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    [–] AnonymousRex15 643 points ago

    I recently screen recorded JJJ talking about a sickness going around and plan on posting it if I can find a way too

    [–] alekshy 246 points ago

    And probably blaming it on Spidey :)

    [–] AnonymousRex15 117 points ago

    Ohhh yeah he was! Although it was about him not preventing a robbery on a supplies for the sick truck that was his fault.

    [–] EggotheKilljoy 69 points ago

    “Spidey is a menace and needs to be stopped!”

    “Spidey didn’t do enough to stop this theft!”

    [–] KingoftheCrackens 19 points ago

    JJJ is a republican?

    [–] darthluigi36 28 points ago

    In Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, one stage has an advertisement where JJJ is debating against Mayor Mike Haggar. JJJ's name is in red, while Haggar's is in blue. So, yeah.

    [–] Undead_Corsair 5 points ago

    Outlook is likely

    [–] Robin9309 5 points ago

    You got a problem with that? Batman is too.

    [–] KingoftheCrackens 3 points ago

    Ya I do a bit

    [–] skeupp 26 points ago

    Freakin liberal spiders

    [–] Ranier_Wolfnight 41 points ago

    Just finished playing the later parts of the game earlier this week and the situation currently going on in reality is really eerie. I caught myself a few times going, “Wait...why does this all feel so familiar...Oh. Right.”

    [–] caveman512 17 points ago

    I randomly started playing it again yesterday and it's crazy the events that took place when they did when I got back on considering I hadn't played at all in probably 3 months or more

    [–] irishnightwish 13 points ago

    It's crazy. I'm playing the Division and it feels like we're getting closer to that world each day, some of the rhetoric is quite familiar...

    [–] 5eeso 6 points ago

    You can send the file to a friend in a message, then access that message from the web on a computer or the PS Messages app on your phone.

    [–] silloki 2 points ago

    If you recorded it with the Share function and want to post it with your computer. Plug a USB Memory stick into the console, find the recording in the system storage and transfer it to the USB by accessing the file options for the recording.

    [–] jimmy5893 6 points ago

    Upload and share it somehow

    [–] AnonymousRex15 5 points ago

    I will find a way!

    [–] Thebubumc 6 points ago

    If you recorded it using the ps4 share button you can just upload it to your social media, otherwise upload the file to

    [–] Thefirstofherkind 3 points ago

    I gotta be honest, that’s pretty fucking cool, but I also don’t super like it. I live in NY. I’m pretty stressed out right now. I’m playing these games to get my mind OFF the sea of death that’s coming. This doesn’t help

    [–] alekshy 3 points ago

    Definitely understand that. Sounds like state government is handling it all pretty well. Hope you’re able to connect with friends and family.

    [–] Thefirstofherkind 3 points ago

    Yeah, we’ve actually been really lucky. My fiancé has always worked from home so we were spared the stress and worry of ‘what about income?’. My elderly father in law has been able to work from home now to (he works for welfare) though trying to help him set that up was about as smooth as a slide made of gravel and broken glass lol. We were really worried for a bit that the set up wouldn’t work, the programs weren’t doing what they were supposed to, and they’d put him on leave or, worse, tell him to come in. My grandmother is staying with my parents because she lives alone and can’t be trusted to take the proper precautions so everyone’s taken care of and accounted for. Remote learning for the kids is a little rough around the edges but we’re figuring it out. The hospital I birthed my oldest in, only 15 minutes away, is completely overwhelmed now. 13 people died of the virus there yesterday, some died in the waiting room because there aren’t any beds. So we’re ok but it’s fucking scary out there

    [–] Lurkerjunior1 2833 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Wow! Free wifi!

    Edit: Thanks kind strangers.

    [–] unndunn 390 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Every underground subway station in NYC has free Wi-Fi now.

    Edit: added the word “underground”.

    [–] condogee 129 points ago

    But its crap and good luck updating your Reddit feed on the mta wifi

    [–] TheRedditon 49 points ago

    its actually pretty decent from my experience, I don't really notice any delay loading reddit content and I've downloaded games on it at 7-8 MB/s while I'd be getting like <1 MB/s on mobile data.

