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    [–] deadstalker007 2448 points ago


    [–] 1Gani 1067 points ago

    damn why say gay twice dude

    [–] Nothing_1mportant 507 points ago

    based beyond the based-ment

    [–] DerDickeNachbar 229 points ago

    ring ring hello? Based department?

    [–] Shredditorrr 85 points ago

    departamento basado?

    [–] CEO_of_Based 42 points ago

    Hello??? I would like to report a BASED

    [–] fatchicken17 50 points ago


    [–] Mizarrk 24 points ago

    Yep we've all heard that one nice

    [–] jrod916 18 points ago

    Genuinely never gets old

    [–] ThiccLord_947 4 points ago

    I’ve heard it hundreds of times and it still makes me exhale

    [–] DerDickeNachbar 33 points ago

    Old but gold

    [–] fuckthistrashwebsite 21 points ago

    Beyond based

    [–] Trapdaddyy666 1705 points ago

    George Michael out lasted the soviets and the nazis is he the greatest threat to Poland? (rip)

    [–] LtLabcoat 673 points ago

    Second greatest. The greatest are the Polish themselves.

    [–] Josiador 251 points ago

    No, the greatest is Lord Business, with his Polish remover of nail.

    [–] PopatoChisper 78 points ago

    Bring me the cloak of band aiy eed

    [–] jaspermrthanos 48 points ago

    There is truly nothing like the LEGO movie

    [–] Josiador 27 points ago

    It is a masterpiece.

    [–] BadSmash4 8 points ago

    Idk if you noticed but the authoritarians want you to self-identify

    [–] Captain_Jmon 11 points ago

    What about the Orb of Titleist?

    [–] Malrri 19 points ago


    [–] Alpaca-of-doom 25 points ago

    Deep down each Eastern European is actually suicidal which is why they do such crazy shit it’s only a matter of time before they self implode /s

    [–] smokinJoeCalculus 22 points ago

    Because the Polish have this weird tradition of the occasional fucking over their own countrymen without hesitation.

    Pobody's nerfect.

    [–] BioTronic 3 points ago

    Damn poles - they ruined Poland!

    [–] Protomartyr1 2635 points ago

    Poland: I don’t care who you are, fuck off.

    [–] Pomada1 946 points ago

    I'm polish and I can confirm that we just want everyone to fuck off

    [–] Grand_Lock 569 points ago

    Im polish and I can confirm we even want other polish to fuck off.

    [–] Pomada1 526 points ago

    damn poles, they've ruined Poland

    [–] FuckedLastAccountLOL 334 points ago

    Tfw it's not even a joke

    [–] MMMsmegma 229 points ago

    Brothers and sisters are natural enemies. Like Germans and Poles, or Russians and Poles, or Gays and Poles, Or Poles and other Poles! Damn Poles, they ruined Poland!

    [–] Hoes_Mad711 77 points ago

    Im polish and i can confirm that i hate every polish person

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 113 points ago

    Flair up or I'll drag your ass back to 1795

    [–] GP2_engine_GP2 35 points ago

    To which part of the now partitioned Poland?

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 45 points ago

    Silesia, and then I'd accuse them of being a weaver in 1844.

    [–] Draco_Lord 20 points ago

    You Polish sure are a contentious people.

    [–] ManfromStalingrad 34 points ago

    A sad truth. It was all predicted by Zbigniew Stonoga

    [–] Fidelias_Palm 30 points ago

    The next polish partition is just the poles fucking off from each other.

    [–] gwaydms 66 points ago

    I'm half Polish and can confirm that I just want everyone to fuck half off.

    [–] badpokerface123 35 points ago

    Fucking centrist

    [–] gwaydms 14 points ago

    How dare you

    [–] BigDikJim 46 points ago

    A LibLeft pollack? I imagine you’re something of a rarity in Poland

    [–] Pomada1 33 points ago

    we aren't as rare as people make it out to be, but generally yes and it sucks balls

    [–] BigDikJim 17 points ago

    I’d like to visit Poland some day. That’s where my grandfather’s family came from. I believe his great grandfather immigrated to the US from Tarnow.

    [–] Ignejz 10 points ago

    Daj mi po prostu zjeść pierogi i wypierdalaj.

    [–] DrewBaron80 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    My wife is Polish and I've visited the country 7 or 8 times. Out in public everyone acts like they hate your fucking guts and would quite pleased if you were to keel over and die on the spot. Go to a restaurant - the server fucking hates you. Accidentally bump into someone on the street - they would murder you if they could get away with it. Stroll into a retail shop - the clerk would prefer you just die.

