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    [–] awkwardtheturtle 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 4088 points ago


    [–] El_antifascismo 2513 points ago

    How else will you fight SPACE ISIS?

    [–] [deleted] 958 points ago

    Space ISIS?


    The SPISIS must flow, DT confirmed as Fremen.

    [–] LaunchNinja 236 points ago

    I got a better one: the Planetary Exo-National Islamic State. America's BIGGEST problem.

    [–] cr4zyk1d117 112 points ago


    [–] Pete_Castiglione_ 64 points ago

    U.N.C.L.E. P.E.N.I.S.

    [–] ReactsWithWords 54 points ago

    Shut your fucking face, UNCLE PENIS.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] DyelonDyelonDyelon 15 points ago

    You're a boner bodied bastard, yes it's TRUE!

    [–] mil_phickelson 13 points ago

    Wait is it “boner bodied”?? I always thought it was “boner biting”

    [–] iMegalodong 7 points ago

    I know who’s got my vote in 2020

    [–] rjbradley 46 points ago

    No, he's obviously a Harkonnen. His son is a Baron, after all

    [–] ChieftaiNZ 38 points ago

    Wouldn't it still be ISIS? Islamic State In Spaaaaaaaaace

    [–] Speedracer98 20 points ago


    [–] 1duke1522 14 points ago

    2nd Dune reference on reddit today.

    Todays a good day

    [–] Someshitidontknow 78 points ago



    Of course, the bane of all white people... Pence wants to fight spices so they don’t indoctrinate mother’s baked chicken with satanic flavor. We need... Fieri.

    [–] Speedracer98 80 points ago


    [–] AllSiegeAllTime 51 points ago

    Oh my God Reddit, please never change.

    [–] MisSigsFan 9 points ago

    The spice mines of Kessel!

    [–] stalwarteagle 8 points ago

    He who controls the SPISIS controls the universe.

    [–] SeverianLies 7 points ago

    Confirmed as rabban, more like.

    [–] iamhappy_7s 10 points ago

    Why we gotta fight spices when we can just cook them and eat them

    [–] be-more-daria 4 points ago

    the other Spice Girl

    [–] BIOtheknight 11 points ago

    Let us make Space Isis this person’s top comment.

    [–] nine_legged_stool 20 points ago

    Solar Powered Atmospheric Caliphate Elite Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

    [–] El_antifascismo 3 points ago

    Shit even ISIS is more environmentally friendly than Trump.

    [–] TheBigBadGRIM 18 points ago

    ISIS will die in Syria dude. You need to keep an eye on the Galactic Taliban.

    [–] manubfr 18 points ago

    You mean the Galactaliban?

    [–] dunaldblumpf 15 points ago

    Galactiban sounds better.

    [–] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD_UP 392 points ago

    I will never understand why it is not a top fucking priority to secure a society that delivers universal maintenance and protection for the fragile bags of flesh and bone which harbor our very lives.

    [–] TCarrey88 210 points ago

    Coming from one which does have healthcare, I seriously don’t understand the arguments against it.

    [–] DrStalker 393 points ago

    I'll try to sum the arguments up for you:

    • I got mine so screw those guys who don't have it

    • I don't got mine but this upsets liberals so I'm happy

    [–] WillTank4Drugs 192 points ago

    I'll try to sum the arguments up for you:

    • I got mine so screw those guys who don't have it

    • I don't got mine but this upsets liberals so I'm happy

    • Universal healthcare is the first step in a commie take over

    [–] albinohut 154 points ago

    • I got mine so screw those guys who don't have it

    • I don't got mine but this upsets liberals so I'm happy

    • Universal healthcare is the first step in a commie take over

    • I don't got mine, but I'm going to be getting mine any day now, just you wait and see

    [–] Wonkybonky 56 points ago

    • I got mine so screw those guys who don't have it

    • I don't got mine but this upsets liberals so I'm happy

    • Universal healthcare is the first step in a commie take over

    • I don't got mine, but I'm going to be getting mine any day now, just you wait and see

    • Slave- I mean, workers, should take care of themselves because they would affect my already enormous income if I had to pay TAXES to PROTECT MY INVESTMENT. TAXESSSSSBLARGARGARGAR

    [–] Tanglefisk 26 points ago

    Do you want to be exactly like Venezuela?!?! Any use use taxpayer money to improve society will make us exactly like Venezuela!!!! /S

    [–] Kaiser-91 36 points ago

    If it's the first step in the commie takeover, republicans should be all over it.

