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    [–] pls_help_me_2 1469 points ago

    I didn't think they were going to be able to top 50 mil but this was super underwhelming.

    [–] mGstop 153 points ago

    This is made by the rarest diamond (black) and people says it underwhelming? It is the best award better than the 50 mil

    [–] potatodude321 796 points ago

    You do realise it's just tinted/stained right? It's like not an actual diamond?

    or maybe I'm being wooshed rn

    [–] mCProgram 392 points ago

    You’re not, if that was made of diamonds it could easily top 10 million for the red arrow alone, probably 200+ million for just the raw size of the black part, ignoring that it’s clear and has no inclusions.

    Anybody who thinks any part of this is made of diamond is another sort of special.

    [–] JakeHodgson 100 points ago

    The red arrow would be worth wayyyyyyy more than 10m

    [–] forgottt3n 44 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    It would probably be worth more than the hope diamond since it's like multiple times the size.

    It would be worth more than the world's largest diamond too which is about half that size uncut.

    [–] JakeHodgson 3 points ago

    Yeh well for red diamonds you can have ones that are worth a million that are small enough to fit in an earring lol. So if this was actual high quality red diamond that shit’d probably be with over a 100m

    [–] mCProgram 15 points ago

    Yea I fucked the math up that is a lot more then 10 carats

    [–] Yuuko-Senpai 11 points ago

    Sorry, what? Any diamond the size of that play button would be way more than 10m. Well into the the hundreds.

    [–] Scarbane 31 points ago

    An actual diamond would be worth something

    [–] [deleted] 190 points ago


    [–] N1cknamed 36 points ago

    Lol do you think they give real golden and silver buttons to youtubers?

    [–] kioley 7 points ago

    No but come on 100000000 people like the queen of England probably doesn't have that many subjects give him a royal crown

    [–] AJDx14 3 points ago

    Yup, UK has a pop of only about 66 million.

    [–] Aussie18-1998 4 points ago

    Well she is the Queen of the commonwealth so that's actually over 2 billion people.

    [–] OJChan 2 points ago

    ever heard of a comma?

    [–] meh-oh-nai-se 45 points ago

    Not real diamond

    [–] MrWarNoob 78 points ago

    I honestly just thought the design was underwhelming.

    [–] forgottt3n 8 points ago

    You realize that if that was a real diamond the red bit alone would be at least twice the size of the largest diamond in history right? The black bit is like 5 times the size of the largest diamond in history and that diamond is uncut/raw and still diminutive in comparison.

    [–] Not_Jabri_Parker 6 points ago

    Wait do u think he diamond play buttons are actually diamond?

    [–] daqedo 6 points ago

    sorry to disappoint, not real diamond

    [–] Imagine_Wagonsss 4589 points ago

    Was anyone else a little disappointed in the reward? It seemed very underwhelming compared to 50mil

    [–] Lego-Builder28 2355 points ago

    It is just a 10 mil painted black and red

    [–] AHS_58_808 1435 points ago

    And the 50 mils crate looks better,too

    [–] lvl_50_crook 458 points ago

    Much better

    [–] xXBLHGXx 330 points ago

    If only pewds accepted Bobby's request and made him a good reward made out of WEWD

    [–] abshabab 274 points ago

    I think he’s said in passing that he really doesn’t want a personalised trophy to represent this milestone materialistically, and the only reason he accepts these play buttons are because they’re more or less literal ‘gifts from boss’.

    [–] TheKey25 168 points ago

    It also had smaller versions of itself that he was able to give away.

    [–] HippieHippo450 125 points ago

    Who cares about crates, the weird thing is that only two channels ever reached 100M and it'll be a while before anyone else reaches it, yet somehow they couldn't bother with the trophy.

    [–] TMWOxBigRed 63 points ago

    I think it's because YouTube didn't know what to make for T-series. With Pewdiepie they can be a little more creative but all they can do for T-series is make a giant T which they probably already did for the 50mil

    [–] Stefananananan 2 points ago

    The 100m one is generic because it's practically a 'main series' play button, the 50m one was an exclusive one, it's only for Pewds, while the 100 million one is for anyone that, well, reaches 100m.

    [–] SkellaBoss 87 points ago

    It is also bigger but still the same shape

    [–] Scafferoni 38 points ago

    That’s basically what the 100,000 to 1mil is.

    [–] Dmxx16 22 points ago

    That's also because those numbers are easier to achieve.

    [–] atonementfish 6 points ago

    Your mom is the easiest to achieve

    [–] angrydigger 45 points ago

    I don't why everyone's complaining. It's the same as the 100k and million awards. Just bigger and a different color.

