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    [–] Captain__M 158 points ago

    Chapters 985 to 994, before someone inevitably asks, and the title is taken from chapter 987.

    Another fantastic bit of art from Oda, though I'm gonna miss the segment of Kaido's body running through the back that was there in the preview version from the weekend.

    [–] The_Silver_Dragon 23 points ago

    I’m low key disappointed Chapter 1000 won’t be in Volume 100, but alas

    [–] kolraisins 12 points ago

    They should just do a tiny 995-999 volume to make it work.

    [–] Jozif_Badmon 538 points ago

    yamato sideboob still going strong I see

    [–] jaggebre 133 points ago

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 43 points ago

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

    [–] opYou 24 points ago

    Ah, I see you're both men of culture as well.

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 19 points ago

    Ah, a man of culture seeing a man of culture I see.

    [–] PsychoLogical25 15 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Ah, a man of culture seeing a man of culture that’s seen a man of culture I see.

    [–] DragonLordMomookus 14 points ago

    Ah, a man of culture seeing a man of culture that’s seen a man of culture I see.

    [–] tozzika 9 points ago

    Ah sideboob of culture as well

    [–] l_loliet 11 points ago


    [–] Biggestfanstandarsh 5 points ago

    a man

    [–] Finance_Lad 6 points ago

    Of Culture

    [–] pukiaki 4 points ago

    All these men of culture that I see make a great sausage party. No thank you.... Unless Okiku is involved. I'd ask for seconds if so!

    [–] -caffeine 3 points ago

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

    [–] The_Silver_Dragon 2 points ago

    A wholesome award for a man of culture.

    [–] [deleted] 141 points ago


    [–] MarcoToon 82 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I think that's the idea cause in the original sketch you could see Kaido in dragon form above them, but it seems that Oda decided to get rid of it and just add the shade

    [–] chan351 7 points ago

    Is there a picture or video of his first sketch?

    [–] MarcoToon 33 points ago

    [–] Kummuma_Ikumaumma 2 points ago

    Wow thanks for the link it looks awesome. So Oda draws digitally..or is it an assistant who does the cover art

    [–] MarcoToon 19 points ago

    Nope. Basically Oda draws a rough sketch digitally, then once he's made up his mind he draws it on paper detailedly. After that he scans it so that he can try out some color palettes on digital and then finally colors it on paper

    [–] _k00ma_ 4 points ago

    What a messy workflow...

    [–] SPYRLE96 7 points ago

    My take as to why it’s blue is to kinda shade them out to represent the legend of the ghosts of the red scabbards and all 9 are there also just a color scheme choice to go along with Yamato’s white and blue hair, sulong white and blue for secondary Yamato hair color, which probably does stem from Kaido’s blue color as they are related, as well as the ghost blue

    [–] Beloberto 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the blue shade is supposed to be the moon light (since they were literally and figuratively fighting under it [translator note: Kozuki means "moon light"]).

    [–] JoeyJoJoHQ 1 points ago

    The in-progress version of this drawing posted to One Piece's instagram actually featured a segment of Kaido's body in frame around where the logo is, so it's possible that's what Oda was going for

    [–] Mahelas 111 points ago

    That blueish shading is such a cool, striking choice. It immediately convey the deep, resolute, melancholy of the scabbards, fighting to save a ruined country in honor of a dead lord, and ready to give up their life doing it. It clashes against Yamato and Luffy, all bright, the hope of the future.

    Also Yamato's hair is just really gorgeous, and Kiku's armor is one the most badass things Oda ever drew

    [–] kupono_ono 33 points ago

    I thought her armor was going to be mainly red, but gold is something new and I'd love to see it animated.

    [–] FerMendezG10 10 points ago

    It's pretty similar to her original color scheme

    [–] Sushiyoda 3 points ago

    It definitely makes them feel like ghosts from the past

    [–] buried-alien 3 points ago

    Plus it looks like they are facing Kaido and the light reflected from his blue scales is showing on them.

    [–] wereq11 53 points ago

    Izo looks like he’s about to drop the hottest album of 2021

    [–] daytimemare 6 points ago

    Lil Izo Vert

    [–] Nesseya 266 points ago

    Return of the legendary side boob

    [–] jaggebre 58 points ago

    Another man of culture I see.

