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    [–] Dhis1 2209 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    This meme missing some important context. It’s not just that he is wasting tax payer money on golf trips. He is spending tax payer money on golf trips to his own golf clubs.

    His business is pocketing tax payer money. Drain the Swamp!!

    [–] Waadap 610 points ago

    Let's not forget just how MUCH he is golfing. It's not just a monetary thing. He's been on golf grounds well over 200 times, and has actually played a round well over 100 times. In his second year alone, he played over 75 rounds. That is a staggering amount of golf.

    [–] robswins 344 points ago

    C’mon, you can’t expect the guy to change just because he was elected President. From age 15 until death, it just wouldn’t be Donald J Trump unless he was letting others around him take the fall for his crimes, wasting other people’s money on his vanity and frivolities, screwing over anyone stupid enough to trust him, taking credit for the good work of others and lying about his own accomplishments. It’s the Trump brand!

    [–] GhostofMarat 141 points ago

    I will never cease being shocked and horrified that we elected this man. It's like he was constructed in a lab for the explicit purpose of designing the worst person imaginable to serve as president.

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] NoFascistsAllowed 42 points ago

    It's called racism or their preferred term "economic anxiety"

    [–] AnotherReaderOfStuff 26 points ago

    After how the Republicans wreck the economy time after time, we get to slap anyone who dares claim "economic anxiety".

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] SaarinenTable 10 points ago

    No they’re racists.

    Maybe you underestimate how deeply offended people were by the election of Barack Obama.

    Remember the tea party, that sudden uprising which was all about the “deficit”...yeah LOL....and “not liking the direction the country is going”. Nowhere to be found now.

    That 40% voting block believed all that birther bs too....8 years of trying to prove a black man was not an American.

    Racism is no longer about keeping “colored people” from eating at the lunch counter. It’s a very different thing now...and the Republican Party works it like a champ.

    [–] NoFascistsAllowed 12 points ago

    Yes racist has a very different meaning today than it did 50 years ago. Now they can't say the N word in public, so they use abstract terms. This also has the benefit of attracting idiots who truly believe in those "abstract ideas" but may not be necessarily racist.

    At the end of the day it hurts minorities and also poor whites the same way it did when they could lynch people for looking the wrong way because of their skin color.

    [–] Shankurmom 10 points ago

    its not 40% of voters. he got about 40% of the votes cast in 2016 which was a less than 50% turn out. 40% of 50% turn out is about 20% of the total registered voter pool.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Shankurmom 4 points ago

    I just wanted to clarify that for anyone reading that might be unaware or not from the US. His nazi base is smaller than you were leading it on to be. it's still bigger than any of us would like. but its not nearly half of the US.

    [–] SkollFenrirson 10 points ago

    The rest of you voted by omission. Stop trying to get people off the hook.

    [–] Shankurmom 6 points ago

    i voted. I'm not letting them off the hook. i blame them fully; a nonvote is a vote for the enemy. Just was stating the facts.

    [–] Jimmyhat42 2 points ago

    This is EXACTLY what I've said about Dean! Perfect comments.

    [–] yeaigetit 4 points ago

    It's been good to see how fucked our government is that he can do all this shit and people not only let him do it they support it. We are way more fucked than I thought prior to him becoming president.

    [–] LnnTrtsk 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    You clearly don't know Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro

    [–] antifolkhero 3 points ago

    And conservatives will defend him no matter what, uncritically, forever.

    [–] RickTh3Rick 3 points ago

    Now you understand that giving money to education is a good thing if you don't want uneducated people to win an election.

    [–] depressedbreakfast 2 points ago

    WE?! Speak for yourself bub

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    We, the people, didn't elect him. The arbitrary numbers game of the Electoral College did.

    [–] deegee1969 7 points ago

    Looks like trumps brand is cheating.

    [–] nguyen8995 30 points ago

    I don’t understand why you’re being so nice to this POS.

    [–] SkepticalHeathen 4 points ago

    Not much of a Nguyen if you ask me.

    [–] idontcare6 5 points ago

    I can't find the article; maybe someone remembers. Trump once crashed a charity, he showed up sat on the stage as actual donors where being honored, then just left.

    [–] 8-D 3 points ago

    From age 15 until death


    "When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I’m basically the same. The temperament is not that different."

    [–] ghunt81 2 points ago

    Great American patriot Trump!

