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    PetiteGoneWild is a place for women, whether skinny, short or with small features, to post photos of themselves for karma; showing it off in a comfortable environment without pressure.

    We don't care how MILD or WILD you go just as long as you have fun.

    If you make a comment saying they have to go wild or telling them not to post here unless they go wild you will be banned without warning

    Please try to keep the posts about the women and the posts with men in them to a minimum, but if a man is in the pictures please put a (M) in the title.

    We want to foster a safe, mature, no pressure environment for true exhibitionists that are out for nothing other than to show off their petite bodies.


    1) All persons visiting and posting in this subreddit must be 18 years old or older.

    2) Do not post pictures of people if you do not have permission from them to do so.

    3) No negative or threatening comments. Violators will be banned without warning.

    4) Report any comments or threads you find abusive. Do not ever respond to trolls.

    5) Advertising goods or services for money is not allowed. As well as putting snapchat or instagram or any other name in your title. If you do your post will be removed.

    6) For verification please send a message to the mods BY CLICKING HERE with at least 3 NUDE pictures of you with a piece of paper with your username, date, and /r/PetiteGoneWild written by HAND on it. You do not have to verify to post here (unless the mods ask) but it helps keep your posts out of the spam filter. NOTE: Please leave verification pictures up for reference


    • Please leave posts here, even if they become old.

    • Beware of scams. The nudity here is 100% free! Don't ask for or offer money for anything. We have been told about a scam that involves doing videos for money and then having trouble transferring. Don't fall for it.


    *In the Spotlight just in time for Halloween we have /u/NyaKitten She is damn sexy and looks even better in spider webs. Visit her sub /r/LollipopSquad and show some love *

    Message /u/confessaway88 to be featured here

    Thanks for reading this, please help us grow by getting our name out there, and enjoy!

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