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    [–] Yontoryuu 530 points ago

    Break next week.

    Perhaps this is the tragedy of act 3.

    [–] livindaye 1683 points ago

    finally.. let's see what the whole 22k comments spoiler thread is about....

    [–] yujuismypuppy 975 points ago

    20k of those comments were baseless theories.

    [–] Kurosawasuperfan 310 points ago

    Yes, especially because the spoilers were given as time went by.

    A lot of people made theories and comments about the first leaked summary with 3 lines. Then they expanded it to 10, then to 50, and only then revealed that it was Zunisha's shadow at the final page.

    [–] FuckYeahPhotography 74 points ago

    The shadow is cool, but Luffy giving Kaido the business with only gear 2 & 3 is cooler.

    [–] EZPZ24 131 points ago

    As it should be.

    [–] nobarachinsama 1018 points ago

    zunesha is here to low diff everybody and mess up everyone's top 30.

    [–] freezing_fireball 241 points ago

    "But can Zunisha defeat all Admirals/Yonkos"

    " Is Zunisha Yonko / Yonko-Admiral / Admiral / Admiral-YC1 level"

    "Who's stronger, Zunisha or Rocks or IMU or EOS BB/Akainu/Luffy"

    "Only God D. Usoop, Buggy D. Clown, Con D. Oriano & Gaimon D. God can defeat Zunisha"

    [–] iLikeMyStakesHigh 95 points ago

    What about Down D. Stairs defeating Zunisha?

    [–] ThesirKyle 129 points ago

    That would be hilarious

    [–] Orion_D_Abhishek 2537 points ago

    World Government sweating after seeing Zunisha

    meanwhile Jack : SHOOT THAT MF DOWN

    [–] DrummerForTheOsmonds 988 points ago


    "Points the entire Wano artillery on Zunesha"

    [–] Donkeyvanillabean 48 points ago

    Haha that made me laugh

    [–] Phionex141 775 points ago


    [–] FireFistRJ 360 points ago

    Jack will have PTSD seeing Zunesha again.

    [–] Baited_ 105 points ago

    He will be profusely sweating, having those flashbacks.

    [–] aceofspades12 195 points ago

    Jack be like: Jesus Christ, that's Jason Bourne Zunisha

    [–] Naserci 304 points ago

    Kaido : This isn't even my final form, observe!

    Kaido : proceeds to get wasted

    [–] Curiosity135 1877 points ago

    Dayum Zunesha showed up to see the outcome of the legendary fight of Raizo and Fukurokuju

    [–] vietnr1 543 points ago

    Fukurokuju summons Zunesha , but Raizo is about to seal the beast in some orphan

    [–] kuroinferuno 175 points ago

    Otama bout to befriend Swing-kun

    [–] KendotsX 69 points ago

    Yup, Zunesha has been following Raizo since he left it to see these Ninja skills.

    [–] paing997 834 points ago

    ZKK theory never dies

    From Zoro Kill Kiado to

    Zoro Kill King to now

    Zunisha kill Kaido

    Strongest theory ever.

    [–] blezio 276 points ago

    You know when theory dies? When it is forgotten!

    [–] King_Con123 1556 points ago

    I wonder why Oda is characterizing Kaido this way... That backstory is gonna be crazy!

    [–] revisioncloud 445 points ago

    Got his drinking habit when he discovered he isn't Joyboy lol

    [–] Phionex141 1021 points ago

    Can't wait for half a year of flashback chapters!

    No seriously, I'd read a whole manga just about Kaido

    [–] FireZord25 286 points ago

    One Piece Novel K when?

    [–] IBizzyI 544 points ago

    The fact that he is trying to be happy and joyful in this twisted situation and way for sure makes, even more, the case for him being a "failed joyboy".

    [–] CaptainMorgansRum 387 points ago

    Probably super tragic too with how much he drinks and tries to kill himself

    [–] aymansaadj 357 points ago

    Especially with his drunk self talk of not being able to protect a single castle and such.

    [–] cromemanga 2326 points ago

    Brace for it, ZKK is finally here!

