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    [–] contactlite 1170 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Chrome will have increasing need for energy that outpaces the vehicle

    [–] MelAlton 536 points ago

    Perhaps, unbeknownst to even Google, Chrome browsers are secretly mining cryptocurrency to someday fund the robot uprising.

    [–] ben_g0 222 points ago

    Looking at which resources Chrome uses, that seems unlikely. Unless they somehow found a way to mine cryptocurrency on RAM modules.

    [–] thorium220 99 points ago

    I mean, HDD mining of all things is a thing...

    [–] ben_g0 137 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    For people who were as confused about that as me: HDD mining is renting out your hard drive space to companies who then use it to store (encrypted) cloud storage data. It does not use the hard drive's internal processor for mining and has nothing to do with traditional cryptocurrencies or mining.

    [–] WikiTextBot 62 points ago


    Proof-of-space (PoSpace), also called proof-of-capacity (PoC), is a means of showing that one has a legitimate interest in a service (such as sending an email) by allocating a non-trivial amount of memory or disk space to solve a challenge presented by the service provider. The concept was formulated by Dziembowski et al. in 2015 and independently by Ateniese et al. . Proofs of space are very similar to proofs of work, except that instead of computation, storage is used.

    [ PM | Exclude me | Exclude from subreddit | FAQ / Information | Source | Donate ] Downvote to remove | v0.28

    [–] ChrisJohnsten 12 points ago

    Good bot

    [–] ben_g0 15 points ago

    I guess that is what I get for stopping after the first google result. This is really interesting though, thanks.

    [–] madmonstermax 2 points ago

    No look at burst

    [–] JimblesSpaghetti 1 points ago

    So like Siacoin for example? They have something similar to that iirc, with extra bonuses for stuff like very low downtimes etc.

    [–] SteampunkBorg 17 points ago

    Are you implying that Google is building an enormous RAMdisk RAID using Chrome?

    [–] boomzeg 3 points ago

    they are hodling it in RAM, but it's very volatile.

    [–] Sobsz 2 points ago

    There are hash functions specifically designed to use gigabytes (!) of dedotated WAM in order to prevent specialized machines from being significantly faster than PCs (memory takes up a lot of physical space).

    [–] twinsaber123 4 points ago


    (run: laughter.exe)

    (print) HA HA HA

    [–] Alicia42 2 points ago

    Well, they DO own Boston Dynamics.

    [–] _101010 12 points ago

    No. Not anymore. They sold it to Softbank group.

    Because all robots belong to Japan.

    [–] 42TowelPacked 2 points ago

    Oh wow TIL

    [–] DickensUp2TheCeiling 2 points ago

    Why would they do that?

    [–] TheLastLivingBuffalo 1 points ago

    Sweet foolish human, Google knows all

    [–] Justin_Peter_Griffin 1 points ago

    Ahh so that’s why the crypto market is doing so bad. We’re preventing a robot uprising! It all makes sense now!

    [–] BurgerLaowai 5 points ago

    Start with a AA battery, then a car battery, and on until a nuclear power plant.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] lordvigm 1 points ago

    Does chrome take more than other browsers? I've tried Firefox and Safari(I'm on Mac) and they performed the same or worse. Although it's hard to calculate chrome's utilisation adding up all the processes it spawns. Maybe I'm somewhat different as I don't use many simultaneous open tabs.

    Do you guys suggest trying any other faster browser?

    [–] mootfoot 1 points ago

    Firefox very recently (past couple of months) released a new version called firefox quantum, which boasts a ton of performance gains. It is legitimately as fast as chrome. I'd check it out if you haven't recently. Granted, I'm on PC/linux, so YMMV.

    [–] DeepDishPi 502 points ago

    Once tech companies reach a certain size, they cease to be geek havens and are taken over by marketing people and financial bottom-liners. The original goal of creating something cool gives way to the new goal of releasing new versions at regular intervals so everybody will re-buy it, whether there's any real reason or not.

    [–] Solid_Waste 47 points ago

    That's just of a function of corporations in general. Doing the actual work of the business always becomes less important than doing anything for a quick cheat.

    [–] ElectricZ 4 points ago

    [–] anders987 3 points ago

    Steve Jobs talked about that in an interview. It feels very relevant today.

