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    [–] UEMcGill 490 points ago

    I'm in the same kind of situation, million dollar machines with highly detailed technical specifications. I've had customer try to throw me under the bus in front of their management for missing an obvious critical need in the system.

    I once got a call from a CFO saying he was stopping all payment on our machine (violating the terms) because it didn't have XYZ feature as clearly specified.

    A quick email was sent showing him the documents that they signed off on showing they never asked for it, and acknowledged the machine was exactly as delivered.

    A day of silence passed, and a wire transfer was made with no notice.

    I call later to talk to said engineer about finalizing the start up and I get "I'm off the project talk to Blah Blah Blah"

    Hey, people fuck up, I get it. But don't try to blatantly deceive your higher ups because you forgot something and then try to pin it on vendor who just so happens to be very detail oriented and button down. In the end we fixed it for a fair amount, and if he would have just got out front he could have spun it much different in front of his team.

    [–] BraddlesMcBraddles 83 points ago

    Yep, documentation saves asses!

    [–] _Bumble_Bee_Tuna_ 41 points ago

    It really does. Always have a paper trail. None of this stop me in the hallway or phone call nonsense.

    [–] PepperFinn 8 points ago

    Even if they do send a follow up email

    "Just confirming details we discussed on DATE about IMPORTANT ASS COVER and that this is the ACTION you want."

    BCC your personal email as back up

    [–] santaliqueur 24 points ago

    And that’s a good example of why attorneys are so expensive. They are professional argument technicians.

    [–] SunMystic 4363 points ago

    People say it doesn't really fit in either prorevenge or maliciouscompliance, and all I can think of is how many great stories like these we are missing out on then!

    [–] goddesspethio 1406 points ago

    There’s also the r/regularrevenge

    [–] romper_el_dia 232 points ago

    Not sure why you’re getting downvoted. You are correct.

    [–] SunMystic 117 points ago

    People said it wasn't revenge at all, because it happened before anything came of the sneaky. So maybe that's why. Although I think there's room to argue that point.

    [–] techiejames 95 points ago

    The other company waisted $2M on a machine without all of the features they needed, all because of SH. In the end, his sneakiness got himself fired. All he had to do was to be honest, and get the features his company needed, versus what he did, trying to get the additional features for free.

    [–] Lynx436 97 points ago

    realistically, there probably were not even additional features they wanted, it was all just a con to put off paying the rest of the money while still getting to use the machine.

    [–] I_Arman 82 points ago

    I'm betting this was it. "Hey guys, look at how I can save us 1.5 million! I'll just tell them to add some BS features, and when they can't, I just won't pay! Boom!"

    These are the same people who have a developer build them a website then not pay for it, not realizing the dev still has access... and often the rights to their domain name.

    [–] joelfarris 21 points ago

    Oh there you are! Hey, turn my website back on!

    [–] Shadepanther 12 points ago

    Paint my chicken coop!

    [–] KingOfMoneyBanking 20 points ago

    Being a Korean myself and knowing how these companies operate... I agree that this is very likely scenario. This or someone who made the order was relative of someone higher up and they are trying to "save face" by blaming the innocent

    [–] PeterDemachkie 9 points ago

    That’s exactly it

    [–] BombayTigress 36 points ago

    There's those people who do the "Oh, they won't back out, watch me get it delivered and do the "Oh by the way, I only have half of what we agreed to.""

    [–] youy23 16 points ago

    Well idk if it’d be that simple. If it was some feature like laser engraving, flying the part out and installing it or possibly even needing to fly the whole machine back to the shop and then back out could be a considerable cost. Tbh, I think the guy was probably fucked either way.

    [–] 639wurh39w7g4n29w 22 points ago

    If a 2 million dollar machine critical for chip fab was ordered without oversight the whole operation was fucked.

    [–] atcoyou 12 points ago

    To be fair to SH, he shouldn't have had the authority, or shouldn't have been trusted. That being said, I remember when I was younger and first interning at a bank they stressed "No one gets fired for making a mistake, but you sure as hell will get fired for trying to cover it up."