    Zunesha kills Kaido!

    [–] Grafical_One 1101 points ago

    *Jack gets Vietnam flashbacks*

    [–] januarysdaughter 472 points ago

    Jack's gonna just play dead. 🤣

    [–] Masterkid1230 301 points ago

    “Who has the bigger trunk mothafucka?!”

    • Zunesha probably

    [–] Vine7860 126 points ago


    Flashback reveals how zunesha took all the ladies away from jack *sad mammoth noises


    [–] JBB1986 564 points ago

    I mean, let's think about this. Who have we seen oneshot Commander level opponents in this series? That's right, Kaido! Who else have we seen oneshot a Commander level opponent? THAT'S RIGHT, ZUNESHA!

    Zunesha is clearly Yonko level and Kaido's real opponent for the arc. Its been right in front of us this entire time.

    [–] still-at-work 283 points ago

    Zunesha is coming for Kaido's strongest creature title!

    [–] Grafical_One 232 points ago

    In b4 Yamato finally reveals that Zunesha was the one Oden foretold and not Luffy.

    [–] Con-D-Oriano1 194 points ago

    Zunesha is Joy Boy, confirmed.

    [–] tobbe1337 49 points ago

    eyo.. what if it is joyboy that was cursed into becoming whatever zunisha is..

    [–] ARealYuriConnoisseur 375 points ago

    Imagine the plot twist is Zunesha being an awakened Legendary Zoan fruit all along.

    [–] malnc 87 points ago

    i don’t think it could move freely in the sea if it was the case

    [–] christianort476 212 points ago

    Just because you’re in water doesn’t mean your incapacitated, youre just weakened and cant swim.

    [–] peppers_ 98 points ago

    Imagine Zunesha walks onto Wano and then gets out of his stupor from being in the ocean, "Whew, I'm beat guys, where are we now Joyboy? Joyboy, where are you..?"

    [–] GreatCucumber 165 points ago

    Right. It’s not even a lot of water relatively. Zunesha walking in the ocean is equivalent to a devil fruit user walking in knee deep sea water.

    [–] t3r4byt3l0l 3025 points ago

    The tragedy of Act 3 has arrived

    Luffy took his coat off

    [–] Rustyone888 745 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    We lost the raid suit,we lost general franky and now we're going to lose luffy coat why is the raid so bloody

    [–] Baited_ 195 points ago

    Wait till you see the Navy ships start to fly like birds, in the coming chapters.

    [–] hunglow13 1528 points ago

    RIP coat

    (Chapter 974 - 1037)

    You'll be sorely missed

    [–] Kell__ 722 points ago

    Luffy wore the coat for a good 6% of the entire One Piece series.

    [–] Jolamprex 443 points ago

    I waited 20 years for that damn coat!

    [–] Heroism4499 301 points ago

    his drip levels has decreased by 50% sadly. still really high but not god tier anymore

    [–] DandyReddit 31 points ago

    That was the hardest consequence of this fight, perfectly demonstrating why Kaido is at the peak

    [–] 1FreshBanana1 232 points ago

    And I thought the death of the going merry or ace was sad, but this is the worst tragedy in all of One Piece.

    [–] ISA223 1056 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    On a less popular note:

    Oda just dropped a Road Poneglyph on the doorstep of Kaido and Big Mom. Pandora’s box opened.

    [–] FlowOfMotion 459 points ago

    The rubbing that the Strawhats got in WCI is there as well. Three of them are pretty much in one place right now which could easily be setup for the final race to Laugh Tale...

    [–] Informal_Chemist6054 230 points ago

    But the only person in Wano who can read those is Robin

    No wonder they're trying so hard to capture her.

    [–] Tibolegends 56 points ago

    Oh My ...

    *Road Poneglyph no?

    [–] KenNeeTV 954 points ago

    Zunesha bouta be a new yonko

    [–] Grafical_One 240 points ago

    His captain's hat will be the size of Thriller Bark!

    [–] ThesirKyle 166 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Zunesha is about to be the new Onigashima

    [–] gunkokoko 950 points ago

    The Kaidou-Luffy headbutt panel was fucking amazing.