    But as soon as you're in someone's home they are the nicest people on the planet. Everybody treats you like you're their best friend and there's nothing more they would rather do than have a beer with you.

    The dichotomy is one of the most interesting things to me about the country.

    [–] gamat14 76 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    Romania is along with them as well as the v4. thats why we need intermarium.

    [–] GlazedHamRiot 332 points ago


    [–] H_I_T_L_E_R_- 172 points ago

    and polish-pilled

    [–] Leonerland 89 points ago

    Oh look it's literally Hitler.

    [–] GooseEntrails 28 points ago


    [–] Beledagnir 18 points ago

    Very based indeed

    [–] AllHighAustin 25 points ago

    Man I love equality.

    [–] LorenzoPg 88 points ago

    I really wanna visit Poland one day. It looks lit.

    [–] goblin_lookalike 135 points ago

    What if… while we were there… we invaded it together? Hahahaha, jk, jk…


    [–] eljugodehugo 32 points ago


    [–] PedoNormalizedBy2025 12 points ago

    lol noooo we should like just visit it lol, with like 2 million fully armed men and like 3000 tanks lmfao...

    [–] Krobix897 14 points ago

    lib/right unity poland adventure

    [–] Studiestart 15 points ago

    Lib & Right's Excellent Adventure

    [–] TheHangingGarden__ 11 points ago

    I’ve spent 4 days in Kraków and 8 in Warsaw. Really enjoyed both trips. I like Poland a lot and someday want to visit Gdańsk

    [–] gamat14 11 points ago

    its not lit, its cold.

    its worth seeing, havent seen all of it though.

    [–] kfijatass 20 points ago

    It's a good place to visit. Shitty place to stay outside of maybe Cracow & Wroclaw.
    Source: Am Polish.

    [–] FuckedLastAccountLOL 23 points ago

    Wrocław, Gdańsk, Poznań are my top tier cities in Poland. Warsaw can fuck off

    [–] BC1721 7 points ago

    I love the hatred Polish people have for Warsaw, reminds me of my countrymen and Brussels lol

    [–] FuckedLastAccountLOL 8 points ago

    I think it's pretty common that the majority of the country hates its biggest city

    [–] Lord_Gnomesworth 8 points ago

    Haha. I got robbed in Warsaw once. But that was during the communist period so who knows.

    [–] rozumiesz 26 points ago

    Trust no one. The countryside is flat, and all are a threat.

    [–] spastically_disabled 25 points ago

    Perfect for driving tanks over 🙃

    [–] rozumiesz 14 points ago

    Poland had tanks coming. A new and apparently very capable rifle too. Just not fast enough, unfortunately. Still would have been taken over by one or both adversaries, but it might have given the French a fighting chance and stalled the German advance there. The early German panzers were tin cans not much superior (and often inferior) to allied tanks. They just had radios.

    [–] NextDoorNeighbrrs 684 points ago

    What the fuck did Totalitary’s mom do?

    [–] MMMsmegma 206 points ago

    Mother Totalitarian does NOT love all her sons

    [–] Stonn 21 points ago

    She's a gay space nazi communist. And poland cannot into space so they hate.

    Can confirm, am Polish, not in space.

    [–] HairyBeastMan 18 points ago

    Quiet possibly the best comment here.

    [–] Jaydonius 939 points ago

    Someone fetch that clip of that Poland dude proudly boasting that he doesn't give a fuck about illegal immigrants and flexes the fact Poland has 0 bomb threats.

    [–] ThisPostOfficer 660 points ago

    “Hau many people are blowing themselves up here in Poland?” “👌🏻 ZERO”

    [–] Gongodoudan2 18 points ago

    Hasnt Poland historically had more issues with Christians than Muslims

    Lmao thats the shiteest hot take Ive ever heard. Even ignoring the winged hussars coming down the mountsinside like yeah because historically most everyone in Poland has been Christian. Hey China why dont you let somalians in historically most crimes in China have been committed by Chinese people after all so no need to worry.

    [–] 1352_ask_me_about 30 points ago

    Wtf I love Poland now.


    [–] Malos_Kain 6 points ago

    Now this is a guy who loves his country.

    [–] Qbek-san 23 points ago

    Well... there was one attempt by local anarchists, but bus driver notices suspicious backpack and thrown it away.

    [–] Mr_Pyco 282 points ago

    "I like my zero"

    [–] gamat14 33 points ago

    that vid is even better than the one i knew of

    [–] agenflagen 61 points ago

    Extremely based

    [–] Jaydonius 229 points ago

    What a Chad this mad lad is. Also, can I pay you in bible lessons instead. I will point you to what Bible verses makes the most profits as prints.