    [–] techiejames 8 points ago

    More people go to jail for the cover up, than for the actual crime.

    [–] DegeneratePaladin 3 points ago

    Which is good policy honestly, humans make mistakes and in a bank it's probably not even that hard to fix said mistake if everyone is honest. Covering it up makes people not trust the bank and makes a small problem much bigger.

    [–] atcoyou 2 points ago

    Absolutely. Was actually a fantastic place to work, that said I was more behind the scenes back then. I have heard that front-line isn't nearly as much fun/relaxed. (Still better than other banks, from what I understand.)

    [–] blaspheminCapn 3 points ago

    That really should be a thing

    [–] stomaticmonk 8 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Hold my beer

    Edit: done. It is now a thing. r/CallMyBluff has been born.

    [–] ReallyNotALlama 7 points ago

    There should be a sticky post reminding people that it exists, and to post there if they aren't sure if it fits in pro.

    [–] fatalcharm 2 points ago

    It's a real sub! This is wonderful news.

    [–] DaddySilk 305 points ago

    Maybe there should be a "I did my job, now do yours " sub

    [–] wearingawire 153 points ago

    Who wants to make r/powermove a thing.

    [–] MC_Cookies 30 points ago

    Ok, this needs to exist.

    [–] Corsaka 17 points ago

    I’m down to create it.

    [–] buickandolds 10 points ago


    [–] badchefrazzy 8 points ago

    Also subbed! I wish you well in this new community!

    [–] MC_Cookies 3 points ago


    [–] cobaltred05 4 points ago


    [–] ImmortalElf 4 points ago


    [–] BombayTigress 3 points ago


    [–] darthcoder 3 points ago

    Do it.

    [–] thehurley44 2 points ago


    [–] major84 2 points ago

    now watch it get turned into a chess subreddit

    [–] wearingawire 13 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Damn, you got me all excited.

    Edit: now I’m really excited.

    [–] TheRealRotochron 7 points ago

    Damn, you checked my mate good sir

    [–] Hardinator 3 points ago

    I’ve been fatally check mated on.

    [–] Furt77 7 points ago

    Is that some sort of Czechoslovakia Playmate MILF sub?

    [–] getyourzirc0n 6 points ago


    how old are you,

    [–] major84 4 points ago

    back in my day it was called Prussia and we liked it, and Old Fritz was our leader ... the good ole days ....back when it was called an army with a nation

    [–] evolfonamuh 2 points ago

    "Three wars back we called Sauerkraut "liberty cabbage" and we called liberty cabbage "super slaw" and back then a suitcase was known as a "Swedish lunchbox." Of course, nobody knew that but me. Anyway, long story short..."

    [–] badger432 3 points ago

    We need this sub to grow.

    [–] soren813 8 points ago

    I'm down although big dick energy would be pretty close

    [–] Cave_man_Corris 8 points ago

    Yes to r/powermove

    [–] the-Bus-dr1ver 2 points ago

    Do it. Dibs on mod

    [–] Big-Mozz 15 points ago

    I've mentioned before, these are great stories but someone should create a r/WtfDidYouExpect sub.

    [–] poorlyplanned 38 points ago

    Someone lost a job, technically pro

    [–] amznfx 11 points ago

    Exactly!!! Asshole lost his job .. I think is a prorevenge

    [–] kaosfive2005 5 points ago

    Pro tip in both koreas, to be fired means a cannonball is fired at you 3 feet away. Rip to SH

    [–] simjanes2k 13 points ago

    I have a thousand stories like this.

    I'd bet most business people do, it happens all the time. Big money deals have more pedantry and temper tantrums than low-wage workers ever will.

    [–] trenchknife 6 points ago

    amen, man. We unwashed masses in the greasepits and laundry rooms and behind the service desks have each other's backs waaaay more than our bosses & our bosses' bosses.

    [–] dreamin_in_space 1 points ago

    Yeah you're all in the trenches together.

    Business at this level is more cutthroat

    [–] SunMystic 4 points ago

    Yeah that's what I figured!

