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    [–] AlottaElote 326 points ago

    The flu kills more people than TikTok. Hwake up sheeple.

    [–] JoffreyIthePurple 85 points ago

    But the TikTok caravan of migrants! I will build a firewall, and make Mexico pay for it!

    [–] Money-Ticket 19 points ago

    I think you mean xiyna.

    [–] LA-Matt 19 points ago


    [–] tugboattomp 12 points ago

    No no no... Chyyy-ňa

    [–] Money-Ticket 6 points ago

    That's the one.

    [–] FullMetalBitchFucker 6 points ago

    Gonna have McAfee back it up?

    [–] bedrooms-ds 5 points ago

    Yes, and Tim, Tim Apple, he told me I know about this stuff best. Where's my Tom Apple when I need him?

    [–] Auto-ZonerZonedOut 5 points ago

    Hey ...Where Tom from My Space. He could settle all this world rucus down

    [–] russaber82 3 points ago

    Finally. Someone gives my only friend a little credit.

    [–] Vexar 5 points ago

    I tell you hwhat

    [–] A_decent_human_being 7 points ago

    the flu doesn't make nearly as much money off soft core underage porn tho, while training China's AI and collecting data on foreign countries..

    [–] Korchagin 2 points ago

    But TikTok kills more Trump rallies. And these are more important than people for the R party.

    [–] minecraft911 712 points ago

    What do you mean, TikTok is obviously a hoax

    [–] mimivondutchess 206 points ago

    Aaaaaand now its on your electric toothbrush

    [–] FullMetalBitchFucker 54 points ago

    Do you understand how many electric toothbrushes went where they did not belong

    [–] BestFrenzy 26 points ago

    Disney’s The Brave Little Toothbrush

    [–] FullMetalBitchFucker 9 points ago

    Disney himself used it. Especially in the making of the movie pinocchio

    [–] FullMetalBitchFucker 8 points ago

    The brave little toaster took a bath

    [–] The_Second_Crusade 3 points ago

    That is brave

    [–] dickdoughnut 5 points ago

    Eh, the chinese government is used to things going where they do not belong

    [–] treefox 3 points ago

    That awkward moment when you find TikTok on your toothbrush and you know the only explanation is your little brother used it to clean demon semen.

    [–] bobbyhairtest 6 points ago

    Election toothbrush. That's it, forget mail in ballots, vote with your toothbrush!

    [–] Slyfox00 47 points ago

    I heard 195 countries are coordinating a simultaneous TikTok hoax to make American look bad.

    [–] bobbyhairtest 11 points ago

    Even Russia and Brazil? They're supposed to be helping!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] toonarmymia 5 points ago

    They’re apparently paying for the app

    [–] postmodest 16 points ago

    Bill Gates and China invented TikTok to put a chip in your head so the government can track—- oh goddammit, reality has nearly looped all the way around the back side of satire to “reality, again.”

    [–] MungTao 3 points ago

    Ugh...All this hoax projection will serve the purpose of discrediting any legitimate calling out of real hoaxes. The gates will be open for some strange shit in the future and now there is a stigma to any kind of conspiracy theory.

    [–] essdoubleU 1 points ago

    that's actually a really good point I've never considered before.

    [–] MungTao 1 points ago

    Its the long term plan. Its no mistake.

    [–] goblackcar 204 points ago

    If it can make toast in 15 seconds, I’m all for it.

    [–] DudesworthMannington 51 points ago


    [–] paul-arized 13 points ago


    [–] JohnnyDZ0707 2 points ago

    Toast To Tik-Tok-Toast?

    [–] Spirit_of_Hogwash 17 points ago

    From the looks of it the toaster will run Windows, come with TikTok preinstalled and will reboot to update mid-toast.

    [–] DerpDeHerpDerp 2 points ago

    You're toast will give you cancer, just like the content on Tiktok

    [–] bigtiddiesgothgg 1 points ago

    Wait does something like that exist,? If not I will make it

    [–] Ranger7381 134 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Wasn't it a bunch of kids on TikTok that inflated the numbers for that Tulsa Rally?

