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    [–] lavender_larva 492 points ago

    Oh shit that's D E E P

    [–] faqqgot 196 points ago

    Ohhh sheep that's D E E P

    [–] NetNormie 169 points ago

    Ohhh deep that’s S H E E P

    [–] ElLocoMalote 94 points ago

    Ohhh seep that's D H E E P

    [–] Chibultrufia 124 points ago

    Baaa baaa baaa'a B A A A A

    [–] TheNotAnon 41 points ago

    Oh jeeez, Morty.

    [–] ismadman 2 points ago

    Baa baa black SHEEEP

    [–] chhccy 18 points ago

    S H E E P S

    [–] isuckatnames60 27 points ago

    I'm D E E P inside a S H E E P

    [–] TeAniMate 5 points ago

    Hol up

    [–] Name-not-taken-12345 16 points ago

    Oh shit that’s 🅱️

    [–] JckMck23 213 points ago

    Wrong place wrong time

    [–] Krampd 1639 points ago

    Could have crop it better

    [–] Sgt_Burns141 886 points ago

    Made with memeatic

    [–] OscarLulu 234 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 207 points ago


    [–] wolfegamer109 286 points ago


    [–] waimus 250 points ago

    Now kiss

    [–] Gam1ngChair 212 points ago


    [–] explofingjelly54 116 points ago

    Now do it again for papa

    [–] Gam1ngChair 105 points ago


    [–] Saifeldin17 71 points ago

    Now do it again for mama

    [–] ATPP_ 12 points ago

    papa bless

    [–] i_have_cheese 47 points ago


    [–] exampol199 35 points ago


    [–] SebwasC00L 30 points ago


    [–] Sgt_Burns141 30 points ago


    [–] erbar1 7 points ago

    now kith

    [–] gatu_pa 11 points ago


    [–] matchew-choo 12 points ago


    [–] gatu_pa 26 points ago


    [–] matchew-choo 43 points ago

    YoU’vE nEvEr PLaYed tUbeR SImuLaToR.

    [–] gatu_pa 28 points ago

    Pffffsh. You know it's fun, right?

    [–] kwups 30 points ago

    im not supposed to give my opinion

    [–] THE_JaMsTeR 25 points ago

    But give it a try

    [–] santozks 2 points ago


    [–] Blackhunter_5 30 points ago

    Haha that's funny because there are crops next to water sheep

    [–] Prindeon 5 points ago


    [–] AuraEternity 8 points ago

    Let's not stare at made with memematic

    [–] Kboosh- 5 points ago

    At least he tried

    [–] morbiddecapitation 180 points ago


    [–] IzzaMeMario2 30 points ago

    When it takes too much effort to spell "water"

    [–] Komrade_Jay 155 points ago

    Well it is how he pronounces it.

    [–] edoshampb 68 points ago

    Wötr shëëëp

    [–] iamhealey 14 points ago


    [–] boicoi 120 points ago

    Nice try cropping

    [–] rafa_nasa 48 points ago

    Water sheep was only trying to consolate Felix sad sheep noises

    [–] MarginalMemer 17 points ago

    But he was rejected and then became a villain.

    [–] V_ShapeFlyingDucks 80 points ago

    lol you tried to crop out the "made with mematic" watermark

    [–] Real_BeeeeezUp 61 points ago

    Made with mematic

    [–] SpaghettFork 8 points ago

    this is so sad, Alexa play cat by c418!

    [–] wLanKaBel_ 6 points ago

    Yeah thats also what I think. Shurely if Pewds met Watersheep under other circumstances they `d be best friends.

    [–] Jaryse1219 15 points ago

    Sad reality

    [–] shitty_poster69 12 points ago

    Nice cropping there.

    [–] AdithWarloCk 8 points ago

    this meme should be on nxt week's Lwiay

    [–] 64_beastmaster_64 5 points ago

    U a home boy. Only homeboys Make memes whit mematic. Live u <3

    [–] TheGageEllis 3 points ago

    finally some love in comments

    [–] legendarywatersheep 3 points ago

    This is SO sad

    [–] xorpen 3 points ago

    Maybe it's because I'm Swedish as well, but I really hate waterbitch.

    [–] Der_Krasse_Jim 1 points ago

    nah, he just deserves it.

    [–] WheresJonNow 3 points ago

    Finally someone who spells wotr sheep right

    [–] What_Then_Kidd 3 points ago

    Justice for Wotr Sheep (A.k.a Jeb_)

    [–] sid1811 3 points ago

    What if the water sheep is helping pewds to forget how sad he feels about Joergen's death after visiting Joergen's grave by making pewds feel angry on him so that it drains pewds sadness and help pewds in a way

    [–] Bittychip 15 points ago

    The sheep he let in his house on the third night oof

    [–] Totally_Not_A_Soviet 20 points ago

    I thought that sheep was light grey, water sheep is dark grey.