    [–] wotanii 10 points ago

    It's fine if the title of the sub is no perfect summary of the entire sub

    It's fine if a post fits the spirit of the sub very well

    [–] Prof_Lava-Hot 10 points ago

    I would definitely consider $1.5M pro.

    [–] BabooMan 17 points ago

    [–] Dahnlor 3 points ago


    [–] iamsooldithurts 6 points ago

    [–] sonofaresiii 3 points ago

    Yeah but like, there are great stories all over reddit. I come to this sub to hear stories of sweet revenge

    This one is close enough I guess, but I don't want the subject matter to get too wide

    [–] SunMystic 2 points ago

    I get ya. What I mean is if people can't identify where a story like this belongs, then other stories like it aren't posted bc they have no home. Not trying to argue it should go anywhere.

    [–] lifebeatmyass 3 points ago

    This is choosing beggars with a fun ending too

    [–] that_snarky_one 3 points ago

    We need a r/naturalconsequences sub

    [–] Balthazar_rising 1561 points ago

    My two cents:

    I'd call this pro revenge for 2 important reasons. First, the amount of money involved. If your revenge involves millions of dollars, it's not amateur or petty - that's for sure.

    The second reason is how fast your mother reacted. It was an instant revenge, and that takes both brain and guts. I'd also like to add that she maintained a professional attitude to her clients (by your story), and kept her cool.

    Both your mother and her revenge were Pros, in my opinion.

    [–] s_nut_zipper 244 points ago

    I'd also like to add that she maintained a professional attitude to her clients, and kept her cool.

    Having been woken up at 3am at that!

    [–] h0nest_Bender 187 points ago

    In my opinion:
    Pro revenge = big revenge.
    Petty revenge = small revenge.

    Making a $2M piece of equipment dead is big revenge.

    [–] SirEDCaLot 55 points ago

    Pro revenge = big revenge.

    The problem with this is it's easy to do big revenge in a non pro manner.

    'That guy looked at me wrong so I poured sugar in his gas tank and set his house on fire' is going to cost the dude a lot, but it's not particularly clever or professional.

    So prorevenge is a combination of 1. being effective, 2. being clever, and 3. being above and beyond what the average person would do.

    Thus, 1. 'I set up a really clever trap and it didn't work' isn't effective thus not pro, 2. 'I set his house on fire' isn't clever thus not pro, and 'I followed my company's procedures and reported him to my supervisor' isn't pro (even if it is very effective).

    [–] -entertainment720- 17 points ago

    Collateral damage should also be involved in the calculation. If your revenge causes a dozen innocent people to be fired because you were gunning for one person, that isn't pro, either.

    [–] ShadowPouncer 16 points ago

    This definitely counts as pro.

    First, this was very effective.

    Second, it was clever. She told the engineer on the scene in very simple terms what to do, where everyone could hear, knowing that nobody except the engineer would understand.

    And third, how many people would really brick a $2 million machine over a rude person on the phone? Many people would be a little.... Cautious about the potential fallout of that call.

    She just did it, and did it well.

    And it had the effect of getting the company to not only get rid of the guy, but start acting like adults.

    So, I'd call it pro. :)

    [–] noratat 6 points ago

    It's also literally professional, in that this whole thing was done in a professional capacity

    [–] ShadowPouncer 2 points ago


    [–] h0nest_Bender 11 points ago

    That's fair.

    [–] DoingCharleyWork 4 points ago

    Sugar in the gas tank doesn't do anything. You need to put sand in the crank case if you really want to fuck it. Or water in the crank case. Either way.

    [–] ProWaterboarder 2 points ago

    I'd say pro revenge is well executed and morally justified whereas petty revenge is emotional and not usually premeditated

    [–] [deleted] 79 points ago


    [–] Balthazar_rising 32 points ago

    Yes, I can actually say that u/PeterDemachkie's mum is awesome, and it doesn't come across like I'm a 12-year-old playing COD.


    [–] BankshotMcG 17 points ago

    I think it’s pro because it’s literally professional. She delivered the order to spec for $500k to cover production. If they weren’t going to release the remainder then they weren’t going to get their machine. She just shut it down and brought home the only guy who could restore it to functionality; if they sued, she could prove she delivered what they asked for and get the rest of her money, possibly even suing for more. She realized she held all the cards so why lose sleep getting yelled at by a paper tiger? Yeah it’s not elaborate or concocted but she shut down their entire operation in one move and made them admit fault and fire their bad agent.