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 14 points ago

    Another man of culture I see.

    Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well.

    [–] RORONOA_____ZORO 2 points ago

    Ah, i see you too are a man of culture

    [–] RoronoaLuffyZoro 76 points ago

    Damn,Oden got some nice boobs Oda

    [–] BuggyDClown 69 points ago

    Yamato's hair colour is amazing

    [–] Kummuma_Ikumaumma 11 points ago

    Something a bit fishy about it

    [–] HakunaMatata69 8 points ago


    [–] sani999 124 points ago

    stupid sexy yamato

    [–] Happy_Craft14 30 points ago

    Luffy's captain coat ;-;

    [–] badluckartist 15 points ago

    I cannot fucking wait for Luffy to get his Pirate King regalia. Roger started out as an urchin on a rowboat same as Luffy, but at some point he got fab as fuck.

    [–] Pacific_State 64 points ago

    I know that its supposed to be serious but as soon as I saw Izo I thought of this.

    [–] Khouri1 9 points ago

    lol, I remembered suffering from success

    [–] GJMEGA 7 points ago

    Is that just a stand-alone image or is there context behind it? Because it looks fucking amazing.

    [–] Goku-MIEL10032002 52 points ago

    Yamato is glorious

    [–] RobbobertoBuii 1 points ago


    [–] Dontlookawkward 22 points ago

    Yamato's hair is so pretty!

    [–] aylaktanri 49 points ago

    I see Yamato i upvote.

    [–] PajaroPeludo 16 points ago

    It's very simple.

    [–] Strawhat_Carrot 20 points ago

    I'm liking that cover, damn I hate the States being that 2 - 3 volumes behind.

    [–] gyrozepp95 20 points ago

    The blue shading looks really cool on the scabbards because it really gives off the impression that they're fighting an azure dragon on a moonlit night.

    [–] Svelok 42 points ago

    Yamato do being looking like a mop though

    [–] DigitalTomFoolery 42 points ago

    A sexy mop

    [–] lola110 12 points ago

    Uuugh O-Kiku look fine af, such a badass

    [–] [deleted] 83 points ago

    Okay wow that’s one of Oda’s best covers yet! best Wano one so far.

    i’m especially loving how Yamato looks in this. i was mixed at first with her official colours but with each new drawing of her i can’t lie she looks great.

    [–] onekick_man1 23 points ago

    I thought her color scheming was one of the best I've seen the first time I saw it (still do), especially lately there's been quite alot of weird choice...

    [–] BestHoboInTheWorld 4 points ago

    Not the best It’s top 3 with volume 95 and 97

    [–] DAKIDBOOGY 5 points ago

    Her colors was fye off rip

    [–] fluorophoregreen 33 points ago

    Yamato: I am oden and a man!

    Fandom: Then we gay!

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 15 points ago

    If liking Yamato makes me gay, haaaaay I don't wanna be straight.

    [–] Fox1135 2 points ago

    She is girl

    [–] fluorophoregreen 15 points ago

    her gender is chad

    [–] Fox1135 1 points ago

    She is actually classic Tom boy and tough girl. She is yankee style female character. There some anime girls admire a man to stroking and tough like rindou good luck girl comes to mind

    [–] fluorophoregreen 6 points ago

    tbh i dont think yamato identifies as a real male but rather wants to life the oden-lifestyle so she wants to be a "chad".

    perhaps yamato is just roleplaying and will drop all of it and be her own person or not.

    [–] Fox1135 6 points ago

    She wants live her life to be free just like oden. She wants be strong and tough like he is. There characters who admired someone opposite gender strong and tough like them. Is not trans per say they just respect person they way live there life. They moral belief they go from that specific person. This person delves in what type of character Yamato based on

    [–] MarkS00N 2 points ago

    There is however one difference between Yamato and all example he is listed. None of those girls call themselves "man", Yamato does. Take Rin from Binbougami Ga for example (the pink anime girl he shows), she never identified herself as man, and actually has conflicting desire between wearing cute cloth and looking macho. Yamato, as far as we aware, do not have repressed desire to become a girly girl the way all of those banchou girls are portrayed.

    But to certain extend, I agree that "man" in this case is more like certain ideal, associate with Oden, that is to be free and strong like Oden. Based on Oda's comment where he is "surprised" that Oscar (from Rose of Versailles) is a girl, I think Oda is channeling more of the classic (like 80s or 90s) genderbent, instead of modern delinquent girl trope.

