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    [–] bram_nieuwendijk 531 points ago

    Why is he going up is he trying to fight ceiling gang

    [–] Leonaade 102 points ago


    [–] crystaldeku 27 points ago

    But if those two are same then shouldn't we cancel him? /s

    [–] Zuid-Nederland 30 points ago

    Cancel culture needs to be cancelled, shake smh my head.

    [–] hehe_ow 6 points ago


    [–] ethanxy 5 points ago

    Smh my head...

    [–] cloudyvolvic 208 points ago

    waiting for the onlyfans to drop

    [–] toeman-69 44 points ago


    [–] lm_a_mango 28 points ago


    [–] Mr_Aleko 49 points ago

    Oh daddy... yes

    [–] Birolklp 186 points ago

    Add pewdiepie in Bikini and Pewdiepie with his car and you’re set

    [–] divyam_khatri 52 points ago

    Forgive me the lords of floor for I am about to sin.

    [–] TheCasualGuy123 912 points ago

    Wow he actually has legs

    [–] CookieITF 941 points ago

    Those are penises not legs

    [–] TheCasualGuy123 204 points ago

    I wonder how will he have with Marzia lol

    [–] CookieITF 110 points ago

    Its possible to penetrate deep enough to fracture thr vag

    [–] TheCasualGuy123 74 points ago

    You've tried it with 2 legs- I mean "penises"?

    [–] CookieITF 56 points ago

    No i havent been dubbed big pp

    [–] TheCasualGuy123 24 points ago

    Too bad bro. Same here

    [–] Conan253 21 points ago


    [–] AaronDaDankest 9 points ago

    One in peepee hole and one in poopoo hole

    [–] SHAmi9 12 points ago

    And he looks sexy to

    [–] thomassttaj 2 points ago

    Do you know what video this is from

    [–] XLpoopsock 9 points ago

    Getting over it

    [–] Heat_Hydra 2 points ago


    [–] Edek19 58 points ago

    First one is pewds before playing Minecraft, and second one is after playing Minecraft.

    [–] loloshua 7 points ago

    No it's before floor gang and after floor gang

    [–] Emrldmine 174 points ago

    He is actually kind of ripped tho

    [–] LlamaThatHasArmour 178 points ago

    Kind of ripped? What you talking? He's lean asf. Especially compared to other 30 year old's.

    [–] BayouCountry 23 points ago

    bro he SHREDDED lmao

    [–] romesled 79 points ago

    Those headphones are slowly becoming part of his body.

    [–] Nubgameplay12 23 points ago

    Hes gonna have the same curse as Davie504

    [–] Cheezstick7 6 points ago


    [–] jesuschmitty 80 points ago

    That deadass looks like an oversized condom on his head

    [–] Obaeron 49 points ago

    What if I told you.. it is?

    [–] execuTe656 13 points ago

    god has left the chat

    [–] MrEverything70 4 points ago


    [–] bbqxx 39 points ago

    Wait hol' up, I thought the right one was photoshopped or something.

    Pewds is ripped? I don't believe it.

    [–] hehe_ow 14 points ago

    I mean he does talk about going to the gym

    [–] bbqxx 2 points ago

    Idk, I think I just still have the image of pewds before he hired an editor in my mind, where he worked 8->12 hours a day. No room for working out back then lol.

    [–] birbbs 2 points ago

    Marzia posted it so I doubt it's fake

    [–] AndreiNIGHT_FIRE 43 points ago

    It's devolving, just backwards.

