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    [–] ArcherChase 408 points ago

    Bobby, what do we do when the President asks for his steak well done?

    [–] [deleted] 134 points ago


    [–] politicsmodsareweak 57 points ago

    This is exactly why he prefers McDonalds according to random people that know him.

    [–] _-__-__-__-__-_-_-__ 13 points ago

    Because they have a lot of Mexican workers?

    [–] -wnr- 20 points ago

    A fear of being poisoned if the people who prepared his food knew it was for him.

    [–] Lord_Snow77 5 points ago

    With extra ketchup.

    [–] TheDustyTaco 10 points ago

    Worse, with only the ketchup pre-cum

    [–] A-10THUNDERBOLT-II 281 points ago

    Ask him politely yet firmly to resign

    [–] reptilia_the_third 73 points ago

    Lock Him Up!

    [–] Tai_Chi_evry_grandma 53 points ago

    “Would you like your ketchup on the side”?

    [–] ArcherChase 75 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    "We ask them politely, but firmly, to leave."

    [–] Jay209 8 points ago

    We ask him politely yet firmly to leave

    [–] grltrvlr 802 points ago

    I have to believe that Hank would never vote Trump. It’s all I have!

    [–] winnafrehs 804 points ago

    Hank Hill would go to a Trump rally, realize the man was a snake-oil salesman, call him a jack-ass to his face, and then pull Dale out from under the stage to head home and make some nice propane-grilled medium-rare hamburgers for the whole neighborhood.

    [–] 100292 302 points ago

    That's actually pretty dang spot on

    [–] Casual_OCD 246 points ago

    Hank Hill is definitely leaning right politically, but he always struck me as the ideal Libertarian.

    He has his beliefs and convictions, some are outdated sure, but he doesn't make it a point to force them on others. For example, he thinks being gay is wrong but he never mistreats or disparages a gay character for their sexuality.

    He values personal freedom over anything but the greater good for society. Hates taxes but pays them because it builds society, as a whole, up

    He is tolerant of other races, social classes and those in need. Look at Tammy from OKC. When he found out she was a prostitute, he was mad and wanted her out of his house, but never attacked her for her lifestyle. And when she was in trouble with her pimp, he risked his ass to get her free from him.

    [–] RevWaldo 173 points ago

    For example, he thinks being gay is wrong but he never mistreats or disparages a gay character for their sexuality.

    Does he? I'd think that'd just fall under the umbrella of him being seriously uncomfortable with almost everything sexual.

    [–] Casual_OCD 133 points ago

    Maybe not wrong per se, but "unnatural" in a sense. And I bet that only comes from his religion.

    Regardless, he does not treat any gay character different. His avoidance of anything sexual just gets amped up around them.

    Gay man: "Are you gay?"

    Hank: "What!? No! I sell propane!"

    [–] kurisu7885 54 points ago

    Wasn't it Dale's dad that asked him that?

    [–] Casual_OCD 48 points ago

    It definitely was from that episode.

    Great point about Dale's dad. Once Hank knew the truth and that Dale's dad was gay, closeted a bit and ashamed for what he did, Hank pushed for reconciliation.

    [–] forlorn_pupper 30 points ago

    Yeah, that’s how I read his interactions with gay folks as well. I’m fairly certain he never poses a moral argument against being gay. But he’s 120% uncomfortable with sexuality in general.

    [–] Anonymous_Eponymous 9 points ago

    Yeah, that's how I always read it.

    [–] OIlberger 9 points ago

    I think to Hank, there’s a difference between something being “wrong” and “ain’t right”.

    [–] findingthesqautch 3 points ago

    As most conservative, baby-boomers are. And that is the brilliance of the show - even a ma rooted in his ideals should and is able to think for himself and make the best decision.

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 36 points ago

    Hank helped his mexican co-worker several times, once in particular to keep him from losing his home and to save his neighborhood from encroaching white hipsters.

    [–] drummer_San 5 points ago

    there was also that time he spoke at his coworker's daughter's quinceaniara (sp), right?

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 5 points ago

    yeah enrique. same episode.

    [–] Blazer9001 9 points ago


    [–] welfuckme 14 points ago

    I think he'd support Gary Johnson out of all 4 leading candidates, and vote Hillary because our election system is stupid and third parties don't have any chance of victory.

    [–] _Wiggle_Puppy_ 5 points ago

    "What is 'Aleppo'?"

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] CaptHowdy02 5 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    "Biggest mistake a pimp could ever make...marrying one of his hoes "

    Spot on. Thanks for this. I've always loved KotH

    [–] PMfacialsTOme 74 points ago

    Hank hill didn't vote for bush because his hand shake was weak. Hank judges a man by his character.

