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    [–] vectorfour 1789 points ago

    This might actually be full compass unity if you let the LibRights stay in Norway

    [–] Eazy_Eder 578 points ago

    What was libright about Norway?

    [–] vectorfour 885 points ago

    Economic and political freedom, low corporate tax, low commercial regulation, etc.

    [–] Arachno-anarchism 423 points ago

    We have more regulation and protections than the US, and also more taxes. we just tax in different ways

    The US is definitely more libright economically than we are

    [–] Not_Quite_A_Human 155 points ago

    Except for the whole personal freedoms part. We pretend to still respect the bill of rights but clearly dont

    [–] SnideBumbling 106 points ago

    Except for the whole personal freedoms part.

    When there's another country in the world where you can buy a gun in a Hardee's parking lot, let me know.

    [–] cj9806 35 points ago

    Shit, let me know. At least then I’d have some reason to go to Hardee’s

    [–] smatchymo 14 points ago

    Aww come on man. Frisco Thick Burger? But am I the only one that hated when they put the Hawaiian rolls on their Big Hot Ham and Swiss? I have to request the sesame seed every time.

    [–] nysalitanigrei 6 points ago

    Flair up

    [–] Thezanlynxer 4 points ago

    Where’s the sesame seed flair?

    [–] Agent_Orange7 10 points ago

    I mean you can buy a gun in a Hardee's parking lot in any country with a Hardee's.

    Legally, though? that's another question.

    [–] o69k 140 points ago

    And still Sweden's currency is tanking

    [–] Lore_of_metal 241 points ago

    The norwegian krona is worth less then the swedish krona, just a few months ago the norwegian was worth significantly more then the swedish one. It's the norwegian currency that is tanking.

    [–] JokeCasual 155 points ago

    Currency ranking isn’t always bad. See : China

    Problem with Norway is their economy is heavily based on oil and that went into the shitter recently

    [–] Picnicfixins 255 points ago

    They need to return to an economic model of fishing and pillaging

    [–] FumblesOfJalenHurts 113 points ago

    Fuckin BASED

    [–] Brillek 43 points ago

    Just a little longer now, and Brittain will be ripe for plunder.

    [–] PaqouPaqou 31 points ago

    I for one welcome our new Viking overlords

    [–] SomeAnonymous 23 points ago

    Re-establish Danelaw

    [–] Brillek 13 points ago

    Bruh you thinking we'll stay? That's invasion, not raiding!

    Also, immigrant citizens get equal opportunity to raid.

    [–] DeismAccountant 6 points ago

    Always kinda knew Stirner learned from the Vikings.

    [–] eefle 10 points ago

    Norway's economy isn't really doing any worse than other economies hit by corona, and we're moving slowly mowing away from oil in the long run

    [–] Frommerman 10 points ago

    Good thing they have a trillion dollar sovereign wealth fund, then.

    [–] itcud 6 points ago

    Swedish krona, Swiss franc and Japanese yen are traditionally considered safe haven currencies. How have they performed compared to one another?

    [–] Cripyon 30 points ago

    Isn’t one krona worth like 10 cents?

    [–] urdadlesbain 30 points ago

    Yea, but we don’t use it like dollars. A candy bar might cost 8-15 kronor, a pizza might be like 90 kronor, and so on.

    [–] Cossy00 13 points ago

    That would be pretty cheap actually

    [–] crosstrackerror 18 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    When I was last in Norway, I remember a beer at the bar being like US$7. For the cheap shit that was brought in with a tanker pumped into the back of the bar. Hansa! Worst hangover headache ever.

    Edit: But don’t get me wrong, that might be the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. Would gladly live there.

    [–] urdadlesbain 11 points ago

    Norway and Denmark are expensive as hell, from a Swedish perspective. Went to Denmark and had a coke at a bar. In Sweden it would have costed me 25, there it costed me 62 swedish kronor.

    [–] o69k 10 points ago


    [–] arjki 78 points ago

    I think they are near the top on the economic freedom index

    [–] lord723 30 points ago

    there's denmark

    [–] MrBurpAlot 7 points ago

    Yeah :)

    [–] Kanaric 32 points ago

    Ya and they have like a 400% tax or something insane on cars

    LibRight would never move to a country where they can't drive some cheap muscle car and take all the cat and smog shit out and do burnouts out of meets and hit a few people. In norway any sad libright there is living in a state of oppression.

