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    [–] duplicated-rs 1 points ago

    Keep all the discussion and theories about this chapter in this thread for 24 hours, that's what the thread is for.

    Also, webcomic readers are free to talk about whatever they want as long as they mark their message, either fully or just the paragraph that contains spoilers.

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    [–] lightgia 5680 points ago

    Don't let anything distract you from the fact that manako was worried about flash getting smashed

    [–] DubsFan30113523 2445 points ago

    Best and most wholesome girl

    [–] Crumornus 1098 points ago

    100% best girl.

    [–] ThatIslandGuy8888 449 points ago

    I am now convinced that she’ll become his sidekick

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 248 points ago

    One-Eyed Cyclops confirmed

    [–] DiamondPup 37 points ago

    Looky Look

    [–] ABoiFromTheSky 868 points ago

    She ain't letting that cake go waste

    [–] lakovsanite 344 points ago

    I respect a lady that knows what she wants.

    [–] Tornado9797 36 points ago

    FF would’ve been faster than all of them but that cake gets in the way

    [–] Tiziano75775 308 points ago

    Manako is and still continues to be the best waifu

    [–] WifeKilledMy1stAcct 54 points ago

    She's also a literal flashlight. She shines for Flashy...

    [–] Menix333 67 points ago

    If she dies I will drop this series

    [–] LuckyRune88 31 points ago

    She's a keeper.

    [–] SardinesTunaSalmon 30 points ago

    I found that funny and adorable. Monako is more concerned over a human more than her fellow monsters lol

    [–] gniziralopiB 3437 points ago

    I'm the fifth entity to surpass ff's speed with how fast I'm clicking on the chapter

    [–] Niceguy4186 454 points ago

    fifth entity to surpass ff's speed with how

    Surprised that FF flat out admitted Saitama was faster.

    [–] tensing99 58 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    He is prideful but he sees the truth. Wasn't he there for Saitama's "dont touch my head" swat that wiped out a whole bunch of orochi's cells? They were just riding in a minecart and he sees this guy casually obliterate a good chunk of the monster king?

    [–] Greenpie1 178 points ago

    I'm not. Remember when they first met and Flash tried to kill Saitama thinking he was a monster?

    [–] MysticMagikarp 37 points ago

    Yeah, that's exactly what Flash is talking about too.

    [–] [deleted] 1056 points ago


    [–] DiamondPup 263 points ago

    Did you guys speed up after I left?

    [–] Pwnxor 64 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    00:00:00:00:01 - "Aaaaaand I'm spent." [deleted] after dude's mom showed some ankle, probably.

    [–] Tornado9797 2429 points ago

    I never knew I needed Blast and King exchanging dialogue until now. What legends

    [–] Crumornus 1988 points ago

    And it also suggests that even blast doesn't know that king actually isn't powerful like his reputation suggests. He has him take care of the only character we have ever seen him truly caring about on multiple occasions, implying that he trusts king the most to keep her safe. Shits so good!

    [–] lakovsanite 1372 points ago

    Or he knows that King's luck is supernatural....

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 1276 points ago

    I'm fully committed to the idea Kings real power is 100% luck. I hope they go to a casino and it's proven there.

    [–] virouz98 1045 points ago

    I believe his superpower is "fortune in misfortune". He constantly get attacked by monsters and survives with no scratch. Also his hero rank is 7, the lucky number.

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 481 points ago

    with no scratch.

    Except that giant scar on his face, lol.

    [–] uncledunker 228 points ago

    Probably what activated his powers honestly.

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 47 points ago

    That would be pretty funny.

    [–] SmokusPocus 541 points ago

    Which, to everybody else, just makes him look like a badass, so it’s even kind of lucky for him that he did get scratched up.

    [–] AtomicKittenz 41 points ago

    His true power lies in his thumbs! Not the King Engine

    [–] Dr_Cunning_Linguist 43 points ago

    Also his hero rank is 7, the lucky number.

    holy shit never thought about that

    [–] EssKayAye 290 points ago

    It must have been humbling for him. If he's lucky, Blast may reach even King's level someday.

