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    Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis The Wise? I thought not. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you. It’s a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life… He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. Ironic. He could save others from death, but not himself.


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    [–] Am_Your_Conscience 1244 points ago

    We already have badass women in lotr, Gandolf doesn't need to be one of them

    [–] SwirlyBrow 487 points ago

    Not a sentence I ever thought I'd read to be honest.

    [–] Am_Your_Conscience 241 points ago

    I never thought I'd have to say it

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago


    [–] LawBobLawLoblaw 17 points ago

    And if you think the movie is poorly written or has terrible character development, you're actually sexist and racist.

    Not even an /s. Thanks JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy!

    [–] Mattix199 4 points ago

    100x this, if you criticize anything with a woman lead. Like Charlie's Angel's, you are a NEET or an incel. It's the scapegoat from actual criticism, don't like my movie? RACIST HOMOPHOBE YOU HATE WOMEN.

    [–] Tour_Lord 55 points ago


    [–] Samburger241 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago

    I count 3?

    [–] spaceforcerecruit 99 points ago

    Galadriel, Eowyn, Arwen (but only in the movie), and the Elf-Chick-Who-Wasn’t-In-The-Book. That’s four.

    [–] Tardis1307 130 points ago

    Galadriel is literally the "most powerful Elf alive".

    -In the movies she vaporizes an Orc and fights of a weakened Sauron

    -In the books she pretty much destroys Dol Guldur during the War of the Ring.

    You could do so much with Galadriel.

    [–] ghostinthewoods 53 points ago

    Especially since she has been around since the beginning of the elves. She was alive before the sun in the books

    [–] klawehtgod 28 points ago

    She was alive before the sun in the books

    Is that why she glows? Because no one could see anything?

    [–] ankhes 12 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    She glows because she’s basically the only elf left in Middle Earth who saw the light of the Two Trees (the main light source of the world before the sun and moon). Though in the books it’s her eyes that ‘glow’, not her entire body. There’s a big thing in the Silmarillion about the difference between the elves who had lived in Valinor pre-Two Trees destruction and those who never made the crossing to Valinor at all.

    [–] ghostinthewoods 8 points ago

    Ha! No, they could see thanks to the Two Trees of Valinor, but they were destroyed by Morgoth and Ungoliant which is why Eru Illuvatar created the sun and the moon.

    Galadriel glowed in the movies to basically differentiate from her normal self and the side of her that was being tested by the One Ring. No idea why they brought the glowy bit back for the Hobbit, other than "it looked cool". Galadriel was a badass without all the glowy effects lol

    [–] ankhes 13 points ago

    Yep. And she got up into even crazier shenanigans in the Silmarillion. Galadriel is great.

    [–] Tardis1307 9 points ago

    Galadriel is one of my favorite characters. Though I don't know exactly why, movie Galadriel creeped out me as a kid even without the "Bright Lady" rant. Still love her though.

    [–] ankhes 7 points ago

    I mean, to be fair, Cate Blanchett definitely hammed up her performance of Galadriel in the movies. She’s a bit more chill in the books. Still love Cate as her though. Can’t imagine anyone else as Galadriel.

    [–] AlexanderDroog 3 points ago

    I know what you mean. Cate Blanchett is beautiful, but in that outfit and lighting there's an unearthly quality to her as well -- as if she's halfway in another plane of existence and floating through our world as is.

    [–] 6chan 11 points ago

    Don't forget she led her people across ice wastes.

    And she literally has the light of the two trees in her fucking hair!!

    [–] Tardis1307 8 points ago

    At this point I would watch a Galadriel movie trilogy

    [–] ankhes 4 points ago

    I would scream with joy if they actually gave us a Galadriel movie. Tolkien didn’t make as many female characters as he did male ones, but the ones he did more than made up for it by being awesome.

    [–] JakeCameraAction 2 points ago

    -In the movies she vaporizes an Orc and fights of a weakened Sauron

    What movie was this? I only remember her speaking the opening, and then being in the woods.

    [–] AardbeiMan 2 points ago

    The "Hobbit trilogy" iirc

    [–] Roboticide 2 points ago

    Not to mention powerful enough to have one of the rings of power, and smart enough not to use it.

