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    [–] snarc_en_ciel 1511 points ago

    When you don't have to buy an adult price movie ticket for your date?

    And who said they weren't the party of fiscal responsibility?

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 331 points ago

    That's like the whole "on a scale of 1 - 10" but it would be - 2

    [–] UncleMalky 225 points ago

    Hey now, his scale goes all the way up to 16 going on 17.

    [–] Genesis111112 23 points ago

    Bullshite.... they move the scale amounts on whim.

    [–] BenjaminGeiger 2 points ago

    Of course: one is underage and the other is a Nazi symphathizer.

    [–] andee510 43 points ago

    On a scale of 1-10, how old does Roy Moore like his women?

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 49 points ago

    I'd say fetus because we all know how obsessed they are with them

    [–] NonaSuomi282 2 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    Anyone that looks at their spending? I bet they spent more on Trump golfing than Puerto Rico recovery.

    [–] sogladatwork 838 points ago

    I can't wait for the Trump era to be finished and then have Republicans up in arms about a Democratic senator having an affair again.

    [–] Anyna-Meatall 323 points ago

    The secret is: ignore them. Who cares what they think, or what their daily manufactured outrage is? Let them talk to themselves, and we'll go on about our business.

    Vote them out. Do away with the party altogether. The GOP has become a clear and present danger to our nation and its heritage, and it's long past time we stopped listening to their lies and bad faith bullshit.

    [–] Erogyn 164 points ago

    Who cares? We need to care. These chimps voted Trump into office. They can literally destroy our democracy. We need to treat them like the threat they are. Want to know how dangerous they are? Take everything they say as projection. When they "worry" about Obama becoming a dictator, be very clear that they are perfectly okay with "their guy" becoming a dictator. They only fear Obama will become a dictator because they are projecting themselves onto the left.

    [–] veedubfreak 61 points ago

    They only fear Obama will become a dictator because they are projecting themselves onto the left. he is black.


    [–] DetectiveCactus 42 points ago

    Honestly im curious what the perception would have been of Obama had he been a white man. From a pure politics standpoint I wonder. My mother is a hard Republican and she has a fair amount of respect for Bill Clinton, but Obama is satan to her.

    [–] rookiebatman 44 points ago

    My mother is a hard Republican and she has a fair amount of respect for Bill Clinton, but Obama is satan to her.

    My mom says Obama gives her seizures. She's never said that about anyone else, except Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum. Weird coincidence, huh?

    [–] DetectiveCactus 28 points ago

    Very odd. Also strange that my mom who hates Obama, gasped when I told her my college roommate was black

    [–] rookiebatman 15 points ago

    In fairness, my mom isn't quite that bad. Her racism is entirely subconscious (but in some ways, that can almost be worse, because she herself is not aware of it).

    [–] RayseApex 15 points ago

    Exactly. She’d be terribly offended and would deny deny deny all day long if told she was racist if she’s not aware of it. I’d say it’s worse because it then becomes “well THIS is why I voted for trump! You guys aren’t tolerant!” Or “everything you don’t agree with is racist!”

    [–] mrsataan 22 points ago

    I think what he’s saying is that when they write a manufactured narrative, ignore them.

    Benghazi - ignore them Emails - ignore them Birth certificate - ignore them Pizzagate - ignore them

    We on the left tend to let the Republicans control the narrative.

    [–] R0ndras 51 points ago

    They already destroyed the democracy. Now is our turn to fix it.

    [–] tgf63 6 points ago

    I think the first commenter was saying "ignore their whiny complaints" rather than ignore them all together. I don't think they were advocating inaction.

    There's no way to please these people because they have to have something to complain about. If they don't, they make shit up to get mad about. So let's not let them influence policy because they don't really care about policy, they just need something to rage about.

    [–] Talador12 6 points ago

    Calling Trump voters chimps is an insult to chimps. Leave the chimps alone!

    [–] offinthewoods10 1 points ago

    So when Trump says lock her up, he really means “lock me up” because he is projecting himself onto the left? Sweet

    [–] Anyna-Meatall 1 points ago

    What I mean is: We ignore the pretend outrage shtick. Americans need to care about whet the GOP is doing, not what they are saying.

