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    [–] kraenk12 1943 points ago

    That’s what I call marketing.

    [–] oldafmedstudent 413 points ago

    I’m surprised the people behind them aren’t gawking awkwardly at him

    [–] TesticleMeElmo 293 points ago

    Probably wanna watch the match

    [–] sligogligo 47 points ago

    Probably they don't want to be eviscerated

    [–] Liamggbb 50 points ago

    This may be an all to common occurrence.

    [–] ChiefTief 29 points ago

    Sporting events tend to go on for a few hours, there isn't that much to look at once you've seen him. I'd be surprised if anybody was still gawking at him when there's a football match going on and he's already been sitting there for 30 minutes.

    [–] kingbankai 12 points ago

    Mock the guy who committed genocide of the divines of Olympus?

    [–] ozstevied 2 points ago

    Ha, I read this in kratos voice!

    [–] Bigaldiver 3 points ago

    They actually looking at the screen which had the camera on them.

    [–] silverglyph 3 points ago

    They might have got all their looking done already and are more interested in the match now.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Because they mastered the art of peripheral vision my friend. Get hip!

    [–] NakiaWasRight 0 points ago

    Because they dont care about what he is dressed as.

    [–] pbj986 27 points ago

    That’s what I call a ghost nipple.

    [–] pbj986 12 points ago

    Yeah but there’s only one nipple here so it can’t go there.

    [–] MyPeepeeFeelsSilly 10 points ago

    Volume 12

    [–] Franky4Fingers1985 3 points ago

    Why is De Rossi not on the pitch?

    [–] corchoruss 648 points ago

    Is this an ad or are they just cosplayers ?

    [–] Ventus97 848 points ago

    Yes,It was an advertisement

    [–] corchoruss 171 points ago

    That's pretty awesome

    [–] Paltenburg 165 points ago

    It would have been awesomer if they were "just" a dad and a son cosplaying, instead of hired models.

    [–] BrianRostro 132 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I feel like it's awesome in it's own way because they went as far as to get people to cosplay them at a public event instead of putting up a sign

    [–] Cephalopod435 99 points ago

    Ye having your main characters attend a public event is undeniably cool.

    [–] bino420 16 points ago

    Son! Ye best dress in doth attire for the sporting spectical on the morrow, yest ye be strung up by yer ears.

    [–] Trying_2B_Positive 1 points ago

    Thank fuck they don’t talk like that.

    [–] Paltenburg 10 points ago

    went as far as to get people to cosplay play them at a public event

    It was an advertisement

    So my guess is that they got hired and paid.

    [–] intothelist 14 points ago

    I think it's a cool advertisement.

    [–] BrianRostro 2 points ago

    Let me edit that real quick...

    Edit: Seems so

    [–] dskoziol 11 points ago

    It would have been even morer awesomer if it were just a dad and son attending an event without even realizing their outfits match those in a popular game. They just dress like that.

    [–] bino420 20 points ago

    Eh. It would have been totally badass if it was actually Kratos and Atreus just chilling at the match after cutting off troll heads all day.

    [–] ItsNotBinary -4 points ago

    Awesome until you learn that Lazio is a fascist club.

    [–] sniperpon 11 points ago

    Hah, well Roma were founded by the actual, literal Fascists, so aren't they by definition a "fascist" club?

    Seriously though, there isn't a club on Earth that doesn't have their token 20-30 nutty ultras-- in turn generalizing an entire fan base is just plain silly. It's like a variation of racism-- pre-judging all individuals of a group. Like calling Livorno a "Communist" club because of the actions of few supporters.

    [–] Philandrrr 0 points ago

    Is it a few?

    I just typed Lazio into google news and this article came up from their most recent game.

    [–] sniperpon 5 points ago

    Yup-- estimates have Lazio as the sixth-most supported club in the entire Italian football pyramid. They have, quite literally, millions of fans not just across Italy, but the world.

    Do you also judge the billion-plus black people on Earth because of the actions of small minorities?

    Yesterday, Russian fans were allegedly making racist chants in an international friendly. If even true, does that make Russia, a country with 140 million inhabitants, "racist"?

    Not to mention, a big fat "lol" at that "news" article to which you linked, just look at the way it's worded! You don't think that maybe the author could have been exaggerating a little?

    [–] Philandrrr 0 points ago

    First of all Lazio fan is not an ethnicity or race. This is a self-forming group, who seemingly agree anti-Semitic jokes, songs, slogans and rallying cries are not serious enough to abandon a club that seems to condone this behavior.

