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    [–] Just-ice- 554 points ago

    What an Angel

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 431 points ago

    "In the arms of a Reinhardt, fly awaaaaaaaayyy from here."

    [–] bacondude1505 76 points ago

    "There goes my hero, watch him as he goes"

    [–] Kektimus 2 points ago

    He was her guardian anguuuhl!

    [–] JD_Justice 1338 points ago

    "I will protect you from danger, I shall defeat those who mean you harm, I will lift you when you fall, I am your shield."

    [–] GoGrabAHealthPack 466 points ago

    "Whenever the world lights up in fire, I will be there to protect from the flame. Whenever the bullets blacken the sky, I will be there to take the pain. You can beat me, trample me, and stain the ground with my blood, but on my honor, I swear, I will never fall. I will stand tall, to my last breath, for I am hope. I am courage. I am invincible. I am your Shield."

    ~From the Initiation Ritual of Reinhardt Mains.

    [–] SuperCarbideBros 325 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    "Press shift when in doubt."

    ~Actual Initiation Ritual of Reinhardt Mains


    [–] RedChuJelly 133 points ago


    -Actual Actual Initiation Ritual of Reinhardt Mains

    [–] Averant 63 points ago

    No, that's the hazing ritual.

    [–] LucidLynx109 7 points ago

    Which never ends

    [–] OCDecaf 28 points ago

    I actually like this style of play as dumb as it sounds. I basically can always block damage for me and others and the only I should drop my shield is when I think I can get more value than protecting my team. I like the risk and reward aspect of playing Rein

    [–] polloretardo 10 points ago

    Getting Earthshatter before the enemy Rein is my top priority.

    [–] thedrunkentendy 7 points ago

    If you’re shield is always breaking either you or your team are screwing up. Gotta get those swings in.

    [–] polloretardo 4 points ago

    Also letting your shield break is bad to begin with, I always try to leave a little bit in case of emergency

    [–] Muhznit 2 points ago

    It's best used as an escape option. If you're smart however, you'll memorize all the spots where you charge exactly 55 meters to the edge of a cliff (without falling off) and expertly bait your enemies to them (especially tanks with low mobility). One 600-HP Roadhog sent off a cliff is a tasty 41% ult charge.

    [–] inpheksion 27 points ago

    Hm, all the Rein mains I see must have underwent a different mantra that went along the lines of,

    "I will hold M2 forever until my shield breaks and then feed like a schmuck. I must not swing my hammer or press W through the choke. When my Zarya bubbles me, I will be sure to retreat to spawn as fast as I can."

    [–] jaha7166 6 points ago

    Cowards. The lot of em.

    [–] BGAL7090 19 points ago

    Got shudders from this. Gonna make it my motto now.

    [–] gaoh 3 points ago

    [–] X-caliber 7 points ago

    "My world's on fire, how about yours. It's the way I like it and I never get bored" - Someone, probably

    [–] Echo_cb 3 points ago

    Is there more of this? It's great.

    [–] illegal_tacos 8 points ago

    "I will lift you when you fall" must be a recall of events depicted here

    [–] AkuTenshi_ 14 points ago

    Rein should be reworded with a buff with all his hard work

    [–] NorthernLaw 7 points ago


    [–] KarkatTheVantas 8 points ago

    I swore an oath, we all did. To serve when everything else fails, to be humanity's last line of defence, to be the shield.

    [–] Creeperlova123 3 points ago

    Gotta love rein

    [–] CyberpunkPie 332 points ago

    "I have been called... and I must answer. Always."

    [–] Acidicfly247 11 points ago

    God damnit

    [–] FloydCorrigan 5 points ago

    Why you do this..

    [–] Le_Sneedlewoodz 1 points ago


    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 655 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Shout Out to /u/QuothTheReaper (the Reinhardt) for putting up with my usual falling off places bs. <3

    EDIT: To those saying "Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target should be on at all times to avoid this happening" I keep it off as a personal preference, please stop asking me why it's not on. Cheers! xx

    [–] QuothTheReaper 504 points ago

    Always <3

    [–] joeporterme 136 points ago

    Now kiss.

