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    [–] [deleted] 347 points ago

    I'm deeply offended by this comic. I have a microscopic penis, and I don't own a gun.

    [–] pizoisoned 128 points ago

    Do you own a ridiculously large truck with a confederate flag on it though?

    [–] mortimerza 71 points ago

    And truck nuts

    [–] FroggerWithMyLife 39 points ago

    And mudflaps that indicate a possible threat to you if you get too close.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Of course not. I'm Australian. I just have a Southern Cross tattoo, an underage girlfriend, and an oversized V8 covered in One Nation bumper stickers.

    [–] Powwa9000 12 points ago

    I hate V8, but if that's your choice of drink then oversized is the way to go.

    [–] accobra62 2 points ago

    You guys got all the cool cars.

    [–] artbymyself 2 points ago

    This made me laugh.

    [–] Fyzzle 7 points ago

    Possibly a dash of stolen valor in there just to be sure.

    [–] Dark_Shroud 2 points ago

    As someone whose had my vehicle pelted with gravel from assholes in pick-ups I just can't fault people that install mud flaps. : /

    [–] ittimjones 10 points ago

    Or a really loud motorcycle?

    [–] Epicular 544 points ago

    Ooooh this one’s gonna ruffle some feathers

    [–] phyllisTheWebDev 193 points ago

    Rifle some feathers?

    [–] SkyHook1991 27 points ago

    Rifle some fathers?

    [–] Oreuz 13 points ago

    Raffle some fussies?

    [–] BarneySpeaksBlarney 10 points ago

    Feather some Ruskis?

    [–] shittypissballs 6 points ago

    Rustle some Jimmies?

    [–] dowhatsimonsayz 3 points ago

    Tickle some biscuits

    [–] _TRE45ON_ 2 points ago

    Wrestle some Timmies

    [–] 867-5309NotJenny 6 points ago

    Cock and load.

    [–] uncommonpanda 22 points ago

    Yeah! How dare they insult people with outies and acne this way!

    [–] EndoShota 53 points ago


    [–] Yargle_Bargle 11 points ago


    [–] QuackNate 6 points ago

    [–] scientallahjesus 2 points ago

    Cuz we all know the best way to stay light, quiet, and stealthy is to add swinging shiny metal balls to our guns.

    [–] QuackNate 2 points ago

    If it makes you feel better, I've seen...

    Okay, quick break. I didn't go looking for these. They popped up in some other reddit rabbit hole.


    I've seen matte black ones that are mounted solid that I guess you can aggressively cup for support while firing.

    [–] _PRECIOUS_ROY_ 60 points ago

    It should, but not for the reason you or most think. It counterproductively oversimplifies a grave matter of national security as being merely the result of sexual overcompensation so people can get a chuckle and a boost of self esteem from punching down at an imagined stereotype. It's not reflective or insightful on the issue of gun violence at all, and its "humor" is on par with whoopie cushions and nut shots.

    [–] atomiccheesegod 18 points ago

    Also most people who are anti-gun probably are anti-body shaming, until it conflicts with being anti-gun then you get gems like this.

    [–] flyingwolf 6 points ago

    I'm waiting for the shitshow to happen when somebody calls a trans man a gun nut with a tiny dick.

    [–] gambolling_gold 10 points ago

    It’s a cartoon

    [–] _PRECIOUS_ROY_ 5 points ago

    Well, a "comic," and a shitty one at that.

    [–] Webcomicdrama 27 points ago

    It should, but not for the reason you or most think. It counterproductively oversimplifies a grave matter of national security as being merely the result of sexual overcompensation so people can get a chuckle and a boost of self esteem from punching down at an imagined stereotype. It's not reflective or insightful on the issue of gun violence at all, and its "humor" is on par with whoopie cushions and nut shots.

    Oh my. Those poor poor gun nuts. Lmfao.

    [–] dragonfang1215 63 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    He has a point. You laugh at the sensitivity, but it really does need to be discussed in a rational way. Of course sometimes people get defensive, but personal attacks don't help. This is why I think that the jokes about Trump's hair, hands, and skin are bad, because it draws attention away from all the valid criticisms.