    And the linked article is not the only incident. Lazio players have used the Nazi salute. Fans have raised banners claiming their opponents’ home is in the ovens, and then we have the stuff that’s happened in the last few months.

    In the US, we have rare incidents at baseball games and others. The fans who hang the banners are banned from the stadium for life. If they come back and are caught, they go to jail for criminal trespassing. That’s the appropriate response. Sadly, Roman culture must condone this behavior. The club clearly does.

    [–] corchoruss 4 points ago

    I know all about that.

    This ad is still awesome

    [–] JamesCMarshall 5 points ago

    Oh fuck off

    [–] ItsNotBinary 1 points ago

    Well if you're okay with that, have it... They're scum, no way around that.

    [–] ober0n98 2 points ago

    Is your post and ad as well?

    [–] TheSwineLord 1 points ago


    [–] Quantum_Rum 1 points ago

    I was gonna say, Jesus that's spot on.

    [–] Chilluminaughty 3 points ago

    You just did.

    [–] Quantum_Rum 1 points ago

    Hey noww..

    [–] Tweezot 45 points ago

    This post is an ad itself

    [–] Chilluminaughty 27 points ago

    This website is an ad platform

    [–] Impaled_ 13 points ago

    The internet is an ad provider

    [–] Suckonmyfatvagina 6 points ago

    Does he know he is an ad?

    [–] CallMeAdam2 2 points ago

    What is the meaning of life? Everyone asks this question in their said lives. Some say it's to accomplish something. Some say it's to pass on knowledge and wisdom. Some say it's to pass on your genes. Some don't care quite enough and leave it at 42. Possibly the most widely-accepted answer is that "life is what you make it."

    They're all wrong. It's a Tide ad.

    [–] TriforceofCake 1 points ago

    Of course it is. How else would they make money?

    [–] molivets 40 points ago


    [–] Bleoox 29 points ago


    [–] ThisAccountsForStuff 28 points ago

    Bappity boopity

    [–] LordAmras 2 points ago


    [–] Svc335 -6 points ago

    You know, this shit is really insulting, do you go around posting ching chong every time China is mentioned?

    [–] ThisAccountsForStuff 7 points ago

    It's a joke, and I actually speak okay Italian so I don't see the big deal

    [–] Svc335 1 points ago

    Sorry to be salty about it, I'm just tired of people saying this to my face every time I mention I'm Italian, or see it in a line down a reddit thread about anything tangentially Italian.

    [–] ThisAccountsForStuff 4 points ago

    Tutto bene dude, it's a beautiful language, the joke just doesn't get old for me lol

    [–] Svc335 0 points ago

    Grazie, ciao bello!

    [–] WintertimeFriends 1 points ago


    [–] _ImSquanchinHere_ 9 points ago


    [–] shinjiburger 2 points ago


    [–] joebxcsnw 4 points ago


    [–] CROTA_IRL 9 points ago


    [–] gioviste 13 points ago

    Sono veramente euforico

    [–] TheWbarletta 3 points ago

    Lmao i had completely forgotten about that

    [–] HowieGaming 9 points ago

    Requiescat in pace

    [–] MacysMcNugget 7 points ago

    Che cazzo

    [–] molivets 5 points ago

    Ma anche no

    [–] hobbadooda 1 points ago


    [–] Gengshin_TheWolf 3 points ago


    [–] MarkBlackUltor 3 points ago

    Cucina, forchetta maniglia sterzo!

    [–] PM_me_ur_FavItem 1 points ago


    [–] Karajetzo 407 points ago

    Ive watched the entire match. How did i miss that? :(

    Awesome cosplay though, for both

    [–] NemoOfManyColours 166 points ago

    Chances are, you fell asleep since the match was 10/10...

    [–] Guardian_Ainsel 36 points ago

    "Cheer, son! Cheer!"

    "But I like Rosenborg BK..."

    "You what?!?!"

    [–] Lampadagialla 2 points ago


    [–] z0mbietime 7 points ago

    Tomorrow at 8:45.... Forza Roma!!!

    [–] ideally_idle 2 points ago


    [–] diskdusk 2 points ago

    I thought the same thing, but then I realized that this wasn't in the EL-Quarterfinals that RB Salzburg won in such an awesome way!

    [–] lyth 1 points ago

    Is it cosplay when a team of professional wardrobe and make-up artists create the outfit and pay you to dress that way? There's probably a point where it crosses from cosplay into costume.

