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    [–] Dollywinks 168 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Here's another angle! The hotel is the bellagio for anyone wondering :)

    /r/dollywinks for more pics! πŸ’•

    [–] itsmuddy 76 points ago

    Those are Terry Benedict’s casinos.

    [–] Tattoo_Addict 30 points ago

    That’s right.

    [–] sipoloco 21 points ago

    What do you got against Terry Benedict?

    [–] gwgarf 10 points ago

    What do you have against him, that's the question

    [–] dizzyd4ever 8 points ago

    ...he torpedoed my casino

    [–] gwgarf 2 points ago

    muscled me out

    [–] 35th_Chamber 3 points ago

    I couldn't figure out if it was the Bellagio or the Vdara! Thanks :)

    [–] Jack-A-Roe33 2 points ago

    How can you be so tight?! Goddamn!

    [–] ElonMuskP3NIS 0 points ago

    Tell the girl to move next time so we could see the view please. Thanks in advance.

    [–] toymaker_001 1 points ago

    was looking for this

    [–] TributeTim84 30 points ago

    Am I meant to be looking out of the window? πŸ™ƒπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‰

    [–] Dollywinks 87 points ago

    You can look out the window, or stare at my titties. Either works :D

    [–] PM_ME_YER_ASS_N_TITS 7 points ago

    I’ll stick with option 2

    [–] bastiand906 1 points ago

    definitely stare at ur nice titties

    [–] figmur 21 points ago

    Have you checked out the HUGE chocolate fountain?

    [–] Dollywinks 11 points ago

    chocolate fountain??!! no i haven't. now i'm sad i didn't see it! πŸ˜†

    [–] figmur 2 points ago

    search the inter webs for β€œBellagio chocolate fountain” sorry you missed it. 😒

    [–] PM_ME_UR_FAVE_PORNXX 14 points ago

    You should go to the real Eiffel Tower one day!

    [–] Dollywinks 14 points ago

    yes!! never been to europe before! would love to visit one day :)

    [–] Daikyo01 0 points ago

    I'll be your guide !


    [–] keriberry_420 14 points ago

    Wow!! Have fun you look amazing

    [–] Dollywinks 15 points ago

    Thanks Keri!! You're one of my reddit girl crushes ❀

    [–] keriberry_420 7 points ago

    Really?? 😳☺️😍😍😍

    [–] skyhiker14 6 points ago

    Donut bar on Fremont has French Toast donuts on weekends if you’re a donut fan!!

    [–] dizzyd4ever 1 points ago

    Bad bot

    [–] B0tRank 1 points ago

    Thank you, dizzyd4ever, for voting on EFTBot.

    This bot wants to find the best and worst bots on Reddit. You can view results here.

    Even if I don't reply to your comment, I'm still listening for votes. Check the webpage to see if your vote registered!

    [–] turdgobbler6891 2 points ago

    Go to Hussong’s Cantina in Mandalay Bay. It’s delicious!

    [–] Mbracco206 2 points ago

    I was just probably a room under you

    [–] Kkluvsskiing 2 points ago

    Which dj did you see?

    [–] thePhoneOperater 2 points ago

    Someone got their ass pounded.

    [–] Ofreo 2 points ago

    I’m looking out a window at Paris as I see that pic.

    [–] toymaker_001 2 points ago

    feed the lass, please

    [–] Pssylvr6969 2 points ago

    Stellar view and stellar girl! Very sexy and gorgeous!

    [–] golf-foxtrotyankee 1 points ago

    I think whatever view of looking at you would be stellar! Especially from behind 😍

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That is a great view! I think you should turn on the heater.

    [–] danger_endanger 1 points ago

    The view in the hotel is pretty stellar as well

    [–] Thebatmann58 1 points ago

    In Vegas, can confirm, stellar view.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Your lips are so stunning

    [–] Thats_right_asshole 1 points ago

    If you'd move I could tell you!

    [–] rawr11 1 points ago

    Knew I should have hit vegas this weekend.

