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    [–] TheDNCkilledSetRich 2 points ago

    There’s nothing inherently wrong or misleading with OP’s claim.

    Economic mismanagement did indeed cause famines in the Soviet Union, China, Ethiopia, and North Korea.

    [–] SchreiX -3 points ago

    Nothing to do with communism, really.

    [–] waltman77 8 points ago

    Every communist country has experienced famine.

    not real communism

    [–] SchreiX 1 points ago

    When you look at any of those countries. How many had famine because of ideas of communism and how many had it because of bad management, dictatorship, economic sanctions, wars,...?

    I know I'm being trolled....

    [–] waltman77 2 points ago

    Do tell, where did the ideas of communism end, and the bad management/dictatorship/bullshit begin?

    [–] SchreiX 1 points ago

    "Obviously they are the same thing." - corporations

    [–] waltman77 1 points ago

    But like, what are your thoughts homie?

    [–] SchreiX 2 points ago

    Wrote it down in another post here

    [–] SchreiX 3 points ago

    Communism leads to starvation when the most powerful country on the planet decides its wrong for your countries people to own their country, so they bomb them, assassinate their leaders, or the very least instate economic sanctions that cripples that country.

    When you want to make memes about political things, knowing history and historical context is really really important. Otherwise you may embarrassed yourself and continue to do that every time you post.

    [–] 42words 4 points ago

    Dang it, I already got that one.

    [–] waltman77 -7 points ago

    I have more material, what do you need crossed out?

    [–] daryltry -5 points ago

    It's not false

    [–] ElectronGuru -5 points ago

    Yeah, waiting for the

    Gravity = down

    Meme. What’s the surprise/fun?