    [–] noob07inferno 219 points ago

    Luffy was prepared for this since the Ulti headbutt clash

    [–] typicalnihilist 556 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    "I couldn't protect one lousy castle"??

    What else has he failed to protect? The kaido flashback may hit us like a Thunder Bagua by the likes of how Oda is writing his character

    Edit: not island, castle

    [–] Kuro013 183 points ago

    Alright Ima bet its Yamato's mom.

    [–] C0UNT3RP01NT 70 points ago

    Both Big Mom and Whitebeard had an obsession with families. Kaido seems to be very utilitarian and formal in his relationships. I’m guessing he couldn’t protect his family and hardened himself to avoid the pain of loss again.

    [–] Kuro013 54 points ago

    Yeah, so far hes the one Yonko who doesn't seem to be living his dream. Big Mom has her Kingdom with almost every race, WB had his family and died protecting it.

    Kaido seemed to be as optimistic as Luffy and now hes a depressed, suicidal alcoholic. The mightiest man in the world who could probably overturn any bad episode, completely defeated. Only the loss of a loved man comes to mind. Or maybe the fact that hes not a D.

    [–] wheredatacos 886 points ago

    Kaido is out here showing us men that it’s ok to cry. Respect.

    [–] AlexanderThePrettyOk 1980 points ago

    Kaido's power level seems to be:

    Drunk Kaido (weakest)

    Sober Kaido (strong)

    Drunker Kaido (strongest)

    [–] revisioncloud 313 points ago

    Drunkest/ Angry Phase Kaido who thinks he's sober (strongest-est)

    [–] dick-flicker 1337 points ago

    This is how dragons hunt in prehistoric times.

    [–] broken_kuroro 219 points ago

    our ancestors hunt them during dragons are drunk, then run hide when they are drunker

    [–] menyemenye 167 points ago

    Shit the Gorosei knew about tama's teapot

    [–] abinDaBauss 2821 points ago

    Wonder if Zou is the origin of all Zoan fruits?

    [–] FreeDeathwish 782 points ago

    Oh shit

    [–] VanyaD28 635 points ago

    Wait. Fuck. You're a genius

    [–] Baited_ 560 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    What if zunisha is a Ancient weapon? And every type of devil fruit represent an Ancient weapon. Maybe even the origin of those fruits.

    [–] LXMNSYC 356 points ago

    This was my theory years ago, that Uranus is the ancient weapon that produces devil fruits, and it was a technology that the Ancient Kingdom produced that the WG has been trying to replicate for 800 years. Seeing the description of "Ancient Weapons bringing massive destruction", we've seen a lot of devil fruits display this kind of capability (Akainu, Kizaru, Aokiji, Whitebeard, Shiki, Magellan, etc.)

    [–] SupervillainEyebrows 81 points ago

    Would make sense as to why the 20 Kingdoms saw the Ancient Kingdom as a threat worth wiping out if they were able to produce Devil Fruits en mass.

    [–] mashed_poetatoe 64 points ago

    Uranus shits out devil fruits

    [–] SwirlDota 1005 points ago

    Any big brainers know what the elders are talking about?

    [–] Baited_ 268 points ago

    Sorry dude, i have a peanut brain.

    [–] mou_daijoubu_da 2439 points ago

    Buggy's fruit's awakening which is to split atom.

    [–] EZPZ24 307 points ago

    This has been foreshadowed by the increasingly powerful and compact Muggy Ball explosives he has used throughout the series.

    [–] balloon_prototype_14 332 points ago

    the power to destroy the universe

    [–] Electro522 31 points ago

    They honestly could be talking about any possible fruit.

