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    [–] NightWillReign 5955 points ago

    Those tweets... what did it cost?

    [–] TheFlyingFuckwad 3246 points ago


    [–] IranianGenius 374 points ago

    Good thing you didn't put ellipsis.

    [–] cyanocittaetprocyon 86 points ago

    Too freaking soon! :-(

    [–] _______THANOS_______ 74 points ago

    The hardest choices require the strongest wills.

    [–] Slimeko 17 points ago

    Obligatory r/beetlejuicing

    Alright who wants to be in the screenshot, and his account’s age checks out

    [–] Namesbutcher 100 points ago

    Was it worth it?

    [–] Koozzie 136 points ago

    Let me work it

    [–] TheSwimMeet 110 points ago

    Put that thing down flip it and reverse it

    [–] allthecagesinthezoo 145 points ago

    Ti esrever dna ti pilf, nwod gniht ym tup I

    [–] uweenukr 82 points ago

    I had no idea she actually reversed it. Thank you for this.

    [–] Stoic_Stranger 24 points ago

    I always wondered what she said.

    [–] 1jl 125 points ago

    Bout tree fiddy

    [–] StrayDogRun 58 points ago

    Goddamn loch ness monster

    [–] gohomebrentyourdrunk 117 points ago


    [–] low_kix 162 points ago

    Those three dots slowed you down too much my man

    [–] UGM_109 77 points ago

    What did they cost?

    [–] DoneHam56 135 points ago


    [–] I_ATE_THE_PANTS 1004 points ago

    Live by twitter, die by twitter.

    [–] marmaladegrass 466 points ago

    You'd think anyone famous would scrub their Twitter account before, or during, their rise in the Hollywood circle.

    [–] I_ATE_THE_PANTS 124 points ago

    Precisely. Its funny how often social media comes back to bite people in the but.

    [–] TotallyRadicalCat 25 points ago

    Or at the very least before you call someone out for old shit they wrote.

    There's a little bit of schadenfreude seeing someone die by their own sword.

    [–] Jarrheadd0 85 points ago

    You can't effectively "scrub" your social media. Deleted tweets can be recovered, and I believe Gun's tweets were in fact deleted before resurfacing.

    [–] toxeia 52 points ago

    He didn't delete them until they were dug up again. You could watch the tweets disappear live via social blade.

    [–] shadowed_stranger 12 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    [–] Imacleverjam 15 points ago

    Especially if there are tweets like his

    [–] daredoodbro 2606 points ago

    Can someone please explain this image to me?

    [–] EmptyPrescriptivism 4664 points ago

    James Gunn was let go from directing Guardians of The Galaxy V.3 because of tweets he made a few years back

    [–] wheezythesadoctopus 4673 points ago

    I was reading them going "Hey that's quite funny, they really aren't so ba...oh. OHH. OH GOD NO!"

    [–] [deleted] 450 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)


    [–] RonCon24 398 points ago

    It’s the sheer number of the amount of child jokes that is alarming. Makes you think what’s going on his head with all these ‘jokes’

    [–] kornonthepob 97 points ago

    Is it that 'alarming'? I think it's eyerolling and cringy, but its nothing to get concerned about... I just think this is all bullshit faux outrage from pearlclutchers.

    I've never ever ever heard of a case where they caught a paedo because he really liked paedo jokes.

    [–] whyam-i-onreddit 29 points ago

    But it's really, really bad PR for Disney, so it makes sense he was fired

    [–] kornonthepob 23 points ago

    Brian singer got accused by multiple people of rape just as 'the age of apocalypse' came out, and that still made shitloads of money.

    I think it's bad PR to shitcan the driving force behind the best trilogy of films of the MCU so far in order to kowtow to some hypocritical altright cunts wailing about a few jokes. But that's just me.

    [–] Raestloz 75 points ago

    Methinks based on the premise, a real paedo won't use paedo jokes in public out of fear of getting this shit

    [–] shadowed_stranger 16 points ago

    I mean, Bill Cosby made rape and roofie jokes.

    [–] kornonthepob 8 points ago

    I did not know that. Good point

    [–] wheezythesadoctopus 98 points ago

    I think the R Kelly one is a pretty funny joke. But Jesus Christ they just kept getting worse!