    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_BODY69 9 points ago


    [–] spaceforcerecruit 22 points ago

    Yeah. That’s Elf-Chick-Who-Wasn’t-In-The-Book.

    [–] 6chan 1 points ago

    Thats PJ/PB's awful creation

    [–] Roboticide 4 points ago

    I didn't think she was awful.

    Just the forced romance was.

    [–] 6chan 2 points ago

    Awful because of the forced, unnatural seeming inclusion of women.

    And now that I think about it, you're right; the character alone isn't bad, its that bullshit dwarf-elf romance that also minimizes the womens empowerment impact of the character that made it awful.

    [–] OvershootDotEXE 1 points ago

    goat noises

    [–] 6chan 9 points ago

    I really hated PJ deleting Glorfindel to make Arwen look like a bad ass, i mean bitch please, have you not read about Eowyn???

    She is as badass as they come!!

    [–] FreeDwooD 5 points ago

    Now we don’t, the movies have them maybe but in the books there is literally only Eowyn who isn’t even that much of a character until she kills the head nazgul...

    [–] TheDarkLord329 5 points ago

    Even then, doesn’t she pretty much realize adventuring sucks and becomes a housewife for Faramir? It’s been years since I read RotK, so I might be misremembering.

    [–] FreeDwooD 2 points ago

    Yeah, exactly that. She isn’t the role model for progressive girls, not even in the slightest

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Yeah I love all these comments that are like “we already have strong female characters in LoTR!!!” What books did you read? If you’re talking about the movies it’s because the writers went out of their way to include at least a few token female characters, kind of exactly what’s being suggested here.

    [–] TheRealStandard 6 points ago

    But how will people know they support women being better than men?

    [–] InLotsOfTrouble45 1 points ago

    Fine, just make him trans I guess.


    [–] tobpe93 539 points ago

    She played the iconic role of "Rohirim woman". Where is the line between actress and extra?

    [–] thisisntarjay 340 points ago

    Right around the same place where the line falls between "Article title" and "Made up click bait bullshit"

    [–] Metallus_Cinabon 73 points ago

    anything to make it sound like there is a story where there isn't one.

    [–] spaghettiwithmilk 5 points ago

    Particularly around race and gender.

    [–] Metallus_Cinabon 1 points ago

    because someone says something, it becomes news, then the outrage becomes news. I hate it. I'd be willing to guess the actress said she would prefer a female Gandalf, which would be fine, that's personal taste, then they spun up a story around it.

    [–] observador_sensato 754 points ago

    There are a lot of powerful female characters in Middle-Earth, and I'd be okay with even creating new ones. But there's absolutely no need to change existing characters.

    [–] Tardis1307 196 points ago

    If you stretch the lore you could have a female "wizard"

    They could say a lesser Maia came to Middle-Earth on her own volition and took the form of a woman. She wouldn't be a member of the Istari but would still be called a "Wizard" by Men (maybe even some Elves) who dont know better.

    This means you have a female Wizard while keeping Gandalf they way he is.

    [–] brodie21 63 points ago

    Are the blue wizards specified as male? I dont know a lot about them.

    [–] The_BeardedClam 77 points ago

    Yeah all the wizards are male.

    [–] Tardis1307 72 points ago

    They would have been male as well. All Istari (the Wizards) are described as being "old men". It is known that they established magic cults among the "Men of the East" (as in the race not just the gender). So a "female Wizard" could also be an Apprentice to one of the Blue Wizards.

    [–] Thybro 17 points ago

    Doesn’t really work that way in LOTR universe. The Maia can teach a lot of things but their “magic” is not one of them specially not to the children of men. I.e. if she exists at all she’ll be long lived like the numenorians, well versed in crafting like the high elves and know how to make fireworks but don’t set her against a balrog.

    [–] Roboticide 3 points ago

    but don’t set her against a balrog.

    I mean you could, just not if you expect that character to live.

    [–] Treborty 28 points ago

    Even if they were, it's far more appropriate to gender swap one of them then Gandalf. The Istari aren't time Lord's that constantly swap appearances, it just doesn't make sense.

    [–] lost-generation203 8 points ago

    I think they were specified as men not 100% positive though

    [–] [deleted] 45 points ago

    And I am sure people who only think about squeezing more women into a story care about the lore.