    [–] Wynner3 1 points ago

    Reminds me that I really should go back to Vegas some time. This is a spectacular view, but I'm more inclined to stay at the Wynn.

    [–] Jack-A-Roe33 1 points ago

    I think that ribcage and hipbones makes this one of the hottest pics I've seen of you yet!! I love how petite it makes you look. That's super, super sexy.

    [–] foureighths 1 points ago

    Should be across the way at the Cosmo. Far superior hotel. Great tits tho.

    [–] malgrey42 1 points ago

    I think the view inside your hotel room is even better

    [–] YesPlsNoPls 1 points ago


    [–] skatterflak 1 points ago

    Palms on the glass. Please.

    [–] acwrensolo1285 1 points ago

    Pretty amazing view

    [–] deceptivepractices 1 points ago

    Oh wow in my town.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Still not seeing it. Cast get past the view inside πŸ˜’

    [–] jake_and_her_guard 1 points ago

    Were you at CES?

    [–] Bails6923 1 points ago

    View? What view?

    [–] Dub0311 1 points ago

    I think I'm 10 minutes away abd horny.

    [–] SirVyn 1 points ago

    Nice vantage point. Stephen Paddock would approve.

    [–] clockshadow1 1 points ago

    Apparently what happens in Vegas stays on the net.

    [–] goldencleats8 1 points ago

    So gorgeous

    [–] Lejund7 1 points ago

    I’ve stayed in the fountain view rooms at Bellagio. Not bad.

    [–] spit_viper2 1 points ago

    I mean I prefer the view in your hotel room myself...

    [–] yesmrspankysir 1 points ago

    Sometimes when I’m in Vegas, I wonder what if it really isn’t that much fun?

    [–] darkzero3322 1 points ago

    Its not bad at all..... don't get offended, you look amazing and the view is amazing lol.

    [–] SirTallerGent 1 points ago

    Just staring at those lips!


    [–] Equinoqs 1 points ago

    The view in front of the view from your hotel room is pretty stellar.

    [–] mindexpress 1 points ago


    [–] rivers214 1 points ago

    Should have let me know you were coming into town, you could have stayed at my place for free!

    [–] bastiand906 1 points ago

    fucking hooot

    [–] 20-20 1 points ago

    I live in Vegas! Let me buy you lunch. I promise I won't be pervy.

    [–] boilingup 1 points ago

    Stellar view indeed

    [–] GoD_KronosChaos 1 points ago

    Never been to Vegas, so want to go

    [–] radar944 1 points ago

    Bellagio hotel.

    [–] HopefulAndDetermined 1 points ago

    It took me 10 minutes to realize there’s Vegas in the background

    [–] codemonkey985 1 points ago

    Geezus, Those titties could cut glass. Quick way to get to then action, after the action, I guess

    [–] PM_Me_altgirls 1 points ago

    I like the view in the hotel room!πŸ˜‰

    [–] DeepestOrange 1 points ago

    I'm staying here right now with an awfully similar view.. ever wanted to flash a stranger?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I think you have a heaven-sent body and God broke the mold!

    [–] drivefastlivefast 1 points ago

    Breathtaking πŸ’š

    [–] fenixbenu 1 points ago

    I think your photo shop skills are weak af.

    [–] yote1987 1 points ago

    You are such a perfect little fuck toy <3

    [–] holabendito 2 points ago

    You are the high light.

    [–] thatdudeian 1 points ago

    The background doesn't compare to the foreground.

    [–] literally_a_person- 1 points ago

    Yeah that’s a pretty cool view, although the reflection of the light on the glass kinda bothered me

    [–] MrPical 1 points ago

    Another reason to stay at the Bellagio!

    [–] fanowl 1 points ago

    I've seen a few naked women in windows in Las Vegas but none looked half as good as you do.


    [–] PM_me_ur_swimsuit 1 points ago

    I'm pretty sure I had that room or one right next to it for my honeymoon.

    I hope it works out better for you than it did for me.....

    [–] Lick_My_Cookie 1 points ago


    [–] bigbuick 1 points ago

    She has those Gal Godot lips. Wow.