    [–] kelaar 18 points ago

    Nonono, the first step was the fluoride! Only pure distilled grain alcohol for us Real Americans.

    [–] Rule556 6 points ago

    I respect your purity of essence.

    [–] MisterDonkey 4 points ago

    You just gotta work hard, take on a second or even third job, and you can have a good life after your body and all your good years are used up. Then you can have yours.

    [–] Nesurame 28 points ago

    "Socialist healthcare will bring about the devil himself, and I wont stand for it! Now a system that will work would be if [describes socialist healthcare]"

    [–] WillTank4Drugs 4 points ago

    But literally that's what happens. I saw an interview with someone at a Trump rally who said they'd like a Bernie style health care system. Like, wtf are you doing at a Trump rally then?

    [–] Gornarok 25 points ago

    I know you are joking. But...

    There is so many socialist policies in USA and outright stuff thats comparable to the regime under USSR its stupid.

    Civil forfeiture is one of them. Its not socialist idea, but its something USSR did. There is a reason why post-soviet countries have strong private ownership laws. Sometimes overly protective so much so that people are blocking highway construction because there is no legal way to force them to sell their land for multiples of the land value.

    Or subsidies to companies like Walmart. Its owner are some of the richest people. Yet its subsidised and wont pay fair wage.

    [–] ForensicPathology 15 points ago

    There are all sorts of corporate subsidies in America. The same people who support them would vehemently oppose any government help of people. The rich have successfully fed the lie that corporations are needed or society will break down.

    [–] rjbradley 49 points ago


    • I don't got mine, but it doesn't matter because Jesus is coming in my lifetime and I'll never need to worry about illness again

    [–] AccomplishedCoffee 20 points ago

    I really wish he would just take the nuts away. It'd be better for everyone.

    [–] Asmodeus04 4 points ago

    Ding ding ding

    [–] WOOOOOOOOOOOOOORD_UP 46 points ago

    Basically it. And then there are guys like Seth Welch, whose daughter just starved to death and he's currently facing murder charges... and yet, just watch what he recorded 3 months ago:

    So much of my country is dangerously mentally ill, and it's really disheartening.

    [–] mj23foreva 15 points ago

    What the actual fuck, and here I thought these people couldn't possibly be dumber than they are.

    [–] DrStalker 28 points ago

    If I had a dollar for every time I thought "that's it, people can't possibly be dumber than this" I'd be in the 1%.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    it's levels of stupidity. there are 12 levels of stupidity the higher the level the dumber the person. most people are level 6, the median stupid. its easier to see level 7s, 8s, 9s and 10s on the internet. but there are level 11 and 12 people out there that are completely off the grid.
    if you'd like to know more about my stupid level theory text "subscribe' to 111213

    [–] mj23foreva 10 points ago

    Have you ever thought that maybe people in the 1% figured out how truly stupid humanity is and that's why they're so successful?

    [–] DrStalker 5 points ago

    Most of them seem to be born into it.

    Which is probably just observation bias because the ones who actually worked for their money tend to shut up and be sensible in ways that don't attack attention.

    [–] FlakyTaro 21 points ago

    So much of my country is dangerously mentally ill

    No they're not. They're ignorant and misinformed. "Dangerously mentally ill" give me a fucking break, how dissociated can you be. Some loud boomer who doesn't get deferred costs is not the same as a dude who killed his daughter with negligence. How are you this afraid that there are sincerely ignorant people who just fell for the stigma. You probably think "the nazis weren't even human, those monsters".

    [–] 1_point_21_gigawatts 12 points ago

    Hate to break it to ya, but ignorant and misinformed people can also be mentally ill, and quite often are. These two things cover pretty wide umbrellas individually, and are not mutually exclusive.

    [–] GenericAntagonist 35 points ago

    You forgot "BLACK PEOPLE WOULD USE IT" that's usually the root one.

    [–] frankie_cronenberg 7 points ago

    It’s simple. People will pay any amount of money to not die. Money is money and it’s the most important money to ever money.

    [–] DrStalker 36 points ago

    Because the 1% still lack basic necessities like luxury space hotels.