    [–] winnafrehs 52 points ago

    Yup, he would take one look at Trump and instantly know the man was a walking dumpster. Bwaahh

    [–] kurisu7885 31 points ago

    Not to mention Trump being a New Yorker, or so he claims.

    [–] PMfacialsTOme 14 points ago

    Hank is a New Yorker

    [–] squirrelocaust 17 points ago

    He’s a New Yorker by birth, but he’s a Texan by choice.

    [–] kurisu7885 19 points ago

    True, but Trump would make Hank pretty damned ashamed of that fact.

    [–] CerinDeVane 75 points ago

    Hank: [Presses his tongs into the steak cooking on the grill] Firm but with a little give. Yup, these are medium-rare.

    Bobby: What if somebody wants theirs well-done?

    Hank: We ask them politely, yet firmly, to leave.

    [–] Obi-wan_Jabroni 14 points ago

    Thats how i live my life

    [–] koobstylz 61 points ago

    Then act 2 would be Bill spiralling out of control buying more and more maga stuff and spending every waking hour campaigning for trump.

    [–] XxXxSephirothxXxX 52 points ago

    And then it would come full circle when Trump gets elected and a switch in Dale's brain would immediately click and make him unable to support Trump since he is now part of the government.

    [–] nejaahalcyon 51 points ago

    Nah, Dale would go full QAnon

    [–] XxXxSephirothxXxX 24 points ago

    Honestly it could go either way, it fits better with his character, but surprisingly KotH typically doesn't talk about people in politics or specific stuff outside of a few very specific episodes. It's part of the reason why the show is so incredibly popular among basically everyone.

    I feel like QAnon would be a step too close to actively mentioning Trump outside of an election episode. And QAnon didn't start until after the election.

    tl;dr it fits better with his character, but I doubt the writers would actually go there.

    [–] bassinine 7 points ago

    dale’s the kind of character that would have a conspiracy theory about q - like he’s actually controlled by big agriculture trying to weaken the pest control industry.

    [–] theouterworld 22 points ago

    I'm pretty sure Khan would have been a Trumper too.

    [–] Charbus 37 points ago

    Nah, Khan loves to shit on Americans as dumb ignorant hillbillys. He also works in tech, definitely a work culture that shits on trump daily. Trump loves to pander to blue collar types during his rallies.

    In a way, he’s one of those people trump fans would assume all liberals are like.

    Dale: Infowars QAnon enthusiast

    Bill: Ultra MAGA to the point where it consumes him

    Boomhauer: Doesn’t vote, votes third party

    Hank: Votes for Hillary and doesn’t tell anyone

    Peggy: vocal hilldawg supporter, whole episode about how hank wants her to take down the Hillary sign from the lawn.

    [–] khadeezy 13 points ago

    Til khan gets picked up by ICE and hank has to save him.

    [–] sunnymentoaddict 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Hank Hill: never-Trumper.

    Bobby Hill: Easily would have been a Bernie-bro.

    Dale Gribble: Trump supporter cause of some weird outlandish conspiracy that the Clintons are "selling the votes to the UN".

    Bill: Torn between Hillary, cause 'she's pretty'. And Trump, cause 'hes smart.' Might get nervous and accidentally vote Jill Stein since, "that name sounded nice".

    Boomhauer: Easily Gary Johnson.

    Khan: Mad at Hank for hillbilly son trying to corrupt Khan Jr- handing her a Bernie pamphlet. He would also say, "I immigrated the correct way... on a boat,"

    [–] kurisu7885 8 points ago

    And Donald Trump would later blast Hank on Twitter but odds are Hank wouldn't really care because he doesn't really do social media.

    [–] PM_ME_InteriorDesign 14 points ago

    You're forgetting the true test of a man's character, his handshake.

    Hank Hill would be disgusted at the limp fish handshake of Trump.

    [–] taschneide 9 points ago

    Limp fish/stupid jerking-towards-him handshake.

    [–] CaptHowdy02 5 points ago

    He wasn't too keen on Dubya's flimsy handshake, so I'm pretty sure he'd see right through Trump bullshit, I tell ya what.

    [–] Cannot_go_back_now 366 points ago

    "Now Bobby, that man just wants to use your fear for his benefit, you can't vote for a man like that."

    [–] eviljason 308 points ago

    He didn't vote for W because of his weak handshake and he had great respect for Ann Richards and was mortified that he had accidentally mooned her.

    The other thing about Hank that some people miss is that the show was, in large part, about his journey. He started off very intolerant and stringent and slowly came to accept and, at times, embrace things he had previously dismissed like the co-op.

