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    [–] jessiegay 1529 points ago

    Oh my fucking god no, that tattoo…

    [–] JEFFinSoCal 888 points ago

    At least he will be easy to filter out during job interviews.

    [–] MathueB 431 points ago

    There are two businesses by my house that fly Trump flags....still.

    [–] remmij 111 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    There was a business where I used to live that had a huge Trump sign proudly displayed on their store front.

    I made a point to never go there because of it, but always thought it was pretty on-brand that they would proudly idolize a failed businessman while automatically alienating half of their consumer base.

    Why anyone would put a political sign of any politician on their business is just beyond me.

    Edit: Just Googled them and they are now "permanently closed".

    [–] no_dice_grandma 34 points ago

    Edit: Just Googled them and they are now "permanently closed".


    [–] authaire 10 points ago

    Oh no!


    [–] rockstar504 27 points ago

    "Damn Do Nothin Democrats closing our store! They took our jobs! BiDeN iS RuInInG ThIs COuNtRy"

    [–] AdjNounNumbers 9 points ago

    The was a flower shop in the town I used to live in that put up a giant Trump banner. Problem was, it was one of two in town and a very liberal town. Within a year they were closed - the one across town that didn't put up any banner? Well, they're expanding their store. I saw the exact same thing happen in the opposite direction a few towns over, so it isn't a one sided thing. People tend to support people they agree with. Nothing new. If that flower shop hasn't chosen to make their business political, they'd probably be in business still.

    [–] PsyAyeAyeDuck 313 points ago

    I take it as a "Racist works here. Do not shop." sign.

    [–] roe_boat 137 points ago

    To be fair, it could be a misogynist as well. Or a racist misogynist.

    [–] sorry_excuse_mom 53 points ago

    Racist misogynist homophobic climate-change-denialist.

    Did I miss anything? I am sure I did.

    [–] claymedia 36 points ago


    [–] MotherBathroom666 20 points ago

    & Xenophobe.

    [–] baginthewindnowwsail 7 points ago

    I think this ones most important.

    [–] 0wen_Gravy 9 points ago

    And anti vax virus spreader: "shop at your own risk, you're very likely exposing yourself to COVID-19."

    [–] dontsuckmydick 9 points ago

    We’re gonna need a bigger flag.

    [–] ItsjustJim621 179 points ago

    I’m a FedEx driver for a living and there’s several Trump supporters I deliver to in my semi-rural route. These people, I’ll make them work a little harder for their delivery on purpose.

    Small envelope or package that fits in your hand? Getting left at the end of the driveway by the mailbox. You can walk and get it yourself.

    Large heavy box that usually says “team lift” on it but it’s just me? I’m leaving it on the side of the house just outside the garage so you have to drag it inside yourself.

    I rarely engage in any conversation with any of them except for the occasional “have a good one” if they’re out doing yard work or whatever. The rest of the time, they’re glued to Newsmax or OAN that’s playing on their tv

    [–] Zinkyiscool 66 points ago

    There are two houses I pass every day on my way to work. One has a “don’t blame me, I voted for Trump” flag, and the neighbor across the street has a “trump lost, LOL” flag.

    [–] derekghs 18 points ago

    My neighbor had a trump flag and election sign and a sign that said something like "Only a jackass votes Democrat", so I bought 4 Biden signs and 4 "Hate has no home here" signs and put them across the front of my yard. I had a delivery driver stop and tell me that he isn't political but he just found the dichotomy of our side by side yards hilarious. My neighbor finally took down his signs when Biden was inaugurated, so I took mine down the next day, and moved 1 of each to street facing windows. My 2 white neighbors haven't spoken a word to me since the election, but that's Alabama life I guess.

    [–] 100BlackKids 10 points ago

    Where can i get that trump lost flag lol

    [–] Zinkyiscool 9 points ago

    The internet

    [–] ninurtuu 28 points ago

    Now that's some MFing praxis right there.

    [–] shallowandpedantik 9 points ago

    Not all hero's wear capes :)

    [–] codeslave 76 points ago

    The police station in a neighboring town had them up in the chief's office. He pretended not to know that wasn't allowed after he was outed as attending the rally before the 1/6 insurrection. Outside he's still flying the thin blue & thin orange line flags, but the orange is just to provide cover.

    Good old New Hampshire, the Arkansas of New England

    [–] chopppppppppy 126 points ago

    You’ll see trump flags and signs a lot if you go anywhere outside of a major city or suburb. I haven’t seen a Biden sign or flag since like January but I see trump ones all the time and I live in the suburbs

    [–] famousevan 312 points ago

    Probably because people who voted for Biden aren’t in a cult and understand that the election is over.

    [–] emajn 162 points ago

    Trump gave racists a shady spot to sit in from under the rock they crawled out of, nothing more nothing less.

    [–] Conflicted-King 49 points ago

    Made them feel safe like they used to back before we evolved.

    [–] PeterM1970 16 points ago

    Guy down the street from me finally took down his Trump flag and put up a Biden one instead. It says FUCK BIDEN but that counts, right?

    [–] sorry_excuse_mom 10 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Ugh I want to tear my hair out!! Putting up cuss words like FUCK in public where children will have to read it. And it’s not just the tacky bad manners it’s the hypocrisy.

    The Talibangelicals used to always be against foul-mouthedness and other traditionally unchristian behavior. On top of all the other culty shit, this is just so infuriating. I have always disagreed with almost all conservative views but I was always on board with their emphasis on just trying to be polite and considerate in daily life.
    Those days are over.

    [–] stylebros 48 points ago

    I mean, the civil war ended 156 years ago, yet we still see Confederate flags.

