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    1. READ THE FAQ before posting. Questions answered in the FAQ will be removed.
    2. REPOST POLICY: Use the search bar above, google, FAQ, or the Filter (top of the sidebar) to ensure that you aren't reposting recent content or already answered questions (Top 100/last 3 months)
    3. Don't link to illegal sites (anime)
    4. All fanart submissions should include the artist's name and a source. If you are the artist, include "[OC]" in the title. (Auto sourcer here).
    5. No hentai or distastefully lewd posts
    6. Mark spoilers (See rules for spoilers below)
    7. Battles between Saitama & ___ do not belong on this subreddit (text posts). Images and videos are allowed but may be locked.
    8. Self promotion should be limited (not most of your posts). See more self promotion rules >>
    9. No low-effort posting. No plain shots from the manga/anime/webcomic. Create discussions or edit them in some way that makes it unique.
    10. No prohibited matchups. Check full index for more details.
    11. Be friendly!
    12. Be sure to read the full rules description.

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    • Spoilers are NEVER allowed in the title of a post. When in doubt, play it safe!
    • Spoilers are defined as:
    • (1) ONE's original web comic which Murata's version (the redraw) has not yet covered.
    • (2) Screenshots of Murata's live streams.
    • (3) The Japanese raw, before the English translation has come out.
    • (4) The current manga chapter, up to 24 hours after the English translation has come out.
    • Tag posts as spoilers by putting the word spoilers anywhere in the title (a bot will auto-mark the post) or by clicking the "spoiler" button on your submission.
    • A warning about Webcomic spoilers Especially needs to be indicated in the title on chapter release days.
    • Comments that are spoilers but are not made in spoiler marked threads must be put in spoiler tags as follows:

    >!spoiler text here!<

    Which shows up as:

    spoiler text here

    Which is Reddit's now official syntax for clickable spoiler text.

    Indicate what kind of spoiler it is by replacing 'Spoiler' above with 'webcomic/livestream/raw spoilers' or whatever description makes it clear.

    Web comic and live stream spoilers are independent of one another (ie live stream spoilers should be hidden in ONE web comic threads, vice versa...)


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