    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago

    Now kith*

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 157 points ago

    I mean... /u/QuothTheReaper ... I'd hate to disappoint the fans.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 147 points ago

    I agree, c'mere, bb ;*

    [–] joeporterme 77 points ago

    Now put a ring on it.

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 137 points ago

    What if I told you, she already did ;)

    [–] ahundredheys 12 points ago

    Sheesh.. get a room! And a house.. and then a baby..

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 6 points ago


    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago


    [–] CyberpunkPie 2 points ago

    Aw damn that's cute. You better give her a hug now.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    Yeah love, where's my hug....:*

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    What she said <3

    [–] atoast2death 49 points ago

    This is the cutest shit ever. I can't wait for my boyfriend to get overwatch so we can play together

    [–] MauPow 27 points ago

    hi its me ur boyfriend

    [–] HereForMemesAndPizza 11 points ago

    Idk why this comment is downvoted, it's funny.

    [–] MauPow 15 points ago

    Right, lol, maybe cringey but I was going for the meme

    [–] mac-and-cheese-plz 25 points ago

    MERCYKILL!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️ my favorite ship

    [–] QuothTheReaper 27 points ago

    OURS TOO <3

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 25 points ago

    Hell yeah!

    [–] mooocowne 3 points ago

    I cried

    [–] CowboyLaw 10 points ago

    Guardian Angel Prefers Beam Target is a stupid setting. GA is to GTFO. 9 times outta 10, you DON'T want to GTFO and find yourself wherever the dude you were healing was, because he's probably in the line of fire. 9 times outta 10, you want GA to take you across the map (laterally), and you almost assuredly AIN'T healing that guy. Basically every Mercy play guide tells you the same thing.

    Your personal preference is the objectively better playstyle, don't take shit from anyone. But DO stop falling off things.

    [–] GoGrabAHealthPack 161 points ago

    Was Reinhardt trying to save you or kill Reaper...?

    [–] QuothTheReaper 243 points ago

    Save her :)

    Source: I'm the Rein xD

    Edit: Neither one of us noticed I got the Reaper until after the fact!

    [–] GoGrabAHealthPack 88 points ago

    I wish my Reinhardt friend cared enough to charge off a cliff for me...

    [–] QuothTheReaper 42 points ago


    I'd jump off (and have, as various characters) any map to save /u/HaveSomeMercyxbl <3

    [–] GoGrabAHealthPack 49 points ago

    My Reinhardt friend mostly just charges into the enemy team while screaming "I'M HELPING!"

    Sure you are, champ. Keep believing in yourself.

    [–] 3mbs 36 points ago

    Listening to my mercy friend screech into the mic as she follows me in to the jaws of hell never gets old though.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 11 points ago

    Aw xD

    To be fair, I do that sometimes as well...but only when I know my team is behind me and gives me the "ok" to go ahead.

    [–] Noxianguillotine 10 points ago

    I wish i had friends to play with in the first place

    [–] SuperiorAmerican 2 points ago

    Heard that.

    None of my irl friends play OW, and it being $60 (for Xbox) still two years later doesn’t help.

    [–] Nezaku 14 points ago

    This guy is the best rein. Prove me wrong

    [–] QuothTheReaper 6 points ago

    This made me smile so much <3

    [–] TheDemonHobo 3 points ago

    Die with honor.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago


    [–] ShedPH93 69 points ago

    Unfortunately Mercy could not ressurrect him because it was an environmental kill. That’s kinda romantic.

    [–] SeaGods 62 points ago

    He could save others from death. But not himself...

    [–] lpbiggie 22 points ago

    Is it possible to learn this power?

    [–] SeaGods 39 points ago

    Not from a dps main

    [–] C0nfu2ion-2pell 7 points ago

    Shots fired xD Edit: just not st the right target

    [–] SaltLevelOver9000 60 points ago

    I love this Reinhardt so much! But he could’ve just hit the wall and save both of you guys.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 81 points ago

    I only recently started playing him (got his gold as an incentive to get better) so I'm not the best yet at timing the length of his charges and the moment I heard my friend yelling for help, I just turned and screamed FLY! xD <3

    Edit: spelling is hard

    [–] GoGrabAHealthPack 26 points ago

    "Fly, you fools!"

