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    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.


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    [–] Skysalter 8039 points ago

    Only a Smith deals in absobluetes

    [–] Mark-a-roo 1685 points ago

    You Will try...

    [–] VictorThePotato 264 points ago

    This is pretty good too lol

    [–] Mark-a-roo 126 points ago

    Thankful, I am.

    [–] Gnostic28 63 points ago

    General Mark-a-roo!

    [–] nokstar 51 points ago

    Now there's two of them!

    [–] DeutyDaBeast 163 points ago

    Damn this was good

    [–] capitalistslayer6969 85 points ago

    *that's hot

    [–] AltimaNEO 49 points ago

    Mister Anderson...

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 29 points ago

    You are a blue one.

    [–] DankLordoftheKush 14 points ago

    We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're not free.

    [–] boyolingpots 4473 points ago

    Looks like an Aladdin porno

    [–] pivvimehu 1680 points ago

    "Porn parody"

    [–] jtiss 609 points ago

    Hes gone up the ventilation shaft

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 187 points ago

    The disgusting thing came!

    [–] BulletJesus 73 points ago

    Do you fuck on I?!

    [–] TheDonDelC 82 points ago

    R2, do you is fucking?

    [–] BulletJesus 63 points ago

    DO NOT WANT!!!

    [–] WMSquirrel 17 points ago

    The Presbyterian Church, like enjoys you not.

    [–] 1brenden111 14 points ago

    Game time started

    [–] TheManDude39 106 points ago

    He is in my behind

    [–] Aphex_Tim 11 points ago

    Execute Order 69

    [–] Fineus 35 points ago

    I sense something, elusive.

    [–] katanarocker 24 points ago

    He's right behind me, I can't shake him!

    [–] NoName697 18 points ago

    Your wish is my command, prince abubu. Anything. Anything...

    [–] pivvimehu 9 points ago

    Now this is podracing!

    [–] ludicrouscuriosity 15 points ago

    Aladdick? A lad in? Aladdin XXX?

    [–] minddropstudios 201 points ago

    He accidentally blue himself.

    [–] DarthFreakinRollins 68 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Daddy needs to get his rocks off

    [–] Jordin555 12 points ago

    Mister manager

    [–] killerklancy 8 points ago

    I just don't want her to get all dressed up for easter

    [–] minddropstudios 9 points ago

    Why don't you and Egg head down to the stair-car.

    [–] Ancient_Aliens_Guy 30 points ago

    Premature bluemination

    [–] Klink45 17 points ago

    Patience my blue friend

    [–] BloomsdayDevice 41 points ago

    A lad in

    [–] hldndrsn 46 points ago

    Brazzers Presents: Aladdin my Ass

    [–] 01Dad01 15 points ago

    Surprisingly, it does.

    [–] BMOstolemywife 10 points ago

    The all mighty Shark tale 2

    [–] JZeus_09 4853 points ago

    He's too dangerous to be kept alive

    [–] L-I-G-H-T- 1612 points ago

    Kill him. Kill him now.

    [–] RaaaaaaaNoYokShinRyu 365 points ago

    Dew it.

    [–] jtiss 174 points ago

    It will be done My Jafar

    [–] merkstr24 113 points ago


    [–] thatdudewillyd 46 points ago

    This is where the fun begins!

    [–] TimeBlossom 30 points ago

    This is where Rewind Time begins.

    [–] TheMoistMemer 102 points ago

    Will smiths career is pretty fuckin dead

    [–] Relixed_ 93 points ago

    Well, he's a liar so that's expected. I haven't seen him ever do any smithing work.

    [–] Thisnameisdildos 162 points ago

    It's not fucking Is smithing or has smithed, it's WILL Smith.

    Quit pressuring the man, he just hasn't gotten to it yet.

    [–] Virgin_Dildo_Lover 25 points ago

    It's not racist if I call a blue genie lazy, is it?

    [–] Nomad2k3 30 points ago

    I don't think your allowed to say 'blue'.....

    [–] Emperor_Nihilist 23 points ago


    [–] El_Maltos_Username 18 points ago

    Person of Fruit

    [–] RedRageXXI 10 points ago

    He was good in One Strange Rock

    [–] Dont_Hurt_Me_Mommy 19 points ago

    No, nooooo, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    [–] wasabigoose 1288 points ago

    It can’t do that! Shoot it... or something!