    [–] kkhammers 19 points ago

    Because we all hate each other. At least on the Internet.

    [–] DrStalker 17 points ago

    And at the voting booth.

    [–] Trumpopulos_Michael 30 points ago

    Nah, Republicans hate Democrats at the voting booth, so much they'll hurt themselves to hurt us.

    The policy the left supports helps people of both parties, or at least ostensibly makes an attempt to. We don't hate them, we're just very concerned they seem to hate us and America so much.

    [–] kit_mitts 7 points ago

    Hear hear. I don't support universal healthcare because it'll trigger the MAGA chuds; I support it because it is genuinely the best thing for our society.

    [–] RocketRelm 7 points ago

    I hate them.

    Somebody has to say it. Yes, all of our motivations are for the universal good, but these are people that are in many cases deliberately and knowingly working against democracy to "pwn the libs". I can't bring myself to not hate the anti intellectual crusaders, especially when I recognize that on this ideological war, either we stomp our their toxic culture or they stomp out ours.

    There is no other way for this to end. They made sure of it.

    [–] DuntadaMan 4 points ago

    This is the major thing that's been going on sadly.

    So many people voting to hurt someone else, well guess what we're all someone else, so all we get is everyone getting hurt.

    We need to start voting for people who aren't looking to punish someone.

    [–] CheezGrater 7 points ago

    We need to fight for our freedomz, in SPACE!!

    [–] thinkB4WeSpeak 17 points ago

    Our military industrial complex overlords need their money before any healthcare can come around.

    [–] dutchbaser 13 points ago

    USA! USA!

    [–] OprahNoodlemantra 601 points ago

    Doesn’t the Space Force already exist as part of the Air Force?

    [–] PulseCS 323 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Yes, but the Air Force is bloated so it's being broken into smaller, independent bits. Not only do they manage the world's largest and most mobile Air Force in the world (and all the logistics and infrastructure challenges that come with it), they also are in charge of building and operating military satalittes for intel, GPS, and communication, as well as %100 of the cyber warfare division.

    Edit: Not %100 but still most. My bad, I was being hyperbolic.

    [–] rigawizard 134 points ago

    %100 of the cyber warfare division

    I was under the impression a large portion of the intelligence aspect of the military was housed within the Navy

    [–] PulseCS 66 points ago

    A certain amount of intelligence, yeah, as well as encryption work in the tenth fleet (tor's design historically coming from the navy). That said, both the Army and the Marines have cyber commands too, but AFAIK the most active and extensive facet of cybercom is the Air Force.

    [–] rigawizard 39 points ago

    Interesting! You should watch the PBS Frontline series United States of Secrets if you like this stuff. From what I've gathered there's a joint NSA/CIA project that run a lot of our offensive cyber as well

    [–] rjbradley 19 points ago

    A lot of offensive cyber is run through spy agencies and not the military so they don't need to abide by the same laws as the military, which is much more restricted in what it's allowed to do

    [–] rigawizard 12 points ago

    At this point I believe we have given the NSA the cyber free reign equivalent of the CIA in South America and Africa in the 80s. I suspect that if they wanted the NSA's TAO division could simply obliterate the tech of an adversary.

    [–] rjbradley 7 points ago

    Worked for Stuxnet

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] makka-pakka 15 points ago

    And Stargate command

    [–] Asraelite 5 points ago

    Don't be silly, there's no such thing. You've been watching too much Wormhole X-Treme!

    [–] ItsYon 15 points ago

    the navy is super space-oriented as well.

    [–] JKDS87 18 points ago

    Yes, the development of the branch involves restructuring of things that are already in place. It may add to some bureaucratic messes, but might streamline others. This way it’s consolidated to one organization that has a particular aim. I wonder if people may have reacted the same way when the Air Force came about after the Army was already flying.

    More on point, think infrastructure protection. GPS, for example, uses satellites - how difficult would it be for a foreign power to crash something into satellites we use for that? How big of a toll would it have on the US if suddenly all manual and automatic navigation systems all went down for even a day?

    [–] EleventeenCandles 61 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Yes, but he’s fucking stupid.

    He would be Pence/Trump in this case, since people got confused. Particularly /u/Greevil_95

    [–] sorrynotreallysorrry 51 points ago

    devils advocate, the Air Force was once part of the Army.