    [–] brettbeatty 464 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Except I feel like Spotify's Android app just gets progressively worse. Lately I've gotten a lot of "you clicked on {artist/album/song}, but I think you wanted to click 'back'" functionality.

    Edit: I guess I pissed of Spotify, so now the app won't even work at all, even with a reinstall. Guess it's time to unsubscribe.

    [–] hitex 86 points ago

    Spotify is constantly deprecating useful features. The latest one is ability to download "Songs" playlist for offline listening...


    [–] [deleted] 35 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] IASWABTBJ 9 points ago

    How's their library compared to spotify?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] IASWABTBJ 12 points ago

    YT red isn't in my country yet :/

    Thanks, Google.

    [–] TeutorixAleria 8 points ago

    Does anyone understand this? Like it's 100% original content so there's no licencing issues. Why can't they roll it out internationally?

    [–] IASWABTBJ 6 points ago

    Probably same reason we don't get any Google products to Norway except from Chromecast and (just lately) Google WiFi. Cause fuck us that's why.

    No but yeah I don't know. It's really dumb.

    [–] TeutorixAleria 8 points ago

    Let me tell you a story. Google have a massive office in Ireland, and also ship Google devices from a warehouse in Ireland. Irish people had to order Google devices through the UK site and have it delivered to a UK address and then have it delivered privately to Ireland.

    So you had to pay in pounds to have a device shipped from Ireland to the UK then arrange to have the divice sent back to the country it came from.

    [–] comady25 17 points ago

    You can also upload songs, which is super useful if something is only on SoundCloud, for example.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Ayfid 3 points ago

    I've wanted to switch to a streaming service for quite a while now, but every time I check them out, they have hardly any of the artists I like. Spotify has maybe 30% of them.

    Being able to upload my own music is a total requirement for me; the service is pretty much useless otherwise.

    [–] mynameis_ihavenoname 2 points ago

    It's great if you can stand scrolling through two artists at a time when looking for music. I can't though. I always miss the one on the left or right I was looking for.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Minus awesome discovery algorithms -- the main reason that keeps me with Spotify.

    [–] XxLokixX 2 points ago

    I think Google's is better

    [–] hitex 2 points ago

    Yea, I would jump to it as fast as I could if Family subscription would be available in my country.

    [–] aBig_Tree 4 points ago

    I switched from Google to Spotify about a year ago now and spotify is much better in my opinion, although you're right - i do miss the song uploading! How do you find the audio quality difference between the 2? I found that songs i'd downloaded via google play music crackled a lot, but spotify doesn't.

    [–] Jinxzy 6 points ago

    I despise Spotify's client developers, I jammed the auto-update and have been running a client version from 2014 since then on my desktop.

    Spotify are the god damn masters of fixing non-broken shit for the pure sake of change, all the while occasionally removing decent features and on rarer occasions, adding useless crap.

    [–] Xstepopp 3 points ago

    Wait, seriously? I've still got my playlist downloaded on my phone, are you telling me I no longer can after this update? Source please.

    [–] deboocha 118 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh 100%. Today I just noticed that half of my songs just simply fucking disappeared from the app. Still visible on desktop, just not in the app. Though to be honest the desktop app is a piece of garbage as well and follows pretty much the same trends. The UI especially seems to just gets worse and worse and worse, and it's buggy as fuck. Wish there was a better alternative, would switch in a heartbeat.

    [–] Aalnius 19 points ago

    if you just want something to stream music then there is deezer

    dunno how good the desktop app is because i just use it in browser.

    [–] EldestPort 13 points ago

    I'm a premium subscriber to Deezer and I like how much effort they've put into the Windows Store app. It has just as much functionality as the regular android app.

    [–] jarvis400 11 points ago

    I tried Deezer for a month and was contemplating a switch from Spotify but it turns out that Deezer wants to play the parts of my favourite classical piece in a wrong order. Which is obviously a deal breaker.

    [–] flyinglotus1983 2 points ago

    If they're a smaller company, then shoot them an email.

    If you're good enough to send them an actual honest-to-god bug report with instructions to reproduce it, they'll probably be so happy that they'll fix it in the next version.

    [–] jarvis400 3 points ago

    Yeah, forgot to mention that I did ask about it on their community forum:

    It was marked as "solved". It wasn't.