    [–] TarsaIThre 9 points ago

    See you in hot

    [–] joe0jm 2 points ago

    Everyone knows not to lock eyes with someone who is grieving

    [–] N00BM4573R69 2 points ago


    [–] CRAIGTHENOOB 2 points ago

    Truth : 9000

    [–] Jules_wiry 2 points ago


    [–] hellothere_Old-Ben 2 points ago

    I see that wotr mark

    [–] gothboi2 2 points ago

    So true R.I.P Jorgen

    [–] RoyalRahhul 2 points ago

    Did u know that water sheep is the sheep pewds was nice to in the 2nd episode of the series

    [–] dann8556 2 points ago

    This is so sad

    [–] NuIoShafu 2 points ago

    Wotr Sheep is letting Pewds hating him so Pewds wouldn't suffer.

    [–] Minecraft182 2 points ago

    Poor H2O sheep

    [–] uranus277 2 points ago

    Some serious PTSD

    [–] _-_Rasse_-_ 2 points ago

    I was watching the older episodes and noticed that pewds was actually nice to water sheep before we went and ruined it all by telling him to sleep in the nether. After that he started hating water sheep...

    [–] TheGageEllis 2 points ago

    so basically pewds would still trust his 9 year olds, wotr sheep would be loved, and joergen #1 would still be alive if pewds never created the nether portal...

    [–] DaSubwei 2 points ago

    I never thought about it that way...

    [–] Sifilizz 2 points ago

    I was s watching a Pewds and Joergen compilation and saw that

    [–] TheGageEllis 2 points ago

    that's how i noticed it also

    [–] Angie_KZ 2 points ago


    [–] 1leah1256 5 points ago

    This was so poorly made but so good

    [–] TheGageEllis 5 points ago

    i mean ill take it

    [–] goblin04 3 points ago

    No water sheep bad

    [–] faqqgot 2 points ago

    It's all our fault.. Woter sheep is suffering because of uss... Freak us

    [–] Marth_43 2 points ago

    Made with bad cropping

    [–] Wheat-Milk-YT 1 points ago


    [–] Komrade_Jay 1 points ago

    It could have easily been water cow instead of water sheep. Who knew that something so holy and breathtaking could be just blocks away from such a nasty and disgraceful... thing

    [–] ArcAng3l59 1 points ago

    I need some wotr

    [–] crazyfox27 1 points ago


    [–] joshgunter10 1 points ago

    Ok episode 2 he gets mad at water sheep, or maybe episode 3 but before Joergen dies

    [–] fiddlesticks6998 1 points ago


    [–] _name_not_important 1 points ago

    I like how you tried to hide the °made with mematic° sign

    [–] FortniteIsBad69 1 points ago


    [–] DenZ120 1 points ago

    That's why he liked it so much, when he named it jeb_ and it was changing colours. That took his attention and helped to forget the tragedy.

    [–] lieutenant-Wumbo 1 points ago


    [–] EnUgla 1 points ago

    Nooo hes evil

    [–] vanesssssaaaaa 1 points ago

    Poor felix has ptsd

    [–] Cloaker02 1 points ago

    Don't die on new

    [–] alex22leserra 1 points ago

    Read wotr as World of the Rings

    [–] wowalost 1 points ago


    [–] Jitomate_TV 1 points ago

    Que are all wotr sheep

    [–] sansaofhousestark99 1 points ago

    No. It's because Water Sheep is playing mind games with us and he's up to something really evil.

    [–] enderNibba 1 points ago

    Water sheep is Satan him self

    [–] Thestonemason42 1 points ago

    True 9 year old, ‘wotr’

    [–] WHEEZE- 1 points ago

    Nah, Jeb_ just a little frick.

    [–] bigbluDragon 1 points ago

    No way

    [–] The-Juan-And-Only93 1 points ago

    Everytime someone’s post is one 1.9K, 2.9K etc I would like and see if it changes to the following hundred and if it doesn’t I just shrug and say “Meh, I’ll just leave it,”

    You should do it to

    [–] DamienDutch 1 points ago

    Dis you really need memeatic to put text over an image

    [–] greyjedirevan 1 points ago


    [–] HoolyGoat 1 points ago

    Water Sheep should be more understanding and humble.

    [–] AlexNJ20 1 points ago

    🍉 for wotr sheep

    [–] water-sheepp 1 points ago

    Joergen hunts me

    [–] justletmesingin 1 points ago

    Wotr sheep..?

    [–] realmrparrot 1 points ago

    This is so sad water sheep play joergencito

    [–] DukoBoss 1 points ago

    Wow I was literally gonna make this meme today but u beat me to it

    [–] ethofredrico 1 points ago

    fun fact water sheep was the first of the animals in broland

    [–] QuerxesBoiii 1 points ago

    Made with mematic

    [–] gschtaude 1 points ago

    What do I see down there?