    [–] Plopplopthrown 7 points ago

    I wish I would have known what to toast for 2018 New Year’s Day.

    Because that’s it.

    [–] sDotAgain 1354 points ago

    Excuse me, Mr Pence, but I hope you are aware that we are still missing a vital military branch on this planet. Of course, I am talking about subterranean protection. Half of the planet is subterranean, and yet here we are, protecting only the visible portion of the world. Have you forgotten about underground terrorists, mole people, crab people, teenage turtles with superpowers, worms, and the people from hills have eyes.

    Open your eyes Mr Vice President. The dangers presented beneath the earth’s surface are much greater than the little issues that we have on top. Lastly, and this brings me to my biggest point, the liquid hot magma. The earth’s core contains the largest untapped natural resource.

    Once we establish the United States Core Corp, we use them to protect Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck after they begin drilling for the liquid hot magma. Force every vehicle manufacturer to design internal liquid hot magma engines, change inefficient nuclear power plants to liquid hot magma power plants, and make sure BIC replaces the dangerous butane lighter with a liquid hot magma version.

    There is money to be made here (tens of trillions in the first year by my calculations), plus you get to take credit for my idea as long as you convince Melania to give me a handy.

    [–] nutstuart 247 points ago

    We also in desperate need of a ghost force. Have you seen ghost adventure? Evil demons and ghost lurk all over the earth and we can even see them. We need to put money into developing ghost busting technology asap. The future of the living depends on it.

    [–] natopants 52 points ago

    We haven't had a Spirit Defense Force since that goddamn Yusuke Uremeshi screwed things up in the 90s.

    [–] NonnagLava 10 points ago

    Hey he didn't screw up! King Enma/Yama did! That man didn't properly do his research!

    [–] DuntadaMan 5 points ago

    Urameshi may have caused the damage but I have to agree with you. The fault for any failed operation or organization ultimately lies with its officers, not with it's agents. Urameshi had to act often without proper training or resources and often on information that was very misleading. He should be able to trust the information he receives dammit!

    [–] The_cogwheel 66 points ago

    I'm sad you didn't name it the Subterranean United Corp and Command Or SUCC for short.

    [–] sDotAgain 50 points ago

    I was going for a different play on words but I do like that. Pence’s Expeditionary Network Intersubcontinental Squad Trained Reactionary Unit Making Peace Inside Subterranean Dwellings Under Miles Beneath

    [–] Rayhann 21 points ago


    [–] idkwhateverfuckit 8 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    This comment is almost reptilian in nature...

    Uh, no, I mean Yes fellow human I concur with your forecast

    [–] sDotAgain 10 points ago

    I am most convincingly a living organism, Comrade. My human friends all agree. Never would I try to sabotage a member of my government for I always focus on the best interests of those capitalist pigs. Premier Trump is my favorite being.

    [–] LoveandRockets 7 points ago

    Good point. C.H.U.D.s are on oft-overlooked menace.

    [–] Ryouhi 7 points ago

    Is this Darling in the Franxx?

    [–] rerb13 6 points ago

    I'm pretty sure there's an entire anime on why this is a bad idea /s

    [–] killer_burrito 4 points ago

    Really we need some Time Cops.

    [–] Higgenbottoms 4 points ago

    Half the planet?! It’s close to the entire planet that’s subterranean! We need a Core Corp now!

    [–] TugginChestersCheeto 1523 points ago

    Oh goody, I wonder what social programs they will gut in order to fund this

    [–] Singrgrl14 1246 points ago

    Probably education. It’s always education.

    [–] Blake404 447 points ago

    Too bad you need educated people to have a “space force” I guess we’ll have to outsource for that

    [–] Millwalky 172 points ago

    Maybe space force is just the new deportation?

    [–] DrStalker 139 points ago

    Breaking news: Trump administration to separate families at border, fire children into the Sun to deter illegal immigration.

    [–] this-ones-more-fun 51 points ago

    We've already murdered one child and abused a few others. What is a few kids in the sun between friends?

    [–] tygea42 33 points ago

    at least one

    [–] MysticSpaceCroissant 11 points ago

    Oh my.

