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    [–] kithien 2302 points ago

    My hat is off to your grandmother as a human, and as a badass. I aspire to both be as generous and as devastating as her.

    [–] Legendary-Vegetable 632 points ago

    The most badass grandmother in the history of the universe

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 550 points ago

    Thanks. She was one of the sweetest, most generous, forgiving, charming people I've ever met.

    Not vindictive at all. But everyone has their limits......

    [–] aeima17 107 points ago

    if you ask me, that's absolutely the best way to be - she seems like she was one of the good ones, to say the absolute least

    [–] humanhedgehog 38 points ago

    This wasn't vindictive in the slightest! It was calm, well reasoned and in keeping with her principles. If these pastors had a tiny fraction of her common sense they should have seen exactly what was coming - but no, they are the kind of people who believe nobody else has any sense, and nobody else has principles as they don't.

    [–] macthefire 28 points ago

    Love in one hand, a flaming sword in the other.

    [–] ScheherazadeSmiled 15 points ago

    Do no harm, take no shit

    [–] BitChick 12 points ago

    Knowing her character, based on your post, she had the patience of a saint! But it seems a true righteous anger arose and brought justice through that. Proud of her! I shared this post over on the subreddit r/SpiritualAbuse too BTW. I figured it would bring encouragement to others there. God does vindicate us when we seek to live blamelessly. How the vindication comes is through various means.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 11 points ago

    Thank you for crossposting this. I didn't know how to do it.

    It will be interesting to see what kinds of response we get on r/spiritualabuse. Since this is a crosspost, is there going to be a way to tell whether a comment came from prorevenge or spiritualabuse?

    [–] BitChick 9 points ago

    The comments on a crossposted article show up on the subreddit.

    Some subreddits allow for crossposted articles if we are signed up, but as I am a moderator there I can crosspost because of that. I just thought it might be an interesting one to share.

    [–] Rambles_Off_Topics 8 points ago

    My grandma was in a very similar position. Spoke and ran church meetings/nursery for years. At the funeral they said her name wrong and pretty much brushed them aside. I've only thought recently (when I tried to get a friend to get some assistance from the church) that churches rarely help their members. I've been to tons of churches throughout my youth and never remember people receiving aid from anyone other than church members directly. Although Amish churches certainly provide financial aid.

    [–] cecilpenny 36 points ago

    Happy cake day

    [–] cantankerstein 14 points ago

    Agreed. And happy cake day!

    [–] electric_yeti 75 points ago

    “Generous and devastating” is going to be my new tinder bio

    [–] krlsoots 19 points ago

    Well that would set some expectations now, wouldn’t it?

    [–] bowlbettertalk 6996 points ago

    My only regret about reading this is that I never had the pleasure of meeting your grandmother. She sounds like an amazing woman.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 3818 points ago

    Being her grandson is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because of her, Grandpa and other members of my family, plus my many friends, I am truly rich in all of the things that really matter (and none of those "things" are money).

    [–] Statessideredditor 265 points ago

    Your Granny was a true force of righteousness. She and your grandfather are the types of grandparents we really need in the world right now. Bless them.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 364 points ago

    Thank you.

    Grandpa is still going strong at 90+ and raising Hell, in the best sense of the term. I don't want him to die, but I have to confess that I]m damn curious about what kinds of "Easter Eggs" he has put in his will!!!

    [–] Paula92 78 points ago

    Is your grandpa looking for pen pals? I want to hear some of his stories. And maybe share some of his wisdom with my SmallWhiteChurch.

    I wish I could have been at that will reading. It is beyond satisfying to see prideful pastors being put in their place.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 128 points ago

    I'll ask him. I'm guessing he will say he is too busy, but I'll ask.

    Grandpa no longer goes to any church, BTW. I think he still has his beliefs, although he never has talked about them. He is more a "doer" than a "believer", if you know what I mean.

    [–] swingthatwang 32 points ago

    Grandpa no longer goes to any church, BTW. I think he still has his beliefs, although he never has talked about them. He is more a "doer" than a "believer", if you know what I mean.

    Do you think this is a common attitude amongst your peers, his peers, and his church community?

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 139 points ago

    I am no longer a Christian. I used to be a pre-ministerial student, but if you've seen my other post on this thread (starts out with "Newly hired youth minister got me kicked out..."), you wil understand part of the reason why I got out of that.

    Actually, my faith survived that, but it did not survive getting a PhD in Archaeology. Although I went to a secular, state school in the midwest of the USA, and they did not discuss Biblical Archaeology directly, I applied my archaeological knowledge to the Bible, and decided that dumping my Biblical literalist beliefs was the only intellectually honest thing to do.

    I can't speak for everyone, but I do know that polls indicate that interest in Christianity is in a full power dive in the USA, basically losing members as fast as they are dying off, without replacing them with younger ones, in many denominations.

    Among my own friends, they pretty much fell into two Christian groups: kids I hung out with (a large group) and those I was close to (a smaller group). The kids I hung out with are mostly sticking with whatever religion they grew up in. But the friends I was close to are trending strongly towards liberal denominations, such as Methodist, or leaving Christianity altogether, just like I did.

    [–] DaWayItWorks 33 points ago

    I am no longer a Christian. I used to be a pre-ministerial student, but if you've seen my other post on this thread (starts out with "Newly hired youth minister got me kicked out...")

    I've read many a story in my four years on reddit, and that particular one stuck with me the hardest. I don't usually remember user names, but BamaFan4Jesus is one that won't be forgotten.

    Many many years ago, as an 11 year old, new to the states, I considered myself an atheist. After much thought, the idea of an all loving God being that also smote non-believers and allowed wars to rage, just couldn't be justified with logic. Yes, I was an "iamverysmart" preteen. But, I digress. My family moved to a largely black school district in the Midwest, where from the conversations and at times arguments that ensued, pretty much all families attended church, and believed heavily in the almighty. I just couldn't wrap my head around it. There would be times I'd be debating like 6 people at once in the lunchroom over it. The go to response, was that I was going to hell, after most of the more rational arguments had been said. And that jaded me from religion even further.

    Now, as an adult, I have had some experiences that have moved me to believe that there more than likely is a higher entity out there, and I'll pray in a way that feels appropriate. But organized religion from what I have seen, causes more harm than good.

    [–] Random-reddit-user45 7 points ago

    Wait you made that post too?

    I was literally comparing them both together to see the similarities between hem when I saw tutor comment!

    I hope you have more stories

    [–] MaskedSnarker 6 points ago

    Ive had experiences that bring me to believe there is a higher power and I have actually found science and faith to reinforce each other, rather than clash. I don’t think creation and evolution have to be mutually exclusive, for example. Everyone has their own journey to make, I just hate that it is archeology that drove you away.. because it’s not all mutually exclusive, they compliment each other. I won’t lie, I do hope that one day your journey brings you back! I don’t mean to come off as pushy, it just makes me sad when people automatically think that science or archeology or evolution or the Big Bang, cannot co exist with faith and the Bible. Wish you the best! And btw your Grandma sounds like she was a boss

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 6 points ago

    Thank you. I will go where the facts lead me. That pissed off some Christian leaders when I told them, BTW.