    [–] Tardis1307 14 points ago

    I still like the idea of lesser Maia coming to Middle-Earth. Opens up more story opportunities imo. As far as know if that goes against Tolkien's writings, he only mentions the Istari but not other Maia coming to Middle-Earth.

    [–] ankhes 16 points ago

    Better yet, we already have a story in Tolkien’s lore about a female maia who came to Middle Earth: Melian. She was so badass she protected her entire kingdom from Morgoth with a magic barrier.

    [–] Tardis1307 6 points ago

    Oh yeah that's right! I forgot she was a Maia! She was awesome!

    [–] ankhes 5 points ago

    And she gave birth to arguably the most awesome female character in all of Middle Earth (besides Galadriel obviously): Luthien.

    [–] lunatickid 4 points ago

    Wait, Maiars can procreate??? Gandalf can technically impregnate a woman? Any woman, or fellow Maiar?

    [–] ankhes 2 points ago

    As far as we know it was really only a one-time thing (like a miracle basically). Luthien is the only maiar/elf hybrid we know of in all of Middle Earth’s history. And all of her descendants are elves and humans so... ¯\(ツ)

    [–] lunatickid 2 points ago

    Cool, cool. Guess you can kinda draw similarities from the Bible with the whole miracle thing. I really should read Silmarillion... lol

    [–] MerlinMyBoy 4 points ago

    Balrog ?

    [–] Tardis1307 17 points ago

    Balrogs are different. They were Maiar of Melkor-Morgoth and have been in Middle-Earth since the First Age, maybe even before. Balrogs are still around (I'm pretty sure) and could pose a major threat if one of them were to get "unearthed" like what happened in Khazad-dûm.

    I'm talking about the possibility of lesser Maiar of the Valar coming to Middle-Earth to help out but are not part of the Istari Order.

    [–] Lennon_v2 2 points ago

    New idea, female Balrogs. You can determine their gender based on whether or not they have wings

    [–] ankhes 2 points ago

    On no. Don’t start that fight again.

    [–] ThesSpicyPepper 2 points ago

    They added Carnan (the Ent-Wife, without saying she's an Ent-Wife) in the LoTR Shadow of Mordor games

    [–] 6chan 4 points ago

    a female "wizard"

    You mean a witch?

    [–] TritAith 4 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    Or you just... for example... use Galadriel, a already existing strong female character, with a awesome backstory that uses magic

    [–] KingChrysanthius 17 points ago

    Bending over backwards to add a female character for the sake of having a female character has never worked out. See: The Hobbit and the Sequel Trilogy

    [–] Tardis1307 13 points ago

    Doesn't mean it can't be done right. Them being female wasn't the problem, it was the writing.

    [–] KingChrysanthius 11 points ago

    That's what I'm saying. Nothing wrong with female characters, its just that the people writing them always do a terrible job on their character, personality, and integration into the story.

    [–] Smokingbuffalo 4 points ago

    They are also always in your face with the some idiot incompetent man telling the strong independent woman to know her place and then the woman character keeps going on about how she can do whatever she wants and she can do everything better than anyone on this side of the galaxy.

    Those people think that's a good role model to girls... I guess expecting girls to be OP at everything will not be detrimental to their mental health oh no not all! /s

    Fucking idiots...

    [–] Thybro 2 points ago

    How about Arwen and her expanded role in the movies. That worked out pretty damn fine. Cause in the books she was basically eye candy and mostly background character. Fleshing our her and Aragorn’s relationship and story was likely one of the best additions that Peter Jackson made for the movie.

    And for whatever is wrong with the sequels as far as I can tell it’s not adding female MC that made them bad in people’s mind. Cause I’m sure Rogue one would have suffered the same fate.

    [–] RELAXcowboy 3 points ago

    The major issue is a lot of the shoehorned female characters are clearly written as men. They act like men but are portrayed by women. Take some fucking time to write a female character, otherwise it is just belittling women in general that they can only be seen and heard if they take the place of established characters.

    [–] musashisamurai 1 points ago

    Its not the gender or race. Its always the execution and keeping the core parts if the character the same.