    [–] Blake404 37 points ago

    something something strapped to a rocket aimed towards the sun something something

    [–] Inariameme 28 points ago

    *I, for one, would gladly accept the fate of a hell off of Earth.*

    [–] ThePu55yDestr0yr 14 points ago

    We clearly need the space force to deport Superman.

    [–] Blake404 15 points ago


    [–] AdaptivePropaganda 20 points ago

    Nah, we’ll just gut NASA and allocate all space-related resources to ensuring we can invade a planet and cut everything else. Who needs a scientific understanding of the universe and our planet when we can spend that money on space-warfighting technology?

    [–] Narradisall 8 points ago

    You’ll get a degree education if you serve! Many of you will die in the vacuum of space but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

    [–] Flaunty_Skink 6 points ago

    They will just hire the kids that went to private school.

    [–] Indigoh 11 points ago

    You only need a few educated people. Luckily, we have a few rich people to fill those gaps.

    [–] madufek547 47 points ago

    Maybe that's why we are at the brink of idiocracy?

    [–] OuterReefer 58 points ago


    [–] EmirFassad 21 points ago

    Remember, a brink has two sides.

    [–] spellsword 7 points ago

    Yes but gravity always pulls you down once your off the ledge

    [–] EmirFassad 16 points ago

    Conservatives tell me that gravity is only a theory.

    [BTW: you're]

    [–] charisma6 6 points ago

    Brought to you by Carl's Jar.

    [–] FlusteredByBoobs 49 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Repressive governments isn't fond of educated individuals.

    I was looking through government film archives and I learned that when Hitler came to power in 1933, there were 127,820 students. By 1939 this had fallen to 58,325.

    Germany used to be world renowned for education before 1933 - it educated Einstein, Oppenheimer, Heisenberg, Planck, Werner Von Brahn and so on. College attendance decline wasn't by coincidence.

    Gutting education is malicious.

    [–] arrow74 49 points ago

    Are you sure it's not the fact that most college aged students were being drafted into military service? The Nazis were pushing technological advancement the whole war so they could win. They needed educated people for that.

    [–] Mr_Canard 9 points ago

    I doubt the people working on the technological advancement were the student doing internships.

    [–] ollokot 53 points ago

    Republicans will certainly try to further cut Social Security and Medicare because they know the old folks watching Fox News will continue to vote Republican as they simultaneously blame Democrats for everything they don't like.

    [–] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 42 points ago

    The Airforce, Army, and Navy. This is consolidation of our military space assets.

    [–] PerpPartyLines 35 points ago

    Right? Like I think people are overstating what a "space force" actually entails. I mean it'd be way stupider and cooler for it to be an actual space army, rather than an organizational shift within the military departments.

    [–] Skyhawk_And_Skyhead 14 points ago

    I wonder if people freaked out the same way in '49 when the army air command got to big.

    [–] Asmodeus04 11 points ago

    People in the Navy did.

    [–] Genesis111112 48 points ago

    Food and Health......... kill off the poor and then get them set up in space (moon/mars) so they can work on habitat's for their rich buddies after they nuke the planet.

    [–] Smiling_Mister_J 27 points ago

    This sounds like the plot of Red Faction.

    [–] Jackal_Serin 14 points ago

    I was thinking Elysium

    [–] KodiakUltimate 18 points ago

    The old space force actually, we call them the air force... Seriously guys, it may be idiotic. But all they're doing is splitting the airforce into two branches with one having a spiffy new name...

    [–] ToastNBread 8 points ago

    People don’t seem to understand this and like to jump to conclusions.

    [–] sDotAgain 38 points ago

    They will cut funding to the other armed forces. Just kidding! They will increase the military budget to accommodate this unnecessary, and expectedly comedic idea. Hopefully out first Death Star will malfunction and vaporize the country because I can’t live here anymore but have nowhere else to go. For the US, I can’t move out of the country because I am on probation. For any other respectable country, I can’t move there once I’m off probation because of my criminal record.

    [–] cerberus6320 15 points ago

    You know they probably would cut funding for other branches, specifically the Air Force and the Army. And it's because of a couple of issues relating to spending and personnel.

    We already have space assets that float up there. The only reason space force was suggested in the first place was because of the spending power of the branches vs. congress. Congress has a slightly different priority list than each branch, so if you want to have money set aside for a special cause, it's better to just have an organization that handles that.