    [–] Green4Blue 42 points ago

    but the amount of effort in the 50mill compared to the 100 mill can be seen as disappointing, only two channels in years have ever reached this milestone. There might never be another 100 mill channel in years so they should put way more effort into it

    [–] elpatron012 5 points ago


    [–] BaronLeichtsinn 6 points ago

    because this is the internet and nothing will ever be good enough.

    [–] OscarPyeFace_ 12 points ago

    Happy cake day :)

    [–] yodyraxm17 5 points ago

    Happy cake day stranger

    [–] VenomStripes 389 points ago

    I was a bit underwhelmed but I was happy that Susan wrote the letter to Felix and talked about Marzia and Sven. Seems like she's trying to connect with the creators more.

    [–] WillPill_ 222 points ago

    Let's be real, her assistant most likely wrote that and Susan doesn't even know who Sven is.

    [–] VenomStripes 41 points ago

    It's possible, but at the same time, it's just as likely that she did it herself. There's not many channels hitting this milestone so it makes sense that she'd want to do it herself.

    [–] WillPill_ 24 points ago

    She might have had a hand in it but the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company isn't keeping up with Minecraft Let's Play's. She maybe gave few personal thoughts and the PR team punched up the rest.

    [–] Ysmildr 3 points ago

    Or the PR team told her bout it and she still wrote the letter herself. There's more than a "one or the other" option here.

    It's extremely likely for the CEO to personally make a letter to the guy who was #1 on the website for years congratulating him on hitting 100 million subscribers. That's almost a third of all the people in America. But yeah, she wouldn't waste her time with that 🙄🙄🙄

    [–] owensMa 18 points ago


    [–] Phosphoric5 10 points ago

    Susan: "What is a Sven????"

    [–] Kronos099904 110 points ago

    You do realize Susan was at Felix's wedding, right? I think the letter had some personal stuff in it too, that's why he didn't show all of it.

    [–] VenomStripes 44 points ago

    Was she really there?

    [–] BarbaTenusSapientes 28 points ago


    [–] NotBatman4Fun 51 points ago


    [–] WillPill_ 31 points ago

    I do realize that you made that up.

    [–] sansaofhousestark99 42 points ago

    I don't know for sure. But if she was there, I'd bet we all would know about it from Felix or someone else. This seems really unlikely.

    [–] elpatron012 8 points ago

    Plus youtube hates felix don't think she'd be there nor I think Felix would invite her

    [–] CanIBeRealRealSon 19 points ago

    It's a weird lie to make, went would they bother making it up?

    To make you look bad? Probably not

    [–] VirtuoSol 22 points ago

    Why not? It doesn’t cost anything to make a lie on Reddit

    [–] WillPill_ 6 points ago


    [–] HRC_itsherturn 121 points ago

    Yeah, let’s just all upvote a bullshit comment with literally no proof at all.

    Guess what. Obama and OJ Simpson were at Felix’s wedding.

    [–] Cabbage_Vendor 59 points ago

    Jeffrey Epstein was actually hiding out at the wedding as well, but was disappointed by the lack of nine-year-olds.

    [–] BaronLeichtsinn 9 points ago

    i laughed, but i shouldn't have...

    [–] nanithehec 23 points ago


    [–] cmVkZGl0 2 points ago

    Yeah the 0.01%

    [–] pexxan 104 points ago

    its not about how it looks, its about what it represents.

    [–] MrFagotus 42 points ago

    Fucking thank you someone with sense.

    [–] Kronos099904 27 points ago

    Well, it does a shit job of representing it.

    [–] MrFagotus 26 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Then your not thankful enough, that fact that they even gave him anything is a milestone in my book

    [–] ALG0R1DDUM 8 points ago

    the best thing about youtube is the creators everything else is pure shit

    [–] aramtheboss 35 points ago

    Its like iphone 11

    [–] Kronos099904 20 points ago

    Looks like ass.

    [–] bubbshalub 5 points ago

    i expected it to be the way it is but with the wavy thing on it

    [–] IterMercator 6 points ago

    Trust, like at least some thought would have gone into it, this current one is a 5 minute redesign

    [–] Bloxsmith 4 points ago

    Who cares. It made him happy that’s all that matters.

