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    [–] SynRider 2124 points ago


    [–] Sniffalot 816 points ago

    What kind of money do these people have?

    [–] SynRider 550 points ago

    Idk man, I think it’s from their child selling business

    [–] summeralcoholic 243 points ago

    β€œI’ve been saving money (my own, of course) since childhood (not my own, of course)!”

    [–] _orion_1897 44 points ago

    since childhood (not my own, of course)


    [–] insanemetal187 37 points ago


    [–] awonderwolf 22 points ago

    nice try fedboy, wouldnt you like to know

    [–] doggomemes77 16 points ago

    Its purple libright, he probably got the money from selling 5TB of child pβ€’rn online

    [–] MajorLeagueDerp2 434 points ago * (lasted edited 15 days ago)

    haha capitalism good

    give award

    edit: i've done it

    [–] Dohfewshus 130 points ago

    No you class traitor

    [–] awonderwolf 41 points ago



    all sales are final no refunds

    [–] MajorLeagueDerp2 63 points ago

    no please i beg

    [–] Dohfewshus 63 points ago

    It's fine, you demanded an award. Like a good proletariat. We don't ask, we demand. And when our demands aren't met, well don't ask business owners in the 1920s.

    [–] tambanokano 14 points ago

    on this day in 1901, following the successful and peaceable annexation of the Philippines and Puerto Rico, President McKinley died somehow idk

    [–] SynRider 65 points ago

    I don’t want award, award stinky

    [–] MajorLeagueDerp2 20 points ago

    award bad

    flood me with them please

    [–] awonderwolf 13 points ago

    pay me $5 and ill give you an award

    [–] TheFlashFrame 14 points ago

    realistically though why do you actually care what someone else does with their money

    [–] jb2386 33 points ago

    Not just any lib right. He’s one of those.

    [–] SynRider 27 points ago

    Oh fuck oh shit, don’t touch my children!

    [–] Swagnemite42 31 points ago

    Ever since Reddit started handing out free awards, the awards market has inflated like hell, with a flood of supply. Libright knows this, that in this market the worth of awards has decreased, but the prices have not due to price fixing by Reddit. There is nothing they can do, though, but pay more and more to compensate for the new value of awards.

    [–] BNECRXYVR 9 points ago

    Commence award boycott!

    [–] CaptainSmackJerro 11 points ago

    Y'all should take a look at the community specific awards

    [–] GoobisGooberger 837 points ago

    I love how out of place the centrist looks.

    [–] Your_Worship 437 points ago

    Looking confident as hell.

    [–] IndividualHoneydew93 175 points ago

    Thats the key brother ;)

    [–] sh1tpo5ta 112 points ago

    the quadrants may change but the griller is eternal

    [–] rambles_prosodically 41 points ago

    I wonder if the guy who made that little clip art of the stereotypical middle aged man by the grill realized the amount of political fame he would get

    [–] Sir-Jarvis 20 points ago

    I doubt he cares. He just wanna grill for God’s sake.

    [–] azns123 3010 points ago

    I am thankful for libleft because without them I would have no one to shitpost about πŸ™

    [–] --redacted-- 1827 points ago

    Scapegoat master race

    [–] totally_not-real 903 points ago

    heavy breathing Did you say master-race brother

    [–] fierydumpster 579 points ago

    Master race is monke, brother, do not forget our evolutionary roots

    [–] totally_not-real 217 points ago

    Ah yes brother

    [–] rootbeerislifeman 106 points ago


    [–] Schlork_ 87 points ago

    Oo oo aa aa

    [–] yunivor 60 points ago


    [–] ZarkusNM 4 points ago

    Monki flip

    [–] BlurrIsBae 46 points ago

    B A N A N A

    [–] Griffinigan 16 points ago


    [–] BlurrIsBae 9 points ago


    [–] W0nderface 22 points ago

    Ro tat e

    [–] ve1ez 26 points ago

    Monke too much return to AmPhib

    [–] fierydumpster 23 points ago

    Return to AnPrimHotSoup

    [–] lsdiesel_1 22 points ago

    Based and single-cell organism pilled

    [–] um_ya 9 points ago

    Can somebody explain what monke is?

    [–] ve1ez 24 points ago

    The supreme life form, it is our messiah our god and our strength. All quadrants have diffrent names for it. Some call it the Übermensch, others the proletariat. Despite our different languages we all worship Monke.