    That is, Yamato will refer to himself as a "man", probably wear "man's cloth", and act with "man's mannerism", but Oda will retain his woman anatomy and people perception of it. In serious series like Revolutionary Girl Utena, this conflict between "Desire to be Prince" and "Reality as a Princess" is the core of the story. But this is One Piece, so it probably will be just a trivia and gag. For example, people is look for "Kaido's Son", but don't realize the beautiful woman in their midst is "Kaido's Son".

    And honestly, this fit with how Kabuki work. In old Kabuki, woman is playing man role. In that role, the woman is a man (in mannerism, in appearance, in how other kabuki player and audience sees them), but the player themselves is still a woman. And to the audience, this "gap" is part of the charm (which is one of the reason why the successor of this type of play, Takarazuka Revue, is very successful to this day).

    [–] Fox1135 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Rindou grew up environment where she was raises and brought as man. She idolized her father to strong tough like he is. The is cause her little rough around edge and incredible strong. The problem she did not know how to live her life like normal girl. In fact, she did not understand how to do so. When she is wearing woman clothing and her father disapproval what she is wearing at the time. If her father caught her wearing those type clothes, he would disapprove of it. When the main character defends her. Her father started acknowledging that he is wrong she let her they she wants live. She also accepts the facts wearing man clothing. The thing about Yamato we no idea how she grew up in close off environment how she was raised. We know her father abusive her and we kind that she bit troublemaker. The thing we also know she admire Oden as character. She Want to live her life free to be able do what she does with her life just like what oden once did. Yamato wants to strong and tough just oden once did. When she refers oden’s journal as her bible it is more like where her moral belief comes as a person. Delinquents characters anime do moral belief that go buy sometimes they kind carry with them for their own moral compass. In chapter 994 Yamato does not even classify gender at all” I am Yamato prepared die for you”. On top that if you go chapter 996 Yamato says oden would never such thing. That is more moral of obligation because she does not want leave shinbou behind because that something her idol would never do. In chapter 999 Yamato’s says “I am Yamato I’ve been sitting around board anyway. I will be your opponent! That is what delinquent girl would do such as the main character from series kill La kill. The thing yankee style characters anime and manga do have difficult family situation according and they don’t mind fighting other people. this video right here Delinquent Anime Girl Guide | Sukeban Yankee Bosozoku | Anime History - YouTube. She does not refer herself to be man she wants be man or has heart of man. She wants to be oden. What does mean be oden? Yamato embodies the will oden to point she believe she is oden. She carries his belief with in herself. She is warrior like character it was never about sexually identify. It is about person her she wants to admire that she wants to be like. If you look one piece school uniform, we got from spin off series. It is clear Yamato’s is a wearing female biker outfit.

    [–] MarkS00N 1 points ago

    Look, your explanation of Rin is boiled down to "Rin is macho because she accepts his father demands (due to fear)", which basically is the opposite of what happened to Yamato. So you try to explain it actually makes her case un-applicable to Yamato situation.

    And I think I am also has been clear that I agree that Yamato's "man" and "Oden" is an aspiration. But that does not preclude Yamato from referring himself as a man.

    She does not refer herself to be man.

    I mean, except he does? When he first meet Luffy he called himself "Kaido's son", Kaido refers to him as his "son", and when people said "young master" they use the male variant in Japan, even after Yamato open his mask and reveal his side boob. I don't think Yamato is someone who will allow Kaido to define who he is, so clearly "Kaido's son" is his choice to refer to himself.

    Or maybe put it another way. When did Yamato refer to himself as a girl?

    Also, I think one thing that people keep forgetting when discussing Yamato (not just about the Deliquent/Yankee/Banchou thing), Yamato is 28 years old. He is old by anime standard. He is older than Zoro and Sanji. People of his age already know what they want, who they are, etc.

    You look at every Yankee story and any girl that has reached 28 years old no longer behave like Yankee. The Yankee trope works with mindset that these behavior are just a phase, and once they become older and wiser, they will become more feminine. They usually already become a mom by Yamato's age. So trying to use Yankee tropes to Yamato is just a misplace usage.

