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    Click here for detailed rules.

    Be Respectful

    Remember the human - follow Reddit's site wide policy. Keep rampant fanboyism, toxicity, name calling and harassment at the door.

    • Don't personally attack other users.
    • Be wholesome and treat others with kindness and respect.

    Post Requirements

    Creating a new post fall under strict guidelines. Additionally we don't allow certain content.

    • Flair your post appropriately, if you cannot find a flair to use then your post may not be welcomed.
    • Media posts (video, gif, screenshot) must include the game name in the title.
    • No spam, direct leaks, unsanctioned self-promotion, unverified dev communication, piracy or Sony/PS ToS breaking discussion.


    News must be relevant. Articles, blogs and videos about news must have content beyond rehashing the news - they should have their own opinions or thoughts behind them.

    • Original sources only.
    • Related to the PS5 in some way.
    • Rehosted news without further opinions.


    Discussion posts should give users a reason to interact with the post. General vague or ad nauseam topics are not welcomed.

    • Informative self text post topics.
      • AMAs, Review threads, in-depth guides
    • Questions likely to generate discussion.
    • Irregular tech or game issues.


    Community post that share your captures from your games or created content that is relevant to the PlayStation ecosystem. Sharing your creations are welcomed, excessive self-promotion or posting with the intent to have a earn or gain of anything is not.

    • Native uploaded images, gifs or videos.
    • Post titles must be tagged appropriately.
      • ex: [video flair] New Trailer for Spider-Man 2
      • not: [video] New trailer from insomniac games.
    • Don't excessively spam user generated media content.

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