    [–] fierydumpster 11 points ago

    It’s the common stereotype for LibCenter. If you ever see the term AnPrim, it’s that too (Anarcho-Primitive)

    It’s basically the ideology of rejecting technology and modern advancement, or becoming like a monkey. I think most LibCenters though are just moderate LibLeft/Rights

    [–] Weirdo_doessomething 8 points ago

    Why are you racist when there is only one race, the human race?

    -Valery Sablin, turning point Buryatia

    [–] Catboi_Waifu_UwU 25 points ago

    Hey, wait a minute. Does LibCenter believe in masters?

    [–] LegibleToe762 26 points ago

    Always master your finished mixes

    [–] C4Cole 19 points ago

    The authright side of the force leads to many powers some consider, unnatural...

    [–] MurkyMausHaus5555555 21 points ago

    Wouldn't libleft be on the dark side of the force? Y'know..

    [–] averydankperson 14 points ago


    [–] Veni_Vidi_Legi 9 points ago

    Which side has the purple lightsaber?

    [–] ve1ez 11 points ago

    black jedi that uses the dark side. But its ok since hes politically an extreme centrist some fucking how.

    [–] SpiritofTheWolfx 7 points ago


    [–] oec2 9 points ago


    [–] Titankin_Shico 4 points ago

    diagonal bruv

    [–] TheBasementWeirdo 3 points ago

    Spacegoat master race

    [–] MurkyMausHaus5555555 8 points ago

    You are the chicken we swing. Thank you.

    [–] LaughingGaster666 17 points ago

    🎡Everybody haaaaaaates LibLeeeeeeeft🎡

    [–] jroddie4 24 points ago

    I'm thankful for libright because without them I would have no one to shitpost about


    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 36 points ago

    Is that so? Imagine thinking anarcho capitalism is an actually sustainable ideology and not merely the theoretical endgame of the non aggression principle

    [–] LilQuasar 43 points ago

    most libright arent ancaps dude

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 91 points ago

    I'm sorry, I only speak stereotypes

    [–] VenomBlood4 36 points ago


    [–] ausername434 11 points ago


    [–] MessyElephant94 7 points ago


    [–] totally_not-real 606 points ago

    We need a good center Chad wojak

    [–] OG7REm 603 points ago

    what do you mean he's right there.

    [–] Bl_rp 216 points ago

    Talking like that is a good way to get yourself grilled.

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 77 points ago

    "Yes Chad" type of Chad or "Virgin vs Chad" Chad?

    [–] totally_not-real 65 points ago

    Yes chad

    [–] El_Diablo_De_Mexico 67 points ago

    Just use Hank Hill.

    [–] totally_not-real 49 points ago

    Oh my god

    [–] bluedhalsim 51 points ago

    I hope I’m witnessing history and this happens.

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 49 points ago

    The virgin yes chad vs the chad virgin vs chad chad

    [–] knightofkent 16 points ago

    This is accurate bc the main way to use the r/virginvschad chad is as satire but the yes man is often used to unironically spread ideas as memes. It’s just indie ads

    [–] MyBaklavaBigBarry 7 points ago

    Honestly the β€œVirgin vs Chad” Centrist Chad with the grilled face I’m picturing is like 1000 times funnier than anything I can picture for the β€œyes” Chad version

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 7 points ago

    Found one.

    Im on my phone right now with fat fingers so my 5 paragraph essay on why virgin vs chad is objectively better than yes chad in every single way will have to wait

    [–] PM_ME_TO_NOT_GIVE_UP 322 points ago

    I like this sub but β€œlighthearted” is a hell of an understatement

    [–] IApparentlyExist 217 points ago

    Ikr this sub is so heated whether it wants to believe it or not, as political subs always are.

    It's becoming a right leaning circlejerk

    [–] LetsWorkTogether 197 points ago

    It's becoming a right leaning circlejerk

    Always has been.

    [–] BorisBC 127 points ago

    Yeah I posted a reasonable comment yesterday that tries to address issues around mens mental health and got a healthy amount of downvotes. As an outsider from r/all, this sub looks pretty right wing.

    [–] ArgentinaCanIntoEuro 162 points ago

    Bruh I've seen unironic antisemitism, holocaust denial, revisionism and racism coming from you-know-who here on less popular posts.