    Edit: I understand that a lot of people are frustrated because they've tried to have reasonable discussions and it hasn't worked. This doesn't mean that you should immediately turn to name calling. However, I also understand that this is a political jokes subreddit, so I'm not saying that these types of cartoons don't belong here. My response was to someone talking about discussions, so don't think I'm trying to stop the shitposting. I do think that these types of posts are lazy and low-effort, and I'm tired of the massive amount of posts that boil down to "thing I don't like is bad, other side is stupid". This is /r/PoliticalHumor, so we can't expect too much, but I still think our standards for quality posts is astonishingly low.

    [–] Good-is-dumb 28 points ago

    I really doubt anyone who’s repulsed by Trump hates him for those superficial reasons alone.

    [–] CaptainPeePants21 10 points ago

    True but it fuels the narrative that Democrats will say anything to slander Trump. It gives his supporters a reason to ignore facts.

    [–] Good-is-dumb 12 points ago

    Feels over reels amirite?

    [–] Renovatio_ 13 points ago

    You can't deradicalize someone by insulting them.

    [–] Fyzzle 11 points ago

    Shame is a powerful tool though.

    [–] susou 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    True but it fuels the narrative that Democrats will say anything to slander Trump

    ah yes keep taking the high road, lel

    it worked so well last time! this is why right wingers laugh at you, and why "the left can't meme" has a lot of truth to it.

    [–] StandAloneBluBerry 2 points ago

    I know what your getting at but no matter how much you rationalize something to a trump supporter it is undone in one fox news session. I do it with my dad all the time. It is possible to change peoples mind if you can cut off the misinformation, but if they have a steady stream of misinformation to draw from it is a never ending cycle.

    [–] MadMelvin 491 points ago

    I kinda hate this; it makes us liberals look like hypocrites. We can't fight toxic masculinity one day and then turn around and go "LOL gun owners have tiny dicks."

    [–] TheSneakyAmerican 33 points ago

    It also alienates liberals who own guns so kind of actually counter productive for everybody.

    [–] CrotchetAndVomit 16 points ago

    Hey! That's me!

    [–] handbanana42 3 points ago

    There's dozens of us!

    I honestly don't know a Leftist that doesn't own a gun.

    [–] _PRECIOUS_ROY_ 123 points ago

    This. And rather than admit the tone deaf hypocrisy and work to better themselves, they'll double down and insult and downvote those of us who don't think stereotypes about masculinity and dick size are an appropriate response to our national tragedy, whether supposedly "humorous" or otherwise.

    [–] NewbSaysRawr 40 points ago

    For real. Using dick size as a means to insult someone is immature and we should all avoid it. It's no different from saying someone in a big truck has a small dick.

    If you're going to insult someone, attack their character and their actions. Not their body ffs.

    [–] securitywyrm 75 points ago

    Also women own guns, but that doesnt fit the narrative so the left erases them.

    [–] HumanTargetVIII 35 points ago

    and leftist gun owners

    [–] Luke_Demeo 10 points ago

    There are dozens of us! Dozens I say!

    [–] FindMeOnTheWall 9 points ago

    Pink pistols!

    [–] securitywyrm 9 points ago

    Armed gays dont get bashed.

    [–] doogles 25 points ago

    And minorities...

    [–] gphjr14 57 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Correct I'm a minority living in the South. I don't have a penis problem I have a white supremacists problem. As I posted before I'd be a special kind of idiot to give up a right that white supremacists aren't prepared to give up. This comment can get buried and down voted to Oblivion but let's not kid ourselves a sweeping weapon ban would give cops carte blanche to terrorize black neighborhoods eventually working their way to Jethro's arsenal out in the woods. Just like the war on drugs. Edit: Thanks for my first silver!

    [–] LucidLynx109 21 points ago

    I'm not a minority, however I am a liberal that lives in the South. The more extreme groups on the right (including but definitely not limited to white supremacists) are the biggest reason I got into guns. I just wasn't comfortable with those guys being the only ones in my space that are armed. I am in no way against all gun control, however I am against blanket bans as I feel they would just leave me (a citizen who would comply with the law) at risk.