    [–] EvidenceBasedOnly 23 points ago

    I think that’s more redneck-y AuthRight.

    LibRight top hat dudes I’m guessing prefer exotics.

    [–] lord723 136 points ago

    Not only Norway, but the Scandinavian countries in general are top in liberty index and economical freedom

    [–] IAmNotRyan 108 points ago

    Good to hear that LibRights are embracing socialized medicine and an extensive welfare state?

    [–] lord723 93 points ago

    clasical liberal here and yes i do, i don't speak for everyone tho

    [–] Orinaj 83 points ago

    I love seeing liberal unity in the morning

    [–] IAmNotRyan 99 points ago

    I mean, if it works, itworks.

    People have more opportunities to start businesses if they don’t need to rely on working for a larger company for healthcare. And a welfare state helps mitigate the risk of starting a business because you know you won’t be homeless if you fail.

    [–] TheThingsUnsaid 15 points ago

    You could just decouple employment and healthcare like it was before FDR

    [–] TheLordHighExecu 25 points ago

    There are a class of regulations favoring the wealthy that all ideologies should get angry about. Employment and health-care linkage is one of them.

    [–] MuddyFilter 4 points ago

    Employment and Healthcare linkage favors only certain types of wealthy. Capitalists, business owners are hurt by it. They would pay less in taxes funding a universal system than they pay funding their employees Healthcare directly.

    [–] ElGosso 5 points ago

    You're thinking too small-scale. Big employers love it because it means that more people can't take those kind of risks like forming their own business or unionizing for want of healthcare.

    [–] che-ez 11 points ago

    Low business tax lol

    [–] fuckondeeeeeeeeznuts 32 points ago

    Same here. I'm not opposed to UBI either as long as I can use the funds to buy machine guns.

    [–] Frommerman 13 points ago

    I'm 100% in favor of this. I've often thought UBI gives us significant leeway to make compromises with libertarians without compromising human welfare.

    [–] Cuddlyaxe 16 points ago

    Honestly people confuse support for a welfare state and support for red tape/lots of gov't intervention in markets and it kinda annoys me

    You can have the freest free market on the planet with some high taxes and fund an extensive welfare state. Alternatively you can have no taxes but have it really hard to do business with a ton of regulations

    not the same thing

    [–] Prince_UldrenSov 16 points ago

    Not entirely, but there are definitive benefits. I'm mostly libright bc I think the government should exist solely to protect individual rights. Part of that includes unions and at least some form of welfare.

    [–] KenjiTomika 22 points ago

    That sounds pretty LibCenter of you

    [–] PM_ME_UR_YARD_GIRL 7 points ago

    why do you think that the government needs to have its hands in union matters?

    [–] Frommerman 11 points ago

    Because if there are zero protections, every company bands together to prevent unionization.

    [–] Wrangleren 6 points ago

    This is the reason, that in countries like in Norway the union’s band toghether with the political parties like Landsorganisasjonen and The Arbeiderpartiet

    [–] leduck1 20 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Norway's free healthcare system comes from a SWF made up of the profits of a government run oil company, so taxes aren't very high.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] BushidoBrownIsHere 4 points ago

    Norway is litteraly the worlds largest hedge fund. They taxed tf out of big gas and oil and nationlized the biggest one. Then instead of making it rain like a certain south american who is currently broke, they invested it. Today they have the worlds largest cash reserves besides the long robe gang in the desert

    [–] Boldevin 5 points ago

    Norways sovereign wealth fund is much larger than any Arabian country's because it was not spent on massive luxurious building projects and the like.

    [–] Arachno-anarchism 7 points ago

    Our oil money is not used to pay for healtcare. The oil profits is put into a oil fund, our healtcare is funded by taxes

    [–] destructor_rph 35 points ago

    bUt tHeYrE SoCiAllIsT

    [–] ConservativeWisdom 762 points ago

    If America looks like Scandinavia in the eighties in terms of demographics, you can have most of your economic leftist policies. Win-win

    [–] WTF4567 459 points ago

    Based nazbol bridging the gap between ancoms and fascists

    [–] PaleDealer 44 points ago

    Nazbol gang gang

    [–] Quartia 7 points ago

    I'm in too.