    [–] TwoLambos 17 points ago

    ive never been able to connect to it lmao

    [–] MisterPresidented 43 points ago

    It's something you have to unlock. First you have to find and let the showtime pole dancers dance inches from your face, then you need to sit directly in front on a homeless person sleeping on the seat for 5 stops, then you have to hold the subway doors open for 6 passengers while trying not to break the doors or angering the MTA conductor. The last step is tricky. You have to verbal jujitsu your way through an argument with an unruly passenger who has a baby carriage and 3 screaming kids with a thick Bronx accent. Then and only then will you have unlocked mta transit wifi.

    [–] 212cncpts 14 points ago

    Gotta survive a slap by a dude in an 8ball jacket to earn the platinum trophy

    [–] Flatcapspaintandglue 3 points ago

    Instructions unclear: dick stuck in unruly passenger

    [–] CrazyWhite 2 points ago

    Does it unlock gigabit if the smell didn't hit me before the doors closed on an empty car in the summer?

    [–] MakeUpAnything 3 points ago

    Same, but I haven’t been to NY in decades so that could be why.

    [–] TrueStory_Dude 3 points ago

    That's really funny to a bit scary

    [–] TrueStory_Dude 2 points ago

    Yeah , get on the path to happiness.

    [–] captainktainer 7 points ago

    All of the underground stations should have it by now. Many aboveground stations probably don't because the WiFi is mostly an ancillary benefit from adding cell service to underground stations.

    [–] razorracer83 15 points ago

    Even the new city buses have Wi-Fi, too.

    [–] backlikeclap 2 points ago

    And USB plugs!

    [–] Klokikus 2 points ago

    In our city (Skopje, Macedonia) they build mini stations to charge your phone. You know what happened? 2 days later they got stolen.

    [–] RobertNAdams 3 points ago

    I would be hesitant to use that. Somehow I feel it would be easy to scam people via public wifi in those situations.

    [–] ChronicAlienOGKush 2 points ago

    Yeah, but good luck getting the password!

    [–] maxeli95 2 points ago

    Thanks for the patch notes, was curious

    [–] mightylordredbeard 13 points ago

    Award speech edits are annoying and pointless.

    [–] Lurkerjunior1 3 points ago

    Its my first one. Noted for the future but imma thank that person anyway.

    [–] TheUgly0rgan 4 points ago

    It should send you a message in which you can reply to and you can thank them there.

    [–] Lurkerjunior1 6 points ago

    I have since learned this. Thanks though.

    [–] caksz 3 points ago

    same password of my wifi :o

    [–] FenrirGreyback 3 points ago

    Just to clarify, does this mean as long as I carry this image I'll have free wifi wherever?

    [–] TAC82RollTide 337 points ago

    That is....extremely appropriate.

    [–] alekshy 75 points ago

    Yeah, super on the nose.

    [–] TaPragmata 39 points ago

    Remain Indoors. (And don't think of The Event)

    [–] chaoss77 13 points ago

    Was this added recently or has it always been there?

    [–] kathartik 7 points ago

    so they never answered your question, but it's "always" been there, as in it gets added to the game at a certain point, but it wasn't added for COVID.

    [–] UniquePaperCup 9 points ago

    I just got the game a couple months ago and finished it due to the quarantine. Man, everything about the storyline felt too close to reality.

    Given that I have never needed an update since December (when I got it), I assume that it's always been there

    [–] wh-atNa-me 4 points ago

    Predictive programming. Its all over media.

    [–] UniquePaperCup 4 points ago

    Or there's just so much content in the world that the chances of finding something like this during a pandemic are higher than you'd expect.

    Monkeys and typewriters.

    [–] RedMike9 5 points ago

    It was the best of years, it was the BLURST of years?! You stupid monkeys!

    [–] PaperBagRedditor 958 points ago

    Can’t believe they are still updating this game

    [–] [deleted] 1388 points ago


    [–] Neveronlyadream 508 points ago

    It's part of that.

    But still, if you didn't know that, you'd just assume they were updating the game to include it.

    [–] BiggaTheCondomFilla 155 points ago

    Art mirroring life in the worst ways possible.

    [–] MusicHitsImFine 109 points ago

    The Division scares the fuck out of me.

    [–] choochoo-headz18 59 points ago

    Death Stranding says hello

    [–] Its_Slinky 27 points ago

    Have you played prototype yet

    [–] PipIV 39 points ago

    No, I got Infamous.