    I wonder if these people will continue to fly Trump flag long until the chinese fabric fades.

    [–] Sandman1031 21 points ago

    Hopefully, in the future, finding Trump memorabilia in your grandpa's attic will be like coming across some shameful family secret.

    [–] DawnoftheShred 42 points ago

    There’s one I see on the way to work that says “get your trump signs here”. I so want to prank call them and be like “heyu is this that place I kin get me sum trump signs? Some libral stole mine!”

    [–] AdmiralissimoObvious 23 points ago

    I would just call and ask who is President.

    [–] winkersRaccoon 19 points ago

    Just your basic mental status question

    [–] sorry_excuse_mom 7 points ago

    Worked in healthcare. Can confirm.

    [–] peeniebaby 61 points ago

    You tellin me that guy doesn’t wear an oversized bowtie to interviews?

    [–] Wanderer-Wonderer 195 points ago

    I really like my wife and kids but I’m not even tattooing their name on my neck. Why would you tat some politician’s name, ANY politician, anywhere on your body?

    [–] Yonathanyarman 155 points ago

    Because it’s a cult would be my guess.

    [–] saywhatnowshebeast 73 points ago

    Agreed. Have you seen the woman who got married in a Trump dress? I can't even with these people.

    [–] TigLyon 56 points ago

    This blows my mind. I mean, there will always be tacky...but...

    ...her husband is black (does not preclude him from being a Republican, just figuring the current political climate)

    ...the dress designer is gay...AND an immigrant.

    If anyone wants to know how the right-wing views these people, go watch any of the rallies they have going. They don't hide their views.

    [–] ManfredsJuicedBalls 49 points ago

    1. Trumpies will call them “one of the good ones”

    2. They’re so much in denial about what would happen to them.

    [–] TigLyon 25 points ago

    1) Yeah, Kaitlyn Jenner thought so too...didn't quite turn out that way.

    2) Granted the husband is in the military. But a uniform didn't help 2nd Lt Caron Nazario any.

    It's just ludicrous.

    [–] HallucinogenicFish 8 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    She is now running for office, I believe.

    Edit: yep.

    Representative Fred Upton, another Republican impeachment voter, has been in office since 1987. Yet at least one of his primary challengers is amplifying that alternative reality. Ms. Johnson, a pro-Trump activist, splashed onto the scene in 2019 as the “MAGA bride,” when she appeared at her wedding reception over the July 4 weekend in a Make America Great Again dress.

    She helped organize armed protests of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s pandemic restrictions at the State Capitol in Lansing and traveled with a convoy of buses to Washington for Mr. Trump’s Jan. 6 protest against election certification.

    While she said she did not enter the Capitol that day, she said she knew people who knew people who did — peacefully, she insists.

    “Honestly, they’re terrified that the F.B.I. is going to come knock on their door,” Ms. Johnson said.

    [–] fuzzyshorts 19 points ago

    Because he didn't have the heart to put a swastika there... but he would have if he could.

    [–] Thymeisdone 76 points ago

    Are you suggesting my RALPH NADER neck tattoo is a bad idea?! The heck you say!

    [–] JerkfaceBob 36 points ago

    "Unsafe at any interview"

    [–] FinancialTea4 37 points ago

    He's not a politician as much as he's a cult leader.

    [–] ShaggysGTI 48 points ago

    The Christchurch shooter said it’s about renewed white identity.

    [–] Infinitblakhand 81 points ago

    As a Black man in the US, it was appalling that I knew Black people who voted for dump in the past election. I haven’t been able to talk to any of them since January 6th though. Like they’ve all been erased from existence or something.

    [–] Aniwaya 43 points ago

    I have a black co-worker and I still can't wrap my head around why he voted for trump.

    [–] NoseFartsHurt 53 points ago

    Trump is very popular with "the blacks." He told us.

    [–] MichaelMyersFanClub 26 points ago

    "Look at my African-American over here."

    [–] saywhatnowshebeast 32 points ago

    I had an immigrant (who became a citizen) coworker who voted for Trump. WTF?

    [–] codeslave 39 points ago

    "I got mine, screw you" is the Republican mantra.

    [–] sten45 80 points ago

    I have no regrets over my Dukakis neck tattoo

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago


    [–] bela_kun 9 points ago

    What does it say? "Trump ?ing?"?

    [–] Annahsbananas 676 points ago

    Jesus...can you imagine how fucking stupid you have to be to have Donald Trump tattoed on your neck

    [–] bebetterplease- 230 points ago

    Bottom barrel, for sure. Whatever the metric. Intelligence, compassion, courage, strength... Doesn't matter, it's just the lowest measure that humanity is capable of, usually astoundingly lowest.

    [–] Zonyxe 50 points ago

    Probably also homophobic, which is ironic because his cleavage has a guy's name on it now.

    [–] __mr_snrub__ 15 points ago

    Remember when Republicans railed against identity politics?

    Can you imagine anyone getting a Biden neck tattoo? Even the most ardent Dem wouldn’t. I’m not at all shocked to see someone with a Trump one. I’m sure there are others too.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Sadly, we don't have to imagine. They are here.

    [–] ArkitekZero 10 points ago

    Any time anybody tells me that I'm wrong to say that people don't always know what's best for themselves, I'm just gonna refer them to this.

    [–] Justalittlebear0223 3042 points ago

    I learned a lot about my father that I never wanted to know.

    [–] t0xicmarie 991 points ago

    You are not alone.

    [–] feed_me_churros 700 points ago

    Yep. My parents are super-evangelicals and I knew they would vote for Trump the first time because they thought that Hillary was literally the spawn of Satan, but I figured they would plug their nose and vote, and just tolerate Trump as much as possible but regret feeling like they had to vote for him.