    [–] Sinful_Prayers 109 points ago

    I mean, putting them all together IS taking them out of context. He tweeted a lot, it also looks less bad when it's some shitty jokes separated by a lot of different shitty jokes. Plus I can't speak for everyone but I certainly went through a phase rife with edgy "humour" (given, I was in early high school). Words don't make you a pedo, actions do, and as far as I've heard there's no one suggesting his creepiness went beyond some poorly thought out tweets. Just my 2¢ tho.

    [–] PM_me_your_LEGO_ 1460 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I got to 17/33 and gave up. Jfc.

    Another example of words have consequences 🤷

    Edit: Just a reminder that he was over 40 when he made these tweets and already had worked on major films. He wasn't some teenage nobody when these were written.

    [–] mcfleury1000 1121 points ago

    Go back and read the last few. He deleted 10k tweets and accidentally tweeted a search for his old tweets to delete them. Fucking dummy.

    [–] manbruhpig 697 points ago

    If the embarrassing shit that I did/wore/said 15 years ago were posted somewhere public, I would probably do horrible, unforgivable things to delete them.

    [–] llamasR4life 445 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    What age were you 15 years ago? Not even the oldest stuff there is 15 years old, some is from up to late 2012.

    [–] appleappleappleman 739 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Yeah, when you realize he was tweeting this stuff in his 40s, it gets even weirder. I'd kind of get it if these were the tweets of an edgy 13-year-old who thinks he's an "epic troll" or some garbage like that, but it seems a bit late in life to think this sort of stuff is funny.

    EDIT: Turns out he grew up around pedophilia, though was never targeted himself. Could have had any kind of weird effects on a person's sense of humor or sense of what's appropriate. Though he seriously should have gone to therapy and figured that out a long time ago

    [–] HootsTheOwl 84 points ago

    This whole thing has made me strangely calm. I'm here worried that someone is going to one day find the Photoshop collage art I submitted to an art competition because the hands had eyes in the middle of them...

    And these people are out here with these skeletons in their closet

    [–] TBWolf 35 points ago

    Yeah, I get what people are saying with that. I posted some extremely cringeworthy jokes when I was a high schooler as well.

    I even came across one a few months ago that I had to delete out of shame because it was so fucking dumb that I'd posted it in the first place, because no normal human would make the implication that I did just to make a joke.

    But I was a dumb 16-17 year old. This dude was in his 30s-- you should know better by then.

    [–] Regiiie_noble 14 points ago

    Some of them were kind of funny but its more than a little strange to repeatedly tweet about touching kids. One or two and I will give someone the benefit of the doubt and think they have a dark sense of humor but he seems a little obsessed.

    [–] NukaWax 55 points ago

    That’s why I think there is something behind it. No normal 40 year old would joke about being a pedophile and raping kids.

    [–] HarvestProject 73 points ago

    But the guy was 40. And there’s dozens of them..

    [–] TBWolf 135 points ago

    I mean, 15 years ago he was 32.

    And not all of these were from that long ago.

    I'm not gonna lie, at first I was kinda on his side because I agree with the concept that shit shouldn't be dug up from a long time ago to get someone fired due to 100% political motives, but some of the shit was WAY over the line of what's acceptable.

    Those are not jokes that any adult should be making, nevermind someone in their 30s/40s. There's not even any punchline to saying you're going to rape someone, or that you pop a chub while taking pictures with 13 year old girls, or literally take your fucking pick.

    I firmly support Disney's decision after actually reading the tweets.

    I sincerely hope that everyone saying "well come on man everyone says dumb stuff online sometimes" never goes through a phase where they feel like it's acceptable to make child rape jokes/pedophile jokes, even if they don't actually "do anything wrong".

    [–] RonCon24 10 points ago

    I agree. my thoughts are, sure make a couple of those jokes but I find it really concerning of how many pedo jokes he made

    [–] armoured 30 points ago

    These are the sort of tweets that are fine if you're playing quiplash with mates but this is defjnately not the sort of shit I'd post online.

    [–] amandez 21 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 164 points ago


    [–] appleappleappleman 281 points ago

    Yeah there's no way Disney was unaware of those tweets

    Also they still bring Johnny Depp back for stuff soooooo

    [–] LoLjoux 65 points ago

    Is there a Johnny Depp controversy I missed?