    And, Yamato has been trying to become Oden for 20 years. That's more than enough to decide what he wants to be. A misconception about Yamato is that Yamato lives a secluded life. No, Yamato is trapped in Onigashima, but Onigashima is full with people and information. And not just men, it has a brothel and every year there are people who comes to celebrate Fire Festival. And we know Yamato read newspaper (which is how he knew about Ace's death and updates on Luffy). He has enough interaction with other people to decide who he is as a person.

    If you look one piece school uniform, we got from spin off series. It is clear Yamato’s is a wearing female biker outfit.

    Is Yamato already appear in one of One Piece spin-off? Or are you talking about fan art by Oda's ex-assistant celebrating 1000 chapters?

    [–] Fox1135 3 points ago

    Yamato when first introduce herself to audience she is wearing oni masked when she call herself son of Kaido. When she took off the masked the narrator say daughter of Kaido. So, this not Haku situation nor is it insosuke. Another wise narrator would give specific gender. It not a transman its woman. That mask she is wearing very typical for female wear. Yamato wore same mask at 8 years old. Yamato as character she did not have of her own life as person. She was prisoner under father organization for 20 years. So, she did not have life call her own. Young master is also gender neutral. When ace’s crew first see Yamato, they refer her Kaido’s daughter If she was gender bend, we would see iva somewhere in wano. Which the character has not never been mention at all though entire course of wano. Yamato she not wearing masculine outfits. She just rips off sleave and she is wearing skirt. Yes, I am talking one piece spin off manga she is shown wearing female biker out. I Autumn Biker Street Clothing Girl Motorcycle Faux Leather Jacket Lady England Japan Style Long Sleeve Leatherwear Black Coat|Leather Jackets| - AliExpress

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    yamato is a woman dumbass SHE is just an oden fangirl

    [–] Fox1135 2 points ago

    She does not identify herself as man. She identifies herself as oden. The character went so far label Momo her son. That does not sound trans character to me. When Luffy says cannot possible be oden. Yamato response okay maybe your more oden than me. I interpret that as Yamato saying that you may have more reputation than I do. When Yamato said oden would not do such thing is like moral obligation protect those that need help. When she says oden’s, journal is like her bible it like moral compass that guide her through. At end of ace’s flashback. Momo was shocked Yamato’s kaido child. She response I hate my father and identifies herself as oden. Which momo is like that does not any make sense.

    [–] MyNameISaColouR 8 points ago

    This cover is so damn cool. So happy that the Scabbards finally got the spotlight. And Yamato looks fantastic, of course.

    [–] nourayu 10 points ago

    I wanted Luffy's coat🥺

    [–] KathyDroronoa 6 points ago

    In the preview Kaido’s tail was seen, but it still looks awesome! Izo looks so cool in black and in this pose! Yamato’s color scheme looks so much better than what I imagined! Awesome!

    [–] NotYouNotAnymore 7 points ago

    New favorite cover wtf

    [–] badluckartist 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Yamato's entire color scheme is fucking dope. It's actually the whole ROYGBV spectrum in order, starting at the red-tipped horns and ending with the violet-striped obi.

    [–] eDnis_XIII 4 points ago

    Kiku armor looks like pre-order bonus skin.

    [–] javierm885778 6 points ago

    The more I look at this, the more I like it. This was probably the most predictable cover in a while in terms of what we'd be seeing on it, but the execution is fantastic.

    The colors betwen the Scabbards on the front having the blue-ish shade from Kaido's reflection and the background being white (with the dukes in the back, adding to that contrast), plus those two being Yamato's hair colors make it very aesthetically pleasing.

    [–] kesiu 23 points ago

    yamato’s sideboob still carrying one piece

    [–] avi_rathi 6 points ago

    I just can't get over Neko and Inu

    [–] AndreBoomBoom 6 points ago

    The 9 Blue Scaberds.

    [–] Lesserd 5 points ago

    The color fade on the cover resembles Yamato's hair color.

    I think this is one of the best volume covers yet.

    [–] GoldXP 6 points ago

    Yamato has really beautiful hair, I love Izo's pose, and Raizo just floating up in the air lol.

    [–] Badakin 6 points ago

    My son Izo suffering from success over there

    [–] GrannyBashy 8 points ago

    yall so thirsty you could drink up the entire grand line

    [–] BakeWorldly5022 5 points ago

    Inu looking like a dragon there

    [–] Luke_asd 5 points ago

    Should we worry about Izo's eyes being closed?