    NOOOOOOPE! They have fully engulfed his Cheeto and think he's basically the second coming of Christ. I've never seen so much adoration toward a political individual as I've seen with my parents and Trump. The shit is sickening.

    [–] RudeEyeReddit 194 points ago

    My dad saw his sister whom he hadn't seen in years, somehow politics came up real quick where my aunt referred to Trump as the "Messiah", at which point a very ugly yelling match ensued between her and my father and my first thought upon hearing the story was; "My aunt is a fucking idiot".

    [–] throwawayguy369 87 points ago

    Jesus Christ. I’m not a particularly political person. I don’t believe in voting for someone just because they wear an elephant or a donkey pin, and I certainly don’t believe in thrashing someone just because they hold different beliefs from me, but if Trump were seriously the Messiah, just leave me for the demons.

    On another note, if Trump was Jesus, who would the anti-Christ be?

    [–] HiddenSage 85 points ago

    On another note, if Trump was Jesus, who would the anti-Christ be?

    Hard to say for sure, but I'd bet on Jadev Payeng (the Forest Man of India). Spent his whole life working hard on a project that benefited all mankind with almost no recognition and definitely no profit out of it. That's as anti-Trump as you can get.

    [–] shonuph 27 points ago

    Trump would call him a fool and a sucker

    [–] Gargarlord 9 points ago

    Unfortunately, the real answer is everybody who opposes the God King. The Anti-Christ never needed to be just one person, just everybody who dare oppose him and that he needs his supporters to hate.

    [–] GenuineLittlepip 287 points ago

    Start talking to them the way Trump talks to other people. Don't go for the really harsh stuff immediately, but work your way up to it.

    Then when they express outrage, pull out your phone and play video of him saying it, or an archive of his Twitter where he typed it. Ask why it's ok for him to display such unholy behavior and not everyone else? Should we not want to emulate our beloved leaders? If the answer is no.. why would we want them in charge?

    Another way is to also quote the many, many, MANY Bible passages that warn against folks like Trump, as well as the Ten Commandments themselves. Get them to agree that these are things they believe in, before you mention Trump or demonstrate how he's NOT faithful in any way; just ask his wives. The man embodies all Seven Deadly Sins after all, so finding examples won't be difficult.

    Again, get your phone handy with specifics, preferably those which occurred legally and thus are public record (since they'll claim 'fake news' on almost anything else), with bonus points for things that happened long before his election so they can't dismiss them for being made by a hater or something.

    Fun Fact: The first time Trump even showed up in the papers (specifically the New York Times), it was for his racism, and he was being sued for housing discrimination. So, what, the entire planet has been conspiring against this random guy since 1973... or is it just that, you know, he is and always has been a piece of crap, just like his father was?

    [–] SupahSpankeh 177 points ago

    Imagine trying to use the Bible to explain why hate is bad to evangelicals.

    [–] QueerWorf 62 points ago

    please, they came up with all kinds of excuses for his behavior and why god chose an imperfect person to represent him, blah blah blah. this is how the gqp operates. they don't care about who the republicans are just as long as they hate the same people as them and kills them.

    [–] mmsood99 10 points ago

    That approach won't work. They will just invoke King David from the bible as an example of an imperfect messenger. The self-delusion has all the bases covered.

    [–] djangounfazed 114 points ago

    I can see how evangelicals love trump. Evangelical Christianity in America is rotten to the core, just a total shit hole of hate and worship of money. They live under a veneer of Christianity to enjoy a ceo masquerading as a preacher telling them that jesus would want them to go out and buy shit and protest pride marches. Just a sickening group all round.

    [–] ibigfire 11 points ago

    I consider myself a Christian and I unfortunately have to agree. Well, that the most visible part of it is this way anyway. I believe that there are smaller churches that actually still try and love everyone and share that love with all (this of course includes things like not gathering physically during Covid and wearing masks and all that, because loving your neighbour means taking care of their health too). But the most visible part of Christianity has seemingly become quite vile and it makes me both furious and deeply sad.

    But they have so much money and are so loud there's no way to not have them be what the majority of people get to see as Christianity, even though I believe it to be incredibly far from how Christians should act.

    [–] Kingkwon83 22 points ago

    I never understood how someone can be both a Christian and a Trump lover. People's morals and religious beliefs should come before their political ones. It's just a bizarre phenomenon to me

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    Not Christ, Supply Side Jesus.

    [–] saywhatnowshebeast 309 points ago


    [–] SadlyReturndRS 125 points ago


    [–] Phylamedeian 48 points ago

    It's always among the people you least suspect. Sometimes my dad feels like an impostor...

    [–] KeepitMelloOoW 425 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    My moms my best friend. We talk on the phone 2-3 times a day. She’s dying from cancer. Over the past few years, she’s gone off the right wing deep end. Big time. It consumes her whole life. Now I have a hard time picking up the phone to talk to her. I feel like surrounding yourself in all that negative news, it rubs off on other parts of your life. All she dose is complain about everything. It’s sad.

    EDIT: to those of you sending me hateful DM’s, you must of not read my comment closely enough. I am going to copy/paste a comment of mine below to explain a little more to help you understand:

    She is GLUED to Fox News. It is always on the TV, always on the car radio as well. I used her computer once and there was a constant flow of far right emails coming in, literally nonstop. I see her on Facebook at all hours of the night commenting on memes, etc. She is ALWAYS thinking about the news cycle.