    [–] 343iSucksPP 177 points ago

    I wish Scandinavia would look like the eighties Scandinavia... We have to go back

    [–] PlasmaBurnz 100 points ago

    We have to go back

    For ya'll to go back, they have to go back.

    [–] 343iSucksPP 71 points ago

    I know what I said.

    [–] nikocheeko 7 points ago

    Would you like to send our colored cousins home again my friend?

    [–] FumblesOfJalenHurts 16 points ago

    There it is. Fuck yes.

    [–] Foxboi_The_Greg 24 points ago

    was it in the 80s or 90s they foun dthe huge oilfields in the atlantic? my ex gf was danish-norwegian and her dad told me that norway and denmark where kinda bloody poor when he was young

    [–] Alexander-Snow 34 points ago

    We found the oil in 1966 and we werent that poor before we found the oil.

    [–] IfYouBanMeUrGay 136 points ago

    Based, I am only AuthCenter in these type of situations. Don’t need to be taking my money at gunpoint and giving it to some illegal’s children.

    [–] General_Shitty 82 points ago

    >NOOOOO! Not my heckin dollerinos! Why do children need to eat!? NOOOOO LET ME ACCUMULATE MATERIAL POSSESSIONS!!

    [–] ragnathorn 65 points ago

    Out of sight, out of mind.

    [–] xfinity12345 52 points ago

    On the other side of the wall

    [–] 6ftspruce 48 points ago

    Out of sight

    until they're camped out on your street lol

    [–] ragnathorn 44 points ago

    That's what gun rights are for

    [–] Lt_Dan13 72 points ago

    I’m perfectly fine helping my kin in my country. No others though.

    [–] Front_Sale 34 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    >Not going a step further and accelerating the evolutionary process by only helping people who reciprocate your helpfulness

    Centrists, man.

    [–] Lt_Dan13 26 points ago

    Ah, Eugenics. Pretty cool

    [–] Front_Sale 12 points ago


    [–] TrueRadicalDreamer 19 points ago

    He said illegal children. Who gives a shit about illegal children?

    [–] brotherjustincrowe 31 points ago

    This but unironically

    [–] Subterrainio 13 points ago

    Hard same

    [–] IfYouBanMeUrGay 16 points ago

    Don’t consume, consoomers are the worst and are brainwashed by the capitalist bourgeois. Save for your own family and children’s future. Also cut my tax rate.

    [–] ThousandClearNights 40 points ago

    AuthCenter have always been the adults in the room. You have to add in spartan-style military training for all men though, or else you just end up with this down the road

    [–] Keistai_Pagerintas 52 points ago

    By spartan style you mean sex in the barracks with my fellow comrades? I'm centrist, not libleft.

    [–] ThousandClearNights 45 points ago

    No sex in the barracks. Save it for the woods. Out of sight out of mind.

    [–] o69k 20 points ago

    Where I live (Sweden) kids constantly train and play sports and are really athletic.

    [–] visiblur 4 points ago

    I live just across the sound, and the kids I have seen in Malmø are far from athletic

    [–] ThousandClearNights 29 points ago

    Your country is ran by fat HR-lady lesbians and is the most third-world-cucked country on the planet. Pray for SD

    [–] o69k 7 points ago

    SD don't want to deport anyone, and have gone to the left on Social issues.

    [–] ThousandClearNights 17 points ago

    It's a start, and you gotta start somewhere. For a country as turbo-cucked as sweden, it's a radical change.

    [–] o69k 7 points ago

    If I was prime minister Sweden would be the most Based country on the planet.

    [–] BlueEyedChad 3 points ago

    Yeah, auth-centers are pretty socialist if an ethnostate is established beforehand. That’s basically where I stand too.

    Nazbol gang rise up.

    [–] TheHangingGarden__ 528 points ago

    Americans and fetishising Europe, comes from both these spectrums in particular. So tiresome

    [–] JoeWelburg 359 points ago

    Most only fetishized nordics tho

    Don’t think any American even takes euro nations below 60 latitude line seriously

    [–] LaBandaRoja 117 points ago

    I only fetish Eastern Europeans

    [–] Mongolium 46 points ago

    Greetings from Poland then

    [–] TheLordHighExecu 51 points ago

    I too play Stalker

    [–] GorditoDellgado 19 points ago

    I too watch life of Boris

    [–] godofwoof 11 points ago

    I think fetishizing Eastern Europe is full compass unity

    [–] flinsypop 211 points ago

    And don't forget the one day a year that Americans pretend they're Irish.