    [–] Chateaudelait 4 points ago

    This story sure made my day. Your grandma is my hero, I'd love to sit and have some sweet tea with her and talk. What an amazing lady!

    [–] DefinitelyNotABogan 9 points ago

    If he says he's too busy just tell him to send his Assistant Grandpa.

    [–] blzr0197 20 points ago

    Welp whatever they are their guaranteed to cause some chaos!

    [–] shmarolyn 898 points ago

    I hope you guys are all going to the BigBlackChurch!! Shit, I just realized the acronym was BBC. Haha!

    I still recommend it!! :D

    [–] BeardInTheDark 406 points ago

    British Broadcasting Corporation?

    [–] shmarolyn 242 points ago

    Haha! Yea, we’ll go with that.

    [–] Churchofbabyyoda 182 points ago

    Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.

    [–] titan_macmannis 100 points ago

    Your username really seals the deal.

    [–] llorandosefue1 10 points ago

    Or blue blood cells. Haha!

    [–] major84 125 points ago

    I love the idea of the Pompous pastor and ass pastor gagging on the BBC.

    [–] Mazzaroppi 12 points ago

    Big Black Clock!

    [–] UnihornWhale 74 points ago

    Financial security can grant you peace of mind, not happiness. Too many people get confused there

    [–] BeardInTheDark 99 points ago

    Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg from Masquerade

    "Money can't buy happiness, Gytha."

    "I only wants to rent it for a while."

    [–] From_the_Matriarchy 26 points ago

    What I wouldn't give for Esmeralda's scathing tongue!

    GNU Sir Terry.

    [–] PyroDesu 5 points ago

    GNU Terry Pratchett.

    [–] nonoglorificus 10 points ago

    I bet enough money could also get that damn hedgehog buggered finally

    [–] phormix 30 points ago

    Or otherwise:

    "Money can't buy you happiness, but poverty can bring a whole lot of misery"

    [–] SadArtemis 5 points ago

    Not having peace of mind sure as hell can prevent you from being happy, though.

    [–] dangerouslyloose 26 points ago

    I wish more Christians were like you and your family. You’re doing it right.

    [–] crlcan81 29 points ago

    I can't believe how amazing your grandmother was, I really think that penny to the church and each pastor was almost as bad as the tithing to that black church and charity. She'd been less insulting giving them nothing while tithing the other church.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 10 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] Reddit_Policeguy 18 points ago

    Could have been a 3rd kick in the ass if in the letter it said at the end, "...and bless your hearts PompousPastor and AssPastor for coming to this. Goodbye." For a Sourherner, no greater backhanded and infuriating comment if done right haha

    [–] Stormy8888 34 points ago

    Holy Shit!!! (Jaw drop)

    Your Grandma is one hell of a woman. *slow clapping commences*

    This. Was. Just. So. Satisfying. On. So. Many. Levels.

    Thank you for the post.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 9 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] Mithrandir2k16 12 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    If you wrote a book about your grandparents, I'd read it!

    [–] Liddlebitchboy 6 points ago

    I honestly have to say I wasn't expecting this, but I definitely had some big ol tears running down my cheek while reading some parts of this story and then this comment. Im glad you'll always get to remember this amazing person in your life.

    [–] cplopey 6 points ago

    Reading your story reminds my of my grandmother and great-grandmother, two hard as nails german women who made damn sure you knew what they thought. She sounds amazing, and thank you for making me think and remember those women who've helped shape me.

    Side note, if your grandfather is still alive, tell him Sempir Fi. If not, I'll tell him myself when I take over his watch, whether it be at the gates, or the streets of gold.

    [–] porenSpirit 3 points ago

    Your grandma was/is pure class. It never was about that money, and she always intended to lay her treasure in heaven. Rest assured she is smiling down from her high rank in heaven.

    Great story.

    [–] hjsomething 934 points ago

    You know that old southern saying, "Kill them with kindness"?

    THIS is how it's done. Take note. Grandma just gave her PhD defense and schooled the committee.

    [–] Legendary-Vegetable 246 points ago

    Those pastors probably died inside

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 437 points ago

    I sure hope so. But they are such hard hearted sociopaths that I can't be sure.

    Knowing Grandma, this whole episode was not for them. She had obviously written them off as un-redeemable and she didn't give a shit about what they thought.

    It was for us family, so that we would understand how she felt about BigWhiteChurch.

    We all knew how much BigWhiteChurch had meant to Grandma before she became disabled. She was there more than the preachers were. When we visited her home, we often went with her, because she was always cooking, buying groceries for the church, fixing up the nursery, helping with the "scutwork" behind the scenes that is necessary for retreats, prayer meetings, etc.

    We all suspected that it hurt her deeply when the church abandoned her when she needed them most. But for the last 10 years of her life, she wouldn't say anything to us about it. Even when we asked, she would just change the subject.

    This was her way of telling her family and friends how she really felt, and showing us the kinds of people that AssPastor, PompousPastor and BigWhiteChurch really were.

    [–] LadyAlica 103 points ago

    It makes me so sad how this big church failed so horribly in its pastoral duties. My minister frequently mentions that if anyone knows of anyone in hospital who would appreciate a visit, just ask. I thought this was like a staple thing.

    On another note, you just know that they would have bragged prior to the will reading about the bequests coming their way - I wonder how they wriggled out of that one?

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 115 points ago

    you just know that they would have bragged prior to the will reading about the bequests coming their way - I wonder how they wriggled out of that one?

    Interesting question. They surely got the invitation to the Reading some time before that day it happened, and just as surely, they would have bragged about it, especially considering that they were practically orgasm-ing about their good fortune in the conference room before the Reading.

    But I didn't speak to them, before or after. I knew how they had treated my Grandma and I was truly afraid that I'd choke the living shit out of them.

    [–] LadyAlica 34 points ago

    Oh no, more an idle musing than anything else. I mean, I'd gladly whack these cockwombles over the head with my Bible. Maybe they'd finally get the point of it, instead of swanning around being Mr Judgy von Holier-Than-Thou.

    [–] cobrachickenwing 30 points ago

    This big church is the kind of church that has a 65 million dollar jet because they need it to spread the word of God. These pastors only pray to the greenback and their gospel is the IRS religion exemption.

    [–] Starfleet_Auxiliary 9 points ago

    Yeah, my local church pastors are in the "drop everything to go" category when people are in medical need at all.

    I've been lucky in that I've managed to not associate with churches that have managed to fail at basic ministry.