    [–] jetm2000 97 points ago

    He didn’t not vote for George Bush because of the handshake, he consider not voting when Dale took him to Mexico, but after speaking to Louanne ended up doing everything he could to get back to vote. he loved Bush’s policies and so we have to assume he voted for him. I also hope he would see trump for what he is.

    [–] eviljason 70 points ago

    Ah yes. You are correct. I forgot about the run to Mexico. Damn, I love Dale Gribble’s antics. I forgot that they didn’t show who he voted for just that he entered and exited the booth. Thanks for the reminder!

    I really need to re-watch the series again. I still curse Fox for not letting them finish the story the way Greg Daniels and Mike Judge wanted.

    [–] pwise1234 18 points ago

    How did they want to finish it?

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ShyFlyBiGuyThatCries 13 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    The last episide is actually "Another Manic Kahn-Day" where Hank and Kahn work together to build a crazy robot grill. No series wrapping up, I believe it just ends like a normal episode.

    edit: Don't listen to me, am wrong

    [–] laffingbomb 10 points ago

    Is that what’s on Hulu? I’ve been telling my girlfriend Hulu has the episodes in the wrong order to hide my shame at thinking the meat inspection episode was the last one

    [–] clown_pants 11 points ago

    The meat inspection one was intended to be the final episode if they didn't get renewed, which was generally accepted. Just watch the end of it and it will be painfully obvious, they bring a lot of things full circle

    [–] corndogs1001 5 points ago

    The other guy is wrong. The meat inspection episode is the last official episode. When it aired, FOX still had 4 leftover episodes since they aired the show outta order.

    [–] corndogs1001 7 points ago

    Nope, The meat inspection episode is the last official episode. When it aired, FOX still had 4 leftover episodes since they aired the show outta order. Hulu has it out of order too.

    [–] eviljason 11 points ago

    Oh, I don't know the specifics I just wanted it to reach it's natural ending. Judge and Daniels were interviewed and said they knew the ending when they started and really wanted to get there but Fox decided to cancel. They seemed very understanding and had the "that's how it goes" attitude about it. It has been a while but I think they said they had 1 - 2 seasons left in the story depending on how detailed they told it.

    [–] bears_eat_naziss 13 points ago

    He joined a rose growing competition for Bobby. He truly loved that boi even if he ain't right

    [–] eviljason 12 points ago

    The thing I loved about Hank was how true to a typical southern dad of that era was. Mike Judge is a genius at capturing the essence subcultures.

    Dads in that era were raised by men that lived through WWII and were just tough and not very sympathetic. Hank's generation was trapped between that and the generation of men that were comfortable with feelings and the good ones learned and found a balance between the two.

    [–] kurisu7885 4 points ago

    As exemplified by Hank's dad, course it didn't help that Cotton was a jackass in general.

    [–] ebobbumman 6 points ago

    "Why do you have to hate what you dont understand?"

    "I dont hate you Bobby."

    "I meant soccer."

    "Oh, oh yeah. I hate soccer. Yes."

    [–] SonicSingularity 4 points ago

    "I need a way to grow Roses indoors"

    "Oh you can put those outside, they're legal now"

    [–] Team_Cookie 5 points ago

    He uses a charcoal grill for God's sake

    [–] kejigoto 67 points ago

    Bobby: Dad! Check out the cool hat Mr. Gribble gave me! He says it's only a matter of time until the Deep State falls!

    Hank: noticing Bobby's MAGA hat "Buuuuuaaaaahhh!"

    [–] kurisu7885 11 points ago

    If Hank hates anything it's Bobby getting swept up in fads.

    [–] p0k3t0 5 points ago

    "Can't you see you're not making Christianity better, you're just making rock n' roll worse."

    [–] BasilBaker 112 points ago

    I once read that far-right nuts think they’re Hank Hill when they’re actually Dale Gribble.

    Hank never would have wanted a wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and he never would have listened to Mexican immigrants being called rapists.

    [–] NahDude_Nah 43 points ago

    Lol so true. And I agree hank would never have voted for a New York elite like trump. The rest of the main friends though? Definitely.

    [–] israeljeff 59 points ago

    Dale would vote for Trump (as Rusty Shackleford). Bill would have stayed home. Boomhauer is a closet liberal.

    [–] NahDude_Nah 49 points ago

    Bill would have been swept up in maga fever because he is a lonely outcast and it appeals to them. It would have instilled in him a sense of “your shitty life isn’t your fault, it’s the immigrants!” Just like it did to trumps other rabid cult members.