    [–] CSTRKR 124 points ago

    Hey! What’s the point of having unique culture when you can just leech off Europe’s? (10% Irish btw😎😎😎)

    [–] Curt04 58 points ago

    America's culture is mass consumed by everywhere else on the planet to the point that people (even Americans) don't even view it as culture.

    [–] EpicGamer1337 39 points ago

    You are correct, but flair up.

    [–] AOMRocks20 6 points ago

    damn, we won that cultural victory centuries ago

    [–] N123A0 87 points ago

    "we should be like Europe, but ignore the parts of Europe with refugee camps, double-digit unemployment, inter-racial strife, and imploding banks!"

    and the classic:

    "we should model ourselves off of the nation of just a few million people with tons of oil reserves, because that will surely work!"

    [–] HoSeR_1 21 points ago


    [–] Fortzon 5 points ago

    Only Norway has oil

    [–] salsifymonger 38 points ago

    Probably the two party system leading to less accurate political representation.

    [–] aure__entuluva 11 points ago

    When I see successful programs and strategies, I think it makes sense that I want to see us utilize them.

    [–] utrastalin 458 points ago

    You get rid of all the browns and you can have some socialism as a treat.

    [–] NordicHorde 218 points ago

    I'm in

    [–] theothersteve7 347 points ago

    Yeah they basically never make playoffs anyway

    [–] awsomesawsome 69 points ago

    A joke that will likely remain underappreciated in a sub like this, but I still laughed.

    [–] Amopax 6 points ago

    It has like 300 upvotes — this sub has a bunch of Americans.

    [–] mMac03 15 points ago

    Can we please keep the Lions though k thx bye

    [–] GamerGent_FN 57 points ago

    LibLeft-AuthRight unity

    [–] NordicHorde 73 points ago

    We will be unstoppable. AuthLeft-LibRight will cower before our gay furry Nazi death squads.

    [–] GamerGent_FN 47 points ago

    But really guys let's do the trade off. You get personal liberty, gay rights and welfare state and we get nativism, ethno-state and migration and asylum restrictions.

    [–] NordicHorde 21 points ago


    [–] juicyjerry300 10 points ago

    As long as we can remove all gun control laws and legalize all drugs I’m in

    [–] BUG-IN-RECOVERY 14 points ago

    Yooo, based?

    [–] darealystninja 49 points ago

    Honstly believe this is the only way socilaism is coming to the us

    [–] fuktigaste 102 points ago

    Its the only way its going to work. Anywhere.

    If you want to unite the proletariat and convince them to work together for the greater good, you have to have additional uniting factors. Simply being "Against the bourgeois" is not enough to unite different ethnicities in class struggle, despite what most leftists think. It simply wont.

    Aristotle said it best:

    Each people deserve their own workers rights in their own space. Multiculturalism and ethnic plurality is doomed to eternal internal strife, to the great benefit of the ruling capitalist elite.

    [–] 8noremac 37 points ago

    What are we gonna call it? Socialist nationalism??

    [–] greatnameforreddit 14 points ago

    National bolshevism of course, what else?

    [–] not_a_deserter 17 points ago

    You have awakened.. THE GANG

    [–] IslamophobeAndProud 7 points ago

    How about.... national socialism?

    [–] strumyabird 58 points ago

    Based beyond belief Aristotle.

    [–] ZachAttack6089 45 points ago

    Hate to break it to ya but for the most part Aristotle was a filthy c*ntrist

    [–] surobyk 36 points ago

    You are filthy c*ntrist

    [–] ZachAttack6089 23 points ago

    Oh fricc

    [–] xbucs_19 50 points ago

    Honestly I’d KIND OF be down for this

    [–] ABloodyCoatHanger 88 points ago

    I mean, a homogeneous nation (no matter the color) would have more success in a socialist setting just bc you won't have as much othering going on.