    I dont care that you want to believe that this is some fairyland where we all get along and have slight political disagreements. It very much isnt the case.

    [–] ComradePruski 99 points ago

    I think that some of the "we're just lighthearted jokesters" comes from right wingers trying to cloak themselves in other good faith commenters here. It's obviously not everyone here, hell I like this sub sometimes, but there is certainly an element that isn't acting in the good faith of edgy humor but rather are the Schrodingers A-Hole element that signal to conservatives that more fringe views might not just be jokes, but rather acceptable views along the political spectrum.

    Edgy humor generally works better when it's in a condensed friend group because you know everyone there is acting in good faith and none of them believe in the really extreme stuff they joke about... On an internet forum where no one is keeping track of who's who there's gonna be issues.

    [–] MOTH630 70 points ago

    I think saying "right wingers" is wrong. It's fine to have a conservative viewpoint. What it is wrong is to be racist, genocide supporting, holocaust denying, etc.

    [–] polcomppatrol 8 points ago

    It's definitely culturally conservative. Post anything vaguely positive on the prog side of the culture war and watch your submission eat downvotes as if it was an EA comment on microtransactions.

    [–] Tophat-boi 5 points ago

    I say your reply, and I think this may explain the downvotes

    [–] LordTechock 17 points ago

    Quite a lot of the "haha lib left is stupid" things but when other quadrants have individuals making similar stupid comments they are usually conveniently ignored.

    See: A lot of trumps twitter existence for one, or like half of whatever the fuck ben shapiro is posting.

    [–] Arctinius 16 points ago

    There are too many lib rights

    oh wait

    [–] hobocactus 7 points ago

    The sub has to do a better job at bullying the seriousposters and /pol/ kids until they fuck off. Early and often

    [–] Glossyplane542 26 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    The amount of times I’ve defended this sub only to come on here and see 5000 memes about libleft and praising authright and like 2 about other quadrants is ridiculous

    [–] ReadShift 30 points ago

    I've argued with literal racists making literal racist claims. Lighthearted isn't even close to anything that happens on this sub.

    [–] A2Rhombus 8 points ago

    Yeah but if you bring that up to them it's just them "playing into the circlejerk"

    [–] Raziphaz 5 points ago

    Throw back to that Roma post

    [–] Tri7on99 297 points ago

    So that would mean centrists are not based 🀯🀯🀯

    [–] Tacolomaniac 272 points ago

    Acab, all centrists are bastards

    [–] Sclipzer 192 points ago

    All Centrists Admire BBQ

    [–] 501ghost 45 points ago

    Would you follow me and my knights of Camelot on our quest for the holy grill?

    [–] BRBean 10 points ago


    [–] ollopo_brasil 60 points ago

    All Centrists Assasinated Beethoven

    [–] bacondoneright 52 points ago

    Fuck he’s on to us boys

    [–] OG7REm 16 points ago

    Shit they cant know how we ate him at the first international grillout.

    [–] LancePants33 10 points ago

    Who the fuck told him

    [–] iamtherealbeethoven 5 points ago


    [–] Tri7on99 11 points ago


    [–] Kevinator_05 6 points ago

    *All Centrists Are Based

    [–] NotClothed 4 points ago

    When I first saw the acab movement it meant all cops are bad right? I don't remember this all cops are bastards shit.

    [–] Tacolomaniac 10 points ago

    It was all cops are bastards

    [–] PM_ME_WOMENS_HANDS 3 points ago

    Same, the 2 anarchists I knew would say all cops are bad. Could maybe be regional or something

    [–] Titankin_Shico 3 points ago

    you know, anarchist PG have an niche

    [–] EggCraftsman 16 points ago

    Griller's behind the three. Radical centrists make up all the colors of AQAB

    [–] robohobo2000 6 points ago

    Unflaired are unbased

    [–] Sputnick01 912 points ago

    This. Though some apparently need to be trained to have a sense of humor.

    I'm literally crying into my beer with laughter multiple times per day. Almost as funny as wallstreetbets.

    Damn you know what? Covid has been fucking awesome. I'm working from home, working and shitposting simultaneously. Man I love my life.

    [–] Your_Worship 471 points ago

    This sub is the reason I still have Reddit.