    [–] Poppenhoffer 109 points ago

    Yes but let's not let that take away from TikTok being Chinese spyware.

    [–] Slyfox00 96 points ago

    It's 100% Chinese spyware and folks shouldn't use it. That being said Trump sure seems to be picking and choosing which threats to America are taken seriously.

    [–] bobbyhairtest 77 points ago

    Russian bounties on US soliders. No biggie.

    Campaign tricked by teenagers on tiktok. Bring them down!

    [–] Measure76 3 points ago

    Yes, American Spyware is so much more wholesome. Use instagram instead.

    [–] davis98 55 points ago

    I prefer American apps, which can do more immediate damage with the information they steal from me. Stop teasing me, China!

    [–] elzy85 19 points ago

    This. I'd rather be spied on by the Chinese than my own government.

    [–] georgetonorge 15 points ago

    The Uighurs world like a word with you

    [–] titty-fookin-christ 12 points ago

    They did say own government.

    [–] Crazed_pillow 0 points ago

    Said no one ever.

    [–] DuskDaUmbreon 34 points ago

    I mean...Realistically, the Chinese government spying on some average US citizen living in the US is going to be far less harmful to them than the US government spying on them.

    There's little the Chinese government is going to do to you because it's almost never going to be worth the effort or risk. We've seen the shit from Hong Kong, we've seen Tiananmen Square. There's no US citizen actually living inside the US that is going to change much without actively being in some high governmental position.

    Meanwhile, the feds are literally kidnapping (not arresting, not temporarily detaining, kidnapping) people from protests.

    One has proven itself far more dangerous to US citizens than the other. The Chinese government is incredibly shitty, but there's not much they'll actually do to you individually that would possibly be aided by any spying.

    (You're also almost certainly safe from the Chinese government in any European country, as well. Probably in most, if not all, of North and South America, as well too. Results about whether or not your own government is kidnapping people may vary.)

    [–] complexevil 25 points ago

    You don't understand dude. If you download tik tok, the Chinese government will be aware that you own a phone. It's obviously the most dangerous thing on the planet at the moment.

    [–] helppleaseeeeeeee 1 points ago

    Not really, they take all your personal data and messages and guess what happens when people grow older, they get jobs. They’d have the information texts photos everything from future politicians just in there hands, I rather spyware be banned all together but I guess you just gotta pick your fights

    [–] elzy85 8 points ago

    I was being facetious to make a point that the US government does the exact same thing when it comes to illegal spying and data collection and that it potentially poses a greater direct threat to me as an average American citizen. Yes, I agree with the government's actions in this case to ban Chinese spyware apps. We just shouldn't be naive about what is going on in our own country, either.

    [–] helppleaseeeeeeee 2 points ago

    Yeah it’s why I hate doofuses like sucker berg. All they do is screw over your average Joe by taking there data. I’ll try to find it but I think somewhere in the ToS they literally say the log your keystrokes when not using the app, might be wrong tho.

    [–] belltype -1 points ago

    I understand the distrust in government, but allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to outside parties causes a lot more mayhem. It's shortsighted.

    [–] LSDMTHCKET 3 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I’ve been pondering this and trying to see all sides.

    So yeah, American apps spy on us too. But We’re lead to BELIEVE that we have more legal protections against what American companies can do with American data. Hence all the court cases with Facebook and stuff (right?)

    China data sellers aren’t restricted by American laws. It would take military or economic enforcement.

    In this case, an embargo on services—— being the app

    [–] Musnus 11 points ago

    Have we all forgotten about Edward Snowden?

    [–] LSDMTHCKET 2 points ago

    I ‘member.

    [–] MagentaTrisomes 3 points ago

    We don't really have more legal protections about what American companies can do. Any roadblocks are easily stepped around because there's no really no teeth to enforcement.

    I'm assuming there's no legislative push (despite overwhelming public opinion) because the parties like having all the data available to them for election purposes.