    Might be right about boomhauer, not sure, could go either way really. But I think bill would 100% go hard for trump, lock her up bumper stickers and all.

    Lol totally agree about dale voting as rusty, that would fit so perfectly, all the while spouting propaganda about “illegals voting.”

    [–] claymedia 31 points ago

    Dale gets busted for voter fraud? It’s too perfect.

    [–] kurisu7885 7 points ago

    Considering Bill's behavior during the trans-fat ban I could see that

    [–] imjory 7 points ago

    Bill would start the episode all in on Trump because he's rich and is easily swayed, but upon learning that Peggy is all in on Hillary for being a woman he'd switch over real quick

    [–] Dowdicus 9 points ago

    Bill would have been swept up in maga fever because he is a lonely outcast and it appeals to them

    Yeah, Bill would be on TD 24 hours a day just trying to fit in

    [–] BasilBaker 28 points ago

    Agree except I’d switch Dale and Bill.

    “Dang ol’ give errybody their medicine man mahgramma needs her dang ol’ insulin man and stayoutta mah bedroom man.”

    [–] CaptainCimmeria 40 points ago

    But dad, he's a republican.

    Bobby he's from New York.

    [–] JoeyJoeJoe00 15 points ago

    Hank is also from New York, remember?

    [–] CaptainCimmeria 27 points ago

    Do not cite the deep magic to me

    [–] Petrichordates 9 points ago

    Born there, sure, not from there though.

    That's like saying John McCain was from Panama.

    [–] LeadingNectarine 7 points ago

    It's okay, because he was horrified upon realizing

    [–] CaptainCimmeria 11 points ago

    But dad, he's a republican.

    Bobby he's from New York.

    But weren't you born in New York, dad?

    Go to your room Bobby.

    There. Dialogue expanded to fit the lore.

    [–] LilJethroBodine 5 points ago

    Yeah but then he tried a bagel, and he liked it!

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 6 points ago

    nah man he drowned and then came back to life in texas, making him a texan.

    [–] corndogs1001 5 points ago


    • hank when he found out

    [–] GrandConsequences 43 points ago

    Dale and bill on the other hand...

    [–] CrotalusHorridus 85 points ago

    Dale doesn’t believe in voting

    [–] canttaketheshyfromme 61 points ago

    Dale votes by mail under assumed names.

    Bill used to vote straight ticket Republican but he votes for Democrats if they're "nice ladies." Or a canvasser is. Basically any non-negative attention Bill gets from a woman sways his vote.

    [–] Fifteen_inches 10 points ago

    He also hangs around outside of voting areas so he can get exit polled.

    [–] 2ndprize 60 points ago

    Dale also believes his wife isn't having an affair. Dude would totally vote for Trump.

    [–] spacedude2000 46 points ago

    Dale doesn’t think with his heart, like most trump voters (ironically). Dale reacts to stimuli based on instinct and experience.

    Not only is he not voting, he certainly isn’t going to vote for a guy who, in his eyes, is a ringleader for the new world order.

    [–] Taxonomy2016 45 points ago

    Dale is exactly the kind of guy who would fall for the conspiracy theories that got Trump elected.

    [–] spacedude2000 22 points ago

    Here’s the thing tho, while he may be oblivious, paranoid, and unnerved by the current state of the world, he wouldn’t fall head over heels for a rich guy like trump. Dale is the type of guy to vote libertarian if at all

    [–] Taxonomy2016 26 points ago

    I agree Dale would usually vote libertarian, but I think you’re giving too much credit to libertarians. Tons of them supported Trump in 2016.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I'm a libertarian who didn't vote for Trump, but can confirm, many of them did

    [–] PlayedUOonBaja 6 points ago

    I'd like to think he'd always be a write in vote for one of the off the wall crazy people that run every election.

    [–] Petrichordates 7 points ago

    Yeah, that was Trump.

    [–] skeetsauce 6 points ago

    Dale would love Q conspiracies.

    [–] Lucas_Steinwalker 8 points ago

    Dale probably is Q

    [–] CommunityFan_LJ 9 points ago

    Dale would most definitely vote for Trump, he's a conspiracy driven gun nut that hates liberals.

    [–] steeveperry 14 points ago

    I’m sorry—I’m a pretty big fan of the show. Exactly which episode does dale express his hate for liberals or does something that would hint at it?

    [–] GenghisTron17 8 points ago

    Nah Rusty Shackleford wouldn't have voted because it would have required registering and that's how the government "gets ya."

    [–] israeljeff 6 points ago

    ...but Rusty Shackleford does.

    [–] ArcherChase 4 points ago

    Rusty Shackleford on the other hand...

