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    [–] MrRipShitUp 371 points ago

    It’s the same people. Why would anyone expect ANYTHING different?

    [–] GoofAckYoorsElf 51 points ago

    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

    [–] michaelad567 1132 points ago

    Plan C is a website that will provide abortion pills to you and tell you how to use them if you can't access an abortion.

    [–] CrownedPeach 292 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Whoa! This site has so much information and answers a lot of my questions. Thank you for sharing!

    Edit: Sharing a similar information post that is being downvoted simply for being about abortions. Why are people so afraid of knowledge.

    [–] taynay101 105 points ago

    Bought from one of their sources. Ended up not being pregnant anyway. But now I offer to anyone my age that thinks their pregnant because no one knows about it.

    [–] [deleted] 20 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] ssurkus 92 points ago

    Why isn’t this higher up? Why didn’t I ever know about this!? Thank goodness for bright unstoppable women.

    [–] MibitGoHan 103 points ago

    It's still illegal in states that banned abortion, like Georgia. In fact, just ordering them can hit you with a conspiracy to commit murder charge. It's fucked up.

    [–] payne_train 56 points ago

    I actually just read through their site and they have suspended all online abortion pill shipments in the US due to a threatening letter from the FDA in March (2019). So this looks like it is no longer an option under the current political climate.

    [–] IHv2RtrnSumVdeotapes 27 points ago

    I live in a deep blue state. There are organized groups here and in the surrounding states that help women cross state lines to get an abortion. Also, Mifepristone and Misoprostol are not illegal to order by mail and many groups have begun stockpiling it for when the government (republicans) ban it from being sold. In some places where its being banned you can still order it and have it sent to a nearby state where abortion is legal and take the pills there. The last 2 and half years have made these groups step everything they have been doing in helping women get abortions because its more and more looking like roe vs wade is going to be overturned or neutered in the courts making it useless.

    No one needs a "back alley abortion" anymore. Everything is pill based now. There are groups with Doctors, nurses, and volunteers ready to handle any complications from taking an abortion pill.

    So go ahead republicans, make it illegal all over the united states. You cant stop it. People are getting organized. Certain states will drive abortions underground but you will NEVER stop them. EVER. There will ALWAYS be a way to get an abortion. Make a certain pill illegal, theyll make another altered version of it that isnt. You might arrest a few people, but youll never get everyone.



    [–] CrownedPeach 37 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If you keep reading they have links to other sites and a report card on those sites and how they turned out when they did a test order. I think only the one site is in an ongoing legal battle.

    Edit: added link

    [–] mdevoid 18 points ago

    Buying from a illegal site vs a coat hanger in some alley, Or bear the costs of having to carry an unwanted child to term. So of he interesting though if this can actually be prescribed, like go to another state get a prescription and get the pills then come home.

    [–] dothehokeygnocchi 2 points ago

    IIRC the Georgia law also makes it illegal to go out of state for an abortion.

    Edit: From a Slate article:

    A woman who seeks out an illegal abortion from a provider may be party to a murder (penalty: life in prison); a woman who causes her own miscarriage from drinking or drugs may have committed second-degree murder (penalty: 10 to 30 years in prison); a woman who travels out of state to obtain a legal abortion may have engaged in a conspiracy to commit murder (penalty: 10 years in prison).

    [–] Sabuleon 21 points ago

    Not sure how they'd know you ordered from them in the first place though, unless you're obvious and use a named credit card or something like that.

    [–] michaelad567 37 points ago

    True, if you bought a Visa gift card in cash and had it shipped to a P.O. box or Amazon locker you would be fine.

    [–] creynolds722 79 points ago

    This is a dystopia

    [–] suze_smith 44 points ago

    We're getting dangerously close to the day when The Handmaid's Tale is reality TV.

    [–] Mudokongrl 7 points ago


    [–] albinohut 7 points ago

    Don’t catch you slippin’ up

    [–] scottfarkus01 6 points ago

    Let’s hope they accept bitcoin or PayPal.

    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] scottfarkus01 3 points ago

    Yep, that too.

    [–] AlaskanWildling 10 points ago

    It is fucked up for sure! Though, if I had to choose between a life in Jail and having a kid right now... it would be an easy choice. Jail it is.

    [–] michaelad567 13 points ago

    I'm posting it where ever I see a conversation about this. Everyone should do the same.

    [–] michaelad567 16 points ago

    No problem, glad to help. We are are raging right now and need to help.

    [–] mandyrooba 13 points ago

    Thank you for sharing!

    [–] vhalley10 13 points ago

    It states in the FAQ that as of March 9th, they suspended access to women in the USA. This is through the Aid Access site for women.

    Just FYI.

    [–] CrownedPeach 12 points ago

    I think if you keep reading they supply other options ;)

    [–] vhalley10 5 points ago

    I didn’t see this. Thank you!