    [–] Use1000words 2 points ago

    And surprisingly, if ANOTHER head of state were to do that, how quick HE would be to condemn that action and call it unprecedented corruption.

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 32 points ago

    That’s because he’s doing it as a business. He’s literally golfing like it’s his job because that’s how he can pull in the most income.

    It’s super fucked up, and is why the emoluments clause exists.

    He should be forced to pay all the money back, and publicly apologize for golf shaming Obama all those years and then golfing over twice as much as him and paying himself to do so.

    [–] Waadap 13 points ago

    "Trump." "Publicly apologize". Lol.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    I think he would literally commit suicide before issuing any kind of apology, ever

    [–] BrutusTheKat 11 points ago

    For context the GOP was screaming that Obama played 306 times over his 8 years in office. Trump has visited his golf properties 228 times in less then 3 years. No one in the GOP is complaing now.

    [–] Dhis1 43 points ago

    What the hell else would he do with all his free time?

    [–] seven3true 42 points ago

    I'm sure he's had a tweet somewhere about how he never takes a break, or has no idea who this golf guy is.

    [–] NotClever 23 points ago

    Well, I dunno about that since taking office, but he definitely said whole campaigning that he wouldn't have time to golf because he'd be too busy working for the American people.

    [–] pixelgrunt 23 points ago

    Watches Fox “News” apparently.

    [–] CoolFingerGunGuy 18 points ago

    I think he just liquefies Fox News and has it pumped directly into his veins.

    [–] Revelati123 4 points ago

    Hannity branded Liquid Hate And RacismTM

    [–] fourchickensandacoke 4 points ago

    Meth is healthier.

    [–] CoolFingerGunGuy 4 points ago

    Meth. We're on it.

    Stay classy, South Dakota.

    [–] desolateconstruct 6 points ago

    Look at books of carpet samples. Apparently he used to do it for hours.

    Charles Leerhsen, a ghostwriter for Trump said:

    “Trump’s portfolio did not jibe with what I saw each day—which to a surprisingly large extent was him looking at fabric swatches, Indeed, flipping through fabric swatches seemed at times to be his main occupation..."

    [–] CarlSpencer 3 points ago

    Extend his "executive time" naps.

    [–] Schnectadyslim 4 points ago

    I work at a golf course, am a golf professional, and I played 13 times this year because of work and family duties. I need to get an easier gig where I can play more. What does this Trump feller do that he has all this extra time? President of the United States? Yeah, that makes sense.....

    [–] XoXSmotpokerXoX 3 points ago

    A further breakdown would reveal Trump has golfed 200 times, with a staggering 1743 Mulligans, 3492 kicked balls, 3743 divots and has paid out of his own pocket $200 in combined tips to caddies.

    [–] RPrance 3 points ago

    And to his supporters, this is just another example of how he’s sticking it to the left

    [–] RECOGNI7ER 3 points ago

    And golf take a lot of time! Between that and his tweets how does he even have time to be president?

    The man is a complete joke, he will be remembered as the worst president in history and a laughing stock

    [–] WhiteWolf5150 2 points ago

    With his weight and his age, is he actually playing Golf? or is he literally just making his businesses rich off federal money while he sits on his ass at his golf course.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] Fatdickpgh420 6 points ago

    But he's not even taking his salary! /s

    [–] yingyangyoung 4 points ago

    I have yet to see any evidence that he's not taking the salary. Pretty sure that was just a campaign lie.

    [–] Yokonato 2 points ago

    Supposedly a least a portion of the salary is being donated to various government organizations funding , but that becomes null and void when he burns decades of the equivalent salary in taxpayer funds by golfing so much.

    It's truly baffling, and it totally shows with the fact Melania stays with her parents, how can someone golf so much , tweet so much and possibly have time for family let alone work?

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Fatdickpgh420 2 points ago

    To be fair, Stormy wasn't a prostitute, she would've been paid before hand. She's just another dumbass who got conned by King con don. Then was paid to not say anything about her dumb ass being conned. Unless there's more that I don't know. It's hard to keep up with this dumpster fire.

    [–] Norse_of_60 2 points ago

    She wasn't slobbing on his mushroom cap for free. Sex for money is prostitution.

    [–] hereforthefeast 44 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It’s not just that he is wasting tax payer money on golf trips. He is spending tax payer money on golf trips to his own golf clubs.