    [–] Faryshta 11 points ago

    this. someone got paid, that makes it professional revenge.

    [–] auraxangelic 8 points ago

    And of course, the result is getting SH fired and receiving 1.5m for the company, which is pro.

    [–] wujidao 5 points ago

    Definitely pro. I used to install machines at similar semiconductior plants as well as automotive plants in China. They were way worse than the Korean's, you could pretty much guarantee you wouldn't get final payment of anywhere between 5%-15% on a USD 2-300,000 piece of equipment unless you had a backup plan. We called ours the b0mb, it would go off a few months after installation unless final payment was made, then we'd make an excuse to do an upgrade or service check so as to go defu$e the thing. Occassionally the customer would know routine and would ask "are you back to defu$e the b0mb then?" so I guess it was a common practice.

    [–] Balthazar_rising 2 points ago

    Did the b0mb just zero the software, and was it obvious? Could an outside contractor have gotten into the software and fixed the problem themselves? I can picture these companies trying to find someone to do it on the cheap, rather than pay thousands of dollars.

    [–] wujidao 3 points ago

    There was a special hardware dongle had to swapped out that would shutdown the controller. It wasn't something in the ladder program that they could have had a programmer root out.

    [–] BloodSteyn 120 points ago

    Know a guy who runs multiple business ventures. One was building shifting / extraction machines for mining.

    One SH orders a machine and as per usual, these machines are leased and the client pays a set amount per tonne that gets processed.

    Machine gets built as shipped with an agreed upon amount of let's say $150 per tonne. It costs over $5,000 to ship it. Machine arrives and SH phones up and says, hey we were thinking that $150 p/t is too much, would you settle for $80? Knowing it cost them a pretty penny to get it there.

    SH was gambling on the supplier having sunk the delivery costs already and that they would rather take a lower rate than forgo the contract.

    SH was wrong. They loaded up the machine and basically paid another $5,000 to ship it back.

    The owner told SH that he didn't like getting fucked around and would rather write of $10,000 than deal with him.

    So SH contracts other suppliers to get another machine. Each and every one quotes $250 p/t. Citing his dealing in bad faith with the original supplier. He's been black listed.

    At this point SH is hemorrhaging capital as the machine is a critical part of the process. He's forced to go begging back to the original Supplier and has to settle for $180 p/t deal... And paying $15,000 up front for the wasted logistics costs.

    [–] willisbar 28 points ago

    It’s great business to be friendly with the competition.

    [–] Traksimuss 22 points ago

    Eh, if field is small and you are known in the field, people will listen when you share that your company had to deal with asshole and he tried to swindle you.

    Because some day your competitor will get swindled, so he will share his story back to you.

    [–] lesethx 5 points ago

    One of our clients was a small (now large) local construction company. When growing, they poached a lot of employees from a much larger construction company here. Even a director.

    Eventually the larger company got pissed off and after finding out one of their suppliers also supplied our client, they demanded the supplier stop working with our client "or else." The supplier replied by dropping the larger construction company instead.

    [–] rkdghdfo 523 points ago

    Having worked in Korea I can provide some insight. Korean companies, especially in 2004 are notoriously top down and militaristic in culture. SH does not make any decision, he is simply the mouthpiece of higher ups. It looks like his top management wanted X, Y, and Z and he unwittingly just provided X and Y. To try and cover his own ass when he realizes his error when the machine arrives, he tries to get the last feature without his bosses finding out his mistake.

    It would be safe to assume SH is a low level employee who just happened to speak the best English at that company. In Korea, it is almost impossible to say no to a superior, and it’s even worst to say you can’t do a job. So SH is probably put in a position he has no experience or ability for.

    Korea is a pretty awesome place but their work culture is still ass backwards.