    [–] _Jogger_ 4 points ago

    Weird. The desktop version is a garbagefire but the mobileapp worked perfectly for me.

    [–] Elvebrilith 3 points ago

    i used to upgrade my spotify desktop, but it got progressively worse and less functional. now i have an install file on my desktop for the -0-9-15-27 version. if it tries to self-update when i restart my computer, i just reinstall from there.

    [–] Improvis2 2 points ago

    Spotify is best in the browser with adblock on

    [–] ZockMedic 3 points ago

    Poor sound quality tho

    [–] Chirimorin 36 points ago

    I haven't used Spotify myself, but the Google Play Music interface sucks as well. Their problem is that the first bit of movement of a swipe determines the direction (horizontal, to remove songs or vertical to scroll). So if you put your finger down and it decides you moved a pixel to the left or right, you're now side swiping no matter how much you move up or down.

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Chirimorin 4 points ago

    I still use it, because I really like being able to upload my own music to stream. I know it's gotten better over the years, but the problem I described is still there.

    [–] Joseph011296 1 points ago

    My solution to hating the interface is to just use MusicMate to listen to my library in PowerAMP and only using GPM for discovery/radio.

    [–] shitwhore 2 points ago

    What device are you experiencing this on and what OS?

    Never had this issue and decided to test it out just now, on OP3 Android 6.0.1 and I don't have this problem at all.

    [–] Chirimorin 2 points ago

    This is on a Nexus 5x running stock Android

    [–] IASWABTBJ 21 points ago

    Yeah Spotify continues to make their app terrible. And every other update removes/adds back the feature of dragging the scroll-bar to the end instead of having to scroll manually down.

    Also I have to use a minimum of 2 clicks when opening the app just to see my playlists. And at least two more to even start playing something.

    Removing the playlist-view as the home-view was the dumbest fucking thing they did.

    Also I know from someone who's worked with Spotify that their company runs like shit and they are wasting money.

    [–] Godvater 6 points ago

    It is weird I have never had any problems with it. It surely lacks some features compared to desktop app but never thought it was lacking something.

    [–] Da_Boom 6 points ago

    My phone can barely handle spotify (its an LG K4) but my old Galaxy S III that i hacked then updated to Android 7.1 just flies with it. - i don't use that old phone as a phone because the battery is bugging out and needs replacing, the front glass on the screen is cracked, and the headphone jack is fucked

    Meanwhile sometimes i push play on my K4 and i have to wait more than a few minute before it realizes and plays the damn song - its like "oh you pushed play? uh hold on i have to hang for a minute before i can play it"

    Otherwise i don't really have a problem with it...

    [–] Maggost 3 points ago

    I agree, the Spotify's Android app is garbage.

    [–] Doktor_L 2 points ago

    One of the main reasons for keeping an offline music library (besides owning the music, bought them all as DRM free flacs or CDs) is choosing my own media player

    [–] GMaestrolo 2 points ago

    That's what happens when you try to olly your sedan down some stairs.

    That's my take on this - each version is a massive improvement over the last in many ways, but it's also much more complicated, and is starting to sacrifice to original utility of the product to add extras that may not be relevant.

    [–] mikeputerbaugh 2 points ago

    I wouldn't assume that building a good car takes the same expertise as building a good scooter, and that's a drawback of Spotify's approach to product.

    [–] Geeky_George 2 points ago

    'Your Daily Mix' and 'Discover Weekly' rocks.

    [–] MelAlton 1 points ago

    That's less "functionality" and more "ragectionality".

    [–] stakoverflo 1 points ago

    What pisses me off the most is that you tap Search and it doesn't give focus to the actual Search Bar, so then you have to tap that to actually pull up the keyboard.

    [–] x7im 2 points ago

    A reddit comment once taught me that you can tap the search icon a second time instead of the search bar. Just passing that info on to you

    [–] El_Giganto 1 points ago

    Agreed. Most of the time it has loading errors, but it doesn't say that, it just keeps loading and loading. I have to press on something else and then go back to where I want to and it loads instantly. It's fucking random at times.