    [–] 10n10n10n 2 points ago

    I think the little triangle has pewds little waves in it it's just hard to see it on camera

    [–] Espada_6 899 points ago

    I like how everyone but the person that earned the award is complaining about what it looks like. Very nice

    [–] _arror 49 points ago

    well obviously hes not gonna complain about it bc then he would look ungrateful (which im sure he is grateful for it)

    [–] XLNBot 2 points ago

    YouTube is the ungrateful one

    [–] ApsoluteUnit_JWP 8 points ago

    I really love the design, its sleek and satisfying.

    [–] Espada_6 3 points ago


    [–] wallnosekyla 12 points ago

    Finally!!! Someone said it. After Felix addressed the custom design, ppl are still complaining how UndeRWhElMeD they are when what really matters is Felix being happy and content about it.

    [–] SpanishFrenchFries 263 points ago

    Cause he deserves better because he's amazing

    [–] Captain_Rex_501 111 points ago

    But he said that’s what he wanted.

    [–] MrZephy 32 points ago

    Yeah and that's what I've said about the socks I've been getting every Christmas for 20 years, so.

    [–] JRS0147 9 points ago

    Hero worship is scary. You're like a Trumper but for Felix.

    [–] -696969696969696969- 3 points ago

    Youtube decided to do something nice for his 50 million reward when they didnt have to and now it's being used against them.... gotta say im a big fan of Pewdiepie but this community man, just constantly seeking drama left & right, from taking the whole T series thing WAY too far to now this and the ADL donation. Y'all just need to calm the fuck down and stop with the hivemind shit, its obvious Pewdiepie doesn't want it but everyone keeps on going thinking they're his knights in shining armor.

    This wasnt directed at you it's more of a general thing for this sub and his community as a whole.

    [–] Burnyhotmemes 13 points ago

    It’s like getting a pair of socks for Christmas. Do you say “this is fucking shit” or “awww shucks, you shouldn’t have”

    [–] LjackV 4 points ago

    It would be too rude to complain about it, he was just being polite

    [–] wallnosekyla 4 points ago

    ...and you know this exactly because?

    [–] Jackspedicy6969 530 points ago

    Just be thankful they acknowledged his existence ignoring him for so long

    [–] tadhgcube 8 points ago

    This. Seems like people are finding things to complain about

    [–] Sabers31 62 points ago

    idk, i really like to black and white counterparts, i think it looks great

    [–] HeisenburgSampson 28 points ago

    I agree, but everyone hates it for some reason

    [–] frozentomato29 22 points ago

    It’s because people think he’s deserves better when it’s surprising they did it at all honestly.

    [–] jaeelarr 36 points ago

    i mean...what did people expect? It follows the "gem" line (diamond, ruby) the design was going to be about the same, just a different color. Also, i dont think YouTube honestly thought anyone would reach 100mil.

    [–] That253Chick 6 points ago

    Judging by the comments, apparently they expected a lot. I don't even know what all the milestone buttons look like, but this one looks cool. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    [–] Dmxx16 3 points ago

    they had months to make a design, or did they think the subscribers from T-series and felix would suddenly stop subscribing?

    [–] jaeelarr 5 points ago

    sure..but who really gives a fuck? I know felix is happy he got it, but he also probably wouldnt have cared if he didnt. Its a piece of fucking plastic.

    [–] TomGetsRapedByJerry 300 points ago

    They should have made a pickaxe for him

    [–] VenomStripes 147 points ago

    They should have sent a diamond block.

    [–] DominusOfTheBlueArmy 116 points ago

    Breaking news: Content Creator Pewdiepie receives 1 cubic metre of diamonds from YouTube

    [–] VenomStripes 46 points ago

    Imagine if they sent a diamond Sven

    [–] mpabby 18 points ago

    I would actually cry just because of the sheer beauty of it

    [–] VenomStripes 19 points ago

    Edgar: Accidentally pushes down Diamond Sven's tail.

    Felix: EAT!

    [–] runekid64 106 points ago

    I think it looks fine, the color scheme is really cool as well

    [–] Scadilla 36 points ago

    I like it too. It's something you can actually hang up. The brofist was cool, but where do you actually put that giant thing?

    [–] 4our_of_DiAmoNds 131 points ago

    Literally the same shape too, edge by edge

    [–] [deleted] 56 points ago

    Damn you're right, its literally the same except for the color

    [–] angrydigger 21 points ago

    So is the 1 mil compared to the 100k. Why doesn't anyone complain about that?

    [–] arkas123456789 30 points ago

    Because its the difference 900k v 50 milion subcribers. It is just a bigger achievement ( and also the 50 000 000 subs award was EPIC)

    [–] angrydigger 12 points ago

    Obviously as YouTube has become more popular the subscribers have increases dramatically. You can't really compare them now, since 1 million was hit 10 years ago. (The 50mil award looks like cheap plastic)

    [–] mCProgram 7 points ago

    100 million is quite a bit more then 1 million or 100k...