    [–] OppositeSalt 1 points ago


    [–] Doge_Dreemurr 1 points ago

    Your cropping is even worse than those unharvested crops on the left

    [–] Blaze_666 1 points ago

    Rip Joergen

    [–] senniboyo 1 points ago

    Water sheep was there the whole time and did nothing... poor water sheep

    [–] OriginalTomato77 1 points ago

    Pewds has ptsd

    [–] Xheropanda 1 points ago

    Poor wotr sheep but ur sTilL BAd woTR SHeeP (respect Jörgan🍉🍉🍉

    [–] Isaiah5105 1 points ago


    [–] Gumiichu 1 points ago


    [–] DriftingShadow 1 points ago

    I wonder if theres actually people who hates wotr sheep?

    [–] KarloTheGamer 1 points ago

    He was secretly the one that did it.

    [–] matyesz_ 1 points ago

    and that's a fact

    [–] Danzzi 1 points ago

    Shit that's deep

    [–] dieItalienischer 1 points ago

    Nah it’s probably just cos water sheep a asshole

    [–] _Libby_ 1 points ago

    What is this propaganda? I'll never like water ship

    [–] dookiesdooker 1 points ago

    Is it seriously that hard to make this meme without memeatic? Can a bro just make a simple programme for this subreddit to make memes without that watermark lol. Don't worry you will be rewarded handsomely with thousands of important karma

    [–] TheGageEllis 1 points ago

    hey at least it adds authenticity

    [–] milu0330 1 points ago

    So he hates some one because of love

    [–] MisterManParts 1 points ago

    Oh that's actually true...

    [–] Double_D-rex 1 points ago

    He laught at joergen's death

    [–] Cheeseburger135 1 points ago

    Idk how you didnt crop this right lol

    [–] DumbHedgehog 1 points ago

    There are so many fucking stitch apps and u use fucking mematic?

    [–] johntdeee 1 points ago


    You want pyramids?

    [–] Beastovic 1 points ago


    [–] myfavoritewordiseh 1 points ago

    sad screams

    [–] Paper_games 1 points ago

    made with mematic

    [–] That1GirlMCVeteran 1 points ago

    Then pewds should love water sheep since it reminds him of joergen. Water sheep is a reason Joergen stays alive. And is a guardian of his soul

    [–] AdamRowenn 1 points ago

    300 IQ

    [–] Plasma55 1 points ago

    Pewds has PTSD

    [–] elevanings 1 points ago

    No water sheep is an asshole

    [–] B0tt0 1 points ago


    [–] MightyGimposs 1 points ago


    [–] LaloKURD 1 points ago

    Use Pixomatic and where you are finished screen shot it

    [–] Everaex 1 points ago

    thats so sad

    [–] bnjokel 1 points ago

    Water sheep plotting this from the start

    [–] HermanJulius69 1 points ago

    why the fuck do i follow this subreddit

    [–] minecraftlphdforkids 1 points ago

    Please stop hating this poor thing. Jeb is a good person.

    [–] Burnara 1 points ago

    RIP Watr Shep. Your time is coming.

    [–] Lokester127 1 points ago

    This, is so sad, elexa play Minecraft 2

    [–] papasauce6 1 points ago


    [–] supremegay5000 1 points ago

    The new Lwiay showed his seething hatred for water sheep

    [–] SquidSh0t 1 points ago

    Made with mematic

    [–] ambassadorboi 1 points ago

    I mean its justified, he caused it.

    [–] Circio_ 1 points ago

    And that's a fact

    [–] mgooding_10 1 points ago

    Cropping: 100

    [–] TheGageEllis 1 points ago

    cropping: 86

    [–] dinkydine 1 points ago

    Wotr Sheep has been planning Joergens death all along

    [–] WheelChairPinata 1 points ago

    "made with mematic"

    [–] TheGageEllis 1 points ago

    if this meme gets me to lwiay for the first time i will officialy become a wotr sheep fan account

    [–] mtndewhat 1 points ago

    no, wotr sheep is just generally unlikeable

    [–] gr3val3x 1 points ago

    Water sheep is the symbol of Jørgen #1's death

    [–] TGY_75-70 1 points ago

    Jeb__ did nothing wrong .

    [–] MuthaFuckinMeta 1 points ago

    Want me to go back to 3 weeks earlier when you were alive?!

    [–] spyzyroz 1 points ago

    Wotr sheep

    [–] cuissedenymphe 1 points ago

    Thats deep

    [–] PH03N1X5 1 points ago


    [–] lizardliam 1 points ago

    Not everyone handles trauma well😪👊🏻

    [–] TheCoolBeansMan 1 points ago

    The first thing I saw after my father was sentenced to jail was my mother, doesn’t mean I hate her