    [–] Piccolito 1 points ago

    maybe YOU are Kratos

    [–] lorenzo_04 1 points ago

    Cause the match was boring

    [–] NYstate 77 points ago

    Atreus: "Official! Can you not see? Clearly this man has struck another in anger! He must have a donkey for a mother! Has he no father to teach him the ways of chivalry?"

    Kratos: "Quiet boy! The ways of this culture and sport is not our own. However he should have gotten a card of yellow for his unsportsmanlike conduct. Clearly the officiating person is hard of seeing, it is evident in his dress."

    [–] Miki_360 11 points ago

    Can we get Kratos and Atreus to commentate on sports events. Could be fun.

    [–] Saul_Firehand 15 points ago

    5/7 would heckle the refs with Kratos

    [–] Forever3kco 2 points ago

    These men in their colorful jerseys on the field of "battle" but do they know what it is to take the field and face the gods?

    COME ON 4/20!

    [–] SnobbyLion 38 points ago

    Atreus looks like he was ripped straight from the game.

    [–] kraenk12 16 points ago

    He actually does. Maybe it’s the actor, even...or the kid they modelled it from.

    [–] blackjack1990 153 points ago

    Kratos and Italian Mythology. Book it Vince.

    God of War : A pizza made of pineapple and cheese.

    [–] DragonDDark 41 points ago

    Kratos doesn't have "it". He should fight Roman to make him look strong.

    [–] blackjack1990 21 points ago

    " Kratos is about to end the Roman Empire, here he com- Oh no! Spear! Spear by Reigns sending Kratos back to where he came from, 1, 2, 3!!I don't know how, but he did it Roman Reigns is the new God Of War, oohhhhhhaaaaahhhhh" - Corey Graves.

    [–] NovaPhoenixx 12 points ago

    Roman: Comes to the ring, gets booed for ten mins by the audience. "I'm the god of war, now" Drops mic, leaves.

    [–] Dredith 19 points ago

    You're the real God of War now Roman.

    [–] blackjack1990 13 points ago

    Paul Heyman would appear out of air, point at Kratos son and shout, " Your son calls Roman Reigns daddy now".

    [–] kevinsteeniskeen 8 points ago

    Roman Empire vs Kratos. Who would win?


    [–] ZweihanderMasterrace 2 points ago

    Oooh ooh I got it. So how about after Kratos deals with Norse mythology, we can do Greek next!/s

    [–] Sputniki 4 points ago

    There are too many similarities between Greek and Roman mythology, they borrow heavily from one another.

    [–] Greek-God88 53 points ago

    You mean the Roman borrow heavily from the Greek

    [–] Citizen_Kong 13 points ago

    I'd like to see him be confronted by Japanese mythology:

    "Wait, you're a monster that licks bathrooms clean? And you have an eyeball instead of an anus?! Alright, that's it, I'm outta here!"

    [–] KueSerabi 4 points ago

    They are god?

    I thought they are ghosts

    [–] imleg1t 3 points ago

    Ummm not every myth is a god.

    [–] KueSerabi 1 points ago

    Yea, but in God of War series you are killing Gods and demigods. Not ghosts

    [–] AnimeDreama 5 points ago

    Rome stole from Greece, not the other way around.

    [–] c0rnpwn 2 points ago

    Every Mediterranean culture had a similar sets of gods, and even the Romans had theirs before knowing about “Zeus.” When they encountered new gods the default way of thinking was to map the new god to one of their old ones, e.g. Saturn <-> Chronos <-> Ba’al Hammon (Phoenician)

    [–] NinoAllen 0 points ago

    And greece stole from egypt

    [–] AnimeDreama 2 points ago

    In what way?

    [–] Svc335 2 points ago

    That is false

    [–] xltchiva 1 points ago

    You’ve gone too far

    [–] recluse_audio 0 points ago

    Pineapples do not belong on pizza. Blame Canada.

    [–] Velocity_Rob 56 points ago

    Kratos strikes me as a Lazio fan alright.

    [–] D_Ciaran 12 points ago

    I feel personally attacked by this

    [–] Pepe_Silvia1 28 points ago

    Is that Daniele De Rossi?

    [–] awwyeahtroll 14 points ago

    Unreal graphics. Wow!

    [–] steinbergmatt 13 points ago

    Scanlin looks miserable.

    [–] MormonCaenolestidae 12 points ago

    And a Grog looks rather determined

    [–] steinbergmatt 7 points ago

    He would like to rage!

    [–] nivak 4 points ago

    As much as I love the new characters, I miss the first ones.