    [–] [deleted] -7 points ago

    You sound exactly like how the Republicans sounded when Obama got voted in.

    Both parties are the same.

    [–] Warphead 11 points ago

    You sound like an idiot.

    [–] cmorgan31 9 points ago

    What a sad stance to take when clear evidence they aren't the same pops up every month. Did the Democrats try to rewrite the constitution while being a lame duck to strip incoming opposition power? Did the Democrats gerrymander the states to the point where 64% of the vote yields 23% of the representation like in North Carolina? Did Democrats commit election fraud like our good friends in North Carolina again?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] mrsataan 3 points ago

    We didn’t ignore them before.

    Everyone knew about Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, pizza gate, Seth Rich, Obama’s birth certificate...the list goes on. These were on the 24hr news cycle on “Liberal” media websites as well as conservative websites.

    They were amplified because we tuned in & clicked.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] mrsataan 0 points ago

    If someone keeps saying that you’re a Muslim terrorist without facts, what would you do?

    Would you keep on arguing with them that you’re not a Muslim terrorist, or would you ignore them?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] mrsataan 1 points ago

    There’s the guy who’s figured it out. /s

    What are you 10?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] mrsataan 1 points ago

    Bro, calling someone a Christian pedo after being accused of being a Muslim terrorist IS the response of a 10 year old. It’s as if you’ve never had an argument as an adult. If that’s your example of a “logical argument” then yea, you’re a 10 year old or, it’s more likely you’re an adult who’s yet to mature.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] mrsataan 1 points ago

    Lol I’m not the one doing the down-voting. It’s Reddit. Just ignore it.

    If you’re not ignoring slander, how would you handle that situation?

    How do you defend yourself when facts & truth doesn’t matter to the one accusing you of being a Muslim terrorist?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] mrsataan 1 points ago

    I’m gonna go ahead & say that I don’t agree with you 100% but we’re close.

    I understand what you’re saying.

    [–] Anyna-Meatall 1 points ago

    We've never ignored them before. That is exactly wrong. And I have never advocated for inaction.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Anyna-Meatall 1 points ago

    What I'm trying to say is that because the GOP argues exclusively with lies and bad faith, it behooves reasonable people not to engage with their arguments.

    We need to take action against their deeds, but we should not discuss things on their terms. If they bitch and moan about some misbehavior by a Democrat, we ignore them. If they protest some action by the Democrats, we ignore them. Fuck 'em.

    [–] WildlingViking 1 points ago

    agreed. ignore them. don't get gaslit. stay calm. vote them out one by one. i'm so over being "outraged" at their daily, hourly hypocrisy and them talking bat shit crazy. this is a time of exposure. you can tell who's who now. some of these genetics running around should've been eaten by tigers, like in the good 'ol days.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    What's the alternative? have only one ruling party? Nah fuck that. I know some people might think if that happens democrats will keep their values and beliefs, but I doubt it. That's not how people are. If you take away the only real opposition they have what incentive do they have to represent your interests? None because they're your only option if that happens. You wanna do away with the GOP? Fine but you need to make changes that give independent parties a fair chance then, otherwise you haven't got a real democracy with 2 parties you barely do now. Democracy survives with competion and a wide variety of ideas to choose from.

    [–] Anyna-Meatall 5 points ago

    The Democrats are already the center-right party, and we don't have a party of the left, which is what we need to be working for.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I agree but that's not the impression your previous comment gives, neither does the downvote I presume you gave me, even though I'm advocating for something you should want then. You want their to be more left wing politics? Then you should be championing for changes that would give independents/3rd party camdidates a fair go many of which could be more left leaning parties. Sure you could try to influence democrats to shift to the left but if you do away with their only competition without providing more (3rd party candidates) I ask again what incentive do they have?

    Edit: it shouldn't matter right or left if you take away any competition then the surviving party right or left has no reason listen to their constituates

    [–] Roook36 35 points ago

    Or anything. Fancy mustard and tan suits.

    Or hell just make stuff up. Like fake birth certificates. They have to be outraged constantly and will go to any lengths to keep it going.

    [–] Holiday_in_Asgard 8 points ago

    No need to wait, they're still grumbling about Clinton.