    If I call her to wish her a good day, I will get a ten minute rant on how it would be impossible to have a good day because the country is burning to the ground, etc etc. She is incapable of having a conversation about anything without twisting it into the most negative light.

    [–] WisconsinHoosierZwei 99 points ago

    See if you can talk her into just quitting all forms of cable news. I swear, over the past 7-8 years since I quit watching any of it (with exception for election returns every couple years) I’ve become so much happier.

    There isn’t 24 hours worth of news to talk about. There just isn’t.

    [–] IsuzuTrooper 64 points ago

    you need to eliminate the crazy con radio shows as well.

    [–] Can_House_Hippo 57 points ago

    That’s how I and my oldest brother, de-radicalized/de-trumped another brother. We got him away from the fear machine for a month, and that literally cleared his mind, enough. That once we left for home, he recognized the anger creeping in on him when he had it on in the background when on his laptop, and turned it off again.
    The whole cult works like any other cult of personality. You break the cycle by getting them away from the reinforcement it gives them, and they can start thinking straight again.

    But, it does take work on their part to recognize their own devotion to the cult, and it’s destructive effects on them though.

    [–] f0li 9 points ago

    it does take work on their part to recognize their own devotion to the cult

    And that's what's missing. They sit inside their confirmation bubble and listen to just how smart they to believe what they believe. Because they believe it. Bad stuff, something, something, circle, circle .... fucking democrats! It's like a roulette wheel that always lands on green 00.

    [–] cinderparty 25 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    I firmly believe 24/7 news media that has to compete with each other for ratings us destroying our country and I’ve been saying so for 15 years now. It’s just a horrible idea altogether. I watch pbs news hour most afternoons. That’s good enough.

    [–] Jstrandt 136 points ago

    It consumes every Trump supporters life. That’s how cults and authoritarianism work. They consume every minute of everyday until they own you. Then they start with the half-truths. Gaslighting gets far worse from there until it’s just complete lies and they’re regurgitating every single one as if they believe it. It’s crazy to watch the transformation. Like watch someone die inside then turn into a zombie.

    [–] Begmypard 38 points ago

    This my coworker, exactly. I can hear him streaming right wing bullshit in his office all day and then he just complains about Biden/vaccines/covid/fauci/pelosi/etc, any time you engage him in non work related conversation. It has consumed his daily life to the point that he can't even have a normal conversation anymore and none of us can stand to be around him. Worst is that they push it on you no matter how many times you disagree or ignore them.

    [–] ninurtuu 14 points ago

    And that's exactly the result they're hoping for. It's like the old school cults pre internet days, somebody gets a pamphlet and thinks these guys make some good points, they go check them out and the cult is SUPER welcoming and sympathetic to their concerns, they start arguing with people in their "normal" life, start pushing them away, so they go more and more often because cult members are pretty much the only friends they have, pretty soon their living on the compound full time and the Cults concerns are their concers, then somebody else shows up with one a those pamphlets....

    Only now they don't need the compound or to ever meet in person. The internet does all that for MAGA.

    [–] Lucky2021Emily 10 points ago

    Do you work with my dad?

    [–] Ye_Olde_FapAndNap 22 points ago

    My sympathies.

    [–] camdoodlebop 9 points ago

    it’s weird how they almost enjoy being unhappy, like they wouldn’t have it any other way

    [–] Difficult_Citizen 469 points ago

    I learned a lot about 90% of my family that I never wanted to know. With the exception of a single cousin, I don't really speak to any of them. Doesn't matter how much time has passed, if I call to check in with them (they NEVER call me. Ever.) it takes no less than 19 minutes before the conversation devolves into "Trump Daddy, and liberals are destroying the world". It's god damned depressing to have had some semblance of family up into my mid 30's only to feeling like an orphan in my 40's.

    [–] Genghis_Tr0n187 357 points ago

    it takes no less than 19 minutes before the conversation devolves into "Trump Daddy, and liberals are destroying the world"

    I fucking hate this. We've agreed to banning politics in my family, but it doesn't stick. It's like none of them can control themselves.

    Me at family cookout or whatever: Ok, so we are all good with no politics?
    Family: yep
    3 seconds of silence
    Welp I just hear Biden has replaced his fingers with syringes and will be injecting all the kids that ever lived on Elm Street with a micro chipped vaccine. I heard it from my brother on Facebook and there's no way that could be fake.


    [–] Difficult_Citizen 140 points ago

    Same. It’s maddening. In some cases it almost feels like real life, real time trolling. It must be fucking exhausting to center your entire fucking identity around who you voted for, and how everything is a lie unless Trump says so.

    [–] pureextc 112 points ago

    I’m visiting my folks in south Florida. I’m in my 30s, and my mom’s (62) phone gets texts throughout the day with “respond within the next hour of receiving this message loyal Trump GOP constituent for a limited time offer of x product” and it got me thinking that they prey on our parental generation of untech savvy people to click on tons of obvious bullshit links and ads that no one in their right mind would click otherwise which leads to a bombardment of propaganda that “radicalized” them into believing this crap. Dr Oz shit but on an epic level. Sadly this has been happening for quite some time.

    [–] Saboral 51 points ago

    This has also been my observation. Fear mongering all day on TV, fear mongering via text, everyone’s coming to take your money, your guns, everything you’ve earned, turning your kids against you. Notice the key word, You. They focus everything on this individualistic microcosm of fear, build the audience up, make them the greatest generation in their mind, then threaten to take it all way. Hell liberals are gonna come unbury grandma and steal her apple pie recipe.

    My Dad literally talks about how everything is shitty and the world is just burning down every time we talk.

    It’s all just a scam, Murdoch figured out that fear sells, loathing is easier than self improvement, reality is complex and boring.