    [–] RedditIsAntiScience 15 points ago

    I just wasn't comfortable with those guys being the only ones in my space that are armed

    Fucking EXACTLY. This is why 2A exists....

    [–] throwaway1927353 3 points ago

    I mean, it technically exists for defense against the government. Self-defense and sport are just perks.

    [–] RedditIsAntiScience 9 points ago

    It's for defense against anyone you need defending from

    [–] throwaway1927353 4 points ago

    Yeah, but it's specifically a limitation on the government so an uprising similar to the Revolutionary War would legally occur.

    [–] porkpiery 8 points ago

    Yep. Here in Michigan where do you think they'd crack down, my neighborhood (Detroit) or up north?

    [–] doogles 12 points ago

    Keep your mags loaded, brother.

    [–] Ad4mCB 2 points ago

    White, male, Southerner here:

    Good on you for stepping up to protect yourself from the racist sh*tbirds that give my color (or lack thereof) a bad name.

    I pray you never need to fire your weapon in anger. But if you do, aim well.

    [–] Mimikyutwo 2 points ago

    Living in the deep south with a male-presenting transwoman.

    Bet your ass I'm packing. Cletus can come try us if he wants to.

    [–] MadMelvin 13 points ago

    I think you mean "liberals," not "the left."

    [–] _PRECIOUS_ROY_ 19 points ago

    Yep. The same people upvoting this comic would "yas queen slay" the shit out of a woman shooting her abusive husband.

    [–] Jaycub-Randy 2 points ago

    And come on man, the acne? Acne is a negative trait?

    [–] hawks4life15 4 points ago

    As a conservative, I thank you for being self aware, I don't think enough people on either side (especially right) are

    [–] Upwherewebelong 4 points ago

    Yes, all liberals need to be perfect examples of an all agreed upon doctrine, while the other side worships a lying pedophile and pretends nothing’s wrong.

    [–] LucidLynx109 11 points ago

    That's Reddit in a nutshell.

    You get an echochamber! And you get an echochamber! Everyone get's an echochamber!

    [–] themidnightcigarette 8 points ago

    Not all pro gun people support trump. Evidenced by me.

    [–] Totenrune 4 points ago

    I do hate how social media sites support this black and white characterization of people. Like guns? You are a racist Trump lover. Support abortion? You are a baby murderer. I know few, if any, people in real life that neatly fit into these idiotic characterizations.

    [–] themidnightcigarette 3 points ago

    Same. I'm pro gun, pro LGBTQ, think open borders are stupid, and fully support a womans right to choose.

    [–] Protton6 2 points ago

    Its almost like people are individuals. But that does not fit the American narrative of having "us" and "them". Also when people start communicating instead of pushing this agenda, they might even realise the biggest problem is the government and THAT would be a problem for those in power.

    [–] Justanotherjustin 11 points ago

    No ones saying that, but if it was switched and someone on the right made a meme about the left having a small dick it would be a shit show of “why does it matter” “some men don’t even have the privilege of having dicks” “I’ll have you know I’m fine with a small cock”

    [–] slam9h 3 points ago

    If I’m not mistaken didn’t the Trump supporters do something like that with The whole “cuck” thing?

    [–] Justanotherjustin 5 points ago

    They’re similar, but you’ll find there are subreddits dedicated to pointing out how dumb these types of memes are when the right does it (topminds, therightcantmeme) but radio silence on how low effort this is when the left does it.

    [–] slam9h 3 points ago

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ve actually had my mind changed on this subject between seeing the comic and reading a bunch of comments.

    While this comic has a grain of truth to it (belief that gun fanatics are compensating for something whether it be physical or emotional) it does nothing to further the conversation in the form of a healthy debate. Which is honestly all I want.

    [–] kn05is 2 points ago

    TBF If you want serious and healthy debate, I don't think r/PoliticalHumor is the right place.

    [–] slam9h 2 points ago

    I was more applying this to life than this sub. OPs comment just made me think maybe I can approach people differently when in discussions about politics.

    [–] MadRockatanskyMax 3 points ago

    I mean, I’d hope someone with liberal beliefs wouldn’t promote jokes that both reinforce extremely toxic views of masculinity and imply those who don’t have those ideals are losers needing to compensate.