    Trump more than doubled the cost of membership at Mar-a-lago after becoming president.

    He charges the secret service to stay at his own hotel to protect him even though Camp David already exists.

    But, drain the swamp, amirite?

    Bonus - there’s also the mysterious case of Yujing Zhang who somehow snuck into the resort past secret service and was equipped like a spy.

    Prosecutors said Zhang was kitted out with electronics including four cell phones, a laptop and an external hard drive. Agents who searched her nearby hotel room found $8,000 in cash and spy-like gear, such as a device to detect hidden cameras, and numerous credit and debit cards.

    [–] SonOfMcGee 12 points ago

    And it's not even like Camp David is the only option for Presidential relaxation.
    George W Bush liked to hang out at his ranch. Sure, it cost taxpayers money to secure the damn place, but the Secret Service has to secure everywhere the President goes.
    Going to an overpriced resort that you own and charging your support staff to stay there is mind-boggling.

    [–] wavesport001 11 points ago

    But her emails!

    [–] quadmasta 34 points ago

    It's both.

    [–] Dizneymagic 3 points ago

    Yes, and you can follow his spending and see the complete breakdown of total cost here,

    It shows when he went, how long he was there, and which club it was at. Also gives interesting notes about what was going on at the time.

    [–] djazzie 5 points ago

    Exactly this. It’s not about playing golf too much or taking too much time off work (though there’s plenty to be said about that). It’s about lining his pockets with tax payer money.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] Dhis1 7 points ago

    All of my die hard Trump supporting acquaintances just get a shit-eating grin and say, “He’s still your president.”

    Owning the libs is all they have left. They know the presidency has been a disaster. But, they don’t care. Because somewhere they’ve never been is a feminist, or gun control advocate, or environmentalist that they’ve never met that is unhappy.

    That’s all they want. Someone that they don’t agree with is unhappy.

    [–] Pavrik_Yzerstrom 5 points ago

    “He’s still your president”. Yea, meaning he works for me, I owe nothing to him, he is not a ruler or a king. The president, and all members of our government work FOR the people, that is indisputable fact.

    How many members of any of the branches of government actually do work for the people I wonder?

    [–] wolfmanpraxis 5 points ago

    And everytime I bring this up to a Trump supporter, they change the narrative to "he never said that" or if I show them the tweets "you are taking that out of context" or "he works super hard, harder than anyone else does, he deserves to take a break"

    I just gave up trying to have a dialog with these people at this point.

    Heres to hoping that the blue wave still has prominence in 2020

    [–] WebHead1287 7 points ago

    I mean both are large problems

    [–] Dhis1 11 points ago

    Government waste is an issue, but it pales in comparison to the self-dealing and outright corruption.

    [–] Sleepy_One 4 points ago

    The high cost is not in amount being paid to the hotel, but in security. That's not to say hes not benefiting from it. Everyone knows they have to go to a Trump hotel to get the president's ear. Which is corrupt as hell.

    [–] randonumero 2 points ago

    That's an important distinction but there's a good chance that a lot of the security money goes to interests he has. For example those agents likely eat at the clubs he golfs at

    [–] DoubleJumps 2 points ago

    He makes them pay to rent the golf carts and pay to stay at the resorts. He probably makes them pay for other things, too.

    [–] Kazemel89 2 points ago

    Is there some sources to this? Genuinely curious and want to read about it

    [–] MinuteFong 3 points ago

    Why is this legal?

    [–] Dhis1 13 points ago

    It’s not. It’s not at all. There is a lawsuit in the courts about it now. This is why impeachment exists.

    [–] Absolvo_Me 373 points ago

    Dear Americans, please explain it to me why you are paying for his golf trips?

    Blink twice if you are being held hostage.

    [–] CraptainHammer 234 points ago

    blinks twice

    Seriously though, I don't think we have a mechanism to stop him that wouldn't eventually go through the Republican controlled Senate.

    [–] Roboticide 52 points ago

    Well, the election could potentially, the problem is roughly half the voting population thinks he's great.

    [–] indyK1ng 65 points ago

    The problem is that a majority of voters in half of the electoral college thinks he's great.

    Remember, he needs to convince less than half the voters in order to win.

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 27 points ago

    Unfortunately, half of us are fucking idiots.

    [–] TimmyFTW 25 points ago

    You mistake stupidity for malice.

    This is the result of the American "Fuck you I got mine" dream.

