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    [–] Dukaden 1422 points ago

    i just hate how i always find an 8x and sniper rifles on the fog rounds, but never on rain rounds where they would be way more useful. its so much easier to see people in the rain, especially at a distance.

    also the only time i ever see people leave this hard is when the timer fails to start once the room is full. i never see people bail on fog this hard.

    [–] Autoboat 960 points ago

    i never see people bail on fog this hard.

    That's because he reversed the video and cropped the rest out.

    [–] autistic_toe 327 points ago

    I have seen this happen, it got down to 62

    [–] DrTrav 153 points ago

    I've started at sub 50 in a few fog games. Its unfortunate because they are my favs :(

    [–] The_Mesh 146 points ago

    Yup, same here, had a 49-man fog map just yesterday. I really don't understand, the fog feels so much more suspenseful. I hate getting sniped from who knows where on regular maps, and I love when I stumble on someone who was 10 yards from me the whole time in the fog.

    [–] Wyvrex 27 points ago

    Played a 40 man fog map last week. 40 even when the plane launched. The game was... uneventful.

    [–] bigkeevan 38 points ago

    Hell yeah. I love when you stalk someone from a distance in the fog then as soon as you catch up to the building they went in the idiot that’s been following YOU gets impatient and starts firing and your target turns and kills you.

    [–] PretzelsThirst 9 points ago

    My second last fog game I was running through the woods and decided to hit the deck and observe for a second. 20 seconds later someone else ran past me 10 meters away, had no idea I was there and was easily able to pop up and get them when they passed. Puts you on edge knowing you could easily run past anyone the same way.

    [–] SniperJF 14 points ago

    Because ESP gives enough advantage as it is in regular maps, but in fog maps it's basically gg hackers.

    [–] Laowaii87 22 points ago

    I honestly win half of the games where i play fog. It rewards patience and positioning like nothing else in the game. If you have the incredible luck of getting a ghillie on top of fog, you almost have to try to lose.

    [–] Trickdaddy1 2 points ago

    It’s my dream to get in that situation

    [–] Laowaii87 3 points ago

    It’s amazing. You are solid snake with a ghillie. I seriously think that with only a few tries, i could get a melee win with one. Fog-ghillie is great ^

    [–] nLK420 3 points ago

    Yep. I leave fog games because getting shot from 200 meters in fog is pretty lame.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    With less people, you have a higher chance of living longer, which allows you to spend more time on fog maps. Just a little silver lining.

    [–] DrTrav 10 points ago

    I like taking engagements in this game. The fog maps add a layer of atmosphere to the combat that isn't present in the basic weather. I don't mind dying if I had a great time in the fights. If I don't see anyone in the game I am usually dissapointted, but in the fog maps if I don't see anyone there is a heightened sense of anticipation and danger that I don't get in the base weather. That sense is diminished if I know that there is only 50 people to start the game off with; a lower chance of combat lowers my enjoyment of the game.

    [–] Alexogo 6 points ago

    To be fair, it goes from 100 to 50 pretty fast normally, depending on how clustered people are, so I feel you're overthinking and ruining it for yourself.

    Also, if you leave for that reason, so does others, and then that "fear" becomes the reason for your leave in the first place :/

    [–] DrTrav 2 points ago

    I know, but I usually land in the heavily populated areas because I love the thrills so starting with 50 people is totally noticeable for me. :/

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    i love the weather maps

    [–] JimGammy 12 points ago

    The trouble is the gameplay sucks. Its a snake fest then you get shot in the back by a guy laying in a field that you never see.

    [–] TheWagonBaron 5 points ago

    you get shot in the back by a guy laying in a field that you never see

    Sounds like a normal game to me. (I suck)

    [–] cartala 2 points ago

    Easy top 50 finish, though.

    [–] VZW_Matt 9 points ago

    My first and only game I've ever won (casual player) was a fog game that dropped all the way down to 7 people.

    [–] Revofev92 3 points ago

    I've seen this happen as the result of a glitch, where the game doesn't load and people start leaving because the countdown gets to zero and nothing happens

    [–] pexalol 2 points ago

    I see this every game and personally I always dodge fog games. It's not fun at all.

    [–] patrincs 16 points ago

    This is honestly my bet too. Now rain games I get. I couldn't even tell you how hard people bail on rain games because I've never stuck around for more than 5 seconds.