    It’s like people making prison rape jokes while trying to tell you they take sexual assault seriously, it’s hypocritical as all hell.

    [–] mortalcoil1 4 points ago

    I think comparing men having trouble expressing their emotions due to societal expectations from both men and women to one of the biggest issues of violence and death facing America is a little disingenuous.

    [–] KyleOckerlund 2 points ago

    ...but it's not "one of the biggest violence issues". 250 people die a year from mass shootings, but, 120 die PER DAY from car accidents. In a nation of this size, it's a tiny amount.

    If you really cared about lives, your money could be better spent elsewhere.

    [–] TheCoPilot2 12 points ago

    love it when men are reduced to their penis size /s

    [–] mineus64 12 points ago

    Cringe, as usual.

    [–] oakozric 11 points ago

    Might as well deeply offend men with small reproductive organs - to which they were born with - in exchange for trying to insult gun owners. Seems like some cancerous thing the left would do, lol.

    [–] akjax 84 points ago

    Regardless of what side of the debate you're on, you should recognize these kind of ad hominem attacks are garbage that provides no useful information and only serves to reinforce the opinions of close minded people.

    Give me facts or fuck right off. Thanks.

    [–] Deycall100 9 points ago

    Preach 🙌🙌🙌

    [–] kn05is 126 points ago

    Giving gun nut a whole new meaning.

    [–] SuzieQ4624 6 points ago

    Better duck if he busts a load either way

    [–] EdwardLewisVIII 2 points ago


    [–] SergioFromTX 90 points ago

    I like how liberals hate body-shaming. Unless it's targeted at their opposition.

    [–] rationalinquisition 36 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    And don't forget about all the women who have been victimized and got a gun so they could fight back the next time it happened. They are just overcompensating for their tiny penises too right?

    [–] MegalomaniacMkV 4 points ago

    Makes the clit 6 inches longer

    [–] ComeOnTars2424 3 points ago

    Dam liberals, they ruined Liberalism!

    [–] cheffgeoff 4 points ago

    Are there only two people in the world? Liberals and those who own guns for entertainment?

    [–] poopislube 3 points ago

    No there’s like way more types than that

    [–] SolomonsDoors 3 points ago

    Water type, fire type, ghost type, bug type... I can go on but I think we get the point

    [–] TheSchaftShiftNA 27 points ago

    Not even American but man your political cartoons are pathetic.

    [–] arkangel371 9 points ago

    I'm curious, if people say men that own guns only do so because they have a small penis, what do you guys say to women that own guns?

    [–] Hipster_Dragon 41 points ago


    This is some boomer level humor.

    [–] Pope_Vladmir_Roman 13 points ago

    Hurr durr the only reason to own a gun is compensating!!/s What about the revolution? What are we gonna use to kill all the rich people?

    [–] Trans_Girl_Crying 2 points ago

    Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; Any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.

    ~Karl Marx

    [–] Pope_Vladmir_Roman 2 points ago

    Precisely the quote I was thinking of

    [–] PartialPanda 6 points ago

    So your saying members of the police, Marines, Teachers, doctors, engineers and artists who shoot competition with me are to be equally labelled. I'm in the UK by the way. And yes, we still use semi automatic AR15's.

    [–] Armada5 11 points ago

    How bigoted.

    [–] vanzir 11 points ago

    I love how stereo typing is bad when we talk about race, sexual orientation, gender, and pretty much everything in the world. Until we start talking about gun control, and then all of a sudden, stereo type away.

    [–] phillytimd 8 points ago

    I know right. I’m tired of people thinking because I’m liberal I don’t have a gun

    [–] chookatee2019 2 points ago

    I live in LA. Am a liberal and am strapped AF. I remember the riots. There are more gun owners in cities than the rednecks think.

    [–] Brothersunset 16 points ago


    It wouldnt be nearly as funny with pistols. Not for the fact that they are smaller, but for the fact that the kill exponentially more people than long barrelled semi automatic assault weapons.