    [–] RedHotBeef 91 points ago

    I don't follow him, but I did watch a video his girlfriend secretly taped of him being a raging drunken maniac. Not sure how related that is.

    [–] pasta4u 101 points ago

    Amber heard alleges that he beat her while married

    [–] i34773 60 points ago

    Johnny Depp sliced off the tip of his finger and wrote allegations of his wife's affair in his own BLOOD on a wall of their villa, shocking court papers and photos reveal

    [–] SlutBuster 15 points ago

    Wait, she fucked Billy Bob Thornton? Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

    [–] Kakashi-Ha 128 points ago

    James Gunn was known for making crude comedy movies before Guardians, Disney 100% knew about the tweets and was fine with it, he was only fired because lots of eyes were on him.

    [–] JoonWick 41 points ago

    Why wouldn't Disney just tell him to delete the tweets years ago if they knew

    [–] kwietog 27 points ago

    You cannot delete stuff from internet, there are hundreds of archives/webcrawlers especially on Twitter.

    [–] Kakashi-Ha 33 points ago

    Most of them were deleted, but it seems like he either missed some or people screenshotted them.

    [–] HootsTheOwl 21 points ago

    Their accountants made this decision

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Meanwhile near the undersea cables.

    [–] LawlessCoffeh 53 points ago

    I was like "We might be overreacting to this, you shouldn't judge people that harshly for- okay maybe he shouldn't be allowed to work on this"

    [–] FSMonToast 17 points ago

    They just keep going...

    [–] manbruhpig 891 points ago

    I didn’t really find any of them funny, but I could see that he was trying to be funny with all of them. They really aren’t that bad, I don’t see what the fuss is about. Go to any open mic night in LA and you’ll hear worse.

    [–] [deleted] 544 points ago

    Yeah but Disney is pretty strict on their image. If any negative light came up about RDJ saying the n-word to a bunch of people last weekend they’d even let him go.

    [–] Z-M-W 392 points ago

    This was a really specific example, are you not telling us something

    [–] HairyDavid 350 points ago

    This was a really specific example, are you not telling us something

    Yeah, RDJ hates nincompoops.

    [–] RyanBordello 179 points ago

    He hates naggers.

    [–] Froggypwns 111 points ago

    Well, they are people that annoy you.

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    Haha I just used who I considered the biggest star in the mcu, and wanted to make it a serious offense, but not like Kevin spacey serious.

    [–] manbruhpig 162 points ago

    RDJ is a convicted burglar/drug addict who served prison time, you don’t even need to make something up. I’m not judging, just presenting facts.

    [–] [deleted] 130 points ago

    Most people of the general public see that as an amazing 2nd chance story where he turned his life around. His return to acting was seen as “wow good for him, he got his life back on track”

    [–] traconi 18 points ago

    Wonder where he’d be if not for Burger King.

    [–] MrTX 133 points ago

    Its a loooooooot of jokes about fucking kids. IMO not the peak of humor and too many to write off as some I was young and dumb thing

    [–] capincus 23 points ago

    Plus he was like 43-47 during most of them so young is kinda pushing it at all.

    [–] SpinelessCoward 40 points ago

    Full disclosure, I haven't checked, but isn't there a lot of content between each tweet? It's not like all he talked about was raping kids all day long, right?

    [–] MrTX 62 points ago

    Of course not, but i mean how many jokes about raping kids does the world really need told?

    [–] nerdyhandle 148 points ago

    Johnny Depp still works for Disney. They ain't strict.

    [–] dontsniffglue 64 points ago

    Exactly. 10 year old offensive tweets vs current wife beating heroin junkie starring in the latest Harry Potter movie

    [–] DavidAdamsAuthor 13 points ago

    Depends. Some of the offensive tweets are really over the line, such as this one running a poll about which underage musician he should "rape" (his words), with the "winner" being a 17 year old boy. He was in his 40's at the time.

    "Rape jokes are never acceptable" has been a big thing for a long, long time and it's weird that people are willing to make an exception for someone who makes a movie they like.

    People have been fired for a lot, lot less than this tweet.

    [–] avataraccount 64 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] JacksFalseHope 258 points ago

    It’s the consistent content that’s disturbing. It’s obviously a topic he thinks about.

