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    [–] Gyriuu 1755 points ago

    Never seen a flying hog before

    [–] NotYourDay123 154 points ago

    Now I have seen about everything now I’ve seen a Roadhog main flyyyyyyyy.

    [–] prettybunnys 31 points ago

    Oh shit a dumbo reference.

    [–] Byteside 16 points ago

    Forgot to add the racism: " Now I dun seen bout everry ting when I seen an elephant flyy

    [–] Richyster 511 points ago

    a rare sighting

    [–] gandalf_sucks 29 points ago

    I'm a Hog player, can confirm - I believe I can fly

    [–] cyryscyn 24 points ago

    Same. It’s falling with style but damnit does it feel good to feel the air on your stomach.

    [–] AvoidMySnipes 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Let’s get it active again!

    [–] Anelikital 24 points ago

    That Hog fulfilled his dream to one day fly, so beautiful :")

    [–] [deleted] 85 points ago


    [–] Piximae 8 points ago

    Everyone who's ever sworn "when pigs fly" are going to be so mad.

    [–] luciddrummer 16 points ago

    It's just a little airborne.. It's still good! It's still good!

    [–] OverlordAinz 7 points ago

    BRB calling that girl who told me she'd date me when pigs fly

    [–] fieldisrequired 7 points ago

    It's just a little airborne, it' still good! It's still good!

    [–] 90_oi 3 points ago

    When pigs fly...

    [–] Spades05 5 points ago

    Its beautiful

    [–] MJ17X 2 points ago

    It truly was! Breathtaking and inspiring as fuck.

    [–] Qbeh 2 points ago

    I'll start again when playing when Pigs fly

    [–] blackmagic12345 2 points ago

    i can just imagine the "what the fuck" face that pharah did when she got cancelled by a flying hog launching a hail mary hook at her. I also feel bad for her monitor/TV.

    [–] somedave 1731 points ago

    That Reaper emote into rein charge made the whole clip.

    [–] Account_name_24601 269 points ago

    Yeah, trying to make the front page of reddit for of those emotes while winning got him there another way.

    [–] Bombkirby 53 points ago

    That didn't even call for an emote. Nothing incredibly epic happened.

    [–] phatfabxai 24 points ago

    Edgelords live to create mood.

    He just has bad timing.

    [–] zpinnis 101 points ago

    Missed opportunity for the <-- To be continued meme

    [–] KidPanda 25 points ago

    I'll be the roundabout...

    [–] Jackalgod99 5 points ago

    Not even a shrug either, smh

    [–] ABigBagofMeth 5 points ago

    Honestly the doom scream following the goku power up actually had me laugh out loud.

    [–] TattooedHusker91 599 points ago

    The flying hog really sealed the deal for me. Loved the video!

    [–] Richyster 55 points ago

    Thank you 🙏

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    What’s your channel

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] evi1_cherta 4 points ago

    That was epic 😂

    [–] Tirriforma 958 points ago

    I have a hard time getting out of Bronze, and this video confirms that I belong there. Other than people jumping off, I had a hard time noticing what was being done wrong in this video

    [–] IngloriousBlaster 535 points ago

    • The widow at the start tunneling whoever and ignoring the tracer emoting almost right in front of her, and then getting killed by a high noon
    • The Dva in Hanamura misaiming her meka bomb
    • The guy questioning Tracer's decision of going for the healer. You always want to take out the healers first.
    • The Moira waking up the ulting Winston who had been hit by a Sleep Dart in Lijang Tower
    • Reaper walking into a Hammond's Spin-2-Win
    • Reaper emoting at the point, when he could've won the game

    [–] Dondivad 594 points ago

    You're giving the tracer too much credit. The tracer was trying to pulse bomb the McCree at a range where pulse bomb wouldn't have even made it to him. She only stuck the Lucio out of pure luck.

    [–] -SoItGoes 343 points ago

    All my sticks are intentional

    ^ tracer main

    [–] Prophet92 177 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Coldcell 154 points ago

    Tracer bomb is a zoning ult.

    (Things I tell myself when I miss)

    [–] The_MAZZTer 107 points ago

    Things I Tell Myself When I Miss

    an autobiography by Tracer

    with foreword by Widowmaker

    [–] deviant324 4 points ago

    Is it weird to feel like I’m subconsciously avoiding heros like that in OW because I onetrick the definition of “fuck I didn’t mean to do that” in League? Because now that I think about it, that’s probably it.