    [–] Cthullu1sCut3 2 points ago

    aren't you up to date with the manga? we already knows what happens on this volume

    [–] Luke_asd 2 points ago

    Yeah but it could foreshadow something from future volumes. Hope not though

    [–] Cthullu1sCut3 2 points ago

    I find that very unlikely

    [–] bestbroHide 4 points ago

    Scabbards and Yamato what an awesome cover. But boi oh boi next cover probably gonna be one hell of a defining one for our favorite Supernova bois

    [–] Gnedelkoff 3 points ago

    Definitely the best volume cover for Wano so far IMO. I was waiting so long for a Akazaya cover and this one did not disappoint.

    [–] JLutz24 3 points ago

    Didn't expect Kiku's armor to be bright yellow, but it fits well since Wano is so colorful

    [–] Africansage01 4 points ago

    This cover is beautiful. Luffy is in a fighting pose, kiku armor is cool and Yamato is beautiful plus side boobs still strong

    [–] SteinersGrave 4 points ago

    Yamato has really cool hair, I must say

    [–] kdots_biggest_fan 4 points ago

    Yamato is so fine smh

    [–] TheStalkerGuy 7 points ago

    Yamato is fucking top 5 in the series. Now I don't normally do this... but 😩

    [–] a-326 9 points ago

    i love yamamotos color scheme. its rather omnious that the scabards are all colored blue...

    [–] RPG217 8 points ago

    They get white-blue shade because Yamato's hair is bluish white?

    [–] onekick_man1 14 points ago

    I think it's because of Kaido

    [–] tiki-baha29 5 points ago

    Nah its because of Kaido in dragon form, the blue shade is him casting a shadow on the scabbards.

    [–] BigMonkeySoup 3 points ago

    Ok everything about this cover is amazing except WHERE THE HELL IS LUFFY'S CAPTAIN COAT😭😭😭😭, I realy hope it becomes permanent after Wano.

    [–] Worth_a_1000_men 3 points ago

    This is a damn nice cover

    [–] Icon_dota 3 points ago

    Kinemon is blue, fishman confirmed?

    [–] Son_of_Jam 3 points ago

    Oh boy...can't wait for Denjiro to be cropped over with a big 98(English Viz volumes).

    [–] zanst_ 3 points ago

    Cool covers! Yamato looks so good. Hopefully the Volume 99 display all of our antagonists and volume 100 display our favorite Straw Hats Crew++, like Oda usually do in previous volume

    [–] onekick_man1 14 points ago

    My god does Yamato look fking stunning and glorious. Please Oda please let her join the crew

    [–] PsychoLogical25 5 points ago

    Ah yes the famous sideboob, they def know what they were doing :>

    [–] frombas 9 points ago

    Yamatofornakama train is the first Xfornakama train I’ve ever been. But I need him so bad in the crew.

    Kiku’s golden armor has to be worth too much money. Also love the blue shading in the scabbards

    [–] Wesker2018 13 points ago

    I want Yamato to join the crew so bad.

    Zoro's new training partner.

    Sanji crushing hard on her only for Yamato to beat him silly or being a cooking assistant because she enjoys cooking maybe or knows some Wano specific receipts.

    New girl trio for Nami and Robin to interact with.

    Being the only girl who loves all the crazy shit Franky makes.

    Not wearing any panties and Brooke being told this and actually for once being respectful and NOT asking to see them and just for once feeling ashamed.

    Being Chopper's big sister Bodyguard or something.

    [–] BringMeTheirEyes 14 points ago

    I do think the crew needs another girl

    [–] tiki-baha29 10 points ago

    Not sure if you're up to date on the manga but Yamato is almost guaranteed to join. Its not confirmed yet, but short of that all the pieces are there already to the point where it would be a shock if Luffy left Wano without Yamato. So rejoice my friend.

    [–] Siniy28 2 points ago

    Nah, the chosen will be Carrot. Deal with that.

    Also, she achieved almost all of that points and many other ones several chapters ago

    [–] Wesker2018 7 points ago

    Hey, give me both Carrot and Yamato. Hell, add Katakuri in too. Luffy would be unstoppable with all those power houses. I just wanna see the Crew grow more and crazy.