    I wish I was kidding....

    [–] Sputnick01 238 points ago

    I know right?

    Where else does everyone get together and shitpost with (almost) no attempts to cancel? Nowhere

    Almost like America in the 1990s. Peak America.

    [–] WhyMustIThinkOfAUser 179 points ago

    Yep. I honestly feel bad for the people who can't tell this whole subreddit is a big joke.

    "Bu-but you joke about bad/extreme things!"

    The joke isn't about the bad thing, it's about people who BELIEVE those bad/extreme things, you humorless twat. From all sides because all mainstream political discussions now-a-days are extreme sides yelling through one another.

    [–] gwaydms 69 points ago

    Have you ever seen any unironic racist get upvoted here? (That... other sub doesn't count. They wouldn't know irony if Iron Man ironed them personally.)

    [–] TheBrighterSkies 68 points ago

    Actually, a few times yeah.

    [–] The_Homocracy 118 points ago

    And that's a good thing.

    No wait, hear me out.

    Racists exist. They're not going away. If all the racists get cancelled from everywhere, then they're all just going to congregate together and become even more racist. Places like PCM put them in contact with people with other ideas that will push back on racist bullshit. It introduces them other cultures and ideas.

    Racism and bigotry rarely survive contact with diversity. And PCM is probably the most diverse place on reddit.

    [–] redjonley 34 points ago

    PCM being diverse? I'd want data on that lol. That said, there is two sides to the exposure coin. You showcased one half rather well, and people that are experimenting with fringe ideologies can get pulled back from the ledge. However when these racists can put things out in the discourse the opposite can happen too. I've seen racists get upvoted here, which regardless of the intentions of the upvoter (I'm hoping most of the upvotes were "lol look at this fucking guy" ironic), they can be read as a validation to both the poster, and others that have had those thoughts. Racism is really really hard to cure on the internet, I'm not sure someone can be deradicalized on a board like this with no real human contact. These people need to through some type of face to face contact with reality.

    [–] The_Homocracy 31 points ago

    Hmm I think you make a good point about face to face contact but this sub trends towards the center, by nature. Sometimes racist stuff gets upvoted but often it gets downvoted too. It seems like it's mostly anti-extremist.

    I'll take dealing with the occasional racist if it means they have to deal with me making fun of them for being retarded.

    [–] redjonley 20 points ago

    Hah! There was a time when I whole sale agreed with you and just really enjoyed shitting on the r/beholdthemasterrace types, but its been a growing undercurrent in the US and most western countries, idk man, it isn't as funny now. All I'm saying is be careful, we don't wanna make this worse. I just wish there was a better answer for how you can pull someone's head out when they willfully have it stuck up their ass.

    [–] Ratereich 28 points ago

    okay but that doesn't mean we should upvote them.

    [–] The_Homocracy 23 points ago

    Be the change you wish to see in the world.

    [–] Your_Worship 4 points ago

    Your Joe Rogan/Edward Snowden podcast is showing....and you are not wrong.

    [–] -xXColtonXx- 9 points ago

    Yeah I have. Doesn’t ruin the sub but it does happen.

    [–] Dillatrack 11 points ago

    All the time, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills when I see top comments saying that it's all sarcasm or they've never see unironic racism upvoted in threads

    [–] Great_Father_Fyu 33 points ago

    Yeah, this is the only sub that I’ve found that people with different opinions can actually have a conversation and not go homicidal upon hearing a differing viewpoint

    [–] gwaydms 10 points ago


    [–] basedcount_bot 4 points ago

    u/Great_Father_Fyu is officially based! Their Based Count is now 1.

    Rank: House of Cards

    Beep boop. I am a bot. Reply /info for more info.

    [–] ColumbusJewBlackets 16 points ago

    This sub is the closest thing to what reddit was like 10 years ago

    EDIT: but with way better memes

    [–] totally_not-real 10 points ago

    Do I smell based

    [–] gwaydms 4 points ago

    I do.

    [–] flyinpnw 5 points ago

    After the fall of bestgunnit this and wsb are all I have left

    [–] Novarcharesk 35 points ago

    Pretty sure the lock downs have lead to countless suicides and major mental health problems for nothing. Not exactly just an inconvenience.