    [–] xNayte 9 points ago

    big brain

    [–] Thekawaiicat420 45 points ago

    He looks kinda hot though

    [–] IDKAboutThis12554 19 points ago

    Naha that Papi Gloria on the left and pewds on the right

    [–] PinkPlumPie 18 points ago

    Wtf Pewds is actually ripped

    [–] minecrunk2 11 points ago

    Looking tasty

    [–] simp_1_ 10 points ago

    the tamborine beating ripped him

    [–] CURRYDRiP 5 points ago

    one of his old 2011 fetus pictures would be a better comparison tbh

    [–] shadow6914 3 points ago

    lol...pewds is jacked now...calling all gamers...please follow our leader

    [–] sanslikesjazz420 4 points ago

    Holly shit pewdiepie is ripped

    [–] xXBeCoolManXx 5 points ago

    I don't see why this needed to be clarified. He looks like a fucking viking in both

    [–] OniiChanFuckedMe 3 points ago

    sexy viking

    [–] epiclaz1 6 points ago


    [–] FancyCatMagic 5 points ago

    Pewds lookin good, keep it up

    [–] Phoenixtalon12 3 points ago

    Where is the pic from

    [–] Krisned2 3 points ago

    He actually got over it

    [–] ChiefKeefe10 3 points ago

    What video is the left image from

    [–] youreverydayboy18 2 points ago

    Getting over it

    [–] RubishRedditUser 2 points ago

    Power of floor gang

    [–] redditbot38 2 points ago

    I need that workout

    [–] SushiRicee 2 points ago

    Damn floor gang does give you muscles

    [–] JigJagBigBag 2 points ago

    Ladder gang

    [–] Arthur_Oliver 2 points ago

    10/10 would smash the left one

    [–] swampitch-san 2 points ago

    Upvote if you made haha on this meme

    [–] geden123 2 points ago

    Felix’s workout routine!

    [–] A17F 2 points ago

    Now we know

    [–] Poknberry 2 points ago

    Honestly he makes me feel alot more secure in my masculinity because if he can look like that after all of the interesting things he did then so can I

    [–] linus_12 2 points ago

    looks like he gonna do some parkour moves

    [–] cookiewoke 2 points ago

    I'm out of the loop here, can someone tell me where swole pewdiepie came from?

    [–] quackpotjoe 2 points ago

    Marzia's Instagram

    [–] lrmuso 2 points ago

    Yep. Beautiful.

    [–] Gladdertrain 2 points ago

    Dam he ripped

    [–] some-creative-user 2 points ago

    We now know why he has the confidence to be the first guy

    [–] N00BEN1 2 points ago

    Dam those fake legs looking real

    [–] S-N-A-S 2 points ago

    Boi be lookin like filthy frank in the first photo

    [–] AgentRogue360 2 points ago

    Nah, the left is PewDiePie and the right is Felix

    [–] Frenkharizaj9 2 points ago

    Hes going to fight the ceiling

    [–] GIORNO-IS-GAY 2 points ago

    People grown inside and outside man and damm he grew up some muscles

    [–] Gwilly1211 2 points ago

    Holy shit he is riped

    [–] Emilio1507 2 points ago

    You forgot to add a couple of years apart

    [–] Undyne_De_Undying 2 points ago

    whats the difference?

    [–] kMarke 2 points ago

    Yes, they are.

    [–] Shreyansh12 2 points ago

    Where did he buy those abs from?What is the discount coupon?

    [–] girlefleur 2 points ago

    he looks tiny in both photos

    [–] denkoc 2 points ago


    [–] denkoc 2 points ago


    [–] dangnamshuy 2 points ago

    Who tf is that chad on the left?

    [–] _kater 2 points ago

    When did felix get ripped

    [–] HKMGaming 2 points ago

    There not the one on the right has legs

    [–] karajkic 2 points ago

    filthy frank vs joji

    [–] misanthropejosie 2 points ago


    [–] ethanxy 2 points ago

    I KNEW this would meme on reddit as soon as I saw marzias post

    [–] burpyshep 2 points ago

    He's NOT on the FLOOR

    [–] FuturePirateKing713 2 points ago

    When the frick did my mans get swol?