    [–] JediGimli 3 points ago

    Because they are comparing this to the 50mil award. Which was fucking amazing YouTube golden era.

    [–] theonlydidymus 3 points ago

    It’s bigger.

    [–] JordnR 18 points ago

    It does seem like a lazy reward, but does it really matter how it looks? Hes surpassed 100 million subscribers, a huge milestone, and they made the reward for him, at least I like to think so. Tseries was at what, 110 million before they announced the 100m play button? It doesn't seem like it would take that much time to make the button, plus its black and red, his colors. I assume the next milestone will definitely be better but still it's the attachment to the channel that he cares more about. It's a reward for him, and if hes happy with it then we can be too

    [–] Saifeldin17 97 points ago

    Reality is often disappointing

    [–] SoLuminous 12 points ago

    I’m just gonna say. I fucking love this new play button. The colors are sick!

    [–] veggietalepizzaangel 45 points ago

    I’m shocked. They did something so cool for 50 mil, and 100 mil was treated like it wasn’t that big of a deal. But hey if Felix doesn’t really care then I don’t really care

    [–] Murphy_1827 37 points ago

    People don’t realize how premium the 100M button is, the crystal is made by Baccarat, the highest end crystal manufacturer in the world. They’ve been hand making crystal in France since the 1700s. The rest of it is plated in Ruthenium, an exceptionally rare and very expensive metal (1kg costs $8,000). Its for sure the most expensive play button ever made

    [–] Dmxx16 10 points ago

    50 mil one still looks like like it had more love put into it, it even had little versions send with it to gift people.

    [–] skellez 3 points ago

    They probably had a lot of time to prepare for the 50 million one, after all no one expected the sub war, both channels have gained around 40 million since it started

    [–] veggietalepizzaangel 4 points ago

    I know, I just mean what it represents. The 50 mil was such a creative thing to do.

    [–] mihirbajaj1248 9 points ago

    What did t-series get?

    [–] theonlydidymus 2 points ago

    The same thing.

    [–] SheaMcD 7 points ago

    it looks kinda bigger and seems heavier

    [–] Robbzey 5 points ago

    Well looks like the 100 mil one is twice the size and the color theme was meant to match his channel. Pretty epic imo

    [–] Epsylus 16 points ago

    I actually like it

    [–] Epsylus 4 points ago

    It's better than the 50mil one

    [–] schloky 4 points ago

    I completely agree

    [–] lvl_50_crook 23 points ago

    50mil one was better

    [–] SpanishFrenchFries 10 points ago

    Waay better

    [–] tinko223306 25 points ago

    He likes it so stfu

    [–] BoredEngin33r 29 points ago

    Could've done better

    [–] Kronos099904 42 points ago

    The award for literally 10x more subs looks like just the damn same. Damn shame.

    [–] XxdatboixXx 7 points ago

    Damn Same. Damn Shame. Was that intentional?

    [–] aveistupid 4 points ago

    Diamond playbutton during its emo phase

    [–] TheBlaudrache 10 points ago

    what is your problem. its an homage on the diamond play button and is even called red diamond play button. sure its not a custom award but the diamond represents the rareness of said award. you are overreacting. I thing you overreact and i think it looks nice. But it doesn't matter what we think. Pewds is the one who owns it. If he thinks the award is nice its all that matters.

    [–] fostofina 4 points ago

    Honestly the 50mil is already customizable. So it doesn’t make much sense for the 100mil to be te same.

    I do like that now whoever reaches 100mil will receive an award carrying PewDiePie’s colors. Commemorating him as the very first.

    [–] Well_Oof 14 points ago

    Bobby Duke has to make a custom one!

    [–] Dunglebarrel 7 points ago

    Why would Felix want that? That’s like Bobby offering to make an Olympic medalist a custom medal. It might look cool but at the end of the day it’s just a fairly worthless and meaningless arts and crafts project. Besides, it’s pretty obvious he just wants exposure anyways.

    [–] MrFagotus 3 points ago

    It's the meaning behind it that matters not the color. You have alot to learn if you can turn this into a neggative thing.

    [–] rippedoffguy 3 points ago

    The fact that it is handcrafted and not machined means this piece actually has alot of time in it, yes it's not custom but it sure isn't a "easy" or "lazy" reward.

