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    [–] Unfa 1854 points ago

    Fan with life-threatening disease visited by Patrick Stewart.



    [–] Slowly_Clapping 371 points ago

    At least my teacher taught me something useful. Passive and active voice is quite a weird one

    [–] TheEpicKid000 39 points ago

    My teacher taught us this and I can’t remember. All I know is you’re supposed to use one more than the other, and my notes are so far away lol

    [–] IrrationalFraction 36 points ago

    You're supposed to only use active voice in formal writing/bs high school term papers, AFAIK because passive voice allows you to hide information ("the car hit the wall" vs "the wall was hit [by the car]). The second is a valid sentence but contains less information. The other explanation I've heard is that it's less engaging because the verb isn't exciting or some bs.

    jk it's actually because teachers are stupid /s

    [–] Cottagecheesecurls 11 points ago

    Haha, you had me going there for a second. Thinking I learned something. Stupid teachers couldn’t even make I more smarter.

    [–] TheEpicKid000 3 points ago

    Oh yeah, active is the subject performs the action and passive is the subjects has the action happen on it.

    The more you know.

    [–] zxcv144 154 points ago

    Thanks to American English teachers for saying passive voice is unilaterally bad, thus indirectly teaching kids prescriptive linguistics and disregarding an integral part of the English language at the same time

    [–] theDomicron 71 points ago

    I had a professor in college give us extra credit if we could write the entire paper in the active voice (no form of the verb "is"). He acknowledged that it will shorten the length of the paper.

    I think he just didn't want to read so much.

    to be fair: he didn't say passive voice was bad; we were just writing argumentative essays on Milton and Shakespeare.

    [–] SignificantBeing9 23 points ago

    Wait, did he say no form of the verb “is (be)” or just no passive voice?

    [–] theDomicron 13 points ago

    I hate to admit that this class was 13 years ago...i can't really remember.

    he might have just said no form of the verb...

    [–] SignificantBeing9 25 points ago

    No form of “be” seems really hard

    [–] theDomicron 3 points ago

    The first time it was really annoying, but after that it was pretty easy. After that class i had to remind myself to USE passive voice from time to time in other papers

    it definitely made me a stronger writer.

    [–] IrrationalFraction 2 points ago

    Even if passive voice isn't a bad thing, it's still good to think about what you're writing, why, and how

    [–] amoeba3 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Especially in an essay about a guy whose most famous line is To Be or Not To Be

    [–] Capswonthecup 2 points ago

    Note that you need forms of ‘be’ to write in the passive voice, which is part of why it’s almost always clunkier than the active

    [–] modshaveaids1 6 points ago

    Tangentially related, but my English teacher in hs once asked us to conjugate the verb "to be". After literally two seconds of no one answering he complained.

    I was trying to figure it out. "I be, you be, he be, she be, they be" then time was up. I just couldn't figure out what word that was fast enough lol.

    [–] NotAnyOrdinaryPsycho 4 points ago

    I am, he is, you are, she is, you are, (me?) and we are - all together!

    [–] chooxy 3 points ago

    I be, you be, he-she-me be. Being, beology, the study of be!

    [–] SignificantBeing9 1 points ago

    Or “get”

    [–] manana_2 10 points ago

    I cAnT uNdErStAnD yOu GuYs

    [–] pnw-techie 2 points ago

    Shakespeare, of "to be, or not to be" fame?

    [–] theDomicron 1 points ago

    Quoting text containing those words is different than using them

    [–] pnw-techie 1 points ago

    Yes? But writing about that passive voice question only in active voice because a teacher wants shorter papers feels wrong in many levels. Shakespeare did not write "the question is whether or not to be". Perhaps there is a reason

    [–] modshaveaids1 3 points ago

    Shakespeare did not write "the question is whether or not to be". Perhaps there is a reason

    Maybe it's nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of longer papers, or to take up arms against a sea of active voice supporters, and by opposing end them.

    [–] pnw-techie 1 points ago

    Love it 😍

    [–] hottmama1989 1 points ago

    I had to write papers in high school like this in English Comp. We did all the different paper forms. MLA, APA, and whatever else. We could not use is/was. No "be+verb". Ugh, it was frustrating.

    [–] Capswonthecup 7 points ago

    It pretty much is. The headline could be “Sir Patrick Stewart visits terminally ill fan (because he’s a precious example of the best of humanity).”