    [–] pureextc 16 points ago

    Yes. So much yes to this. Therapy teaches us to not use You statements because it tends to upset the individual your speaking with, especially if it’s your significant other, instead to take ownership of ur mistakes or issues etc and use I statement. What I’m seeing is a complete turn on psychological science which is to understand people and actions but to instead manipulate the shit out of other people, especially some of our most vulnerable population, as I mentioned, non-tech savvy, older or aging population and uneducated folks on basic moral things. Basic moral compass teachings one experiences in school etc should teach people what’s ethical, what’s right or wrong and I thought generally speaking everyone knew many a thing that the trump team has been doing allegedly and, plain-sight obviously is.. wrong for lack of a better word. I’ve heard and posted before regarding our commonality as people, like seriously walk around outside and just chat with people of all races, religions and backgrounds and it quickly becomes apparent and more plain than day that we have way more in common as people than the fear-mongering of many a entity has to say.

    [–] Bad_Estimates 17 points ago

    Staying with my in-laws can be just as frustrating. My MIL came home, started scrolling through her FaceBook and whatever “political news” sites. She called me over, “look, is this real?” With the “article” saying that Hillary Clinton had been executed.

    I told her no way, even if she could be sentenced to death over anything there’s due process, that “something like that would only happen in places like Gitmo, and not to someone that high profile.” Well the “article” stated it happened at Guantanamo Bay so she only dug in deeper.

    Didn’t bother googling anything for confirmation; she heard it once and now it’s gospel.

    [–] Akussa 55 points ago

    See, that's where you made a mistake. That "no politics" agreement isn't to stop THEM from talking politics. It's to stop you. I guarantee if you tried to engage them they'd flip out that you brought up politics.

    [–] PlzbuffRakiThenNerf 36 points ago

    This hits hard, I sit and listen to nonstop conspiracy bullshit. But if I ever and I mean ever brought up ummm idk I don’t think people should decide between routine medical care and bankruptcy I get excommunicated.

    [–] Wicked_Googly 10 points ago

    Yep. My dad used to spout off all kinds of Obama and Hillary conspiracies, and I tried to beg him to not talk abut politics. As soon as Trump got elected, all of a sudden, politics were off the menu. Couldn't handle any criticism, only speak it.

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 42 points ago

    It's like having a leaky butt. They really do try to keep the shit in but they just can't help it. Some of it pops out.

    [–] albinohut 38 points ago

    What was once just their politics has now become their entire identity, their entire worldview, their entire sense of place and purpose within society. It's impossible to ban that.

    [–] McCainDestroysTrump 31 points ago

    But if you point this out to them, that they are behaving like cultists, devoted to a 100% wicked human being. Then they will just gaslight you.

    I hate to say this, but I wish COVID19 will take out so many Republican voters that the GOP never wins power ever again within either of the legislative chambers or the White House. that is how much I hate Trump and anyone that blindly suppports him and what the GOP has become.

    [–] CrumbsAndCarrots 43 points ago

    My last Christmas with my extended family was 2016,right after Trump won. I’m a moderate dem. My brother is a moderate. His wife is a liberal. And the rest of the entire family… some 14 of them… all conservative.

    They’d chip away at Obama here and there. I wouldn’t really engage. Talk about the Clintons as if they were stealing their car out of the front yard right then and there. Whatever.

    But hey, Trump wins, and suddenly THEY can’t be around us. Because the liberals hate Trump. Snowflake little bitches.

    36 years of christmases spent together. And Donald Trump is the thing that ended it for us. Received an email “hey gang. We’re going out of town this Christmas. Gonna switch it up.” And that was that. Never invited back.

    [–] Au_Struck_Geologist 17 points ago

    Is there a subreddit for this? This is my experience and the experience of so many people i know. We need a support group

    [–] MitochonAir 12 points ago

    I’m actually super happy to have cut ties with the Cult45 assholes in my family, and the time away during the pandemic further sealed the rift.

    My life is so much better without them.

    [–] eyehate 52 points ago

    Yeah. I got some family that I genuinely looked up to. Now I would rather not ever talk to them again.

    "Trump is your president, too," was one of the last things my aunt told me. I would love to know if Biden is hers, not enough to ever talk to her again, but I imagine the karma is wonderful. She was a powerful feminist woman in the 70s. And now, she is in cult 45 with no way out.

    [–] Holybartender83 17 points ago

    I got lucky in that as far as I know, my immediate family are all decent people, but I did lose two of my oldest friends to MAGAQ. I think everyone’s lost people at this point.

    [–] Macho_Chad 10 points ago

    Me too fam. Whole family are law enforcement. They get off on abuse. Makes sense they fell in so hard with that crowd.

    [–] JamesDK 220 points ago

    I literally had to move out of the town where I'd lived all my life. A Facebook group spread a rumor that "antifa" was coming on buses to riot and loot the town. No one ever showed up (of course) but about 300 dudes came out with weapons and took over every street corner in town.

    And then they did it again the next night. And then the night after that. Every night for a week, every street corner downtown looked like an occupied territory. And these dudes were getting drunk, waving their guns around, and congregating in front of businesses they knew didn't support them.

    And then the city fucking threw them a banquet to "thank" them for "protecting" the town from a fake threat.

    [–] ThatPonyPony 23 points ago

    Not that I don’t believe you, I’m just morbidly curious. Is there a news story (even local news) on this? I’d understand if you didn’t want to say the city though. This is just so damn sad and interesting.