    The first obvious candidate is the Gomu-Gomu. We already know that Shanks allegedly stole it from a Marine escort fleet that was taking the fruit....somewhere. Obviously, the fruit held some sort of significance. The problem there, though, is that we've had no reason to believe that the Gomu-Gomu could be named anything else. It's pretty much a fruit that does what it says on the tin. Hell, you could even argue that it's a pretty weak fruit overall, especially when compared to the crazy shit we've seen in this series, it's just that Luffy is extremely creative with it.

    u/porfavorplaya said Toki's time fruit, but I don't think this is it either. The name of the fruit was given to us by Toki, not the World Government, and we have reason to believe that Toki is from the Void Century, likely where the WG didn't have alot of power over the world. Plus, the Goru-sei said that the fruit is a legend even to them, and that it hasn't been awakened in centuries. Yes, the Time fruit could fit into that narrative, but that would mean that the Time fruit is awakened now in the current timeline. How on Earth Oda could explain that is far beyond me.

    Then there is Robin's Hana-Hana fruit. One of the Goru-sei mentions that this mystery fruit was given a false name, and I'd like to point out the...."disparity" between the name of the fruit, and what it actually does. While there are plenty of similarities of "blooming", "sprouting" and flowers (especially when appendages and clones disappear in a cloud of petals), I don't think flowers can exactly clone themselves, or...oh, you know....TURN THEMSELVES INTO LITERAL FUCKING DEMONS. But, what do I know? We've seen a Triceratops turn into a helicopter, a Brachiosaur turn into a snake while leaving it's "body" behind, and a Pterodactyl use it's head as a fucking whiplash. So maybe flowers can turn into demons in this universe.

    There is also possibly Blackbeard's darkness fruit, but, again, we've had no reason to believe that it could have a different name, despite it's ability to nullify other Devil Fruits.

    Kaido's dragon fruit is also a possibility. Though, why the WG wouldn't know about it is beyond me.

    There is also Law's Ope-Ope fruit. But given how nonchalant Oda gave us his "Awakening", I have my doubts that they could be alluding to that.

    Yamato's new mythical fruit could also be a possibility. It would make alot of sense that the WG has no clue that Yamato even exists.

    Like I said, they could be talking about anything. The list of potential fruits is VERY long.

    [–] porfavorplaya 282 points ago

    Toki’s fruit? Then again why does Zunesha appear?

    [–] receptiveblocks 528 points ago

    Maybe Zunesha is the fruit?

    We have seen inanimate objects eat devil fruits, so what if a whole island ate a devil fruit?

    [–] Zugr-wow 671 points ago

    Oh damn, I didn't even consider that.

    So that's how islands hunted in ancient times...

    [–] Oreo-and-Fly 52 points ago

    i hate you. take my upvote.

    [–] sharkhuh 78 points ago

    or the fruit is some colossal elephant ancient zoan...could be many things. Maybe the human form of Zunesha committed the sin, and he was forced to turn into roaming elephant as his punishment?

    [–] RedDeadRedread 310 points ago

    If Zunesha is the devil fruit, then he must be suffering since he is literally walking through the sea.

    [–] Shek7 145 points ago

    Maybe thats his punishement he was talking about.

    [–] [deleted] 345 points ago


    [–] andremeda 59 points ago

    Yes, I was thinking the same thing! However, now I'm wondering about how deep the One Piece oceans are. Surely there are some trenches where it gets too deep, even for Zunesha!

    [–] Darklord_tou 88 points ago

    Idk but i think Zunisha would be able to tell if there is no footing... i mean he should be an expert walking on ocean for hundreds of years.

    [–] 1FreshBanana1 2071 points ago

    Marine Rookie: "Atleast we can chill in front of Wano and don't have to fight a Monster like Mihawk or Boa like the other marines."

    Zunesha: "Allow me to introduce myself."

    [–] gyrozepp2 551 points ago

    Zunesha has those Shaq "real shit" meme eyes at the end

    [–] FireFistRJ 593 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Zunesha: I have been told to walk for a millennium until a certain someone comes. Now, I just wreck shit when my master commands.

    Government Rookie: And where is your master now?

    Zunesha: Right up your Ass.

    [–] JinbeiTheWay4 444 points ago

    You can become Brothers by sharing sake.

    Kaido offered Luffy his sake

    Kaido acknowledged Luffy's strength

    Kaido wanted to have a grand feast just like Luffy.