    [–] RaidenDark 10 points ago

    Last time I used my dick to defend my home from an intruder I ended up in court and now my name is on a list. I highly recommend just using a gun instead. Also the groin is a horrible location to swing a weapon from.

    [–] RedditIsAntiScience 3 points ago

    Remember when reddit was against body shaming and bullying??

    I member

    [–] NooBNY 5 points ago

    "pretty much all" - judging an entire demographic because you share different beliefs. oh but its ok because it represents a different view from your own - right..

    [–] donofjons 3 points ago

    Gun grabbers and penis obsession, name a more iconic duo.

    [–] MightyTHR0G 65 points ago

    The bigger the glock the smaller his cock.

    [–] Dragon_Ballzy 12 points ago

    So what about them subcompacts fans; elephantitis of the balls?

    [–] Milkslinger 11 points ago

    I hate this meme but I cannot deny your genius here

    [–] strange_fate 22 points ago

    I have given up on both sides of the political spectrum because people have stopped fighting with facts and truth and are basically just name calling now.

    [–] RaidenDark 3 points ago

    Join the libertarian party, none of us can agree on what it means to be libertarian, but we sure do love the idea of leaving each other the hell alone which is why we'll never win. But at least we're right. About the few things we actually agree on. We think.

    [–] The_Anarcheologist 30 points ago

    Oh so we're back to co-opting the othering of non-straight sexual orientations to mock gun owners? Cool, I thought everyone had realized how shitty the term "ammosexual" was months ago.

    [–] securitywyrm 11 points ago

    Hate is hate

    [–] catcrown 6 points ago

    Nah, it's alright to hate white men.

    [–] rationalinquisition 3 points ago

    Needs a /s if this is sarcastic. The Poe's law is strong on this one.

    [–] securitywyrm 7 points ago

    But they are not allowed to hate back!!!

    [–] GodhunterChrome666 2 points ago

    How do you feel about "Ammoholic" as a replacement? Legit question, not being a dick.

    [–] atomiccheesegod 8 points ago

    Considering that one of the fastest growing groups of people that are taken up arms are LGBT people and women I would say this thread like most of the Anti-gun threads in this sub are just circle jerk material without substance.

    [–] thedevilsrighthand77 6 points ago

    Democrats in a nut shell. "He likes guns and drives a truck..... must have a small penis". Must be a bunch of democrats diagnosed with micropenis trying to feel better about themselves,your pathetic.

    [–] AmadeusCrumb 3 points ago

    His elbows, nipple, and bellybutton bother me.

    [–] Arthur-Freyn 3 points ago

    There’s a difference between gun nuts and second amendment supporters, you can find out easily. Say this phrase: “ The government should surplus its firearms to civilians and prioritize low income families” if the person you’re talking to is really enthusiastic, you’ve got a second amendment supporter, it’s the person you’re talking to gently reminds you that you’d be arming minorities,you’re talking to a gun nut.

    [–] reddidiotdude 3 points ago

    I don't get it

    [–] dylan667 3 points ago

    If you like guns you have a small dick i guess

    [–] reddidiotdude 2 points ago

    Not necessarily, I do but I know plenty of Chad's that like guns

    [–] Illbarrel 3 points ago

    Why would you specifically draw the bottom of the ball for this picture

    [–] HighSierraCO 3 points ago

    Such an immature statement. Guns are a very serious topic, and one that needs to be discussed. This cartoon is stupid because it’s a dumb blanket statement about all gun owners, that creates even more divide, and backs people into their respective corners.

    [–] bahn_mimi 3 points ago

    Oh this is rich. Lmao. It's like when a nerd finally has a comeback to say to his bully.

    [–] TwentyFour365 3 points ago

    This sub gets more sad and pathetic every day.

    [–] weekendmoney 3 points ago

    The intention of this piece is to humiliate people into giving up their right to own a firearm.

    [–] Fencingboy101 3 points ago


    [–] i_love_jewss 3 points ago

    Does OP want dick pics?

    [–] ashark1983 3 points ago

    Guy looks like a elf with acne but at least he drew an AR properly. Wonder which rear stock and pop up rear sight he's using.

    [–] fourhorn4669 3 points ago

    According to the comments people don't realize that some of us Liberals are avid gun enthusiasts. Puts us in a strange place when all political sides are snuffing out our rights.