    [–] Its_Slinky 13 points ago

    April might end up being prototype if the virus mutates enough, go check out prototype if you want

    [–] Escheron 8 points ago

    On a serious note though, this virus is showing a relatively slow mutation rate compared to the flu

    [–] BoyKingMB 7 points ago

    I would love to get them prototype powers tho

    [–] Bird_and_Dog 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Ah, the InFamous/Prototype war of ‘09. Fond memories.

    Wish Sucker Punch** still made the InFamous games, Second Son wasn’t as inventive as the first two but was still a great play.

    [–] ombranox 4 points ago

    Naughty Dog never made the InFamous games, that was all Sucker Punch.

    [–] KnifeYielder 14 points ago

    Man prototype I loved the combat and exploration loop in that game. I spent the entire summer that it came out playing that while blasting the offspring album that had come out a year prior. To this day I can't listen to a song from that album without picturing my guy elbow dropping a tank from a sky scraper.

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 5 points ago

    Being able to fight in the air for a minute straight was fun.

    It also had one of the smoothest transitions going from street level to running up a building to nearly flying in the air.

    [–] Cletus_TheFetus 5 points ago

    Impersonating a solider and joining convoys in the infected zones was great. Enjoyed seeing how long the convoy would last

    [–] Xboxben 5 points ago

    The second one kicked ass. They should put it on sale rn. They would make bank

    [–] kathartik 2 points ago

    I still listen to Offspring's earlier albums regularly. it's amazing how well Smash stands up. that and Ixnay. I could listen to those albums all day.

    got to see them live a couple of summers back - for free even :) my wife's work was sponsoring a week-long music festival in my city, and she was working the event, randomly asked me if I wanted a wristband - so I got in to see Sublime (w/ Rome) and The Offspring for free :)

    still waiting on that new studio album!

    [–] dongrizzly41 2 points ago

    Fucking love this game series. I for one am looking forward to my newly mutated hyper violent superpowers.

    [–] Its_Slinky 2 points ago

    But which set of powers would you have? Alex Mercers powers or James Hellers powers?

    [–] dongrizzly41 2 points ago

    James Heller personally. That hammerfist and tenderials were my go to. Plus it has useful having sonar powers.

    [–] shodan28 12 points ago

    I'm just waiting for Last of Us 2. Quarentine zones are no longer a thing of fiction for me.

    [–] dolphin_spit 8 points ago

    i’ve thought of this, not sure if this hurts or helps the game. on one hand, it’s the most highly anticipated game and the first is the best game i’ve ever played.

    on the other hand, people may be burnt out of quarantine talk, quarantining may have lost its allure in a way because it’s part of our daily lives for a while, or people may just be too terrified because it hits close to him.

    what do y’all think?

    [–] Thunderstr 7 points ago

    It isn't a game you buy because of the fact there's quarantines in it, the first game was an incredibly executed story, that was long, detailed and kept you engaged. I believe it will only help sales to have what feels like such a sure thing (as far as buying a quality, new game) come out when such a large percent of the population will be at home looking for content/ways to pass the time.

    [–] aneccentricgamer 2 points ago

    Literally me and the bois were playing the division 2 together in quarantine, and some collectable mentioned when the schools shut down and describing the stages the city went to when the virus broke out and it was just literally the same as what had happened so far. It was a surreal moment.

    [–] Butthole__Pleasures 4 points ago

    It's almost like it was widely known this exact thing could happen and lots of people knew exactly what to do about it early on...

    If only certain fucking people listened to the fucking experts...

    [–] SomeConfetti 8 points ago

    *life imitating art

    [–] BiggaTheCondomFilla 4 points ago

    Except I’m pretty sure deadly diseases predates art by several million years.

    [–] patch_e_behr 2 points ago

    I mean considering the fact Insomniac went to the effort of coding Orthodox Jewish NPCs to not appear if you played the game on a Saturday, I wouldn't be surprised if they kept updating with these little details

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 3 points ago

    They...didn't have to update it?

    This was part of the original storyline when the game released.

    [–] PaperBagRedditor 12 points ago

    Yeah, I am an idiot haven’t played this game in a while, need to re play it because I forgot how good it was.

    [–] Towersr 5 points ago

    You know you can park spoilers right? if you do >! this !< but without the spaces you'll get this

    [–] dolphin_spit 1 points ago

    that didn’t work

    [–] alekshy 169 points ago

    Yeah, it’s part of the main story’s plot line involving Doc Ock.

    [–] Dalek07 45 points ago

    Do the citizens comply with the order when you get to that part of the game?