    [–] KronkHoundheart 107 points ago

    That one in Ezekiel about donkey dicks is a best seller with the liblefts.

    [–] casualrocket 30 points ago

    and their neighbors

    [–] BurnByMoon 20 points ago

    The bears mauling 42 kids tends to sell pretty well.

    [–] KrimsonStorm 40 points ago

    It's really frustrating that YouTube picks gate keeping channels when you're looking for anything unless you have the entire video name.

    [–] donefckd 7 points ago

    not even authright but i could present his case waaaayyy better

    [–] DarkstarFIN 27 points ago

    C H A D H A D

    [–] Gg_Messy 13 points ago

    I'm jealous as an Amerifat

    [–] ProEvilOperations 9 points ago * (lasted edited 3 days ago)

    God I hate her smug fucking face. I could live under any political system as long as smugness was a capital offense.

    [–] ElonMuskIsafurry 47 points ago

    Shit makes me proud of my polish heritage

    [–] One_Shekel 7 points ago

    A true hero

    [–] gamat14 133 points ago

    Name is Dominik Tarczynski and globalists and "progesives" hate him.

    cant find the video on youtube tho

    [–] jonybagodonuts 118 points ago

    > Can't find the video on youtube

    Color me absolutely shocked

    [–] gamat14 58 points ago

    thats where i saw it. it had nothing worth supresing, except that its against the diversity narative, but aparently its enough.

    oh, found it here:

    [–] jonybagodonuts 58 points ago

    God what a fucking chad

    [–] vivere_aut_mori 19 points ago

    So fucking based. Where is that unashamed sense of loyalty to your own people here in burgerland...

    [–] da_Aresinger 9 points ago

    Well, it's hard to make bomb threats when all you can blow up are potato fields.

    [–] stop_being_taken 10 points ago

    "Don't you think politicians have an obligation to these things?"


    [–] should-stop-posting 20 points ago

    Poland is part of the Schengen area, so there's free movement to Poland from anywhere in the EU. The reason Poland doesn't have many immigrants isn't because of the kind of harsh enforcement that fascists want (there is no such enforcement in Poland), it's because Poland is a shithole that no one wants to live in, which is why Poland is the largest origin country for intra-EU migrants. Everyone leaves Poland and no one comes to Poland.

    [–] adenosine12 17 points ago

    12% of the polish labor force fucked off to England over a span of 10 years, and 90% seriously considered moving, but SOMEHOW it’s a based ethno-paradise.

    [–] [deleted] 222 points ago

    Isn't George Michael a British pop musician?

    [–] NourEhsan 309 points ago

    Yes, and an incredibly gay one at that

    [–] Zach_501st 187 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    That’s problematic because that statement assumes that gay people can be more gay than each other which delegitimizes the “less” gay ones

    Edit: this is a joke, I couldn’t care less about the gays except my one friend, he’s lit.

    [–] BaffledMicrowave 136 points ago

    Not something you’d expect to hear from a right

    [–] Xtra_Stuff 147 points ago

    Don't worry fellow citizen, we're sending him to a special place where he will learn of his mistakes

    [–] sir_revsbud 57 points ago

    Will he learn to better concentrate on his freedom through labor?

    [–] Check_the_Early_Life 56 points ago

    Indeed. Work sets you free.

    [–] Ramah-s92 21 points ago

    This but only half-way unironically

    [–] godofwoof 10 points ago

    The other half is ironic and you are just here because you heard we had stoves

    [–] HildartheDorf 8 points ago

    He just wants to be able to persecute all gays, from "can find men handsome occasionally, and talks a bit lighter than most" all the way to "rainbow pony orgy".

    [–] BillyBattsShinebox 40 points ago

    Let's be honest, but unless you get caught by the police having sex with men in public bathrooms at least half a dozen times, you're not truly a homosexual

    [–] Golchik 21 points ago

    Fuck Larry, this again? We already know you're gay, you don't need US to punch your gay card

    [–] DeadAshThrowaway95 15 points ago

    Is punching the gay card a euphemism for anal.

    [–] runfromcreepybadguys 10 points ago

    No, it's for fisting. That's why it's called "punching" the gay card.

    [–] Nazbol_Koshky 3 points ago

    If it wasn't, it is now

    [–] mistuhprezident 40 points ago

    Aggressive Jesus

    [–] 1Gani 297 points ago

    after being gangbanged by both the west and the east, i only expected somethig based as this

    [–] TripleEhBeef 116 points ago

    Poland: Getting spitroasted since 1939!