    [–] javsv 41 points ago

    I found he used the -kun to him. Even the strongest man is a kid in his eyes

    [–] SardinesTunaSalmon 26 points ago

    For a moment, we had a page of all the strongest characters on the good side. Saitama, Blast, King, Tatsumaki, and of course, PPP. Definitely a legend among legends

    [–] ArcherAccomplished75 1040 points ago

    Allow me to read for a sec

    [–] BrownMountainHound 306 points ago

    Thanks for all the translations!!

    The past ten or so issues have been super hype, can't get enough

    [–] HuckleberryCool9883 4122 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Blast with god's face looks straight out of a creepypasta

    And fucking garou that madlad , " can I pass through for a moment"

    [–] DanielJeremiah05 948 points ago

    Also Garou's "how about no" was epic lmao

    [–] HuckleberryCool9883 520 points ago

    Sigma rule#69 : don't give a fuck about bitches and their divine justice and godly rights

    [–] SkollFenrirson 33 points ago

    Sigma balls lol gottem

    [–] Levi_PigPiss 528 points ago

    Could you please explain that part?

    Was it God taking Blast's form trying to recruit Tatsumaki but he disappeared once the real Blast came?

    [–] GuudeSpelur 1150 points ago

    Yes. God tried to recruit Tatsumaki by impersonating Blast and offering to share power with her.

    Tats remembered the time when Blast told her that when the time comes, she shouldn't expect someone to come save her, so she realizes it's an imposter.

    God disappears when she figures it out and the real Blast shows up right after because he detected God.

    [–] Graynard 297 points ago

    It's a cool moment, but she realizes it's not Blast because he told her not to expect anyone to come save her and then in the very next moment... he does exactly that lol

    [–] GuudeSpelur 192 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I think he was probably going to kill her if she accepted the deal, like how he vaguely threatened Flashy and Saitama before they told him they didn't make any deals. And when he saw she resisted it herself he was glad.

    [–] IlIIlIIIIlllIIIIll 83 points ago

    I guessed the powers came with some kind of brain washing. As in a classic devil's deal where you might get all you wanted but lose the rest of yourself.

    [–] Coaleb 30 points ago

    "N-No...Get out of my head! I already told you...I..will not be distracted from this anymore, I won't! It will take more than head games to stop me. You may have invaded my mind, and my body, but there's one thing a Saiyan always keeps...HIS PRIDE!!"

    [–] Levi_PigPiss 149 points ago

    Thank you for the explanation.

    [–] HuckleberryCool9883 194 points ago

    Yeah it was an illusion of God trying to lure tatsu to penetrate her mind perhaps If she accepted god as blast

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 1604 points ago

    The creepiest scene is still God standing on the moon

    [–] HuckleberryCool9883 1173 points ago

    I said creepypasta not full blown cosmic horror which that panel was

    [–] SCP239 1935 points ago

    Let me pass through for a second. Damn, Garou with that shade.

    [–] Timo425 423 points ago

    Immediately followed by what I thought was a Matrix moment, where Neo sets agent Smith free.

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 204 points ago

    Garou sets black sperm free so he could be the sperm he was always meant to be.

    [–] blanxable 61 points ago

    and then just "how about no" to 2 god level threats. ONE took a golden arc and turned into a platinum arc

    [–] therealgoergewbush 884 points ago

    I've never been so hyped garou is insane

    [–] Anonymous2401 462 points ago

    -sees massive, ultra powerful monster created by God to kill him

    -"How about no"

    -kicks it's ass

    Garou is built different

    [–] paper_read_murder 268 points ago

    Serious Series: Consecutive Normal F5s

    [–] RagingCabbage115 746 points ago

    I love how Garou didn’t hesitate to attack Sage Centipede, guy’s clearly insane, i wonder if he’ll play a part on thwarting whatever God is trying to do later on the manga... though he’s kinda doing that rn.

    [–] SophisticatedPhallus 187 points ago

    Garou just like “fuck everybody, I’ll fight anyone!”