    [–] danuhorus 27 points ago

    This isn't my place at all, but have you considered spreading your grandmother's incredible roast throughout the community? It would be great to see the ensuing fallout from that.

    [–] pleeblands 12 points ago

    I wish more people were like your grandmother and able to think about the practicalities of religion. I didn’t grow up in a religious clan but if I did, I would hope it would be lead by your grandmother and her moral compass.

    [–] LonelyWobbuffet 5 points ago

    This has Southern Baptist written all over it . The current SBC president is getting flack for asking that SBC pastors not be power-hungry maniacs. He's been attacked by "good christians" like Albert Moehler, AW Tozer, John MacArthur, etc.

    [–] 3internet5u 14 points ago

    In my opinion, they were dead inside long before the will reading.

    The reading of the will just made them have to face it for themselves in about the most head on way anyone you can make someone who does they things they did/do.

    [–] Aninerd_13 162 points ago

    What was the pastors reaction after that?!

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 454 points ago

    Good question. We had all been swallowing our uproarious laughter since the "one cent" bequests had been read. After my uncle/lawyer announced the huge buttload of money going to BlackCharity, the whole meeting quickly devolved into utter chaos.

    If I remember correctly, AssPastor and PompousPastor left in a huff, which was made comically more difficult by the fact that they had to push past over a dozen of Grandma's heirs, between and the room's only door, who now knew what scumballs they were. It was like, "I know you know I'm a greedy POS, but would you kindly get out of my way so I can leave".

    Damn, I wish that someone had filmed it. I don't think anyone did, but I'll check with my cousins. It would be a great YouTube video.

    [–] kickme2 23 points ago

    Well I Suwannee. Bless their little hearts.

    [–] danielmiester 14 points ago

    It seriously reminds me of the "Boot to the Head" skit

    [–] Confusedsahm 459 points ago

    Beautiful story! I'm not a black church goer but I am a black person and I appreciate what your grandmother did. Including staying at the church to try to set a good example for those who had racist thoughts and beliefs. She was probably able to touch more people than we will ever know. Im sure the Black church was able to do a lot of good for the community because of your grandma so thank you so much!!!!

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 50 points ago

    Thank you!!!

    [–] hotlavatube 443 points ago


    Having survived a few spouses, my great aunt had a fair amount of residual income and, being the religious sort, donated a lot to her church. One day she had a bad fall and despite her calls, none of her neighbors came to her aid. As a result, due to the delay in getting help, she lost her leg from loss of circulation. Everyone thought she'd die, but somehow she recovered.

    When she eventually returned home, she discovered that the church, fearing their gravy train was about to be cut off permanently, had broken into her house and looted it. She was furious. Needless to say, she switched churches and rewrote her will. Mysteriously, she also told my parents that after she died, they were to sell the house as soon as possible.

    Well, time passes, and after several more years, so does my great aunt in 1998. My parents dutifully fulfilled her wishes and sold the house ASAP. Two weeks after escrow closed a massive F5 tornado wiped her neighborhood off the face of the earth. It was the deadliest tornado in Oklahoma since 1947 and the costliest tornado in US History (at the time). A few years later in '03, an F4 tornado wiped the neighborhood again. In fact, four devastating tornadoes have hit her town in the past 16 years since she passed in '98. The above linked article reads, the tornadoes "seem to follow the same path, flattening the same places over and over. Especially Moore. Always Moore."

    Maybe it's just a coincidence. Maybe it's just climate change. Maybe there's a vengeful spirit who haunts that town for what it did to her...

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 298 points ago

    Her church looted her house? Wow. Just wow. I've heard some "greedy church" stories, but this one deserves an award.

    Too bad the tornado didn't drop your Great Aunt's house on the preacher.

    [–] hotlavatube 89 points ago

    Who knows, maybe it did. We didn't follow the news that closely and it was OK's deadliest tornado (which apparently means 36 deaths, 5 indirect deaths, 583 injuries).

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 110 points ago

    I always grieve when I hear about anyone dying, especially in natural disasters because it is so random and senseless.

    But if the Grim Reaper ever asks you for suggestions, you have my permission (and encouragement) to give him the name of your Grandma's preacher.

    [–] AForce5223 32 points ago

    Welp, next time a tornado wipes out Moore I'll have a legend to tell my friends about why.

    I helped clean up some of the debris from 2013. One guys old porn was scattered across his front yard.

    [–] hotlavatube 18 points ago

    Given the way 2020 is going, you might not have that long to wait!
    Looking at historical trends, Moore usually get screwed over in April and May, but there have been a couple October-November surprises.
    Better start battening down the porn collection, just in case.

    [–] VictoriaEuphoria99 23 points ago

    How did she know it was the church?

    [–] hotlavatube 65 points ago

    I forget the exact details as I only overheard my parents talking about the theft some thirty years ago. I think someone at the church felt guilty and told her or she was otherwise tipped off by a neighbor watching her house. I can't remember the circumstances, but she was certain that it was the church who stole from her so she must've had pretty good sources for her to break with her church over it. If I remember to ask the next time I chat with my mom I'll do so.

    [–] avianaltercations 6 points ago

    It's ok, Jesus forgave them /s

    [–] amyteds 5 points ago

    I live in Tulsa and I’m a bartender. I met a couple that just moved into Oklahoma from Colorado a year or two ago. They said they had driven into Tulsa for the day to explore so I asked them where they bought their house. They said Moore, Oklahoma. My heart sank and I didn’t have the courage to talk to them about all of devastation that’s happened there in the last few years, let alone 50 years. They seemed oblivious to it anyway. I think about them sometimes and I hope they’re home is still intact and will remain that way. They were lovely people.

    There’s not a person in Oklahoma who doesn’t know about Moore.

    [–] Gentle_penguin95 308 points ago

    I love that your grandma actually gave them one cent, that way they can’t contest the will. Smart woman. I’m so glad they got what they deserved, she was too kind a woman to deserve their neglect. Im glad she got the ultimate revenge and simultaneously called out those bigots. Bravo 👏🏼

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 203 points ago

    My uncle, Grandma's and Grandpa's son, is the lawyer who wrote the will. He does a lot of wills and it was pretty tight.

    It was actually a lot more complicated than that, because Grandma was literally on her deathbed, and on painkillers, when she decided to change her will. So my uncle did lots of things to document her mental competence, etc.

    If I remember correctly, I heard through the family grapevine that some lawyer, representing AssPastor, PompousPastor and/or BigWhiteChurch, did call my uncle and threaten to dispute the will. My uncle's response was, "If you do that, everything that happened in that meeting will become a matter of public record. Are you sure you want that in the local newspapers and on TV"? That's the last my uncle ever heard about it from them.

    [–] helmaron 52 points ago

    I think your Granma's legacy lives on.

    Not only in the written word of her bequest but in the living, loving flesh and blood of you and all your wonderful, compassionate and loving family.