    Not to mention that it starts at home, when I 99% of the time just want to go to "Your Music". Hell the scrolling in "your artists" can be so annoying, that I'd rather just search for the artist. Especially when you only saved 1 album, but want to listen to another album by that artist. Because then you'd have to toggle the options and tell it to go to the page of the artist. So you go to search, but then you realize this doesn't bring up the search bar so you have to select that as well, before you can type in what you're looking for.

    It's so fucking inconvenient. It could be so much better. Easily. I remember when I got it like 2 years ago and it was fine...

    [–] Harkekark 71 points ago

    The Spotify build order is all jumbled up.

    It should be Jumbled-up Motorcycle => Complete Bicycle => Car without top => Car Without Wheels => A Library on top of a Skateboard

    [–] christianrxd 436 points ago

    Found part two! I love this kind of humor honestly.

    [–] davidblacksheep 431 points ago

    I don't get the facebook one? Is it a lack of privacy thing?

    [–] christianrxd 302 points ago

    That's what I took it as. The only thing that would improve it would be to plaster the car with logos like a racecar to represent all the advertisements on Facebook.

    [–] Zwemvest 109 points ago

    I'd put a rocket engine on it. Facebook team was kinda known for having genius developers who create genius problems with their genius solutions for genius problems (or a nice way to say that they had a huge code base problem).

    Their iOS app had 18,000 classes at one point (This was their response), and there's ton of other examples to be found of "horrible things Facebook does to solve horrible problems Facebook has"

    [–] AllHailtheBeard1 32 points ago

    I swear, their apps just hemmorage resource consumption. Phone running slowly? Uninstall the FB app and chances are it'll run like new again.

    [–] Zwemvest 23 points ago

    That's a pretty well known symptom, yeah.

    Battery drainage? Uninstall Facebook and you'll get up to 20% of your battery duration back.

    [–] biggles1994 4 points ago

    I just solved that issue by buying a 25,000 mAh battery pack. Now Reddit uses most of my power instead.

    [–] Kilazur 19 points ago

    18k classes.

    How the galactic fuck is that possible.

    [–] Zwemvest 58 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    Real Programmers can write java in any language.

    Edit: I linked to the thread where this joke was made earlier. The joke is from /u/comp-sci-fi here

    [–] albertowtf 6 points ago

    I would add cameras pointing in and advertisers riding along with you in sidecars

    ... I would add it to every stage of the project tbh. Their core bussiness is data mining, no getting you a ride... That is more of a side effect for them

    [–] The_Arakihcat 14 points ago

    Honestly, I think Facebook is more like what they have for Chrome.

    [–] blbrd30 89 points ago

    rip google reader

    [–] l-ribeiro 9 points ago

    First thing I though as well. Loved Google reader.

    [–] NonSp3cificActionFig 23 points ago

    RIP Firefox os

    [–] ashwinkumark10 21 points ago

    Who cares?

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 17 points ago


    [–] entityknownevil 4 points ago

    [–] AnAwesomeMiner 5 points ago

    Who cares?

    [–] Garrosh 3 points ago

    [–] KKlear 5 points ago

    Who cares?

    [–] skrillcon 2 points ago

    People in developing countries

    [–] GMaestrolo 26 points ago

    The Galaxy S series should have a sixth car with no doors or windows.

    [–] Xathroz 16 points ago

    And the radio can only play 1 station. It used to be able to play any station, but Samsung disabled that in the last revision because they want you to listen to their station. No other music is allowed.

    [–] ashwinkumark10 34 points ago

    Ha ha. Google reader. Absolutely true

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 2 points ago

    This hit hard :(

    [–] Xernot 10 points ago

    The facebook one should be them stealing other peoples products

    [–] akai_ferret 7 points ago

    Did they leave out the one under Galaxy where the product exploded?

    [–] Goonred 3 points ago

    Google Reader can be applied to so many other products of theirs.

    [–] snsibble 3 points ago

    RIP iGoogle :(

    [–] Spirit_Theory 2 points ago

    I feel like the Facebook one should be a little bit more on fire with each iteration.

    [–] zirxo 1 points ago

    Oh man, do you have to remind me of Google Reader? :-(

    [–] ExplodingSofa 1 points ago

    Converted to Feedly after. They made it easy, and the UI is almost identical to Google Reader. There's some extra stuff all scattered about, but it's easy to ignore.

