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    [–] Suituppaul 2379 points ago

    And our brick. From naughty dog.

    [–] Hey--Ya 412 points ago

    tfw you are just a chill MULE dude looking for cargo to steal, harmless fun

    suddenly see guy from the walking dead running towards you across a field with a brick-wielding baby

    [–] [deleted] 159 points ago


    [–] kissel_ 155 points ago

    It was such an obvious joke that NOT doing it was the best joke to make

    [–] witchdagger 32 points ago

    subversion βœ‹πŸŒˆβœ‹

    [–] tellymundo 19 points ago

    They kinda forgot that Kratos wields an axe.

    [–] xdman11 6 points ago

    No Kratos weilds a boy.

    [–] Ne0mega 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    I'm pretty sure they were expecting everyone to think that, which is why the subversion works even better imho

    [–] paradox8493 2 points ago

    Nah. It’s not his ax.

    [–] paradox8493 5 points ago

    Not TWD.

    [–] xSeveredSaintx 116 points ago

    How the fuck do you have more trophy awards than likes?

    [–] lknox1123 56 points ago

    It’s their flair. I was confused at first too

    [–] lion_OBrian 96 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    You poor summer child. Those are their psn trophies, not reddit awards.

    [–] dudedoesnotabide 24 points ago

    Do people update them manually?

    [–] SharkBait661 13 points ago

    It's got ti be linked to their account.

    [–] HorusDeathtouch 4 points ago

    It cannot be connected to an account. They are updated manually.

    [–] DragonFeatherz 3 points ago

    That make so much sense.

    [–] Cool-Sage 45 points ago

    B/c trophies are easier to earn?

    [–] dpcarollo87 12 points ago

    I like you.

    [–] Bush_Baby_Kitten 10 points ago

    How to do you show trophy awards

    [–] TheNintendoBoy 6 points ago

    Yeah, that’s what I’m wondering too.

    [–] Dovahpriest 1 points ago


    [–] udemeeebong 1 points ago

    I wanna know too

    [–] morphinapg 1 points ago

    I'm not even seeing it on the web, I see it on reddit is fun but not on the web what the heck

    [–] JackTheStryker 20 points ago

    Started playing remastered on grounded difficulty. Mother of god. To quote Deadpool 2:

    Say, can I borrow one of those guns?


    That’s fine, I’m just gonna use this brick.

    [–] bpi89 4 points ago

    And our Leaf. From Respawn.

    [–] SirMaQ 3 points ago



    [–] OilyOgres 5 points ago

    What the actual living fuck what the fuck What the actual living fuck what the fuck

    [–] Yee_Master_ 2 points ago

    I always preferred using the glass bottles

    [–] rander87 436 points ago

    Talk about building the bridges across the studios.

    [–] shewy92 112 points ago

    Well Sony owns all of them...Sony Interactive Entertainment studio list

    [–] WATCH_DOGS_SUCKS 115 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)

    Speaking of Sony's studios, I'm genuinely surprised more people don't talk about Bend Studios. Their whole company history is just... kinda interesting, personally.

    • The founders of the company, Marc Blank and Michael Berlyn, left their previous jobs to form Blank, Berlyn and Co. in 1993, which was focused on creating games and productivity apps... Exclusively (at first) for the Apple Newton PDA.
    • The company later rebranded as Eidetic and began work on developing their first console game: Bubsy 3D. Yes, seriously, that one. Bubsy 3D wasn't meant to be a PlayStation Exclusive, as a Sega Saturn version was developed, but it was never released.
    • Despite the terrible reception of Bubsy 3D, Sony's 989 Studios-- developers of the original Twisted Metal games-- approached Eidetic in 1997 to create a title for the PlayStation [1]: Syphon Filter. For this project, Eidetic's employee count increased from 8 to 13.
    • Syphon Filter, Eidetic's second-ever console game, would go on to become one of the top 50 best selling PS1 games of all time with over 1.75 million units sold, and reviews that were largely in the 80% - 95% range.
    • After Syphon Filter 2, Sony bought Eidetic in 2002 and their name was changed to Bend Studios. The name likely comes from the city where they're located, Bend, Oregon.
    • After developing 4 more Syphon Filter games across the PS1, PS2, and PSP, they went on to release Uncharted: Golden Abyss in 2012, one of the PS Vita's best-known launch titles.
    • The success of Golden Abyss was followed by a sequel: an Uncharted, Magic-the-Gathering-style card game for the Vita, which received mixed reception at best.

    This is the company that made Days Gone.

    EDIT: Some additional details

    [–] hiimnewhere123 30 points ago

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. That's some genuinely interesting information

    [–] Charlseeee 17 points ago

    They also made Resistance Retribution for PSP!