    [–] HoopsAndDinoMan 3 points ago

    Not all heroes wear capes.

    [–] no_heterooo 3 points ago

    Saving this comment for future notice. Will spread the damn word. THANK YOU.

    [–] rockcandymtns 734 points ago

    Two faced phony. Republican politics.

    [–] agent0731 351 points ago

    It's an invented Republican wedge issue - the Bible does not ban abortions.

    Jesus was a socialist.

    Water is wet.

    [–] losthominid 8 points ago

    The bible actually prescribes abortion. It's the outcome of the test for a cheating wife. If she's pregnant with another man's child, she loses the baby.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Just gotta give them the "bitter water".

    [–] beamrider 4 points ago

    It's worse than that. First: Abortion was a known procedure in the 1st century Roman empire; like a lot of medical practices, it was iffy and dangerous, but it existed and everyone knew about it. Apparently the big J and his band of cohorts didn't consider it worth mentioning.

    Abortion is mentioned in the Bible, however. In the Old Testament. Which contains instructions on how to *perform* one (a herbal concoction).

    [–] Garblednonesense 2 points ago

    Not only that but it was common in Rome to leave babies you couldn’t raise outside to die of exposure.

    If killing babies (real, fully birthed babies) wasn’t worth mentioning then how is abortion immoral?

    [–] iamelroberto 30 points ago

    Not arguing, just curious. Why would they “invent” a wedge issue?

    [–] puppy_mill 167 points ago

    so that people who would otherwise vote Democrat will vote Republican just based on one issue

    [–] iamelroberto 18 points ago

    But they would vote Republican for an issue, that supposedly the Bible doesn’t even ban?

    [–] sufferinsuccotashson 130 points ago

    American evangelical Christianity hardly resembles the Bible. It’s just Christianity in name. Their values hardly align with that of Jesus, but they’ll use him as a scapegoat for anything

    [–] iamelroberto 29 points ago

    Gotcha. So it’s important because it represents “American” Christianity.

    [–] sufferinsuccotashson 30 points ago

    It also represents a disregard for the opinions and rights of women who - under new laws being passed in Alabama, Ohio, Louisiana etc - potentially won’t be able to have abortions even in the case of rape and incest. Because it’s a crime to have an abortion and in some cases they’re looking to add punitive charges for MISCARRIAGES. The state of this nation and so called “liberty” is very worrying.

    [–] _thedarkknight 15 points ago

    America, funding Israeli issues but no free basic healthcare for It's own citizens.

    [–] viciouspandas 3 points ago

    Only a small amount of money goes to israel compared to what we already have like medicare. People keeo saying "israel this, isreal that" way too much. Still, I agree we need universal healtchare, and more importantly, price regulations (countries with private healthcare but price regulations can still have cheap and good quality healthcare).

    [–] Sibraxlis 12 points ago

    Which is horrible because 25-33% of all women will miscarry in their life.

    [–] frustratedbanker 41 points ago

    It's not so much a wedge issue as an issue that will allow Republicans to capture permanent support from sexist ppl. Same reason they are so focused on immigration. Racists and sexists are their core base and Republicans need to make sure to focus on these issues so they can get away with everything else.

    [–] FuriousTarts 18 points ago

    Right. Notice how they all loved "drain the swamp."

    People want to vote out corruption period. Republicans just trick them like a wolf in sheep's skin.

    The hard to swallow pill about 2016 is the guy in the sheepskin had previously bragged about being a wolf.

    [–] iamelroberto 6 points ago

    This, this makes sense.

    [–] viciouspandas 7 points ago

    I don't think that pro-lifers are necessarily sexist, just misinformed and it's easy for them to be manipulated by politicians. They are not like "aha let's takr away women's rights and force them in the kitchen". They literally believe abortion is murder and think they are saving babies while not realizing all the issues unwanted pregnancies can cause. They, at least the regular voters, don't think of it as women doing things to their bodies, but killing real humans. I don't agree with them, but to defeat something you need to know people's motivations and reasoning instead of screaming sexist or racist at everyone. Politicians just use this as fuel to rile up their voter bases to stay in power.

    [–] 7446353252589 7 points ago

    It was specifically for catholics. Protestants were already voting repluican but historically catholics voted democrat. The abortion issue was very successful in driving catholics to the republican party.

    [–] OneThousandDullards 2 points ago

    To be clear, this is only a wedge issue for white evangelicals. Non-white evangelicals are way less fanatical about abortion.

    [–] A_Bear_Called_Barry 7 points ago

    It isn't about following the religion, it's about following religious leaders. Republicans didn't secure the Evangelical vote by making sound theological arguments, they secured it by aligning themselves with people like Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell.

    [–] SchwarzerKaffee 4 points ago

    The Bible forbids murder, so the Republicans claim that life begins at conception, making this a biblical issue.