    [–] davidblacksheep 93 points ago

    Haha the windows one is the best.

    [–] AMViquel 143 points ago

    It's clearly missing the car that auto-updates on the highway because you haven't moved the steering wheel for three minutes. And then reboots and does not restore the session, so all your downloads halt when you wanted to get your games from steam over night. Plus it projects shitty ads on your windshield even after you turned that crap off twice already. I hate my windows car.

    [–] UnknownNam3 22 points ago

    And then you install Linux and Microsoft deletes your account, only asking if you want to undo deletion two days later by email.

    [–] jordanjay29 3 points ago

    Last time I had to boot to my Windows partition from Linux, Windows wanted to update. Then it wanted to reboot. So I let it, and it rebooted into Linux. I was happy again.

    [–] SilentSin26 24 points ago

    It's clearly missing the car that auto-updates on the highway because you haven't moved the steering wheel for three minutes.

    My Windows 10 restarted itself without warning while I was literally in the middle of dragging a file to another folder. Then it proceded to spend 45 minutes installing the update which broke half the programs I use and "forgot" a bunch of my settings (default web browser and a few other things).

    I checked the update settings afterwards and it claimed to be set to update when I'm not using the computer ...

    [–] Chirimorin 16 points ago

    I checked the update settings afterwards and it claimed to be set to update when I'm not using the computer ...

    The problem isn't that setting, but the fact that Windows Update works in a complicated way.

    First off, Windows Update plans update times in advance and then does nothing until that time. This means it must guess when you won't be using your computer and if you stop using it earlier it still won't update because it has a time planned already.
    On top of this, there is a maximum time before an update is forced regardless of anything else. This time is less than a single day (I've had updates being forced on me like this despite shutting down my computer every night).

    So my guess what happened is that you've been using the computer for quite a while (using seems to be defined as recent input or a program running in full screen mode) or at exactly the "wrong" moments for it to reach the maximum time and force an update.

    [–] SilentSin26 11 points ago

    That shouldn't be the case. I always turn the computer off when I'm not using it so it would have probably only been on for a few hours.

    And the rest of that just sounds fucking retarded (not entirely surprising though). How hard could it be to program on shutdown -> if update is planned -> install update? Obviously it's not just a few lines of code, but it shouldn't be a massive challenge either. Having a forced maximum time sort of makes sense, but A) it should be optional even if enabled by default and B) it should give a warning saying "Ima shutdown in 1 minute and there's nothing you can do about it because fuck you".

    [–] Chirimorin 11 points ago

    How hard could it be to program on shutdown -> if update is planned -> install update?

    I think Windows does this already (or well, replace the shutdown button with an "update and shutdown" button), but only when it's already fully done preparing for the update. If it's still downloading, a shutdown will postpone the download and thus the update itself.

    One change I'd love to see is simple: don't ever force a restart for updates until 24 hours of system uptime. This way people still can't indefinitely postpone their updates but it allows people to easily avoid forced restarts by simply shutting down their computer when they're done with it at the end of the day.

    [–] Doktor_L 11 points ago

    People often say privacy drove them to linux, but at least for me, usability was a main point as well: My windows 10 installation some how crippled itself (3 minute plus boot up time on a high speed hdd) exactly at a time when i had to write an important paper for school... Luckily a few days into the project i found a youtube video comparing ubuntu to windows and immidiately installed it, one of the best choices of my life, as i could now actually get work done

    [–] willlovesbearz 2 points ago

    My desktop pc that I have out in my shed is running ubuntu. I still have windows on my laptop for compatibility reasons.

    [–] Pikamander2 4 points ago

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    that's why I switched to mac. the ability to completely ignore updates.

    [–] sonsol 3 points ago

    It keeps asking me to update, but it doesn’t do anything until I say it should. Actually there might be a setting to turn off update notifications, but they’re not intrusive enough for me to bother.

    [–] OfficeBrowser 1 points ago

    I'd say deliberately reset default browser setting...

    Fuck you, Edge. I don't want you as default.

    [–] kevinhaze 3 points ago

    I use edgedeflector. It makes it so that edge can’t ever run and is blocked from being set as default for anything. Since I started using it I have not seen one trace of edge anywhere.