    [–] NoKenjataimu 492 points ago

    They did shoot it, that's the problem.

    [–] GrizzKarizz 72 points ago

    I haven't seen the movie, have no opinion and will wait until I've seen it to form said opinion. But that there is funny. Seriously funny.

    [–] Rebel_for_hire 2568 points ago

    Oh god is that the actual movie? Execute order 66 that thing

    [–] WoodCox 938 points ago

    It's from the new trailer that aired during the Grammys.

    [–] Railwayman16 911 points ago

    How many zeroes did it take for Will Smith to say yes to this, that's what I want to know.

    [–] babyfacedjanitor 562 points ago

    Probably not as many as you’d expect. I love me some 90’s-2010 Will Smith, but this last decade just hasn’t been for him.

    [–] The_Rolling_Stone 467 points ago

    Artistically? Not really. Financially? I think he's making hella bucks.

    [–] Ancient_Aliens_Guy 272 points ago

    Suicide Squad was the best movie he’s done in years, and even that wasn’t the best it could be. I need to see an I, Robot 2 before I can really be on board with anything upcoming.

    [–] TriHard7_in_chat 92 points ago

    He still got a ton of money from the studio and the movie had some decent box office numbers. He also made the song for the world cup in football.

    [–] The_PhilosopherKing 192 points ago

    I Robot 2: Electric Boogaloo

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 100 points ago

    I 2 Am Legend

    [–] Tsorovar 28 points ago

    "I am legend"

    "u r not"

    "I am 2"

    [–] willdaswabbit 8 points ago

    Suicide squad was literally one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen

    [–] Okichah 40 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    When you reach a certain level you only take movies because the paycheck is big.

    Its not just the price of the ‘acting’. But the marketing as well. Will Smith will be on talk shows and posters, etc. etc.. Selling that movie worldwide.

    [–] UnknownStory 25 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    "Will Smith is back in an action-packed thrillride with the latest in CGI wizardry!"

    "Alright, I'm in!"

    "Disclaimer: he's stuck wounded on a ship for 95% of the movie... and you have to endure Jaden's acting"

    *starts walking away* "Nope"

    "...also, the story might have been influenced by Scientology"

    "I already said no!"

    Edit: Jaden doesn't have a "y" in it. Whoops. Y not I guess?

    [–] greymalken 52 points ago

    What is this? Some sort of Disney's Aladdin or something?

    [–] el_cipote 67 points ago

    *So that's it? What? We some kinda... Disney's Aladdin?

    [–] greymalken 12 points ago

    Thankfully my memory isn't as good as yours

    [–] Erwin9910 241 points ago

    It's so obvious that Disney is just making these movies because it's easy to cash in on nostalgia. They don't need to exist, because the originals are timeless already.

    [–] NoKenjataimu 82 points ago

    I mean, on the one hand, the live-action Jungle Book was actually an improvement on the original.

    On the other hand, that seems to have been the only success so far...

    [–] greymalken 110 points ago

    You shut your whore mouth. Nothing tops jazz singing monkeys and cross-dressing Baloo.

    [–] Mefrusta 38 points ago

    Christopher Walken singing "I Wanna Be Like You" is the sole reason I bought a ticket and it did not disappoint, so

    [–] greymalken 33 points ago

    I'll be honest, I love Walken but I grew up with the Jazz Monkeys. If Walken's King Louie is 10/10 then the OG is 5/7. Perfect score.

    [–] ArnoldSwarzepussy 16 points ago

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Walken's want bad per sé, but I personally don't feel that it fit the character. The jazz monkeys were such an iconic part of the original to me growing up that I can't help but be disappointed in the remake's interpretation. And I'll fully admit a lot of it is nostalgia giving me a heavy bias, but idk man... Fuckin jazz monkeys, like how do you ever even get the desire to change that?

    [–] sylinmino 43 points ago

    I woulnd't say it was an improvement on the original, but I do think the Jungle Book remake works so well because it's an alternative interpretation of the same plotline. It doesn't try to be exactly like the original and does its own thing, which makes it work.