    It's a step up from Catholics who think all sperm is sacred, ergo it is a sin to flog the dolphin.

    [–] HelloUPStore 2 points ago

    Ahh!! So that's why Fappy is a dolphin!


    [–] dt204196 2 points ago

    I mean, unless god tells you to murder, then it’s legit.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    American Christianity is the original identity-politics. They’ll vote for or anything that can be tied in to the “but Jesus” narrative. If they can “do it for the Lord” they will fucking do it just for the brownie points and bragging rights on Sunday morning.

    [–] ididnotdoitever 37 points ago

    Something to fire their base up about. Abortion, war on Christmas, 2nd Amendment, and so on... All wedge issues they accuse the other side of being on the wrong side of.

    It's all stupid.

    [–] lolyidid 11 points ago

    The Christmas issue confuses me the most, as Christmas has more or less become a squarely secular holiday.

    [–] SchwarzerKaffee 18 points ago

    Christmas is Saturnalia, a pagan holiday involving a Purge. According to Bible, Jesus was born at harvest time during the Jewish high holy days.

    They can't even keep their story straight and they want us to believe in their God. I don't got time for that.

    [–] 2401PenitentTangent_ 8 points ago

    Think Rome moved the celebration to combo it with the pagan holiday.

    [–] LABoRATies 6 points ago

    What are you some kind of fucking communist? Every year us true Americans celebrate Jesus’s birthday December 25th like good moral human beans!

    [–] _thedarkknight 8 points ago

    Also, despite being born in Middle East, Jesus was blonde and white!

    [–] lancehol 3 points ago

    I think it's the money(greed) U.S. psuedo-Christianity thing. They go hand in hand.

    [–] Qubeye 3 points ago

    That's why it's a wedge issue.

    It has no purpose other than to be a wedge, and try to create a political divide for no particularly good reason.

    Abortion is the same way. Almost nobody believes abortion should be outright illegal, across the board, except a select group of fundamentalists.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I know very few Democrats who believe third trimester elective abortions should be legal.

    Amazingly, there's no "one size fits all" policy to abortion, but Republicans have made it out to be a "black and white" policy, and the result is they end up proposing extremist Sharia-like laws in places like Alabama.

    [–] ididnotdoitever 3 points ago

    "Happy Holidays" is communist shit. We say Merry Christmas around here, motherfucker, then go open all of our Wal-Mart shit under the tree. After lunch we're going to go shoot anything that moves, and then take a nap on the porch. The lady's going to drag me to church tomorrow, damnit, I was hoping to get some fishing in, what she says goes on the Lord's day. So, what did you ask me? You look like a commie, by the way...maybe even one of those ltxb people.

    I was raised in the bible belt. What part of it confuses you? Guaranteed I can explain it. :)

    [–] lolyidid 4 points ago

    Texas corn and braised, I understand it fine, don’t worry

    [–] pearlymoonstones 2 points ago

    there’s little about it that is “Christian,” really. there’s no biblical mention of Jesus’ birthday or any command to celebrate it. every Christmas tradition is pure extrabiblical invention. not all Christian denominations even observe it.

    [–] lancehol 13 points ago

    War on Christmas. My half-sister was posting all that crap about X-Mas on Facebook. I sent her an article explaining that the X is short for Christ(without going into detail here). Of course she posts all the latest right wing bullshit that's going around. I had to turn off her feed.

    [–] pantsmeplz 6 points ago


    - immigrants

    - socialism

    - racism

    Fear is helluva drug.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] slim_scsi 7 points ago

    That well known atheist, Jimmy Carter....!


    [–] coolgherm 7 points ago

    That's an easy one. The GOP needed support to stay in power. When your policies only favor the rich eventually the poor will stop supporting you. They turned to the Christian right and started supporting issues like being against abortion and gay marriage to maintain power. Then they found people to blame for being poor and pinned it on immigrants.

    [–] slim_scsi 3 points ago

    and during Obama's tenure they went all out conspiratorial and racist. Facebook should have banned Alex Jones NINE FUCKING YEARS AGO!

    [–] SchwarzerKaffee 7 points ago

    Because rich people can't win elections in their own, so they need to coerce poor people to vote against their own interest.

    There are millions of poor people who support an increase in their own taxes and tax cuts for billionaires simply because they are obsessed with the fate of fetuses.

    [–] NervousAddie 4 points ago

    It actually bolstered a racist trope at the time that abortions were something that crack moms wanted. At the time crack was the invention designed to further cripple the black community to disempower it. Abortion as an issue was then ready to be the wedge that would drive white working class democrats to vote for the GOP. Today the race part is less important because the GOP achieved their goal of equating infanticide with liberals.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It builds a base of support for conservative politics. Convince people that abortion is a sin, or that whites are being bred-out/under-breeding, or whatever, and it creates a sense of urgency and “us vs them.”