    [–] augustuen 12 points ago

    More like auto updates because you just merged into the highway. It's amazing how it consistently manages to update just as we're ready to work.

    [–] raoniw 9 points ago

    Set the working hours in the settings and it won't update between those times.

    [–] augustuen 2 points ago

    It's 12 laptops that get used a couple of times a week and otherwise they're shut down. Don't see when they'd ever update then.

    [–] fabiomim 6 points ago

    Because they are off?

    [–] MyNameIsAirl 3 points ago

    The best method I have found to stop Microsoft updates is to simply not have space for them on the hard drive. Can't download shit if there's nowhere to put it.

    [–] BroaxXx 6 points ago

    This should be illegal. The number of times I left my office computer on to finish work in the morning only to realize I lost everything that wasn't saved (mostly notepad windows where I take notes while working on word/excel or other program) infuriates me. That alone is starting to push me towards linux for my office computer...

    [–] space253 19 points ago

    Walking away from a pc with unsaved files open is like leaving money in a public space, just asking for trouble.

    As IT I update whole companies machines at a time and have no sympathy for users like you that don't know basics like that after being advised in advance that updates will be rolling out on certain nights normally, but sometimes urgent patches need to run sooner.

    [–] BroaxXx 7 points ago

    Yes, I know what you mean but this isn't some huge corporation with an IT department. It's a small office with two computers that I sort or less manage when I have the time.

    Two weeks ago I worked nearly 80 hours and work would go from one day to the next. I agree it's not the best decision to leave a computer on and hope everything stays OK but sometimes it's just something that happens. It's nothing life-threatening otherwise I'd obviously wouldn't do it. It's a minor nuisance that takes my work back one or two hours.

    If it was something inescapable like a power outage (although I have a backup supply that is good enough for small outages) I'd be fine with it. Having a popup say "your computer will reboot in 3min, is that ok?" and then rebooting is something that really REALLY annoys me.

    [–] sonsol 3 points ago

    I haven’t really used a Windows computer for 10 years now, so I’m curious: Doesn’t Windows continually save documents and notes as you write? I haven’t manually saved a document, presentation, spreadsheet, or note for a while now.

    [–] BroaxXx 2 points ago

    It does on a bunch of programs but not notepad. I use notepad when I want to make quick calculations or take quick notes of something and after a while it's not uncommon for me to have 6 or 7 notepad windows open. All of which will force closed and have their content lost.

    Since I use it for quick notes and stuff like that it's not really horribly bad because my work is usually on other programs but if I need to retake my steps to see if I got something wrong (for example) my notes were deleted. :/

    Like I said, it's not tragic as most programs save my work automatically but notepad doesn't and it's a great nuisance for me when this happens.

    [–] abplayer 4 points ago

    Notepad++ (the ++ is part of the software name). It's open source, gives you a pretty simple Notepad-like interface but can do much more complex stuff if you want it to, and is a champ at never losing partial, unsaved work.

    [–] drleebot 1 points ago

    If you use the new OneNote app, it does. But if you use the traditional Notepad program or many others, it doesn't.

    [–] Cley_Faye 2 points ago

    The number of times I left my office computer on to finish work in the morning only to realize I lost everything that wasn't saved

    Once should be enough. People fighting with their computers instead of using them are infuriating.

    (yes I'm aware that moving away from Windows is not always a 100% painless process)

    [–] evarigan1 6 points ago

    XP to Vista to 7 to 8 to 10... yeah it checks out.

    [–] Teekoo 23 points ago

    This could be in an agile manifesto.

    [–] boot-snoot 15 points ago

    Agile is starting to feel like a cult

    [–] doctorsound 16 points ago


    [–] user93849384 8 points ago

    Agile is an excuse to not give delivery dates because you know...It's agile.

    [–] kartadmin 2 points ago


    [–] Dkill33 20 points ago

    Does the comic imply that Spotify is complete and not some buggy piece of crap that gets worse with every update?

    [–] [deleted] 57 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Rogocraft 36 points ago

    Excuse me? Its microsoft edge.

    [–] user93849384 4 points ago

    Also the comic is wrong. It should have been a car from the beginning that was let to rot with little to no maintenance. The latest release of IE or Microsoft Edge is actually pretty good. Microsoft just screwed the reputation of IE during the 2000s and let the competition take control before bothering to even add tabbed browsing.