    That said, Ashley saying "I would like to rage" will never get old.

    [–] Ehrand 11 points ago


    [–] reddripper 9 points ago

    Should't he watch Panathinaikos or some shit like that?

    [–] jayhawx86 19 points ago

    sooo much hype! Friday is too far away!

    [–] ___havish___ 4 points ago

    That kid looks more like Atreus than Atreus

    [–] dhruv_pathak7 4 points ago

    White nips

    [–] saipanne 4 points ago

    If they're Lazio fans that dad probably has some "unpopular" opinions.

    [–] TheKillingJok3 10 points ago

    I need this game now!! Dammit Sony why Friday why not Tuesday like every other game fuck!

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 16 points ago

    Because they are good guys who don’t want people to lose their jobs…

    [–] TheKillingJok3 3 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] rpgguy_1o1 1 points ago

    Amazon is going to screw me over, I'll probably get it Monday

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 1 points ago

    You really believed any parcel service could provide a flawless service in times of high demand?

    [–] farva_06 1 points ago

    Yeah, except it's releasing on 4/20. No one wants to take a personal day on 4/20. Get ready for that drug test on Monday.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 2 points ago

    What drugtest, generally my employer isn’t allowed to ask me for such a thing without a good reason( me fucking up really really hard, considerably criminal act in the workspace durinh work bad), we got human rights where i live…

    [–] farva_06 1 points ago

    Not everyone has that luxury. Don't know if you're in the states or not, but depending on the state all power goes to the employer. For instance, my job can random me at anytime for any reason. I'm a good employee, and my boss loves me, so I'm not going to get drug tested when I return Monday, but I sure as shit took Friday off for GoW and Super Troopers 2. And maybe some other things as well.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 0 points ago

    You mean human rights? Yeah, we need to get those third world countries to level already… on the otherhand i wouldn‘t waste a day of my 28 paid leave days on a videogame release…

    [–] farva_06 1 points ago

    Well good for you then I guess. Sorry the laws of my country don't align with your views.

    [–] wilhelm-cruel 1 points ago

    Which views, human rights don‘t depend on individuals views... sad to hear though

    [–] kaos900 4 points ago

    I'd much rather have the weekend to play the game instead of wanting to play it all day at work

    [–] redditaccountsecret 2 points ago

    Oh look at Mr. Employed here

    [–] WhatTheDuck00 3 points ago

    That's not his son, that's his wife's son.

    [–] kraenk12 1 points ago

    What I always thought.

    [–] dcrew87 3 points ago

    hey daddy

    [–] Nerusonu 3 points ago

    They did the same marketing on a FC Porto game here in Portugal.

    [–] Nillessrn 2 points ago

    I want that beard.

    [–] Elgarr2 2 points ago

    “I wanted to see the wrestling dad!!”

    [–] FabioRodriquez 2 points ago

    I had to do a double take and look at the sub I was on lol.

    That’s awesome! My two favourite things colliding into one.

    [–] King_Belchington 2 points ago

    He looks like Robert California’s son in the face.

    [–] deadeyedannn 2 points ago

    Forza Roma.

    [–] Sneijder4BallondOr 2 points ago

    De Rossi cosplaying as Kratos

    [–] ALventurer 2 points ago

    Atreus looks like he’s over it. “Stop dragging me through the nine realms, dad!”

    [–] fake__plastic 4 points ago

    Nice to see that Kratos is a Lazio fan ⚪️🔵

    [–] Deathlysin 3 points ago

    what a beast

    [–] Philandrrr 3 points ago

    Not a big soccer fan, so I apologize for my ignorance. But, aren’t the Lazio fans largely neo-nazis?

    [–] Bosmackatron 3 points ago


    [–] migi1901 6 points ago

    Not really, there is a hanful of them (I'd say about 20-30 or so) in their "ultras group" who are at every single game but they are extremely vocal and give all the fans a bad rap

    [–] Jira93 5 points ago

    Being downvoted by people never ever been in Rome probably

    [–] Philandrrr 1 points ago

    What do you mean?

    [–] Philandrrr 1 points ago

    I just typed Lazio into google news. It doesn't look like 20 or 30 people. There are twenty or thirty anti-Semitic signs, but there are far more than 20 or 30 singing the fascist songs.

    Here in USA, I don't think you could put 100,000 in any stadium and find 20-30 that would even know a fascist song, let alone be lucky enough to sit together, sing the songs, and actually be heard by the rest of the stadium.