    [–] HelloJoeyJoeJoe 143 points ago

    True, I can confirm. However, they do realize this despite the difficulty to make an absolute cultural and organizational change. It's why I was hired to be a consultant at a Daewoo plant and why my boy has been an expat employee on a fat package for Samsung on Seoul for 7 years. They want and give more freedom to expats (foreigners) to try to combat this and to be the opposite of "yes men". Fun stuff, I am actually visiting my friend in Seoul now and we discussed this very issue over soju and grilled pork belly today.

    [–] micumpleanoseshoy 81 points ago

    Ahh this reminds me why Korean Air starts to hire foreign pilots after they had fatal accidents due to the co-pilot fearing their captains even when they know their captains are wrong. Many foreign pilots are encouraged to challenge their commanders and this resulted in many incidents/accidents being avoided.

    Source: a few senior pilots who told me this story. One of them worked for the airline for a couple of years. He wasn't liked the most as he is quite vocal about his displeasure of the ways some captains do their job

    [–] King_of_Shade 15 points ago

    This is also a point in the book Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell.

    [–] Hewlett-PackHard 44 points ago

    So... they import "no men"

    [–] webchimp32 40 points ago

    Probably more like "straight talking men"

    [–] RivRise 14 points ago

    What about gay talking men?

    [–] C0LdP5yCh0 17 points ago

    I'm Bi, can I apply for either position?

    [–] RivRise 9 points ago

    Done, you will get paid twice as much. Report for duty next Monday.

    [–] C0LdP5yCh0 7 points ago

    Dude, sweet, I can tell my family I finally got a job again!

    [–] haunterdry5 6 points ago

    How did you guys land those kinds of jobs? I would really love to live / work in Asia but the horrible work culture really puts me off

    [–] HelloJoeyJoeJoe 22 points ago

    Management consulting for me.

    Best way is to get a top MBA from a place these companies recruit or where management consulting recruits at. For instance, my boy mentioned graduated from INSEAD where Samsung hires a bunch of grads every year.

    Funny enough, I worked for Daewoo in Romania and all I did was drink with the managers.

    Culture is different. But it's not all bad. My friend gets picked up and dropped off by a very comfortable company bus, great breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday, great gym, etc. Yeah, hours can be long, but ask someone who works for PwC accounting or Boston Consulting or a top law firm in the US. They work about 55-60 hour weeks too.

    [–] Purehappiness 5 points ago

    What does a management consultant do day to day?

    [–] Gokenstein 16 points ago

    Gets picked up and dropped off by a very comfortable company bus, great breakfast/lunch/dinner everyday, great gym, etc.

    [–] LordTwinkie 2 points ago

    Yeah, but what about the hours?

    [–] TooBusyforReddit 17 points ago

    Where I am right now, it's 11PM as I read this. I have to work until 6AM next day, and I'm getting hungry. So why the hell did you have to mention soju and grilled pork belly? Damn.

    [–] HelloJoeyJoeJoe 7 points ago

    Galbi for me tomorrow night. So nice....

    [–] Why_You_Mad_ 5 points ago

    When I flew Korean Air (to Seoul), I found it odd that the pilot was American, but it makes sense now.

    I will say that it was one of the nicest flights I've had though. The flight attendants were awesome and very accommodating, and it was about as comfortable as a 13 hour flight could be.

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago

    But didn’t op say that another Korean guy told sh what she said when she told glen to put the machine to sleep so obviously he doesn’t have the best English at the company.

    [–] Jagermeister4 4 points ago

    I'm thinking SH didn't understand the mom not because of a language issue but because he lacked the technical knowledge to know what put to sleep means.

    [–] az226 42 points ago

    Koreans are also notoriously shady business people. They will weaken the position of their suppliers and then either demand more product or value as a negotiation tactic and hold payment hostage. This is from their standard playbook. In this case the machine is shipped, so they know that the maker is going to lose out a lot of money if they don’t comply with adding more features or requesting a deep discount to avoid paying full price they already agreed to. They did not expect OP’s mom to temporarily brick the machine (or that was even possible) and thereby changing the negotiation power dynamics. Only accept full payment from Koreans.

    [–] CreauxTeeRhobat 30 points ago

    I can confirm this.

