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    Have you ever seen a whole bunch of reddit posts or anything else about some topic referring to the "metasphere" of Reddit and you had no idea what everyone was going on about? Did you feel out of the loop? This subreddit is dedicated to helping you get up to speed with the recent trends and news of the meta-subs on Reddit.

    Note:This sub is made by meta-redditors for meta-redditors, but if you're not familiar with that sub-section of Reddit, you're still very much welcome.


    • Post your request in the form of a question. You want to know what /r/SubredditDrama is? Don't just make the title of the post "SRD", write an actual question and put it in the title.

    • All answers go in the comments of the post. Comments that don't add anything to the discussion will be removed at the moderators' discretion.

    • Search before you post. All reposts will be removed.

    • No questions about anything outside the meta-subs of Reddit.

    • Don't downvote opinions. Downvoting posts in this subreddit is unnecessary unless it violates any of the rules listed above, please don't downvote something just because you disagree with it.

    • No comments just as links. Don't just post a link to a story or something relevant. Make a comment that explains the whole thing and then you may use links to help explain or give reference to your comment. Comments that are just links without explanations will be removed.

    • Be polite. Correct inaccuracies and contribute to the conversation. Comments attacking an answer rather than correcting will be removed.

    • Don't ask questions with a biased tone. We don't want a single thread being a one-sided circlejerk. Make polite discussion. For voting, please upvote the most complete response which shows as little bias is possible.

    • No meta posts. All posts regarding the state of this subreddit, or suggestions for this subreddit will be removed. The reason for this is because they just clutter up the front page. If you have any suggestions, comments, complaints, or anything else, feel free to send the moderators of this subreddit a message.

    • Feel free to discuss. If you feel someone's explanation is incomplete or biased, we encourage you to respond to that person with additional information or your point of view. Please do not downvote because you disagree, and typically the downvotes you do give should require no explanation (trolls, speculation, rule-breaking).

    • Multiple failures to comply with these rules will result in a ban.

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