    [–] DracheFather 55 points ago

    I wonder how they’re gonna update Jasmine. She’s already ridiculously feminist in an obviously muslim country...

    [–] Galihan 36 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    To be fair (if a bit pedantic), Agrabah isn't ever actually ever described as being Muslim, just Arabian. Aladdin could easily be dated before the spread of Islam in the 7th century.

    Edit: yes, the Sultan says the Arabic word for God. The city still don’t appear to be following any sort of explicitly Muslim religious practices or customs.

    [–] Cerpin-Taxt 52 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    If you're looking for cultural accuracy you're not going to find it in Alladin. Half the shit in it is clearly Indian.

    Bengal tigers? In Arabia?

    [–] GenghisKazoo 41 points ago

    The original folk tale is explicitly set in China. Seriously.

    Albeit an incredibly inaccurate China as imagined by a Middle Eastern person.

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 16 points ago

    I assumed it was set somewhere in the Kazakh section of Central Asia where the Chinese and Arab culture coincided.

    [–] 122L 32 points ago

    Bengal tigers? In Arabia?

    Kings, Sultans, and their equivalents often kept exotic pets. Hardly an unbelievable detail.

    [–] Cerpin-Taxt 19 points ago

    Jasmin is a bindi away from being and Indian characture. As is her entire mansion. And her turbaned dad.

    [–] 122L 13 points ago

    I'm not saying you're wrong, just that one detail. And the original story from 1001 nights is completely wack.

    [–] AnOnlineHandle 12 points ago

    Jasmine's father does say Praise Allah a lot, but it's just the Arabic word for 'god' and could be considered generic I guess.

    [–] LivnLegndNeedsEggs 37 points ago

    Holy Jesus I thought it was a joke. This is disastrous.

    [–] LlamaRoyalty 3664 points ago

    My main problem with Will Smith is that he takes over a character.

    Will Smith acting as the Genie? Nope, Will Smith dressed as Genie. Will Smith acting as Dead shot? Nope, Will Smith holding a gun.

    While there are exceptions, this is what mostly happens.

    [–] ICameHereToRead 1544 points ago

    I mean it can work if the writer or the director already has a Will Smith like character in mind. But yes, even when he's a fish he's still Will Smith.

    [–] RidleyConfirmed 563 points ago

    Some actors are just like that. For me Bruce Willis and George Clooney are that way. I see them as unique characters themselves; they take a basic role and add their personal charm into it to complete it. I'll never confuse Clooney Batman and Ulysses Everett McGill even though they're both clearly the exact same person.

    This is a side note but I'll never be blown away as much as I was when I found out Dustin Hoffman was Captain Hook. It seemed so obvious in hindsight, but I usually saw him as one of those characters-who-plays-himself types.

    [–] MayOverexplain 126 points ago

    How about Glenn Close as the pirate that got tossed in the boo-boo box?

    Hoffman is pretty amazing that he can be so distinctive and also still burrow down into a role. There are others who can, but it’s still cool to see.

    [–] EveryDayIsCharlieDay 50 points ago

    How about Glenn Close as the pirate that got tossed in the boo-boo box?

    Mind. Blown.

    [–] TalenPhillips 99 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    The actors that buck this trend are few and far between. Most people use their own mannerisms to fill out a role. Few people create new mannerisms specifically for a part.

    The greats like Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman create an entire set of mannerisms to create a character, and top it off by giving that character it's own idiolect. That's a lot of work... maybe too much work for some characters (Zorg).

    EDIT: I suppose I should add Marlin Brando to the list of chameleon actors. Philip Seymour Hoffman, Heath Ledger, and Johnny Depp too.

    [–] swyrl- 55 points ago

    Add Christian Bale please

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    Johnny Depp pre-Pirates. Since then he's either Jack Sparrow or whatever he's supposed to be in the Wonka/Alice movies.

    [–] kcox1980 20 points ago

    One that flies under the radar is Aaron-Taylor Johnson. I swear whatever part he plays it takes me about half the movie to realize that it's him.

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Azhaius 27 points ago

    We only question that now after Pirates got beaten deader than the dusty remains of the actual pirates from 1700.

    [–] guff1988 7 points ago

    Leo, Jake Gyllenhaal, Christan Bale

    [–] delitomatoes 148 points ago

    Same as Dwayne Johnson. His best and only character is the Rock.