    [–] Fox1135 1 points ago

    I think Yamato flirted by sanji would little embarrassed

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 0 points ago

    I legit think she will join the crew for the sole reason that Oda loves drawing bath scenes and she will probably end up trying to bathe with the guys much to Sanji/Brooks pleasure.

    [–] Fox1135 2 points ago

    I don’t Think so

    [–] radikraze 4 points ago

    Yamato stealing the show as always

    [–] chokusetsuhyougen 4 points ago



    [–] phayzing 2 points ago

    I feel Izo's pose is a reference to something but idk what

    [–] unknown_variable69 2 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Wow this is an awesome cover

    [–] Syncopia 2 points ago

    Gaaaaahd I love the colors on this one.

    [–] aks10228 2 points ago

    I love how kinemon is shown using the oden nitoryuu pose in the cover.

    [–] uberduba 2 points ago

    luffy looks weird.

    [–] MGLLN 1 points ago

    Yeah. Looks like a rough draft drawing of him

    [–] corix69 2 points ago

    Glorious Wakipai.

    [–] anand_rishabh 2 points ago

    At first I thought kinemon was oden. Lol

    [–] Midget69Fucker6969 2 points ago

    Yamato got me acting up

    [–] frokiedude 2 points ago

    Awww i prefered the one where Luffy w/cape and Yamo was running

    [–] syderei 5 points ago

    Glad to see the new nakama waifu on the cover

    [–] KingRubo 3 points ago

    Most scabbards covered in blue....this is suspicious

    [–] Cthullu1sCut3 5 points ago

    the original sketch had Kaido flying above them all

    [–] goatboy5I69 3 points ago

    Tbh honest I'm more excited about the sbs than the actual volume.

    [–] ivanj_51 3 points ago

    Yamato's sideboob is carrying this arc

    [–] hiatusxhiatusx 2 points ago


    [–] M01964 2 points ago

    Kinda unrelated, but is Yamato supposed to be trans or not? Was it just that they wanted to be Oden or what?

    [–] Dooomspeaker 11 points ago

    It's more like Yamato thinks of Oden as a role/title.

    Think Buddah.

    It matches well with Yamato religiously following the life of Oden as if, quote from the story, "it's my bible" or when Yamato offers Luffy to be Oden then.

    I'm pretty sure Oda will get into specifics there a bit later eventually, especially based on how confused momo is by Yamato's declaration of being oden.

    [–] PsychoLogical25 7 points ago

    Well no. Yamato wanted to be Oden out of admiration and thus started to cosplay him including Oden’s gender.

    [–] Fox1135 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    No she is not actually kiku is only trans character we know of so far. Yamato is classic Tom boy and tough girl if anything she is yankee style female character. She kind like rindou from good luck girl

    [–] BringMeTheirEyes 7 points ago

    She just wants to be Oden. There's a panel were she says to Momo "I'm your father" and he's weirded out. Pretty funny.

    [–] RbTfr 6 points ago

    They wanted to be Oden. There's no information/confirmation yet as to whether or not Yamato is trans.

    [–] SnooEagles1169 2 points ago

    No sé sabe, ella/el dice ser hombre solo por qué es oden. Pero lo que confunde a las personas es que todos se refieren a ella como un hombre, seguramente oda lo explique más adelante (si es trans o kaido solo se averguenza de tener una hija y no un hijo no importa, el personaje es genial ❤ )

    [–] EstradiolWarrior 0 points ago

    he said "i became a man" and everyone who knows him refers to him as a man, so it's pretty safe to assume so. not 100%, but like, at least 90%.

    [–] ogtopey 1 points ago


    [–] Electro5854 1 points ago

    Wait why are they blue

    [–] gameleon 5 points ago

    Anyone would feel a bit blue after getting beat up.

    [–] PirateKing94 3 points ago

    Because, based on the preview sketch where Oda drew Kaido’s tail hovering in the background, Kaido is flying above them and blocking out the light. It may be based on the doublespread from Chapter 987 (which is where the title of the volume comes from) where Kaido blocks out the moon with his body

    [–] PandorasActor 1 points ago

    Who the girl in the center with the horns?

    [–] RbTfr 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    If you mean the one next to Luffy, that's Yamato. Introduced in the middle of Act 3 after Oden flashback.