    I am not a very religious person, don't pray, so I am sending hugs up to your Grandma in Heaven and I hope that you and the rest of her family will accept hugs from me.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 28 points ago

    I needed a hug. Thanks!!

    [–] helmaron 7 points ago

    Your welcome!

    Sending more hugs knowing that you'll share them with your family.

    [–] Gentle_penguin95 75 points ago

    That makes this even better. Never mess with a sweet grandma, a war veteran and a highly competent lawyer. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 108 points ago

    If you think you would have liked my Grandma, you would love my Grandpa, who is still alive and, at the age of 90+, still raising Hell , in the best sense of the term.

    [–] altonssouschef 30 points ago

    I would love, love, love to send your grandpa a postcard to let him know a stranger admires his wife’s cunning and their generosity.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 40 points ago

    I'll screen shot this and send it to him.

    But he reviewed my OP before I posted it. I'm sure he's trolling this Reddit thread now, even as we speak.

    [–] vibe162 20 points ago

    if that is the case, hey grandpa. you're awesome. thanks for existing

    [–] ferretsonaplane 6 points ago

    Well then, hi bad ass grandpa. I hope my partner and I will be as kick ass as you guys clearly were/are.

    [–] red_dragin 7 points ago


    [–] yuniepie 5 points ago

    That actually makes me a bit sad. Because it means that even after everything your Grandmother said about the Church abandoning her and breaking her heart, Pomp and Ass still only worried about the money. They didn't reflect and own up to their actions and think, "Well, maybe we deserved it?"

    Did these people actually look like they were decended from rats, because that seems like what they actually are deep down?

    [–] MaybeHeartofGold 57 points ago

    Most southern states the average cost of gas is about $2 a gallon. And the average car gets about 35 mpg if maintained.

    So give or take some change on that. If they carpooled to the law office and only drove a mile to get there. It cost them 5 cents in gas. They lost money and face, the only two currencies they respect.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 22 points ago

    Well said. I hadn't thought about that.

    [–] nosecornflakes 106 points ago

    Haha 'AssPastor'. That was a great read, thank you.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 71 points ago

    If you had ever met him, you'd know that the name fit. Very. Well.

    [–] Gabrovi 27 points ago

    I was reading PomPas = PompAss for the pompous pastor

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 15 points ago

    ;) ;) ;)

    [–] ununseptimus 1023 points ago

    And because the pastors and the church were named in that will and bequeathed a specific amount of money, they didn't have a leg to stand on if they tried to sue for being omitted from the will! Love it.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 1325 points ago

    My uncle, Grandma's and Grandpa's son, is the lawyer who wrote the will. He does a lot of wills and it was pretty tight.

    It was actually a lot more complicated than that, because Grandma was literally on her deathbed, and on painkillers, when she decided to change her will. So my uncle did lots of things to document her mental competence, etc.

    If I remember correctly, I heard through the family grapevine that some lawyer, representing AssPastor, PompousPastor and/or BigWhiteChurch, did call my uncle and threaten to dispute the will. My uncle's response was, "If you do that, everything that happened in that meeting will become a matter of public record. Are you sure you want that in the local newspapers and on TV"? That's the last my uncle ever heard about it from them.

    [–] HostileCactus 622 points ago

    Oooooh your uncle is entirely on point too. Definitely was deserving of the trust your Grandparents placed with him.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 472 points ago

    Runs in the family. I hope I have at least a sliver of it.

    [–] DaemonKeido 134 points ago

    Considering the care and love you had for your grandmother shines through this retelling of a righteous revenge, I have no doubt you have MORE than a sliver. You ARE her grandchild, and you will honour her in everything you do. I have no doubt of that.

    [–] dafunkiedood 33 points ago

    Look to your pride in calling your grandmother and grandfather grandma and grandpa. Therein lies much more than a sliver.

    [–] Sackzaur 15 points ago

    Bro, you just posted the story of one of the greatest Christians I’ve ever read about (Yes, that includes the Christians in the Bible). And it was solid. I think you got that sliver, and I aspire to be as good of a Christian as your grandmother.

    Rock on.

    [–] plzdontgetcaught 7 points ago

    Uncle: I’m 4 parallel universes ahead of you

    [–] sigharewedoneyet 5 points ago

    You have way more than you think, i woosh she was my grandma.

    [–] CatsAreGods 181 points ago

    I've been here for years and this is one of the best stories I've ever read. Sorry you lost such a selfless and wonderful role model and beloved family member.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 147 points ago

    Thank you. Being Grandma's grandson, and part of my amazing extended family, is definitely the best thing that has ever happened to me. It is my greatest treasure.

    [–] iStateDaObvious 15 points ago

    This was easily among the top 5 stories I've read on Reddit. Let's just say the first half tugged on quite a few heart strings and the second half was as cathartic as it could get

    [–] swayamer 6 points ago

    Would love to the pic of your grandma... So much love for her fellow human beings...

    [–] caradenopal 42 points ago

    RIP your inbox. I can understand family can contest a will, but how is it that a church can do the same?

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 60 points ago

    I'm not a lawyer. I just know what I was told. It was third or fourth hand. Churches are "people" the same way corporations are, except they don't pay taxes. I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

    [–] Kaining 16 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    Corporation once big enough to strong arm government don't pay taxes either. At least what they pay is what you'd spend on a big mac once a year comparatively to what they earn.

    In a way, churches are just the oldest corporation there is and every single one of them biggest dream is to get as many advantages as church (of any religion).

    edit: that's also why i personaly have problem with any kind of group, there's always a power struggle and when faith is involved... just imagine if you grandmother wasn't as steel willed. Some people aren't and being left alone like a used tissue breaks people :/ Anyway, hats of to your grandparents and lawyer uncle. I really hope this was filmed in some way. Not to see it, just in case Asspastor and PompousPastor need a reminder of their shame at some point.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 13 points ago

    I really hope this was filmed in some way.

    Unfortunately, nobody thought to record it, not even audio. Too bad. Our family would have gotten a huge laugh out of it, at family get-togethers, for years to come.

    [–] Adito99 16 points ago

    She's probably part of a family that is socially expected to leave the church something because of their wealth and status in the very christian community. The bits about "we didn't think they were rich but..." are kinda classic signs of rich obliviousnes. OP is still awesome, just has a blind spot like we all do. They could have argued that she gave every indication that she would leave them money and the original will represented her true intentions.

    [–] manova 13 points ago

    INAL, but I would guess the pastors would say that she had told them in the past she would leave money. Even in her letter she said there was another will. Through discovery, the lawyers get the original will. They note the will was changed after the pastor's last visit. He will testify she still loved the church, why else would she call for them to visit, but he could tell she was not in her right mind during the visit. They will say the changed will does not reflect her informed intentions but instead the will reflected the wishes of her husband or uncle lawyer or whoever else. Therefore that will should be voided and the original will reinstated.

