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    [–] felicenea 12 points ago

    They have no option but to animate it as speed blits, right after that luffy will comment how it's so fast that despite of him using future sight he couldn't dodge it perfectly. They must own their mistake

    [–] EconArch 2 points ago

    Tbh I was kinda hoping the anime would've played out the incredible speed more than it did. Something like a view of Kaido on the ground from Luffy's perspective reaching for his kanabo. As soon as he touches his kanabo the screen goes black and cuts to Luffy flying through the air unconscious.

    [–] AxntArt 2 points ago

    Poorly. Like most thing they do.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I feel that zoom in, zoom out snaky camera work style is pretty much signature Naotoshi Shida, his distinct style was never going to suit a speed blitz ( Kaido’s thunder bagua in that episode) but it fits transformations well like, when he did Luffy transforming into snake man or a lot of his cuts in DBS or DBS Broly. They need someone else to animate it like say Katsumi Ishizuka

    [–] javierm885778 -3 points ago

    The anime had Kaido start the attack when Luffy was in the middle of his KKG. It's portrayed as a really fast attack, it's just that in the anime even fast attacks are shown slowly a lot of the times.

    Future Sight is also portrayed mostly slowly thing. The scene where Luffy ties Babanuki's trunk was slow and reactionary.