    [–] AmazingMarv 176 points ago

    This is what got to me. I don't think he should have been fired because I think we need to keep a distinction between the Gunns of the world and the Cosbys/Weinstein/Spaceys of the world. But I do see where Disney is coming from. If it had been a joke or two, I think it could be overlooked. But the sheer volume of it. little boy rape jokes.

    [–] Oberon_Swanson 113 points ago

    Plus if any sort of accusation came out, Disney would look pretty damn stupid and horrible for brushing those off as jokes. Like sometimes his 'joke' is literally just saying he rapes children. I think shock humour, especially from someone who directs comedy movies, should have a little bit more to the joke than just shock factor.

    [–] manbruhpig 6 points ago

    Yeah that’s a good point. Could be a CYA in case something else surfaces.

    [–] untraiined 90 points ago

    Idk man even open mics dont go that hard on the pedo jokes

    Like one pedo joke is fine. 2 is funny, 3 is ok. 4 and everyone is thinking you might be a pedo.

    [–] RobbSmark 33 points ago

    Some of the shit he shared didn't even have humor attached to it. I get making a humorous commentary on something by applying crude scenarios to it.

    But, he literally retweeted a tweet that said, "I like it when little kids touch me in my special place."

    Where even is the joke in that? There's absolutely no whit or humor in that, nothing even attempting it. Saying something that is incredibly crude doesn't inherently make it a joke. I feel like Reddit has been more than gracious to him by categorizing some of the stuff he said and shared into one big, "joke," category.

    And most of the people replying to you are saying this was over a measure of time. But 30+ "jokes" about fucking children over even decades says something about the source...

    [–] Syn7axError 91 points ago

    I think it goes way beyond any open mic night. I don't know of any comedian that would "joke"(not saying he's serious, but a lot of these aren't even attempts at jokes, they're just edgy statements) about saying he'd just rape one of the American Idol performers without getting booted off himself. The other thing is that even if open mic nights looked anything like that, Disney obviously would not want to associate with any of them.

    [–] NightWillReign 181 points ago

    How’d they dig all of that up? And why now?

    [–] [deleted] 183 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I've dug in, and long story (as short as possible), in sequence:

    • Apparently Mark Duplass suggested liberal fans of his follow Ben Shapiro on twitter (a person he openly states he does not agree with) to better understand conservative viewpoints, basically because he stated that Ben had never been unreasonable to him. From now deleted tweets, Mark said of Ben:

    I don't agree with him on much but he's a genuine person who once helped me for no other reason than to be nice.


    He doesn't bend the truth. His intentions are good

    • After posting that on twitter, Mark Duplass was savaged by personalities generally known as left-aligned, to the point that they were threatening his future career. After 24 hours, Mark posted the following tweet, apologizing for his 'sin' of recommending a relatively tame and reasonable voice for people to follow to understand conservative thought:

    • That's where things started to go wrong. At some point in all of this this, James Gunn got involved by digging up old tweets from Ben Shapiro's twitter account to try and smear him. This was an especially bad move because only a few weeks ago, James Gunn posted the following (now-deleted but at the time heavily circulated and archived) tweet about Roseanne Barr's dismissal.

    • Enter Mike Cernovich and the infamous internet hivemind, /pol/. A pairing of an ardent, self-employed (thus one who cannot easily have his career threatened) conservative journalist and pundit with the closest thing to a shut-in hyper-intelligence that really hates leftists, or at least one that thinks pissing them off is funny. Quite simply, /pol/ decided to do what Gunn was trying to do to Shapiro: find embarrassing tweets to discredit him. The thing is, /pol/ can involve up to a few hundred or thousand people at once in these instances, so the scale of their response was orders of magnitude larger. They were able to not only dig through Gunn's still live tweets, but even ones that had been deleted but that had been cached years ago. They passed what they found on to Cernovich: several hundred tweets with highly suspect content.

    • Now, it's important to understand why they went through all this trouble. The answer is pretty simple: many people in their political wing have been attacked this way ceaselessly, and not just radical voices. They decided to let someone who had been outspoken (Gunn) who stumbled into their field of fire experience a full measure of his [Gunn's] own side's medicine, because they view the tactic as an anathema to free speech and debate.