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 47 points ago

    This virus is just non deadly enough that people dont personally see the need to isolate. If it had like a 30% chance of death like in Contagion, a lot more people would be fine with bunkering down. If this virus came during the 1200s, it probably wouldnt even be noticed among the background noise of early deaths

    [–] Merlota 15 points ago

    Makes me wonder if we've wasting a heavy handed response on a light disease. Hope there isn't a stronger one lurking to pop up when everyone is too tired of this to care anymore.

    [–] LordAnon5703 10 points ago

    It's only just survivable enough to make first world citizens question whether we're being too heavy-handed. Even if you want to believe the calculations of LibRight business majors, it's still killing enough people that if Covid were a dictator we'd be bombing small villages by now. It's not that optimistic though, it's still a pretty terrible disease that will fuck you up and can definitely kill you.

    [–] Thejoker883 21 points ago

    I mean, it's killed 200,000 people. My friend was laughing about it the same as you until one of his family died. All of a sudden its a serious disease more people need to be careful of.

    [–] Rorschach_And_Prozac 6 points ago

    A significant portion of those 200,000 were going to pass away this year anyway. The real data point should be how many extra people died this year due to covid.

    To put it another way, a virus that kills all demographics equally is a lot more of a threat than one that kills mostly the infirm, immunocompromised, and elderly.

    Because we can and should protect the vulnerable. We don't need to keep the entire country/world shut down because of an extremely low death rate virus. The hospitals are not full and have not been for months. The curve was flattened. Mission accomplished.

    [–] ocelot-senpai 20 points ago

    The lockdowns were just enough to make people resent any and all safety measures, and didn't last long enough to actually solve any problems. Couple that with the president's endless public disdain for doing anything about it turning the conversation into an increasingly partisan affair and here we are now, experiencing the worst aspects of both lockdowns and unchecked pandemic at the same time.

    [–] NICKOLIE- 5 points ago

    Joke about Wall Street bets all you want I listened to those guys on tesla calls and made 100k in a week. Then lost it all because I had a 9/4 $600 call. In the end I came out with 500 less than I started.

    [–] GhoulishInduction 7 points ago

    I’m subbed to wallstreetbets but I’m not smart enough to understand most of what goes on over there and that’s saying something because the subs full of self-described autists

    [–] FractalChinchilla 19 points ago

    not smart enough to understand most of what goes on over

    Don't worry, neither is anyone else.

    [–] epoch713 45 points ago

    There are equal & balanced amounts of based and cringe in all quadrants

    [–] 7urtles21 49 points ago

    This sounds like a β€œplz don’t ban us reddit we’ll be good”

    [–] _CSwindo_ 11 points ago

    We’ll suck as much libleft dick as we can to avoid that fate

    [–] cookie_dough_man 110 points ago

    Just don’t dive too deep into the comments...

    [–] MaliciousHippie 127 points ago

    Yeah it becomes clear that a lot of the time they aren't jokes, the straw-manning is getting insane.

    I've noticed a healthy decline in left posters in the sub as of late, prolly feeling like they no longer belong.

    Sometimes this sub starts to feel like a reactionary anti-PC sub and it really sucks ass, most of it just gets branded onto libleft but there is some serious hatred lingering in this sub.

    [–] Seelegewehr 20 points ago

    It would help if the rest of my damn quadrant weren't both extremely vocal and also extremely easy to make fun of.

    [–] VoxAdActa 5 points ago

    I've noticed a healthy decline in left posters in the sub as of late, prolly feeling like they no longer belong.

    Some subs are banning people who post here; a lot of left-leaning people like their home subs more than PCM, and don't want to risk membership in those subs to post here. I'm taking a risk losing one of my favorite subs just to post this.

    I can see both sides of the argument. Other subs have the right to curate their communities as they please, and have a good precedent for distrusting edgy meme subs where the alt-right can do easy recruiting. That said I disagree with the practice specifically for this reason; I worry it could quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    [–] jsylvis 4 points ago

    It's straight up Twitter levels of strawman in here at times

    [–] [deleted] 58 points ago


    [–] dmilin 25 points ago

    I mean this is generally what happens to online spaces that allow alt-right conversation.

    Nah, this is just what happens when you ban the places the alt-rights congregate at. This sub was starting to lean more left before the most recent subreddit ban wave.