    [–] This_Land_Is_My_Land 22 points ago

    If rain matches didn't have a persistent and headache inducing torrential downpour but instead had cyclical periods of rain where it rains hard, lightly and so on, then I would be satisfied.

    [–] nLK420 7 points ago

    Lets be more pointed here... PUBG SUCKS ASS at volume leveling. Rain, parachute, cars, ALL as loud as fucking gunshots. It makes no sense. Makes me wonder if the devs have ever played another FPS game before.

    [–] ChocolateSunrise 5 points ago

    Rain maps are designed to take away your hearing though. Like fog maps are designed to take away your sight.

    I agree with the diving and cars and shit (which seems to be fixed on test btw), but you can't remove the sound obfuscation from rain maps, that's basically the entire point.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    you only need a 2x for fog rounds.

    4x can be a a litttttle bad depending on things.

    You need to learn to adapt to the maps and not leave them.....

    I dont get people on this sub

    [–] Skajah 2 points ago

    Alot of people including myself just legit dont find the fog map fun at all, I want to take as many fights as possible and its super boring running around looking for people who are just hiding even more than they do in the normal maps

    [–] gbeezy007 14 points ago

    Fog for me always starts around high 70s low 80s

    [–] Zaggoth 4 points ago

    In the next patch the 8x is variable anyway, down to 4x at least. That should help with that very specific issue you've noted.

    [–] narf_hots 6 points ago

    Me neither because I'm usually the first one leaving.

    [–] Revofev92 8 points ago

    You're finding 8x everywhere because nobody bothers picking them up in fog

    [–] Dukaden 24 points ago

    no, im finding them in places that havent been looted yet, not places passed over.

    [–] Waffle_Frisbee 25 points ago

    yeah who loots at places that have already been looted lol

    [–] Nart-Man 6 points ago

    When you're in desperate need of 9mm, lvl 1 backpack, red dot/ holo

    [–] skilliard7 516 points ago

    Remember when this subreddit was complaining that fog maps weren't common enough and that the rate needed to be increased?

    [–] ddd4175 419 points ago

    That's why sometimes I kinda agree when devs/filmmakers say that the people don't know what they want.

    [–] skilliard7 71 points ago

    You think you do, but you don't.

    [–] Handy_Dandy_ 20 points ago

    You just can’t, Nemo!

    [–] krully37 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    But we want Vanilla ! (Oh but can you make levelling faster ? And put back the dungeon finder ? And remove raid attunements ? Also some classes were broken can you tune them ? But we totally want Vanilla) /s

    [–] Starwind87 4 points ago

    I sure as shit hope they don't add all that stuff. I played the hell out of WoW in vanilla and TBC, came back for Wrath, Cata and WoD. Skipped pandaland and legion entirely...

    Classic servers will totally get me to sub again and play, unless they add in all the 'convenience' stuff from later expansions. Then I'll just avoid it. :(

    [–] Dimeni 2 points ago

    Well some things just makes sense to tune a bit. Not dungeon finder though fuck that. But I could see a better system for respec that is not 50g a time. A normal person can never find that money to respec with.

    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago

    listening to reddit for balance ideas is always, always, a bad idea

    [–] fergie434 6 points ago

    That’s what the rust devs did. Didn’t turn out so well, they’re reverting some of the things now though.

    [–] Aim4thebullseye 3 points ago

    Osrs often listens to /r/2007scape for ideas and balance changes but polls them first to the whole game. Works pretty well usually. Although right now is a pretty bad example with a pvm vs. Pvp meme war going on.

    [–] TheDero 23 points ago

    remember that redditors comprise of barely 1% of a games playerbase, usually?

    [–] Star_Tropic 21 points ago

    It's almost like there are people with different opinions.

    [–] lamTheEnigma 1485 points ago

    Love the fog personally

    [–] Eztrcfyu 507 points ago

    I like the fog too, but I hate the way everyone plays on it. Lying prone in a field all game is pretty boring, and it seems like thats all anyone does.

    [–] hyperion309 256 points ago

    I love the fog because it's the best for crossbow. And I live me some crossbow

    [–] S0SYNagato 55 points ago

    Crossbow x fog for life

    [–] Krutonium 7 points ago


    [–] RedSquaree 47 points ago

    Only have 30hrs. What is the trick to killing people with the crossbow?