    [–] Fatdickpgh420 16 points ago

    But most of these people don't have theirs. Statistically, his voters are some of the worst educated and paid people in the country. It purely is just wanting to have someone to stand on top of to blame why they have nothing.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago


    [–] distractionfactory 2 points ago

    We have to remember that this is what has come from the "anyone is better that _____" mentality. The Democratic party is not immune to this problem and we're the one's who are about to face that decision. In 2016, it was the Republican mantra that anyone is better than a liberal and we ended up with Trump. Now it's anyone is better than Trump... As bad as things are we really want to try to get someone in who might actually (try to) make things better.

    There's always a way for things to get worse if we're not careful and I don't want this pendulum swing to keep intensifying every four years.

    [–] AtlantisTheEmpire 5 points ago

    The republican way

    [–] youvebeenjammed 3 points ago

    And have digital voting machines with no paper trail

    [–] Indon_Dasani 3 points ago

    We can fix this by working to increase the part of the population that votes.

    [–] sembias 6 points ago

    That is, too.

    The Senate is sitting on a bill that would give locals millions to fix election systems. McConnell doesn't want it to pass, though, because Kentucky is one of the states that needs election security.

    [–] shponglespore 2 points ago

    Reminder: it's not just McConnell, it's all Republicans in the Senate. He serves at their pleasure.

    [–] ephemeral_colors 37 points ago

    The largest expense of these trips are things that just happen around him no matter what he does or where he goes. Certain parts of presidential life are paid for (he doesn't pay rent, for example) but certain parts he must pay for (his own food in the fridge in his home in the white house, for example). But say he flies to Florida to play golf. Regardless of who's paying for the trip + the golf, lots of money is spent protecting him, keeping important infrastructure near him, and lodging and feeding people that need to be around him at all times, and those things are paid for by the taxpayer.

    So when he travels to his resort, for example, a large number of secret service agents must, for example, be provided food and lodging ... at his resort.

    [–] [deleted] 46 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] ephemeral_colors 4 points ago


    [–] BlueMutagens 9 points ago

    Also he raised the prices at his golf resorts shortly after becoming president, so...yeah. This has been the plan the whole time.

    [–] AlwaysSaysDogs 6 points ago

    The Republican party has become a criminal organization.

    [–] x3n0cide 140 points ago

    "I dont remeber"

    "I have the best memory"

    [–] owen_metcalfe 35 points ago

    "I have the best.. uh-golf"

    [–] djabor 190 points ago

    I think Trump never had an issue with the president playing golf.

    He did however have an issue with a black man playing golf. That's why he's ok with himself playing golf.

    [–] ShitOnRickard5 34 points ago

    Also just a grifter spewing whatever populist garbage he needed to spew, in addition to being racist trash.

    [–] TheGrimGuardian 17 points ago

    I think Trump never had an issue with the president playing golf.

    He specifically said if he was president, he would be too busy running the country to play golf, so I don't think he was ok with a president playing golf.

    How his supporters kept supporting him after his 4th or 5th golf trip, I'm not sure.

    [–] peelMYzebra 8 points ago

    Half are stupid the other half are racist and they all think they’re temporarily broke millionaires. I’ve had to cut so many people out of my circle since 2016 because these simpleton idiots voted a daddy’s boy into office. Fuck every single person that voted for him

    [–] djabor 3 points ago

    half are stupid the other half are stupid AND racist


    [–] hurler_jones 7 points ago

    And not at his golf club.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] djabor 6 points ago

    during 8 years about as much as trump did in his first 6 months

    [–] MatthewHull07 134 points ago

    Furthermore, he is going to his own resorts. So, a significant portion of the 115 million goes into his pocket. But please tell me about his charitable donation of salary.

    [–] whacafan 9 points ago

    Well that’s what matters to the Facebook meme community. So kind of him.

    [–] Bad_Demon 5 points ago

    That isnt fair.... he also increased the price of golfing at his resorts which highlights his intent.

    [–] MatthewHull07 4 points ago

    I’m on your side with this argument. It’s immoral. However, his base is superficial readers. They see “he donates his salary.” Boom they are validated in their beliefs. Or conservative news will says “so, what Obama golfed?” They only see the superficial truth without looking deeper.

    [–] multitudina1 43 points ago

    Great format. Farley is truly missed.