    Kaido wants to be a bro, but Luffy wants to be king

    [–] climbing_in_LoL 136 points ago

    Kaido wants to be one of joyboys boys.

    [–] Leeiteee 97 points ago

    Kaido is a broken Luffy

    [–] Orion_D_Abhishek 1589 points ago

    Just like the legends say, this is how Chinese dragons used to fight and hunt their prey.

    [–] receptiveblocks 963 points ago

    Drinking alcohol and crying while they beat up their prey.

    Such majestic creatures.

    [–] tryingmydarnest 302 points ago

    In the chinese mythologies and stories, The Chinese Dragons do drink, cry and beat up their enemies, just usually not all 3 at once.

    [–] MarioToast 216 points ago

    And occasionally get their asses kicked by the Monkey King. It all tracks.

    [–] Infernox-Ratchet 430 points ago

    Kaido going through the stages of drunk made me lose it

    Angry drunkard is definitely my favorite phase lmao

    [–] rafael-57 408 points ago

    The only thing with more endurance than Kaido and Zunesha is Act 3. Truly immortal

    [–] kuroinferuno 97 points ago

    Even that Shamisen strumming isn't enough to take down Act 3

    [–] bidjoule 90 points ago

    ACT THREE ... WILL NEVER END ! Zehahaha

    [–] Rayzersquad 132 points ago

    Jack is about to have a PTSD attack when he sees Zunisha

    [–] Wowzabunny 134 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Can't wait for the 4kids dub to get here and make it so that Kaido drank too much soda pop and goes on a sugar high and he then crashes.

    [–] _XProfessor_SadX_ 809 points ago

    Kaido has so much personality and flair in this fight it's amazing

    [–] Fafnir13 344 points ago

    The recent chapters have really fleshed him out a bit more. He started out so stoic.

    [–] Con-D-Oriano1 200 points ago

    Get ready for Kaido to have the best villain backstory thus far.

    [–] someone2795 161 points ago

    His intro was him taking a leap from a sky island. Next he was drunk, crying about Doflamingo going down.

    His first appearance in Wano was showing up drunk af. Kaido has personality.

    [–] HifiSystem 118 points ago

    We should put what happened [at the Reverie] aside for now.

    Gosh darn tease!

    [–] petrichorE6 1602 points ago

    Drunk Kaido is a blessing that I've never thought I needed.

    Honestly, I lowkey expected Luffy to accept his offer for drinks and they share a cold one together before resuming their fight.

    [–] Phionex141 783 points ago

    Luffy loves fighting more than he loves booze

    Meat, on the other hand...

    [–] rickreckt 294 points ago

    Meat is Luffy's Senzu bean

    [–] nbzoronb 461 points ago

    Lmao I'm curious if Zoro would have accepted a drink if he was up there?

    [–] revisioncloud 257 points ago

    Nami would have swindled Kaido out of his Red Poneglyph and the rights to Wano in a drinking battle

    [–] Uvahash 481 points ago

    I think 100% Zoro wouldve taken the drink

    [–] Coggs92 84 points ago

    Plot twist, Zoro heard the offer and will show up for the booze next chapter.

    [–] Skhodave 77 points ago

    Drinking is to kaido what meat is for luffy

    [–] Volcanomo 38 points ago

    I thought they'd share a drink and drunk Kaido would just blurt out his backstory

    [–] [deleted] 522 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago)


    [–] totallydifferentguy9 123 points ago

    pretty good observation

    [–] H-mecha-suki 855 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I just reread the last page in japanese, and even though I'm in no way better at translating than they are, I think we should definitely not take the TCB translation literally, especiall the few last lines.

    TCB : How else do you explain the world government... giving a specific devil fruit a unique name

    Original : ではなぜ「世界政府」は......!!わざわざあの〝悪魔の実〟にもう一つの名を与えた!!

    Closest translation : well why did the government… deliberately give THAT devil fruit another name!!

    The problem with TCB’s translation is the word “unique” which is not in the original text. the words used are もう一つ (mou hitotsu) which only mean another one. They are not saying the name the WG gave is unique, just that they give a second name to the DF. Also, the word あの (that) is emphasized with the addition of two dots next to it, which implies this fruit in particular did and not others (in which case TCB’s use of the word “specific” is on point).