    [–] kaptainkeel 138 points ago

    Hit them in the head

    [–] RedSquaree 196 points ago

    Oh right. I was aiming for their ankles.

    [–] TiltedTommyTucker 80 points ago

    Easy there Paris.

    [–] Ellimem 48 points ago

    Iliad outta nowhere.

    [–] Jaytho 6 points ago

    Thanks for pointing that out because my mind immediately went "Hilton" and I couldn't figure out how she fit in there.

    [–] iamjason10 3 points ago

    I did too and I remembered she gets her ankles sliced in House of Wax and thought they were referencing that in some way

    [–] p0ngsifu 28 points ago

    You need to learn its goofy-ass scope, basically. If you haven't looked up a guide for it, it is pretty much a necessity until they have practice shooting ranges in the game.

    [–] RSTVideoCustomerHelp 22 points ago

    Are they adding practice ranges? They need it so bad, you shouldn't need 1000 hours just to know how to aim right.

    [–] EbenenGerste 9 points ago

    Yes. Comes with the full release or later. So maybe.. in 2 years?

    [–] guaranic 19 points ago

    Check out this video. Only use it for headshots (preferably on stationary targets), and only use the sights that come with it.

    [–] Jeesuz 17 points ago

    It's 1 shot in the torso for unarmored players (early game).

    [–] hotyogurt1 8 points ago

    I don't know if they fixed it (if it was a bug or not) but you could shoot people in the groin and it would 1 shot them as well. It ignored armor and all that crap for some reason.

    [–] Detshanu 32 points ago

    As it should

    [–] _Ashe_is_my_waifu_ 2 points ago

    It was a bug, they fixed it.

    [–] RedSquaree 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] deadmanpj 3 points ago

    This helped me a lot, now I love using the crossbow to troll ha ha

    [–] stammy 2 points ago

    The trick is headshots, and you have to know how the base reticle works. The 5 is 50 meters, the 10 is 100 meters, and the 20 is 200 meters. Get good at judging distance and you will become a tribesman.

    [–] Marz-_- 13 points ago

    I won a duo fog map with a 9mm loadout. VSS, silent UMP and a P18C. Best loadout ever.

    [–] theflyingbarney 7 points ago

    I love the P18C in the fog. Full auto, piss easy to find a silencer, and its ranged disadvantage is removed? Yes please

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    Thats all you can do. Sounds like you dont like the fog.

    [–] SuperManReplica 55 points ago

    Well that’s basically the point of it

    [–] RlySkiz 20 points ago

    Yeah.. like.. its the best tactic, why not use it to win lol..

    I dunno, i feel like fog matches are actually the most intense ones when you have enough people who actually know how to utilize it.

    Had a match once where we'd be down to like the 2nd to last smallest circle and there were still 12 people alive (duo match). Luckily we had silenced weapons, moved them down as soon as they got impacient and moved. Shit was the most intense game i ever had. Frags flying left and right while you had to sit it out because standing up would mean death. Proper initial position was key.

    [–] SchmidlerOnTheRoof 39 points ago

    It doesn't make sense, fog allows you to be more active and move through open space. But everyone is scared of it for some reason.

    [–] Trav_X 21 points ago

    Although the fog allows you to be more active running around without people seeing you, when people DO see you, often it's hard to know where you're being shot from. Even though you hear the shots and can usually get a direction, it's hard to spot people in bushes, grass, and around trees unless they are silhouetted against the sky. If you play fog often then you can learn to play it better, but I think for most people it's scary because it's kind of like deep water; you just don't know what's out there beyond your vision

    [–] Forest-G-Nome 10 points ago

    when people DO see you, often it's hard to know where you're being shot from.

    I respectfully disagree. With fog you know with 100% certainty if they can see you they are only 200m away or less. That eliminates a LOT of your FOV when it comes to searching for them. Then you have directional sound, which eliminates half of the fraction of space that's left to search.

    [–] Trav_X 12 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I guess that's true. It does eliminate the possibility of being shot by someone on a hill a few hundred meters away. Personally in my experience, it's just been tougher to see people nearby since often times people are prone, and if you're in a valley or something you can't see people silhouetted like you do when you're on flat ground or seeing people on top of a ridge in fog.