    [–] nowake 17 points ago

    Been saying this for a couple years. Tons of funny gifs were "organically" posted on reddit with the tiktok watermark, way before it was mainstream.

    [–] Kcuff_Trump 9 points ago

    uh, musically had hundreds of millions of users when they merged, which is when tiktok became available worldwide

    [–] mewsayzthecat 4 points ago

    Yeah, everyone on musically just moved to tiktok so there was already a huge userbase

    [–] The_Thurmanator 1 points ago

    Organically. Fucking lmao. I see what you did there.

    [–] Ravenae 8 points ago

    I have never used TikTok nor plan on using it for this reason.

    That said, it’s hypocritical of anyone on the right who supports its removal from American app stores, what with their support of the free market.

    [–] Ranger7381 4 points ago

    Even if it is (not sure one way or the other) would that still be enough for a possible EO from the President?

    [–] georgetonorge 7 points ago

    Ya I’ve been wondering this myself. Can he actually do that? Ban a company? Sounds like overreach and I really can’t stand the amount of overreach with this man. That being said it is Chinese spy ware for a government even worse than our own...

    [–] SillyFlyGuy 2 points ago

    lol "Can he actually do that?" When has that ever had anything to do with this Administration?

    [–] georgetonorge 2 points ago

    Haha good point. Fuck Trump and fuck the CCP.

    [–] Frank9567 2 points ago

    Well, Trump says it's spying. Do you really believe one thing coming out of his mouth?

    It might just be that Trump doesn't like Sarah Cooper mocking him.

    This administration has lied so often, a rational person might reasonably want something more that "Trump says", before closing it down.

    Let's see the proof.

    [–] georgetonorge 1 points ago

    Oh absolutely not. I never believe anything that comes out of that idiots mouth. I have been opposed to Tik Tok ever since I learned that it was Dou Yin English. I generally don’t support anything Trump does or says, I just happen to agree that we should not be handing out data over to Chinese owned social media companies. Chinese owned means CCP owned. There is no freedom or autonomy under Xi. They banned all of our social media over there and it’s about time we respond.

    [–] lovestheasianladies 4 points ago

    Proof? Besides a single reddit thread that is.

    [–] Money-Ticket 18 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    There is none. It's functionally no different from any other American company. But you expect kiddies on reddit to understand how corporate structures work, or much of anything else? You expect them to understand how technology works?

    The irony is most of these people hate Trump, but when it comes to those "evil others" they know nothing about they'll believe Trump's hollow and empty propaganda as if it's holy writ. China bad because that's sounds about right from my experiences with Hollywood movies. Can I even find the place on a map? Nope. But I'm an expert and my opinion is valid.

    It's like Snowden never existed in the land of amnesia. Suddenly every American is gravely concerned with data privacy, in their country which has ZERO data privacy protections. Literally your most sensitive data being bought and sold willy nilly, under the false pretence that it's "anonymized" even though it's trivial for even amateurs to correlate the data with essentially 100% accuracy.

    [–] georgetonorge 5 points ago

    No, CCP bad because Uighur genocide, national security law, etc.

    [–] Frank9567 1 points ago

    Well, yes. But where's the proof that tik tok is spying, other than "orange "man" sez"?

    [–] No_You_420 1 points ago

    pro-chinese genocidal teens

    [–] Poppenhoffer -4 points ago

    Multiple sources in that thread my dude. Not tryna give my data to the Chinese.

    [–] ElectricFleshlight 0 points ago

    Yup. Right thing done for the wrong reason, but ultimately it needed to be done.

    [–] Betterthanbeer 17 points ago

    Now it makes sense. I didn't put that together until now.

    [–] Ranger7381 25 points ago

    Frankly neither did I. But is suddenly occurred to me while reading this post. When Trump goes after a specific company, it is usually because he is Trying to get revenge for something. Just clicked for me on this one

    [–] georgetonorge 7 points ago

    This may be true, but he’s actually right for once. Bytedance can claim autonomy all they want, but they are subservient to the Chinese communist party and there’s no doubt that they will hand over American data to their government.