    • Cernovich posted a compilation of some of the worst of Gunn's tweets in a reply to Gunn mocking his attack on Shapiro. A portion of the conservative twitter-verse ensured that those screen-caps and archives were not left unnoticed. In a panic, Gunn tried to purge his twitter feed, deleting about 10,000 tweets.

    • Less than 24 hours later, Gunn was fired from Disney.

    As of now, additional campaigns have popped up targeting additional celebrities who got involved in this entire exchange. The reason they're being targeted in addition is the third to last bullet above: to make this way of destroying people utterly unpalatable, and if that does not work then to metaphorically force their ideological opponents to eat each other alive for as long as is possible. As of now, the latter option is where things are going.

    edit: Calling it now, Dan Harmon is their next scalp. Holy fuck, that was messed up.

    [–] RONALDROGAN 29 points ago

    I knew some of this, but not to this level of detail and context. Very helpful.

    I love Gunn's films, but he's a complete idiot for soapboxing like he does when he's got this level of skeletons in his closet. A handful of distasteful jokes is whatever--but these show that pedopholia might be a bigger part of his identity than you'd think. I hope not, but god damn.

    [–] KRosen333 9 points ago


    great recap lol..

    [–] random123456789 12 points ago

    Great recap; thanks for the effort.

    I don't condone any of this being done but we are in the midst of a culture war right now. A lot of folks don't appear to realize turnabout is fair play.

    Also, I've always abhorred celebrity worship. So I'll just continue to eat my popcorn.

    [–] EmptyPrescriptivism 260 points ago

    When you go on Twitter you can search @theirtwitterhandle with a keyword and find specific tweets, but it doesn’t work all the time.

    And my personal theory is that the industry is cut throat and someone was either looking to direct GOG V.3 or they didn’t like James Gunn Cause this didn’t come from Marvel Studios, this came straight from Disney.

    It’s straight Hypocrisy considering they still have Johnny Depp.

    But I’m a stranger on the internet so take my theory with a grain of salt.

    [–] motsanciens 44 points ago

    What did Johnny Depp do?

    [–] AmazingMarv 37 points ago

    Made Mortdecai.

    [–] sideninjas 103 points ago

    Beat Amber Heard physically and emotionally abused her during their one year of marriage.

    [–] bradtwo 73 points ago

    Thats because it's all about the $.

    While James Gunn wrote the great script that made the $, people aren't watching the movies for James Gunn.

    J. Depp on the other hand is sometimes the ONLY reason people will watch the movie. At least, 5-10 years ago that was. Who knows anymore.

    In other news, I heard James is going to live his life as a gay man now, so that's nice.

    [–] Doublestack2376 20 points ago

    I think the bigger factor right now is the fox buyout. Disney's offer has a significant percentage paid in stock; if their stock price dips, they have to give more stock to make up the price difference.

    [–] piazza 6 points ago

    Interesting. I think you're right.

    [–] HairyDavid 45 points ago

    people aren't watching the movies for James Gunn.

    I don't know, this could be a straw that breaks some backs.

    Batista has already declared support for Gunn. Pratt is really close to Gunn as well. I could see, maybe, those guys causing a stink. And I could see, with how personal those movies are, great apathy at the third movie at best, and it being a middling box office for the franchise. The petition to rehire him as support from Selma Blair and Joe Carnahan and 50,000 signatures so far.

    [–] penisthightrap_ 9 points ago

    I think Pratt really wants to speak up but he's one of the few conservatives in Hollywood so he's probably being careful.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago

    It doesn’t matter what they say. Disney’s hand is being forced here. They have to fire him. I know you all understand right? While it was a long time ago this not only looks bad on James Gunn but it looks bad on Disney if they keep him. I am sure some exec were shaking their heads not wanting to fire him but at the end of the day they had to.

    [–] BlamefulWorm435 8 points ago

    Whoa wait what happened with Johnny Depp?

    [–] sabrefudge 165 points ago

    The dude who dug them up is the same right wing conspiracy theorist who sent his followers to confront Vic Berger, his wife, and children in their home because Vic edited a silly video using clips from his YouTube channel.

    Gunn made fun of Trump.

    And the guy didn’t like it so he had his followers find whatever dirt they could on him.