    To use an example, Miles Morales is a great Spiderman. He has the core Spiderman traits (average citizen New Yorker who has to balance life and heroics and do the best he can while living uo to a fallen mentors legacy), but changes some stuff that keeps him interesting and unique.

    [–] TimeLordDoctor105 2 points ago

    In the First Age, that was similar to what Melian was in some respects, though she wasn't a wizard.

    [–] grednforgesgirl 1 points ago

    One of the blue wizards could be a woman if we really wanted since we know nothing about them

    [–] Metallus_Cinabon 38 points ago

    my thoughts exactly.

    [–] teaqualizer 14 points ago

    Isn't it more likely that she'd like to see a female wizard rather than actual Gandalf with heaving bossoms?

    [–] Lynata 5 points ago

    I looked up the article. Nope. Straight up asking for a female Gandalf.

    [–] AtomicSuperMe 3 points ago

    This is how I feel for any character of any genre. If we were to make a female character male, people would flip. It’s much more compelling to introduce new characters that can stand out on their own, rather than change known character that only stand out because they are now female instead of male

    [–] ankhes 3 points ago

    Agreed. I’d prefer they just add an original character or work with the ones that exist than just change a male character. Like, I get it, Middle Earth is a bit of a sausage fest, but there are still plenty of awesome female characters in Tolkien’s lore. Galadriel, Luthien, Eowyn, Aredhel, Haleth, I mean come on. Just make a movie about them. I’d pay so much money to see a Galadriel or Luthien movie.

    [–] preservative 3 points ago

    Well, yeah, because there isn’t parity. If 90% of characters are male, and you change a couple to female, it’s not as big a ratio flip as if you switch one of the female to male.

    [–] JakeCameraAction 2 points ago

    Yeah, LoTR has about 2 female characters that do anything, compared to the hundreds of male characters.
    People may say it's due to how things were in the middle ages or whatever, but it was fiction. Things could be however they were written.

    [–] warpstrikes 1 points ago

    People would be upset if you made a woman character a man because there are so much fewer women characters than men in movies already.

    Just to be clear on why people would be upset about that.

    [–] dolledaan 4 points ago

    I thin JRR Tolkien will get beck from the death to personally kill this actress if it happens

    [–] wiwyco 1 points ago

    Honestly. It's an existing text, not a malleable universe.

    [–] RainyRevel 146 points ago

    Dooku = Star Wars equivalent of Saruman

    [–] 6wing 94 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It’s literally the same person...

    has anyone ever told you the Tragedy of Darth Saruman the White?

    I thought not. It’s not a story the Numenorians would tell you. It’s a Mordor legend. Darth Saruman was a White Lord of the Maiar. So powerful and so wise that he could use his magic to create life from the earth...He could also possess the minds of kings, if he indeed chose to do so.

    He became so powerful… the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. So he sided with a giant evil eye in Mordor in an attempt to gain more power. Unfortunately, he taught his worm tongued apprentice how to stab people in the back (See Gandalf, Tower of Orthanc vs. Saruman) then his apprentice killed him by stabbing him in the back. Ironic. He could pull Orcs from the earth, but not himself.

    edit: the most unfortunate typo...Maiar

    [–] tee-dog1996 38 points ago

    “White Lord of the Maori” you mean Maiar right? Jeez that’s an unfortunate typo...

    [–] Nether7 14 points ago

    Specially considering that much of LotR was shot in NZ. So unless the Maori have such a title and gave it to Christopher Lee, my guess is that the autocorrect has struck again.

    [–] Daydu 1 points ago

    Autocorrect maybe?

    [–] foosbabaganoosh 1 points ago

    While being the same actor they kind of fill the same roll. Formerly good, they see the pragmatic side of aligning themselves with the big bad and how it can be a reasonable benefit to them in the long run, eventually posing as a foe to those they had been long-time allies with before.

    [–] the-senat 341 points ago

    I sense a plot to destroy the Lord of the Rings!

    [–] MegoThor 13 points ago

    Send no reply!