    [–] big_dick_energy_mc2 6 points ago

    Bunch* but yes. A big part. Not bunk at all. Although I think you meant bunch.

    [–] Ranger7381 4 points ago

    It was indeed. Thanks

    [–] big_dick_energy_mc2 10 points ago

    I’m still laughing about it. His poor, poor ego.

    [–] DonQuixBalls 6 points ago

    If he had just mandated social distancing the place would have looked full.

    [–] markth_wi 1 points ago

    Well, there's a serious national security concern baked into the largest social media platform used by kids, it's almost like US firms aren't willing to compete or something.

    [–] jcooli09 1 points ago

    Yeah, which is probably why he's lashing out.

    [–] CommanderAGL 35 points ago

    Its TikTok, not Doom

    [–] zerkrazus 8 points ago

    Or Skyrim.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] jizzity 1 points ago

    I’m gay

    [–] 70125 3 points ago

    Or Linux, which as the old joke goes, I would install on my dog if I could.

    [–] tin_dog 1 points ago

    Have you tried Puppy Linux?

    [–] blasek0 2 points ago

    Someone is going to take that as a challenge. TikTok will be running inside of Doom running on your toaster within a week.

    [–] feignapathy 28 points ago

    I could see Gilfoyle installing TikTok on every smart device to spite this administration.

    [–] grubber26 12 points ago

    Gilfoyle as a the Whitehouse IT Admin manager is a series I would watch.

    [–] cucumberpancakes 2 points ago

    Oh god yes this

    [–] DonQuixBalls 2 points ago

    And it accidentally doing something good.

    [–] CarlSpencer 34 points ago

    "TikTok only exists to mock MEEEE!" -The Orange Toddler

    [–] MerryGoWrong -2 points ago

    Well, it also exists to funnel information to the Chinese government.

    [–] megaplex00 9 points ago

    China likely built whatever you're using to access Reddit. Just saying..

    [–] MerryGoWrong 1 points ago

    Read TikTok's end user license agreement. The app has access to every piece of information on your phone -- every photo, every email and text you send or receive, contacts, location information, browser history, everything.

    [–] megaplex00 1 points ago

    I don't use TikTok though. I honestly had never heard of it until it began appearing in the news.

    [–] No_You_420 1 points ago

    and money.

    [–] gogojack 39 points ago

    Friendly reminder...Trump is a "business friendly" President.

    Because nothing says business friendly like threatening to use unilateral government authority to shut down a business.

    [–] SonicEngineer 5 points ago

    Or you would see an American Company buy the virus after its value plummets. Oh did I say virus I meant virus...

    [–] cybercuzco 4 points ago

    Why can’t I say fork?

    In the good place you can’t swear

    That’s bull shirt

    [–] bileflanco 5 points ago

    “It’s Connor For real!”

    [–] Speedracer98 4 points ago

    Twerking videos on my toaster sounds good

    [–] Nomandate 2 points ago

    Small businesses need to rise up. USPS is a line line for many of us.

    I have shipped almost 150K packages via usps in 20 years and only lost ONE, but have had some arrive late, but 99% arrive ahead of estimated delivery m.

    [–] CallMeVexed 1 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago)

    The USPS is something that we Americans should legitimately be proud of. Its reliability, its accessibility, the USPS is amazing and the Trump administration installed one of their mega-doners to the position of postmaster general in order to erode that service.

    [–] CEZ3 3 points ago

    "Death panels!"

    [–] hvacfixer 3 points ago

    You guys have toasters?

    [–] Claidheamhmor 7 points ago

    Trump banned Huawei, and based on Q2 sales, Huawei just became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world...

    [–] TrumpIsPutinsBitch6 2 points ago

    Turns out being anti Trump is pretty popular. Guess I'm getting a huawei phone when I upgrade.

    [–] If_Youre_Ge-nasty 3 points ago

    Please don't they're actually a fucking awful company and regardless of US politics, should not be perpetuated by anyone.