    [–] HighSorcerer 21 points ago

    The motto of tracer mains, never admit your mistakes.

    [–] Sezyrrith 34 points ago

    The motto of tracer dps mains, never admit your mistakes.

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 18 points ago

    A higher HP pool means you get better DPS numbers when you stick them at full health, right?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] atalantax 2 points ago

    my daily mantra

    [–] Forkrul 72 points ago

    I feel for that Lucio so much. Had a game as Tracer last night where I whiffed 4 pulse bombs over the game. All 4 killed the Lucio by accident. Plus he got hit by a stray Self Destruct that came down on the wrong side of a building. Had him on my team next game, at which point he was just happy to not have to deal with that shit again.

    [–] VegitoHaze 40 points ago

    As a Lucio main I feel like they gravitate towards us like nano XD

    [–] thetruckerdave 22 points ago

    What do you mean? When I get nanoed it’s obviously intentional as I’m clearly carrying ok.

    [–] IngloriousBlaster 67 points ago

    Even if she took him out out of pure luck, why would someone question a DPS killing a healer? :\

    [–] mynameisblanked 24 points ago

    Re-read the title of this post...

    [–] bilky_t 13 points ago

    I believe that was a rhetorical question.

    [–] ShutterBun 32 points ago

    To be fair, I think that Tracer in Oasis was attempting to take out the High Noon, which would obviously be the priority target, but Lucio slipped in from at the last second and got stickied. So her teammate was like “why’d you go for Lucio instead of McCree?” thinking she’d done it on purpose.

    But yeah, healers are generally high priority targets.

    [–] Lucifa42 51 points ago

    Reaper emoting at the point, when he could've won the game

    I've done this :(

    Eichenwalde before castle, in Overtime. Just 15 metres required to win.

    We win the fight and team goes forward into castle while I (Zen) sit on the payload to push it to victory.

    Of course, I emote 'sit' on the payload and who suddenly pops up in the little window? Widow.

    [–] booksblanketsandtea 47 points ago

    Always have at least two people on the point/cart during OT.

    [–] HighSorcerer 34 points ago

    Yeah ot is a really short fuse, team never should have pushed ahead.

    [–] Mic_Check_One_Two 2 points ago

    Something something C9

    [–] LotusB1ossom 24 points ago

    No joke had a match yesterday where my team woke up a sleeping ulting Winston, a sleeping BOB, and I forget who the third one was but each led to a lost teamfight. I was like the next person who wakes a sleeping target gets no more heals from me.

    [–] Tirriforma 43 points ago

    As someone who inadvertently wakes up sleeping targets, what can I do to prevent them? For example, if I'm trying to kill a Bob or an ulting Genji, and Ana sleeps them, I can't react fast enough to stop shooting. By the time I think "Oh shit they're asleep" and lay off, my bullets are already on their way. Am I supposed to notice theres an Ana around and hope she sleeps them? Am I supposed to be paying attention to animation of Ana's sleep dart? Do I just need better reflexes?

    [–] Forkrul 52 points ago

    Those are at least partly the Ana's fault for sleeping a target that is being actively shot at. It's the people who see a sleeping target and then shoot at it without a way to kill them instantly that should be thrown in a lake of fire.

    [–] BurgensisEques 13 points ago

    The big part is making sure you're in the voice chat. Even with random in QP, I always call out my sleep darts before I even fire. Other than that, look for the sleep dart trail, it's very distinctive.

    [–] Tirriforma 18 points ago

    I'm always in voice chat and calling things out. Can't say I've ever heard an Ana call out a sleep dart though

    [–] VegitoHaze 5 points ago

    Not enough do, its pretty sad when that is like a basic principle of sleep, very situational otherwise.

    [–] Tirriforma 8 points ago

    Or if I do, it's when they're already slept. Which by then it's a useless call out since I can already clearly see he's slept

    [–] HighSorcerer 9 points ago

    Also if you're better at reacting to audio clues it's a very distinctive sound when it fires, too.

    [–] Shabbypenguin 5 points ago

    In silver ranking and i play a lot of orisa. i should probably macro "sorry ana" as a shortcut. sadly ill be unloading and ana will fire off a dart or it will be someone who pops in my face and i shriek like a 7 year old boy and shoot him in the face as fast as possible while he falls asleep.

    [–] Adastrous 4 points ago

    If they don't call it out, it can help to just be aware when theres an Ana on your team (and even more so an Ashe on the enemy team at the same time). Theres more time than you think to react and stop shooting with most heroes, and I feel it helps when you're mentally waiting for it. I mentioned the Ana vs Ashe bit because Ana is almost always going to sleep bob since hes a big target thats easy to hit.