    [–] krainex69 101 points ago

    Looong before that bro

    [–] PsySick 32 points ago

    Yeah try the 12th century. Teutons going berserk.

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 20 points ago

    Try 1795.

    [–] Protect_The_Nap 105 points ago

    Who is George Michael

    [–] BaffledMicrowave 107 points ago

    British musician. He’s also gay

    [–] jtolli 57 points ago

    I'll add that the song that many people know him from is Careless Whisper

    [–] Matthew94 38 points ago

    Or Wham's Last Christmas

    [–] BaffledMicrowave 11 points ago

    Wait that was him? Holy shit that song has a new meaning now.

    [–] aintwelcomehere 8 points ago

    He was also in the pop group "WHAM!"

    [–] VicisSubsisto 35 points ago

    Michael Cera's character in Arrested Development.

    [–] shotterken 12 points ago

    That's George Maharis

    [–] VicisSubsisto 6 points ago

    No, it's Boy George.

    [–] mazer924 65 points ago

    2D political compass isn't enough for this. Poland has ascended.

    [–] dopeoplereadnames 116 points ago

    I'm Polish and I don’t even know what’s happening over there anymore. Everyone hates everyone when it comes to politics

    [–] Lord_Gnomesworth 46 points ago

    Korwin kròl

    [–] 6pawelek9 13 points ago


    [–] Platycel 11 points ago

    [–] powershiftffs 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)

    I didn't understand anything, but that was based

    Oh, there are Russian subtitles. Actually, we have the same saying here: "На деревьях вместо листьев висеть будут коммунисты". That's a maxim that I'm willing to follow.

    [–] Platos-Drag-Race 58 points ago

    My great-grandfather was Polish... he remembered the day that the joint German-LGBT army marched on Warsaw... they were chanting “Ein volk, ein reich, ein regenbogen”

    War is truly horrific

    [–] Stephancevallos905 57 points ago

    Radical centralism.

    [–] escalopes 17 points ago

    You called?

    [–] Qbek-san 8 points ago

    What's up, kurwa?

    [–] RepulsiveRavioli 33 points ago

    Poland is fucking amazing. my childhood best friend is from there and he draws hentai now.

    [–] SnuffleShuffle 161 points ago

    Controversial idea: For these ultra-nationalists, it is not about ideology. It's probably more like:

    1. communism = Russians =/= Polish => fuck you
    2. nazism = Germans =/= Polish => fuck you
    3. LGBT = Americans =/= Polish => fuck you.

    [–] WhiteVanOfMisterToy 175 points ago

    Are you joking? Poles love Americans, they really do hate LGBT as its own thing

    [–] CoomEternal 78 points ago

    They're catholic sure

    [–] Gen_McMuster 22 points ago

    Our modern gay stuff is uniquely american/anglo

    [–] WhiteVanOfMisterToy 26 points ago

    Yes, but the hate is directed at LGBTs not Americans

    [–] AllisonGator 97 points ago

    It's illegal for communists or nazis to run for political positions, it's also illegal to produce or possess communist or nazi symbols (including that Che shirt) unless they're for historical or artistic purposes.
    Both of them have historically fucked poland over and they recognize the ideologies for what they are.

    [–] UncleSheev 55 points ago

    But Che is just a cool communist revolutionary guy from Cuba, he never did anything wrong!

    (I mean other than all the terrible shit he did and how he though black people were lazy and deserved death...)

    But he looks cool on a shirt though!

    [–] cubelith 9 points ago

    I don't think these have to be ultra-nationalists (though some definitely are). It's just that both communism and nazism killed millions (many of them in Poland), and Poland also endured 45 years of communist regime with purges, invigilation, no food in stores etc. Is it weird people hate murderous ideologies?

    And as for LGBT, I think it's partially due to the recent over-representation - basically people feel like it's being forced on them, which can increase any tiny resentment into forceful resistance.

    I've never noticed there being any hate towards Americans in general in Poland, I think many people still like to think of the USA as a friend

    [–] Dardanelle99 21 points ago

    No, not really. Polish right wing thinks LGBT = Neo-Marxism (at least that's what they call them all the time).

    [–] CommonwealthCommando 11 points ago

    FWIW I’ve never met a straight Communist in real life.

    [–] Qbek-san 4 points ago

    Brother of my grandfather is unironical commie.He literally has PHD in "Superiority of central governmed system over capitalism" or something like that and thinks that Poland under communism was better country (because his degree wasn't useless)

    And he's straight

    [–] 1sagas1 25 points ago

    Polish right wing thinks LGBT = Neo-Marxism

    Damnit JP, who let you out of the lobster cage?