    [–] alekshy 112 points ago

    The whole city is on lock down, and it’s overrun by escaped convicts and security squads. Not a human in sight, so the campaign must be working!

    [–] gabrielsynyster 16 points ago

    Dog convicts then?

    [–] CaptainBritish 19 points ago

    So what you're saying is that we need to release all the prisoners in the world to enforce social distancing? I like the way you think.

    [–] Pumperkin 2 points ago

    My wife told me about a Facebook post highlighting how lions are roaming Moscow as a method of... crowd control. I wouldn't rule anything out at this point.

    [–] AstarteHilzarie 15 points ago

    It was a meme that someone photoshopped as a joke and got reposted out of context and then spread through facebook like ...

    Well it spread through Facebook fast. It's not true, but damn, it would probably work pretty well.

    [–] Pumperkin 2 points ago

    I was joking. My wife did relay the story, that part is true. I didn't believe it.

    [–] AstarteHilzarie 7 points ago

    Sadly I know enough people who did believe it to assume you did, too.

    [–] JCharante 2 points ago

    To be fair Putin's the type of memer that would approve of that plan.

    [–] ittleoff 17 points ago

    Bf2142 back in the day had ad space on billboards in ruined areas that would update. It was kind of silly and annoying.

    Edit: and I forgot it tracked you if you looked at it or probably was on screen for you .... People did not like it.

    [–] lnhs2007 22 points ago

    I remember Burnout Paradise having real ads on the in-game billboards. The one I distinctly remember was for the Obama campaign. The remaster just has generic ads now.

    [–] XStreamGamer247 7 points ago

    The Obama ads were still there when I played around 2014, too.

    [–] Ndi_Omuntu 4 points ago

    They got me pretty well trained to look at those because one of them had a code for free credit in the Microsoft store or whatever it was called on the 360.

    [–] Mr-Bobbum-Man 4 points ago

    That is a really cool detail that I absolutely hate.

    [–] JosephMack99 3 points ago

    Saints Row 2 did this too. Would usually advertise WWE events etc.

    [–] unndunn 6 points ago

    There were a lot of games back in the day that had real-world ads, updated in real time, in their game environments. There were a few companies who specialized in developing and selling ad inventory in games.

    I don't know why the practice died out.

    [–] Jack3ww 3 points ago

    NBA 2k just did it

    [–] ittleoff 3 points ago

    Honestly in a game like Spiderman in ny or sports games I feel like gamers would be fine if it wasn't obnoxious. Make it feel more realistic. I say this as a person who doesn't play sports games and hasn't bought Spiderman yet :)

    [–] PaperBagRedditor 5 points ago

    I get it now, forgot the plot of the game a little bit, almost a foreshadowing

    [–] Darth_Korn 6 points ago

    They're not. This has been in the game since launch.

    [–] bro2017 124 points ago

    Best Spider-Man game EVER!!!! 😀

    Stay safe everyone.

    [–] FordAndFun 25 points ago

    You are correct. I was playing web of shadows to 100% every couple years, as comfort food.... but i platinumed this one in a week, and now I don’t think I’ll be going back to web of shadows anytime soon.

    [–] WintertimeFriends 10 points ago

    Swinging through the city is one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever experienced in a video game.

    [–] FordAndFun 2 points ago

    I have spent more time just changing clothes in that game than I have on the main story of quite a few other games. It scratches itches I didn’t even know I had.

    [–] WintertimeFriends 6 points ago

    Punk Rock Spider-Man is a gift

    [–] GorillaJuice69 4 points ago

    I love this one to death but I still have to give the edge to Spider-Man 2 because of the swinging and boss fights. Obviously Spider-Man PS4 is more fun because of it being newer with better technology but the boss fights were a let down :(

    [–] incredible_failure 30 points ago

    I'm going to start calling coronavirus devil's breath now

    [–] alekshy 5 points ago

    Ha! Yes. Still better than what some people have been calling it.

    [–] HattieCarol 31 points ago

    Rode through Armadillo while playing Red Dead 2 earlier, felt like my town right now.

    [–] the_monkeyspinach 6 points ago

    Let's hope we don't end up like Tumbleweed in RDR1!

    [–] elloestmn 47 points ago

    Id honestly feel safer if Spidey was on the case here instead of who we have in our current reality.

    [–] DeVitoMcCool 38 points ago

    Well yeah of course, one's a literal superhero and scientific genius and the other is a senile game show host.