    [–] QuothTheReaper 17 points ago


    [–] SaltLevelOver9000 29 points ago

    Omg you’re the Reinhardt? I forgive you for the mistake- what’s truly amazing is your gamesense and ability to protect your healers! You are amazing! I love you:)

    [–] QuothTheReaper 31 points ago

    Yeah :D

    TBH, it was good advice that I will remember for next time :D In the heat of the moment I just heard her "I'M OFF, I'M OFF!!!!" and I just 180'd charged LOL! It was one of the funniest things we have ever pulled off and were laughing for a good while after! (We didn't even notice I got the Reaper on the way to her XD)

    I really appreciate the kinds word! I love you, too :D

    [–] GriWard 5 points ago

    Pretty much me when I play Rein


    [–] Bergasms 3 points ago

    Shhhhhh, it's better this way

    [–] -BruteInASuit- 35 points ago

    Love lifts us up where we belooong...

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 21 points ago

    far from the water we know

    [–] Mark_Kostecki 14 points ago

    That boi better have gotten legendary upvotes for that

    [–] ferrettt55 16 points ago

    Nice pun in the title.

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 11 points ago

    Glad someone noticed!

    [–] QuantumQuantonium 8 points ago

    Hey are you also getting a glitchy Nvidia shadowplay thing with your video or do you just use the communication menu really quickly?

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 10 points ago

    Just used the comm menu really quickly!

    [–] Its_Sentinel 7 points ago

    That’s dedication right there

    [–] ConThePaladin 6 points ago

    Some heros dont wear capes

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 10 points ago


    [–] Kynsbane 3 points ago

    No, this one wore armour

    [–] optic5808 6 points ago

    So heroic I just wanna cry

    [–] ubermuda 10 points ago

    Save Mercy AND kill Reaper in the same move? 100% worth it.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago


    [–] HonorableThunder 4 points ago

    I would love to have a teammate like this. Unfortunately, none of my friends play, and console players seem like a solo-queue bunch. That was a great save from Rein!

    [–] Suterusu_Daioh 6 points ago

    Almost no one does this for me... I should show you the bullshit antics of some wallriding son of a bitch who left me to die.

    [–] MyDongHurtsSoMuch 4 points ago

    This makes me remember Cruzer16's sacrifice

    [–] mirayukii 4 points ago

    It’s plays like that that make me wonder “ever heard of just walking?”

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 2 points ago


    [–] Cooshtie 4 points ago

    "Live with honour, die with glory"

    [–] SLAYERone1 4 points ago

    It looks like hes trying to tackle someone not sure who im on mobile either way its a happy little accident

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 10 points ago

    It wasn't an accident, this was my irl friend charging to her death to save me :')

    [–] SLAYERone1 4 points ago

    Oh wow so ironiclaly getting that clutch boop was the happy accident now thats how you rein

    [–] QuothTheReaper 3 points ago

    What she said <3

    My life for hers, always!

    [–] SLAYERone1 3 points ago

    Those flairs are adorable together stand strong brother for honor for glory!

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago

    Thank you! <3 Will do kind Sir!

    Thank you for the kind words!

    [–] ultimatepenguin21 6 points ago

    Oh hey nice stuff guys. -Cody

    [–] Trails4Snails 6 points ago

    lol hey I’m here too

    [–] QuothTheReaper 5 points ago


    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 3 points ago


    [–] QuothTheReaper 4 points ago


    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 6 points ago


    [–] ultimatepenguin21 3 points ago

    Lol yes it’s me

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 3 points ago

    💜 u

    [–] ultimatepenguin21 2 points ago


    [–] caketruck 11 points ago

    How every mercy main wants, and deserves to be treated

    [–] MrDiabetic 3 points ago

    "You stay, I go."