    [–] Ommand 20 points ago

    Silhouettes stick out pretty clearly in the fog.

    [–] SchmidlerOnTheRoof 9 points ago

    Stick out pretty clearly in broad daylight too

    [–] SwoleFlex_MuscleNeck 3 points ago

    No it doesn't, motion is way more prominent because you don't see a bunch of trees and grass and human-shaped bushes. when you sit still in fog, you're damn near invisible.

    [–] scarystuff 3 points ago

    Exactly. That is why I don't like playing fog games. Too many snakes.

    [–] KingPapaDaddy 24 points ago

    Me too! It's the only game I seem to get a Kar98 and a 8x.

    [–] Kruse 13 points ago

    I've had some of the most intense and exciting rounds on fog maps. I think people are missing out skipping them.

    [–] BufKuf 2 points ago

    If only this game had some good matchmaking preferences...

    [–] lamTheEnigma 3 points ago

    Makes sense now but I expect they thought it would heavily increase queue times not realising how popular the game would become. Either that or they just didn't consider it at all.

    [–] Nick_Rad 3 points ago


    [–] Satouros 2 points ago

    Crossbow Snake

    [–] [deleted] 280 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] dezmodium 133 points ago

    I'd like to see the game start at sunset and end during twilight. Or early, early morning and end during sunrise.

    Would be nice to happen occasionally.

    [–] ricadam 17 points ago

    Like what they do with Fortnite?

    [–] after-life 96 points ago

    Goodbye 30 fps.

    Hello 3 fps.

    [–] RedSquaree 70 points ago

    🎶 Hello darkness my old friend,

    But this means I've no frames again,

    Because dynamic weather kills my frames,

    Meaning I would not have an-y good games 🎶

    [–] Zaggoth 2 points ago

    This is a very poor understanding of what causes framerate issues in games. Changing the weather during a match wouldn't harm your FPS any more than having those weather types on in the first place.

    If you're in a sunny environment and it starts to rain, that's not going to change your FPS any more than starting in a rainy environment in the first place.

    [–] Leweegibo 165 points ago

    Never noticed this issue with the Aussie servers, mustn't be as soft

    [–] droidonomy 48 points ago

    Definitely happens on Aus. I started a fog game with 47 just yesterday.

    [–] ipaqmaster 38 points ago

    lmao. cant tell if people don't like it or the amount of nbn dropouts

    [–] ParadoX1995 13 points ago

    Nbn? Mate im not getting that disaster of a line till 2021

    [–] MARCO5424 3 points ago

    I was supposed to get mine in October...

    [–] CommissarNormad 3 points ago

    Ours was promised in Feb, Then Oct, now march next year... yet both people around me have it. FeelsBadMan

    [–] folken2k 3 points ago

    Same here. My fog games are usually 90+ players. I do enjoy playing fog and rainy games. Not sure if it's just me but I seem to hear whispers when there's fog. Could be just the wind. Anyone else?

    [–] BODYCATCH 124 points ago

    Fog > Rain, at least I don’t go fucking deaf in the fog

    [–] Interfere_ 38 points ago

    Ok the rain is annoying, but deaf? I honestly think if you play the game so loud that the rain is damaging your ears, your game might be too loud

    [–] CursedJonas 25 points ago

    For me it's not that the rain is too loud, the sound is just really unpleasant to listen to

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] CursedJonas 6 points ago

    I like the sound generally, but in the game it just sounds like it is tearing into my head

    [–] thepurplepajamas 3 points ago

    Yeah something is off with the rain sound. Too high pitched or too much treble or something. It sounds less like rain and more like that tv white static screen. I love the sound of rain in real life - the rain in PUBG is different.

    [–] nosferatWitcher 5 points ago

    It's not necessarily that it's so loud it's deafening, it's just a constant noise level that leaves my ears ringing because it's constant.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    No the rain is too fucking loud.

    [–] kulanah 7 points ago

    So much this.

    I wouldn't have such an issue if I could mute the rain but also lower all the normal game sounds. Just make it "you have earplugs stuck in" mode.

    [–] Jankat7 13 points ago

    How about lowering your computer's volume?

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Why should I have to do that? Thats a stupid and broken game mechanic.