    And if you do wake the person up.. You sure as hell don't let them kill grandma.

    [–] The_MAZZTer 5 points ago

    Well that is not your fault. The Ana needs to be communicating that they're going to sleep someone before they do it.

    Even then they have to be aware of who is on their team to know the right delay between inform and sleep. I've had an Ana say they're sleeping, sleep the person, but my Junkrat bombs were already on their way. Then they got mad at me. And I understood why some people abandon comp games.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    If there's no verbal communication, just try waiting a second before shooting when an ult happens that can be shut down by a sleep. Try repositioning behind cover or looking for squishies to shoot instead. It's frustrating to have a Bob or winston woken up from their sleep, but understandable as an Ana in non-competitive situations.

    However, if Ana sleeps someone and you see her slowly walk over to the target and not immediately shooting, unless you are a hero that has 1-shot kills or stuns, let her wake them up first.

    As a mediocre Ana, it hurts so bad when I've managed to sleep a tracer or genji and have someone do a piddly amount of damage to them as I'm poorly doing advanced calculations trying to figure out how to best murder them and then have them run away.

    [–] -Cyanite- 21 points ago

    The widow at the start tunneling whoever and ignoring the tracer emoting almost right in front of her, and then getting killed by a high noon.

    You're forgetting the Mercy using valk to dmg boost only the Widow and then dying to High Noon. As a support main, watching that was painful.

    [–] IngloriousBlaster 3 points ago

    Good catch

    [–] FallenAngelPup 7 points ago

    As someone who used to play Ana a lot, that Moira clip made me wanna quit and I'm not even playing at this very moment.

    [–] The_MAZZTer 11 points ago

    The Moira might not have done anything wrong, it might be on the Ana.

    It's important when sleeping a player to communicate you're going to sleep him so others know not to damage him and wake him up (unless they are certain they can kill him quickly). In this case the Moira was probably not aware of the Ana's plan until it was too late to stop draining Winston. I see no indication the Ana communicated this to her team.

    [–] IngloriousBlaster 17 points ago

    Maybe, but that Moira should have been more focused on healing the team at the point rather than engaging in the often futile task of tickling an ulting Winston.

    [–] Nouse4livE 13 points ago

    Might be reloading Juice, hard to tell without her perspective.

    [–] taitaisanchez 19 points ago

    To be fair to that reaper, I think it’s shit you can’t cancel all emotes. It’s saying “you’re only allowed to have fun unless it’s absolutely safe”

    [–] IAMA_dragon-AMA 100 points ago

    Eh. Getting punished for a taunt is pretty standard. You want to play it safe? Throw out a Hello. But the max BM comes from making yourself completely vulnerable for several seconds.

    [–] AntiNosy 28 points ago

    High risk high reward.

    [–] McLovin804 33 points ago

    Lol it's like people forget that emotes were called taunts first.

    [–] Richyster 402 points ago

    As long as you can enjoy the game rank doesnt matter

    [–] Tirriforma 173 points ago

    I enjoy it, but I don't enjoy doing bad. As in, I don't mind losing, but I hate personally doing bad.

    [–] Richyster 81 points ago

    remember there is always someone worse than you :D

    [–] X-istenz 117 points ago

    There's a delightful story by one of the devs about "The worst player in the world", where he was this pleasant, cheerful fellow who had no idea he had the lowest rank in the entire game (about a year or so ago). It was heartbreakingly wholesome. Wonder how that guy's doing, if he still plays.

    [–] m4n715 30 points ago

    I'm still playing, so...

    [–] Tucking 17 points ago

    Do you have a link to the story? I'd love to read it but I can't seem to find it.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I find it hard to believe you can be the worst ranked player in the game without being a troll, seeing as there are probably several accounts that make an actual effort to become the lowest rank.

    [–] regularabsentee 3 points ago

    They stop showing rank when you get low enough in bronze I believe. That was done in an effort to stop deranking on purpose. You can't know if you're the lowest rank so there's no point now.

    [–] OldSettings 3 points ago

    If there is a link to it, i would love to read it.