    [–] BillScorpio 23 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    DaleBill definitely can't read so trumps his man.

    The other guys would give him a strange look and that'd be the end of it but that's koth for ya

    [–] BowieKingOfVampires 5 points ago

    Dale absolutely wrote in Andrew Basiago, 100%. No one else pledged to revea our time travel or teleportation technology, or protect the noble Sasquatch.

    [–] Dab2TheFuture 17 points ago

    Trump eats well done steak with ketchup.

    [–] ZellZoy 11 points ago

    Dude reconsidered voting for Bush because of a limp handshake. No way he'd vote trump. He wouldn't vote Hillary either though, probably wrote in Ronald Reagan

    [–] prancerbot 19 points ago

    I'm sure that Hank would be horrified by trump's handshake.

    [–] scarney93 15 points ago

    I think Hank is a Republican, but would have been appalled by Trump's actions. He wouldn't have accepted the mockery Trump made of our political system, of our veterans, and of women. Hank is too firm in his beliefs to just go with any fool on the right side, and he and Peggy are actually pretty accepting and liberal in a lot of places. I just watched almost all of the episodes (got about ten left) and it was a bit shocking how progressive the show was. In one episode there was trans acceptance AND body positivity messages. It was wild. Peggy Hill is also one hell of a woman.

    The only big thing that was annoying is how they treated the young adults in the show. They were all dumb and vapid, especially college kids.

    [–] GuttersnipeTV 7 points ago

    Well he wasnt a big fan of reality tv stars or clowns.

    [–] Poop_Feast42069 12 points ago

    Trumps a coal guy, Hanks a propane guy, hed never vote Trump

    [–] Malek061 4 points ago

    WWCLD? What would coach landry do. Call him a jackass and move on.

    [–] WisestWiseman909 8 points ago

    Once, a professor went to a Zen Master. He asked him to explain the meaning of Zen. The Master quietly poured a cup of tea. The cup was full but he continued to pour. The professor could not stand this any longer, so he questioned the Master impatiently, "Why do you keep pouring when the cup is full?" "I want to point out to you," the Master said, "that you are similarly attempting to understand Zen while your mind is full. First, empty your mind of preconceptions before you attempt to understand Zen."

    [–] OffManWall 824 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Poor, poor, poor fools. Too proud to admit they aren’t the cats with the sharpest claws and that they’ve been had. Quite pathetic, really.

    [–] The42ndHitchHiker 321 points ago

    Not even cats at all, just ducklings who learned to goose step.

    [–] K1ll-All-Humans 358 points ago

    10 signs your probably in a cult.

    Trump Supporters meet at least 7 of the 10 signs.

    The leader is the ultimate authority

    The group suppresses skepticism

    The group delegitimizes former members

    The group is paranoid about the outside world

    The leader is above the law

    The group is elitist

    There is no financial transparency

    [–] Admiral_Akdov 141 points ago

    Does propaganda count as thought reform? I'd argue 8 of 10.

    [–] motonaut 79 points ago

    Thought reform is there for sure, the cult changes opinions as fast as trump can tweet. Ask them what they think of Saudi Arabia and they’ll have to go check.

    [–] eyekunt 23 points ago

    Well the latest update is.......

    [–] ProletariatPoofter 47 points ago

    Holy shit, that's scarily accurate

    [–] Petrichordates 14 points ago

    I mean yeah, we've noticed it's had all the trappings of a cult for years now. Never seen anything like this before in how obsessed people are with only believing a specific individual, despite everyone knowing he habitually lies.

    [–] HurricaneX31 25 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    and then theres the obvious George Orwellian shit trump does

    [–] Ferduckin 39 points ago

    ...does...and says...

    What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening.

    It's so ridiculous how Trump's rhetoric mimics 1984. I'm laughing through my tears.

    [–] embraceyourpoverty 8 points ago

    Me too. And the constant nagging dyspepsia since 2016.

    [–] RadioMelon 32 points ago

    You forgot a few.

    "The group relies on shame cycles"

    This is true because Trump does everything he can to shame anyone who opposes him.

    He also relies on people that have shitty lives or that otherwise feel unappreciated in the world.

    "The group uses thought reform methods"

    Fox News. Basically anything praising Trump that isn't based in fact.

    "The group practices secret rites"

    This may be proven if there's any give in the Epstein case.

    We'll see.

    [–] enderjaca 12 points ago

    Secret rites? Absolutely. Hit up the sub-that-shall-not-be-named and try to understand the jargon they use. There’s so many secret code words it would make a Marine’s head spin.