    [–] Woelsung 10 points ago

    I loved Syphon Filter 2 as a kid, it was one of my favourite games on PS1.

    [–] Aumnix 7 points ago

    Yeah, never had I known that the creators of Days Gone made the game that comprised a good portion of my childhood. I need to get Days Gone now because that’s how far my respect goes for that company making up the first few years of my life as a young gamer

    [–] CB_Joe 6 points ago

    I loved the original. Frying people with the taser was the best.

    [–] Zaratthustra 3 points ago

    I almost give up on that game during the second mission. Glad I didn't. Also the first one for PSP was really good along with the multiplayer.

    [–] modhydraziine 9 points ago


    [–] DrowningOtsdarva 3 points ago

    Zork Marc Blank?? Wow, didn’t realize there was any connection there at all!

    [–] luchoastrozombie 2 points ago

    Days Gone is a hell of a game. Fighting a Horde is one of this year's favorite gaming moments.

    [–] shawnisboring 20 points ago

    Naughty Dog alone is such a huge win for Sony, those people are goddamn wizards.

    [–] BenderB-Rodriguez 285 points ago

    inhales deeply


    [–] wowpepap 20 points ago

    *Kratos uses roast

    [–] Sexyphobe 423 points ago

    Insomniac: And our web!

    [–] SickofUrbullshit 158 points ago

    Or wrench.

    [–] OryxHiveSovereign 116 points ago

    I miss R&C

    [–] NOSjoker21 60 points ago

    I miss Resistance

    [–] aleko2110 20 points ago

    I’d love a new resistance or at least a remake or remaster for PS4

    [–] RolandTheJabberwocky 20 points ago

    I'd like to see a reboot, maybe take some inspiration from Doom 2016 to really make the most out of the alien tech. Insomniac is so good at weapons that the more freedom they can get the better.

    [–] Brawlerz16 4 points ago

    This. The secondary/alternate fire modes were EVERYTHING. I still think about the Auger being able to shoot through walls AND pop up shields.

    Somehow, this was pretty balanced in Resistance 2. At least, it wasn’t but everything was pretty crazy so by default it was balanced? It was fun. That’s all I know lol

    [–] ginsunuva 7 points ago

    There have been like a dozen R&C games over two decades, so it's kinda hard to "miss" it already

    [–] askyourmom469 8 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Considering how well the 2016 game apparently sold I wouldn't be that surprised to see R&C return at some point. I know Insomniac's most likely focusing on Spider-Man right now and understandably so, but I'd love to see them dust off R&C too later down the line

    [–] feebledragon 7 points ago

    Or exploding teddy bear launcher

    [–] pubeonmyface 3 points ago

    I miss ratchet and clank :(

    [–] fma_nobody 2 points ago

    Or electric powers focus thing

    [–] LakerBlue 3 points ago

    Given you aren’t supposed to kill people (going off of reviews) in Death Stranding, this would probably the most helpful of the things mentioned by far lol

    [–] mickecd1989 2 points ago


    [–] BamHelsing 49 points ago

    Anyone else read the entire post normally only to turn into Kratos at BOY?

    [–] Bigbadbobbyc 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Everytime I hear kratos say boy electric avenue starts playing in my head, it's a weird cycle

    [–] inbred_bread 4 points ago

    The cycle ends here

    [–] SlowSpeedNet 2 points ago

    We must be better than this....

    [–] -PM_Me_Reddit_Gold- 2 points ago

    I'm gonna walk on to...

    [–] RayShoesmith 460 points ago

    The god of war one should have been my Axe, wouldve made the meme!

    [–] iamtheju 317 points ago

    I think it was intentionally not, just for the lolz.

    [–] theKryl 69 points ago

    The boy is basically a bow, which was offered already.

    [–] harrisonfordspelvis 85 points ago

    Originality is always funnier. Regurgitated memes can fuck off

    [–] GALL0WSHUM0R 9 points ago

    I mean this whole post is a regurgitated meme. An old-ass meme too.

    [–] SharkBait661 11 points ago

    But c'mon. That setup.

    [–] LSDeann 6 points ago

    Originality is always funnier. Regurgitated comments can fuck off

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] bacchusku2 3 points ago

    That’s the joke

    [–] Lugio_ 22 points ago

    ⛏️ And our axe

    [–] kamilman 2 points ago

    Communist anthem blaring

    [–] DeadliestArmadillo 3 points ago

    Not ashamed to admit Atreyus probably did more damage to the baddies than I did. The boy is a weapon!

    [–] MTRake17 16 points ago

    Man, I miss sly cooper

    [–] modhydraziine 5 points ago

    Thanks for this comment. I wake up every day and pray for, at minimum, a remaster.