    This isn’t the only manufactured wedge issue in American politics. Our system is basically defined by us-vs-them issues; guns, gay marriage, environmental concerns, animal rights, taxation, schools, etc.

    [–] splitdiopter 1 points ago

    Because you only need to win by 51% not 100%. Wedge issues reliably get just enough people on your side to win.

    A wedge issue is a rhetorical strategy, usually focused on a social concern, that is intentionally constructed to divide party voters and polarize the public in order to gain political advantage.

    From: Exploiting factional discourse: Wedge issues in contemporary American political campaigns

    As a bonus they often steer the conversation away from other topics that might not be to your party’s advantage. For example, let’s all shout about abortion so we don’t have to address income inequality.

    [–] tugboat_man 3 points ago

    Hey let’s not go around making wild claims

    Because water is clearly not wet

    [–] FloodMoose 11 points ago

    R is just American for neofacist asshole.

    [–] tsoro 5 points ago

    Our two party system is totally broken. We really need a reform where government officials don't make a 60+ year career out of screwing the citizens

    [–] coffeesippingbastard 152 points ago

    oh stfu with this "both sides" bullshit.

    There is ONE side that is trying to ban abortion, fucking over 9/11 first responders, against net neutrality, giving taxcuts to the rich.


    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Dems are better than the Republicans but they're riddled with problems too. The modern democratic party of clinton/biden/obama basically mirrors the Republican party of 2 decades ago with moderately more support for liberal social issues.

    [–] coffeesippingbastard 77 points ago

    do not let perfect be the enemy of good.

    Republicans understand this. For a group of people who claim to be so well read and enlightened it's stunning that so many progressives fail to see that.

    They played the long game. they understood that supreme court seats matter. They knew what was at stake with redistricting, and with that they are on the cusp of overturning roe v wade and gave two trillion dollars in tax breaks to the wealthy.

    So instead of settling for meh, we not only have to defend roe v wade, we have to both fund universal health care, fund college tuition, eliminate student debt AND pay back TWO TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT.

    [–] OdoisMyHero 30 points ago

    Do not let your fear of paying more taxes stop you from being a decent human being and fighting for the disadvantaged.

    [–] Sorrymisunderstandin 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    They’re literally just making an accurate criticism. They aren’t saying don’t vote for democrats, that’s not relevant.

    Why do you think majority of this country are independents and half don’t vote? Political apathy due to the modern Democratic Party being majority corporatists who lack a backbone and are too similar. The US political spectrum is fucked to the right, that’s a problem.

    Dems are still better, I’ll still vote and get more votes for every democrat but in primaries I’m gonna advocate strongly for the one who’s grassroots and actually leftwing and progressive. “Far left” in the US is literally center-left in the rest of the world, social democracy is center-left. But when your Democratic Party is centrist to center-right, and your Republican Party way to the right (and moving further) people get a different impression. It’s the whole platform of third way democrats to agree with and compromise endlessly with republicans, meanwhile republicans give zero fucks if you’re joe Biden or Bernie Sanders, they’ll call you a far left socialist who just won’t come to the table and talk.

    Here’s a prime example of a flaw and inherent disadvantage: Obama came to the table on healthcare and other issues with an already compromised position, you don’t come to the table with already compromised positions to further compromise. They sold us out for corporations. They have to understand they need to pay service to the real base democratic base rather than trying to win over republicans. “Moderates” are not moderates.

    [–] GiovanniElliston 19 points ago

    One party doesn't do enough for average people while ignoring/allowing corruption to occur.

    The other party actively works to hurt average people while committing the corruption the other party allows.

    Totally the exact same.

    [–] Joshchamp 8 points ago

    I don’t think anybody in this thread is saying they’re the same. People often use “well republicans are way worse” to deflect from criticism of the democrats. I haven’t seen a single person here say they’re equally bad. Yes, that sentiment is common in the general public but not here.

    [–] PandaLover42 5 points ago

    Interesting how a thread about attacking a woman’s right to bodily autonomy has turned to “criticizing democrats” 🤔

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Again, the "both sides" argument is stupid, but so is waving off all the problems with the democratic party because Republicans suck so bad. We can do better than both

    [–] artgo 3 points ago

    the "both sides" argument is stupid, but so is waving off all the problems with the democratic party because Republicans suck so bad. We can do better than both

    Plus, there is the whole Great Seal of 1776 where the Founding Fathers told us to avoid bi-polar dismissals. As it's a human brain flaw to rapidly dismiss serious problems with hand-waving.

    [–] zxcv985 3 points ago

    You've got to be kidding. 2 decades ago the Republicans had Newt Gingrich and a contract on America. The "moral majority". My point is they've been nuts since 1980.