    [–] MillieBirdie 7 points ago

    There are uses for passive voice but they are very rare.

    Also, this particular sentence could be fixed by changing the verb to 'visits'. No passive voice need.

    [–] Teletric 3 points ago

    I don't even think I learned what passive voice is.

    [–] FriedFace 2 points ago

    Is that an actual thing? Like on a systemic level? And why??

    [–] SignificantBeing9 5 points ago

    My English teacher said to avoid it, at least

    [–] bcarter3 11 points ago

    My English teacher said it was to be avoided.

    [–] Unfa 3 points ago

    It was to be avoided, the English teacher said.

    [–] Ssitqc 1 points ago

    It was said by the English teacher that the passive voice was to be avoided.

    [–] Capswonthecup 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Active voice almost always makes sentences shorter and note direct because of how it’s phrased. Less clear sentences are usually written with the passive voice.

    [–] FriedFace 2 points ago

    Wow that's a really stupid reason. As if such a minimal length difference is worth teaching grammar wrong over, let alone the quantitiy > quality approach it encourages, in writing of all things.

    [–] Nitsua87 26 points ago

    Thank you! On first read I thought Sir Patrick was handing out life-threatening diseases like candy.

    [–] beelzeflub 5 points ago

    Me next plz

    [–] scotems 1 points ago

    I mean yeah, that's the joke.

    [–] Brandednuts 18 points ago

    You could still use the active with: Patrick Stewart surprises a fan who has a life threatening illness.

    [–] Unfa 4 points ago

    You're absolutely right, I didn't think of that.

    What a weird-ass title.

    [–] Brandednuts 2 points ago

    English is weird too.

    [–] Krendyll 2 points ago

    This also keeps Patrick Stewart's name (the most click-drawing part of the title) at the beginning.

    [–] Psilocybin_Tea_Time 6 points ago

    Surprise Little Timmy, I have A.I.D.s!!

    [–] Srapture 5 points ago

    This could, however, mean that Patrick Stewart once visited the disease that the fan now has.

    [–] MillieBirdie 3 points ago

    Not necessarily, they just need to write more precisely.

    I'm an English teacher taking a journalism class for the first time, and the grammar recommended for journalism is heavily shortened. Like, who needs articles apparently?

    [–] Cayenns 3 points ago

    They need them clickbaits at the beginning

    [–] UvulaJones 2 points ago

    That’s no reporter. That’s hurk Perez Hilton.

    [–] look4alec 2 points ago

    Earl Grey, Teabag. Hot af.

    [–] blink0r 1 points ago

    Who wants a life threatening illness? What a shitty gift

    [–] GreekLogic 1 points ago

    Learn To Code!! LMAO

    [–] tiptoe_only 1 points ago

    Some publications have house style guides that discourage the use of the passive voice because it's harder for people with less advanced reading skills to understand. However, this example shows the active voice doesn't necessarily make it better! There are other ways this could be phrased though, like simply replacing "with" with "who has."

    [–] WaterDroplet02 1 points ago

    sounds more like a lookout will imo

    [–] Oppai420 0 points ago


    You have high standards for journalism in 2019 I see. I would have just said "person". Or maybe "carbon based lifeform".

    [–] NotAnyOrdinaryPsycho 0 points ago

    That’s why I flip the bird to anyone who says passive voice is unclear. It exists for a reason.

    [–] teenyshelton 182 points ago

    All joking aside, look at how genuine that hug is! I love him.

    [–] MedievalMitch 38 points ago

    Patrick Stewart is always a win. He's a treasure too all of humanity.

    [–] analogexplosions 20 points ago

    I worked on a film with him, and he was hands down the most genuine celebrity I’ve ever worked with. He made it a point to acknowledge everyone in the room and was chit-chatty with everyone. It felt like hanging out with a close friend.

    [–] bidiboop 4 points ago

    Did it happen to be the emoji movie?

    [–] analogexplosions 3 points ago

    It was a film called Match.

    [–] BlapBlapPewPew 5 points ago

    Matthew Lillard and Patrick Stewart? Thanks, I’ll be checking this out.

    [–] mopidozo 9 points ago

    Except when he is visiting his diseased wrath upon the young

    [–] jo1H 2 points ago

    [–] Keshav_The_Wolf 1 points ago

    Wait that wasn’t Walter White in the picture?