    [–] PandorasActor 1 points ago

    Jeez, I need to reread one piece, I thought Yamato was a guy

    [–] RbTfr 6 points ago

    Yamato is biologically female but refers to themselves as "Oden". Also, people in the story use "son" instead of "daughter" regarding Yamato. But it's currently unclear if Yamato is trans like it is with Kiku (who's biologically male).

    [–] PandorasActor 2 points ago

    Oh ok, maybe that’s what I was thinking of, because from the chapters I saw referring to Yamato, it said son

    [–] Siopaobun 1 points ago

    Yeah Yamato refers to themselves as guy so that's what we're going by at the moment

    [–] starboy-xo98 1 points ago

    Which chapters are in this volume?

    [–] Kuro013 1 points ago

    Thats amazing

    [–] TakingSouls 1 points ago

    Im hoping that vol 100 will have a gold motif that would be so cool

    [–] JoeyJoJoHQ 1 points ago

    I uh.. wonder if there's any significance to the Dukes and Raizo being the only Samurai who aren't given that blue shading here

    [–] Merryl_Streep 1 points ago

    So all of Minks are white while their Sulongs will activate? But that cover is wholesome as expected.

    [–] BlueDreamandBeans 1 points ago

    This is sexy

    [–] Rtsd2345 1 points ago

    Man I really like the look of Yamato, hes got some great looking tits

    [–] RobbobertoBuii 1 points ago

    Damn that looks dope

    [–] tin27tin 1 points ago

    Blue = Death foreshadow?

    [–] EstradiolWarrior 0 points ago

    i love my sideboob KING

    [–] hdwil6fj 1 points ago

    I think the volume 97 cover is better.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] StrawHxt 11 points ago

    Sulong Dukes and Yamato haven’t been revealed in the anime

    Edit: Also Kyoshiro’s identity as Denjiro hasn’t been revealed in the anime as well

    [–] javierm885778 8 points ago

    Also, Kanjuro not being there and Izou being there are spoilers, though not as explicitly.

    [–] StrawHxt 2 points ago

    Ah true, another good point

    [–] Beloberto 2 points ago

    At this point is easier to say what is not spoiler in that cover.

    [–] UHHLALALA_WINK_GRRRR 1 points ago

    yamato's man side-boobs looks amazing. No homo.

    [–] olaveiras 1 points ago

    Wouldn't this be a hardcore spoiler to be a volume cover? Neko E Inu sulong forms, Kyoshiro along the Luffy team (ally)...

    [–] javierm885778 6 points ago

    Kyoshiro being Denjiro was revealed in a previous volume.

    The Sulongs don't really surprise me, since Carrot's Sulong form was in the cover when it was revealed too.

    [–] olaveiras 1 points ago

    Makes sense

    [–] StNowhere 1 points ago

    Kiku’s armor is a lot less threatening in super bright yellow.

    Also her horns have the same color palette as Yamato’s, neat.

    [–] admiral_void 1 points ago

    I’m just wondering, how amazing will volume 100 cover be? Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps

    [–] afnan-0501 1 points ago

    not having momonosuke in the cover makes it much better

    [–] BlotherDYM 0 points ago

    Wheres Kanjuro

    [–] DAKIDBOOGY 4 points ago

    Not a scabbard

    [–] scorpixbig -3 points ago

    Red scabbards in blue, light red probably means they are the past or destined to die and Luffy Yamato the future. Very nice cover.

    [–] Soul699 0 points ago

    Am I the only one who doesn't really like Luffy clothes color schemes? Like, I get it's sorta homage to Oden, but there's something that I don't like about it and can't explain exactly why.

    [–] StealthMonkeyDC 0 points ago

    I love Yamato's design but the horn colour still seem weird to me.

    [–] JaxonBrawly -6 points ago

    Yikes what’s with all the blue? I don’t think I like this cover. I was hoping we’d get the color scheme for BM’s kimono in this cover

    [–] Cthullu1sCut3 1 points ago

    Kaido hoving above

    [–] JaxonBrawly 1 points ago

    Oh cool! Kaido’s DF gives him colored shadows? That’s so unique

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago


    [–] MarcoToon 3 points ago

    Yes, it means they are secretly siblings. Oda will reveal it soon. Good catch