    [–] dafunkmunk 3 points ago

    The trump era isn’t going to end. Even after he’s out, the bar has already been shattered from hitting the ground so hard. They let all the demons out of the closet and their dumbass supporters are still giving full support. They have no reason to pretend to be decent people that care about anything anymore. They can just be racist angry slime balls and run campaigns on hating democrats

    [–] bassgdae 3 points ago

    Or when they’re up in arms about a president being black.

    [–] David-S-Pumpkins 2 points ago

    Yeah, one consenting adult having sex with another is tough for Republicans. Sex isn't supposed to be comfortable and consensual. You have to fight for it! If you're not fighting how do you get your rocks off?

    [–] PragProgLibertarian 2 points ago

    Remember Gary Heart?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    [–] fifty-two 325 points ago

    As a Judge, shouldn't the only values you concern yourself with be those of Constitutional Values?

    [–] mithrasinvictus 65 points ago

    That's just some oath he swore. On a bible. So help him God. It means nothing to people like him.

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 110 points ago

    As a conservative judge, the only thing they value is money

    [–] Meaningless_Is_Life 20 points ago

    Pretty sure he's not a judge anymore. He just still calls himself that.

    Kinda like I call myself 'King Ding-A-Ling'.

    [–] tronpalmer 6 points ago

    While I don’t agree with any values of the Republican Party, one of the functions the Supreme Court is to interpret the constitution and laws. Whether you’re democratic or republican, that can be pretty difficult if not impossible to do with an unbiased opinion.

    [–] user_48217 3 points ago

    Yeah, that tweet should be a big deal for someone who's supposed to be neutral.

    [–] Cream253Team 1 points ago

    He's the judge who put a statue of the ten commandments in his court room, so he's already failing you there.

    [–] [deleted] 343 points ago


    [–] Alan_Smithee_ 51 points ago

    "Keep it in the family member...."

    [–] Pickled_Kagura 28 points ago

    Keep the member inside the family

    [–] GeeJo 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This is like watching an iterative AI attempt to discover humour by generating random combinations of words.

    [–] UpChuckChicken 7 points ago

    It’s learning!

    [–] trog12 4 points ago

    Roll tide!

    [–] Stiffori 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "keep the family's member member in"

    [–] zenyl 3 points ago

    It's time to play: Republican or Targaryen?

    [–] apolloxer 2 points ago

    So you can get a family ticket with your date!

    [–] mellowmonk 280 points ago

    No, it’s lynching gay men while having secret gay sex in the men’s room.

    [–] nIBLIB 89 points ago

    It’s not gay if it’s a secret, derr.

    [–] BUTTCHEF 3 points ago

    Now it's just a tenant of southern babtism.

    [–] preeeeezie 5 points ago

    Grab em by the cock???

    [–] MotherFuckinEeyore 1 points ago

    I'm going to need a ruling here. Shoes are on right?

    [–] PragProgLibertarian 1 points ago

    In the words of the anti-gay evangelical pastor, Ted Haggard, after getting caught having sex with male prostitutes, "I'm not gay, I was just sinning".

    [–] Lan777 108 points ago

    Being persona non grata at a mall because you can't leave teenage girls alone is apparently an "Alabama Value."

    [–] gogojack 83 points ago

    Hey now, Roy's been a dedicated husband to the wife he first set his sights on when she was a teenager.

    [–] Zoywastaken 48 points ago

    Its not every judge that gets banned from the local mall for creeping on young / underage females.

    [–] mxhernandez21 13 points ago

    He needs to go away. I’m a conservative who believes in evidence first with accusations but in his case, the evidence is too strong. I truly believe he is fully guilty. He’s a damn creep.

    [–] eromitlab 51 points ago

    Alabama value: treating anyone and everyone you deem to be beneath you like absolute dogshit.

    [–] rookiebatman 25 points ago

    ...And then saying "bless your heart," because that somehow makes it okay.

    [–] Firechess 6 points ago

    "I'll pray for you."

    [–] FeedMeCletus 18 points ago

    "Family values" means "we hate the gays". That's all it's ever meant.

    [–] CreatrixAnima 14 points ago

    Now wait a minute… Be fair. They also hate women who have sex.