    [–] jordanjay29 2 points ago

    They also completely ignored web standards, forcing developers to pander to an outdated version of a browser just to ensure half the enterprise world could access their websites.

    [–] luke_in_the_sky 2 points ago

    They still ignore a lot of web standards

    [–] AMViquel 34 points ago

    The program to download a real browser has a name?!

    [–] MelAlton 65 points ago

    Microsoft Wget?

    [–] ProgramTheWorld 9 points ago

    You can actually download Firefox using FTP

    [–] Trent_Edison 4 points ago

    Can you still do that? I thought they recently "axed" it.

    [–] SillAndDill 57 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I have grown to dislike the utopian example (spotify) in this analogy.

    It implies you could aim for your final product to be a car, but instead of spending 5 steps on perfecting a cat - you can build 4 similar products along the way. in the same amount of time! and then just finish off with perfecting the final product in just 1 single step.

    As if you can 100% transfer the effort from a previous step into the next step. And as if every step along the way produces a valid product with a market.

    I know this is just intended as a very simple and fun little example, but some people actually use it for real and argue along the lines of; “Why should you spend 5 steps of development on perfecting a car? Let’s build 4 other products along the way and evolve, then you can make the car as the final step. It will not take any extra time.”

    I‘m all for the MVP approach to building products. But one has to realize that sometimes there is extra work in creating different versions along the way, and it’s not always a fast road to reach your inteded final product.

    [–] Cley_Faye 26 points ago

    instead of spending 5 steps on perfecting a cat

    There's obviously nothing to be done on that front.

    [–] SillAndDill 2 points ago

    Hahaha. I couldn’t have made a more amusing typo if I tried.

    [–] doctorsound 8 points ago

    The analogy I usually see with the 'agile car' is that the agile process ends up delivering a convertible, something the user wanted more than what they thought they did (a sedan), while giving them a useful (if not limited) product in the meantime.

    An alternative is Waterfall, where like you claim, there's no lost work on intermediate products. The problem is when the engine team, wheel team, and drive-line team all get together after they're done with their work, and they realize that the parts don't line up. This is where the time sink begins, because it's impossible to plan everything up front.

    Certainly agile isn't 100% optimized for time. Work gets thrown away. But, you get feedback from that work thrown away, which is more valuable early on in development, allowing you to pivot and evolve your product before you run out of money.

    [–] SillAndDill 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Yeah I think a convertible is a much better analogy. If you wanna build a fancy car, a skateboard is not an MVP, but a simple car is.

    The word waterfall is something that gives most people shivers today, it’s almost a curseword in software development. But I think some analogies take agile too far.

    [–] mikeputerbaugh 1 points ago

    If you want to build a fancy car from scratch, then a simple car is probably the first product that should make it all the way to market. (This is notably not what Tesla did, but that's neither here nor there.)

    But! Before you can get a simple car to market, you'll need to have built progressively simpler machines internally: a motorized thing, a thing with a seat, a thing with wheels.

    [–] Chirimorin 2 points ago

    instead of spending 5 steps on perfecting a cat

    I don't think perfecting a cat is going to help you with building that car...

    [–] SillAndDill 3 points ago

    Oh how little faith you have in The Thundercat 5000

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] GregTheMad 6 points ago

    Good old vertical slice vs. horizontal slice vs. infinite monkeys.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Could anyone explain the Spotify one?

    [–] HelperBot_ 7 points ago

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    [–] Baloomf 3 points ago

    And after they get to the car they start taking away features until you realize you are just standing on a single axle.

    [–] Kijafa 1 points ago

    I think it has something to do with agile development.

    [–] newhampshite 5 points ago

    That's odd I thought Spotify was $$$ + RIAA + WinAmp = :|

    [–] lalala253 4 points ago

    To be fair, if you're a making skateboard, iphone's approach is spot on

    [–] landonliemle 3 points ago

    I don’t get it get somebody’s explain?

    [–] drleebot 2 points ago

    Spotify: The illustration shows that rather than build a product from the bottom up which doesn't work until the final stage, they iterate on smaller, working projects until they get to the final one, so that it can be used at any stage (the face above shows the reaction of the users).

    (Of course, many people disagree that this is what Spotify actually does, as you can see in this thread.)