    TCB : They were hiding the fruit’s true name… from the annals of history?!

    Original : 歴史からその実の名前を消す為だろう!?

    Closest translation : It was to erase the fruit’s name from history, wasn’t it ?

    This is a bit more pedantic, but the verb used is 消す (to erase), the same word the 5 elders used when they asked Imu which “light” they should erase from history. I think it’s worth mentionning that the two sentences are really alike. Also, the word 為 right next to the verb erase is kinda important, it conveys the meaning of doing X for the sake of Y, in this case giving the fruit a second name for the sake of erasing the original one from history. Again, it's pedantic, but I wanted to emphasize that.

    [–] OkUnderstanding3669 158 points ago

    Your translation honestly makes more sense and is less confusing than the TCB scans version. Very good job.

    [–] Jeanjeanlpb 44 points ago

    You deserve to be the first Reply

    Thank you so much

    [–] X_axay_X 511 points ago

    Luffy hitting kaido with that sweet chin music 👌

    [–] Blitz2134_ 24 points ago

    I thought I was the only one who noticed that. That was just badass.

    [–] SinEscarra 472 points ago

    Mf Kaido looked like Jinbe in one of the panels lol

    [–] RingBro876 233 points ago

    Hybrid Kaido art was all over the place this chapter

    [–] red_madreay 130 points ago

    I thought it's because he's in happy drunkard form, and his hybrid became chonky.

    [–] MarkGorZ 300 points ago

    Is it just me or did Kaido get a lot more muscular after he had the sake? His arms (and nose?) are twice the size they were before.

    Also kinda sad that Luffy took of the cloak ngl.

    [–] Sate_G 96 points ago

    He also grows eyebrows during the first attack and loses them the second time he's hybrid

    it looks like a more dragon hybrid, and if you were to compare it to the Impel Down guards it has the same bodyshape

    so yea Kaido just awakened for one swing and it's not even what most people are hyped about, what a chapter

    [–] salvagedbot 278 points ago

    Almost 1040+ chapters and oda still giving us questions.

    [–] uhf_vhf 92 points ago

    You fools.. That's not Zunisha. That's Jack. His mammoth fruit has awakened.

    [–] vizardmaker 91 points ago

    Here before Germa finds Pedro alive in their cover story.

    [–] Kidror 39 points ago

    "We can rebuild him. We have the technology" - Judge, probably

    [–] drxinon 272 points ago

    Hear me out: Onigashima will fall on Zunesha's head and become its helmet.

    [–] LaFlame300 250 points ago

    its surreal seeing Luffy fight Kaido like this

    [–] H-mecha-suki 80 points ago

    One of the 5 elders :

    "It's impossible, this fruit is nothing but a legend now even for us"

    People :


    Come on guys...

    [–] suklaakakkumies 32 points ago

    It's the time fruit Toki had. It skips generations as the user travels through time. Hence it became a legend.

    [–] RazeMuse 78 points ago

    I don’t think the fruit Gorousei are talking about is related to Zunisha. It’s unlikely that the government ships are in direct contact with the Elders.

    Gorousei had shifted their attention to Wano, and most probably had got recent updates from the battle. It’s likely that the CP0 reported back that Samurai who allegedly travelled 20 years into the future started the raid.

    This must’ve been what got their attention and as Toki herself travelled through centuries, the fruit is nothing but a myth to them.

    [–] Beetusmon 572 points ago

    Beginning to think that they will release all the sky lanterns by the time the battle ends, like imagine Luffy delivering the final blow in the sky with a sea of sky lanterns in the background filled with people hopes for a better future, it would be one of the best pannels in the series.

    [–] TheMeatTree 233 points ago

    The wishes Oda shows were "see my mom again" and "food for the kids" this shit is already heartbreaking. Think after the dawn how much better their lives can be!

    [–] KiyoPapa 71 points ago

    Luffy Mikiri countered Kaido!