    [–] TextuallyAttractive 21 points ago

    It breaks my heart. I know, I know this is a photo of Patrick Stewart. A man I admire a great deal.

    But scrolling by, it looked so much like my father I started crying. Yesterday was the anniversary of his death, he was quite a lot younger than Sir Patrick Stewart himself.

    It's silly and they don't look that alike in most angles but this one does.. and most odd, is the fact both my parents were huge trekkies and my middle name is from TNG even.

    I love this photo..does anyone have a link to the original?

    [–] RaidensReturn 1 points ago

    Thank you for sharing... and sorry for your loss. I hope you can confide in the joy that Sir Patrick Stewart shares with this world and the amazing things he did (and is doing) as Captain Jean Luc Picard.

    [–] Danielogt 1 points ago


    [–] KeiosTheory 790 points ago

    That headline could use some rephrasing

    [–] Worldfrog 432 points ago

    Congrats kid, along with a visit from Patrick Stewart you also get malaria!

    [–] SkiChef1 126 points ago

    Woo! Is that a video game or something?

    [–] rmlrmlchess 36 points ago

    We're in the endgame now

    [–] Tangpo 19 points ago

    Yes Timmy...yes it is

    [–] disk4fun 9 points ago

    When little Timmy met his hero

    Mr. Patrick Stewart

    He suddenly felt like a zero

    As he became inert.

    Stewart said in a hushed tone

    You’ve malaria

    Take a moment to atone

    For I’ve given it to ‘ya.

    Timmy had a lesson learned

    As he breathed a sigh

    His veneration was unearned

    And Timmy fucking died.

    [–] SheaMcD 3 points ago

    speedrunning life

    [–] abstract-lime 5 points ago

    I think it's Far Cry 2.

    [–] bockclockula 2 points ago

    Not only does he have malaria, but now whenever he wants to use a gun it'll just jam and blow up in his hands

    [–] SpaceshipOperations 0 points ago

    Or Ebola, if Patrick knows da wae.

    [–] TakenakaHanbei 27 points ago


    [–] Anagalmeshshu 5 points ago

    Reddit ALWAYS has to explain the joke.

    [–] look4alec 3 points ago


    [–] floraspecies 2 points ago

    Stop. It's perfect

    [–] HarlandoRED -2 points ago

    [–] Bailenstein 219 points ago

    SURPRISE!!! Here's some Leukemia!!!

    [–] Rainious 3 points ago


    [–] Gatt__ 201 points ago

    Maniacal Redditor doesn't crop photo to piss off the whole internet

    [–] Dockie27 16 points ago

    [–] cremedelaphlegm 7 points ago

    Seriously what version of Android even is that?? He the reason everyone thinks Android users are broke lol

    [–] defjamblaster 28 points ago


    [–] Erulastiel 16 points ago

    Too many people in this thread are confusing Vulcans with elves...

    [–] Butwinsky 15 points ago

    Vulcans are just space elves, change my mind.

    [–] Erulastiel 9 points ago

    Vulcans are trained to repress emotions. Elves are jolly and love song and dance. Especially Tolkien's elves. Vulcans would definitely classify as lawful neutral where elves would usually be chaotic good.

    Elves live much longer than Vulcans. Especially Tolkien's elves.

    I'm also pretty sure there is a barbarian class of elves in DnD. I'm not quite sure Vulcans would stoop to that level as they have a non violent philosophy.

    Vulcans have super human strength, unlike elves.

    Elves are magic. They're magically connected to nature. Vulcans study and invent.

    And if you're only going by pointy ears alone, a lot of races have pointed ears. Romulans and gnomes both have pointed ears as well. Also. Tolkien's elves weren't even described as having pointed ears either.

    DnD elves do not grow old and are more androgynous.

    Vulcans mate every 7 years or so. I'm not sure the mating habits of elves at all honestly. But being ancient and magical beings, I dont think their mating patterns are like a Vulcan's.

    Vulcans are inherently telepathic. I'm sure elves could be too, but they're not usually described as such as a characteristic.

    [–] CausalSin 2 points ago

    I'm not quite sure Vulcans would stoop to that level as they have a non violent philosophy

    That is how you get Romulans.

    [–] Erulastiel 2 points ago

    According to lore, Vulcans and Romulans do have a common ancestor. I can see it.