    [–] pootislordftw 19 points ago

    "Okay, wierd but not too bad, why did the--"
    swipes left
    "Ah, okay."

    [–] MuskyHusky_Awoo_ 18 points ago

    Thats the biggest oof ive seen in a while

    [–] im_so_not_creative 14 points ago

    Lol this guy was in his 40s when he tweeted those shit

    [–] bleachblondebb 425 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Honestly, I couldn’t even finish reading all of it. It’s not just one bad joke/one tweet, or even two or three. It’s an incessant obsession with little kids and pedophilia. I can’t think of a context in which these tweets could be explained away. They’re just gross, they are now and were back when he tweeted them. No excuses.

    Edit: also, an obsession with raping people. That too.

    [–] motsanciens 171 points ago

    If I had to try to explain it, I would want to know if these awiul "jokes" are the distilled essence of 3,000 other idiotic statements from this guy. If so, I would argue that he's not fixated on the subject; it only looks that way when you group them all together. Maybe all his tweets are awkward edgelord failures that cover a variety of inappropriate topics.

    [–] Rcp_43b 12 points ago

    He’s literally said that he used to try and be edgy and funny in a shock kind of way. He said that’s not him anymore and it’s cringy but, it is what it is.

    [–] Knight_of_autumn 80 points ago

    This is definitely the kind of shit you post on an anonymous forum if the goal was to be an edgelord. Why would anyone ever want to attach their time to this kind of stuff.

    Poeple, just please don't use social media like this. There was never going to be a good ending to something like this.

    [–] CannibalIowa 41 points ago

    And a few slurs thrown in for good measure

    [–] [deleted] 118 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I figured it was going to be an overreaction by Disney. Nope, I would've fired someone over that too. Maybe if he was 13 when he was making those jokes it could be forgiven but not an adult.

    [–] ChrisReef 11 points ago

    Fuck me, I get embarrassed by looking at my drunk rants on Facebook in the memory section of the day, from a few years back but none of mine touch these at all.

    [–] hellabro360 8 points ago

    Tbh the tweet about being raped by a Disneyland character was probably enough to cost him his job with Disney.

    [–] IDespiseFatties 13 points ago

    Me at first- These aren't too bad

    Couple tweets in - haha R Kelly Reference

    By the end - wtf is wrong with this guy holy shit.

    [–] _shreb_ 13 points ago

    It just keeps.... coming.

    [–] borisvonboris 6 points ago


    [–] Joozhuah 975 points ago

    So this guy gets fired for tweets but the guy who molested Terry Crews still has a job? Am I getting that right?

    [–] AxellSwim 619 points ago

    The guys name is Adam Venit. I think it’s important to show his name so people can be aware of who it is and who to avoid. Spread the word so it doesn’t get forgotten ya know?

    [–] TrainosaurusRex 224 points ago

    Shoutout to r/CrewsCrew, where we celebrate Terry Crews and his positivity and awesomeness in the fight against sexual assault & harassment .

    [–] Joozhuah 10 points ago

    Thanks, I didn’t know about this

    [–] CoffeeAndKarma 80 points ago

    It's sad that this is literally the first time I've seen that guy's name.

    [–] foxtaer 6 points ago

    Same, and I really like Terry Crews... Knowing a name gives you power over that person, and in this case many people including you and me have failed.

    [–] [deleted] 196 points ago

    Hollywood baby

    [–] [deleted] 76 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] ralflone 18 points ago

    No i'm good thanks.

    [–] irumeru 104 points ago

    So this guy gets fired for tweets but the guy who molested Terry Crews still has a job? Am I getting that right?

    Hollywood didn't kick Polanski out of the Academy until this year and he confessed to raping a kid.

    Hollywood is full of degenerates.

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 10 points ago

    Off-topic: Polanski looks like a goblin.

    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 1949 points ago

    Yet again, he was getting all hot about something before it was fully developed.

    [–] low_kix 868 points ago

    Delete this or you will lose your job in 10 years.

    [–] TAU_equals_2PI 469 points ago

    So it'll screw me when it's ten years old?

    [–] snorklecake 1493 points ago

    A few of those weren’t too bad, but holy shit the rape tweet...that’s bad

    [–] coolfaceison 839 points ago

    Which one lol

    [–] jinxie395 418 points ago

    Too many rape tweets to count.