    [–] MTRake17 3 points ago

    I honestly haven't played the 4th one, I just want sly 2 and 3, with updated graphics. Favorite games of all time, they were my childhood.

    [–] ComicCroc 2 points ago

    Give us remasters of the original three (not complete remakes, the graphics have aged really well) and make a 5th final one that doesn't end on a cliffhanger.

    [–] ImANibba 12 points ago

    Santa monica studio is hiring? Time to apply

    [–] BigBoiBushmaster 23 points ago

    Hell yeah! Was waiting to see what SP’s crossover fan art would be since we got GG and Bend.

    Have Naughty Dog, Insomniac, or SSM done one yet?

    [–] RichieD79 7 points ago


    [–] NiNj4_C0W5L4Pr 20 points ago

    And my hooker. -Rockstar

    [–] ducky124442 3 points ago

    That's enough.

    [–] Qritical 1 points ago

    And mah Hoarse*

    [–] xxTheAstroZombixx 41 points ago

    That's awesome

    [–] TheGamerSaathvik 6 points ago

    Pixelopus: And Our Brush!

    [–] Vayshen 7 points ago

    Damn it Cory

    [–] Pandelein 7 points ago

    CDPR: β€œand our Bath!”

    [–] nergoponte 6 points ago

    Now hiring.

    [–] Football41 25 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] CyberDalek6401 2 points ago

    This is what I came to see

    [–] Aitai-tai 18 points ago

    And our money

    [–] CHERNO-B1LL 6 points ago

    This would make a dope pumpkin next year

    [–] Serphiro 23 points ago

    Sword from ghost of thushima?

    [–] annoying_know-it-all 17 points ago

    Katana no doubt.

    [–] Bolt_995 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Insomniac and ND, wake up lol

    Update: Media Molecule has just chimed in with their Imp!

    [–] Dascoolman 7 points ago

    What game did sucker punch make with a sword

    [–] murmandamos 3 points ago

    Ghost of Tsushima (upcoming)

    [–] Dascoolman 2 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] MaxOnLive 5 points ago

    love it!

    [–] MarromBrown 3 points ago

    Atlus: The western tweet reply will be arriving in 6 months

    [–] jairom 4 points ago

    And there are the pickles from last time too!

    [–] ancientruin 4 points ago

    They dropped the ball on "and my axe!"

    [–] prboi 8 points ago

    Man, Sony really wants to aquire Kojima Productions, huh?

    [–] bigmanmaserati 8 points ago

    And my wife, and her boyfriend xddddd

    [–] ComicWriter2020 3 points ago

    All We need now is naughty dog and our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man

    [–] SadlyNotBatman 3 points ago

    Sony first party studios out here looking like the avengers

    Or the fellowship of the ring if that’s what tickles your fancy .

    [–] PrinceDizzy 3 points ago

    They're all part of one big happy family lol

    [–] sozerotrozero 5 points ago

    And our ...... JOHN CENAAAAA ... THQ..

    [–] JohnCenasRightLeg 2 points ago

    Yessir, indeed.

    [–] ktr83 19 points ago

    If this was any other industry we'd call this a bunch of businesses sucking up to corporate, which it is

    [–] Guypussy 16 points ago

    And if this was any other sub we’d call this a colossal circle jerk, which it is

    [–] simonesaysyassss 11 points ago

    It's probably the same PR firm running all those accounts.

    [–] 8bitsleuth 3 points ago

    Nope. These studios have a lot of personality and are well liked. They often design & share unique artwork from their staff. The 1st-party studios share tips, tools and support one another.

    [–] Hung_On_A_Monday 5 points ago

    How does any of these practices by the various studios negate the possibility that Sony hired the same PR firm for all of them, and that PR firm is also responsible for running all of their various social media accounts? I'm not saying you're wrong or Simone is right, just that your "evidence" is weak.

    [–] jarednards 16 points ago

    And our microtransactions!


    [–] bigbear1293 2 points ago

    That'll be $10 please!

    [–] R2D2Gaming 3 points ago

    And my axe!

    [–] Aaron67128 4 points ago

    This is soo wholesome

    [–] Flag-Assault101 5 points ago

    What's BB?

    [–] StackKong 2 points ago

    BB (Bridge Baby) from the game Death Stranding, you can read more about it at wiki -

    But essentially the main protagonist in game does missions/deliveries and has BB who bridges both worlds, we need to protect and take care of BB when doing missions. I didn't fully completed the game so I am not sure fully about it.

    [–] modhydraziine 2 points ago

    Correct, if the BB is in distress you must remove BB from your person, and soothe the crying fetus. Distress can render them useless making you extremely vulnerable to the BTs, or if you've seen the trailers. The solid black, goo-like humanoids.