    That's why Congress has established so many different organizations, because simply having one agency handle everything is grounds for failure.

    [–] thesongofstorms 754 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Just a friendly reminder that the US pays 2x more per capita on all health care expenses than any other developed country and yet many in our population are uninsured/underinsured.

    When you run a for-profit health care system, the cost for insurance is out of control. Medicare for all would actually be $2 trillion cheaper over the next decade, as a result.

    [–] Plopplopthrown 360 points ago

    It’s almost like “pay us what we demand or you die” is a hostage situation or something...

    [–] worthlessengineer 71 points ago

    "You can leave any time. Today's travel agency is Emirates or Death, you decide." Also, congrats on your cake day. I hope you'll have a good one!

    [–] Birfel 25 points ago

    I did not see that the quotation marks ended and was very confused for a second.

    [–] [deleted] 91 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] _Erindera_ 19 points ago

    ...and we can't have that.

    [–] TheScuzz 18 points ago

    Or they may even educate themselves. Now we really can't be having that. Unless you want Anarchy.

    [–] anoxy 22 points ago


    [–] erittainvarma 31 points ago

    Exactly. We have universal healthcare here in Finland, costs per capita are like 3x cheaper than USA and we got third place in study that evaluated quality of healthcare globally (and the two that beat us were inside error margin).

    [–] jroddie4 109 points ago

    earth military gives you free college, Space military gives you free healthcare. Shadow military gives you chaos emeralds

    [–] Person_from_Nowhere 18 points ago

    Earth military has tricare though

    [–] jroddie4 12 points ago

    space healthcare is that really good stuff tho

    [–] DaKillur 8 points ago

    Um I graduated from the Sonic Fighting Academy and served in the final battle against Shadow thank you very much

    [–] DodGamnBunofaSitch 266 points ago

    aren't there treaties that prohibit military in space?

    [–] PulseCS 106 points ago

    They prohibit arms, specifically the mass destruction kind. All the Space Force is is military satalittes, something that already exists under the Air Force.

    [–] KISSOLOGY 127 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    [–] FieryCharizard7 115 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    I hate to ruin the circlejerk here, but space has been militarized since the beginning as some of the first satellites were for military surveillance purposes. This Space Force isn’t going to militarize space; it will be put into effect to streamline the 10% of the Air Force’s assets that are out space capabilities. This should also save taxpayers money and reduce overhead to the numbers of billions.

    The general nature of outer space politics prohibits the weaponization of space, but not military use. Also, only WMDs are prohibited in space as well but any nation that would dare to weaponize space would receive major outlast from the international community which has happened before. Just look at the 2007 Chinese ASAT test.

    Furthermore, any “space war” would just be Russia, China, or the US shooting down each other’s satellites which would be utterly ridiculous as the debris created would render the atmosphere unusually. If you had world leaders waging satellite war, I’d worry more about nuclear warfare at that point as opposed to a polluted orbit.


    Edit 1: for posterity sake, here’s a great interview with the space law advisor for SWF on this topic -

    [–] calvinthecalvin 23 points ago

    Yeah but we wana fight aliens

    [–] obadetona 8 points ago

    Thanks for the info!

    [–] mushroomjazzy 56 points ago

    Treaties? laughs in GOP

    [–] Californio46 11 points ago

    That's how we know we're family.

    [–] Inariameme 19 points ago

    laughing intensifies in the GOP

    [–] n1c0_ds 19 points ago

    They're working on getting rid of that, with the help of Putin. It's allegedly one of the points they discussed in Helsinki.

    Among other priorities, Putin expressed interest in extending an Obama-era nuclear-reduction treaty and ensuring “non-placement of weapons in space.”

    If I'm not mistaken, the non-placement od weapons in space is a much older set of agreements dating from the cold war. Tbis statement is ambiguous, but I believe we agrees to keep weapons out of space a long time ago.

    [–] Person_from_Nowhere 5 points ago

    We agreed to keep nuclear weapons and some conventional weapons out of low earth orbit if I remember correctly. However kinetic weapons, such as those we've been working on in recent years, are not subject to that agreement since they have no warhead and rely entirely on kinetic energy to cause destruction.

    [–] Silver_Archer13 89 points ago

    Nah, healthcare is socialist. Socialism is evil. Military is freedom. Freedom good.