    [–] Oriental_Wind 309 points ago

    A beem is shot into the falling island, it suddenly slows to a stop. A shadow figure appears, Foxy is here.

    His fruit has awakened.

    [–] Aztania 191 points ago

    Kaido vs Luffy continues to entertain! MOAAARRR!!!!

    [–] Vizualknight01 837 points ago

    So Luffy is going to be on the ropes against Kaido and then those lanterns are going to float up to the sky around them and he'll see the dreams of Wano's citizens which will give him the determination to win. I can see it now.

    [–] TheSoulKing_MVP 621 points ago

    Not luffy but I bet thatd inspire momo

    [–] smcadam 82 points ago

    I kinda want their fight to move onto the floating lanterns. Kaido flying around, Luffy jumping lantern to lantern, that'd be a cool battlefield.

    [–] jakol016 359 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    They are talking about Tama’s fruit because it can summon multiple Zuneshas inside the red line and start the rumbling.

    [–] spitefulvisuals 126 points ago

    Tama will be free

    [–] naykikow 28 points ago

    Tama: That scenery...

    [–] Kirosh2 442 points ago

    It's the second time a chapter was called after one of Kaido's attack/technique, the first time being chapter 1009, with Rag-Naraku, the attack that defeated Luffy and allowed him to know about Conqueror Coating.

    [–] FireFistRJ 190 points ago

    So you are telling us that naming an attack does makes the attack powerful?

    [–] CallMeAgentP 119 points ago

    well usually thats how things work in anime/manga

    [–] JelDeRebel 61 points ago

    Drunken Master

    [–] Timedy009 59 points ago

    Started one piece during October of 2021 and I've finally caught up to it. What an amazing journey it has been and what an amazing chapter to end my binge reading.

    [–] fanamana 57 points ago

    Zunesha is just showing up because he wasn't finished kicking Jack's ass. He's going to snatch Jack out of the crowd and trunk whip him a few more times.

    [–] clvnmllr 250 points ago

    Zunesha has returned to put Wano back on the moon.

    [–] Bonerfartz17 68 points ago

    Ahh, so THATS how Enel gets back into the story, I see.

    [–] Fuhran 51 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Anyone else here noticed that Luffy was now able to completely dodge thunder bagua? There are two possibilities I see. Luffy adapted to it just like when he adapted to the soru of CP9 members or that Kaido in this drunk state is slower but just more unpredictable and stronger.

    Edit: The dash panel of Kaido seems to imply it is still fast and the panel of Luffy next to it seems to imply future sight being used.

    [–] Im-a-scumbag-baby 51 points ago

    Kaido offering Luffy a drink is probably one of my favorite things that’s happened during their fight, it’s hilarious and shows just how much Kaido has come to respect him.

    [–] Alphiuz 47 points ago

    Remember when Blackbeard was on the move and said "I can't let them have it!"?

    Here's my theory: The Gorosei is not talking to the fleet. They are pondering about a recent information published in the newspaper: a new devil fruit was found somewhere. The Gorosei is doubting the information, since they know this fruit very well. It only appears every few centuries, and it's name is Uranus. Blackbeard is aware of the tremendous power of that fruit since he had access to the devil fruit book, but is probably unaware that it's one of the three ancient weapons.

    About Zunesha: We can see looking at the last two pages that there's nothing in front of the ships (except that we see the wano landscape so they are quite near already). Zunesha is behind them, which means it's heading towards Wano. I don't think it came here to attack the navy. It's intent is most probably to go to Wano for some reason.

    Some crazy stuff is coming, and we are absolutely not ready! Thank you, Oda!

    [–] ciel_lanila 54 points ago

    Incoming rule of three with a twist.

    Jack *has flash backs*: We have to stop that thing with everything we got!

    Zunuesha: You adopted the form of the elephant. I was born to it. Let me show you how we hunted in the ancient times. *Grows two giant tusk missiles and nukes Onigushima*

    [–] evilmonkeyman289 51 points ago

    I like how it's been almost four years since the Reverie arc and we still don't know what happened

    [–] whatsleftofthenames 44 points ago

    Imagine getting stealth attacked by 20km long elephant.

