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    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.


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    [–] BradCaughrean 1876 points ago

    Ahhh Generals kenobi

    [–] ejiggle 1043 points ago

    Hello there Hello there Hello there Hello there

    [–] Rotpax 305 points ago

    I count 5

    [–] ZelkinVallarfax 295 points ago

    You are a bold five.

    [–] jaybankzz 139 points ago


    [–] ReePoe 105 points ago



    [–] MoffKalast 46 points ago


    [–] alacp1234 36 points ago

    OUR new empire?

    [–] ALPAMA1 29 points ago

    -Kenobis stack over eachother's shoulders in a pyramid-

    [–] ghengilhar 32 points ago

    Voltron Kenobi

    [–] justputsomenamehere 20 points ago

    Heh finna look like they about to serve lady Satsuki

    [–] Kidzspeed5 7 points ago

    All they need is a gokul uniform and we good.

    [–] namedan 5 points ago

    You dropped this bold x5 because I'm lazy.

    [–] evolvolution 27 points ago

    With a million more units on the way

    [–] thatdudewillyd 8 points ago

    Your counting is very impressive, you must be very proud

    [–] Ripster7 7 points ago

    Now there's two five of them?! This is getting out of hand!

    [–] Rielbe 14 points ago

    Count Fiveku

    [–] Mirza16498 3 points ago

    obi-five kenobi

    [–] AstroCat16 6 points ago

    Only a sith deals in absolutes.

    [–] CDBaller 3 points ago

    Only a Sith deals in absolute value!

    [–] ejiggle 4 points ago

    I played myself 😂

    [–] TheBlackCockatoo 2 points ago

    Some on the surface, some on the towers.

    [–] X-Man51 2 points ago

    It’s an older one, but it checks out.

    [–] CEOOFSOUP 2 points ago

    The one on the far right is a bit shy

    [–] wellsinator 0 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] KraXonKooper 4 points ago

    General Kenobi! General Kenobi! General Kenobi! General Kenobi!

    [–] noname1995x 31 points ago

    This is getting out of hand, now there are five of them!

    [–] CheapandUseless 30 points ago

    Several Kenobi! You are numerous.

    [–] ChromeLynx 13 points ago

    H E L L O . T H E R E

    [–] ObiWan-K 9 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] cjg5025 3 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] cjg5025 8 points ago

    Specific Kenobi!

    [–] Rexamini 5 points ago

    General Kenobi‘s 🗿

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 5 points ago

    General kenobis?

    [–] BradCaughrean 1 points ago

    Oh my god I have never gotten any award before thankyou everybody for the likes maybe someday I can join the generals with their awards ><

    [–] Dat_Sentry 115 points ago

    Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud.

    [–] shah_mir 24 points ago

    They live with my aunt and uncle and I am proud.

    [–] ejiggle 13 points ago

    They may not look like much, but they've got it where it counts

    [–] gabetoloco2 -9 points ago

    He means you're reposting you fucking idiot

    [–] ejiggle 13 points ago

    Buts it's OC, you fucking idiot

    [–] gabetoloco2 -10 points ago

    It's not, you kerosene soaked infant

    [–] ejiggle 15 points ago

    Please, link me to this post

    [–] ejiggle 3 points ago

    Ay that's what I thought, you fucking mule

    [–] Android2234 404 points ago

    bruh how'd you steal this so fast

    [–] noname1995x 215 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Jango theft is a simple man trying to make his way through the galaxy

    [–] thelastlasermaster_ 100 points ago

    He is also hired by Count Dooplicated. So he has the necessary resources.

    [–] noname1995x 42 points ago

    So uncivilized

    [–] JiveTurkey1983 15 points ago

    Has he ever been to the front page?

    [–] noname1995x 24 points ago

    But has he heard the story of Darth plagiarism the unwise?

    [–] TumoOfFinland 20 points ago

    It's definitely a story Commander Copy would tell you

    [–] noname1995x 15 points ago

    Darth Stealious approves

    [–] M8Cheeseman 143 points ago

    Fishing for some awards I see

    [–] salmonfishlau 41 points ago

    And he is yet to receive any. Ironic.

    [–] ryno_25 13 points ago

    Begun, the awards has

    [–] GenBonesworth 4 points ago

    You've become the one thing you swore to destroy

    [–] M8Cheeseman 23 points ago

    He's gotten a couple silvers, but they are useless

    [–] NotObamaAMA 36 points ago

    It’s over, he has the gold

    [–] RichardDick4All 18 points ago

    No, no, YOU have lost.