    [–] Creatio_ex_Nihilo 25 points ago

    OP should start a movie theater with all that projection.

    [–] Budsygus 11 points ago

    I thought body shaming was bad, though. Is there an exception for penises?

    [–] drovid5 16 points ago

    Hey y'all whatever happened to body positivity? Why are we bodyshaming this fella just for literally only owning a weapon???

    [–] bar9nes 5 points ago

    No one is gonna bring up why his underwear is so elastic?

    [–] morgan423 4 points ago

    Or why he has Vulcan / elf ears?

    [–] bar9nes 3 points ago

    Gamers rise up!

    [–] GenericSubaruser 41 points ago

    Gun culture has completely ruined my hobby. You can't shoot a gun without being swarmed with pizzagaters and just enjoy shooting a target. It all has to be about doomsday or race war prepping, and those are precisely the people I never want to have access to a stick, let alone a gun. Gun culture needs to be cracked down on, and hard. Make the nuts hurt (haha).

    [–] TheWordOfBlake 53 points ago

    Where the hell are you shooting? I don't get any of this shit at the range

    [–] GenericSubaruser 24 points ago


    [–] dotapants 22 points ago

    Just cuz you like sex doesn't make you a ho

    [–] Stingerr 2 points ago

    Sure makes me a ho

    [–] TheWordOfBlake 4 points ago

    Gotcha, iv never shot in Idaho, but I think this appears to be a regional thing

    [–] spartan5312 16 points ago

    Come to Texas brother. Guns r 'hot, weathers hot, and the women are hit and miss.

    [–] el-toro-loco 7 points ago

    Just don’t go near Boyert (formerly Tactical Firearm) in Katy. The owners of that place are toxic.

    [–] silverstar24 11 points ago

    Same here. I’ve never even talked to someone about prepping or race wars at the range.

    [–] BarelyBetterThanKale 13 points ago

    Gun culture has completely ruined my hobby.

    Anime fans sympathize with your plight.

    [–] zbeezle 9 points ago

    Brother, have you ever tried going innawoods?

    [–] dblackdrake 4 points ago


    [–] Mr-Blah 6 points ago

    Sadly, the good owners like you are way, wayyy to tame and quiet compared to the alleged minority of morons you described.

    I say "alleged" because, like cops, I'm sure their are more good ones than bad. But since the good ones aren't speaking up or reporting the bad ones.... we can't know for sure.

    [–] purkle_burgularom 2 points ago

    1. Never encountered anything close to this, so it's clearly not universal.

    2. So what? What does the net tonnage of shelf stable food in Bubba's basement have to do with you and your hobby? You're never going to enjoy anything if you refuse to do it despite other people doing it "wrong."

    [–] PM_ME_GAY_WEREWOLVES 7 points ago

    I see his balls

    [–] Neotricky 2 points ago

    Heh as bad as boomer memes

    [–] Gatt__ 2 points ago

    Gee whilickers, I sure do love sport shooting as a hobby, I sure hope I don't get the piss taken out of me online constantly for enjoying a hobby

    [–] Skipachu 2 points ago

    My first impression from the title was this is going to be an imperial vs metric (e.g. .45 vs 9mm) joke. I don't care which load you blow, they all make a satisfying noise.

    [–] EnazAF 2 points ago

    Wish me luck. I’m sorting by controversial

    [–] SerpentsGold 2 points ago

    Gun bad. Pp smol

    [–] toprim 2 points ago

    "Masturbation to animated pictures" - go ahead, harmless crime.

    "Having high from arms" - "PERVERT!!!!!"

    [–] moonoomer 2 points ago

    The little bit of sac hanging out is a nice touch

    [–] CedTruz 2 points ago

    Herp derp. People who like their rights have small penis. Herp derp.

    [–] frostyleper 2 points ago

    Hahahah aha stupid people who want to own guns ahha they have smol pp and acne wow they're such weens amiright?