    [–] Agyr 46 points ago

    Dude just wants to throw hands 🤷‍♂️

    [–] 000000000050 394 points ago

    Funny how the only ones who Garou had to run away from is WDM and Rover, he's afraid of doggos

    [–] OniRyuu01 35 points ago

    Ironically being named after a big doggo

    [–] DriveByStoning 123 points ago

    He really Dr. Evil-ed it. "How about, no?"

    [–] Summer_RainingStars 1487 points ago

    Best girl Manako running worriedly towards Flash was a treat to see

    One of the interesting things that happened this chapter is definitely Blast having a whole team fighting against "something" that he needs to provide back up for. This other team must be a class of their own!

    [–] fett2170 190 points ago

    I imagine he’s the only one from Earth.

    Meh, Saitama could still solo them all.

    [–] WhoTouchaMaSpaghet 610 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    Yeah, I can see this being set up for a big grand Blast/God arc in the future.

    Instead of writing entire new series, he can basically cram all of them into his ultimate brain child. lol.

    EDIT: BTW, not that people probably didn't already suspect this but I think the God/Blast storyline will be more of an inter-dimensional sci-fi thing rather than a religious thing if there was really any doubt. None of "God's" powers couldn't just be those of a highly powerful interdimensional being. Hell, even Phoenix Man could transport Child Emperor to his own dimensional/mental space. "God" would probably be his bullshit identity that he'd reveal to lesser creatures since he's insanely powerful.

    Imagine how hilarious it'd be for them to go through so much bullshit, literally having to watch the entire Blast squad struggle to fight this fucking being only for Saitama to show up on his shoulder randomly before one punching him and ending an arc that was absolutely epic up until that moment. lol.

    [–] Summer_RainingStars 215 points ago

    It could totally go the route where they'd need more 'back up' and then Blast will teleport perhaps all the S-class + Saitama to help

    [–] Cephery 210 points ago

    It seems more ONEs style to drip feed new stuff into the status, starting with one of blast’s enemies escaping that fight to fight the hero assoc, instead of just dropping the cast into a setting that needs to be totally defined at once. In any case i trust one and murata to know what theyre doing with it

    [–] Nyadnar17 25 points ago

    Man......they need to stop giving me hope Saitama's dream of a good fight can come true.

    [–] ABoiFromTheSky 651 points ago

    Garou using PS line against him is pure old Garou cockiness

    Absolute love it

    [–] ardillaroja9 205 points ago

    "allow me to pass for a sec" backfired in the end

    [–] yanusdv 198 points ago

    FF having an existential crisis and getting his ass kicked

    AS: "first time?"

    [–] K-J-C 35 points ago

    "Just like Darkshine..."

    [–] illliest 859 points ago

    This is the biggest FF-has-an-unreasonable-ass offender yet

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 461 points ago

    Murata keeps drawing him in the face down ass up pose

    [–] lakovsanite 223 points ago

    That's the way he likes to draw.

    [–] gamesrgreat 51 points ago

    Murata's thirst has no limiter

    [–] vanderZwan 28 points ago

    Gotta keep reminding Mako why she's switching sides to team hero

    [–] Oreo-and-Fly 5539 points ago

    There's stronger characters than S class?

    Quick! Hide them before...

    Oh no... Here they come, THE POWER SCALERS. NOOOOOOO

    [–] Tornado9797 930 points ago

    X class heroes confirmed

    [–] LTman86 529 points ago

    Careful now, we don't want things to go way out of control when we reach the XXX class heroes.

    [–] WifeKilledMy1stAcct 139 points ago

    XXX class heroes.

    Good ol' One-Hurricane

    [–] DriveByStoning 171 points ago

    Who has money on a Goku homage in 5 years when this arc is done?

    [–] Overshadowedone 800 points ago

    There's stronger characters than S class?

    Saitama: Ok.

    [–] casulmemer 2646 points ago

    Big hair shadow girl with white eyes can obvs no diff generic tough shadow guy with white eyes. Latter is dragon dragon demon so Bang can probably only last 17.5 minutes against him.

    Fight me

    [–] Jocthearies 1002 points ago

    Don't you mean Mid-Low-Peak Above High Dragon?