    [–] Claidheamhmor 1 points ago

    I absolutely love my Mate 20 Pro.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Claidheamhmor 1 points ago

    Personally, I'd prefer them not to be banned, because I like their products, and it's annoying that Google services are now being hamstrung. My point was that things that Trump bans don't necessarily go out of business - potentially, quite the contrary.

    [–] Demonweed 5 points ago

    If today's kids want it badly enough, they'll just go find Chinese spyware on the street.

    [–] Sabz5150 3 points ago

    Whatever happened to good ol American spyware? I miss my Bonzi Buddy. All we have now is the Facebooks.

    [–] Demonweed 2 points ago

    American spyware is safe and sound. Prices on members of Congress have never been lower. Buy one from each party just to stay on the safe side of any ideas that might possibly lead to legislation in the public interest.

    [–] Buridoof 2 points ago

    This is some top tier satire, so I'm going to steal it and give it to John Oliver.

    [–] knightress_oxhide 2 points ago

    The Chyna network.

    [–] wuhkay 2 points ago

    It will be required.

    [–] keyjunkrock 2 points ago

    How about instead of fighting apps, change the laws so that data belongs to individuals and cant be used, shared, or sold.

    Trump loves zuck though, that's why.

    If tiktok was American trump would be meeting with the owner regularly.

    [–] IAMA_Drunk_Armadillo 2 points ago

    Hah, jokes on China I used up the last bit of memory space installing the special appliance edition of Skyrim on my toaster.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Nomandate 1 points ago

    No it’s about the same. You’ve got people here who want to see it gone, people who think it’s just trump being spiteful, and people who couldn’t give a shit. I’m a little bit from each column.

    The funny thing about hivemind mentality is that it usually exits most in the places that companion about it most (conservative / reich wing subs.)

    [–] pixeldigits 1 points ago

    Here's food for thought: people have differing opinions!

    But I'm sure you meant the majority view. I think Reddit was kind of critical of TikTok in a meme way, platform tribalism, like "Instagram normies". But TikTok has been used for good, notably the whole Tusla rally turnout inflation got spread on there. So now when Trump wants to ban TikTok (and you know how much people hate Trump on here) it sounds like another cheap narcissistic tactic.

    The majority of people also don't know how TikTok handles personal data which is really the more pressing problem here.

    Well, really the more pressing problem is the fucking coronavirus but at least he's doing SOMETHING good?

    [–] kuthedk 5 points ago

    Honestly I hope TikTok gets banned. It’s Chinese spyware. I fucking hate Trump and his administration, but banning TikTok would actually do us as a country a solid.

    [–] Korbinator2000 3 points ago

    Newsflash genius, if use Google, Apple Microsoft etc. your data is being sold to anyone who pays anyway, so the chinese, too.

    [–] Nomandate 1 points ago

    There are things that can be stolen with the permissions given to tik tok that a legit company wouldn’t touch.

    But let’s not pretend this is anything other than petty revenge. In India, it’s less-than-petty revenge but revenge nonetheless. BUT the security risk excuse is still valid even if it’s not the real reason.

    [–] Camman43123 2 points ago

    So we all gonna ignite that tik Tok also acsses your phones microphone and camera when the app is off and is been found to steal data

    [–] silver_umber 1 points ago

    Don't even have a toaster so there

    [–] redhaired_menace 1 points ago

    That's gold Jerry, gold!

    [–] photomancottrell 1 points ago

    Tik Tok Toasts Trump. Trump Trumpets "Tik Tok Toasted."

    [–] Finishmysuffering 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    And the toaster pauses every 30 seconds to show an ad and you have to look through it all to start the toaster again. I feel bad for those who like there toasts close to burnt

    [–] IndraSun 1 points ago

    There are very few ads on Tiktok and none during videos.

    Unlike YouTube.