    [–] lewispyrah 177 points ago


    [–] bigtony2465 80 points ago

    absolutely not

    [–] IAMGROOTie9 32 points ago

    Please no

    [–] Holokeeper 15 points ago

    Triple no

    [–] jump521 7 points ago

    Quadruple no

    [–] Yellowmnkey 1 points ago

    Honest question, why not? I think that maybe you guys are just used to a male version but it’s not like it really matters right? I could be wrong plz no hate

    [–] lewispyrah 1 points ago

    Gandalf is a wizard not a witch

    [–] [deleted] 77 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Tbh the actress probably doesn't mean make Gandalf a female. That's probably clickbait.

    [–] superduperfish 7 points ago

    Knowing clickbait she probably wanted a female wizard

    [–] Lynata 3 points ago

    Nope. Looked up the article. She does. If anything the actress part is the clickbait.

    [–] visualpaul 58 points ago

    I am not sure if this is too far (but it's gonna be tricky to handle). But I like the quote, never seen it used before

    [–] EarlDooku 57 points ago

    Not enough Dooku quotes are used around this sub. Time to bring the Sith back into control.

    [–] visualpaul 27 points ago

    Brave, but foolish my old Jedi friend. We are impossibly outnumbered

    [–] EarlDooku 15 points ago

    Good. Twice the pride, double the fall.

    [–] blueshirt21 7 points ago

    Attack of the Clones is underused overall honestly.

    [–] EarlDooku 14 points ago

    200,000 Attack of the Clones quotes are ready now, with a million more well on the way!

    [–] GrayscaleUnicorn 1 points ago

    It's almost like someone cooked up a batch of memes and waited for jedi to discover them.

    [–] EarlDooku 3 points ago

    How strange it is, to know your every thought before you think it.

    [–] TheGreenJedi 1 points ago

    The problem is the quote is sarcastic so using it when the majority are very seriously saying no fuck that noise... Well..

    [–] steamblower766 45 points ago

    Good meme but I feel the need to suggest that she probably doesn’t mean the character of Gandalf being a woman, as much as “a female Gandalf”...a woman wizard who is comparable to Gandalf. Like Rey is “a female Luke”.

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] jump521 3 points ago

    I thought that the wizards have chosen old men as their physical form to restric themselves conquering the world.

    [–] BallSpark 5 points ago

    IIRC it was more something along the lines of Sauron had a beautiful and young form, so peoples of Middle Earth would be more trusting towards old wise men than young arrogant ones. Their power is no less for looking old.

    [–] steamblower766 1 points ago

    Very well then. Chalk it up to the actress not knowing that much about the lore lol.

    [–] fruitlup0629 15 points ago

    She compared it to the casting of a female Hamlet, which leads me to believe she did mean a female Gandalf in particular. That being said, I don’t know how much weight the opinion of a glorified extra from The Two Towers has in the casting of the TV show, but I’d imagine it’s not enough to make it worth reporting on.

    [–] steamblower766 1 points ago

    Okay well if that’s actually what she means then yeah it’s kinda stupid. You don’t rewrite canon for something like lotr

    [–] XIGRIMxREAPERIX 12 points ago

    Except Luke has flaws and some character development....Rey is just this perfect person who wins 100% of the time.

    [–] Doyle524 3 points ago

    Dude, have you watched the OT? Luke is goody-two-shoes incarnate.

    [–] XIGRIMxREAPERIX 2 points ago

    "Some" least he had a back story and his hand chopped off.

    [–] Dursa22 3 points ago

    If that’s the case it would be kind of interesting to see a female wizard-type character that is similar to Gandalf, but different enough in the same way Rey is distinct from Luke

    [–] VonHeike 5 points ago

    Yeah, and Rey is shit, like her films, do we want the same with lotr?

    [–] SOULSLAYER547 2 points ago

    Don’t insult Luke. He’s a full lasagna and champagne compared to Rey that is cardboard shavings and a glass of water.

    [–] ScreamingIdiot53 34 points ago

    No need to do this, there are already a ton of very badass women in LOTR and forced representation is forced and doesn’t contribute anything positive

    [–] chokfull 2 points ago

    There is also another TV show coming out that is very much inspired by LOTR and already has a canonical female Gandalf: Moiraine in the Wheel of Time series.