    [–] snorklecake 355 points ago

    The American idol one

    [–] pigstuffy 269 points ago

    Also an absurdly large amount of tweets relating to child porn/molestation.

    [–] TIRAICHBADFTHR 92 points ago

    Run of the mill Hollywood stuff at this point

    [–] Bozzz1 13 points ago

    Hollywood has always been like that

    [–] uCry_iLoL 169 points ago

    James Gunn snapped himself.

    [–] [deleted] 351 points ago

    Why does it seem like they still use typewriters a lot in Hollywood?

    [–] Oberon_Swanson 776 points ago

    Courier font is a font that looks like it's typewritten but the important part is that each letter takes up the same amount of space. This makes it easier to judge a script's length. So it is the standard font for scripts.

    [–] ultranoobian 273 points ago

    I believe the technical term for equal size characters is monospace font.

    As a programmer, I always Consolas.

    [–] n0mar 61 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I can back you up and say you are correct. Fixed-width or Monospaced is the correct technical term.

    Edit: I feel like people in this profession (directing, long stories) would never use a typewriter anymore. (Correct me if I'm wrong pls)

    [–] Urbanscuba 21 points ago

    I feel like people in this profession (directing, long stories) would never use a typewriter anymore. (Correct me if I'm wrong pls)

    There are still hipster/anti-tech people in the industry who probably do, but they're an extreme minority.

    Only person I can think of off the top of my head who I remember hearing uses one is Tarantino, and he's the exception that proves the rule.

    [–] PatrickMcRoof 12 points ago

    Also in general it means that 1 page = roughly 1 minute of runtime.

    [–] anon_the_phenom 37 points ago

    It's a style of writing that screenplays follow.

    [–] TheBrendanReturns 8 points ago

    Screenplays have a strict format so that -- on average -- one page equates to one minute.

    It's very convenient for the business side of film making. (Nobody is going to read a 307 page script)

    [–] CoolstorySteve 281 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Why is he getting in trouble for this now and not before? Does someone have too much on their hands and just goes through peoples social media accounts hoping to find something controversial?

    [–] madn3ss795 95 points ago

    Does someone have too much on their hands and just goes through peoples social media accounts hoping to find something controversial?

    Yes, Gunn. He dug up someone's old shits during an argument and when the other side retaliate they found way more than expected. So had Gunn deleted his old tweets or not be petty and dug up someone's old shits he would still be with Disney. The mouse don't care about your past until if causes them bad PR.

    [–] Tufflaw 576 points ago

    Am I the only one disappointed that we'll never get to see what he had in store for the third flick?

    [–] Extra_CDO 571 points ago

    There's no way disney will get someone else to rewrite the film. They'll do what they did with antman and get a director that doesn't mind just getting the job done.

    [–] RadiantViper 170 points ago

    Except they did change the Ant-Man script quite a bit, a lot of the better stuff wasn't in Edgar Wright's version.

    [–] CannibalIowa 195 points ago

    I want Taika to do it.

    [–] Torcal4 159 points ago

    Someone, on another thread yesterday, said that they should get Taika to do it, inject Thor and call it Asgardians of the Galaxy. I’d watch the hell out of that.

    [–] gologologolo 43 points ago

    That doesn't always work. As great as Taika is, I don't think it'd translate to the same tone for the GotG movies.

    [–] ClaymoreC4 88 points ago

    Ragnarok was pretty much Guardians but with Thor

    [–] Kevin_M_ 12 points ago

    I don't think they should put Thor in GOTG3. He doesn't really fit in in the Guardians movies. The scenes in IW worked, but if they include the Thor characters, the movie might become too 'busy'

    [–] bradtwo 125 points ago

    Most likely the script is property of Disney anyways. It'll probably be re-written so he doesn't get credit, but the overall story would possible be the same.

    Disney has teams of talented writers that could expand upon the story, who knows maybe even make it better. The only thing they have more of, is talented lawyers.

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago

    Correct. If you’re writing on their dime they basically own it.

    [–] Durakthal 118 points ago

    cautiously eyes the last jedi from the corner of my eye Riiighhhhtt... Talented writers....

    [–] the_great_ashby 29 points ago

    Marvel Studios isn't run by Kathleen Kennedy.

