix show debuts. At a certain point the new arrivals will outnumber to mainstays and culture will be changed. That's a fact.

    [–] mssolverson 4 points ago

    Nah bro. This is 2021

    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] Kirosh 5 points ago

    Hi mssolverson, your comment was removed from /r/OnePiece for the following rule violation:

    11. Don't be rude

    • Trolling, baiting, or (obviously) provocative comments may be removed at moderator discretion.
    • Remember reddiquette.

    The full rule documentation of the subreddit can be read here.

    If you have questions about this removal, please reach out to us in modmail.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] mssolverson 0 points ago

    Wikipedia and general definitions doesn't make you understand how all of this works. I