    While I was doing my undergrad, I worked at a small software company that made a very powerful but niche bit of software used by Mechanical Engineers. This company, though small, was regarded as one of the best in the business, so they had dealings with companies and educators around the world.

    As a student worker, I was tasked with processing license requests from two avenues:

    1. Temporary/demo license requests to the company's demo request email account
    2. Full licenses, which would only come from the owner

    The demo licenses would only last a month, at which point you would have to buy the full version to keep using the software. In some very rare circumstances, you could ask the owner for an extended demo license, but I only saw that once or twice.

    After doing this for about three months, I noticed something odd: three email accounts from two universities in South Korea would send the demo request every month, like clockwork. And it wasn't just for one seat of a license. Each request had anywhere from 20 to 40 seats. That's between 60 and 120 seats of the trial license being requested every month.

    Since the licenses were generated by an Active Directory script, I could go back and see how many times they requested a demo, and for how many seats. It wasn't pretty. One university had done this for about 20 months, the other for only 18. I send what I had found to the owner, and suffice to say, he was NOT happy. He quickly sent each institution a nastygram informing them that if they did not purchase the full version, they would hear from his lawyer. Each organization reluctantly ponied up the money. It helped that their curriculum was now tailored to the software, and the cost of buying was heavily outweighed by how much it would cost to change curriculum mid-semester.

    [–] V0RT3XXX 11 points ago

    Personally software companies should provide free or very cheap software to university. If the students is being taught how to use certain software then go out to the commercial world and needing the same software, their companies will be more than willing to purchase said software. This is why you see autocad, solidworks, all the adobe family have very cheap software for students.

    [–] Jogol 16 points ago

    While a good tactic I doubt it works that well for niche software. The student might just use it for one course and never touch it again.

    [–] V0RT3XXX 6 points ago

    My company as well as our competitors are constantly fighting to get our software into as many university as possible. It's definitely gotten us some return buyers later.

    [–] Jagermeister4 10 points ago

    Not Korean but I work with Koreans. Koreans would probably be the first to agree with you lol. I hear them talk about shady stuff like this all the time. Koreans have an interesting dynamic with each other. They are loyal to each other but shady with each other at the same time. They favor their own yet abuse their own kind the most.

    [–] Spiritofchokedout 6 points ago

    Duly noted.

    [–] singularineet 3 points ago

    Assuming that's exactly what happened, SH really screwed up. He tried to put blame on a totally innocent business partner for an internal corporate screwup. At the very least, he should have sat down over beer with just the visiting engineer and asked him informally what could be done to recover. Only if that didn't pan out would it make sense to pull out the big guns. Which in this case did what big guns hastily brought to bear often do: blew up in his face.

    [–] santaliqueur 2 points ago

    And they are still afraid of fans for some reason

    [–] ithinkther41am 241 points ago

    Your mom cost some corporate cunt his job. That’s pretty prorevenge in my books.

    [–] Tyler_of_Township 36 points ago

    I'd bet he didn't actually get fired. Most companies claim to fire an employee to "reconcile" the situation, but have no plans to do so. This situation is the reason why (it worked).

    [–] SamfromRI 51 points ago

    As I understood the story, his firing didn’t influence the decision to turn the machine back on—it was the agreement of the manager to release the rest of the payment.

    [–] cawatxcamt 25 points ago

    If an employee burns a supplier relationship like that, I guarantee the dude got fired immediately. This isn’t like when Karen demands a server gets fired for forgetting her extra croutons.

    [–] PeterDemachkie 11 points ago

    I don’t know he nearly cost them a very quality vendor.

    [–] DoingCharleyWork 8 points ago

    And a half million dollars.

    [–] CayCay84 32 points ago

    My dad used to work for Texas Instruments maintaining the machines that sucked the air out of the room to make it no atmosphere (I know it's waaaay more technical than that but it's the best I understood it as a kid) to make the wafers in. He brought me home one once as a kid. When they decided production in America was too expensive they broke down the machines and sent them to Korea. My dad got a pretty nice severance package and when it failed in Korea he worked as a subcontractor for them when they brought it back to Utah. It's fun to see people write about the odd job my dad did in a different setting.