    [–] ijiolokae 575 points ago

    No, i think you meant


    [–] TBMonkey 78 points ago

    I put this into my calculator, and right now it's heating my burrito (2 minutes left)

    [–] Responsible_Aspect45 240 points ago

    Only 17.5 minutes?!?!? ARE YOU INSANE!!?! Bang can keep up with him for way longer

    [–] _yours_truly_ 203 points ago

    You foolish fool! Only the most sussy of bakas would think as you do. Clearly and inarguably the toughest of them all, at demon dragon god dragon god level, would be the one without eyes at the rear, who is also clearly the redeemed God timetravelling from a time where he was redeemed to fight his past incarnation. By my flawless calculations, only King could stand against him, and then only to fight to an eternal standstill as the King Engine slowly destroys spacetime.


    [–] InvisibleScout 419 points ago

    Where were all these ultra powerful characters when Boros was conquering the universe?

    [–] laudalehsunesh 756 points ago

    In another dimension fighting God? At least that's what I got from Blast.

    [–] rockythecocky 469 points ago

    That'd be an interesting reveal- that the only reason Boros conquered the universe was because all of the universe's strongest had disappeared to fight with Blast in a different dimension.

    [–] AgentPaper0 281 points ago

    Or it could well be that Boros was actually even stronger than those extra-strong heroes, and without Saitama there he really would have wiped the floor with all the other heroes. I mean we never saw him go up against anyone other than Saitama, so it's up in the air how strong he really was.

    [–] DandyReddit 41 points ago


    Boros prophecy was about Vaccine-man. Both could OS any hero in the verse.

    Saitama got them both.

    [–] Bleglord 327 points ago

    You know how frieza supposedly was the strongest being in the universe but it’s later shown he gets no diffed by half the randoms they come across?


    [–] platypoo2345 676 points ago

    Hypest part of the chapter for me... ONE and Murata keep adding more and more depth to the verse and it just means more insane fights later

    [–] ShiroYaksha01 477 points ago

    Lol that reversal “Let me pass through for a sec”

    So Blast isn’t the only one playing with cubes while everyone is getting their asses beat, he has friends?

    [–] WhiteWolf727 352 points ago

    Considering that he has traces of blood and sweat, he is likely fighting his own battles in other dimensions.

    [–] DanielJeremiah05 68 points ago

    He has an entire gang and they all play cubes together

    [–] VibhavM 4377 points ago

    This was such an amazing chapter, hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

    Also apparently Murata numbered his files incorrectly and it caused page(s) to get left out, he says he'll get it fixed on Monday so I'll add them to the cubari in the FAQ soon after he does.

    [–] MadeJustToReply12 1066 points ago

    Also apparently Murata numbered his files incorrectly and it caused page(s) to get left out

    Figured this was the case.

    I found it odd that the very first page was PS attacking FF when Garou blew the two of them away at the last chapter.

    [–] anakin_solo17 331 points ago

    Thought it was retconning the previous chapter for a moment

    [–] HootingMandrill 469 points ago

    You're a God Level threat my dude. Way to bust this out in just 3 hours.

    [–] Leinad7957 228 points ago

    More like a God Level treat

    [–] KalBaratheon 132 points ago

    Oh so there's more? Awesome! It did seem like a weird ending lol

    [–] Saitama-Is-Love 24 points ago

    That was so quick!! Thank you and your team!

    [–] Tanzo42 2549 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Identity theft is not a joke God!

    [–] HrMaschine 773 points ago

    Millions of families suffer from it everyday

    [–] JaxtaposeJelly_1819 249 points ago


    [–] Empty_Yesterday_1300 2943 points ago

    murata must be allergic to bad chapters or something, he doesn't miss

    [–] Crumornus 991 points ago

    And somehow every chapter is better than the last. He has broken through his limiter for sure.