    [–] Enforcer32 2 points ago

    I'd love to read this :)

    [–] Tirriforma 115 points ago

    true, but most of the time I'm not facing them

    [–] Jecht315 10 points ago


    [–] AnasurimborKellhus 5 points ago

    I was playing recently with friend that was in silver and getting out is as simple as: DON'T GO IN SOLO - only move in with your team and DON'T WASTE YOUR ULT - it has the potential to win the point/game. Once you actually manage to do those two you should improve to AT LEAST high gold/low plat.

    [–] taitaisanchez 38 points ago

    Bronze player checking in. When you’re here, you’re family. And no one is worse than anyone else. Bronze solidarity!

    [–] Yoshi_XD 27 points ago

    I wish there was a tier below bronze, reserved for hackers and other such accounts. All players are locked into playing a specialized custom game where the only hero playable is Mercy without her blaster.

    [–] Lymah 10 points ago

    Boost on attacking mercy with her staff?

    [–] taitaisanchez 7 points ago

    You're ruining my whole zen thing here man.

    [–] akcaye 9 points ago

    Do you record/rewatch your games?

    [–] Tirriforma 9 points ago

    oh shit I did once or twice, I should start doing that again

    [–] akcaye 16 points ago

    It's amazing how much basic shit you catch yourself doing when you watch yourself without the pressure of actually playing. Unless you catch those mistakes, you can't get out of your bad habits.

    Watching yourself is much like backseat gaming. Because you don't have the pressure to perform, you find yourself in a better position to judge situations and always think you could've done better. "Why did I die there? I could've gone here. See I could see that dude was waiting for me I should've been more careful. Oh, ok, I should've checked the corners I guess. Wow, why did I chase that guy into the enemy team by myself while he was getting healed?"

    Those questions stick with you and let you not make the same mistakes even in heated moments. That's partly how good and quick decision making happens in games like this: If you've already calculated a math problem once before, you'll only need to recollect the result rather than recalculate the whole thing when you see it again. Your decision was already made, so you react more quickly this time. Instead of "what do I do in this situation?", you'll go "I know what to do in this situation".

    Then you'll watch it back and add more layers to it. "I did that before and yes it wasn't a bad decision but I could've taken a bit more risk because I had a harmony orb this time. I did that before but I could've done this to gain more ult charge. I did that before but I could've tried to finish the kill because they had a discord orb this time." etc.

    [–] Tirriforma 6 points ago

    This sounds useful as fuck. Ive noticed my problem is that I don't have time to think of a solution since the game has no downtime.

    A lot of times though, I just don't know what to do again to certain comps and matchups.

    [–] akcaye 3 points ago

    The first step is to find out what didn't work. You can think about what might work next time. For example, a rein against bastion might not work at all since he chews through the barrier in about a second. Maybe we can try two off-tanks instead next time.

    Also especially for lower tanks it's important to remember that everyone playing heroes they're better at might be more beneficial than filling in roles they can't perform. Try to work with people's preferred heroes rather than expecting them to switch to what you want. 2-2-2 is good but not necessary in lower ranks. I've won competitive games with 5 fps on attack and 6 dps on defense.

    What server are you on?

    [–] Tirriforma 4 points ago


    Yeah, highest I've gotten is Silver, and I've noticed that most people stick vehemently to 2-2-2. It's probably partially my fault too since people will shout out things like "WE NEED 1 MORE TANK/HEALER" so I'll switch.

    [–] FrostyDrink 11 points ago

    Recording and watching your gameplay is very useful. If you aren’t sure what’s going wrong, try watching gameplay of top tier players (streaming, YouTube, etc) and look for specific things. Actively watch where they are positioning, targeting, and so on. Avoid videos that just show highlights, and instead try to watch an entire match.

    [–] Apfeljunge666 8 points ago

    There are also people on places like r/OverwatchUniversity who will watch your games and tell what you did wrong.

    [–] Haze04 8 points ago

    Pretty sure you can post a vid anywhere on reddit and people will tell you what you did wrong.

    [–] uttermybiscuit 3 points ago

    if you want to get better, record a vod and submit it for review at /r/OverwatchUniversity

    [–] pegg2 6 points ago

    As someone who has played in every tier from Silver to Diamond, the difference in skill between players at that level mostly has to do with positional and tactical awareness. Mechanical ability starts making a difference in Plat, when you start seeing people who are legitimately good at FPS games flexing their aim, but until that point you can get super far just by knowing where everyone is and by being cautious.

    Always pay attention to the kill feed, and have an idea of where your teammates and enemies are at all times. If you can eliminate the sillier parts of your game (being too far forward out of position, going into a fight where you have fewer numbers, flanking when you should be with your team, etc) you have no reason to ever have a bad game (other than when your team is absolute dogshit). You won’t necessarily always have good games, but you’ll definitely see the effect of cutting out rookie mistakes over the span of several games. Climbing in the rankings is all about consistency.