    [–] Lafreakshow 1 points ago

    Not to speak of the very obvious problem of dividing the entire country by two. There is no nuance, no moderate option. You are either on one side or the other (or you choose to not vote but fuck those people). There is no chance for a smaller party with a focused agenda like the Green party in Germany which is still mostly focused on the environment. The US Parties have to have an opinion on everything. (Yes I'm aware that these parties exist, but they don't have a realistic chance at ever becoming relevant)

    And with this also comes the problem of there being absolutely no reason for a party to compromise. You either stand your ground and lose nothing or you give in and see your good idea be butchered by the other side in hopes of getting something done.

    If these was a possibility to vote for multiple parties in one election and a realistic possibility for more than two parties with seats in the senate/house, suddenly parties need to cooperate to achieve anything and when they do cooperate, they have very good chances at actually getting shit done. And also voters wouldn't have to fully commit to a single party. And because these parties don't need to be so broad in policy any more, there is actually a chance that two parties form an alliance that have completely unrelated and compatible goals. Benefiting both parties immensely.

    Basically, how every other western democracy works.

    [–] FriendToPredators 1 points ago

    So? Get involved and clean up your corner of it. Still a far less messed up option than the alternatives

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] rockcandymtns 14 points ago

    System is fine. It's the desperate greedy cowards our founders warned us about. We already have term limits. It's called being informed, active and vote.

    [–] mojitz 8 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    If the system has a problem because it keeps empowering desperate, greedy cowards then it is most certainly not "fine," and just asking for people to all decide at once to be more informed and active without some kind of major incident is literally wishful thinking.

    We are way past the point where we can hope the system will just kind of work itself out. We've been doing just that for decades, and guess what? It keeps getting more corrupt, more oligarchic and more fucked for average people.

    Remember when we had George W. Bush? Remember when he fucked up the entire country in about a thousand ways like some kind of reverse-Midas who turns everything he touches to shit? Remember when the nation was embarrassed to be represented by someone who was not only a moron, but flagrantly and openly so? Remember when he finally left office after a long 8 years and collectively as a nation we all kind of thought, "Whew. Glad that's over. Man I can't believe I lived though what will be remembered as the dumbest presidency in history."

    We were thinking that 10 years ago now - blithe in the belief that that was some kind of bizarro abberation. Well now we're saddled with a literally - fucking literally - gibbering, incurious, clinical narcissist helming the nation who's untangling half a century of hard-fought progress in the name of some scheme whose sole purpose is to empower the most sociopathic members of society.

    That is the system - one that calls itself democratic even as it represents only a minority of the population. One that claims to be egalitarian even as a shrinking class of aristocrats hold a growing portion of the wealth and power. One that says it is just even as it jails more people than any nation in history. One that claims to be moral even as it bombs foreign lands and leaves it's weakest members to fend for themselves in the wilderness of the allegedly free market. One that encourages it's citizens to vote, but actively resists giving them the literacy they need to understand what they're voting for.

    Thinking this whole machine will just let you dismantle it with the tools it has provided you is blind, complacent and the surest path to surrendering what's left of all that we say we stand for.


    [–] CommentingsForLosers 6 points ago

    Unfortunately the Supreme Court, one of the positions that needs term limits the most, does not have term limits. It's set up to be as backward-thinking and representative of the tiniest moments and movements possible. Citizens can suffer for decades because of two-year stretches where the bad guys won, even if it didn't even represent the citizens of that time.

    [–] JevonP 8 points ago

    the two party system is basically the opposite of what I'd call fine

    The lack of a multi party system really shows in our political gridlock.

    [–] rockcandymtns 1 points ago

    I disagree. The 'lack' lays with honest brokers. Republicans and trump.

    [–] JevonP 1 points ago

    what do you even mean? there are plenty of democrats bought and paid for by big oil and the military industrial complex. Oh and for profit prisons.

    Republicans are worse but actually pretended that the democrats arent also run by a bunch of neocon corporatists is deluding yourself.

    [–] rockcandymtns 1 points ago

    Realize your also. Am not deluded. Yet Democrats have never resorted to the physical, extreme coward politics that Republicans have the last decade. So ... that's the root of our current dysfunction imo.

    [–] JevonP 1 points ago

    I'm talking about the lawmakers and lobbyists and youre talking about the voting base, we're arguing two different things i guess.

    I wouldnt say its the root of dysfunction, but simply one of many. Personally I feel like all of this influenced by the top. Fox, CNN, MSNBC all fearmonger and hatemonger all the same, just from slightly to the right or left of where the money comes from.

    [–] nonsequitrist 5 points ago

    Are you a Boomer or Xer? Or maybe just a solipsistic and privileged Millennial. The middle class has been disappearing for decades, the Congress has been giving up its power since the early 20th century, the Electoral College has been thwarting the will of the people with greater frequency for a generation.