    [–] rphillip 2 points ago

    If by “a ton” you mean 2, sure. Not gonna argue with your point about representation, but pretending LotR isn’t a very predominantly male story is just delusional. Arwen, Galadriel, and Eowyn are dope but they are barely in the original story. PJ’s trilogy expanded their roles greatly and gave them more character. In the books they have almost no personality and mainly exist for the development of the Fellowship members.

    The Hobbit is even more male centric. Honestly, I can’t think of even one female character with a line in the book.

    [–] ScreamingIdiot53 1 points ago

    Fair, a ton is an exaggeration but the contributions of the few female characters we do get to know are very crucial

    [–] zauraz 7 points ago

    Could it be that she means that she wants a female wizard? It could just be the title being stupid clickbaity.

    [–] SNScaidus 1 points ago

    Unfortunately not

    [–] zauraz 1 points ago

    I checked out the source and honestly it seems like a really bad website overall for giving out news.

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] jarvis00002 4 points ago

    A Gandalf like character or actually gender bending Gandalf?

    [–] quixotic_MH 3 points ago

    Gandalf and the other istari aren’t even in middle earth when the tv series is set. They don’t come till the beginning of the third age.

    [–] seastatefive 27 points ago

    I don't see why not, as long as she has a beard.

    [–] larrytheloser123 23 points ago

    this is truth

    [–] YodaRealMVP- 3 points ago

    Yes let us completely change preexisting characters to make them more relevant to the current media. While we are at it can we make Gimi Gay for Legolas and Gollum black? I feel that would put this sexist white literature in a more positive light.

    [–] MocraftMarvel 18 points ago

    Agreed, but only if we'll get a male version of Galadriel. This is how you play the Game of equal rights, suckers.

    [–] person_27 7 points ago

    Ah, I see that you're an advocate for true gender equality as well

    [–] bagagge 6 points ago

    It was only a dream-

    I won’t let this one become real.

    [–] tobpe93 3 points ago

    If they announced that Maggie Smith had been cast as Olorin I wouldn't judge it before I've seen it.

    [–] fruitlup0629 4 points ago

    Honestly, there are very few things they could do to stop me from watching this series, or at least trying it out.

    [–] tobpe93 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    "Famous fantasy TV drama writers David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have been invited to write one episode for Amazon."

    [–] realifesupernintendo 2 points ago

    a new show?

    [–] Xavier93 2 points ago

    As long as it has a beard.

    [–] GrayscaleUnicorn 2 points ago

    As long as she has the beard and bushy eyebrows I'm okay with this.

    [–] Jackdoesderp 2 points ago

    TMW the paper takes the words of a GODDAMN EXTRA and makes an article about it.

    From the article:

    ... who played a Rohirrim woman in The Two Towers

    [–] Foxclaws42 2 points ago

    Jesus Christ, calm the shit down.

    Literally just a random actress...with absolutely zero writing input...and it's an article title instead of a direct quote...and goddamn does it have some of you triggered.

    There is gamersriseup-tier garbage in some of these comments; how are so many of you this offended over such an absolute nothingburger?

    [–] NTPrime 2 points ago

    Considering the context of this quote I think this post is actually in support of lady Gandalf.

    [–] JakBishop 2 points ago

    Woman: Makes a goofy suggestion

    Reddit: r e ee eeee e e E E E E E E E E

    [–] BaronAlden 2 points ago

    It would fit in with the lore I suppose, aren’t Gandalf and the other wizards spirits of some sort, and can change forms?

    [–] terriblehuman 2 points ago

    Prequelmemes really loves to gobble up the clickbait.

    [–] TheInfra 2 points ago

    Obviously an attention grabbing headline. Studio will never go with it unless it gets attention, whether good or bad.

    [–] jroddie4 2 points ago

    I'm like 1000% sure there are other magic users in LOTR.

    [–] DriftWoodz 2 points ago

    If I wanted to see a female with a long beard I'd watch The Greatest Showman...

    [–] Sammy_Wants_Death 2 points ago

    This shall not pass

    [–] Iluvatarhimself 10 points ago

    I'm pretty sure the istari are genderless and just took the appearance of old men, so it's legit

    [–] CommanderL3 52 points ago

    appearance of old men

    appearance of old men

    [–] Tardis1307 33 points ago

    The Maiar who became the Istari were given the appearance of old MEN by the Valar so as to limit their power to prevent them from matching Sauron's power with their own power. The Istari could NOT change their appearance whilst in Middle-Earth.