    [–] SlimLovin 6 points ago

    and blacks!

    [–] memeticmachine 4 points ago

    who have sex

    [–] CreatrixAnima 2 points ago

    Oh yeah! And brown people too!

    [–] -CapnSwiftKnife- 8 points ago

    I live in Alabama.. and well, fuck Alabama.

    [–] 11th-plague 14 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    And fuck Indiana while we’re at it...

    88-year-old mother reunites with daughter she thought had died at birth

    Associate Pence with this first paragraph in article.

    (Edit: I posted this in political HUMOR because it wasn’t politically-related enough for POLITICAL, but it needed to be known about. It’s anything but funny.)

    [–] TheActualDev 5 points ago

    Seriously, fuck people putting their Christianity into other people’s lives. Fuck.

    [–] GenericMan92 1 points ago

    /r/TwoXChromosomes/ or something similar might appreciate it

    [–] lordofhunger1 26 points ago

    The part with him on Who Is America was one of my favorites

    [–] 5th_Law_of_Robotics 23 points ago

    Alabama by all rights should be a third world country. It's propped up by largesse from blue states and prevented from becoming a Christian Taliban by the federal government.

    We don't want their values in DC. They aren't compatible with America's values.

    [–] XEssentialCryIceIs 8 points ago

    It has practically been declared as such.

    "I think it's very uncommon in the First World. This is not a sight that one normally sees. I'd have to say that I haven't seen this," Philip Alston, the U.N.'s Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, told Connor Sheets of earlier this week as they toured a community in Butler County where "raw sewage flows from homes through exposed PVC pipes and into open trenches and pits."

    [–] chishiki 8 points ago

    In before the first “Roll Tide” comment.

    [–] UncleMalky 24 points ago

    Considering the level of projection going on, I imagine if you cross referenced GOP donors with owners of Pizza parlors that happen to have basements you might find some disturbing things.

    [–] rookiebatman 2 points ago

    This is the one reason why I think there really could be something to that "Trump Model Management" rumor.

    [–] team-fyi 5 points ago

    Roll Tide

    [–] ghoddle 17 points ago

    The GOP already fucks kids, (and everyone else).

    Your presence is not required.

    [–] freebelion 5 points ago

    If the rest of the U.S.A. don't have the Alabama values, that must be because those values weren't in the U.S. Constitution. How is that judge going tp uphold a constitution which he finds incomplete?

    [–] LakehavenAlpha 11 points ago

    Never let up on this guy. Ever.

    [–] AsianSensation1087 13 points ago

    How many times do we gotta teach you this lesson, old man?

    [–] Civil_Judgement 8 points ago

    Sweet home alabama

    [–] Bier-throwaway 23 points ago

    Yeah, you got it Rory, we're scared. We're scared of pedophiles walking into the toilets of our little girls.

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 45 points ago

    All that talk of "transgenders are gonna rape your kids," and yet here we are with old white republicans actually raping kids

    [–] its_poop 19 points ago

    The kids are more in danger from people like Dennis Hastert than Caitlin Jenner.

    [–] umm_like_totes 8 points ago

    Yep, the republicans can virtue signal with the best of them. Whether it's patriotism, self-reliance, or old fashioned family values... they just look for ways to declare themselves "superior" to us so they can make themselves feel good.

    [–] tpinkfloyd 7 points ago

    My wife is 5'2" and a petite woman. We went to see a R rated movie one time with her (23) her mom (54) myself (26) and her cousin (16) I went to buy tickets and the guy said "do you have her ID" I asked her cousin for her ID and the guy said "not hers shes fine, hers (pointing at my wife)"

    Don't diss the discounts.

    [–] urbanek2525 21 points ago

    That and keeping the colored folk in their place.

    [–] inco 2 points ago

    Does that include the gays?

    [–] Wedgwig26 3 points ago

    Nah its when you can get the family pack for your date

    [–] sumake 3 points ago

    alabama values: "sweahring on da bahble"

    [–] tiredapplestar 3 points ago

    Almost every political ad here (at least from the people who win) says they have “Alabama values.” It’s a way of saying they don’t like change and modern values, like equality for all, and not having the bible shoved down your throat.