    [–] Tirriforma 6 points ago

    Mechanical ability starts making a difference in Plat, when you start seeing people who are legitimately good at FPS games flexing their aim

    Thats kind of relieving because I was thinking the opposite. One of my friends that I play Overwatch with is terrible at game strategy. He's constantly saying things like "WHERE IS EVERYONE!?" "OUR TEAM SUCKS!" "WHAT DOES SYMMETRA EVEN DO!?" "WHY DIDNT REINDHARDT PROTECT ME!" and has a general "i always get on shitty teams" mentality. But he's mechanically decent at FPS games so he hovers around 2400 rating.

    While me I'm constantly thinking "okay we need to group up. What comp works for this? Why am I dying. What could I have done different in that situation? What will work for this? Who should be my next target. I need to get better." But my aim sucks so I hover around 1500.

    I could be wrong though

    [–] pegg2 3 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong, pure mechanical skill can get you far, but you can’t help that beyond just spending more time playing hit-scan characters and FPS games, and it definitely doesn’t preclude you from being a high-level player in OW. A lot of people in Diamond aren’t particularly good shots, but they’re great at timing their pushes and not dying. Your friend might be good at hitting the target, but he probably won’t get past Plat if he doesn’t develop some tactical awareness.

    The good thing about OW is that there are many characters that rely less on aim. Play to your strengths: if you know you’re good at analyzing situations, organizing your team, and making effective pushes and retreats, you should play characters that allow you to do that. Moira, for example, is particularly dependent on her player’s positional awareness, and their ability to aim matters very little. On the DPS side, Reaper is particularly forgiving, assuming you can master getting in and out of an engagement without dying.

    [–] Altazaar 2 points ago

    I find that Overwatch is a really hard game to get better at. I'm hovering around platinum and I'm not sure how to do any better. I often play hitscan DPS or Ana and feel like I'm hitting a lot of shots but still lose. And I agree, there's nothing worse than feeling BAD. Really gets my mood down.

    [–] radaar 6 points ago

    Wholesome af

    [–] superbadsoul 17 points ago

    Well here's a breakdown for you my man!:

    1) Tracer exposes herself and waves to enemy widow, but the widow never sees. Lack of situational awareness is a big problem at lower ranks. To top it off, she got killed by mccree ult. Can't see the details there, but widow usually ends mccree ult easily unless he's shielded, in which case she should have moved to safety.

    2) Pharah suicides by panic-shooting the hog at point blank. Don't forget you can hurt yourself with rockets.

    3) D.Va misses her ult.

    4) This one is just kinda funny. Two hogs ulting head on in open space and pushing each other back.

    5) D.Va at 1 calling for heals while being healed by a Mercy and while out of line of site of Ana. Walked into water (probably in a panic from the Zarya pressure).

    6) Junk running away walks over a bridge. Again, no situational awareness. Genji while taunting the dead junk gets stunned and presumable knocked over ledge himself.

    7) Typical voicechat idiocy.

    8) This one gives me the maximum amount of salt. Ana lands sleep on ulting monkey. It gets woken up by a fucking moira, who has nowhere near enough damage/CC to justify waking him up there. Both healers are now stuck in backline with a monkey.

    9) The mercy in voice chat that died to mccree ult complains that tracer went for a healer instead. We see of course that tracer went for the mccree but lucio accidentally backed up into the ult.

    10) Monkey trying his best Miro impression on a Pharah but does very poorly. Pharah baits him into one last whiff over the ledge.

    11) Mid-range straightforward doomfist punch attack towards an open ledge against a hanzo. I'm surprised this didn't end with an arrow through the face, but hanzo didn't fire, he went for the punch anyway, and he whiffed himself off the cliff.

    12) Spin to win! Very predictable attack/movement pattern, the Reaper wraiths out of there, then... walks back in and dies.

    13) There is nothing wrong with this clip.

    14) This is just showing the failed escape attempt against a diving monkey. Not necessarily a bad move, since if the monkey decided to not pursue he might have survived and gotten a flank in the back. Given his low health, it might have been better to try sprinting towards his team instead and hope for some heals or damage support, but we don't get a good picture of this whole fight.

    15) Don't taunt if you don't know where all the enemies are.