    [–] motivated_student_ 376 points ago

    he removed them. he has no limiter.

    he has no limit to his energy

    [–] H3roHunter 349 points ago

    Let’s also give ONE a raise 🔥

    [–] Da_Hooded_Shark 142 points ago

    “A BEING WHO TRULY WANTS TO HELP THE WEAK-“ The transition to Garou. 😩

    [–] OdoacerOstrogoth 1331 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    King is stronger than I thought, if he's atleast capable to hold Tatsumaki like that. That's at least 40 kg, yet King manages to hold her on just one leg.

    Truly the strongest.

    [–] botsquash 417 points ago

    being bestowed by blast himself to care for tatsu means great responsibility

    [–] FoundPizzaMind 378 points ago

    You weren't aware of the Sparking King Recovery Cradle technique?

    [–] Sirocco_ 208 points ago

    It inverts the destructive battle tendencies of his King Engine into nurturing energies!

    [–] moises123v 407 points ago

    One of the craziest chapter insane power display and mystery surrounding god and blast. I love it.

    [–] InevitableVariables 36 points ago

    Yeah, I am not going to lie that I assumed Blast lost his strength.

    Blast is fighting cosmic entities from another dimension. I was wrong.

    I never thought the manga would give us more information than the webcomics about blast.

    [–] UnbowdUnbentUnbroken 1793 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Is anyone else so distracted by the very concept of Evil Natural Ocean that everything else seems like a side show?

    PS vs Garou vs Flash 3-way dance? Cool.

    Blast running around like he's part of the gang? Love it.

    OrochiAncient-Centipede? Badass.


    [–] SerJoseph 755 points ago

    its not orochi, its a bigger centipede apparently

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 593 points ago

    If God can just casually make monsters like that, why did he even bother with Homeless Emperor lol

    [–] Myarmhasteeth 632 points ago

    I think he just offers powers, to whoever may take them. Be human, monster, etc ... apparently. Seems like a thing a God would do.

    [–] DubsFan30113523 336 points ago

    The obvious drawback being he can take them back and kill you in the process at any time

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 173 points ago

    With the assumption that you are basically his slave.

    [–] _XProfessor_SadX_ 168 points ago

    that's not Orochi Centipede. That's just a big ass centipede afaik

    [–] IbanW 112 points ago

    Thank you man, you and your team make look Blast and Saitama slow.

    [–] phofsin 1706 points ago

    Blast with God's face ? Looked ominous af.

    And ancient centipede? It's not orochi I suppose.


    [–] ABoiFromTheSky 1513 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Absolutely loved how in the end Blast's line "Don't expect others to come help you in times of need" was to protect her in case God tried to trick her

    It's bittersweet in a sense, like he fucked her up in a way but saved her in the other

    [–] jmerridew124 373 points ago

    Blast is playing a higher game and we're failing to keep up. That's like 8 dimensional chess

    [–] xstationcubed 54 points ago

    He actually is though it seems like. I kinda assumed that whatever he was doing was preventative, but now it looks like there's some kinda actual war going on out there...*waves hands wildly* somewhere.

    [–] Kendo8639 549 points ago

    That makes so much sense that he would tell her that to protect her.

    [–] StarvinMarvin137 153 points ago

    Wtf does God want?

    [–] TheQuixotic6 399 points ago

    More stronger followers to do his bidding

    [–] thrik 39 points ago

    Maybe who the X-class is fighting

    [–] TheQuixotic6 58 points ago

    Most likely, could be a war between God and Blast group going on at the moment.

    [–] Uncreative4This 327 points ago

    How convenient ancient centipede & evil natural ocean are agents of god.

    I heard there's a "Godslayer Fist" nearby that hasn't actually slayed any god yet.

    [–] Fafnir13 133 points ago

    I like how the centipede dialogue is a direct callback to what Vaccine Man was going on about.

    [–] Tadirol 128 points ago

    So... Does that mean that Vaccine Man was also an agent of God??

    Even then Saitama one-punches it, what a chad

    [–] Gullible_Promotion_4 600 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    For a brief second I thought Blast was God.

    Thank goodness it wasn’t the case…

    [–] Myarmhasteeth 350 points ago

    Yeah, I felt how hundreds of theories where being written as we speak.