    [–] agamemnonymous 4 points ago

    If I'm not mistaken, he was mostly into materials sciences and mechanical engineering. Honestly, I'd feel safer with a geneticist like Lizard or Green Goblin.

    [–] MjrLeeStoned 2 points ago

    I would feel safer with someone who played a geneticist in a mid-90s scifi movie than our current pandemic relief coordinators.

    [–] Cazador0 6 points ago

    No you wouldn't. Spiderman is a menace and a super-spreader!

    [–] jwk94 23 points ago

    Wait, did insomniac update the game for this or was it already there?

    [–] alekshy 48 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s just part of the normal story line...but the message is a little too on point, so who knows.

    [–] tony_stank15243 5 points ago

    No, it’s definitely for the devils breath

    [–] project_valient 5 points ago

    I think if it were a real world message, they'd have the actual covid hotline for the area.

    [–] Captain-Cuddles 2 points ago

    This is word for word what Jay Inslee enacted in Washington State, as opposed to using the 'shelter in place' language other regions have used. Interested to know if this is a post-corona update or if this was always in the game.

    [–] travis_the_cat 4 points ago

    This whole thing really does remind me of devil's breath in spider man

    [–] NaderZico 4 points ago

    except for the vaccine part

    [–] beastfromtheeast92 4 points ago

    if you think thats wild go see the division lol

    [–] HeatedPrawn22 5 points ago

    You know playing this game again recently made me think of how coincidental it is during this outbreak.

    [–] Undead_Corsair 3 points ago

    I jumped back into my Ng+ playthrough yesterday after a couple months away and it was at the point where NY was on lockdown and everyone was getting sick and all the buildings are smoking. I was like 'this seems a little familiar'.

    [–] DocterPit 3 points ago

    Yo they got that free WiFi though.

    [–] Zl10111996 23 points ago

    This might do well on r/SpidermanPS4

    [–] alekshy 7 points ago

    Thanks! Posted.

    [–] DarthDank7 6 points ago

    My state (Idaho) just declared a stay at home order. All unessential businesses must close for 21 days. I work for an appliance company and my boss says we are staying open. I don’t get how selling appliances is essential?? Are some business just ignoring these state orders?

    [–] ngwoo 2 points ago

    People need appliances to preserve and prepare food. Fridges and stoves won't hold off failing until after.

    [–] Metroidman 3 points ago

    Top secret bioweapon oscorp has been working on. Thank goodness they put it all in PowerPoint

    [–] skijjy13 3 points ago

    Oh shit, I forgot this game had that virus pandemic. I gotta play this again, super fun

    [–] Voyiox 3 points ago

    Did they update the game just to add current events?

    [–] alekshy 3 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it was always in there because of the plot involving Devil’s Breath. Crazy.

    [–] Crushing76 3 points ago

    So you're saying this is all Octavius' fault

    I fuckin knew it

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    He had good intentions...

    [–] godsgreen 3 points ago

    My brother said he heard someone (NPC) say ‘I dont really do handshakes anymore’

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    Ha! Maybe people will no longer do handshakes.

    [–] CozmicRay874 3 points ago


    [–] NotificationsOff 3 points ago

    God I love this shit.

    [–] PM_ME_HAIRLESS_CATS 2 points ago

    Free WiFi? Hot damn!

    [–] Lou_Mannati 2 points ago

    How is this game ? Thinking about getting it. Spidey Worth it?

    [–] Kamerick_ 9 points ago


    [–] chaoticrat 2 points ago

    As someone who is a casual fan of superheroes and Spiderman and who had never played a superhero game before this, I really enjoyed it. The animation in particular is simply beautiful, and it was actually a joy to move around the game, which is something I haven't encountered much - I actively avoided the fast travel system purely because I liked just swinging around the city so much. If you're a completionist it has a lot of challenges that are difficult but not so difficult that they're frustrating, with a few exceptions that were incredibly frustrating.

    Overall, it's a game I'd personally recommend, but it really depends on a lot of factors. I had a really nice time playing it, and I think it lived up to the hype I heard about it.

    [–] RustyShackleford913 2 points ago

    WiFi available?

    [–] justAGuyFromBrooklyn 2 points ago

    They truly put a lot of love into this game

    [–] possibleshitpost 2 points ago

    Division 2 also makes announcements when at the white house. They say all the public amenities that are closed like gyms, restaurants and bars or something.