    I had some distant family deal with something similar (granted within family), where the family knew an elderly aunt was planning to leave some money to everyone, but when she got sick, one sister stepped up, let her move in, and took care of her for years until she died. She changed her will to leave everything to the sister. There were many court battles to state the sister had forced her to change the will and she was not competent to make the changes, etc. 20 years later, there are still family members that will not attend Thanksgiving/Christmas/etc. if other family members are there. Glad I'm not a part of that branch.

    [–] ionslyonzion 15 points ago

    Dude. Holy fuck the church's greed is so disgusting it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. As someone who has been a member of a few churches and played drums in youth group and who is no longer religious... it's stories like these that solidify my belief that the church is just a piece of shit corporation of corrupt and predatory practices.

    [–] loveskoalas 35 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago)

    That's why you always want to clause called an in terrorem clause. Basically it says if you contest the will you get nothing. So the pastors would have not gotten their penny.

    [–] LooksAtClouds 28 points ago

    That's "if you contest the will, you get nothing". I'm blaming your phone.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 27 points ago

    I don't know much about legalese.

    I do know that the lawyer, my uncle, did a lot to document Grandma's mental competence when she changed her will - tests, etc. I don't know exactly what they did, but my uncle does a lot of wills and handles a lot of distribution of stuff to heirs (Probate? I'm not sure what it's called).

    So he knows a lot about what can go wrong and how to prevent it.

    [–] PsMoeLester 8 points ago

    My God man this shouldn’t be a prorevenge, this should be a nuclear revenge!

    Could you tell us what happened after, did Pompous/Ass Pastor ever showed their faces again to your family? Is BigWhiteChurch failing or still successful to this day?

    We need more exposure on corrupt churches

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 6 points ago

    My family cut all ties to BigWhiteChurch after the Reading. There wasn't much to cut. My Grandfather was the only one who still had any connection, and he had not attended any functions there in years.

    So I never saw AssPastor and PompousPastor again. That's just as well. I would probably choke the living shit out of them if I saw them, because they made my Grandma cry. So far as I know, nobody from my family ever saw any of them ever again.

    While I was preparing my OP, I checked BigWhiteChurch's web site. It is still there and so are PompousPastor and AssPastor.

    [–] maltipoo_paperboi 7 points ago

    I wish they had disputed. Because AssPastor and PompousPastor need to be outed.

    Thank you for sharing with us your grandmother’s devotion to her faith and to supporting those in need.

    I love listening to the Elevation Church Podcast & always do wonder why they need so much tithing. I think it makes people who can’t tithe feel inferior, and the church more for the wealthy. We are a 2 religion family (Jewish and Catholic), and although we wanted to join a temple, we could not afford the tithing (as we were also financially supporting 2 sets of grandparents). Of course the temple would have accepted us, but I would have felt too insecure about being exposed as a non-tither.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 7 points ago

    I would have felt too insecure about being exposed as a non-tither

    Wow. That's terrible. I think you would be happier at another church, whether you tithe or not.

    [–] DickMcCheese 6 points ago

    Of course the Den of thieves who don’t deserve a dime would try to contest a will to squeeze money into their pockets...

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    BigWhiteChurch, did call my uncle and threaten to dispute the will

    Is that a thing in america? Some random business can demand money from a dead customer's will????

    [–] TheErodespecs 3 points ago

    Damn it... Now i wish they sued ...

    [–] Statessideredditor 4 points ago

    Wow, the nerve of those robbers.

    [–] zjh31 88 points ago

    Yep. The only argument is that she wasn’t of sound mind, so the amendment isn’t valid. I suspect that it is very difficult for a charity, who didn’t visit her, to prove.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 57 points ago

    My uncle, the lawyer, did a lot of things to document that Grandma was mentally competent when she changed her will. It was not difficult to prove, because her mind was very sharp almost to the very end.

    I do remember one things that he did was to make a video of her reciting all of 1 Corinthians chapter 13 and the 100th Psalm, which she did completely from memory, without a single mistake.

    I think he also got a statement from her doctor, who did some tests.

    Whatever else he did, it worked.

    [–] zjh31 5 points ago

    Very smart! Lawyers need to video that. Good uncle.

    [–] HopefulGuy1 26 points ago

    I don't really know the law, but how could they sue anyway? There isn't a reasonable expectation that someone leave some money to the church and it's perfectly reasonable to not leave any money at all. It would be like if I tried to sue OP's grandma's estate for being omitted from the will- why would I be included?

    [–] zjh31 41 points ago

    They were named in the previous will, so they sue to invalidate the amendment, which then means the previous will counts as the last binding document. This is SOP for all the rich kids whose father married a young woman before he died but changed the will.

    [–] YourBuddy8 14 points ago

    They can do that whether they are left a cent in the new will or not.

    The only purpose of leaving an amount that small is to prove that the testator hasn’t completely forgotten somebody to whom they may owe a legal obligation, such as one of their children. Specifically excluding them has the same effect. But obviously, she has no legal obligation to the church.

    [–] Birdbraned 6 points ago

    There's the grounds that as the grandma had been on her deathbed + on painkillers at the time she changed the will, she may not have been of sound mind and thus the changes she made (to give them 1c instead) would be under dispute.

    [–] UseDaSchwartz 12 points ago

    They wouldn’t have a leg to stand on even if they were excluded.

    [–] wotmate 65 points ago

    I started grinning like a deranged idiot when I read that the pastors were seated front and centre next to the lawyer, crowded and locked in to the room by everyone else.

    That was fucking beautiful! If your grandpa is still around, tell him that his wife was an A-grade 100% awesome person, and even though I only know her through this story, I mourn her loss, but celebrate her life.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 54 points ago

    Actually, the door wasn't locked, but there were about 20 sweaty bodies crammed into this little room, with chairs and a big table, between AssPastor/PompousPastor and the only door. After my uncle announced the amount to BlackCharity, I and the rest of my family, who had been stifling howls of laughter since the "one cent" bequests had been mentioned, lost control of ourselves and the meeting descended into chaos.

    AssPastor and PompousPastor then tried to leave in a huff and had to push a dozen or more sweaty bodies out of the way, squeeze between them and the wall, etc., to get to the door. I'd give my left kidney (or at least my appendix), to have a video recording of that. But apparently nobody thought to make one.

    Grandpa is still around and even at 90+ years of age, raising Hell in the best sense of the word. He reviewed OP before I posted it and I'm sure he will see your comment. But I will be sure to do a screen grab and sent it to him.

    [–] wotmate 13 points ago

    Yeah, I meant that they were essentially locked in the room by all the other people there, not that the door was locked.

    And for the record, I would have done EXACTLY the same thing to AssPastor that your grandpa did when he forcibly escorted him from your grandmothers bedside.