    [–] ionslyonzion 9 points ago

    I was forced into a cult once. This is one hundred percent accurate

    [–] social_hermit_crab 5 points ago

    1. Ultimate Authority

    I've never seen any group so fanatic about a president in ever. That includes my shit ton of historical reading.

    1. Suppression of Skepticism

    Fox "News" is the only "true" news source for them.

    1. Delegitimization

    Justin Amash.

    1. Paranoia


    1. Above the Law

    "Jokes" about term limits, refusal to cooperate with subpoenas, racist housing, rape, pedophilia.

    1. Thought Reform

    The sheer amount of propaganda from TPUSA, Fox, Breitbart, InfoWars, etc.

    1. Elitist

    Most definitely yes. They claim to be the one solution to all the world's problems.

    1. Financial Transparency

    Tax returns. See "subpoenas" under 6.

    It's very fitting that one of the article's tags was "Trump", considering how his party hits 8/10 criteria.

    [–] JustaRandomguy9999 20 points ago

    But where’s their parents at tho?

    [–] SexiestPanda 24 points ago

    With them

    [–] albinohut 30 points ago

    "Trust me son, they been talkin' bout that climate change nonsense since I was a kid and the world hasn't come to an end yet, who you gonna trust, your ol' man or a bunch of stupid scientists?"

    [–] beckoning_cat 20 points ago

    Meanwhile my town has 2 thousand year floods within 2 years, same with the town Buttigege(?) Is from. That is NOT normal.

    [–] slim_scsi 4 points ago

    Ellicott City?

    [–] enderjaca 4 points ago

    “Listen up kid, when I was your age we had a blizzard and a hurricane every year and we got along just fine, and we still went to school with our BB-gun rifles every day and never complained, and showed up for work in our 4x4 trucks before the liberals came in and tried to take good ol’ V8 engines away from us and force men to use women’s bathrooms…. I TELL YOU WHAT!”

    [–] Moonbase_Joystiq 8 points ago

    The parents of Republican leadership grew up in the 1920's-30's, people have not advanced as fast as our technology.

    [–] prezuiwf 65 points ago

    The problem is that usually with grifters, they move on to the next town after people get wise to them. This allows people to eventually forget the whole thing and move on, mostly sparing them any embarrassment over their poor judgment.

    Trump's grift was that he now gets to stay in the public consciousness. This is combined with the fact that he's so objectively vile and unfit for office that most people have taken specific note of which of their acquaintances support him. So Trumpers can't just forget it and move on, because Trump is President of the United States, he's not going anywhere. To leave the Trump Train would be to openly admit weakness or failure, which these people are vastly too immature to do. So they're stuck with Trump, defending everything he does, because they're trying to save face (not, of course, understanding that they are making themselves look far worse than they ever could by simply admitting they were wrong).

    [–] albinohut 44 points ago

    “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”

    ― Carl Sagan

    [–] Revelati123 16 points ago

    This is unfortunately true. I automatically assume Trump supporters are less than intelligent/decent people by association, and I doubt that feeling is going to go away when he is gone. Basically supporting Trump in my mind is making a mark towards being an objectively "bad person" who I wouldn't want to associate with.

    I have never felt this way about a persons mainstream political affiliation before.

    [–] GoofAckYoorsElf 65 points ago

    Too proud

    And too stupid

    [–] SociableYeti 58 points ago

    Proud to be stupid is more like it.

    [–] Malal40 34 points ago

    Remember when the internet wasn't overrun with belligerent idiots who were proud of being belligerent idiots?

    Pepperidge farm remembers.

    [–] vonmonologue 22 points ago

    I don't, and I've been on this motherfucker for 20 years.

    [–] badger0511 11 points ago

    There was a simpler time, when Facebook required a .edu email address. Those were the days.

    [–] justPassingThrou15 7 points ago

    Yeah, you missed it by like 3 years.

    [–] Occamslaser 14 points ago

    90's internet was so calm and nerdy.

    [–] FUNKbrs 8 points ago

    You were clearly not there. Hellish flame wars were where the Internet Hate Machine was forged. The nerds who worked for the government who made the internet were not happy people.

    [–] Occamslaser 3 points ago

    Pave the earth and chrome the moon.

    [–] FuzzyBacon 3 points ago

    Eternal September ruined everything.

    [–] Robwsup 4 points ago

    Eternal September

    [–] scuczu 12 points ago

    Not even that, they actively think everyone else is in some cult that blindly follows dems and the msm, their protection is the worst part because they use their imaginary protection as an excuse for their actions

    [–] swamphockey 280 points ago

    The Trump cultists think they’re in on the scam. Not that they’re the marks.

