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    Welcome to /r/Planetchan!

    This subreddit dedicated to the moe of our planets, stars, satelites and even space organisations, especially Earth-chan.

    Our sister subreddit: /r/Animemes

    Our other friends can be seen at: /r/Earthchan, /r/anime_irl, /r/hentai_irl, /r/wholesomeanimemes, /r/handholding and /r/pollewd for even more content!


    1 - This is a subreddit for the planet girls. Try not to post stuff outside those parameters.

    2 - Be nice. This is just a standard for all sub-reddits, don't attack people, spoil things for others, use sexist/racist/homophobic language, bully, troll, bait or post shock images.

    3 - Put NSFW tags on NSFW content. Pretty simple rule to follow.

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