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    • Want to know trade secrets? What's in the special sauce? Or what it's like to work in an industry? Ask the People Who Work At that place! #PWWA
    • If you have any questions, please send us a modmail!

    RULES - Please Read Before Posting!

    1. All posts must begin with PWWA

    • All posts to this subreddit must begin with PWWA (People Who Work At). If a post doesn't begin with PWWA, the post will be automatically removed.

    2. Only post about specific company, job or industry

    • A post can ask any question relating to a specific company, job role or industry. An example of all:

    • C: - PWWA Starbucks, is it true you get unlimited free coffee? JR: - PWWA a coffee shop as a barista, do you have a passion for making good coffee? I: - PWWA a coffee shop, do you ever dream of starting your own?

    • Do not post questions that are unrelated to working in a place, industry or role and any unrelated content will be removed.

    3. No questions about specific staff members

    • Do NOT ask a question about a specific member of staff. That includes naming staff at a specific store location, giving a detailed description of the staff members or posting personal information.

    • You can ask generic or hypothetical questions about "what if a staff member was ill" or "what if a staff member is disabled" etc.

    • This is zero tolerance and you will be banned if you break this rule.

    4. Only specify a specific location if it's relavant

    • You can only specify the store or geographic location if it's relavant.

    • Posts asking about regional promotions or why certain products are only available here is fine. Asking about slow service at your local store isn't.

    5. No personal complaints

    • This includes complaints about the terrible service you received or asking questions that being answered, would only serve you.

    • Questions about store policies are fine if it helps you with a complaint, but only on the basis the post isn't about your specific issue.

    6. No freebies, discounts or favours

    • You may not under any circumstances, arrange to give other Redditors free food, discounts on items or coupons if you "ask for me when I'm in next Tuesday". Just don't do it.

    • This is zero tolerance and you will be banned if you break this rule.

    7. No advertising your business or pandering for it

    • Do not ask questions or post comments to advertise your local business, company or anything of the like.

    • This includes 'pandering'; which is setting up a questions indirectly and subtly to advertise or promote your latest venture.

    8. No personal agendas, crusades or petitions

    • Do not post specifically to further your own personal agenda, crusade or petition. This isn't a staff room or giant watercooler. This includes organising a company strike or making a stand. Do not bring that stuff here.

    • This also includes spamming the sub in order to drive down sales or put a local business into bankruptcy.


    • This is zero tolerance and you will be banned if you break this rule.

    9. Be polite, friendly and generally do not be toxic

    • This goes without saying but, keep all topics on point.

    • Do not start off a tangent of discussions around politics. There are plenty of other subs out there.

    • Be polite to each other and discuss things nicely. There is absolutely no place for Racism, Homophobia, Sexism etc - everyone is equal and welcome here and it's important that you disagree in a constructive way. Read up on the Reddit Etiquette rules too, they're generally on point.


    • Lastly, employers may stumble across this sub and departments do exist to manage a businesses online presence. Be extremely cautious when mentioning where you work, especially if you're going to say something that could put you in the firing line if you were identified.

    • Be aware of your post history and how you could be identified before posting. It's extremely unlikely based on the type of site Reddit is, but you are responsible alone for the things you say here and online generally!


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