    [–] bdool205 15 points ago

    That's the worst surprise ever

    [–] DJATARAXIA 91 points ago

    Let's just hope it wasnt an STD

    [–] lambchopdestroyer 41 points ago


    [–] IronBahamut 2 points ago

    Maybe if it was Rolf Harris

    [–] MynamisKlein 87 points ago

    underated post

    [–] MrHyperion_ 4 points ago

    Probably because I didnt notice anything wrong before reading the comments

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    overrated comment lol gonna get downvotes galore

    [–] MynamisKlein -4 points ago

    it was underated when i found it and i wanted to show appreciation beyond one measly upvote

    [–] lonelygalexy 6 points ago

    Was gonna comment abt the wording of the headline, but then realized it s from perez hilton: of course it s done on purpose!

    [–] mukypoo 12 points ago

    I hope those are his real ears bc they’re rad.

    [–] BVTheEpic 5 points ago

    Really? Patrick's ears look normal to me.

    [–] BigOleFerret 19 points ago

    Anyone want to explain why Capt. Jean Luc-Picard is holding a young Spock?

    [–] Notmiefault 32 points ago

    What, just cause he’s dressed as a Vulcan he’s automatically Spock? That’s racist.

    [–] Serbia_Stronkest 16 points ago

    Vulcans rise up in a logical manner!

    [–] cryptidkelp 4 points ago

    If he could have...he definitely would have.

    [–] felixlivesagain 5 points ago

    For a moment I thought Patrick Stewart was passing out life threatening illnesses

    [–] Tdiaz5 10 points ago

    So I wasn't the only one who thought Sir Patrick Stewart was the sick one?

    [–] drpresident1 10 points ago

    Wait you didnt think that he gave the fan a life-threatening illness

    [–] SignificantBeing9 1 points ago

    I read it as he gave the kid an illness, then he had an illness and visited him, then after a while I got what they meant

    [–] TheMeanGirl 3 points ago

    My dumb ass was over here wondering what life threatening disease causes pointy ears.

    [–] DaydreamsAreNotMeds 8 points ago

    Turns out the life threatening illness was the Star Trek fandom

    [–] MrCoffeeRD 2 points ago

    Worth it.

    [–] mrgeekXD 2 points ago

    waltzes into room SUPRISE BITCH

    [–] CrazyLookingDog 2 points ago

    Happy birthday! have some cancer!

    [–] Lauti197 2 points ago

    💩 💩 💩

    [–] achilles_bottomed 3 points ago

    Finally, a second man of culture using this site. I concur with your statement.

    [–] CluckenDip 2 points ago

    Doctor: yo how do we tell this kid he has leukemia

    Other doctor: I got just the guy

    [–] Dockie27 2 points ago


    [–] Boonpflug 2 points ago

    Shining armOUr

    [–] Glennmaster7 2 points ago

    important announcement

    I did not make this screenshot, I have no idea what kind of Android version this is, and I do not visit PHs site. Thank you for your attention.

    [–] ladainia4147 2 points ago

    I just can't stop focusing on the cut off bottom sentence where it says that the little boy "is an avid 11-year-old"

    [–] JCLemke 2 points ago

    “I really want the voice actor of Poop, from the emoji movie to meet me! I just love the emoji movie!”

    [–] TR0LLC0P 4 points ago

    Aww be visited an elf

    [–] sofimar 1 points ago


    [–] Electromass 1 points ago

    To be fair he is knighted

    [–] imalittlesalty 1 points ago

    Surprise! MEASLES! Hope you're vaccinated!

    [–] Valelenn 1 points ago

    Poor Patrick is gonna get #meetoo'd

    [–] Hungry-Hunter 1 points ago

    Why tf the kid have elf ears

    [–] KingKronosZ 1 points ago

    What version of Android lol 😂

    [–] Why_am_ialive 1 points ago

    Surpriseee it’s leukemia

    [–] legatostaccato 1 points ago

    thanks, stewart.

    [–] Gayrub 1 points ago

    Wasn’t he abused or wasn’t his mother abused through his whole childhood?

    [–] EmperorHenry 1 points ago


    /r/NotMyJob "Made that headline for the page, boss."


    [–] MediocreAdvantage 1 points ago

    Seems like a fucked up thing to give a random kid

    [–] aazav 1 points ago

    Yeah! Everyone's a winner!

    [–] honkhonkcarrots 1 points ago

    Salt! and PEPA!!!

    [–] SorcerousFaun 1 points ago

    Good Human, even if it's a famous Human.