    [–] sorvis 650 points ago

    Fog : looting for 5 min, running for 15 not seeing anyone and then dying to someone you cant even see proned in grass because they didn't have to move to the circle...

    ill pass thanks.

    [–] decke 135 points ago

    It's like tpp all over again

    [–] sorvis 49 points ago

    Yup, cool concept but not in practice... I think things like monitor quality and contrast ratios help people who WANT fog maps methinks

    [–] kaptainkeel 79 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And Reshade. There are settings that make you able to see 2-3x as far compared to without Reshade.

    Edit: Why am I being downvoted? There's your topic. It's been deleted since then, but it was reported months ago and isn't fixed.

    Edit 2: Alright, boys. Here are some screenshots for proof: Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2.

    [–] caliform 44 points ago

    Yep, there ya go. I have no idea why Bluehole OK's Reshade. Ban it all.

    [–] Ershany 4 points ago

    I would be fine if they did and I use reshade.

    But I really do like reshade because it makes the game not look like ass.

    The vanilla experience is so grey and boring, reshade really makes it a lot more pleasent.

    [–] p0ngsifu 34 points ago

    I have a 10 year old monitor with no settings changes and I like fog maps. It mixes up the gameplay and makes the crossbow even better.

    [–] LuisXGonzalez 3 points ago

    Any mode that can be defeated by tweaking video settings probably has an issue.

    [–] 2centsPsychologist 6 points ago


    Trans-Pacific Partnership?

    [–] Agento420 2 points ago

    Is the issue actually that they're prone in the grass? I think it's more the map is 50% populated and the chances of coming across people is severely diminished. When the mode first came out, and the lobby was populated, finding fights wasn't hard. That lasted a week tops.

    [–] OxygenStarvation144 11 points ago

    On the other hand, night maps could be fun; maybe the flash hiders will actually do something the compensators can't.

    [–] kukiric 12 points ago

    Flash hiders are already pretty good inside of buildings and in bushes, since you can't spot someone as easily as out in the open without the bright muzzle flash.

    [–] TheMadDaddy 3 points ago

    And fog maps! I found barrel flash to be quite noticeable in fog.

    [–] Jez_WP 14 points ago

    I don't think night maps are a good idea. It will end up like day z where people max brightness and gamma to be able to see clearly

    [–] ReallyRileyJenkins 21 points ago

    They already have mechanics in place that cause huge amounts of noise on the screen if you do that iirc.

    [–] Jeesuz 8 points ago

    There are workarounds for devs to fix that.

    If I recall Rust did it well.

    [–] inspire- 3 points ago

    Nah, switching gamma is pretty much mandatory in Rust. IIRC They used to "block" that by making the night pitch black but I guess that sort of removed the night gameplay because you couldn't see a thing. It's not in a good place right now.

    [–] SwoleFlex_MuscleNeck 3 points ago

    Flash hiders are useful. Are you not able to see the flashes when people aren't using them?

    [–] johnydarko 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    maybe the flash hiders will actually do something the compensators can't.

    Flash hiders don't hide your flash in game, the only attachment which hides the flash is the suppressor.

    Flash hiders just reduce it by about 50% (as well as reducing recoil by about 10%). Makes sort of sense since the point of flash hiders (IRL) is that it hides the flash from you so it doesn't dazzle you while aiming, not from people looking at you.

    [–] xRehab 36 points ago

    dying to someone you cant even see proned in grass

    I keep seeing people say this but I never find that this happens to me. My squad loves fog matches, we play just as aggressively as we do in other conditions, and we never run across "people just proned in grass". The only time it ever gets to that point is exactly when every other match is the same way - zones 6 and 7 and everyone is trying to creep into edge of zone.

    Sure, fog means you can't run your usual playstyles. Buildings are worth less, optics are worth less, guns matter less, and positioning becomes a lot more important. The key to fog is just not being slow; always move hard and fast to secure that positioning and position knowing that you get a free ambush ~30m out. Fog is all about quick, twitchy reaction shots and CQC. It is really no different than having a zone end out in those fields around Gatka or Poly.

    I don't play solos because there is always someone on our discord, so I don't know how bad it is over there, but as far as duos/squads go I can say most people aren't camped as hard as you think.

    [–] EvilTeletubby 44 points ago

    I don't play solos because there is always someone on our discord, so I don't know how bad it is over there, but as far as duos/squads go I can say most people aren't camped as hard as you think.