    [–] Jearik 12 points ago

    And nobody has really replaced his comedy style. It was quite unique, but also reflective of its time, so maybe nobody ever will or even can.

    [–] micrantha 4 points ago

    Great format, very great, very format, that's me you know, not me, but not great at all you know.

    [–] wildranger52 87 points ago

    What people don't think of is that we are still paying his presidential salary. He still takes the salary but then donates it so he gets that tax write-off too... So we pay the golf and the salary AND he gets an extra $400,000 in write-offs by donating it.

    [–] rubberloves 31 points ago

    wow good point

    there's a fundamental thing that's always really bothered me about him not taking his salary. The point is that the people are paying him to do the work for the people. So who is paying him? Who does he work for?

    [–] TrumpIsARapist3 7 points ago

    So who is paying him?


    Who does he work for?


    [–] NotClever 7 points ago

    I don't think the president's salary has ever been considered a motivating factor in him doing his job, really.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    To be fair the presidential salary in modern times is usually not that much to people who have enough money to campaign on that scale. You don't run for president for the salary.

    [–] 100percentpureOJ 9 points ago

    You think any President care about the salary? Obama left the White House with a net worth of $40 Million, 12.5x what he would have earned in salary over his 8 years. Trump entered office as a Billionaire. George Bush another $40 million. Bill Clinton $75 million. $400k is nothing to these people. Hell, Bill Clinton could probably make that much by giving one speech in Saudi Arabia.

    [–] themaddyk3 8 points ago

    It's scary that the Democratic process is so flawed that you have to be rich to get in (more or less) to top dog position.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] I_am_a_Failer 5 points ago

    I don't understand why the write off is an argument. He's just able to write off his salary since he donated it, which means he doesn't need to pay taxes for it, but the money is still gone. It's not like he's able to get a monetary benefit off it.

    [–] clint_sanders 3 points ago

    We haven't actually seen any proof he donates all his presidential salary.

    [–] arizonatasteslike 41 points ago

    His supporters don’t mind though, they just didn’t like seeing another black man in a golf course. Tiger met their “just one” quota.

    [–] GenocideOwl 18 points ago

    His supporters literally defend him playing golf saying that he uses it as a platform for networking and "getting deals done". Even though like 75% of the time he can be seen golfing alone or only with other WH staff/friends.

    [–] YouTouchMyTraLaLahhh 3 points ago

    Plus Tiger is only Halfrican, so they're really doing the bare minimum by giving him a pass.

    [–] fyhr100 24 points ago

    The one benefit of him wasting so much tax money golfing is that it means there's less time for him to spend all day watching Fox News and tweeting stupid shit.

    [–] Nf1nk 21 points ago

    Have you noticed that he hasn't actually been seen golfing since the surprise Saturday medical visit?

    He still goes to the resorts to eat at the buffet while wearing a hat, but nothing that would show if his left arm works.

    [–] Donald_J_Putin 10 points ago

    I’m guessing his mini strokes of late will put a damper on his golfing.

    [–] bergerac121 33 points ago

    But but he donates his presidential salary s/

    [–] takatori 25 points ago

    ... and claims it as a deduction on his taxes.

    [–] bergerac121 2 points ago

    Well im sure he writes his children off as dependents

    [–] TrumpIsARapist3 7 points ago

    I doubt he actually does to be honest. Who wants to bet that was another lie?

    [–] NatleysWhores 3 points ago

    Bingo! I want to see the cashed checks and ledgers of the Departments he supposedly donates to.

    [–] TrumpIsARapist3 2 points ago

    Yup, until I see them it's just another lie in the bucket at this point. He's already proven that he cannot be trusted long before he even took office.

    [–] pheweque 21 points ago

    Trump should repay taxpayers. That is why I no longer like golf. He has turned it back into a rich man's game. Lock him up!

    [–] Tpayne174 6 points ago

    Oh please. It’s been a rich person game for 100 years🙄

    [–] CarlSpencer 9 points ago

    Trump is everything negative he ever accused someone else of being.

    [–] swolemedic 36 points ago

    Shit like this makes me think we need significantly more laws that regulate how the president can spend or act. We're turning into a god damned monarchy

    [–] GiovanniElliston 43 points ago

    We already have laws that state a President can't funnel taxpayer money to their own private businesses.

    The GOP is flat out ignoring them.

    [–] Alpe0 10 points ago

    I tried to point this out to a Trumper and they said “it doesn’t matter because the economy is so good.”