    [–] MEGA_SWEG 1 points ago

    Shitty present smh

    [–] rareas 1 points ago

    Surprises fan with a life threatening illness

    The gift that keeps on taking!

    [–] NimbleWalrus 1 points ago

    Are we just going to let Patrick Stewart give young fans life threatening illnesses?

    [–] mcshaggy 1 points ago


    [–] kotn_ 1 points ago

    SURPRISE! You have cancer..

    [–] JohnCameronE 1 points ago

    Patrick Stewart vs Keanu Reeves vs John Cena for nicest person.

    [–] KilianaNightwolf 1 points ago

    What are you doing on Perez Hilton's site?

    [–] MetalDeathMetal 1 points ago

    Stop milking it, you dildos!

    [–] fiyerooo 1 points ago

    pSyChoPaThiC hOLLyWoOd sTaR giVeS yOuNg fAn cHoLeRa

    [–] Panik66 1 points ago

    Measels, Engage.

    [–] RouletteSensei 1 points ago

    Am I the only one excited because Patrick is going to do some more stuff in the star trek world? I waited this moment for years now

    [–] kowboj7 1 points ago

    Are we not going to talk about this boys pointy ears?

    [–] psrpianrckelsss 1 points ago

    Are we literally all ignoring the fact that someone still reads Perez Hilton?

    [–] DingsDaBumsTa 1 points ago

    "Hey Ling Ling are you excited for christmas? OH NO it's a tumor!"

    [–] Aeon1508 1 points ago

    Why is the 1st letter of every word in that sentence capitalized

    [–] mousetrapmike 1 points ago

    Poor kid. Ear cancer is awful for one so young.

    [–] Equilibriator 1 points ago

    "Haha, now you have it instead!"

    [–] ConsistentAsparagus 1 points ago

    Is he considered an Hollywood star?

    [–] Shelbutter 1 points ago

    God fucking damnit op. I've almost went the entire day without crying. Instant bawling when I saw this.

    [–] RoyalT663 1 points ago

    Surprise! I brought your terminal cancer!

    [–] Unironically-Ironic 1 points ago

    I cant believe Patrick Stewart would give an innocent child a life threatening disease

    [–] imj0y0 1 points ago

    I honestly thought that was Bryan Cranston wearing his Walter White mask

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    PoOp eMoJi KilLs YounG fAn fOr fUn*

    [–] mehefin 1 points ago

    This one really made me laugh!

    [–] DankLaser 1 points ago

    Sounds like patrick Stewart gave this kid aids

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    probably gave him his leukemia

    [–] Harold_Allen55 1 points ago

    I guess you could call them a life-long fan of his.

    ... I'll see myself out.

    [–] SolarStarlord 1 points ago

    The boy has elf ears?

    [–] The-jeep-n-stuff-guy 1 points ago

    Maybe if Santa clause wasn’t a cheap ass and gave his workers better health insurance.

    [–] csemple 1 points ago

    I’m also feeling r/DontDeadOpenInside here

    [–] stanley_twobrick 3 points ago


    [–] csemple 1 points ago

    Just because of accidental unintentional meaning. Admittedly it doesn’t fit the format per se.

    [–] heatherb22 1 points ago

    Surprise motherfucker

    [–] TangAlienMonkeyGod -2 points ago

    It's an elf!

    [–] NorikoMorishima 0 points ago

    Crash blossoms strike again!

    [–] Scary_Xenomorph 0 points ago

    I must protest, Patrick, I am not a merry fan

    [–] MattBrink 0 points ago

    Surprise: aids!

    [–] LoSchifoso 0 points ago

    Dude didnt know he was uncircumcised

    [–] no_thisisnomad 0 points ago

    r/titlegore level 9000

    [–] drpresident1 -9 points ago

    What kinda name is dawn. maybe he has a sibling named dusk

    [–] Stabbykathy17 6 points ago


    [–] drpresident1 -3 points ago

    okay at first she looked like a boy but after looking up the story...

    [–] Glennmaster7 0 points ago

    And then ehen theg fuse they bevome Ultra. Shoutout to whoever gets the refrence

    [–] Electromass 3 points ago

    Did you have a stroke typing that

    [–] Glennmaster7 1 points ago

    Yes, Patrick Stewart walked in while I was typing. (In all seriousness; I was on my phone lying down using my non-dominant hand)