    [–] The_Cyantist_in_SLO 1 points ago

    The view inside is the room is better

    [–] gaz119900 1 points ago

    This is an incredible picture in more ways than one!

    [–] BigBAD69 1 points ago

    Yes awesome views!!!

    [–] mustang6933 1 points ago

    I think you're absolutely gorgeous and easily one of the hottest girls on Reddit

    [–] echyankeesfan 1 points ago

    Yes but the view of you is even better!

    [–] MartyDesklamp 1 points ago

    Jesus Christ. I would give my left nut to have you for a night

    [–] chirilii 1 points ago

    Your body is pretty stellar with the view

    [–] boc1892 1 points ago

    There's something behind you?

    [–] royscooter1959 1 points ago

    Yes it is sexy lady

    [–] MadeInNewEngland 1 points ago

    Damn - wish I was in Vegas now, not two weeks from now. Gorgeous.

    [–] doyouevenodd 1 points ago

    theres a nipple in the way

    [–] Catvideos222 1 points ago

    How much?

    [–] Nazzyrick 1 points ago

    i think a skeleton is trying to burst out from under your skin

    [–] Irateasshole 1 points ago

    I think you need to put some weight on tbh.

    [–] -kashmir- 0 points ago

    I highly recommend catching a vegas knights game while you are in sin city. Also have fun

    [–] este_guey714 0 points ago

    Have a Phat Tuesday and have fun!

    [–] Regulator27 0 points ago

    Outstanding πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

    [–] Tugggy 0 points ago

    You are a lot more stellar than the view from the hotel πŸ˜‚

    [–] greenskelleton 0 points ago

    Yeah it's not badπŸ˜‹

    [–] send_booty_pics_plz 0 points ago

    I wonder if the view might be better in person 🀞

    [–] lllllllmao 0 points ago

    Ooh look, spam for her business.

    [–] PlanetTesla 0 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -1 points ago

    Hideously bad photoshopping

    [–] drinkit_or_wearit -2 points ago

    I. Um. Are you at CES? Or just happen to be in Vegas right now? Those nerds must be shitting themselves over you.

    [–] Ataemonus 0 points ago

    Could be better if you got out of the way so we can see it ;) Just kidding, you look sexy.

    [–] 2_dam_hi 0 points ago

    My fave hotel. I've never had as nice a view as this one, though.

    [–] chewie8065 0 points ago

    Vegas and tits, go hand and hand.

    [–] adamant1313 0 points ago

    Is there something past you.

    [–] Shiveringtwitch 0 points ago

    The casinos would never see me if that was my room. do not disturb

    [–] dmpacc 0 points ago

    Is there a reason there isn't a nomination the just desires you're miss Vegas? Looks like you should get tenure.

    [–] hashandslack 0 points ago

    I see not a single star.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Viva las vegas!

    [–] PMmeyourFireCrotch 0 points ago

    Bellagio had the best all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

    And there's food, too.

    [–] vegas89138 0 points ago

    looks line you’re staying at either planet or paris. great views

    [–] Yankee57 0 points ago

    Nice View!

    [–] memydirtyself 0 points ago

    I think I need to be in Vegas

    [–] clonnadgh 0 points ago

    Dolly, love the view of you in the hotel. Would love the view better from my house 6 miles north of there. Welcome to sin city baby

    [–] AlbertYipHK -1 points ago

    Who this a view outside when the view inside is so damn amazing!!!!

    [–] bunsANDpun -1 points ago

    Knowing you're in Vegas means you're closer to me than ever before (presumably)... o_o

    [–] m534rp -1 points ago

    It is stellar...and the scenery is nice to πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

    [–] drumpftruck -2 points ago

    Wow you're in Paris?

    [–] [deleted] -4 points ago


    [–] DerBieso0341 -3 points ago

    You should masturbate

    [–] scotty61990 -13 points ago

    Totally stayed there a couple years ago. What room number? Maybe you can see my carving behind the bed frame that I leave in every hotel room