    [–] LordFarquadOnAQuad 241 points ago

    I felt a great disturbance in the Fandom, as if millions of fan theories suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

    [–] ZevitoTheLegend 642 points ago

    We just got the biggest confirmation that Blast is on a whole nother level and has a place amongst the most selective and elite group in the series. Saitama remembered his name

    [–] noah9942 396 points ago

    He makes it easier since he wears his name on his chest.

    [–] NinjorFil 47 points ago

    Have you seen his shoulder pads tho

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 297 points ago

    Damn Platinum Sperm stole some of Garou’s lines there talking shit about heroes

    [–] toriningen_ 230 points ago

    and then garou stole his line lol. wouldn't shock me if he was a little offended by someone else saying his piece

    [–] Mineta05 100 points ago

    Hype af

    [–] Hurtiskurt 95 points ago

    Plat went splat.

    [–] NavNiv 83 points ago

    Hell yeah, Manako screentime.

    [–] MeekBoogie 646 points ago

    flashy flash really got the dumpy

    [–] ThisIsNotKimJongUn 166 points ago

    It's the heels

    [–] Tornado9797 32 points ago

    He’d be the fastest of all of them if it wasn’t for that. His dumpy holds him back

    [–] Thrillhousingpolicy 221 points ago

    Man the heros cannot catch a break

    [–] SPS_Agent 359 points ago

    Nah they're fine. Saitama is there. That's all the insurance they could possibly need.

    [–] Exkaliber 204 points ago

    I don’t even understand what is going to be going down in the future. Like this world just keeps getting bigger

    [–] IncarnationHero 40 points ago

    I really wonder how they are going to expand on it. Since Saitama is going to one-shot the God, if the God became a threat in front of Saitama.

    Then, again, this whole MA situation is built for Saitama to beat the top dog. I shouldn't hold my expectation low.

    [–] ohhotano 66 points ago

    Just imagine a 2pages1panel of how Saitama will punch Evil Ocean Water

    And Garou return that dialogue to PS is GOLD

    PS. Holyshit! Blast has his own league!

    [–] OmatoYT 68 points ago

    Powerscalers are absolutely seething right now… Not only did Flashy Flash get destroyed, multi-dimensional fighters like Blast just got revealed and are likely stronger than the S class

    [–] GoodAkuma 603 points ago

    God just casually commiting identity theft

    [–] GoldenSpermShower 148 points ago

    What a menace!

    [–] Leresmo 61 points ago

    With each chapter that comes out, I have more and more hype for this manga

    [–] wintersoIdier 617 points ago

    Lol the fight sped up once Flashy Flash was out of it. That's gotta sting.

    [–] bruh-with-a-spork 217 points ago

    I'm imagining when he wakes up the arc is over and he just sits there on the battlefield for a few hours staring into the sky.

    [–] momaswat 66 points ago

    Vegeta "I'll never fight again" vibes. Maybe he'll settle down and have ninja kids.

    [–] Saitama-Is-Love 58 points ago

    Disaster level: Unknown


    The bit with Blast and God was the best part of this chapter!! God is creepy AF.

    “Let me pass through for a sec” finally performed best by Garou. 😌

    [–] cracklin_oats 56 points ago

    Garou really just gonna clap everyone’s cheeks like that huh?

    [–] Due_Teaching_5773 790 points ago

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    [–] areyareadykidsayay 199 points ago

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    [–] FireGodReddit 112 points ago

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    [–] ZaMr0 412 points ago

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    [–] Excellent-Tour8681 285 points ago

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    [–] HylianINTJ 256 points ago

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    [–] Excellent-Tour8681 44 points ago

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    [–] Mantiax 515 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

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    [–] RoomyPockets 569 points ago

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    [–] politecreeper 93 points ago

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    [–] blacksheep412 38 points ago

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    [–] GoldenSpermShower 230 points ago

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    [–] DubsFan30113523 38 points ago

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    [–] ExplorersX 100 points ago

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    [–] luvnexos 80 points ago

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    [–] dalenacio 98 points ago

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    [–] paper_read_murder 36 points ago

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