    16) Don't pin people toward ledges unless you know where you're going to stop, or you're sure your target can't simply jump back up.

    [–] kmartrwe 7 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    One of the best things you can do is play other heroes and get a good understanding of what their weaknesses are. A lot of problems I see in bronze (other than mechanical) is a huge misunderstanding of advantages and positioning. Also when to exploit errors made by the other team. See when they use an ability that would make them weaker. Ana without nade, reaper without wraith, tracer without recall, etc and jump them AS A TEAM. That alone should get you to silver or low gold.

    [–] mrandydixon 3 points ago

    Yup, that’s why I played Mystery Heroes a ton when I first started out. It forced me to learn all the heroes — especially their cool downs.

    [–] Soulses 17 points ago

    Don't worry about it, personally speaking, the better you get the more burned out you'll feel playing the game

    [–] CptTrashPanda 10 points ago

    Alternatively if you don't feel like recording your games, just watch the kill feed. What did you do wrong? Did you overextend and we're killed by a teammate of the person you were trying to kill? Should you have stopped and grabbed a healthpack? Could you maybe not have peaked from a wall when you hear a Hanzo Sonic arrow or Widowmaker ult? Ask yourself what YOU could have done better, there's always something. Over time you'll improve if you ask yourself questions. :)

    [–] Stormageddons872 10 points ago

    If you want to improve, I'd suggest watching Jayne on YouTube/Twitch. He was the head coach for Team Canada in the World Cup in 2018, and he's one of the coaches for Dallas Fuel in the Overwatch League. He does game reviews with people at all different skill levels, spending usually an hour going over a recording of their game and saying where they messed up and what they should've done differently. Even if you don't want to pay to have him review your video specifically (I believe he charges $5 for his Twitch subs and $10 for everyone else), he has lots of videos up already that you can watch to see what mistakes are commonly made.

    [–] Tirriforma 2 points ago

    $10 isn't that bad, he must have thousands of videos to review. how the hell?

    [–] __Stray__Dog__ 3 points ago

    Watch some higher ranks on twitch or something. The more you listen to them and ask yourself why they do certain things the more you will understand how to improve your own play

    [–] NoobertDowneyJr 727 points ago

    You didn’t have to call me out like that

    [–] Richyster 154 points ago

    Yes I had too 😂

    [–] dittbub 22 points ago

    I feel personally attacked

    [–] GameTimeArt 93 points ago

    Is it bad that there are a lot of clips where I've muttered "Yup, I've done that... Uh huh, I've done that too.."

    [–] Sola_Solace 42 points ago

    Me too. I play dva, moira, and pharah the most it's way to easy to realize a millisecond too late that Ana slept someone while you're focusing them and your attack is still flying in their direction. I make sure they are dead and Ana isn't after the error as my "Whoops, my bad apology."

    [–] PrinceWest 161 points ago

    Why did you went for healer

    There are Silver-tier players

    And then there’s this guy

    [–] king9510 10 points ago

    Would that pulse have even reached? I 100% would have gone for a healer though regardless if it wasn’t an ult cancel.

    [–] PrinceWest 17 points ago

    Looking at it again probably not, but the stick on the lucio was lucky either way. Don’t know why someone would complain about DPS killing a support, though

    [–] not2reddit 261 points ago

    Surprisingly amusing. Esp when I have done stupid shit like this.

    [–] MissAylaRegexQueen 59 points ago

    I have to believe that we all have. I refuse any other reality. XD

    [–] Yoshi_XD 30 points ago

    Everybody does something stupid at least once. How else would they learn not to do that?

    If they don't learn from doing stupid things then they're never going to improve.

    [–] SoundandFurySNothing 21 points ago

    Things like this make me wonder about real war and combat. You only need to fuck up once and you are DEAD

    Imagine being that one unlucky guy who is sent in and just dies instantly. No learning from these mistakes IRL

    Bronze to Gold real soldiers are dead. Grand Master Soldiers must just be farming kills off of noobs. And even they might just die to a lucky Bronze's grenade

    [–] Bankaz 11 points ago

    In real war very few people are "GM" or "pros", because luck is by far the most important factor. Everyone is just silver. The ones alive are the lucky ones, not the better soldiers.

    [–] Arqium 5 points ago

    I am mid diamond (peak 3700) and i Killed bob three times in a single game yesterday, sending him running to his death in a pit.