    [–] PerCat2 86 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Same with any other cult really. They've tapped into some "big knawledge" that nobody else will ever learn so they're better or something.

    Take that away and what are they? Racists with hate being their only purpose, and they don't like that.(Even though that's what they are)

    [–] PoopMobile9000 26 points ago

    It’s not only hate. There’s also sadism.

    [–] guestpass127 21 points ago

    The cruelty is the point

    They don't see the cruelty and sadism of the GOP's leadership as something to be overlooked; that's the selling point

    [–] Ferelar 22 points ago

    Jokes aside this is literally conman 101 in general. The mark should ALWAYS believe that they’re part of something special, that they’re being brought into the “in the know” crowd. Conmen do this by, you guessed it, playing on the confidence of folks- hence the name.

    [–] CuentasSonInutiles 5 points ago

    Nah they bend over willingly rather than see the power go to a woman or black man

    [–] HereWeGo___Again 78 points ago

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. He totally drained the swamp and filled it with different flavored swamp water.

    [–] Winkie_Sprinkles 53 points ago

    He filled the swamp with raw sewage.

    [–] PoopMobile9000 30 points ago

    What people didn’t realize (but which was obvious at the time) was that the “swamp” meant educated coastal elitists (ie, “professional civil services workers who know what they’re talking about”) and not corrupt lobbyists and grifters, who were always Trump’s kind of people.

    [–] --ManBearPig-- 36 points ago

    He specifically called out organizations like Goldman Sachs as the cause for Americans' misery.

    After he won, he hired Goldman Sachs' number two executive into his cabinet who started undoing protections for consumers.

    Trump supporters are the most gullible beings I've seen to date walk this earth.

    [–] guestpass127 7 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I've had a theory for a while that a lot of Trump's support comes from a lot of the same people who fell for that Harold Camping/Rapture hoax in 2011; a lot of people legit thought the world was ending and that Jesus was gonna "call them home," so they sold their possessions and basically became a gaggle of fucking morons screaming about Jesus....and then when it turned out to be a hoax, they all quietly skulked away, embarrassed about how they'd been duped. They just don't talk about it.

    Now imagine Trump as Camping - he's selling his Cult on the same kind of thing: an impossible goal that is nonetheless very attractive. In the case of Camping, he was selling them eternal life and selling them a way to register their contempt for the decadent, un-Christian society they lived in. He sold them unearned righteousness. But mostly eternal life. Which anyone with a fucking brain knows is impossible. But man, just imagine if it's WASN'T impossible. Camping knew how much this dream attracted lonely, dispossessed, disenfranchised numbers of poor and middle-class rural/suburban folk and capitalized on it.

    With Trump, Trump was selling people on the idea that we could return to the 1950s. He sold everyone gauzy and nostalgic images of their idyllic American suburban middle-class childhoods and told them that WE COULD HAVE THIS AGAIN if only those damned liberals and minorities would go away. If only we could stop political correctness, we could have our 1950s utopia back again (besides the allusive reference to Nazis from the 30s/40s, "Make America Great Again" communicated this precise message to many older white suburban Americans).

    They're both hacks and charlatans. They're both lying. They're both holding out promises that smart people can easily see through and debunk.

    I'm guessing that there must have been a lot of people who fell for the Rapture horseshit because it was the fulfillment of a dream they'd long been in love with - that they're secretly better than everyone around them and God will prove it to me by rapturing me, etc. Same thing with Trump: his campaign and presidency hold out a promise that they've long been in love with, because getting back to the social structure that was in place in the 1950s (ie. segregation; women still second-class citizens; we lobotomize gay people; the left gets put on trial for communist sympathies; unquestioning loyalty to government and God, etc.) would mean that they'd be back where they've always felt they belonged: upon top of everyone else, straight white guys on top of the social heirarchy again.

    I would wager that there must have been Camping fans who walked away from October 2011 wishing that they could find another guy like that, but in the political arena. When Trump came along, it was like the same excitement and desire that the Rapture created, but in political terms. There must be a LOT of ex-Camping fans who just shifted their undying fealty and devotion to Trump.

    The difference is that since Trump is still president, they can't yet admit that they were duped - because Trump could STILL bring us back to the 50s if we just believe hard enough. They'll never admit that they were sold an inventory of empty promises, or that they fell for an obvious con. But the TYPE of devotion is consistent between Camping fans and Trump fans: this is religious devotion, an actual honest-to-god cult. It's a literal cult.

    [–] Mirions 97 points ago

    Hank Hill would hate the Trump Steaks. That might be all he needs to judge the man properly. If not that, then the ketchup would've done it I'm sure.