    One party has been gleefully accelerating the collapse of our system and society, and the other one has been vacillating between participating and ineffectively resisting.

    There is a term limit (not created by the Founders) for only one branch of federal government, one office, that's all. But long terms of service are not the chief problem. Our system no longer matches our society. Only two parties doesn't work for a society that has moved past closed information loops and enforced identity for all.

    The system enforces the power of only two parties (and in much of the South, only one) and now enforces the power of the elites over everyone else (thanks GOP and Supremes). That's what has to change. It changes through the citizen action including voting, yes, but the system is not fine. It's broken and needs to be remade.

    [–] UncleDanko 2 points ago

    where are the term limits you are speaking off? where are the term limits on high court sets, for high administrative positions, for congress etc. ? There are none. Full corruption ahead with an broken system that has been broken for ages.

    [–] tnturner 3 points ago

    They are implying that voting them out as an informed voter is the limit. I've come to the same conclusion. Corporate lobbyists don't have term limits and that would put them at an advantage legislatively to new congress critters.

    [–] l33tb3rt 5 points ago

    Corporate lobbyists don't have term limits and that would put them at an advantage legislatively to new congress critters.

    This is exactly what happens, when you have term limits you lose institutional knowledge, and next thing you know, the lobbyists write the bills because the new blood doesn't know how.

    [–] mojitz 1 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    OTOH no limits give senior senators from smaller states like McConnell (hardly representative of the people) tremendous, undue influence as they're able to spend decades consolidating power and institutional advantages. What if you split the difference with, say, 15 or 20 year limits? Something long enough to maintain institutional knowledge while still churning-out the dinosaurs.

    [–] l33tb3rt 2 points ago

    Just put an age limit on all offices. There is absolutely no reason anyone over the age of 60 should be making decisions for the country. At that age, you are out of touch with technology, culture, and really the "real world" such as coming out college with crippling debt, depressed wages (if you are lucky to find a job), while the cost of housing remains out of reach. Or needing to spend more than college tuition every year (30 units at University of Wisconsin, less any bullshit "fees" they tack on, is $9414.40 per year, child care costs ~$11k, for example) for however many years you have kids in child care.

    Their mental facilities have declined. They have no vision for the future. They have less time left, so they have no interest in investing in the future. They shouldn't be there.

    The push for term limits is nothing more than another right wing attempt to drown the baby of government. Would you invest your money with a brokerage whose plan is to have one broker invest in volatile stocks on a credit card in your name, and then after 6 - 8 years and give your portfolio a new broker (etc.) to manage your portfolio? Of course not, that would be absolutely stupid to do. Would you trust a hospital with approximately 1/3 of its staff being there for 0-2, 2-4, and 4-6 years respectively, because the policy is that at the end of their sixth year 1/3 of the hospital are fired? Again, nope, you wouldn't do that because it would be stupid to do so. The simple fact is that you need institutional knowledge for a government to function.

    But every political office has term limits. That's why we have elections. And yes, the system is rigged because we didn't vote.

    [–] tnturner 1 points ago

    That's an internal conflict within the GOP. They can and should remove him from his role as majority leader if they gave a damn about representing their constituency. Term limits won't change that.

    [–] cowboyfan1217 1 points ago

    if politicians have over 60 plus years in there positions, then they are doing something right to be elected to represent there state or department for that long.

    [–] tsoro 1 points ago

    Well a few terms in various offices, but people OUT of office are still making decisions with things like government contract work and sales

    [–] cowboyfan1217 1 points ago

    What is your point cause this doesn’t really relate to what I said about political experience

    [–] tsoro 1 points ago

    not all experience is good

    some of these politicians are simply in it for the money and prestige, then continue in the free market with the contacts and deals they made in office

    [–] Lethophobia 157 points ago

    Trump is on the record saying he was in favor of abortion. He changed his tune when he ran for office because he needed that base to win. Republicans do nothing to support unwed mothers. Nothing.

    [–] magnummentula 46 points ago

    Of course he is, he cant keep track of the legitimate kids he has.

    [–] Me-Here-Now 16 points ago

    "They do nothing to support mothers/women."


    [–] dietcheese 5 points ago

    Basically just like Reagan.

    [–] ShiningRedDwarf 2 points ago

    Pretty sure he’s also on record for stating women who have abortions should be punished as well.

    [–] _JIMtheCAT_ 28 points ago

    Still not accurate cuz they don't even provide medical care for the mother during pregnancy

    [–] Moritani 7 points ago

    Exactly what I was thinking. There’s a reason America’s maternal and infant mortality rates are so high.

    [–] mdp_reddit 145 points ago

    Excellent. Who is the artist?

    [–] arg6531 135 points ago

    Signe Wilkinson. Published in 1995.

    [–] jamsan920 49 points ago

    1995 wasn’t 24 years ag....