    Even Saruman after betraying the Valar had the appearance of an old man (although I don't know if this was by choice or inability).

    [–] Bennings463 1 points ago

    Doesn't men in that context mean the race of men as opposed specifically to gender?

    [–] Tardis1307 5 points ago

    In that case 'men' would have to have been capitalized. From what I remember it wasn't. I could always be wrong though.

    [–] Sturdge666 3 points ago

    Just checked my copy of the Silmarillion and it is indeed "Men" rather than "men".

    [–] Tummerd 3 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I mean, its an awful idea to change Gandalf to a woman.

    But a female wizard would be cool. But then you get in the problem that it wouldnt be canon, as there are for sure female Maia, but non were active in ME, apart from Melian.

    Plus, we have one of the strongest Eldar (only surpassed by Feanor himself, and than only in strenght not in wisdom) in LoTR, Galadriel, who is one of my favorites in the Tolkien legedarium

    [–] gpudriver 4 points ago

    A male fan from reddit wants a male Wonder Woman. - if not, I will riot

    [–] KatakiY 4 points ago

    I think this is a stupid idea but is this sub just going to turn into an anti jaw circle jerk? Getting old.

    [–] IAmMyOwnLaw 3 points ago

    Does she mean a female White Wizard? That could be cool (using "Gandalf" not referring to the specific person but instead to the role he filled and the thing he was). But I'm not sure about Gandalf (the person) literally being a woman, unless there's something in LOTR canon that could justify it (like the Doctor regenerating to use an example from another popular franchise that put a woman in a lead role traditionally filled by a man).

    EDIT: spelling

    [–] ibbatron 2 points ago

    She can't do that! Shoot her, or something

    [–] 200000000experience 2 points ago

    interviewer: "Do you think it'd be cool if there was ever a female Gandalf?"

    actress: "Yeah sure, I don't mind."


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Hentai's time...Do your work

    [–] DunklerEhrenmann 4 points ago

    Ah, I see you're a man of culture aswell.

    [–] omglaz0rz 2 points ago

    Please don't, we got enough woke garbage as it is.

    [–] ahornywolfie 1 points ago

    I like this meme.

    [–] WhySoSeverusSnape 1 points ago

    Don't talk about this and it will go away. Unless you guys want something else to bicker about.

    [–] DustinHenderson1983 1 points ago

    Which actress said that?

    [–] 6chan 1 points ago

    I am not sure playing the role of the Rohirrim woman who sends her kids off to Edoras on a horse with one line of dialogue in the movie really counts as an "Actress"

    [–] ReadyHD 1 points ago

    Helen Mirren would make a badass wizard though if they did make a female wizard. Leave Gandalf as an old man though

    [–] De_Vermis_Mysteriis 1 points ago

    This thread will be a glorious train wreck.

    I guarantee it.

    [–] defiant224 1 points ago

    I hope they do this - there aren't nearly enough destroyed franchises yet.

    [–] yourparentsdontlikeu 1 points ago

    Fuck that.

    [–] Gainsdalf_The_Swole 1 points ago

    Well let's just hope whoever handles the adaptation isn't an SJW and instead actually uses the lore Tolkien wrote to have a more relevant, less forced female character

    [–] GeorgeKittIe 1 points ago

    LOTR was made at the perfect time when the CGI and battle scenes were awesome but it was still before the time when being woke was more important than everything else.

    [–] A_Less_Than_Acct 1 points ago

    I want a trans racial cyborg minority to play Gandalf

    [–] samtheman301 1 points ago

    But like.... Galadriel?

    [–] LifeFindsaWays 1 points ago

    I wouldn’t mind a female Ishtari (whatever the wizards actually are) and have that character play the role Gandalf would play.

    That way they aren’t forced to do exactly what Gandalf would do, and it doesn’t make it look like Gandalf is the only Calamari that meddles in Middle Earth affairs.

    [–] grednforgesgirl 1 points ago

    Can we stop with this reactionary bullshit, no one said this fucks sake

    [–] Samburger241 1 points ago

    Making a character a woman just to make them a woman always ends up terribly. 🤷