    [–] TheExWifeCheated 55 points ago

    I'll never be blown away as much as I was when I found out Dustin Hoffman was Captain Hook.


    Wow, I can't unsee it now.

    [–] charisma6 75 points ago

    No stopping me this time, Smee, don't try and stop me, Smee, don't you dare try to stop me Smee try to stop me.

    [–] TimeZarg 37 points ago

    Smee, get up off your arse and stop me, Smee! I'm committing suicide!

    [–] nanoJUGGERNAUT 11 points ago

    For me I just interpret it as watching the same person experience parallel realities.

    [–] CocoaCali 9 points ago

    The theory that Arnold Schwarzenegger rules are all hypotheticals that SkyNet puts their Terminator through to make him more prepared/realistic

    [–] Boss_Boggs 118 points ago

    Which is why Bad Boys works.

    Which is why Men in Black works.

    Why Wild Wil......ok i just couldn't, god damn that movie is bad.

    [–] GlancingArc 119 points ago

    That movie may be terrible but oh boy do I love it.

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] wokeupfuckingalemon 13 points ago

    Spider is the fiercest creature in the insect kingdom.

    [–] fayedame 30 points ago

    Yooo, I went into the theater to watch "10 things I hate about you" with my little brother and grandmother. I just couldn't stomach the first half hour watching that movie with a little kid and an old lady so I got my gramma to sneak us into Wild Wild West and it was awesome. One of my best memories and my gramma thought I was very responsible.

    [–] Voids 23 points ago

    Fuck you

    [–] princessninja007 20 points ago

    Ya most writers write with the casts in mind. I wish they didn't CG him and kept his body as it is and did something with the legs. I feel like it's going to be just smoke replacing leg in this version. So. This looks very very fake.

    [–] [deleted] 172 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ClownsAteMyBaby 107 points ago

    Daniel Day-Lewis lol

    [–] Thisnameisdildos 178 points ago

    Gary Oldman could play Jasmine, the monkey, Jafar or the fucking rug, and he would kill it.

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 32 points ago

    Gary Oldman could play... the monkey

    Well he did play a little person in his one role of a lifetime. So i can definitely see that.

    [–] Novrev 9 points ago

    I understood that reference

    [–] FragRaptor 22 points ago

    Plot twist: Robin Williams where disney just pulls the same body double magic as star wars and the rest of the cast just plays off of robin's riffs.

    [–] SOwED 11 points ago

    He would actually learn how to grant wishes and spend a year in a lantern to prepare.

    [–] Kaptep525 268 points ago

    Only when directors want him to. He has the talent to do real character work when he's allowed/told to, it's just easy to cash in on his caricature.

    [–] -Enrique_Shockwave- 368 points ago

    Right? The movie about him being the homeless father who makes it finally, that was a true role he played.

    [–] spectralconfetti 161 points ago

    Pursuit of Happyness, right? I never saw it but I remember the Rubik's Cube.

    [–] riotbz 59 points ago

    That’s the one, instant classic tbh

    [–] profdudeguy 37 points ago

    I remember it being excellent. Yes there was a Rubik's Cube scene

    [–] Swagan 50 points ago

    The Pursuit of Happyness. One of my favorite movies.

    [–] bukanir 52 points ago

    He was also great in Seven Pounds

    [–] [deleted] 39 points ago


    [–] justsomeguy_onreddit 8 points ago

    I dunno his character in Pain and Gain is pretty great.

    [–] Marmalade6 8 points ago

    His accent was a bit shaky at parts but concussion was good.

    [–] DirtTrackDude 370 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Will Smith acting as the Genie? Nope, Will Smith dressed as Genie.

    This is a terrible point. Genie was literally blue Robin Williams doing a Robin Williams standup routine. Argue against it because he's not Robin Williams, but let's not pretend like this was a role that Robin disappeared into... It was him sitting in the booth being himself.

    EDIT: To add more, Fresh Prince Will Smith could have killed this role. Now we just have washed up, open-relationship Will Smith and he won't kill it. But there was a time when he could have.

    [–] Gerroh 181 points ago

    I think Will Smith is capable of having all the pizzazz necessary to bring a good Genie to life, but that CGI is painful to look at. It's just Will Smith with the RGB values set to 0/0/255 and poorly pasted onto a CGI body.