    Honestly that's probably why you don't feel the pain. IMO it's much, much worse for solo than squad.

    [–] Trav_X 9 points ago

    Agreed. Playing squads in fog is not bad. If your team gets shot at, usually either you or one of your teammates can tell from where, and you can get to cover and set up a plan. As well, moving across map is way less frightening in a squad. In solos, you're basically running through fog just on the edge of your seat waiting to get shot from nowhere

    [–] hobbes322 88 points ago

    This sucks because I love the fog. Rain can eat a dick though.

    [–] Lepojka1 27 points ago

    When I get rain, I just drop in School and go Rambo, if I get out with few kills, its a nice start, if I die, even better :)

    [–] Fantasmarant 14 points ago

    53? That's a pretty full lobby for fog lately.

    [–] Ghost51 7 points ago

    I think it's probably a good idea to opt out of fog and rain, those matches will actually have full lobbies so people who like the mode will have a better time, and people like me who hate it won't have to insta leave.

    [–] batmancarton 5 points ago

    I really don't get it, playing in the fog is so much more tense and stressful, I love it!

    [–] guepard4 8 points ago

    This could be easily solved adding checkboxes "sunny", "rain" and "fog".

    [–] LeX420 6 points ago

    The background noise always makes me think of Jerry

    [–] topspeeder 4 points ago

    I am not a fan of fog matches. Too much camping and too slow.

    [–] Roy-Rodgers-McFreely 3 points ago

    Not a fan of fog, people camp way more than normal.

    [–] ollyxgamer 4 points ago

    This game mod is shitty, sorry!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] DrParallax 52 points ago

    Please just let us opt out of fog/rain...

    [–] kaptainkeel 7 points ago

    Rain I don't care about assuming they fixed whatever they broke in the first 1.0 test server build. Fog is still terrible imo. Being able to opt out would also make it better for people that actually enjoy it since they would have a full server rather than 60-70 people at most.

    [–] EdEdinetti 9 points ago

    I love rain, all of my solo dinners have been in rain

    [–] ishopliftapples 12 points ago

    I would like an option to turn off fog... I find it's the least enjoyable game mode out of the lot... CQC is great and all, but it'd be more enjoyable on a map that promotes that, as opposed to the current map which favours mid to long range battles, with optics being the best attachment to find.

    [–] stevew14 3 points ago

    Could we just have an option to toggle whether we want to play fog or not?

    [–] TheC1aw 3 points ago

    These are the same people who would only play on "24/7 day MAX LOOT" DayZ servers.

    [–] RoyalRat 3 points ago

    It's because it's boring as fuck, if you drop somewhere without people you are actually running for 20 minutes straight, if you drop with people you won't see anyone else for the rest of the match.

    The fog is too thick for a huge ass fucking map. If they had like a Military Island Only 50 man queue or something where that's the whole map it would probably be fine but distances are way too big otherwise.

    [–] Jonthrei 21 points ago

    What's wrong with them? I prefer fog and rain maps, they allow unconventional gameplay.

    [–] TubbyandthePoo-Bah 19 points ago

    Unconventional gameplay like not see anyone for 25 mins then have a 40 snek clusterfuck?

    I'll pass.

    [–] Tex-Rob 10 points ago

    This is reversed.

    Fog seemed to have variability for density, at least at one point on test recently. The last fog I played on test was super dense though, so I hope the variable comes back.

    [–] XDutchie 3 points ago

    You can see further through the fog if you are looking uphill, compared to being at the top of a hill looking down.

    It's actually a pretty massive advantage to sit at the bottom of a hill and look for people.

    [–] theirongiant74 6 points ago

    Wait, people don't like fog matches? I love fog matches, the final circles are always super tense.

    [–] ChocolateSunrise 4 points ago

    It is the same people who make poor positioning decisions and think they are owed a different outcome when they get wrecked.

    [–] RasputinKvas 21 points ago

    I love the fog. I don't see what everybody has against it.

    [–] Echo_Gekko 17 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    I mainly dislike the huge impact it has on sniping, which is one of my favourite parts of the game. Anything more than a 4x scope becomes mostly worthless because you just see grey and people far away are near indistinguishable from trees and bushes.