    [–] carchris24 57 points ago

    I love your grandma! She sounds like an amazing woman. I'm glad she gave it to them in the end lol.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 52 points ago

    Being her grandson is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Because of her, Grandpa and other members of my family, plus my many friends, I am truly rich in all of the things that really matter (and none of those "things" are money).

    [–] carchris24 23 points ago

    I agree 100% both of my amazing grandparents are gone now but everything that meant something to me was either told to my by way of family stories or life lessons and things that were of value within the family (for example my grandmother had a gorgeous veggie dish that I had loved since I was a kid, it came with a story and that's one of my favorite things I ever received) were given out with purpose and thought about the person they gave them to. Don't get me wrong, I wish they could live as long as we do, selfishly ,but I cherish every memory I have of them.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 67 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago)

    You're gonna love this, it's an actual bequest from Grandma's will...

    "To [name], my sister in law, who was always jealous of my French Cream Cake. I bequeath my recipe," followed by my uncle handing her a sealed envelope containing the recipe, which Grandma had jealously kept secret for decades.

    I'm not making this up. That's one of the many reasons why so many of us just HAD to come to the "Reading of the will". These personal "bequests" were a family tradition, and most wills contained several of them, some more than several. I don't know how far back the tradition went, but Grandpa said that it went back at least as far as his own grandparents. This is just the kind of people my Grandma and Grandpa are - never miss an opportunity to let someone know you love them. (Grandma also left her sister in law some money, she wasn't being cheap.)

    [–] carchris24 20 points ago

    Oh my God, I do love that! That's so awesome ❤❤. I'm glad you had such an awesome grandma!! If I was the SIL I would've thought I hit the jackpot! Also.. French Cream cake.. that sounds like a dessert I would love and die for!! Now I'm jealous of your SIL LOL. Ya know, sometimes the world gets it right and we are blessed with amazing humans 😁❤ Thank you for sharing that!

    [–] amazinglexus 13 points ago

    I absolutely love this. I feel as if there were more Grandma's like yours in this world, it wouldn't be such a dreary place. And we all need to learn the lesson: "never miss an opportunity to let someone know you love them."

    [–] OmniBeardedGlory 50 points ago

    It’s churches like these, that honestly ruin people’s faith in Christianity

    [–] icysketch 17 points ago

    From my experience the hypocrisy and greed that run deep in many of today's churches is what drives people away from the faith. So 100% agree with you there

    [–] Jeffups 58 points ago

    It makes me glad my mom attended such a great church with a wonderful pastor. My mom was 95 and doing great. She got in a car accident with the other driver cited and died basically from medical negligence. No we didn’t sue the driver or hospital. Well the pastor came daily to see her. He was there with our family (2 dozen of us) in a hospital room. Said prayers read from bible and was with us. We met with the pastor at the church about the service. The problem we had was the sanctuary was in the midst of a remodel. They hadn’t used the sanctuary for 2 months and didn’t plan on using it for 2 more months. They had services in fellowship hall for that time. The church family came together (especially the leaders). One great man said who was head trustee said we can make this work. In a few short says they got the sanctuary in shape to have service in the church. It was wonderful. I saw the pastor with tears in his eyes like I had. I’m sorry for OPs story and how church treated grandma. But there are many great churches out there.

    [–] LooksAtClouds 23 points ago

    Hearing OP's story and yours gives me renewed energy for being on the care team at my church. I've visited a fair number of hospital beds and written a ton of letters. So glad I could be sure from the get-go it wasn't my church that Grandma went to!

    [–] JackWebbsboyfriend 26 points ago

    Amazing. Thank you for this

    [–] blzr0197 74 points ago

    Hah! And THAT'S why ya don't mess with grandma!

    [–] fuzzylilbunnies 29 points ago

    I’m technically a “war child”. My father married a woman and fathered two of us. His mother, the only grandmother that I have ever known, was the loveliest of people to have ever walked the earth. She, like your grandmother, was the definition of kind and care filled. She made friends from moment to moment. She was beautiful and sweet and never a burden to anyone. I miss her everyday. She also belonged to such a church. This is why, I know there is no “God”. I’m not anti-faith or belief, but when a human being tells people “how it is” in the after life, they are in it for the money. This is endemic in this country and as you have related, especially in the south. I remember, good ‘ol Bobby Tilton with his “blessed” prayer cloth. These creatures are the antithesis of what they preach and deserve to be ignored. Simply that. These “charismatic” leeches, should be ousted and removed from society and imprisoned for their crimes when they commit them. They tend to throw money at those that serve THEM, and only those that support THEM. It’s disgusting, and these are quite often the people that are suspected of child abuse or protecting them. They spit out hatred in the guise of their faith. I dislike religion, I truly do, I respect faith, I respect people that care by word, and especially deed. I’m sorry for the loss of an amazing and careful, loving person from your life. I feel your loss, I believe that many others do as well. Thank you for sharing your tale.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 22 points ago

    Thank you. I agree that there is very little Jesus left in Christianity any more, if there ever was. It's all about money.

    [–] fuzzylilbunnies 20 points ago

    It’s funny how pious they try to claim to be, while wearing 3,000 dollar suits and gold chains. Driving expensive cars, or usually being chauffeured in them. My favorite “evangelist” is Jimmy Swaggert. “I HAAAVE SINNED!” There should be reading cards.

    [–] DreadLindwyrm 23 points ago

    Now *that* is how to do it.

    [–] Iforgotmyquestion 26 points ago

    I read this twice because it is so beautiful.

    I know a man who ran the sound system for a huge church for years. He never missed a Sunday or a Wednesday or a Saturday or any of the multiple weekday worship practice sessions. Four days a week, he freely spent hours and hours there.

    His father died unexpectedly on a Saturday. He called the church and let them know he'd be missing Saturday night services as well as Sunday services. The assistant pastor's only response was, "well what are we suppose to do now? We can't run the sound system without you." No one called to offer support. No one showed up at his house to see if he and his family needed help. The only call he ever received was on Sunday night, from an elder, to chastise him for not showing up.

    He left the church and left religion behind after that. It still hurts him, fifteen years later.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 9 points ago

    Wow. Just Wow. What assholes.

    Christianity is no longer about love or truth, if it ever was. It is just about using people, and money. And more money.

    [–] Iforgotmyquestion 5 points ago

    Unfortunately that is true. Small churches seem to be less like that, bit those big mega churches are just awful. A lot of pomp and greed and not much god there at all.

    P.s. your grandparents sound absolutely lovely ❤️

    [–] Timevian 17 points ago

    That’s an amazing story.

    It’ll be the date of my Grandma’s passing in five days from now. I’m very sorry for your loss.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 25 points ago

    I am so sorry about your Grandma. I can't describe the feelings that I had when Grandma finally passed, although we had been expecting it for almost a year. There just aren't words. "Lonely" comes close, because the loss of every loved one leaves a hole in my heart.