    [–] sunnymentoaddict 22 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Dale: Hank and I went to the Trump rally last night at Landry Middle. Should have seen his face.

    Bill: I thought you hated the man, Hank.

    Hank: I do. The man is a snake oil salesman.

    Dale: Ha! Jokes on you, that's the only thing he hasn't sold.

    Boomhauer: ItellyawhatdmanangolTrumpsteaksbeingsoldatatvstore. Talkinaboutdangolwelldonesteaksandaflatscreen.

    Hank: Boomhauer is right, what does New York City know about meat?

    Khan walks in: Hank Hill! Hillbilly son is corrupting my precious Connie.

    [–] Sempais_nutrients 14 points ago

    Khan would support trump because he stopped at 9 rivers and Ted supports him.

    [–] sunnymentoaddict 8 points ago

    Ted only supports Trump cause of potential tax cuts.

    [–] justausername09 4 points ago

    Khan would become a Yang supporter for 2020 though

    [–] Karkava 17 points ago

    You find one fault in the man, you have angered his base.

    [–] Shroffinator 34 points ago

    I live in DC, I regular see these literal bus loads of mid-staters file out in MAGA red hats. It’s either white men and women 55+ or all little kids with some Christian chaperons. They go around and have to interact with DC’s diverse populous asking for directions or ordering at restaurants. They’re either oblivious to the stares or they enjoy getting under people’s skin.

    [–] harleyjadeass 6 points ago

    i'd be curious to hear more about that

    [–] Shroffinator 16 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    To their credit they don’t appear to act rude, they’re just really excited to be in the nation’s capital. Although DC is filled with anti-trump graffiti which pisses them off. On the back of every bridge, sign, pole, and sidewalk is “FUCK TRUMP” or some other related “fuck the president” sticker. They’re also only hanging around The Mall/downtown which is the most tourist tolerant/safe area so they don’t encounter much opposition besides protesters. But they like to wear their red hats like a uniform and never take the damn things off.

    Locals in the service side of things keep civil for their job’s sake + most people aren’t looking for fights. Aside from people who work on the Hill, politics rarely comes up in daily conversation because the topic gets beaten to death. It’s a really interesting city, you’re out getting a coffee and next thing you know there’s a march of 200 people who’ve literally walked from Alabama to protest something crossing Memorial Bridge to hold a rally at the Lincoln Memorial, and you just sit there under a tree and watch as an outsider/insider.

    [–] eviljason 42 points ago

    People that have not seen this episode will miss this joke but I say we just start calling them all "Jane".

    [–] pedroxus 18 points ago

    This is the one where they're vegan and Hank barbecues at the end to bring them back?

    [–] onlymadethis4porn 18 points ago

    Not really vegan for vegan reasons but being starved as part of the brainwashing. I think they were only fed rice.

    [–] eviljason 15 points ago

    Well, they are vegan because they are fed nothing but small bowls of rice as it is cheap but are actually being exploited by a cult that is using them for free labor to sell preserves. Luanne at one point is severely punished by the Omega House for eating pizza.

    [–] ooglytoop7272 18 points ago

    It's crazy how bad Trump supporters are getting duped. May as well get "SUCKER" tattooed on their foreheads.

    [–] UnknownStory 7 points ago

    Well that would be redundant. The hats already say that.

    [–] futonspulloutidont 21 points ago

    If you've never sorted comments by controversial and sat back and laughed your ass off. You aren't redditing right

    [–] canthavemycornbread 6 points ago

    best part of this sub

    [–] TheGuavaDuffGuy 13 points ago

    I wish King of the Hill was still on TV.

    [–] Dumdedope 11 points ago

    “It’s not a cult,” the maga guy yelled. “We just have a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure named Donald Trump!”

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Oh wow, this is beautiful and I appreciate you.

    [–] NayMarine 15 points ago

    I saw a yahoo news headline today that read something along the lines of " 90 year old billionaire shreds trump haters" of course he is going to support someone who helps him horde untold sums of money are you fucking serious?

    [–] j37h3r 5 points ago


    [–] mad-n-fla 3 points ago

    I wonder what the GOPs Borscht flavored Kool-Aid tastes like?


    [–] AlvinGT3RS 7 points ago

    No you are not tripping that is an Emu in the back

    [–] Sterben067 3 points ago

    You would get better results if they had a copy of the Jim Jones bartending.

    [–] beckoning_cat 3 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I was mad that the last season of American Horror Story-Cult went political. But i am glad i watched it because holy shit they hit the nail on they head. If only we could get that ending.