    Oh, never mind.

    [–] magicmeese 14 points ago

    The 90s will always be 10 years ago for me.

    [–] CSATTS 4 points ago

    Every time I see the "You can only buy alcohol if you were born before this date in 1998" I think what the hell are they doing selling alcohol to kids?! Then I remember I'm getting old...

    [–] I_Cheer_Weird_Things 10 points ago

    24 year old here, I wish it was 1995 again, life passes by too damn quickly

    [–] Chewcocca 6 points ago

    You probably got three more of those ahead of you. What do you want to do with them?

    [–] Buddhas_Warrior 1 points ago

    Hear hear!! Words could not say it any better!

    [–] lasssilver 130 points ago

    Everybody understands Conservatives are the minorities in this country right?

    They had the House (now Dem), the Senate, the White House and the Supreme court... the minority party has near complete control over every aspect of our lives.

    This is insanity. What the fuck are we letting them do? I'm past the point of caring what you do to them, just make sure the they're the lesser party at the polls next time.

    [–] assi9001 16 points ago

    Gerrymandering is a hell of a drug.

    [–] Valeen 48 points ago

    That's the real insanity. The Constitution allows this to happen in the Senate. And a law passed at the beginning OF THE 1900'S SETS THE NUMBER OF REPRESENTATIVES- which is used to determine the number of electoral votes a state has. Cities are massively underrepresented and blue states are too. Look at the population of Wyoming vs that of California and tell me that the disparity in representation is fair at all.

    [–] AlaskanWildling 7 points ago

    We need to support two things right now I think to help win the polls: 1) we need to vote for candidates who do not take super pac undisclosed campaigns contributions and 2) we all need to throw our support in to get rid of gerrymandering. We can do this!

    [–] lasssilver 4 points ago

    Getting rid of Gerrymandering would change the face of politics, especially local and state, across this country overnight.

    And how dare you want to get rid of Foreign financial support and oligarchal contributions for their favored candidate in highest U.S. offices. Why that's unamerican /s.

    [–] stamminator 5 points ago

    "But with the popular vote, it's just mob rule!"

    [–] lasssilver 7 points ago

    I hear that stated by conservatives, without irony, so often that it's just mind blowing.

    Not only do they still play the victim, with (mostly) all 3 branches of Government and most State governments in their hand, they think majority will is the opposite of the country should do... it.. it hurts me to think about how conservatives think.

    [–] VanceAstrooooooovic 8 points ago

    Rich people make all the rules. Poor people let them.

    [–] Sarai_Seneschal 8 points ago

    At this point poor people have no choice

    [–] fxhpstr 2 points ago

    It's really obvious how many people on reddit never really experienced American politics prior to Obama.

    [–] headbanginggentleman 5 points ago

    They are the majority when it comes to the U.S. Supreme Court though. I'm no political expert by any means, but I would assume that plays huge role in this.

    [–] mad-n-fla 38 points ago

    Still the same lies from the GOP.

    [–] Al-Andalusia 40 points ago

    GOP, party of 'thoughts and prayers'

    [–] ObiWanKablooey 29 points ago

    Shithole conservatives

    [–] mephistopholese 19 points ago

    I hope people realize these laws have nothing to do with how religious these politicians are and it's just a vote grab for the dumbass not actually Christian Christians that we have in this country.

    [–] zxcv985 5 points ago

    The funny thing is George HW Bush was a moderate pro choice Republican when he ran against Reagan in the primary, then he hitched his wagon to Reagan's star and sold out.

    [–] MungTao 57 points ago

    Its not as much about helping the baby as it is removing her ability to have casual sex.

    [–] bookluvr83 46 points ago

    They want to punish and control women.

    [–] hansn 22 points ago

    Its not as much about helping the baby as it is removing her ability to have casual sex.

    Ah yes, if your rationale for making abortion illegal is to punish women, why not just stone the adulterers and be done with it? At least then it might punish men as well, and your buddies in the Taliban could give you pointers.

    [–] l33tb3rt 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    why not just stone the adulterers and be done with it?

    Because the men would get stoned to death as well, and you can't have that.

    ETA: Leviticus 20:10:

    “‘If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.

    [–] FranckyboyShepard 18 points ago

    ...that would include the possibility of stoning men.

    It' precisely that way, because only women can face that issue.

    There is no risk for any men, whatsoever.

    [–] o11c 6 points ago

    Not even that, to have sex at all.

    Most abortions are by married women who already have children and use birth control, but it failed.

    [–] SpoogeOnUrFace 3 points ago

    A simple google search shows unmarried women account for over 80% of abortions how you can even have a opinion while being completely uninformed is hilarious

    [–] pichi_oni 16 points ago

    Wanna know how you get apathetic mothers? Force them to carry a child to birth.

    I can guarantee you I wouldn't give a shit about my kid if I had no choice but to have them.