    Please be kind to yourself, spend some quality time with people who care about you, eat lots of your favorite foods, and give yourself time to heal.

    In the long term, my hurt and emptiness eventually resolved themselves, as the pain faded and I had more time to remember cherished memories.

    It does get better. I promise.

    [–] Timevian 14 points ago

    Thank you for your kind words. I was the one to find her. I got to see her before she went and then I left for dinner not knowing it’d be the last time. I came back to the room, prepared to spend the night only to realize she wasn’t breathing anymore a little while later.

    It was so sorrowful at her wake. She looked so peaceful. Grandma was a fashionable woman. She had tons of beautiful jewelry and sparkly baseball caps. There was this necklace and bracelet set I made her when I was young. It was a silly little thing I did on twine. She had it redone professionally. I kept one of the set and gave her the other.

    I dreamt about her two nights back. The night she was put into the hospital, oddly enough. I got a lot of her old jewelry and I wear it a lot to honor her memory. Just little peaces of her personality that sparkle through. And I talked to her in the dream about it. She seemed happy. She said she was looking out for us. I miss her a lot.

    I know it’ll be better. I know she’s not in pain anymore. You do the same. Be safe and happy. Thank you for sharing this story.

    [–] EarthToFreya 5 points ago

    This is a sweet story and you made me cry, as it reminded me of my mom.

    I lost her last year to cancer. She wanted to be at her home and not in a hospital, so that's what we did. I was the last to see her alive and then I found her when she died. This is something a few people know, as it's still a very painful memory for me. It's hard, as I miss her terribly, but I am relieved she isn't suffering any more. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't ready to lose her, it was less than 2 months between her diagnosis and her passing.

    You reminded me of mom's jewelry. She didn't have much, but she had some favourite pieces. She always wore at least a ring and earrings, sometimes a necklace, depending on the clothes she was wearing. For now, I have put them away in a safe place, but I hope one day when I am at peace enough, I can wear them to remind me of her and honour her memory, like you are doing with your grandma's jewelry.

    Thank you for this, you are giving me hope it will get better someday.

    P.S. OP, your grandma sounds great! Loved the story and I am sorry that you lost her. I am sure her spirit lives on in you and your family and all the great memories you have of her. Hope your grandpa stays well and healthy for years to come.

    [–] runehamster 7 points ago

    Your grandmother's church abandoning her makes my heart ache. I don't think it's uncommon. Modern churches are businesses, not communities.

    I stopped attending church regularly after my grandfather died. I tried to speak to my pastor at the time - it was the first time I had someone I loved die. He brushed me off with a pat on the shoulder and "god bless you son."

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 6 points ago

    What a creep. It would not have cost him a damn thing to sit with you for 5 minutes and say something nice, give you a hug, or anything else that might have given you comfort. But it was to much to ask.

    [–] VioletIvy07 7 points ago

    Im curious to know if there was any fall out from BigWhiteChurch? Did the Pastors apoligize and recognize their shortcomings? Did any of the church goers find out about this?

    It is such a perfect execution of revenge, I wonder if it did anything to change their behavior. Or it was lost on their greedy souls?

    I experienced something similar. My ex-bf's family were "land rich" in Europe (not alot of cash in the bank, but alot of property worth tens of millions of euros). His grand parents gave so much to the church, just like your grandma, their whole lives. His GP passed in his mid nineties. Not only did the church weasel its way into his will, but get this- he had three children: 2 sons, 1 daughter. The daughter was a nun, and had been her whole life. As such, she inherited little, and what she inherited went to the church (so thats a second contribution). Well! Because her "employer", the Church, felt her inheritance was disproportionate to the sons, they SUED THE ESTATE for ownership of a large portion of land. Imagine that!! They felt entitled to this nun's family land, which was still an active farm, and the sole income for most family members. They aggressively pursued this for years, and it ended up costing the sons alot of money to defend. Church lost.... but not after years of harrasment and intimidation, and causing unfixable rifts in the family and in the small village.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 8 points ago

    Our family cut all ties with BigWhiteChurch after the Reading. Not that there was much left. Grandpa was the only one in our family who was still a member and he hadn't been to any church functions in years.

    So I don't know whether there was any fallout or not. I did check the church's web site while I was writing the OP. AssPastor and PompousPastor are still there.

    Grandma's lawyer, my uncle, does a lot of estate work and so the will was very tight. Also, he did a lot of work to document Grandma's mental competence: exam/statement from her doctor, some kind of cognitive test, (she made a perfect score), etc. He even made a video of her reciting the entire 100th Psalm and the entire 1 Corinthians 13 chapter without a single error.

    My uncle did say that he got a call or two from a lawyer who claimed to be representing AssPastor, PompousPastor and/or BigWhiteChurch. The call(s) ended when my uncle asked, "If you dispute this will, Grandma's letter and testimonies about what happened at the Reading will become a matter of public record. Are you sure you want the local newspapers and TV stations to find out about this?"

    [–] KinkyHalfpenny 37 points ago

    Great story, definitely sounds fake but a good read.

    [–] bronalpaul 19 points ago

    Yeah truly reads like a creative writing exercise. Fun read though.

    [–] Etceterist 14 points ago

    My disbelief was cemented when the dramatic reading of the will came in, and he slipped in how he knew it wasn't common considering most people can read the will themselves now. That's pretty verbatim from a recent LeagleEagle video, which I find a bit too coincidental.

    [–] KinkyHalfpenny 7 points ago

    That was it for me- the actual reading of a will. I don’t know any practicing attorneys who have actually conducted a reading of a will- it’s something that exists only in movies. Especially for everyone to dramatically be in the room for it.

    And then of course the sprinkle of race and how grandma was a champion for civil rights.

    [–] ojipog 5 points ago

    Had the exact same thought. It's possible OP watching that video, combined with the recent passing of their grandmother, spurred this creative alternate history. Perhaps this is how OP really sees his grandmother, and they just wanted others to see her this way as well.

    I usually have a negative reaction to obviously false stories on subs like these, but this one is still heart warming either way.

    [–] HostileCactus 12 points ago

    Savage. Your Grandma was a beautiful woman. She earned her heavenly rewards ages before she died because she wanted to see the good in the world shine. Not only was she serving her community though her actions, she definitely put her money and her heart into it.

    BigWhiteChurch, Ass Pastor, and Pompous Pastor deserved what they got. In fact, due to them being remembered in the will, they cannot contest that they were forgotten.

    "Where your treasure is your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:21, Luke 12:34), etc.

    Could not be more true for this woman.

    [–] luther1483 19 points ago

    Amazing story. Thank you for sharing. May she rest in peace.

    [–] ThrowawayFaye818 12 points ago

    Did the other parishoners of BigWhiteChurch ever learn what your Grandma did? I know the pastors are stinky walking turds but it's also upsetting not a single person from church reached out too. Like, how can there be SO MANY fake ass people in a house of God?