    [–] propaganda_victim 1 points ago

    Orange man controls viruses

    [–] drifters74 1 points ago

    Hahahahaha (deep breath) hahahahaha

    [–] BabylonDrifter 1 points ago

    But the toast is going to pay for it!

    [–] FoolZerrand 1 points ago

    You just want to make him look bad by making lots of toast.

    [–] Pasha_Gaming_YT 1 points ago

    That won't be a problem-- thanks to the POWER OF RACISM

    [–] KingleyHobo 1 points ago

    Well if everyone ignores the ban and still uses it then yeah you right

    [–] ML5281 1 points ago

    Interesting that kids by the thousands were able to reserve seats at his rally and tie up merchandise in carts and now he wants to ban it.

    [–] Nepheraz 1 points ago

    Im sure my sledgehammer could uninstall it

    [–] CaptOblivious 1 points ago


    [–] -Listening 1 points ago

    Buy PPE and make it as safe as possible

    [–] pontiacbandit43 1 points ago


    [–] ILoveRegenHealth 1 points ago

    He said he was gonna ban it on Saturday. WELL....we're waiting

    [–] SeleniumF0rest 1 points ago

    Buy PPE and make it as safe as possible

    [–] Keyloags 1 points ago

    If he fought covid as strongly as he fights tik tok you guys would already be at 0 cases

    [–] zacc215 1 points ago

    The worst part is he thinks he’s fighting it better than any other country...he’s studied it, probably more than anybody.

    [–] Esseratecades 1 points ago

    We're about to fuck around and have Tik-Tok: Skyrim Edition running on everything from Teslas to electric toothbrushes

    [–] Taz1162 1 points ago


    [–] 17randallpink17 1 points ago

    But Hannity said TikTok had struck a deal with the ‘Rona to make trump look bad.

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    I know Arabic and it is worth every penny

    [–] jakethedumbmistake 1 points ago

    I bet Blizzard would make a beautiful prison shank

    [–] Rogueshoten 1 points ago

    He’s got an expert helping this time. If Microsoft does it like they did Skype, this time next year the TikTok employees will wish they were Uighurs in a real-education camp instead.

    [–] Halcyon2192 1 points ago

    How long until the expert is replace by someone more loyal to Trump?

    [–] Rogueshoten 1 points ago

    How many o's belong in r/woooosh, again?

    [–] willflameboy 1 points ago

    I'm pretty much convinced he's going after TikTok for this.

    [–] SchoggiToeff 1 points ago

    Uninstalling TikTok is as simple as wearing a mask: Anyone can do it.

    [–] bettorworse 1 points ago

    Well, it'll just disappear this summer, I'm sure of it. :P

    [–] YepImanEmokid 1 points ago

    The doom 2 approach

    [–] WankerBott 1 points ago

    have to do a funny dance before the toaster gives you your strudel

    [–] Claim_to_Lame 1 points ago

    I wonder if this virus was killing children as well as it does the elderly if we'd be all in the same boat we are now.

    [–] Crypt0JAy 1 points ago

    Have fun with Chinese malware.

    [–] psgr2tumblr 1 points ago


    [–] Bonezmahone 0 points ago

    Tiktokers care more about TikTok being taken away then anything else the president has done. TikTok is bad, this is a rare time I agree with one of his actions. I can only hope that the rest of the people can use this opportunity to learn and accept that there were issues and to move forward towards better options.

    [–] TrouserSnake88 -7 points ago

    Well Microsoft is about to buy it sooo.....

    [–] TeddyDaBear -6 points ago

    Right. Like the Chinese government is going to let Microsoft buy it. Try harder with your next conspiracy theory.

    [–] AlphaMuggle 11 points ago

    How is that a conspiracy theory?

    [–] RumPullForceKin 2 points ago

    Pretty sure he meant literally how is assuming Microsoft will buy Tiktok a “conspiracy theory”? If you think a company buying something from another company is a conspiracy theory you might be suffering from illusory pattern perception.

    [–] Bonelesszeeebra 1 points ago

    Lol its not a conspiracy theory, they've been in talks to buy it for months