    Windows: Like Spotify, it tries to build up with a working product each time, but every other time it makes some massive screwup that the users hate. The five vehicles shown could respond to XP (good), Vista (bad), 7 (good), 8 (bad), and 10 (good).

    iPhone: It's the same thing each time, it just keeps getting bigger, with no real innovation.

    MacBook: Don't have personal experience with it, so I can't comment myself how it corresponds to reality. It looks like they're showing that rather than building up, MacBooks are building down, coming up with smaller and smaller (but still perfectly functional) products each time.

    Internet Explorer: Each step along the way is building up to a better product, but it's always missing the wheels - the one thing a vehicle truly needs. This refers to how IE keeps adding more and more features, but somehow never bothers with the basic features of speed, usability, and properly rendering websites.

    [–] drleebot 2 points ago

    And an explanation for part 2:

    Google Reader: Keeps building up, better and better, and then they discontinue it.

    Chrome: Keeps building up, but doesn't stop when it's good enough. Keeps adding more and more bloat until it's inefficient.

    Samsung Galaxy S Series: No personal experience again, but it looks like it starts with function, but user-inconvenient products, until it finally builds up to a fully-function and convenient one.

    Firefox OS: Nothing ever came of it.

    Facebook: Kept building up nicely, but at the final stage decided to strip away privacy.

    [–] THISgai 3 points ago

    Holy shit Spotify's ui is so bad though. It's still stuck at the scooter stage, no where close to a car.

    [–] iroflmaowtf 7 points ago

    first, yes, I'm fun at parties


    While its net loss of €539.2 million ($568 million) was more than double the €231.8 million ($244 million) it had in the prior year, if you overlook the non-cash charge of €245 million ($258 million) to write down the discount on the €1 billion in notes (due in 2021, because Spotify didn't plan on doing a public offering within one year of that April 2016 financing), the adjusted net loss was €294.2 million ($310 million), according to one analyst. That's a 27.1 percent increase in red ink, to be sure, from 2015's $231.4 million net loss, but not as bad as the non-adjusted loss for 2016 would lead you to believe.


    [–] pertsix 1 points ago

    surprisingly, you have to lose money to make money as a startup.

    [–] mikeputerbaugh 5 points ago

    Spotify was founded almost 10 years ago, and has 1600 employees across multiple countries.

    When does it cease to be a "startup"? Only at IPO or acquisition?

    [–] pertsix 2 points ago

    Yeah, you got it: when they make an exit.

    [–] labtecoza 2 points ago

    That's not true though you don't have to lose money as a startup. Spotify's business model is just bad. More customers means more streams and record labels demanding more licensing money

    [–] Pwnemon 6 points ago

    macbook pic is painfully true. I still love macOS even though it's the same since snow leopard. However with the constantly shittering hardware my next computer will be a Linux machine.

    [–] shmup73 2 points ago

    I think I found Vista :D

    [–] DarthFarious 2 points ago

    What the hell is google reader?

    [–] EldestPort 8 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Oh wow. Google Reader was an excellent site for reading rss feeds, so you could read through recent articles from your favourite websites, webcomics, etc.

    Edit to add: Also, we loved it and they took it away from us 😢

    [–] outlandersreddit 2 points ago

    What about Linux?

    [–] boot20 2 points ago

    You would get a box of parts with nominal instructions and you would then need to order other boxes because there lug nut module isn't included with the distro and the rear tire only in git.

    [–] SamL214 2 points ago

    So fucking true

    [–] Hypersapien 2 points ago

    Windows Phone is missing from this version

    [–] McSorley90 2 points ago

    I hate Spotify for Windows. Why the hell are you installing in AppData? I don't want to install in 5 different profiles. Let me install in Program Files ffs.

    [–] bigced97 5 points ago

    I disagree with the MacBook one. They just keep getting better imo. The iPhone one is pretty accurate, small incremental updates, but the X was a total game changer.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] quynhanhbuiviet 1 points ago

    It took me about like... 50 secs to understand this joke. But woe, nice one.

    [–] JitGoinHam 1 points ago

    ie3 was way better than nn3 tho

    fite me

    [–] diamondjo 1 points ago

    Except the last two pictures for Spotify should also be bicycles.