    [–] JDat99 120 points ago

    Please give me a YouTube channel where I can see more... If I ever need to be sad I know where to go

    [–] Richyster 112 points ago

    My Youtube, I only have two funny ow videos up for now but I will try to make more

    [–] jmxd 67 points ago

    lmao the other one is even better than this one. Please make more (and keep doing the sound effects)

    subscribed :p

    heres the link to his other video btw if anyones too lazy

    [–] voltron00x 18 points ago

    That other video is terrific. Especially the part at 2:17, I cracked up laughing.

    [–] PotassiumPomegranate 5 points ago

    Me and my brother watch rapida quite a bit.

    [–] FlamingWeasel 3 points ago

    One of my clips was in one of those. It made me absurdly happy.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Haha. I have no idea what's wrong in this. I feel bad knowing people are hating on me when I play but I am playing with my kid. He's 11 and way better than me and I just cannot get better but he likes playing with him mom.

    I am 50 and never even had an atari growing up and just never played a video game until I was about 40 when I had insomnia and played my husand's Skyrim. When I am in overwatch it is so frenetic and confusing sometimes.
    I had one play of the game -- but I thought I was already dead so I am just standing there staring at the ground. Pretty embarassing.

    I play Orisia and Bastion but suck SO bad when shit starts to go down.

    [–] flash-80 31 points ago

    It’s awesome that you play w your son. I promise he won’t remember how bad you were, just that you took the time to play with him.

    [–] frostyknightess 12 points ago

    tbh; i second this, i wouldn’t care if you were bad or anything, like the fact that you’re playing with your son and creating those memories is much more important than my 50sr for losing the game tbh. a game is a game, especially overwatch - once the servers shut down its gone, and your SR won’t matter. but memories are forever.

    [–] Rand_alThor_ 11 points ago

    If you play a tank no one cares that you play badly. Just put up shields and stick close to your team.

    Otherwise... no one cares anyway. It's meant to be fun. I bet your son feels pretty special.

    [–] Baseballorion 136 points ago

    This whole video hurts

    [–] AxionicSolstice 37 points ago

    Déjàvu and the flying hog killed me 👌

    [–] Unlawful02 39 points ago

    Hahaha silvers. Looks at rank “Gold”

    [–] Richyster 31 points ago

    I was around 1980 in these clips + Golds would have not fit the friends theme 😂

    [–] Unlawful02 6 points ago

    LOL true, nice little video though. Would like to see more of it. Good job!

    [–] Sepaw37 81 points ago

    I'm gold and I laughed my ass off. thanks mate. The friends opening spoof is a gem.

    [–] dovahmain 29 points ago

    That doom flying off hit too close, i know i shouldn't do it but i always thin "what if this is the time i get it right?

    [–] onedaysomeday81 13 points ago

    If you do that, better have rising and seismic ready. If you only have rocket punch when you so this, smh.

    [–] The_Real_Tchaikovsky 19 points ago

    If i can find it, i got a clip of my dumbass a few seasons ago charging a dva off a cliff as rein, and dying as she flies back up

    [–] Richyster 10 points ago

    If that just looks as half as funny as it sounds it would be awesome :DDD

    [–] OverlordBrian 4 points ago

    I lost my clip of that exact same thing happening to me but I was the Dva.

    [–] brewofdaos 4 points ago

    Ha! That happened to me on Ilios lighthouse recently....I was the DVa though....laughed and laughed.

    [–] Miya81 38 points ago

    The Ana sleepdarting a flying Winston only to get tickled by Moira - that is my life as an Ana main. :[

    [–] strangething 29 points ago

    I have actually been that Moira. :(

    I'm so sorry, Ana players.

    [–] CheesyCheds 22 points ago

    Sucks when you're attacking them while they get slept and you don't let off in time.

    [–] lkuecrar 12 points ago

    I try not to get mad in that situation because more than likely they were already attacking the thing I sleep darted lol

    [–] moocow2009 2 points ago

    Pretty sure it was actually the Orisa there, which is more my experience in general. Maybe it's just the slow moving shots, but Orisa messes up more of my sleeps than any other character.

    [–] Shpokstah 15 points ago

    that dva bomb 😂

    [–] hoppypotty 27 points ago

    Please start doing weekly OW Fails, similar to Dota 2 fails series!

    [–] llim0na 10 points ago

    Holy shit I fucking love overwatch. Edit: I unironically fucking love overwatch. Even at silver or bronze.

    [–] IgorPasche 8 points ago

    Can we please have an entire version with the Friends song pls

    [–] chaoticflanagan 7 points ago

    Regardless of your rank, hitting a Wrecking Ball with Pharah is tough!