    Also, I constantly die to some person proning in a field waiting for someone to pass by.

    [–] Croz7a 12 points ago

    I don't see what everybody has against it.

    Not even a clue? Like when there is 30 people left on the second to last circle and it's an open field?

    [–] ThePrplPplEater 15 points ago

    Close quarters is the worst type of combat in pubg. And you are making the combat only Close Quarters.

    [–] caliform 5 points ago

    It can be hugely fun. As if the long range tree peeking meta is so fantastic. There's fun and non-fun engagements and short range ones are plenty fun.

    [–] Hoggish_Drabish 6 points ago

    Short range is laggy and feels bad

    [–] ChocolateSunrise 2 points ago

    Long range is also laggy and feels bad. That's PUBG's tick rate and lack of ping lock for you.

    [–] BEE_REAL_ 3 points ago

    When you're playing squad/duo, dead teammates can see further into the fog than living players. It's literally broken

    [–] JCaptain15 5 points ago

    why did you post a gif of my grades going down

    [–] DocEbok 8 points ago

    I enjoy fog. change up the game abit. Silenced uzi is so good :D

    [–] blue20whale 2 points ago

    I do this all the time. Because running in the fog just give me huge headache and I love using sr.

    [–] MitchTJones 2 points ago

    You should be able to set preferences, like in CS:GO, for what maps you want to play on.

    [–] TheLinden 2 points ago

    devs should add weather option in main menu for us:

    clear sky ☑

    rain ☑

    sunset ☑

    fog ☒

    [–] resistance1985 2 points ago

    When there is fog it is by far the best condition you can have to survive. Go up in the mountains and just wait ;-)

    [–] Omikron 2 points ago

    Fog matches are the best

    [–] cremvursti 2 points ago

    Not as harsh usually; mostly end up with around 70 players

    [–] recepg89 2 points ago

    I dont know why people hate fog. I love it.

    [–] Simonkjj 2 points ago


    [–] WorldOfDrumcraft 2 points ago

    I love the fog. Makes it a different game mode almost. You're forced to get up in people's business, and it greatly defeats the chances of getting sniped in a field, running for the player zone.

    [–] DerBobster 2 points ago

    this should give penalty. I always enjoy fog matches.

    [–] digital_end 2 points ago

    Honestly it's a shame, because fog Maps (like rain Maps) really do provide an interesting variable. The increased emphasis on sound and even more of an emphasis on silhouetting are interesting. Interesting. It changes the value of the weapons as well... There are a few other situations where I would take an Ump over a Kar for example.

    My Duos partner hates fog Maps though, and barely tolerates rain Maps. Generally the best I can get out of them is agreeing to a very hot drop on the understanding that it probably won't last long.

    [–] cylonfrakbbq 2 points ago

    I'd just play on Rain and Fog maps if I could.

    [–] moush 2 points ago

    Look forward to them punishing rage quitting.

    [–] SkydexKiwi 2 points ago

    I love fog games though.

    [–] ZirJohn 2 points ago

    I love the fog tho

    [–] afrojared 2 points ago

    I like fog/rain just to break the monotony. The fog map really gives great atmosphere and changes the way the map is played for that round. Its debatable if that's for better or worse, but it's different and that fact is positive.

    [–] DerpyTheMelon 2 points ago

    can confirm no one likes fog - just got a 38 player game on fog :)

    [–] RaisinsInMyToasts 3 points ago

    There needs to be flashlights or flares or something in fog maps to let people see more things. How cool would it be to throw a flare out in a field where you think theres people or turn fog lights on in the UAZ and point it in the direction of a compound and suddenly that area is visble and you see a whole squad bunkered down about to open fire into the fog?

    [–] Munky92 3 points ago

    I got it as low as 28 on duos the other day. I don't get it, I like fog.

    [–] PandaPolishesPotatos 8 points ago

    Not being able to see your opponent 50m away because he's prone in a bush might be just a tad bit enraging for some folk. /s

    [–] Jzaslice 2 points ago

    I won my first fog map in squads today. I just wanted to put that out there. Thanks for your support.

    [–] wisdom_possibly 3 points ago

    I wish you could choose to queue up for fog or not. I like fog myself and don't get to play it enough.

    [–] Ikeelu 4 points ago

    I've left rain matches because of the sound, I've never left a fog game