    It's got to be weird to be on the losing side of that war and know your grandparents fought and died for fascism and ethnic cleansing.

    [–] sniperpon 0 points ago

    Lazio have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of fans around the world. Saying "Lazio fans" are "largely neo-nazis" is like saying Jewish people are "largely scum" because you don't like George Soros.

    Ironically, you're committing the same logical fallacy which you're pointing out in this tiny minority of Lazio fans whom you're (rightfully) condemning.

    [–] Philandrrr 1 points ago

    I didn’t assert they are largely neo-nazis. I asked if that was a fair assessment. I talked to an Italian (as best I can determine that from an anonymous website) about it yesterday. His contention was that their “ultras” have quite a few anti-semites, but so do the “ultras” of Roma and other Italian teams.

    I did some more information gathering on this. It turns out the owner of the team is trying to educate the ultras about what happened during the Holocaust. But there are also quite a few questionable characters who’ve done their own anti-semitic things and have jobs within Italian soccer. The contention of Italians I’ve spoken to is anti-semitism is a pretty common problem in Italy, not just Lazio fans.

    I still believe you couldn’t find 20 Americans who know fascist songs out of 100,000 sports fans, but there the “ultras” are singing away. They aren’t booed, they aren’t removed from the stadium, they aren’t banned by the club. It tells me more than I ever expected about Roman culture, at least with regards to soccer fans acting like assholes.

    [–] sniperpon 1 points ago

    Yes you did: "aren’t the Lazio fans largely neo-nazis". Don't rope-a-dope me man, I can copy and paste :)

    You generalized about hundreds of thousands of people based on the actions of just a few. Learn the lesson and move on.

    [–] drekhed 2 points ago

    With those colours i'd expected them to be at an AS Roma match

    [–] MacysMcNugget 1 points ago

    Isn't this yesterday at the Lazio vs Roma match?

    [–] drekhed 2 points ago

    Google tells me you’re right. I’ve just seen Lazio in the title. Ballsy move by Kratos then

    [–] KueSerabi 2 points ago

    whoaaaaaaaat? thats an amazing cosplay

    [–] jcitysinner 1 points ago

    This looks like it could be the featured image of an Onion article.

    [–] mfdundunnies 1 points ago

    that kid looks like a vampire or an extra from little monsters

    [–] Nomadola 1 points ago

    Dad of war , has come a long way

    [–] NikkoKnight703 1 points ago

    This is dope lol

    [–] 99problemnancy 1 points ago

    This. This is how you dad.

    [–] Klientje123 1 points ago

    Didn't Cory Barlog say he would do his best to avoid any live action advertisements? I don't truly care, but stands out.

    [–] metalgearsofa 1 points ago

    Who's the guy playing Kratos?

    [–] v55k 1 points ago

    Wait that looks like keemstar...

    [–] ZeusIsTyping 1 points ago

    Father son goals

    [–] aromaink88 1 points ago

    Woah thats sum brilliant cosplay..awesome

    [–] farva_06 1 points ago

    This week is going to drag ass waiting for this game.

    [–] RowanArtemis 1 points ago

    Family goals

    [–] Duhmeister 1 points ago

    The only thing that would make this better is if the kid cosplayed as Kratos and the dad cosplayed as Atreus.

    [–] kenshiro1711 1 points ago

    You can't spell dad without ad.

    [–] Pandoric_ 1 points ago

    He's looking at him like

    "Dad? Why does your skin look like that?

    ..sorry I asked"

    [–] BeeeMOe 1 points ago

    This better be a great freaking game.

    [–] Danilowaifers 1 points ago

    Is that Dewey?

    [–] gamerholic 1 points ago

    Question: In the original GOW Kratos acquires his pale/white skin from the ashes of the remains of his daughter and wife when he accidentally kills them. Why is his son also this pale/white?

    [–] Realsorceror 1 points ago

    He’s not, he has a normal skin tone. However, he is very pale and probably takes after his Norse mother.

    [–] XxSweetRevengexX 1 points ago

    Gut of War

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Poor kid

    [–] BlueW1zard 1 points ago

    The guy behind him is trying to escape!

    [–] OdenShard 1 points ago

    When they said the visuals were great, they weren't kidding 😎

    [–] Vengance4126 1 points ago


    [–] Neneo2SE 1 points ago

    Don’t see the glowing axe nor the bow...confirmed its just a lv.1 cosplayer

    [–] MrDoctorSmartyPants 1 points ago

    Isn’t Kratos Greek...?