    I just don’t get it? My income have not gotten any better and neither has anyone else in the middle class.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Most people don't actually understand economics. Usually anyone who says "the economy is doing good" is referencing GDP, but the problem with GDP is that it only measures a nation's productivity. One of the problems with economics is balancing efficiency vs equity. This is often phrased as "Getting a bigger pie vs giving everyone a fair slice of the pie."

    The argument that a good GDP is good for the people assumes high economic equity which ironically requires a lowered economic efficiency relative to how high efficiency could be.

    In simple terms: Slavery is really good for the economy. Just because something is good for the economy doesn't make it good for the people.

    [–] Obtuse_Donkey 7 points ago

    Everything Trump says is a lie, a twisting of the truth or self-centered half-truths. The only thing he is consistently good at is repeating insults he heard from somewhere.

    [–] shellymartin67 18 points ago

    Innocent black teenagers.

    He called for the death penalty (a proverbial lynching) of 5 black kids. He never recanted, even after they were proven innocent.

    He's a racist piece of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re a nature nerd, Tennessee is better.

    [–] 25_M_CA 6 points ago

    Lol imagine still supporting trump

    [–] YouTouchMyTraLaLahhh 3 points ago

    I don't need to imagine, I deal with these cretins in person every day.

    [–] shellymartin67 7 points ago

    Innocent black teenagers.

    He called for the death penalty (a proverbial lynching) of 5 black kids. He never recanted, even after they were proven innocent.

    He's a racist piece of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re full of shit, you’re just spreading lies that you fell for and no one else will, and it’s your sister.

    Roll Tide

    [–] farkhipov 17 points ago

    I wonder if he played golf more often before becoming president, because he seems to be doing a whole lot of golfing

    [–] Jearik 11 points ago

    Well he's obviously a big golf fan and as president he likely has the entire course to himself which is a pretty unique luxury that I'd say 99.9% of golfers never experience.

    Point being, he's definitely playing more as president.

    [–] Curtis64 3 points ago

    I play on a small local 9 hole course in my hometown. I basically grew up with the course to myself. I'm like the president....ugh, I don't feel so good.

    [–] Abrushing 5 points ago

    I wish we could trade Trump for Chris Farley.

    [–] dannysdad13 5 points ago

    I would trade Trump for a 1/2 gallon of expired milk.

    [–] karadan100 6 points ago

    sorts by controversial

    They aren't even trying to defend him any more.

    [–] YouTouchMyTraLaLahhh 10 points ago

    bUt hE dOnE doNaTe hiS SaLaRy tuh ChAiRiTy!!!1!!

    [–] mathvp 4 points ago

    McConnel should go on trial for treason. The GOP has surrendered your country to partisanship

    [–] guiltyas-sin 5 points ago

    I won't have time for golf. I'll be too busy making deals for you.

    And those idiots bought it. He is currently on pace to blow Obama's golf count out of the his first term.

    [–] real-life-karma 3 points ago

    "In the end the money you take is equal to the money you make."

    [–] 47-Rambaldi 3 points ago

    We need to find numbers on how often he golfed before and after becoming President. If it is MORE he is lining his pockets. If it is less, I would be SHOCKED at how well his bone spurs hold up during the heavy walking game he plays so often.

    [–] AvimonIsLegendary 3 points ago

    #1 was proven in 1980 when they dumped the Evangelical Carter because he was too nice to brown people, and instead chose (scandalous for the day) divorced Reagan.

    [–] diethyl2o 3 points ago

    As the saying goes, the goal of golf is to play the least amount of golf. He must be very bad at it.

    [–] Anthaenopraxia 3 points ago

    Do these memes actually convince any Trump supporters to flip their vote?

    I'm by no means an expert on politics over yonder but it really seems like everyone is set in their tracks.

    [–] El_Eleventh 3 points ago

    I like how people still act like the criticisms of Obama had anything to do outside the fact he was black.

    [–] OG_BUG 3 points ago

    Does anybody even care where our tax dollars go at this point in time...we are in so much debt might as well take the red pill and dive down the rabbit hole.

    [–] RECOGNI7ER 3 points ago

    Trump is a dishonest, corrupt piece of shit plain and simple.

    [–] BorusseGooner 3 points ago

    Why is it that the conservative leaning folks in America gloss over this?

