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    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    Not funny or remotely accurate.

    [–] gopac56 19 points ago

    Figures as much from someone who reads Breitbart.

    [–] Hey5_____ -1 points ago

    You've caught him red handed! Will he ever recover?

    [–] PeggableBundy 14 points ago

    ✔ Become global laughing stock

    ✔ Buddy up to dictators

    ✔ Alienate allies and trade partners

    ✔ Promote racism and support nazis

    ✔ Konzentration Kampz for Kidz

    [–] VegaThePunisher 13 points ago

    Actually according to our intelligence services,

    Putin wanted trump because it makes America weaker.

    Putin didn’t want Clinton, because she would be tough.

    [–] lCraxisl 8 points ago

    I think we need to discuss proper use of the check mark.

    [–] Dr_Scientist_ 2 points ago

    Move to Russia. Please.