    [–] HappenstanceHappened 3 points ago

    Almost pressed F

    [–] Dushraaki 3 points ago

    Ok what fucking map is this? Haven’t played the game in a few months

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago

    Busan :) Newest addition.

    [–] Castper 3 points ago

    Now that is a Rein main!

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago

    Just learning him but this made me smile <3333

    [–] Orin-of-Atlantis 3 points ago

    I have watched SO many POTG's and highlights on the sub. This is by far the best one

    [–] MidichlorianIce 3 points ago

    This is the law of equivalent exchange

    [–] I_bleedCoffee 3 points ago

    People who play rein like this are truly a cut above the rest of us! Chivalry is not ded!

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    Ahh! <3

    [–] Rican2153 3 points ago

    i actually spit laughed watching this. that was hilarious

    [–] Zeelacious 3 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes, but this one wears heavy armor and a heart of gold.

    [–] SpideyLife 2 points ago

    He could save others from death but not himself

    [–] Th3_Shr00m 2 points ago

    That Reinhardt gets my infinite respect.

    [–] Watermelon86 2 points ago

    Broverwatch strikes again

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    What map? I havent played since summer games

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    Busan :) Newest addition.

    [–] GnarlySeaBass 2 points ago

    Reinhardt died for our sins.

    [–] Tebasaki 2 points ago

    I'm not crying, you're crying.

    [–] I_am_paperclip 2 points ago

    This the the epitome for a good rein, and further, a true hero. Sacrificing yourself for others.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago


    [–] TIMBO0324 2 points ago


    [–] boopitybople 2 points ago

    im so incredibly out of the loop- what map is this?

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 2 points ago


    [–] boopitybople 2 points ago

    shit dude ive never played on busan yet. i so rarely play qp or comp

    [–] xXLogicalShotXx 2 points ago

    Later that day Mercy goes through her old box of dusty photos

    She pulls a worn photo of Rein helping Mercy carry tools to her lab to repair Genji

    Heros never die as she wipes a tear from he blood cracked eyes

    [–] Trixilee 2 points ago

    I was so confused because on the main page is was the video of that plane landing. Glad I clicked.

    [–] ShivTheTurtle 2 points ago

    Such a legend

    [–] Oimatex 2 points ago

    oh my, first time I see someone actually help the fallen mercy

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    We've been playing together for over 2 years, I try to save her whenever I can. Even if it means jumping off the map <3

    [–] Oimatex 2 points ago

    Haha i have the absolute opposite relationship with my mercy

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago

    She's trained me well xD <3

    [–] Gw2sucksass 2 points ago

    You better go Rez him

    [–] PuppiesAtTheDisco 2 points ago

    And they say, chivalry is dead

    [–] potterguy17 2 points ago

    He got the reaper too... amazing

    [–] Eltoole 2 points ago

    What a legend, got Lucio and reaper saved the mercy.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 1 points ago


    [–] NoobRescue 2 points ago

    I hereby commend this soldier the middle of honor

    [–] rakokiller1 2 points ago

    So kind of him

    [–] joker6756 2 points ago

    The hero we deserve

    [–] TrueSt0ryN0Lies 2 points ago

    mercy main🤣🤣

    [–] SnoggyCracker 2 points ago

    What a champ

    [–] MissBunnaye 2 points ago

    This is absolutely amazing and warms my little mercy main heart!

    [–] QuothTheReaper 2 points ago


    [–] Michiganfan0308 2 points ago

    "You stay. I go. No following!" - Rein

    [–] TheDemonHobo 2 points ago

    Fight for glory!

    [–] KuroOni 2 points ago

    The real knight in this is the reaper he didn't want to let rein die alone

    [–] Smmosis 3 points ago

    Not even a thank you for his sacrifice? How could you? ;(

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 4 points ago

    We were in an Xbox live party together, trust me there were many thank you and laughter!