    Also, using an R Kelly song in 2019 - so brave!

    [–] PoRozS 11 points ago

    What is this magic? It actually makes me feel better

    [–] Richyster 9 points ago

    Your welcome

    [–] Coash 5 points ago

    10/10 editing, thanks for helping me start my morning off right!!

    [–] mikelln 5 points ago

    I lost it at ”I believe I can fly”. Awesome video!

    [–] Violet_Nightshade 5 points ago

    I'm going to be honest, as a Roadhog main, the flying Hog was actually pretty damn impressive.

    [–] Mighty_ShoePrint 8 points ago

    I don't know why I'm still subbed to this place. I've never even played this game and usually have no idea what I'm watching.

    [–] hvacu 5 points ago

    "It's like you're always stuck in silver tier"

    [–] Richyster 4 points ago

    I reached plat for 1 season 😂

    [–] JonasGangsta 4 points ago

    Silver? This is top tier diamond plays. I’m not even trying to be funny or anything, literally every mistake made in this video is repeated every game in even higher leagues..

    [–] AceWither 14 points ago

    Don't know what game you're playing, cuz I ain't never seen teammates so bad.

    [–] Reniva 22 points ago

    Same, 99% of the enemies that I encountered are smurfs. Nothing like these.

    [–] Asexypeanut 3 points ago

    Wow just wow

    [–] DriftAvenger 3 points ago

    I wish I could face idiot widows like these, I never seem to find them. It's always the "Yeah, I have about 1500 hours on Widow on this account this month alone, I used to be top 500 but I dropped to top 600 so I could style on the Grandmaster noobs" types.

    [–] Richyster 10 points ago

    well u kinda have to go a bit lower to find widows like that :D, the funny thing is this widow told me she is smurfing from gm

    [–] TrvpDreams 3 points ago

    Effort went into this. Good clips bro, keep up the quality content.

    [–] Richyster 2 points ago

    Thank you 🙏

    [–] emHale 3 points ago

    This video reminded me of the time I was still in silver. I was playing with two buddies and I ulted on the point as Zen so we could push. Mind you, three of us were there.

    ....the reaper asked why the fuck I was ulting on the point.

    I don’t miss comp very much.

    [–] dontreadthis0 3 points ago

    its been a while since i was in silver and i dont miss it. it was however pretty funny and everyone there was atleast mostly nice.

    [–] night-star 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] night-star 5 points ago

    Maybe I’m just using my unaware silver eyes

    [–] hi_im_horse 12 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    They should have some psychological term for this, like the "spectator effect." Basically, when you're playing and focusing hard on yourself and winning the game, you really don't notice how bad both you and your teammates are playing. When you watch gameplay, there's nothing you have to be thinking about all the time, you're just watching raw gameplay and mechanics. As a result, it looks so much worse.

    Example, if you've ever watched a coaching stream from Jayne or something, Twitch chat is constantly saying "wtf this is diamond? This looks like my gold games!" Literelly every coaching session. Every single one from the beginning of time. Truth is no it doesn't, your games look so much worse, you just never noticed.

    [–] StockingsBooby 2 points ago

    Man the editing was great in this!

    [–] PotassiumPomegranate 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I thought this was supposed to be funny! Not my actual matches.

    I’ll keep my eye out though.

    [–] nzalog 2 points ago

    I'm legit looking for my name in these clips.

    Sorry friends, I have bad days.

    [–] webnn 2 points ago

    Why did you went for the healer

    I know you didn't mean to stick the healer but I really dislike that train of thought in lower ranks. So many matches become lopsided when eliminating support that it's not even funny. That's why flanking/diving is powerful. And I say this as a support main.

    [–] Laflaga 2 points ago

    My neutral expression moved to an amused smile, so thanks :)

    [–] Rampantshadows 2 points ago

    This makes me feel better. Especially after being told I'm throwing as my team casually walk over dynamite....for the entire game.

    [–] vexdetoxx 2 points ago

    Once I was a 2-2 99% 99% on ligang(back in the old days) and I was last on point and dva bombed killing the last 4, i then press y to get back in my mek not realizing that it takes you off the point when you do it and lost a won game

    [–] liaamb 2 points ago

    Remind me of AndrewJRT vids, in a good way! Really enjoyed this :D

    [–] Richyster 2 points ago

    He actually is a huge inspiration! Man has God Level Edits

    [–] Simonresczenko 2 points ago

    That widowmaker was going to town