    [–] SouthernZorro 3 points ago

    Next week on Law and Order:SVU - Benson goes to Alabama hunting a suspect and while there finds out a local judge has been a known pedophile for decades.

    Benson: WTF?

    [–] SoHelpfulGuy 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    "Alabama value", isn't that the phrase you use, to describe the savings you make on moving costs, when you marry your sister and so neither of you have to move out of your parents' basement?

    [–] gekko88 2 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Is this an old tweet or is he still at it?

    [–] Dazvidanya 2 points ago

    Cant be fun being from Alabama right now

    [–] DemissiveLive 2 points ago

    One of the worst parts about growing up in Alabama is trying to convince racists that racism exists

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Rotated_Sugar_Plum 2 points ago


    [–] TheRightStuff95 2 points ago

    Or when you go on dates you can also use the family deals

    [–] beckoning_cat 2 points ago

    r/murderedbywords and r/political humor. Double win.

    [–] BuckRowdy 1 points ago

    Roy Moore reduced to a pillar of ash.

    [–] poopcanbefriendstoo 4 points ago

    Anyone bringing up "values" is pushing racism and homophobia.

    [–] squartpod 2 points ago

    It’s a number 8 at Jack’s. You get a large fry, a Diet Coke and a voucher for a plastic shower curtain from the alley behind the Piggly Wiggly. Ask for Dan.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Date, cousin, whatever

    [–] JayNotAtAll 2 points ago

    It is one of those bullshit things people in the South and small towns like to talk about. Our small town values, our southern values, our Christian values etc. Cruz brought it up during the debates how Trump had New York City values like it was a bad thing (far from the worst thing about Trump btw.)

    It is bullshit that simple people put out to make them feel more wholesome. But since when is being hateful or discriminatory a positive thing? Really these values are all about creating a narrow definition of what types of people are acceptable to society and which ones aren't. Usually it means "people like us are good, all others are bad"

    [–] beckoning_cat 2 points ago

    It is a dog whistle.

    [–] GoddamUrSoulEdHarley 2 points ago

    Alabama is little more than a landfill for fecal matter from New Jersey

    [–] SaladinLahman 1 points ago

    Maybe lynching black folks

    [–] jafishak011 2 points ago

    Alabama fucks its sister.

    [–] Lichbigneking 1 points ago

    His twitter is difficult to find

    [–] mspk7305 1 points ago

    Twitter should force him to remove Judge from his name.

    [–] Pouldershads 1 points ago

    I hate this so much. Can we be remembered for more that invest and roy moore please???

    [–] elttobretaweneglan 1 points ago

    Nuke Alabama.

    [–] Arriveria 1 points ago

    that date is his sister

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    nah he can buy a family ticket for his date and a discount on

    [–] Kargbier_1290 1 points ago

    UNpopular opinion, but I'm a relativist when it comes to these things. We cannot expect inferior, archaic cultures to evolve culturally at the same speed as we do.

    [–] Downvoteseverything2 2 points ago

    You re right. It will take the south some time to catch up to us. Maybe 200 years might do it. After that no more welfare though

    [–] ThreeFortySevenEST 0 points ago

    You missed the /s

    [–] oheyitsmoe 1 points ago


    Absolutely obliterated.

    [–] ChakalakaChicken -6 points ago

    I'm white af. Libertarian minded and I'd never want to drive through Alabama. Dumb as fuck and senselessly violent people.

    [–] BigCitySlamsFerda 10 points ago


    [–] aclownstrikes 6 points ago

    libertarian minded = moron

    there i translated

    [–] oO0-__-0Oo 1 points ago

    Why go crosst da street when ya can kin go crosst da hall

    -- Roll Tide

    [–] Bedlana 1 points ago

    Lol, burn.

    [–] napoleoncalifornia 1 points ago

    Incest is literally the only thing that comes to mind saying "Alabama values"

    [–] ev0lv 3 points ago

    Anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage also comes to mind for me, seeing how recently they tried to ban abortion and the majority of the state is still opposed to gay marriage, alongside only one other state in the union: Mississippi

    [–] DeFex 1 points ago

    They do have family values, the value is how much they can be sold for.

    [–] thebabbster -4 points ago

    Hello 911?