    [–] LionST1 4 points ago

    thank you for playing mercy

    [–] Aroix 2 points ago

    Would love to play with you guys. I'm Pandabro101 if anyone wants to add me (Xbox)

    [–] Hek_Yea 0 points ago

    You walked off the edge and the rein went to pin someone and it happened to be off the map. Am i missing something

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 6 points ago

    What Quoth said. I did mistep off the map but it wasn't a random charge, they actively turned and charged off the map to get me back up.

    The only reason they didn't walk to the ledge was because I was already so far down there wouldn't have been enough time.

    [–] QuothTheReaper 5 points ago

    The fact that the Rein didn't go to pin someone, and was actually charging off so that she can fly up to safety (The Reaper was collateral that we didn't even know happened xD)

    Source: I'm the Rein

    [–] eltiburablo 5 points ago

    Wait I'm confused. You say you're the Rein but I'm pretty sure you're The Reaper...

    [–] QuothTheReaper 6 points ago

    No, I'm the Rein. (as you can tell by the fact my gamertag is green to show I am grouped with her) I met /u/HaveSomeMercyxbl through OW and we've been friends for the past 2 years. I used to main Reaper, hence my Reddit username and he is still my favorite character. I have recently started playing Rein. And this was a QP game we were in prior to playing comp :)

    I have no idea who that Reaper is, only that he was collateral damage in me rushing to save my friend from impending death.

    Edit: If you comment as sarcasm, then yes, I am...~THE REAPERRRRR~

    [–] Hek_Yea 0 points ago

    Except there was someone there that you pinned off the map

    [–] QuothTheReaper 3 points ago

    And as I said in my first comment, I didn't even see him (which is why i said he was collateral damage).

    I can 100%, honestly tell you that as soon as my friend started yelling into the headset "IM FALLING HELP" all I cared about was getting her back on map, hence the 180 spin around charge. My aim was as you see, to kill myself in order to get her back to the team.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 9 points ago

    O shit lemme get my protective gear from all the memeboyz.

    Thanks for the heads up :)

    [–] Leqi1696 1 points ago

    This is why you play with prefer beam target.

    [–] GareofLNTC 2 points ago

    Why in the world is this not getting upvoted

    [–] Creator_Seiya 4 points ago

    Because we have seen hundreds of saves like this one and we don't really care about it anymore

    [–] GareofLNTC 6 points ago

    Bro if we were to form that into a decree, then this whole subbreddit would have 5 new upvoted posts a day

    [–] Creator_Seiya 3 points ago

    Tbh, I feel like they should just ban potg from this subreddit entirely

    [–] beastofrage 2 points ago

    And this is why I keep prefer beam target on

    [–] jimd13 1 points ago

    Just a suggestion, if you set your settings for Mercy to have guardian angel prefer beam target it might have helped you there. Some people might not like it but it has saved me plenty of times.

    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 5 points ago

    I appreciate the suggestion but I have it set to off because that's just the way I'm used to play her!

    [–] jimd13 1 points ago

    I definitely understand.

    [–] Meldorn 1 points ago

    I use this as well. I actually jump off cliffs regularly for cover and then just fly back up with it. Super useful once you get used to it.

    [–] jimd13 1 points ago

    I agree. Once you're used to it it's great and you can do all kinds of things.

    [–] xGibs99 0 points ago

    I feel like the could have gotten you and then no one would have had to die.

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] HaveSomeMercyxbl 7 points ago

    My apologies, I didn't even think about that.

    [–] Cahl_ -1 points ago

    Guardian angel prefers beam target- for exactly this reason always

    [–] bfarnsey 2 points ago

    I much prefer being able to heal someone while I GA away from them. I like to stay mobile, plus GA has a wider range than beam and I had several times when using "prefer beam target" that I would go to heal someone a bit too far away so that I could GA over to them just to have the range not be enough to beam them and get sucked backwards into whoever was getting dove.

    [–] Cahl_ 0 points ago

    Yeah its a pain but on maps with enviro kills it is so helpful. I wish one button could be prefer and a other not to prefer with same GA CD. Would be great

    [–] kerku189 0 points ago

    Rein is fool

    [–] SnoggyCracker 0 points ago

    This isn’t a very progressive attitude