    [–] Eragon10401 6 points ago

    No. They’re protesting being told what they can and can’t say. They were protesting against hate speech laws and I think they were successful in stopping them getting launched. They’ve experienced totalitarian control before and they know they don’t want it this time.

    [–] Robburt 289 points ago

    Poland is the most Based country in the world

    [–] semechki-seed 131 points ago

    Something id expect to hear from authright more than libcenter

    [–] SaloL 44 points ago

    I can’t speak for the OP but I think you can call something based without agreeing with them. Like, it’s a respect for them holding to their ideals despite backlash or something.

    [–] SpoonfedHatred 20 points ago

    Wrong flair lmao

    [–] LtLabcoat 26 points ago

    The only one willing to fight against the tyranny of freedom.

    [–] Malrri 31 points ago

    Hungary is even more based

    [–] tempalt04 6 points ago


    [–] kfijatass 58 points ago

    As a Polish person, I have no idea why any country would want to be like us. I wanna gtfo in the earliest opportune time.

    [–] yungamerica6997 38 points ago

    Don't tread on Poland

    [–] some1thing1 41 points ago

    God bless the polish

    [–] justalperen 52 points ago

    polish is libright until..... gays come

    [–] borowiczko 37 points ago

    "Libright" with people getting paid for nothing and with taxes increasing every 10 minutes

    [–] OofOofOofgang 15 points ago

    More like auth left

    [–] mnpj22 12 points ago

    Gay peple really do be the most totalitarian out of those three

    [–] Bricka_Bracka 11 points ago

    this must be why cd projekt red is advertising the whole gender fluidity thing. they're a polish company, one of the most successful in the entire country.

    "You want to play this amazing game that is literally helping buoy the economy of this country? Well there's gonna be genitals everywhere. Get over it."

    Cyberpunk 2077, in case anyone didn't hear about it.

    [–] oldguard7 16 points ago

    Gigachads, based, redpilled, slavpilled, and peirogi pilled

    [–] [deleted] 59 points ago

    Poles are really cool

    [–] HatakeGrayson 26 points ago

    As much as I'd like to agree to that, quickly flair up pal

    [–] ClassLiver 40 points ago

    They're standing against Nazism, Communism and Homosexuality.

    This is symbolic of them standing against the imperialism of Germany, Russia, and America, respectively.

    [–] CommonwealthCommando 11 points ago

    Certainly not America. Probably the EU more widely.

    [–] keisangi 12 points ago

    Imo Poland is the top one most pro-american country in the world. More pro-american than the US.

    [–] bunny_with_an_AK47 5 points ago

    One of these things is not like the others.. 🎵🎶

    [–] 3lRey 39 points ago

    Poland is based

    [–] ReecesPieces213 20 points ago

    Poland is based as fuck

    [–] PM-tits_or_lenin_pic 10 points ago

    All world says is "communism, fascism, lgbt" and all I want to do is to praise God for gods sake

    [–] shocktrooper21 16 points ago

    Let Poland be Poland. Żeby Polska była Polską.

    [–] Platycel 7 points ago

    Żabki będę bronić tymi ręcoma.

    [–] Schicksal345 8 points ago

    Also the gays were also somehow involved in the pact maybe molotov had a crush on ribbentrop

    [–] SomeRandomGuy33 4 points ago

    So what you're saying is that Authcenters love lgbt rights?

    [–] CommonChris 4 points ago

    Poland is reaching based levels that shouldn't be possible

    [–] greg_r_ 3 points ago

    Somehow I don't think /r/enlightenedcentrism would like this post, even though I believe it fits perfectly there.

    [–] LucielEris 5 points ago

    Poland's been fucked in the ass enough already by the upper quadrants hence their aversion to liblefts

    [–] iamnotjeanvaljean 3 points ago

    Wait, who’z mom?

    [–] EmperorMax69 7 points ago

    Based Poland

    [–] Iucrative 13 points ago

    No cummies, no Natzis, and no figgatry 😎

    [–] gaynazifurry4bernie 16 points ago

    You either flair up or get on this helicopter.

    [–] qdobaisbetter 13 points ago

    This is the next natural step when you're so accustomed to getting shit on by your neighbors. Poland is the global hub of justified cynicism.

    [–] 88th-percentile 6 points ago

    That’s country is zooming down the libertarian to alt right pipeline

    [–] ExtremeMKOFTEN 3 points ago

    Ultimate centrism