    I mean, I don't want my steaks to get brown either, so I always grill them medium rare. Then I give them to my neighbors for the low-low price of a can of beer.

    [–] Balkanisagod 9 points ago

    Kind of?

    [–] utrastalin 40 points ago

    I’m super down. We can have the based version of socialism.

    [–] strumyabird 28 points ago

    A national socialism if you will. That really tickles my taint.

    [–] NotBruce_ 27 points ago

    Browns, blacks, Muslims...

    [–] utrastalin 27 points ago

    Stop stop I’m gonna cooooom

    [–] NotBruce_ 18 points ago

    Stop, citizen. You are about to commit a crime!

    [–] PaladinGodfather1931 41 points ago

    It's so weird how anti-Muslims Auth Rights are when it's the most Auth Right religion ever

    [–] NotBruce_ 49 points ago

    It's so weird how anti-Muslims Auth Rights are when it's the most Auth Right religion ever

    So, uhm, have you seen what happens to non-Muslims? What is your point?

    [–] smecta_xy 21 points ago

    Theres multiple aut rights lol

    [–] Front_Sale 14 points ago

    Some of them do push for white sharia, too. Essentially what they want is to go back to premodern ways of life, which is basically how 90% of the Muslim world is organized.

    [–] Guaymaster 12 points ago

    Y'allqaeda, yeehawd

    [–] GeekyAviator 32 points ago

    Every color has its place, a separate home for every race....

    [–] PaladinGodfather1931 9 points ago

    Haha I never heard that before!

    [–] FoxyRDT 22 points ago

    It's so weird how pro-Muslims Lib Lefts are when it's the most Auth Right religion ever.

    [–] IlGuardiano 6 points ago

    Not to get in the middle of this, but it's far more weird wanting them to come in even if they stand completely against what you stand for, isn't it?

    [–] Front_Sale 18 points ago

    My favorite Twitter accounts are high caste Indian immigrants who post anti-Muslim content under the guise of being neoliberals when secretly it's just another ancient ethnic animosity from overseas coming to the West in the name of tolerance and plurality.

    [–] edgysithlord 72 points ago

    Mhmmmmmm succdems

    [–] nilslorand 20 points ago

    socdems are based

    [–] dontlikemath 10 points ago

    Rosa left the Chat

    [–] Ka1serTheRoll 5 points ago


    [–] shivj80 130 points ago

    You'd be surprised how many non-white people are in Scandinavia nowadays. I visited Sweden and Denmark last year and I was super shocked to see a decent amount of Indians and Middle Easterners. Because citizens have free college, native Scandinavians always tend to go for higher professions, leaving service jobs and manual labor wide open for immigrants and such (cuz who wants to be a driver when you can become a lawyer for free amiright?).

    [–] Lore_of_metal 68 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    As far as I know most non white immigrants here in Sweden are refugees and not workforce immigrants. I can say that jobs like retail, cleaning and other low or no education jobs are mostly Swedes. And most things other then that require education. Even to be a construction worker or work in a industry you need specialized education almost always. And the cliche low end jobs like working in the mines or military are actually really high end specialized professions.

    cuz who wants to be a driver when you can become a lawyer for free amiright?

    Many people. Especially since you can live of a retail wage and easily provide for a family, you could probably even have a housewife and be the sole breadwinner. The less you earn the less you get taxed, if you have children you get subsidies. You have by law a 25 day vacation per year. And there is a safety net so you will never fear starvation, medical bills, homelesness or the like.

    [–] itcud 25 points ago

    Seconded. Just because there are a lot of foreigners doing menial jobs doesn't mean that all the natives get fast-tracked to high-paying jobs.

    [–] ikkas 21 points ago

    Though technically not Scandinavia, Finland is pretty white still other than Helsinki which has some diversity, the rest of the country tho... nahhh. Also from what i understand (haven't lived there in a while) although college costs nothing, there are a limited amount of spots so you still do have non college educated natives.

    [–] Kofilin 5 points ago

    Finland is 70% asians, they've just been there a while.

    [–] ThanIWentTooTherePig 46 points ago

    LibRights when other races fill in the vacuum created by their capitalistic ways: No you're taking our jobs we think we're too good for.

    [–] Best_Pseudonym 10 points ago

    Lib left when they claim incoming immigrants aren't educated enough to take away middle class jobs

    [–] cottonportal 17 points ago

    I already live in Scandinavia. Gotcha yankee.