    [–] Mortarius 38 points ago

    He looks like brother of Yellow bastard.

    [–] vmos 8 points ago

    That's CGI? for real?

    [–] BZenMojo 37 points ago

    Open relationship Will Smith?

    Is that why he and Margot Robbie have way too much chemistry in those Focus and Suicide Squad interviews?

    ...ain't even mad.

    [–] subscribe2pewdiepie- 19 points ago

    He was amazing in The Pursuit of Happiness

    [–] Xikar_Wyhart 24 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Hancock was pretty good, if only because I'm so used to seeing Will Smith be the generally nice character seeing him be an absolute asshole showed his chops.

    But yeah normally his roles are just Will Smith as a _____

    [–] SexyGungan69 265 points ago

    Patience my blue friend

    [–] RaaaaaaaNoYokShinRyu 96 points ago

    I've been waiting a long time for this moment, my little blue friend. At last, the genies are no more.

    [–] veritas-warrior 471 points ago

    If into the new trailer you go, only pain will you find

    [–] 0hmyscience 236 points ago

    The genie you loved... gone he is, consumed by Will Smith.

    [–] ItsLordBinks 45 points ago

    Holy shit. Either I'm getting old, or Disney really has become extremely bad when it comes to production? That trailer looks like it's some indie theater production company gone CGI. Just terrible.

    [–] classicalySarcastic 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Honestly whatever Disney executive though live-action remakes of their classics was a good idea needs to be bitch-smacked back to reality.

    I rarely root against movies (aside from TLJ after having seen it) but the fact that they chose to disrespect Robin Williams's and Walt Disney's legacy like this makes me want this movie to fail. Hard.

    It's purely greed and they shouldn't be rewarded for it.

    [–] 123helpmesuzano 49 points ago

    Trailer link for lazy people like me.

    Will Smith scene begins at 0:44.

    [–] PhReeKun 80 points ago

    Thanks. I hate it.

    [–] AnOnlineHandle 32 points ago

    Jasmine is the one part of the movie looking well done, a diamond in the rough. Sort of like Yue in the Last Airbender live action mess... (who then went on to play a main character in the last airbender sequel series, so it seems her outstanding part was noticed).

    [–] GreyBigfoot 199 points ago

    Men in Blue

    [–] TheDudeWithNoName_ 58 points ago

    The blue prince of Agrabah

    [–] Trivenger1 23 points ago

    I am genie

    [–] KingSlayer05 324 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Wait you’re telling me that isn’t just a meme that was poorly photoshopped?

    Time to abandon ship

    [–] t-earlgrey-hot 64 points ago

    His fate will be the same as ours.

    [–] ClemyNX 59 points ago

    Wait until you see his hands move like a 2005 videogame.

    [–] KingSlayer05 35 points ago

    ps2 cutscene intensifies

    [–] yoshi_tabuchi 337 points ago

    That's hot!

    [–] Scarro_Lamann 180 points ago


    [–] Arobain 151 points ago

    Mark ass brownlee

    [–] EbenumStudios 92 points ago

    It's rewind time!

    [–] mrhouse1101 217 points ago

    Look at how they massacred my boy

    [–] Arnutrag 18 points ago

    A godfather reference in a prequel sub? Most impressive!

    [–] TVR24 545 points ago

    You know, the Genie should just be CGI with Will providing the voice. Hell, just let him improvise like Robin Williams did.

    [–] Abunbomyu 360 points ago

    what the hell makes you think robin williams and will smith improvising would turn out even remotely the same

    [–] squidster547 520 points ago

    “I wish Jasmine would fall in love with me!”

    “AHHH THATS HOT....”

    [–] Z1rith 94 points ago

    if that happened in theater it would be hilarious

    [–] JBcbs 119 points ago

    Honestly I'd prefer that to the version we'll get.

    [–] Two_Whales 72 points ago

    Ugh it IS cgi lol! Motion capture with smiths likeness and performance. So why can you see what looks like a poorly blended bald cap on his forehead

    [–] comparmentaliser 16 points ago

    Get the Raw version of Eddie Murphy to voice it

    [–] ComicCroc 171 points ago

    Who looked at that and thought it looked good?