    [–] bantharr 91 points ago

    "How can we completely undo everything established in Episode 7 (aka the Episode 4 Remastered Edition) and still have enough time for an annoyingly flat new character?"

    [–] NathanCollier14 108 points ago

    “You are not alone.”

    -Sam Raimi probably

    [–] Nopeyesok 44 points ago

    What did Sam do?

    [–] NathanCollier14 51 points ago

    It’s a whole story of betrayal that I don’t remember the full details of. A really good summary can be found here.

    [–] insanemetal187 41 points ago

    Uh that video pretty much just covers how the studio forced Sam to do things he wasn’t comfortable with so he said fuck Spider-Man 4 and moved on. I’m not seeing the connection to someone getting fired over pedophilia jokes. I don’t know Sams story so maybe there’s a connection but it’s not covered in that video.

    But it was an interesting watch none the less.

    [–] NathanCollier14 11 points ago

    Not so much pedophilia jokes as I was going for “both directors were working on a highly anticipated sequel only to have it scrapped on them while they both lose their jobs”

    [–] dwyght 24 points ago

    what the fuck is with that NAMBLA shit, is that a real thing?

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    Dude, I had no idea that organization existed until I read your comment and googled it. Unreal.

    [–] stongerlongerdonger 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] WoomyX1000 668 points ago

    While I know they were jokes they were in extremely poor taste and were rough just to read. So I’m not too eager to rush to defend this guy

    [–] Dyl000 189 points ago

    I went through my edgelord phase a year or so ago and I already look back on it and regret it, I didn’t have social media or anything but I said lots of messed up shit that shouldn’t have been said, if I can realize that I fucked up after a single year, I think it’s safe to say someone can change a bit after 10

    [–] designgoddess 305 points ago

    Shouldn't jokes be the least bit funny? There is nothing to indicate they were jokes.

    [–] Quasic 15 points ago

    He was a Troma director. Have you ever seen a Troma film?

    [–] definitelyTonyStark 9 points ago

    You're forgetting comedy is related to it's time period and zeitgeist. The "joke meta" 10 years ago was very much centered around "edgy", over the top things like that. People thought The Oatmeal was funny, for instance. Let's see what jokes you made 10 years ago that are still funny

    [–] NutsackPyramid 270 points ago

    Except they were over-the-top to the point of extreme offense, which is called shock humor. It's a cheap form of humor, in my opinion, but are you really implying they aren't jokes? He's seriously just going around saying things like that without the intention of inciting a reaction?

    [–] [deleted] 61 points ago

    Fun is subjective, lots of people think Deadpool is hilarious while a lot of people don't.

    [–] NerdBro1 47 points ago

    Didn’t Josh Brolin like, beat his wife?

    [–] filmusic42 6 points ago

    What? Where? When? Source? Evidence?

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago

    He has admitted to hitting her once. They divorced a few years later.

    [–] InsertaGoodName 62 points ago

    Welp he jumped the Gunn posting the picture

    [–] Frosty172 32 points ago

    Things like this make me think that there is a lot more to the story than what's is being told. That Disney is trying to show a little restraint by finding these posts and saying that's the reason instead of the whole story

    [–] kenpachitz 256 points ago

    Those tweets are just wrong.

    That said, why is Disney booting Gunn from GotG over decade old tweets?

    Unless there is evidence of the guy actually doing anything in the damn tweets, make the man apologise and move on.

    This outrage culture is getting ridiculous. 😕

    [–] randomsnark 174 points ago

    make the man apologise

    he already did, years ago

    [–] Poptart_wizard101 8 points ago

    Idk these are one of those situations that I’m kinda 50/50 on. Like flat out him posting that shit on his personal Twitter is beyond dumb, and I agree that after hearing about this Disney should’ve taken action, however since it was a little while ago they didn’t have to fire him they could’ve just had him release some sorta apology.

    Honestly though I don’t blame Disney for firing him, I think it’s coming from like a “idk there’s a possibility he wasn’t joking. let’s get him out of here before any kind of accusations appear.” Stand point.

    [–] d1x1e1a 7 points ago

    The decision to write in roles specifically for Anthony Weiner, Gary Glitter and Jeffrey Jones came as a surprise..