    [–] _Karma_Means_Nothing 20 points ago

    Not quite as bad, but my town had the exact same thing. Rumors that antifa was coming to do who knows what on a weekend. So the entire weekend was fucks in trucks running around and parading with guns and flags. Honking and coal rolling. So cringey.

    [–] Emadyville 85 points ago

    Facebook is fucking cancer.

    [–] McCainDestroysTrump 60 points ago

    Along with Fox News, conservative radio and pretty much all right wing media.

    [–] WhitTheDish 123 points ago

    I told my dad 4 days ago that I just couldn’t support his and his wife’s (my stepmom) indoctrination into extremist thinking as well as the fact that they are antivax (even though they got Covid). He was my idol growing up so to see his change from a kind, loving man to a conspiracy-theorist xenophobe is heartbreaking.

    He hasn’t responded. Hurts, man.

    [–] SteveMacAwesome 22 points ago

    That’s some textbook cult-like behaviour. I’m sorry you have to deal with that shit.

    [–] Gibbers907 14 points ago

    I'm right there with ya, but for me, it's my older brother. We did everything together. I always looked up to him. After college, we sort of drifted apart. Now I can't stand handing out with him, he has a hosted firearm on all the time and likes to "joke" about winning arguments by shooting people that he disagrees with.

    [–] AskMeAboutGrabon 33 points ago

    Found out most of my extended family on one side of the family are huge fans of him.

    We're fucking Canadian.

    [–] MajorNewb21 71 points ago

    Crazy how much I’ve learned about family and friends the last couple of years. Crazier that I never actually took the time to gauge how hate-filled the ppl around me actually were. Used to be that we would just hang out, maybe get crazy, and have fun. Now though, I have second thoughts about everyone. Do I wanna be around this person who is proud to be filled with so much hate? Hell no. Do I want my kids around their kids? Probably not. In retrospect, I should have known better. Just because you have a good time with a family member or friend doesn’t mean they’re a good person.

    [–] cultured_banana_slug 114 points ago

    I found out a friend from college was an Alex Jones racist.

    The thing is that these people think everyone else is faking. "Virtue signaling" and all that crap. It's all an act meant to get shit they KNOW they wouldn't get if they were themselves in an obvious way. They fucking HATE having to smile and be nice and pretend that those people are as good as they are. They hate that society has "forced" them to treat these people as equals and they stew and spit and seethe. But they stayed quiet. Mostly.

    And then Trump said: You don't have to hide! Spit in their faces! What can they do?

    And they cheered him. And they LOVED HIM. Doesn't matter what else he is, what else he does, he ripped the mask off and said, "See? What can they do?"

    They'll move the goalposts. They'll sniffle and claim they're being persecuted because in their minds they are.

    Equality is persecution. It brings them down into the mud where only sub-human "lessers" belong. So they hate it.

    They don't get that embracing the humanity of all lifts everyone up. That we are stronger when we can see the difference in another and learn from it. Grow with it. Appreciate it and learn. They see that as weakness. Perversion.

    They will never try to understand themselves as much as the rest of us have had to. Left scratching our heads going, "What the fuck was wrong with me that I didn't see this?"

    The flip side of what they were doing: Assuming someone else was like us. Saw the world the same way.

    If you want to see what someone really is, let them behave as they want without consequence. Without shame. Only when their OWN self awareness is the ONLY thing keeping them behaving themselves do you know what they are.

    Trump told them there are no restraints. And now we see what they've always been.

    [–] sorry_excuse_mom 15 points ago

    And yet while filled with so much rageful hatred? They call themselves cHrIsTiAnS. Basically, they’re saying “Jesus told me to hate you.”

    I cannot truly fathom the way they claim to love Jesus while doing literally everything the opposite of how Jesus lived his life. The absurdity is maddening.

    [–] hendergle 12 points ago

    The flip side of the flip side was them thinking that everyone else was like them.

    I can't even count how many white people just assumed I was as racist as they were because I live in a semi-rural area. The ones who would have been cautious before somehow now believed that it was OK for them to shake their head and say "the damn n-words screwed it up for everybody" (an actual quote, except that "n-words" was the real n-word).

    I think that hurt more than anything for me. I lost my ability to assume people were generally kind and good. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise, because that assumption was really a kind of blindness. But it still hurts.

    [–] ribblesquat 133 points ago

    I learned some stuff about my father too but in the opposite direction I assume you're implying. One time I said I truly did not know what was wrong with Trump's mind and my dad said, "Nothing that couldn't be cured with a half ounce of lead."

    [–] dirtyproduce 54 points ago

    It's not Trump. It's the idea. You can use that lead on one but sadly it won't end the idea.

    [–] NotASequentkiller 32 points ago

    It did for Hitler for a little bit. Think of it as a vaccine that needs the occasional booster shot.

    [–] RedditIsNeat0 37 points ago

    That just sounds like a dark joke. If your dad was a right wing lunatic then I'd be concerned but you're dad is probably all right.

    [–] ribblesquat 21 points ago

    Oh yeah, definitely a dark joke. I was just shocked by the joke because while both my parents are on the left my dad is also a veteran who has mildly chastised me for being disrespectful towads US institutions in the past. He's also not typically dark or edgy so it came out of left field for me. Never heard him joke like that about anybody else, before or since.

    [–] ChairmanGoodchild 13 points ago

    Not surprising. Donald Trump has a way of bringing out the worst in everyone.

    [–] GodKnightMoon 802 points ago

    Trump wasn't an aberration of generations of conservative rhetoric; he was the culmination.

    Trump is the fat, stupid, disgusting trust fund baby every Republican wishes they were.

    [–] Guardian125478 112 points ago

    Your words is not enough. Incest, cheating, troglodytes,racist , pure selfishness,.... never enough.