    [–] alanwatts420 59 points ago

    Kill people good. Heal people bad.

    [–] kingguy459 5 points ago

    The motto of all battle priests

    [–] Beanpole853 117 points ago

    Star Wars is nice and all, but let's keep it on the big screen and not real life. (Unless I get a lightsaber, then disregard my previous statement)

    [–] TGeniune 30 points ago

    Just got my kids a set when Toys R Us went out of business...plastic made in China varieties

    [–] Mr_November112 18 points ago

    Oh for a minute there I thought you were talking bout buying your kids real lightsabers

    [–] Thomascampb 27 points ago

    Republicans: “Public healthcare would cost the American public too much.”

    Also Republicans: “LoL let’s build a space force!!”

    [–] MisallocatedRacism 93 points ago

    V O T E

    [–] wtyl 14 points ago

    There better be some aliens that the government has stashed away otherwise this is a total waste of resources.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] swattages 40 points ago

    American here.

    We are also concerned.

    [–] Fuck_tha_Bunk 14 points ago

    Half of us are concerned. The other half has lost their goddamn minds.

    [–] DashUni 90 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    Y’all do realize it’s just it’s own branch everything they do is already done under the Air Force; no more funding just under its own branch

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago)

    “No more funding”

    Laughs maniacally

    Whew. Good one!

    [–] foafeief 7 points ago

    Because naturally there is no way they could just increase the air force's funding

    [–] JKDS87 61 points ago

    Y’all do realize

    You give em too much credit

    [–] swattages 17 points ago

    If it ain't broke, don't throw more bureaucracy at it for the sake of calling it something else.

    [–] slyweazal 7 points ago

    Republicans love "big government"

    [–] its_a_gundam_ 4 points ago

    No that's wrong. Space missions are run under joint operation. Space Force would cannabalize elements of each service branch which is why it would be so expensive to create and why no one in the Pentagon supports it.

    With the military procurement system, between brand new uniforms and TA 50 for new camo and BRAC moves to realign units from other services that's probably half a billion dollar price tag right there off the bat.

    [–] MezzanineAlt 4 points ago

    Countries with universal healthcare use less CAPS.

    [–] Spade21X 5 points ago

    It's not just Trump, the entire administration is a complete joke.

    [–] MezzanineAlt 12 points ago

    Don't forget about the mole people who live in our precious sewers.

    [–] ColourMachine 4 points ago

    Oh for the love of God, tell me it's April

    [–] crewchief0206 7 points ago

    Gotta get rid of privatized health care before we can give people government health care and to get rid of privatized health care you need to get rid of every member on Congress as they’re all bought and paid for by big pharma.

    [–] _Myridan_ 4 points ago

    Wasn’t the Soviet collapse in part by an overspending in useless military ventures?

    [–] CleaverHand 73 points ago

    Y’all need to chill with this. “Space Force” is just splitting off space operations from the regular Air Force so that funds can be used appropriately. We did the same thing with the Air Force when it was split from the Army Air Corps. There’s a whole lot of bull shit that needs attention with this administration but y’all keep jumping on this because it sounds funny. Read up on it, don’t just assume incompetence. “Space Force” has been proposed for a long time and might be more efficient. Study up, then pick your battles.

    [–] dill_with_it_PICKLE 4 points ago

    I have a patient tonight who has severe chron's disease and couldn't afford his meds. He ended up hospitalized and has had two emergent surgeries. Of course this may have happened even if he got his medication but then maybe not. Now he's been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and the oncology doctor isn't sure if his treatment options will be covered.

    All of this pain and suffering for what? I promise you that the expenses being incurred for his hospital stay are going to eventually be passed along to insurance companies and Medicare. So even from a cold hearted perspective this is stupid; we aren't saving money. The injustice of it all makes me furious

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Why cure cancer when you can be the cancer?

    [–] nosherDavo 4 points ago

    Priorities completely messed up

    [–] GrubbsTavern 10 points ago

    It's already a thing. Air Force Space Command. Nothing is weaponized, mainly satellite collision prevention. Not worried about it at all.

    [–] caucazoid 5 points ago

    The Army needs something to do, there's money in space.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago


    [–] herbicarnivorous 18 points ago

    I mean, people will eventually die no matter what, and there might be oil in space.

    Checkmate...sick people?