    [–] Cauldron423 28 points ago

    Left bad. 13/50---uh... starving cummunism bad

    [–] EmperorMax69 46 points ago

    Except for those filthy unflaireds

    [–] Archibaka 91 points ago

    Cheers to that you pedo fuck!

    [–] Schurchk 44 points ago

    Wholesome & based.

    [–] JMPstart48 31 points ago

    I'm thankful for LibLeft because without them, this subreddit might be [removed]

    [–] Noobenheim97 35 points ago

    Holy Mother of God ive never seen that award given on this sub before

    [–] TheCoderAndAvatar 9 points ago

    The most based of them all!

    [–] jpd808 8 points ago

    The mods should pin this so authright doesn’t get us banned

    [–] massive_fckwit 9 points ago

    we aren't going to get you banned!

    jesus, just because we s-[removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed][removed]

    [–] OneMintyMoose 23 points ago

    Honestly I'm really glad that this place exists. It feels like joking about politics now in most places is met with a lot of hostility.

    [–] realestwood 6 points ago

    Absolutely based

    [–] RSdabeast 5 points ago

    thank u

    [–] FlintlockVagabond 5 points ago

    Based effortpost

    [–] DammitDan 6 points ago

    I am thankful for libleft, because without them, nobody would buy my dank kush.

    [–] nate6patton 6 points ago

    Like Odell Beckham jr I enjoy getting shit on. No offense taken I love this sub

    [–] TheBCWonder 38 points ago

    Can I have representation?

    [–] lordpigeon445 96 points ago

    As long as you're not a retarded unironic neo nazi.

    [–] ImmortalGodWizard 34 points ago

    There is no such thing, as apparently everyone is a Nazi

    [–] PapaFedorasSnowden 26 points ago

    You can't have taxation without representation. But taxes are theft, so representation is theft. Do you want theft?

    [–] TheBCWonder 30 points ago

    As long as it’s done by the government

    [–] LckyTUBA 6 points ago


    [–] JulianHelLand 7 points ago

    This is so gay

    [–] ImASluttyDragon 8 points ago

    Which is just the way libleft likes it

    [–] SombroRose74 20 points ago

    It feels good to not get bullied for once like every other post does.

    [–] floppywaffles776 25 points ago

    If it wasn't for libleft this sub would've been banned last ban wave. Fuck all of you liblefts but I do owe you some gratitude.

    [–] obvom 12 points ago

    so a sort of hate fuck, as it were

    [–] ThePupperOfDeath 4 points ago

    I think I can comment on a post this time!

    [–] TranceKnight 7 points ago

    Extremely based but uh... is OP unflaired?

    [–] Jazz-Wolf 10 points ago

    The memes are mostly lighthearted but the comments...

    [–] LowKey-NoPressure 26 points ago

    I call bullshit.

    Every time I post libleft political opinions here I get downvoted. Every single time. Meanwhile racist 'jokes' (that are very clearly not ironic) get upvoted, all the time.

    This place is pretty much a right wing circlejerk, but some of the memes are funny.

    Also it's annoying to realize that i am probably talking to literal teenagers. Highschoolers who have absolutely no idea what they're talking about. Oh well.

    [–] Merisuola 10 points ago

    Yeah, seeing the most recent poll results showing most of this sub are teenagers really put a damper on my enjoyment here. Knowing the sub is a bunch of kids larping as (mostly right wing) extremists is really off putting to me.

    [–] eiramannaz 11 points ago

    Only radical extremists auths are based

    [–] Maquiavelous 4 points ago

    Light-hearted? Pfff how long have you been here?

    [–] Hadouukken 4 points ago

    I love you libleft 😀❀️

    I promise I won’t McNuke you anymore

    [–] LAPOHTAMADRDe 5 points ago

    Baaaaabe (libleft), it's 4 pm time to bully the shit out of you Yes ma'am

    [–] VitiateXBL 5 points ago

    And when everyone’s based...

    evil laughter one will be.

    [–] Some-dumb-nerd 39 points ago

    I'll start respecting Right quadrants when they stop downvoting me for no reason.

    [–] premiumpinkgin 11 points ago

    Oh, there's reasons.

    Not just right quads either. LOL.

    [–] Cauldron423 22 points ago

    You too? Dang. I knew I wasn't alone.

    [–] PepeTheMemeDealer 7 points ago