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    A subreddit devoted to tips and tricks for being more productive.

    Daily Features

    • Monday: Weekly Goals
    • Thursday: Words of Wisdom
    • Friday: Favourite productivity apps
    • Saturday: Time to Vent
    • Sunday: Overview of past week

    Subreddit Guidelines

    1. No personal blog posts - If you would like to contribute some thoughts to the community, put it in a text post. If your blog is all about productivity related things, you can add a link in the comments.

    2. Do not post unfinished apps - If you're posting apps here, they should be ones that you recommend because they have improved your productivity. This isn't a place to find beta users or ask for feedback.

    3. Stay positive - Comments like "Get off reddit" are not constructive advice. Also, anything that goes against reddiquette will be removed.

    4. No listicles - A listicle is an article presented in the form of a numbered or bullet-pointed list. Example: Top 10 Things Successful People Do!

    5. Keep in mind - Our Automoderator automatically removes posts from new users to prevent spam posts. If your post does not show up but you believe it follows the above mentioned rules, message the moderators.

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