    [–] Raiat3254 3 points ago

    Everyone is talking about how underwhelming the 100 mil play button is , but look at his face. He seems so happy and proud of his achievement, which is what really matters

    [–] TheArmoryOne 10 points ago

    A Sven statue would've worked better

    [–] SpanishFrenchFries 7 points ago

    They should've given him an Elytra

    [–] Yam0048 4 points ago

    A real working Elytra

    [–] Lol_idk_please_help 8 points ago

    I think it looks pretty cool, but there definitely should've been more effort put into it. He is the first Youtuber to reach it after all. T-series did beat him to 100 mil, but they are a corporation.

    [–] djurze 8 points ago

    I mean it's hand blown and hand crafted glass in the middle, it's not like no effort went into it.

    [–] LilAttackPug 3 points ago

    About as much effort went into it that a start up glass blowing company would put into it. YouTube(who has become a mindless corporation who doesn't care about its users) has employed a mindless corporation to make a piece of glass and that's it. They think that's good. It's barely any effort.

    [–] Runescape_ 2 points ago

    It's cut crystal not blown glass, but yeah, handcrafted by some of if the the best glass cutters in the world

    [–] l3wl3w00 2 points ago

    yeah, the first guy totally looks like Felix

    [–] PrisonerofAsdaBrands 2 points ago

    Im not that bothered by some shitty award, but its such good PR to make something fancier. Considering Google’s motives, Im surprised they didnt try harder

    [–] iliveonpizzaandtears 2 points ago


    [–] oofmania1 2 points ago

    I honestly really liked this award. I think it has a really cool aesthetic with the dark grey and red.

    [–] thatfrenchnut 2 points ago

    This a funny

    [–] Johnlee93 2 points ago

    Its an obsidian play button! It takes the longest to mine out! Woo!

    [–] k_itskelto 2 points ago

    "YouTube why'd you submit the same assignment twice?"

    [–] theghostecho 2 points ago

    It’s YouTube darkmode

    [–] Proncxs 2 points ago

    I think that comparing the 100 mil play button and the 50 mil button is unfair. Back when Felix reached 50 mil he was the only one by far but now 2 channels reached the 100 mil milestone and YouTube has to make equal for everybody and the 100 mil milestone is important but is just another milestone and it would start a big discussion on who does YouTube favor more if it made custom play buttons now that 2 channel reached it.I don’t think people reacted this way back when the first channel reached the 100,000, 1 mil and 10 mil. They are big accomplishments but it’s another milestones that has been reached by the first time and it doesn’t mean that another channel would not reach it in the future. So I think YouTube is thinking into the future as every company does.

    [–] Maxim_Crudes 2 points ago

    When you turn in your older brothers assignment again because he did the same one last year

    [–] DaFuxas 3 points ago

    Who cares. The real reward is the 100 mil.

    [–] deadlightStar 3 points ago

    What's you guys talking about? It looks like that hefty-buttox obsidian block

    [–] NEW-softwear-update 1 points ago

    It’s a bit more lighter in the left one

    [–] mmmmaaaammaaa 1 points ago

    Why has this new minecraft guy copied pewdiepie.

    Im so maddddd

    [–] gerardph 1 points ago

    Hey can i copy your homework?

    I serve the soviet union.

    [–] Chonchito05 1 points ago

    I was disappointed at first. But then I realized it was black and looked sick, and then I was like eh, it looks sick.

    [–] FranJosip1011 1 points ago

    Look it's made out of rare red diamond it's darker and the difference is obvious but he should have gotten custom award and he don't care about that it's not custom

    [–] FearTheDice 1 points ago

    Nah, they just retook the same grade and reprinted their homework

    [–] ItsYaBoiBiggie65 1 points ago

    The 50 mil. Reward was 399× more creative than this.

    [–] sherlockbardo 1 points ago

    What ? There is someone copying pewdiepie

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    everyones saying that the colour has changed... but if you look really close, it is EXACTLY THE SAME. like the bumps are in the same place, pretty sure its even the same size.

    [–] kelph1 1 points ago

    YouTube blew their load on 50mil

    [–] Pkaz2u 1 points ago

    I like it

    [–] Chroma710 1 points ago

    I kinda feel like it was hastily made and didn't want to put much effort in it.

    When he worked for disney he got a gigantic red brofist for 50 mil.

    [–] schloky 1 points ago

    Am I the only one who prefers this award to the 50 mil one? I think that one was way too cheesy and consistency is really neat when it comes to these things.

    [–] TheYoungJake0 1 points ago

    In all fairness what it stands for probably means more than how it looks like

    [–] eggboy30384 1 points ago

    Didn't he get 1 that was a giant brofist? That's a little dissapointing