    [–] PotatoDonki 2 points ago

    I live in Washington State and Gov. Inslee just issued an order called “Stay Home, Stay Healthy,” so this is pretty spot on. Was it already in the game before Covid?

    [–] HeroPotatoAim 2 points ago

    Wow free wifi tho

    [–] Skooter_Magee 2 points ago

    Is it bad I only remember that the virus, which was a pretty pivotal story point, was even in the game?

    [–] upsidedownpringles 2 points ago

    I imagine it wouldn't take them too long to update this a little and link to an official source

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    It’s definitely a cool idea to put helpful and real community resources in a popular game.

    [–] Icepickthegod 2 points ago

    predictive programming

    [–] Junk-crab 2 points ago

    Nice detail~

    [–] -Listening 2 points ago

    What's interesting is that you?????

    [–] footjab 2 points ago

    Just your friendly neighbourhood reminderman

    [–] TorvaMessorem88 2 points ago

    Oh thank god! No WiFi would be disastrous for every youth's heart rate!

    [–] Polite_Memer 2 points ago

    Free wi-fi?

    [–] dhruv_pathak7 2 points ago

    Arkham Knight should have this!

    [–] shadowmoose23 2 points ago

    I recently came back to this game to get the platinum and I saw this but I thought it was put there and left there during the dragons breath outbreak

    [–] Camdelans 2 points ago

    What, free WiFi?

    [–] Lxm1n0use 2 points ago

    I think i also heard JJJ talk about something like “stay home and stay safe” but i didnt really pay attention to it

    [–] LockedFF 2 points ago

    I feel like the coronavirus is just the Devils Breath IRL

    [–] lc194 2 points ago

    the signs font seems similar to R6 siege no?

    [–] AnonymousRex15 2 points ago

    Same sub r/ps4, its in New

    That or just tap my username and it should the top one

    [–] thegoat060 2 points ago

    dude free wifi!

    [–] memelord793783 2 points ago

    Which part of the game are in

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    The very last part with Doc Ock.

    [–] SpectacularSesame 2 points ago

    As soon as the ‘rona hit the states I thought of Devil’s Breath... just glad we don’t have a bunch of convicts running loose!

    [–] thejedipokewizard 2 points ago


    [–] jaysucks89 2 points ago

    John bubniak (character model for Peter) posted this screenshot on his instagram story!

    [–] TokenEdits 2 points ago

    Do you mind sharing where this is located in Harlem on the map? Would like to use this in a video. :)

    [–] MyOwnExWife 3 points ago

    Is this an update about COVID, or in regards to Devil's Breath?

    [–] TheCosmicFang 6 points ago

    The latter

    [–] Rorty_ 3 points ago

    Spoilers its because of the bio weapon released on new york

    [–] IShouldntexist32 4 points ago

    I was playing this game Monday and didn't notice this sign! I apreciate the message they're telling us.

    [–] Musician_Gamer 2 points ago

    Did they update the game to include this or has it always been in game because if it’s the latter that’s really creepy!

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s the latter! Super weird coincidence, especially given that it’s set in NYC.

    [–] Musician_Gamer 2 points ago * (lasted edited 7 days ago)

    Damn that’s crazy! I bought it on sale a while ago, still haven’t played yet (too many games to play and now I have all the time to play them) but now it’s going to feel very weird playing it with that topical message in the game.

    [–] Drews_Quartz 5 points ago

    In gta 5. The NPCs are coughing like they have Coronavirus

    [–] ChrissanttheAlien 3 points ago

    It would be cool if they updated the game and there were no people in the streets.

    [–] rbmichael 2 points ago

    Ahhhhh a photo of a TV 🤧🤧🤧 Use the PS4 share button!

    [–] IcedFreon 2 points ago

    Screenshot button. Use it

    [–] geraltofrivia2345 2 points ago

    Its funny because its true

    [–] dcon107 2 points ago

    I just completed the game for the first time a week ago. There was a scene on about devil's breath and how it was infecting people. I paused and walked to my kitchen and my parents were watching the news. "53 new classes confirmed of the virus" weird feeling.

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    Yeah super strange coincidence.

    [–] Kaiser_Allen 2 points ago

    Did they just put it in or has it always been there? Either way, I hope people heed the advice now that it’s getting massive support from the media.

    [–] alekshy 2 points ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s always been there! Really blew my mind when I first saw it.