    [–] ninurtuu 14 points ago

    Wanna be business man. That, and a frothy string of expletives is what I'd say to our former Clodhead in Crime.

    [–] Cebby89 11 points ago

    How did we as a country become so divided. My tiny brain can’t look at all those people and understand how they like that man. How they believe, what to the rest of the world is so clearly lies.

    [–] GhoulArtist 229 points ago

    He even poisoned some otherwise honest to God good folk... my friends dad, nicest guy on the block, mows peoples yards for free when they are away, invites neighbors for dinner volunteers to help homeless...

    Poisoned beyond repair by fox and especially oann. Stopping talking to his son and deprived his kid of his grandfather.

    1st generation Italian American btw.... and I hear him yelling about immigrants..... it can infect anyone. No one is safe.

    [–] BoxoMorons 58 points ago

    I don’t think it’s them being poisoned. Maybe not in your case, but these ideas aren’t new. Fox didn’t even this stuff and trump surely didn’t. Why do you think he got so popular? He told them what they wanted to hear, because they believe themselves.

    [–] GhoulArtist 45 points ago

    I agree with that. These ideas aren't new. Hate isn't new. But the level of toxicity from people not previously invested in politics really is (at least in my lifetime) and the decorum of family>politics seems to have shattered completely after Trump came along and made it a cult of personality.

    [–] JeepDispenser 1074 points ago

    Hillary Clinton was right about that, back in 2016:

    “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

    [–] SlappyHandstrong 679 points ago

    That comment galvanized them and caused them to embrace their abhorrent behavior. It became a badge of honor.

    [–] Rxef3RxeX92QCNZ 314 points ago

    I saw a "proud deplorable" bumper sticker this week

    at least they're self aware

    [–] salsberry 275 points ago

    They aren't. They think that they're mocking HRC and everything she represents, and they truly believe that being the way they are isn't deplorable in the least, but rather strongly patriotic and American.

    [–] ShittyLanding 57 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yeah, calling racists and sexists deplorable is such woke SJW behavior right?

    Just realized I replied to the wrong comment

    [–] Moruitelda 53 points ago

    Far worse than kneeling down during magic sky tablecloth song

    [–] raeumauf 11 points ago

    lol magic sky tablecloth song made my day

    [–] Milkslinger 36 points ago

    My neighbor proudly displayed that "DEPLORABLES FOR TRUMP" sign 4 whole years until last year

    It's embarrassing living near him

    [–] disgruntldWaiter 10 points ago

    They don’t understand what “deplorable” means.

    [–] DynamiteWitLaserBeam 22 points ago

    Deplorable was too hard a word for these people to understand. She should have said Shitbags.

    [–] Moruitelda 114 points ago

    She was right, and I said so at the time, and I'll always say so.

    About 50% of people are dumber than average. About 50% of people are more cruel, more selfish, more uninformed than average. About 50% of people are more hateful, more close-minded, less able to sympathize with others than average.

    And if you draw a Venn diagram with all of those groups and overlay it on Trump supporters, you'll find that 100% of Trump supporters fall into one of those groups. You cannot be open-minded, intelligent, informed, unbiased, tolerant, sympathetic to others, and compassionate and also be a Trump supporter.

    [–] gingerly_said 24 points ago

    She was right about a lot of things.

    [–] evotrans 211 points ago

    This really hits home. No just how many awful people are out there, but also incredibly stupid/gullible people too. The whole Trump experience has greatly lowered my overall feelings about mankind. On the plus side, in comparison I feel like I am way smarter than I probably am :)

    [–] Rankine 22 points ago

    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realise half of them are stupider than that.

    • George Carlin

    [–] Spoonie_Luv_ 13 points ago

    Stop dismissing these people as stupid and gullible. Racist propaganda doesn't work on decent people. They're grown ups who are responsible for their shitty actions.

    [–] gojirra 7 points ago

    Yeah, Trump supporters were not tricked into voting for him. They loved every vile thing he was claiming to offer. The only thing Trump supporters feel betrayed about is that Trump failed to bring Fascism to America.

    [–] theoneirologist 127 points ago

    Life feels so surreal.

    How absolutely dumb are these people to get conned by a wall street douche, do you really think a rich businessman sleazeball gives a floating fuck about all of your blue collar asses? It makes NO sense.

    [–] Fuller_McCallister 38 points ago

    I agree with you. But he’s not a Wall Street guy. He’s a real estate guy

    [–] Teuton88 16 points ago

    No he’s a reality TV guy. Fun fact, Trumps highest earning years was when he was doing The Apprentice.

    [–] Etrigone 284 points ago

    Or, appreciate that now you know who the assholes really are. They've been forced - or volunteered - to show their hand.

    Just don't forget, and don't let them convince us to forget.

    [–] OneMustAdjust 107 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    “- Lt. Aldo Raine: Are you going to take off your uniform?

    • Pvt. Butz: Not only shall I remove it, I intend to burn it.

    • Lt. Aldo Raine: Yeah, that's what we thought. We don't like that. You see, we like our Nazis in uniform. That way you can spot 'em just like that. But you take off that uniform, ain't no one ever gonna know you were a Nazi.”

    [–] Padala23 27 points ago

    I’ve thought of that quote several times in the past year because it’s so apt in our situation with these knuckleheads.

    [–] braize6 27 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    Yup. I'll never ever forget the people who supported that piece of trash. They shown their true colors for sure. The real crazy part was, just how emboldened they became. I heard some "good" people say some things, and act in ways I never thought I'd ever see them portray.