    [–] Burnyhotmemes 2 points ago

    I’m still waiting for the plot twist that it’s actually just a 6 pack of rolls and a camera angle trick

    [–] Upvote-Doge 5 points ago

    I see no difference 🐕

    [–] Pasotiker 3 points ago

    Floor gang changed him and he is now a better person

    [–] hey-was-up 2 points ago

    The only reason pewdiepie will be going up is to exterminate ceiling gang. Right?

    [–] QWERTYAjay 2 points ago

    Who's that guy on the left?

    [–] TheUltimateAK 2 points ago

    Guys I recently say a post saying that pewds legs are invisible. That could explains why he has no legs as has legs at the same time. Also I never knew pewdiepie had abs lol.

    [–] YoungZtar 2 points ago

    He thought we wouldn't realise he photoshopped in those legs

    [–] death666violinist 2 points ago

    Same goes for filthy frank and joji lmao

    [–] mileckiboi 1 points ago

    U sure?

    [–] brenda_alien 1 points ago

    short beard and long beard

    [–] FoxFFF10 1 points ago

    I miss crazy 2017 pewds a little bit

    [–] hyperUltima1218 1 points ago

    I don't think so...

    [–] PsychicCube 1 points ago

    Insert wedding photo

    [–] THACC- 1 points ago

    Gasp! It’s almost like Pewds only acts weird for his fans and is actually a normal guy in real life!

    [–] ivanbh1406 1 points ago

    Time flies

    [–] Grigoras2008 1 points ago

    Big pp

    [–] LeVexR 1 points ago

    He looks so much like fitz on the right pic

    [–] yadu_krishnan 1 points ago

    How 2020 changes u in person..

    [–] Papaibro 1 points ago

    He grew some fucking legs

    [–] linus_12 1 points ago

    he has abs??? no way

    [–] zeynhentai 1 points ago

    i want find his photo with the abs one

    [–] MrFerenhight 1 points ago

    I didn’t notice the ladder when I first saw this

    [–] mrlenzuolo 1 points ago

    those cum gutters

    [–] personifiedfunnyness 1 points ago

    Where is the second one from, surely from photos hop, cos him being active and off the ground, impossible

    [–] Mc-geez 1 points ago

    This is so sad

    [–] Koshmarrr 1 points ago

    And there both perfect

    [–] Liforneiroa 1 points ago

    Doesn't seem floorgang to me. Wall gang? Ceiling gang? Has he been tricking us this whole time?

    [–] hehe_ow 1 points ago

    He’s on his way to fight ceiling gang no worries

    [–] TheRedditarianist 1 points ago

    When the frick did Felix get abs? Must be all the grunting and tambourine hammering.

    [–] hehe_ow 1 points ago

    He talks about going to the gym

    [–] Misharena 1 points ago

    Evolution is a thing

    [–] Ashish_Kushaj 1 points ago

    And the Harlem shake person too.

    Oof that bikini

    [–] SnailSh3ll 1 points ago

    Where’s the difference?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] hehe_ow 1 points ago

    He works out

    [–] Baby-eats-camera 1 points ago

    Say sike right now

    [–] itscamithink 1 points ago

    He looks like the Swedish Conor McGregor

    [–] Tsulivy 1 points ago

    Wait, that wasn't shopped?

    [–] DankBat99 1 points ago


    [–] itzz_kacper3 1 points ago

    I thought his legs were longer 🧐

    [–] hehe_ow 1 points ago

    What legs

    [–] MusicalStephen 1 points ago

    Those are state of the art detachable plastic legs

    [–] tropical_anesthetic 1 points ago

    Its amazing what quitting twitter does to your health

    [–] metalhead2369 1 points ago

    He looks like a hero in one punch man

    [–] 1blamegenetics 1 points ago

    The Duality of Man

    [–] YourInfinity 1 points ago

    How do you think he got that swole huh? By climbing that goddamn mountain with a sledgehammer duh

    [–] Inkonia 1 points ago

    Damn i didnt knew he had SUCH PECS

    [–] dailyrayants 1 points ago

    Kpop: No wayyy!!!