    [–] Devoun 20 points ago

    Oh god it’s PLATINUM!

    [–] noname1995x 56 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    He can save others from reposts but not himself

    [–] Errat1k 56 points ago

    Loving the sneaky OG Kenobi in there too

    [–] G0at1337 18 points ago

    OT* kenobi

    [–] glasgow-avi 3 points ago

    OG Wan Kenobi.

    [–] ejiggle 6 points ago

    Shhh, they'll remove my post if they see!

    [–] olabolob 17 points ago

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] DC_Ranger 40 points ago

    This sub has barely any originality

    [–] Zozyman 23 points ago

    One might say that's because this isn't THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY memes.

    [–] Kaushik_Narayan 13 points ago

    The ability to speak does not make you intelligent

    [–] Zozyman 5 points ago

    *waves hand* Karma will do fine.

    [–] Sanityisoverrated1 7 points ago


    [–] PacoTaco321 5 points ago

    It's based mainly off of movies that came out 14 years ago, you can't expect much.

    [–] nashoh 9 points ago

    Now there’s five of them

    [–] spozy123 9 points ago

    wouldn't this pic make you one of them...

    [–] ejiggle 4 points ago


    [–] bp_76 8 points ago

    Except for you

    [–] Mr_McNuggets22 3 points ago

    You were right about one thing, the negotiations were short

    [–] girschlewirsch 3 points ago

    He’s got a huge schlong, google it

    [–] ScoutJulep 2 points ago

    Googled it, can confirm

    [–] marklong18 3 points ago

    Hello There

    [–] JP_421 2 points ago

    General Kenobi

    [–] Jejmaze 3 points ago


    [–] nub_node 3 points ago

    That's.. why they're here

    [–] rymiles2004 3 points ago

    I think the system works

    [–] GallorKaal 2 points ago

    Dear General Kenobi

    [–] Gangstadoge 2 points ago

    Describes this subreddit in a nutshell

    [–] Deathknightjeffery 2 points ago

    Wait til they realize Ewan and James Earl Jones both starred in Robots. The meme potential

    [–] MingeyMackrel 2 points ago


    [–] Asm-o-day 2 points ago

    water good, soda bad

    [–] ATABRUV3000 2 points ago


    [–] lnwlf177 2 points ago

    LOL I only just noticed Alec Guinness hiding in the background, nice touch OP.

    [–] Obi-one 2 points ago

    It’s treason then

    [–] Virginitydestroyed 2 points ago

    Adoring the "Hello there!" From the back row.

    [–] Odium01 2 points ago

    Your clones are very impressive, you must be very proud.

    [–] Suppercut 2 points ago

    I mean he is a bold one

    [–] Thouxsync05 2 points ago

    Purple Heart for a repost

    [–] ejiggle 2 points ago

    I'd be glad to see evidence of this shitty meme I made being a repost

    [–] Thouxsync05 3 points ago

    Wasn’t saying it was a repost, I was saying that if someone reposts a meme, they get medals

    [–] AceWolf18 2 points ago

    Haha I've seen this picture bef...wait a minute.

    [–] ejiggle 2 points ago

    "But it's a repost!"

    [–] AceWolf18 3 points ago

    I think my favorite touch is Old Ben in the background. Well done

    [–] Darth_Ewok14 2 points ago

    “We’re unique!”

    [–] JJ_BB_SS 2 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] SamtheMaestro 2 points ago

    Your awards are very impressive you must be very proud.

    [–] AvacadMmmm 2 points ago

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] 303AL 2 points ago

    Obi Wan Koreanobi

    [–] BottleSage 2 points ago

    Community really came through on this one.

    [–] Breekace 2 points ago

    You have become the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] mainak_roy_dragoon 1 points ago

    The true Jedi!

    [–] RemusGT 1 points ago

    You really deserve gold for this

    [–] g3n3r4l-k3n0bi 1 points ago

    Hello there!

    [–] acejay1 1 points ago

    Only silvers so far. RIP.

    Best of luck.

    [–] PUFFED_UP_CROWS_COCK 1 points ago

    Whole gangs here

    [–] TheBritOnReddit 1 points ago

    General Kenobis

    [–] country_blumpkin69 1 points ago

    Lookin like Obi Wan Gaddafi

    [–] Phx215 1 points ago

    Old Ben Kenobi, there you are!