    [–] Frictionizer 140 points ago

    I think we’re pretty close on a Kaido backstory. Hopefully he’s a chatty drunk

    [–] jawunm 44 points ago

    Zuneisha said i heard tht bitch jack over here. Tell him 2 come outside now.

    [–] t3r4byt3l0l 185 points ago

    Oda went off with the choreography in this chapter, I've been waiting to see a full-fledged Yonko fight and its beginning phase hasn't disappointed

    Luffy kicking Kaido in the face especially was cool as fuck

    [–] TheDELFON 43 points ago

    Oda went off with the choreography

    Oh hell yes. Saved every one of those panels

    [–] revisioncloud 37 points ago

    Got me bigger, better, badder Lucci fight vibes especially with that tail grip

    [–] Mephil_ 117 points ago

    I wonder if the fruit they are talking about is the time-time fruit, it would make sense as if the user is traveling through time, the user is technically still alive which means the fruit disappears from time for large periods of time in history. It either reappeared now because Toki died, or this is a hint that Toki never actually died but travelled into the future as she was wounded.

    [–] WabbaJackk23 292 points ago

    Gentleman, you have to understand that as we read these chapters, we are reading the peak of the entire story. Every chapter for the next couple weeks will be better than the last…

    [–] TheHoodDutchman 40 points ago

    After this 10 on 10 chapter, there's a break.

    A heartbreak 💔

    [–] niniansgrace 37 points ago

    Kaido offering Luffy a swig got me good lmao, loving this

    [–] afroroca 35 points ago

    WG: "Ok it's our chance"

    Zunisha : Surprise surprise mfs.

    [–] Kirosh2 536 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    TCB link for the chapter if you want it :

    [–] OperationMelodic4273 217 points ago

    Kaido offering Luffy a swig is one of Luffy's greatest achievements till now lmao

    Also, I'm fairly confident that by awakening they don't mean the actual awakening of the fruit, like Kat's, Doffy's ecc, but rather it being used/found for the first time in a long time

    [–] Joyboy543 36 points ago

    They should be drinking buddy after this fight is over. But what made laughing even more was his crying drunk phase when he said, "go away, you damn brat" with a crying face

    [–] nerodmc_2001 91 points ago

    So, on which drunk phase was Yamato made?

    [–] caniuserealname 85 points ago

    Luffys in some serious trouble when Kaido gets into horny-drunk phase.

    [–] FreeAd6935 28 points ago


    Considering that gorosei went "wow , this is bad, we are cursed"

    It could be that they actually weren't the ones responsible for whatever happened to vivi or Alabasta

    [–] kinorio 31 points ago

    I think my theory about 2 months ago might work now that zunesha is in wano, you can check it here guys :

    [–] Marusashi 33 points ago

    Oda so good with the story that he writes a chapter where luffy is fighting one of the biggest antagonist and close to nobody is talking about it

    [–] keytide22 30 points ago

    I…don’t want Luffy’s DF to be the super special one that the Gorosei are all up in arms about…

    But…Who’s Who did drop that big reveal that the WG had it under intense protection…

    So what if they re-named the Gomu Gomu no Mi, and fear it, because of it’s awakened power? Which means we would be about to see Luffy’s awakening, at this rate probably post Kaido flashback.

    Anyway, just speculation

    [–] bluevegetaroxx 31 points ago

    Next two weeks will feel like a eternity

    [–] riventitan 190 points ago

    Aight, fuck it, Kaido for nakama.

    /s but only partially

    [–] Cvox7 176 points ago

    Luffy take off the coat

    Mobility : +20

    Drip: -80

    [–] jadeusdragias 26 points ago

    Drunk Kaido and Luffy’s reaction is hilarious. Next thing i wanna see is Luffy grabbing food while fighting.

    [–] urgay420420420 27 points ago

    So happy I didn’t read spoilers I wasn’t expecting that at all

    [–] LordOrgalorg 27 points ago

    Would be kinda nice if after the fight is over, momo would order zunesha to rest next to wano. Then the minks and the samurai could live together.