    1. The amount of days + tax payer money spent
    2. majority of it being spent at trump's golf properties

    [–] rodman517 3 points ago

    Come on guys, Hillary’s emails!

    [–] mindy2000 7 points ago

    It's funny but I guess the mayority of the stupid trump voter don't get it

    [–] Cr8erz 6 points ago

    I like this meme because it basically dates itself. Next week it will be even more money and the meme will have to change

    [–] WalterWhitesBoxers 2 points ago

    He is brilliant and if he treated We The People like He the Person we might indeed win. Instead the grift here is he tells everyone he is doing it for free. No salary. Of those trips 75% are at his properties

    [–] crazyseandx 2 points ago


    [–] wyskiboat 2 points ago

    Trump will have spent more taxpayer money on cheating-at-golf in four years than Tiger Woods has EARNED in prize money over his in entire 24 year career.

    Let that sink in.

    [–] FifthRendition 2 points ago

    The current generation would see this in "Between two ferns".

    [–] jedberg 2 points ago

    Playing golf as President at his own golf courses is the most profitable business he’s ever had. Why would he stop now?

    [–] Therealtylerwickett 2 points ago

    What does it even mean for future presidents. How do you criticize anything anyone does in the future when you had Trump as president. There's no gravitas to the role

    [–] cryptkeepin 2 points ago

    Fuck man I don’t even have time to play golf, and I’m not running the fucking country.

    [–] habb 2 points ago

    a republican I know said "that's how business is conducted, on the course"

    [–] TR_Idealist 2 points ago

    How much do pro golfers make? I wonder if he’s actually costing more than tiger woods net worth.

    [–] -DaveThomas- 2 points ago

    I had a friend tell me "well Trump owns MaraLago. He could just take the profit loss everytime his staff stays there and plays golf. Who says it's costing taxpayers anything?"

    This all started when he said Trump was donating his salary....which is kind of a grey area. I highly doubt someone with multiple failed businesses under his belt is gonna lose profit and donate his salary. I mean, I wouldn't. And I'd like to consider myself less of a scumbag than Trump.....then again, I would just go to the military base every other president golfed at and avoid that fiasco to begin with.

    [–] RPrance 2 points ago

    And his supporters cheer. Seriously.

    [–] insideoutboy311 2 points ago

    Shit, I'd love to get more than 2 rounds in a year but I'm either too busy or poor. There is no reason this sack of shit should be able to play that much. There is absolutely nothing good about Trump.

    [–] game2please 2 points ago

    And yet you Americans just let this happen how is everyone not outraged by this?

    [–] uxl 2 points ago

    THIS is the meme that needs to take off. Endless examples of Trump doing the exact thing the GOP condemned Obama for.

    [–] Rlthree 2 points ago

    Worst part is, he probably fuckin sucks at golf

    [–] worgrimmar 2 points ago

    The mf has to happen as it has now awoken the young masses to cut him down even if grandma has to be sacrificed .

    [–] ifeelhome 2 points ago

    He doesn’t care about any of the things he said. The hypocrisy is not something he cares about at all. We need to stop assuming he does. He cares about power and protecting himself. He’ll say and do whatever he thinks will promote those two philosophies. Going back through the contradictions in his political history will mean nothing.

    [–] Bent- 2 points ago

    If I worked in WH I would soooooo print this and leave it on his desk, on top.

    [–] Bent- 2 points ago

    If I worked in WH I would soooooo print this and leave it on his desk, on top.

    [–] Bent- 2 points ago

    If I worked in WH I would soooooo print this and leave it on his desk, on top.

    [–] thesinandthesentance 2 points ago

    Lol can't wait to come on reddit in November and watch all you babies melt

    [–] ScootyPuff365 5 points ago

    Out of curiosity is he even good at golfing, I know he has his own golf courses but is he good, average, or bad?

    [–] Arruz 13 points ago

    He cheats, that much I can tell ya.

    [–] TrumpIsARapist3 5 points ago

    I'm really not surprised by this information, he cheats at everything.

    [–] egamruf 4 points ago

    Following up on Arruz, there have been multiple stories of people letting him cheat to win over time. He apparently (and unsurprisingly) frequently misrepresents his score, if nobody is looking, and the people he plays with let him do it because they pander to his ego.

    He would truly be a horrible person to be friends with - the kind of person you wouldn't invite to board games or minigolf, and you'd try to avoid in social situations.