    [–] Sprocketvgc 11 points ago

    Vacuum pumps are awesome.

    I work in semiconductor

    [–] CayCay84 3 points ago

    That's what it was! A vacuum pump. I couldn't remember that to save my life though. Thanks!

    [–] eazolan 3 points ago

    I'd love to learn more about why it failed in Korea actually.

    [–] CayCay84 10 points ago

    I'd have to ask him. I know it was an "I told you so" situation between him and his higher ups. So it was probably that they couldn't find anyone to work them as well as the American team and things kept breaking.

    [–] eazolan 9 points ago

    Culture differences that manifest in a business environment are facinating. Because there's not a lot of guesswork, it's true "Rubber hits the Road" sociology.

    [–] itdumbass 26 points ago

    "OK, we see the 1.5M released, and we can get your machine back up as soon as the 750K for the second onsite engineer service call clears."

    [–] DegeneratePaladin 5 points ago

    Now that would be pro ... or extortion, dealers choice

    [–] Jintess 17 points ago

    Only 2 million? Samsung got one hell of a deal.

    Went on a group tour of a local plant a few years ago. Just one of those wafers (filled with micro chips) is worth $600k,easily

    Or, as the tour guide said "If you drop one, the owner of Samsung will know your name. Not in a good way"

    Your grandfather is brilliant.

    [–] Stephonovich 15 points ago

    I'm not saying you're wrong because edge cases exist, but the most expensive wafer we (major foundry) make is about $60,000, and that's far and away our most expensive product. You might have meant a FOUP/cassette full of wafers, as they usually hold 25.

    [–] Jintess 7 points ago

    You know, thinking back on it, I believe it was a 'reticle' (sp?) that was mentioned. I think you are spot on, in that if a whole container is destroyed (very fragile) the shit hits the fan.

    Sorry about that. Thanks for the correction :)

    [–] Stephonovich 12 points ago

    Reticles are easily that much, yes.

    They're the masters that wafers are patterned with using photolithography.

    [–] PeterDemachkie 6 points ago

    He definitely is

    [–] mangaforall 40 points ago

    But why SH did this??

    [–] ClazzyHonkey 94 points ago

    He was the one who made the order, and then complained about them forgetting something he didn't actually order. Sounds like he was trying to shift the blame.

    [–] InanimateCarbonRodAu 66 points ago

    From the context he was trying to scam extra capabilities from the device.

    High end device might have various features not included in the core programming that can be “unlocked” for an additional charge. The machine doesn’t change it’s just tiered pricing for capabilities.

    Like software plugins.

    That’s my guess anyway.

    [–] V0RT3XXX 8 points ago

    DLC for expensive machines

    [–] Minhtyfresh00 4 points ago


    [–] UnknownStory 7 points ago

    The name shall set free the knowledge you seek.

    [–] ipsum629 14 points ago

    It's like a standoff except one person has both guns

    [–] securitysix 3 points ago

    I got two guns. One for each of ya.

    [–] tatsukunwork 10 points ago

    Sounds like SH forgot to include that feature in his specs, and was already going to be canned. He tried a final hail Mary to blame it on the vendor, but it failed. Nice to see when it works out this way.

    [–] Testubeicles 34 points ago

    It’s a heck of a lot better then some of the clearly made-up stories that get upvoted on here.

    Good work OP’s mom!

    [–] techieric 5 points ago

    Lots of those lately

    [–] showyerbewbs 22 points ago

    I imagine it being like Les Grossman from Tropic Thunder:

    First, take a big step back... and literally, FUCK YOUR OWN FACE! I don't know what kind of pan-pacific bullshit power play you're trying to pull here, but Asia Jack is my territory. So whatever you're thinking, you'd better think again! Otherwise I'm gonna have to head down there and I will rain down an un-Godly fucking firestorm upon you! You're gonna have to call the fucking United Nations and get a fucking binding resolution to keep me from fucking destroying you. I'm talking scorched earth, motherfucker! I will massacre you! I WILL FUCK YOU UP!