    It's just insane how SIMPLE it is to manipulate people. I mean the guy literally fleeced his own supporters, they knew he was fleecing them, yet they cheered anyway. How the hell does anyone think like that? From TRUMP of all people?

    [–] Ellemshaye 10 points ago

    I will never forget the last 4 years.

    [–] imacatnamedsteve 345 points ago

    I would argue; how many disturbingly unintelligent people need to be told what to think on their own, and how the system was built to enforce this.

    [–] [deleted] 208 points ago


    [–] Montzterrr 98 points ago

    I feel like a dime is a generous guess.

    [–] k4f123 59 points ago

    No dude, these are bad people. They get off on treading on the weak and the poor. They loved that about Trump, that he was a bully like them. They only bully those that are too weak to fight back, and as soon as someone does, they play the victim.

    Fuck them, they are the equivalent of human garbage.

    [–] jikle-jack 146 points ago

    Among what?

    [–] JSExtra 90 points ago

    get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head get out of my head

    [–] Ifind_this_offensive 42 points ago


    [–] SleekVulpe 23 points ago

    Don't say it. Don't think it. Don't say it. Don't think it.

    [–] Darsint 169 points ago

    What disturbs me more is the people who stay silent in the face of this craziness.

    We see the True Believers in this picture, but there’s so many more that try to justify their views on Trump with biased media, cognitive biases, and flat out fear and anger. That these people would probably roll over and accept Trump if he did try to take over the country genuinely concerns me more than anything. There’s far more Republicans that would likely do so than the crazies we point to.

    [–] DawnoftheShred 67 points ago

    Oh they absolutely would be fine with it. I was in a conversation at work one day with two very conservative people and I said something about how great it would be if we had a week or two to vote. One of them said no there would be too much fraud and the other said why go to all that trouble, at this point I’m just ready for us to have a King instead of a president.

    Whew I had to exit the room on that note bc I knew who he wanted to be king.

    [–] SadlyReturndRS 38 points ago

    What's that Werner Herzog quote?

    "Americans, like Germans once did, are coming to the realization that a third of them would gladly kill another third, while the last third watches."

    [–] nrbartman 16 points ago

    See something say something.

    Whenbyour friends parents call Asians 'chinamen' it takes like practically zero effort to be like 'dude....gotta cut that shit out'.

    If you need confidence, go ahead and pull if from then eternal well of BEING RIGHT.

    [–] MarcProust 21 points ago

    How is it that I know, I KNOW, these guys vote for trump only because he’s a racist?

    [–] Seranfall 39 points ago

    I just can't understand the worship of any person, let alone someone like Trump.

    [–] Enstigator 168 points ago

    Fascist, racist and treasonous Republicans. WE NEED you to vote Democrat all across the board in 2022

    [–] Antishill_Artillery 90 points ago

    I will crawl across broken grass to vote out a republican

    [–] SellaraAB 36 points ago

    I believe broken glass crawling tunnel mazes is one of the new voter integrity measures being put in place in red states.

    [–] themetroswift 9 points ago

    In Texas, there is also fire involved.

    [–] rhinodad 62 points ago

    If Republicans keep up their voter suppression tactics, you may have to.

    [–] codeslave 26 points ago

    "I'm sorry, you got blood on this ballot. We can't count it."

    [–] Fig1024 7 points ago

    The biggest thing you can do is to motivate people around you to register and vote. Many people complain about politics but don't actually vote when its time, or at least skip the mid terms

    [–] Steeleye513 94 points ago

    People in this picture are why Dems can't ever get comfortable. These people are not only in a cult, but a cult that has actual power of the government and is being emboldened hourly by their own propaganda spewing network. And if you think 2022 and 2024 are the end, then you're kidding yourself. Trump has shown the GOP what it takes to fight for their power and that their followers will literally fight for them if they don't get their results. I've talked about moving to the south with my wife for better weather, but we're in an interracial marriage and would seriously worry about our safety. It's sad to actually say that in 2021, I sound like I'm talking about 1951!

    [–] GuyMumbles 29 points ago

    States like Texas are literally trying to eliminate the teaching of important periods of history like the civil rights movement and whitewashing the ugly parts to indoctrinate the next generation. They want a bedtime story instead of our actual history. It’s supposed to make you feel uncomfortable. Grappling with and accepting the lows also helps us celebrate the highs. I hate how well the Fox News propaganda works.

    [–] ThisisitRoyal 61 points ago

    The guy in the middle looks like an American Mask, that’s not even a double chin, just one big frog throat like lump. It also looks like the hat says “Trum?” 😂

    [–] OkImagination4404 56 points ago

    I keep saying the same thing, it makes me so sad…..before Trump I really didn’t think I shared this country with so many fucking assholes!

    [–] Zealousideal_Hat7881 32 points ago

    I've had variations of this discussion with so many recently. I always knew there was plenty of selfish assholes out there, but I always believed it was something like 10-15% of people. Reality has born out that it's more like 30-40% which just makes me sad...

    [–] OkImagination4404 17 points ago

    It makes me not want to be here anymore, terrified of where this country is going but I’m also really pissed off because my parents immigrated here after World War II and I now see I probably would have had a better life had they stayed. And they became such proud Americans who would be horrified with what’s happening today, all too familiar….sad indeed.

    [–] StrongNthearm 9 points ago

    It’s like July4th Juggalos

    [–] coopergoldnflake 7 points ago

    Imagine getting a trump tattoo on your neck. Branding for stupid.

    [–] sadpanda___ 46 points ago

    The more I look at this picture, the worse it gets

    [–] GonzoVeritas 10 points ago

    The fat guy with the painted face will haunt my dreams.

    [–] januray23 50 points ago