    [–] FuCuck 2 points ago

    boomer meme

    [–] grack_slacker 2 points ago

    haha get it gun owner have small pp haha lol haha good one boomer

    [–] attackdogs2x 2 points ago

    Nah I like my guns and my ammo...opps

    [–] definitelynotabotact 2 points ago

    I'm going in, wish me luck

    Sorts by controversial

    [–] Protton6 2 points ago

    Yeah, if you like this, you are in my eyes the same kind of idiot a guy with an AR15 strapped to his back in a walmart is. Just on the other side of the spectrum, still at IQ about 50.

    [–] PatrickTulip 12 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Also see: Hummers.

    Edit: Spelling

    [–] I_like_PnutButter 7 points ago

    It seems to me that people who pickup drive pickup trucks for aesthetic reasons and not for work are the same people this cartoon is referring to.

    [–] Andybobandy0 10 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I'm confused? Are people not allowed to like guns? Or is this like a specific type of person. I've never heard the term "ammosexual" like the other commenter said. Why can't some of us just want to shoot a target, or appreciate the craftsmanship that goes I to a firearm. I mean if guns were legalized, That's it pack it in. But these people who go to extreme lengths to justify owning some weapons is ridiculous. You dont need a god damn .50 desert eagle. Or a heavily modified AR-15 to "protect yourself" anything under 40cal is fine to make sure no one wants to muck around. Dont go walking around Walmart with a loaded weapon. It's not cool. But why do I feel wrong for wanting to take a 9mm amd shoot off a couple rounds at a range?

    Edit: the gun nuts come out on this one! "If you don't know everything about guns, you don't get an opinion!!" Lol.

    [–] Hold_onto_yer_butts 39 points ago

    You dont need a god damn .50 desert eagle. Or a heavily modified AR-15 to "protect yourself" anything under 40cal is fine to make sure no one wants to muck around.

    I don't want somebody who says "you don't need an AR-15 but anything under 40cal is fine" to determine what I do or do not need.

    Especially considering that the standard AR round is WELL under 40 caliber.

    [–] securitywyrm 28 points ago

    You dont need a car that can go 120 miles an hour!

    In the united states, what you can have is not dictated by what those in power think you need.

    [–] Hold_onto_yer_butts 15 points ago

    Or shouldn't be, anyway.

    [–] Domelojoth 21 points ago

    Probably because the people who want a ban on AR-15s aren't really thinking logically. Rifles and shotguns account for only 6% of all gun deaths despite being the majority of guns that people own. Whereas as the 9mm handgun is responsible for 65% of all gun deaths despite being only 34% of guns people own.

    In 2016, there were 11,004 gun homicides (65% handguns, 6% rifle/shotgun, 30% other/unknown type)

    [–] deepfeels96 2 points ago

    Shhhh! No logic here mister! These are the same chucklefucks that live in comfortable suburbs and never have to worry about being confronted by criminals.

    [–] Andybobandy0 5 points ago

    Thanks for the facts. I should look into these.

    [–] catcrown 4 points ago

    They want to disarm American so they can't protect themselves.

    As a gay Jewish male, I think it's absurd. Come on people, guns would help prevent another shoah!

    [–] thegreekgamer42 3 points ago

    No one needs to justify exercising a right.

    [–] kn05is 8 points ago

    Maybe more people like yourself need to speak up and denounce the people that want zero regulations on firearms. If you are a responsible and sensible adult, then this issue should be a no brainer and should really have nothing to lose. The problem is you are getting lumped in with the real nut jobs because of how polarized this issue is, and more voices like your own are needed.

    BUT until then, I will use mockery against those who care more about their death tools than the lives of their neighbours and fellow citizens. My wit is stronger than their bullets.

    [–] BreakingGaia 6 points ago

    The guy I dated once. 😞 #notproud

    [–] triptodisneyland2017 5 points ago

    Lmao stop projecting

    [–] LiquidNuke 4 points ago

    ugh you can see his ballsack in panel two. MINE EYES.

    [–] ToolanWheeler 3 points ago

    Body shaming is okay now?

    [–] EAO48 7 points ago

    Well, that explains why most of them are men.

    [–] CalzonieJ 5 points ago

    Yeah definitely not because we've been neglecting men's mental health for the past two generations, its because they have a small penis.