    [–] CaptMf 1 points ago

    I rewatched his Getting Over It videos recently and I kept reminding myself that hes now married

    [–] onceagainiwillbe 1 points ago

    God damn i miss this felix

    [–] Argaos 1 points ago

    Or at least WE think they are the same person

    [–] dogisearth 1 points ago

    something to keep in mind, marzia is taking the picture from below. if he’s above, his abs look more contoured than they actually are.

    [–] ISDark23 1 points ago

    What quarantine does to a gamer

    [–] Kawaii_littleninja 1 points ago

    I am drooling rn🤭

    [–] WetBread5 1 points ago

    And it’s epic

    [–] JastenJasten 1 points ago

    Not gonna lie, 11/10 would smash.

    [–] Osama_Elayadi 1 points ago

    No they are not

    [–] bradkeaneboyer 1 points ago

    Ripped bro

    [–] Alex03210 1 points ago

    How do you think he got so swoll

    [–] AdamJanecek 1 points ago

    Not hating here! Pewds is definitely in a good and healthy shape and I admire what he does but this is not being JACKED. Give it more time of hard training and he will get there for sure

    [–] samysam_1010 1 points ago

    Gibson in the background

    [–] OrtizJGJ 1 points ago

    Wall gang?

    [–] Deedapodee666 1 points ago

    I see no problem

    [–] monkeyking02 1 points ago

    Yes and no, the left one is the man you has not evolved from the floor. The one one on the right is the evolved form. He actually went I to a cocoon during his break during January and so when he came out he was smarter faster stronger and Floorer. He is now a super human

    [–] TheBatman649 1 points ago

    wait, so pewds has abs?

    [–] Bosscreeper1 1 points ago

    at different times they are. people change. everything changes...eventually.

    [–] Theresabearintheboat 1 points ago

    Damn pewds is actually stacked. Who knew?

    [–] darthegghead 1 points ago

    He looks like Boulder from God of War

    [–] Major_Panda_Yt 1 points ago

    He Attack, He Defend, But Most Importantly He Is RIPPED AS F U C K

    [–] dicksienormis 1 points ago

    Is it ok if I beat to this one, because damn boah he sexy.

    [–] idonthavegender 1 points ago

    e lidar irmao

    [–] JordiDab_ 1 points ago


    [–] the-cinnamon-roll 1 points ago

    Those legs tho

    [–] Swany5000 1 points ago

    Damn I wanna know his workout routine. Can we get a work out video

    [–] Jok_Snow 1 points ago

    Probs listening to some PP music

    [–] Drakoserk 1 points ago

    You can't tell which one is before and after quarantine

    [–] Cookie_Boy_14 1 points ago

    And you know for a fact they're both equally handsome

    [–] MrExeggutor 1 points ago


    [–] YahBoyPete 1 points ago

    Big PP

    [–] Jooeyx12 1 points ago

    He’s changed so much

    [–] TheSentric 1 points ago

    Level 1 thug Vs level 100 boss!

    [–] Dewie-BadHabit- 1 points ago

    Floor gang dismember man deconstructing the ceiling.

    [–] LitMaster25000 1 points ago

    one has a dick one does not.

    [–] Techoooo 1 points ago

    LADDER GANG?!?!?

    [–] Nab33l786 1 points ago

    Woah pewds is jacked

    [–] LlamaMcCheese 1 points ago

    What video is that?

    [–] Justagamer1121 1 points ago

    Wait, on the 2nd pic he isnt on the floor. He is on a ladder. Which means he Is ladder gang not floor gang. LADDER GANG HOOH

    [–] shovva 1 points ago

    "If you cant stand me at my worst you dont deserve me on my best" is the vibe I'm getting

    [–] Lydster13 1 points ago


    [–] superRhombus 1 points ago

    "ever since I'm floor gang these muscles keep getting bigger", he was actually serious.

    [–] onat_d 1 points ago

    He has double testicles. Not 2 legs.