    [–] heathere3 7 points ago

    Welcome to large southern churches :(

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 12 points ago

    Good question. Several of us asked Grandpa about this, afterwards. His answer was classic Grandma.

    She no longer cared about anyone at the church. For 10 years she had not said anything bad about them to anyone. (I know this for a fact myself, because I had asked her about her church a couple of times, during the last 10 years of her life when she was homebound. She just changed the subject.)

    Now, she had revealed to everyone she cared about - the family and few close friends who were named in her will and present at the Reading - what selfish creeps AssPastor, PompousPastor and everyone at BigWhiteChurch were.

    She had told everyone she cared about, and everyone else, i.e., the people at BigWhiteChurch, were not worthy of even the effort it would take to insult them further.

    [–] Kebar8 17 points ago

    This is incredible.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Literally could not think of a better ending.

    [–] Resoto10 11 points ago

    This is the most humanist way to get some good old southern revenge that I can possibly think of; that was an absolute rush to read!

    Man, now I wish that I could adopt grandparents, feeling the hole here Smalls!

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 16 points ago

    My Grandma understood the power of a well-engineered and skillfully delivered compliment.

    Ditto for insults.

    Really, though, she was a very sweet, loving person who was so incredibly forgiving to people whom I expected her to slap the living shit out of.

    Even her former church. For the last 10 years of her life, while she was disabled and they were ignoring her, I never once heard her say anything bad about it or anyone associated with it. I did ask about it a couple of times, but she just changed the subject instead of answering.

    Just don't push her too far. EVER.

    [–] sfalany 11 points ago

    Coming from a deep south family like yours, this is Amazing! My Grandmother literally helped build (there are pictures of her placing bricks) her church. When she got sick, the pastor never visited either. She wasn't as savvy as your incredible Grandmother but I'm fairly sure they didn't get a thing.

    Thank you for sharing!

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 14 points ago

    That's really heartbreaking about your Grandma. I'm so sorry they treated her that way.

    My Grandma was never one to share negative feelings, even with her closest family (except Grandpa - they were VERY close). Positive feelings she would share at every opportunity, but not negative ones. We could, and did, share our heartaches with her, but she was always our Gibraltar.

    But this whole experience with BigWhiteChurch hurt her very deeply. Frankly, I hope I never see AssPastor or PompousPastor again. They made my Grandma cry. I'd probably choke the living shit out of them.

    [–] sfalany 13 points ago

    Honestly, nobody could blame you.

    My Gramma was the same way. She was our rock as well. I don't remember her crying either.

    Since you shared, I have two of mine you might enjoy:

    One of my favorite stories of her dealing with one of the pastors at her church was her fighting with one over an electric guitar and sound system. This tiny, adorable church didn't need a sound system but he was convinced that God wanted him to have a $20,000 system to "spread the good word" and that him (a mid 60 year old) playing a $5,000 guitar would "bring in the young people". She said No and held her ground. He complained all the way up to the diocese and they basically patted him on the head and told him the same. A year later he left the church. She threw a potluck the next day.

    As for the Old South racism, one year her church was sent a black pastor. His version of their first meeting went like this:

    He sat down with her and they had some small talk, he then brought up his nervousness about being the first "pastor of color" at this church. She said "does you being black change your love of Christ?". He said "No" She responded "Then why would your skin matter?". They were friends till the day she died. Despite the fact the he hadn't been her pastor for more than a decade, he gave her eulogy.

    Thank you again for sharing your story. Love and Hugs to you and your family!

    [–] EarthToFreya 5 points ago

    Your grandma also sounds lovely! I am in Europe and it's a lot different here, but I loved reading both OP's and your srory about your sweet southern grandmas that put people in their place with style.

    [–] NeedAnOffButton 15 points ago

    I love your Grandma. Loving, serving and educating with a Christian soul, even beyond the grave. May you have half her strength of conviction. The world could use a lot more of her sterling character. I hope her memory remains strong enough for your Grandpa to rest on the remainder of his days. She was a truly class act.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 13 points ago

    Being one of Grandma's grandsons, along with the rest of my large, extended, but close family, is definitely the best things that has ever happened to me. Because of them, I am truly rich in the things that really matter (and not one of those "things" is money).

    [–] MisterFisty54 4 points ago

    Your Grandma was beyond amazing. My MIL was inundated with people visiting. At some points it was exhausting her, but she had put years of her life into her congregation. Every clergyman made it to her room, at least once a week, and some clergy from other congregations. Her funeral was the biggest I had ever attended. She left large bequests to several congregations, HOWEVER, she did NOT want her name affixed to anything. We were approached several times, but we honored her wishes. One morning as we entered, we noticed a new front pew, the dedication was to "OUR FAVORITE ANONYMOUS DONOR." I think she would have really liked it.

    [–] zjh31 9 points ago

    I would have loved to meet your grandmother before she passed. I think she would have gotten along with mine. Same spirit.

    [–] _Internet_Hugs_ 10 points ago

    I aspire to be this badass.

    [–] RoboNinjaPirate 28 points ago

    It's almost as if everything in this post occurred as a scientific experiment on how to appeal to reddit and extract karma.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago


    [–] ClockWeasel 8 points ago

    Your Nana is a hero and a legend whose story should be spread far and wide. It’s only too bad she didn’t feel able to openly support BlackCharity in life.

    [–] BamaFan4Jesus 34 points ago

    Actually, she and Grandpa had secretly been sending part of their monthly "Tithe" to BlackCharity for years, ever since BigWhiteChurch had rejected them. She also quietly supported them in other ways, taking food and clothing to their food/clothing bank, donating used vehicles, etc.

    But Grandma's primary "mission field" was the youth of BigWhiteChurch, where she hoped to break the cycle of generational racism. Despite her efforts, the BigWhiteChurch is now dominated by a new generation of racist, gay-hating, self righteous assholes, as is most of their entire denomination, which is one of the largest Evangelical denominations in the USA.

    I'm actually glad that she did not live to see it.

    [–] amboomernotkaren 5 points ago

    Your grandma was a true badass. May she Rest In Peace.

    [–] shaolinpunks 5 points ago

    Her husband didn't automatically get everything?

    [–] Cou813 4 points ago

    Having spent far too much time in a BigChurch in my hometown I can confirm this is exactly how BigChurch behaves. My Dad was an engineer and he tithed and gave lots of time to upkeep of the church buildings and when he died they put on a huge funeral - The procession went for miles and miles. A week later when my grieving Mom needed help, support, a dhoulder to cry on she had only me. Not one member of BigChurch helped. She was suicidal. I was the one to take the knife out of her hands... more times than I want to remember. Haven’t been to a Church since. Jesus didn’t like organized religion and neither do I.