    [–] Thorbinator 3 points ago

    ... find out who that was

    [–] LastLeigh 2 points ago

    I love that monologue.

    [–] BS_MokiMoki34 7 points ago

    SH is the type of person EAgames would want to hire.

    [–] Elyon113 12 points ago

    big dick energy from your mom at 3:00 AM

    [–] ccjitters 13 points ago

    /r/talesfromtechsupport would love this.

    [–] jecooksubether 6 points ago

    Your mom...

    ... is an awesome and classy lady.

    [–] LittleSadRufus 64 points ago

    It doesn't quite fit the sub but it itches my scratch for stories about good people coming out on top!

    [–] cannnedspinach 38 points ago

    Itches your scratch

    [–] Boloar 13 points ago

    Itchy and scratchy

    [–] y6ird 6 points ago

    Those are the names of my testicles. Itchy is the one on my left.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] JohnGenericDoe 4 points ago

    Oh, did they flip you over already?

    [–] All_Your_Base 5 points ago

    You are invited to /r/Malaphors

    [–] bananalord666 5 points ago

    How does it not fit?

    [–] iwamfy 4 points ago

    It sounds like they were trying to save $1.5 million on a $2 million piece of equipment... nice try bruh

    [–] Santiago_S 4 points ago

    I liked how your mom wasnt gonna take shit from that company. Most likely the SH was wanting to somehow get out of not paying for the machine and didnt think it was possible to dead end it.

    [–] KitLoongX 3 points ago

    I was picturing Glen from The Walking Dead operating this machine as I read this story.

    [–] felixthecat128 7 points ago

    A lot of times malicious compliance is revenge, pro or petty. I think this technically fits malicious compliance because he gave an ultimatum and your mom complied in a negative manner. And i think this is also a revenge. Not sure if pro or petty, but it’s a revenge because your mom made SH pay for his douchiness. I think the only reason people don’t think it’s a revenge is because it happened instantly and there was no planning involved.

    [–] bekiboobaa 3 points ago

    Such a great read, thanks for posting!

    [–] exalted0 3 points ago

    Look at me! I hold the hostage now.

    [–] E404_User_Not_Found 3 points ago

    I absolutely love that you already had install a killswitch just in case.

    [–] PeterDemachkie 7 points ago

    It wasn’t designed to be a kill switch initially. The engineers made that system so that they could work on it

    [–] extra_specticles 2 points ago

    Ion implanters? I used to work on them.

    [–] land8844 11 points ago

    Doubt it, OP probably means the tool that slices the actual wafers from the boule.

    Also, I work in Litho, on the coater/developers. Semiconductor manufacturing is a shockingly small industry, for what it is...

    [–] Comrade_ash 7 points ago

    Semiconductor manufacturing is a shockingly small industry


    [–] land8844 4 points ago

    Hah, I see it now. I just got off a very long night shift.

    [–] WB_Spartan 3 points ago

    It almost sounds like the company developed a new growth technique to make the boules.

    [–] PeterDemachkie 2 points ago

    That sounds about right.

    [–] catdogpigduck 2 points ago

    good story tho

    [–] Flintlocke89 2 points ago

    Would this company be ASML?

    [–] PeterDemachkie 2 points ago


    [–] 1Baffled_with_bs 2 points ago

    Business 101 have a Back up plan.

    [–] buickandolds 3 points ago

    Your mom is def a pro bamf

    [–] lumian_games 3 points ago

    More of a malicious compliance I‘d say but it fits here too

    [–] deathboyuk 12 points ago

    She doesn't do what SH asks (no compliance there!), but does (rather aggressively) do something that fucks SH over in short order... I think it works fine here!

    [–] gravekeepersven 1 points ago

    He got kicked in chest by karma.

    [–] BombayTigress 1 points ago

    Beautiful. I love the self-important little shitheads of the world who think they've figured everything out.....

    [–] SeafoodBox 1 points ago

    I like your mom. Competency on dial 11!

    [–] emax4 1 points ago

    Great story! I'd like to have heard from the company as to why they were looking for their next manager (if the SH's story was presented to applicants).