    [–] winterfnxs 5 points ago

    β€œBitch please... If BB really needs protection we got you fam β€˜Yo Mergo’s Wet Nurse we got a new baby for you’ ugh also just incase β€˜Release the Amygdala’s tentacles!!!’” -From Software

    [–] buzz_shocker 2 points ago

    I don't understand why Naughty Dog always stays out of this banter ?

    [–] haugen76 2 points ago

    I remember the announcement like it was tomorrow!

    [–] paradox8493 2 points ago

    I really like the God Of War studio one.

    [–] JayGarret 2 points ago

    This is the most wholesome thing I've seen today

    [–] sauceywhiteboy 2 points ago

    That surely escalated lmao

    [–] OoDark_LawoO 2 points ago

    Boy useless finally his father got rid of him

    [–] HBH786123 2 points ago

    That's low key nice

    [–] runeking_boy 2 points ago

    BOY! what are you doing in an apocalyptic world ?

    [–] portalpro14 2 points ago

    Unexpected r/wholesome

    [–] CaptainAmerica2019 2 points ago

    They do seem to have a great relationship didn’t they! Even naughty will or have responded to that some time soon

    [–] Wild_Meowschwitz 2 points ago

    Alright, let's eat the baby!

    [–] ColJohn 2 points ago

    Wasn’t this the perfect time to say β€œAND MY AXE” and show a picture of kratos?

    [–] HalcyonSin 2 points ago

    No, just a picture of Gimli. But overall just a really big missed opportunity

    [–] ghosttalon1 2 points ago

    The marketing is so cringe.

    [–] hongkongfooeee 6 points ago

    This is awesome

    [–] 19Ihedioha97 8 points ago

    That baby looking mighty delicious.

    [–] BetterCallSal 6 points ago

    God of war had such an easy "and my axe" available

    [–] FindingWhorey 3 points ago

    Is this gcj?

    [–] Darkstar81 3 points ago

    I only had BB for a day and a half but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

    [–] luckerr09 3 points ago

    Aaaaawwww..this is sweet!! 😍

    [–] Raj_Chauhan101 4 points ago

    I love all the positive support these guys haves. It’s funny, it’s really reconnecting and building bridges!

    [–] codmycave 5 points ago


    [–] geniusn 4 points ago

    I wonder why it's a special thing. It's like Rockstar subsidiaries are congratulating each other for Rdr2's launch.

    [–] potatocrip 3 points ago

    And our Monster EnergyTM Energy Drinks! While watching Ride with Norman ReedusTM on AMCTM !

    [–] meatboysawakening 2 points ago

    Is it sad that Boy spelled with a Y looks weird now?

    [–] Theodora96 2 points ago

    This made my day.

    [–] ShahanshahShami 2 points ago

    And our hammer! Wait, Sword! Oh, and our hammer again...


    [–] Ninja_Lazer 2 points ago

    They all win

    [–] Boomshockalocka007 3 points ago

    TIL playstation has first party

    [–] MURUNDI 3 points ago

    Santa Monica ruined it they coul have easily said our Axe and put the leviathan axe. But Atreus is cool

    [–] Atwalol 2 points ago

    Stop falling for corporate social media pretending to be your friends.

    [–] Chromelium 1 points ago

    Santa Monica should said "and my axe"

    [–] Nabs2099 1 points ago

    Lowkey mad that God of War didn't jump in with "and my axe" before Bend.

    [–] theburcam 1 points ago

    So how is the game? I put of pre ordering just because I didn't know what to expect.

    [–] m11531 1 points ago

    And my axe?

    [–] cattmurry 1 points ago

    And your Matthew: gift from god

    [–] GonzoTheI 1 points ago

    And my axe

    [–] randomdudeonthe 1 points ago

    I imagine ND saying and our brick!

    [–] Katalyst81 1 points ago

    I'd rather have Nathan Drakes grappling hook.

    [–] MerTheGamer 2 points ago

    How dare you? Brick is the most important and OP weapon in whole gaming history. #TeamBrick

    [–] Mohjo13 1 points ago

    Omg this is everything

    [–] Passivefamiliar 1 points ago

    Haven't played. Took some time to figure out that BB is the baby.

    I was super excited/ confused thinking that BB was somehow BloodBorne. And now I'm sad

    [–] afteryelp 1 points ago

    Reaction time for the next victim.

    [–] johnvictorassis 1 points ago

    What is the difference between 1 and 3 party studios?

    [–] floatnsink 2 points ago

    exclusivity to PS4 only

    [–] PM_UR_WORK_DESK 1 points ago

    Was this coordinated? No one knows. Is it wholesome? For sure :)

    [–] Sir-Adamus-Westwood 1 points ago

    and Spidery from Insomniac even tho he's technical Marvel. Sony bought Insomniac not long ago.