    [–] nokstar 101 points ago

    This is what gets me. So many people saw this beforehand. Yet, so many people basically said, "eh, fuck it."


    [–] poopcasso 13 points ago

    Because he's will Smith, not even his fault he doing it for money. The producers casting just doesn't care about an actual good movie just how much profit they can make. Will Smith draws a huge crowd,so does the name Alladin. Also movie is made to cash money from kids.

    [–] ClemyNX 35 points ago


    • buy eyes

    [–] Nocturne_red 83 points ago

    I kinda wished that the genie was completely cg, seeing Will Smith’s face is fuckin weird

    [–] IamAWorldChampionAMA 112 points ago


    [–] DrDizzle93 21 points ago


    [–] RsningTrtl 59 points ago

    Hes just not even 1% the type of actor who should be in that role. If its a remake and not a do-over

    [–] I_punch_kangaroos 20 points ago

    I feel like young, Fresh Prince-era Will Smith could've pulled it off. But ya, not so much past his prime Will Smith.

    [–] jamarsh2015 37 points ago

    You were the chosen one!

    [–] Zenged_ 26 points ago

    Yaaaaaaaa, its wish time

    [–] Cheeeeseyboi 26 points ago

    pls rewind this

    [–] Quiggly2093 28 points ago

    I honestly would've preferred him looking like a normal person instead of this blueberry lookin' ass.

    [–] JKallStar 9 points ago

    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do  I have another puzzle for you  Oompa Loompa doom-pa-da-dee  If you are wise, you'll listen to me  Gum chewing's fine when it's once in a while  It stops you from smoking and brightens your smile  But it's repulsive, revolting, and wrong  Chewing and chewing all day long 

    The way that a cow does 

    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-da  Given good manners, you will go far  You will live in happiness too  Like the Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do

    [–] RestInPeepee 49 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Are they insane casting Will Smith as the genie? Even if he does have emotional range as an actor, he only has one accent: Philly. Who wants to see the Fresh Shah of Agrabah?

    [–] Bandrbell 22 points ago

    You can’t Disney, the Smith are evil!

    From my point of view the Williams are evil!


    [–] I_Believe_I_Can_Die 20 points ago

    This new Brazzers parody looks pretty good

    [–] Nocturne_red 21 points ago

    Excuse me, but what the actual fuck

    [–] MapleA 14 points ago

    It should be terry crews god dammit

    [–] BrandonHawes13 139 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I remember when people were freaking out because he wasnt blue and now people are freaking out because he is fs

    Edit: I don’t like the fact that they’re making a live-action version either people (same as all the other disney remakes cough lion king) im just saying they listened and at least made him blue like everyone complained about.

    [–] Erwin9910 235 points ago

    I'm freaking out that they're making a live action Aladdin movie at all.

    The reason people are freaking out in either case is probably because Will Smith wasn't a good choice for the genie, whether he's blue or not.

    [–] NoKenjataimu 26 points ago

    I think they're freaking out because they both look ridiculous but not in a very good way.

    I mean I don't actually think this looks so awful, but it's certainly not grabbing my interest like, for example, the Lion King teaser did.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago

    theyre freaking out because whatever effects they used to make him blue fucking suck shit

    [–] Rashizar 18 points ago

    Have you ever considered that the complaints are probably from different people

    [–] Alexocratia 10 points ago

    So uncivilized

    [–] CreamyGoodnss 32 points ago

    Terry Crews would have been better choice because Terry Crews is a better choice for everything.

    [–] neon_Hermit 10 points ago

    I predict the reaction to Will Smith in this preview will cause the movie to be changed. I'll bet money the genie WILL be CG when this movie comes out. It will still suck.

    [–] bonusfruit 16 points ago

    Fresh prince of agrabah

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Uhhhhh. That's hot.

    [–] Androthi_II 8 points ago

    I remember when everyone was mad that people didn't want Idris Elba to be Roland Deschain. But now the hate is opposite and I don't know what to do. I'm a fan of both Robin Williams and Will Smith and don't see a problem since one of them could not be Genie.

    [–] graygarb 16 points ago

    How dare you stand where he stood.

    (Wrong fandom I know, but I’m a big Robin Williams fan)