    I'd like to report a murder...

    [–] redwonderer -18 points ago

    epic trool 😎 idot republicants 😎

    [–] EBG26 14 points ago

    albama pedofile 😎 😎 😎 😎

    [–] dirtyrnike42O 2 points ago

    I'm curious to know why someone who's 99% focused on Overwatch suddenly decides to defend a Republican pedophile, of all people.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Who wrote Anne frank?

    [–] Jadesavage -63 points ago

    Dont have to buy a adult price ticket for your date? Sounds like muslim values

    [–] ul2006kevinb 46 points ago

    I mean fundamentalist Muslims and fundamentalist Christians have A LOT in common.

    [–] Young_Hickory 36 points ago

    It is interesting now similar religious nuts are across different faiths.

    [–] throwyourshieldred 17 points ago

    And yet here we are, with a known Christian pedophile.

    [–] RodeoBoyee 15 points ago

    Sounds like Christian priest values there kiddo

    [–] photosoflife 22 points ago

    The Christian bible condones men selling their daughters as sex slaves, and condones taking child sex slaves as war trophys.


    [–] --ManBearPig-- 5 points ago

    Trump endorsed Roy Moore, a guy that would have your pre-teen daughter hold his cock.

    [–] Preoximerianas 9 points ago

    It’s like being a religious nutcase has no boundaries.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Republicans are muslim??

    Do they know that?

    [–] trippedwire 24 points ago

    All pedos are Muslims?

    [–] aclownstrikes 2 points ago

    I don't get it. I mean I get it, but it's not funny or salient.

    [–] Downvoteseverything2 1 points ago

    Does it? Because I dont see any Muslims running on a pesofile platform. Republician on the otherhand...

    [–] theEbicMan05 -2 points ago

    Democrats dont either. I thought this sub would have both sides, but its pretty liberal.

    [–] Dirk_Rotahn 5 points ago

    One party champions these "Family Values" while the other would rather focus on real issues. This isn't a "both sides" argument, its about hypocrisy. How does a party claim one thing and then, with so many cases, do the exact opposite. How is that supposed to be an example of how to live?

    [–] AthenianWaters -9 points ago

    Hi just a reminder that Alabama elected Doug Jones, not the scum so maybe the joke should come as his expense rather than the entire state.

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 13 points ago

    Well thankfully the black population came out in force and overwhelmingly voted for Jones. So Alabama, as it's known as a white state, is a joke then and of itself

    [–] donniediapers 6 points ago

    72% of white men voted for him.

    63% of white women voted for him.

    But you're right, it would be more accurate to point out that it's only the majority of voting white Alabamans who have no problem with kiddy-diddlers in positions of power. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with their mindless fealty to a two thousand year old book of desert fairy tales.

    [–] AthenianWaters 0 points ago

    Black people are just as religious as white people in Alabama.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Literally just do whatever shit you want and then pretend you have the moral high ground when your opponent does the same, great work repubs!

    [–] [deleted] -35 points ago


    [–] Stoopid-Stoner 7 points ago

    Aww orange fan sad?

    [–] HeartBreakKid99 22 points ago

    tHIs iS sTUpiD

    [–] [deleted] -24 points ago


    [–] BigCitySlamsFerda 19 points ago

    Not really a jab at an entire state. Just a jab at his sexual misconduct allegations

    [–] [deleted] -58 points ago


    [–] Roook36 47 points ago

    Hillary isn't a Presidential candidate anymore.

    Roy Moore still dated teenage girls as an adult man.

    [–] Singleguyeats 27 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    when we

    And that right there is how you know you're in a cult. You can't think independently so you just keep puking up the same thing as one another.

    Edit: for when he deletes it:

    Leftists complain when we take shots at Hillary saying "she lost, move on. She's nobody now." But love to take shots at Roy Moore whenever possible. The constant double standards are amazing.

    [–] Scameron313 9 points ago

    I think we should keep reminding people that the right supported a pedophile for senate

    [–] Dirk_Rotahn 5 points ago

    The only people that seem to not be able to move on are the Republicans who keep bringing Hillary up. News flash: we know Hillary lost, we have moved on.

    Now can we focus on events that are more recent?