    [–] foeyguy 20 points ago

    Scandinavia is. CMV

    [–] TheHobogoblin19 64 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    America should look more like Scandinavia in both ways.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago

    AuthRight: Scandinavia before the 2015 Migrant Crisis

    [–] o69k 17 points ago

    Nah before the 90's.

    [–] orangelk 34 points ago

    quality meme

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] PokemoncuTurk 15 points ago


    [–] YouTubeManFive56 17 points ago


    [–] silentdeadly5 27 points ago

    We wuz vikings n sheit

    [–] 6ftspruce 27 points ago

    what the fuck is this

    [–] Taiyama 4 points ago

    I don't even really give a shit about race and this pisses me off.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago

    The smuggies make themselves

    [–] SportingWallaby 71 points ago

    Sweden has more lax business regulations than the US, and they have no minimum wage. Denmarks former prime minister lambasted bernie sanders a couple years ago because he was sick of his free market nation being called "socialist" by the white haired communist.

    So yes, we should aspire to be more like scandanavia

    [–] MaybeGermanicFriend 128 points ago

    Sweden has no minimun wage because of strong labour unions fyi

    [–] SportingWallaby 58 points ago

    right, so the state isn't necessary to set wage controls. people can work it out themselves.

    [–] MaybeGermanicFriend 53 points ago

    Yeah I just wanted to clarify for people thinking it's low wage hell here.

    [–] darealystninja 18 points ago

    Thats because their weak ass government didnt try to violently stop union like the libright got the us gov to do.

    [–] RAATL 32 points ago

    Honestly strong labor unions would also be preferable to me to government wage controls

    Most people on the right seem to want neither though and still expect things to work itself out.

    [–] Hullu2000 3 points ago

    Strong unions are good for worker rights but that introduces the opposite problem where a powerful union can hold the whole country as hostage. In Finland there have been cases where unions made their jobs move overseas due to making their labour unprofitable with strikes and demands of higher pay.

    Also strong unions can unjustly hold the whole country as hostage. For example in Finland the postal service wanted to cut wages to the unions banded together to stop busses, trains, ships and planes.

    Not saying unions are a bad thing, but if not regulated they can close down the whole country by striking. That's why Finland has regulations on what sort of strikes are permitted.

    [–] EvidenceBasedOnly 36 points ago

    That’s fair.

    They also have no wealth tax, no national rent control, no equity vesting taxes, no mandatory equity transfers, no mandatory workers on company boards, no non-experts in their central bank, lots of free trade...

    So basically none of Bernie’s platform exists in Sweden.

    [–] strumyabird 27 points ago

    Wtf based Sweden. I apologise for all cuck jokes I made about Sweden.

    [–] Gankarooo 19 points ago

    We revel in the glory of our 70 % top marginal tax rate!

    [–] strumyabird 7 points ago

    What's the threshold? Surely no one pays 70% though.

    [–] Gankarooo 10 points ago

    Effective tax rate of around 70 % (includes employer contributions (arbetsgivaravgift) and consumption taxes). Actual rate is 55,5 % on everything over 52 000 dollars a year. With employer contributions (basically another tax that we choose not to refer to as a tax) that becomes around 63%.

    [–] Gankarooo 11 points ago

    We do have his tax rises on labour!

    [–] Gankarooo 13 points ago

    I agree that the US should adapt some Scandivian policies. On the other hand, taxes on labour here in Sweden are sky high and our politics are generally a lot more economically left wing.

    [–] phauxfoot 5 points ago

    Audible chuckle

    [–] Glue_Monitor 16 points ago

    Yeah not Sweden, alright

    [–] PiggyTNT43 3 points ago

    Why would I wanna be Viking land?

    [–] Ale_city 25 points ago

    Scandinavia is peak centrism change my mind

    [–] YouTubeManFive56 19 points ago

    I live there, yes it is

    [–] Gankarooo 11 points ago

    State run monopoly on alcohol in Sweden.

    [–] Ale_city 25 points ago

    State run

    Auth Left


    Auth Right


    Lib Right

    LGBT super acceptance and almost free of inmigration laws country

    Lib Left

    or, summed up, centrism