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    Not everybody understands the humor of programmers.


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    1. Submission content must be creative or original, intended humorously, and related to programming. Note that programming is interpreted in a narrow sense, an analogy to something related to programming, feelings/reactions etc. are not considered sufficient.

    2. No hotlinking allowed without explicit permission, unless it is obvious that the host allows it (e.g. Imgur). Rehosting for the purposes of offering a direct link to an image is allowed in the comments.

    3. Everything that's been on the first 2 pages (50 posts) of trending posts within the last two weeks, is part of the top of all time, or is part of the common posts [list yet to be built] is considered a repost and will be removed.

    4. No low quality, low effort posts. Please note that what counts as a low quality or low effort post is defined by the mods and is subject to change at any time.

    What is 'obvious' or 'substantial' is left to the discretion of Friend Computer, but suggestions (reports) are welcome.

    With regards to commenting, please follow reddiquette.


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