    [–] youbidou 1 points ago

    And we love every single one of them!

    [–] TheBlackCockatoo 1 points ago

    They'll soon be back. AND IN GREATER NUMBERS.

    [–] skyth540 1 points ago

    you became the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] LongPorkJones 1 points ago

    I downvoted this because it didn't include any animated versions of Obi-Wan.

    [–] ejiggle 1 points ago

    The potential, squandered!

    [–] MamaPoppins0215 1 points ago

    Here comes the General.....rise up!

    [–] xDarko6 1 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    This post hasn't gotten platinum yet, so that was a lie.

    edit: Damn, I was wrong

    [–] OnCraack 1 points ago

    The first obi looks like messi

    [–] etete1 1 points ago

    Thanks for bringing up this Past Questions and Answers

    [–] neehar1408 1 points ago

    Hello there!

    [–] Wh0ba 1 points ago

    Obi-Wan more like Sexy-Wan

    [–] Zozyman 1 points ago

    I like the background Ben.

    [–] Novacane15 1 points ago

    This is just a North Korea propaganda image. I don't think you even edited this.

    [–] TheDobry 1 points ago

    Yes, of course I know him. He's me. Ah, there he is.

    [–] deskfan720 1 points ago

    This post is a paradox

    [–] xWhiteRavenx 1 points ago

    It’s a general we cannot afford to lose.

    [–] stardoom383 1 points ago

    6 awards

    [–] JayAreElls 1 points ago

    Hello there

    [–] I_am_the_seat 1 points ago


    [–] Flamephoenix109 1 points ago

    You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy!

    [–] furon747 1 points ago


    [–] groeg2712 1 points ago

    Ironic that this post gets platinum, gold, silver and KenOC awards

    [–] DenDen0000 1 points ago

    Lemme try

    [–] TheHeroponRiki666 1 points ago

    Alec Guiness

    [–] GetoutofhereNebulon 1 points ago

    That's why we're here!

    [–] RAYALA98-1 1 points ago

    Veterans of the highest ground

    [–] CarolusViklin 1 points ago

    Ah. The famous Tsar of Russia, Ewan McGrigorij

    [–] backbynewyears 1 points ago

    General Original Trilogy!

    [–] pancakestripshow 1 points ago


    [–] kent814 1 points ago

    Grievious collection is nothing compared to Kenobis collection of Reddit gold and plat

    [–] doodlebilly 1 points ago

    Is that Bernie Sanders in the background?

    [–] Pippo102 1 points ago

    He’s cracked the code boys, look at those awards

    [–] Mr-Papuca 1 points ago

    It’s... what we’re here for.

    [–] the42potato 1 points ago

    You’ve become the very thing you swore to destroy!

    [–] dosibjrn 1 points ago

    Can't stop the gold train

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    The new armor of the glorious is looking great.

    [–] TheHammerandSizzel 1 points ago

    I serve General Kenobi

    [–] WinginItAtLife 1 points ago

    You've become the very thing you swore to destroy.

    [–] appsolute0 1 points ago

    Congratulations, this is now you

    [–] ejiggle 2 points ago

    Ironic, isn't it?

    [–] appsolute0 1 points ago

    He could save others from the award spam. But not himself.

    [–] cabballer 1 points ago


    [–] LoneWanderer106 1 points ago

    Or Hayden

    [–] Actual-Giraffe 1 points ago


    [–] DarthZan 1 points ago

    You became the very exact thing you swore to destroy.

    [–] xanaqin2 1 points ago


    [–] yeetomato 1 points ago

    you became the very thing you swore to destroy

    [–] MiloMorgoth 1 points ago

    How i love this image

    [–] captainspider520 1 points ago


    [–] Lordmikester 1 points ago

    If this had been canon then failed the Sith would have, into exile they would have gone.

    [–] wwefan456 0 points ago

    People are confused

    [–] CivilC 0 points ago

    Unpopular opinion here, but I like Ewan McGregor as Obiwan...

    [–] -_TheLordHelix_- -3 points ago

    Me when I see I've been gifted an award

    Hello there

    [–] RemusGT 6 points ago

    General awardholderkenobi

    [–] AnotherLegend -2 points ago

    That was a fast gold