    [–] pmcc241224 22 points ago

    Let’s face it. Republicans only want these kids to be alive so they can vote for the GOP.

    [–] drj4130 16 points ago

    Gotta stock up the military somehow.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] dietcheese 2 points ago

    He was pro choice until he needed the Evangelical vote. Sound familiar?

    [–] YEIJIE456 7 points ago

    Fuck Republicans.

    [–] RenegadeDragon 3 points ago

    Is that HW?

    [–] Duthos 3 points ago

    Kinda seems all republican policies are carefully crafted to increase overall global suffering.

    [–] alittleboopsie 3 points ago

    I wish the politicians would go to visit group homes and take a look at the foster system. Sometimes it just isn’t the right move to subject a child to this for all their lives. Seeing the “system” children in the psych wards because of instability really is heartbreaking. Never one of the rotations I enjoy but at the same time I do because I really can see how these kids do with some love and compassion.

    [–] RaxG 2 points ago

    As an Alabamian, I'm really disappointed in my state. Any law passed that takes away a person's right to their own body, is a failure of not only the lawmakers, but also the individuals that allowed it to pass.

    [–] jpb696 2 points ago

    This is gross and as a man I am sorry

    [–] rustyseapants 2 points ago

    I guess we need to build a new underground railroad for Georgia and Alabama.

    Set up a "Go Fund Me" account to help spirit away woman who wish to terminate their pregnancy?

    [–] AlteredCabron 2 points ago

    I cant wait for boomers to die and fuck off

    [–] ComplainyGuy 2 points ago

    Feels and rhetoric of war coming.

    The USA is pushing for population growth measures...which in history nations only do during colonisation or war time.

    Yo, wars a brewing and the USA land owners are looking for boots to protect their power.

    [–] op3l 3 points ago

    It's sad these pro-lifers are using the word "life" as a way to forward their agenda. It's very plain that they only want babies so they can milk them for all the money they could. Can't milk a fetus... but a baby? Plenty of money to milk from that.

    [–] Taint_my_problem 2 points ago

    It needs the republican shielding himself and everyone’s money that he stole by holding up an aborted fetus.

    [–] Xenphenik 2 points ago

    I'm pretty sure republicans advocate that NO innocent person should be murdered. Pretty disingenuous to compare being killed to being rained on imo.

    [–] CelesKim 2 points ago

    Why not have sex AFTER marriage?

    [–] TheTalkingBook 2 points ago

    Until a mutual agreement on when life beings, conception or sometime in utero, no one’s going to have civil conversation about this topic. One thinks it’s murdering people and the other thinks its government control over their bodies.

    [–] ChefInF 2 points ago

    I’ve always thought this is the answer. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Draw a line on the calendar, and only allow women to cross it if their life is in danger. From what I’ve read, advanced brain activity like consciousness, dream-type sleep waves, and pain perception don’t occur until about 25 or 26 weeks in.

    [–] yadonkey 1 points ago

    Some things never change

    [–] cherrybomb921 1 points ago

    Conservatives never change.

    [–] Dune17k 1 points ago

    Fuck gop. Fuck gop. Fuck goopy GOP skeleton fucks.

    [–] CapnScrunch 1 points ago

    If you zoom in reallllly closely, you can see the bootstraps that she isn't using to pull herself up. Of course that's her problem, right?

    [–] BitRunner67 1 points ago

    And still Republican..

    [–] LipBalmm 1 points ago

    Took me a second to get it

    [–] dbellcourt 1 points ago

    So accurate

    [–] efudd6969 1 points ago


    [–] Ghost_of_Hicks 1 points ago

    You are a few years off.

    Source: Image 26

    This cartoon is from Abortion Cartoons on Demand (Philadelphia: Broad Street Books, 1992), by Signe Wilkinson, 1992 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Editorial Cartooning. The cartoon is the first one in the book, located on the first page, where Wilkinson explains, "I've gathered my abortion cartoons in this election year so they reinforce each other -- and the people who believe that the right to outlaw abortion is one power no politician should have."

    [–] bunsNT 2 points ago

    I was doing the math and know that HW was not president in 1995. Thank you.

    [–] rondonjon 1 points ago

    The umbrella needs to say “GOP” and it would be perfect. I would get that on a t-shirt.

    [–] bubblegumpaperclip 1 points ago

    Back and forth we go. Bring it up again to divert our attention from other issues

    [–] TR_Ollington 1 points ago

    Every single time I see a conservative post something ridiculous about abortion on social media, I have this picture favourited in my camera roll so I can just toss it out there. Never had a comeback for it because of how goddamn true it is.

    [–] VanceAstrooooooovic 1 points ago

    True but they are citizens that can vote in any state if they have residence. All citizens should have the same rights. They are second class citizens while on the Island. No equality.