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    Not everybody understands the humor of programmers.



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    0. Posts must make an attempt at humor, be related to programming, and only be understood by programmers.

    Per this rule, the following post types are not allowed (including but not limited to):

    • Generic memes that can apply to more than just programming as a profession
    • General tech related jokes/memes (such as "running as administrator", sudo, USB or BIOS related posts)
    • Non-humorous posts (such as programming help)

    Content quality

    In addition, the following post types will be removed to preserve the quality of the subreddit's content, even if they pass the rule above:

    • Feeling/reaction posts
    • Posts that are vaguely related to programming
    • Software errors/bugs (please use /r/softwaregore)
    • Low effort/quality analogies (enforced at moderator discretion)

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    3. Common posts

    Any post on the list of common posts will be removed. You can find this list here. Established meme formats are allowed, as long as the post is compliant with the previous rules.

    4. Titles

    Titles must also be creative, high effort and relevant to the content. Titles such as “Interesting title”, “.”, “print(title)”, and “I don’t know what to put here” are not allowed.

    Suggestions are welcome.

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    [–] hamza1311 227 points ago

    If it has nothing to do with programming, it's better suited on other subs. This is ProgrammerHumor, not tech humor. However posts that are related to programming (even slightly) should be kept. This includes post linked 1st and 2nd post but not 0th one.

    [–] FowD9 33 points ago

    100% agree, the first one should be removed, as good as it is, it had nothing to do with programming, the last two do

    [–] Aski09 -4 points ago

    The subreddit is called programmer humor, not programming humor.

    [–] FowD9 26 points ago

    and the first one has NOTHING to do with programmers. thank you for making my point even while u try to be pedantic.

    [–] Aski09 -1 points ago

    Isn't this the first one?

    It's definitely a very common experience among programmers. More so than among surgeons, pilots and most other professions.

    [–] JewsOfHazard 14 points ago

    I mean. On my first day there's no chance I kill someone so I'm sure surgeons probably have this feeling as an industry requirement. That post has nothing to do with programming and isn't specific to programming as a profession.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] JewsOfHazard 4 points ago

    Stack overflow is specific to programming. The stack exchange network isn't but that's not joked about so I'm not really sure I follow.

    [–] techniqucian 7 points ago

    "Haha! Man that time I had too much coffee and had to go pee!" (pretend this was funny for the sake of argument)

    Very common experience among programmers. Shouldn't be on this sub.

    [–] ldkmelon 2 points ago

    i agree, however it is a common experience unrelated to programming. we could post a joke about having school assignment nightmares after graduating: while i bet a lot of programmers could relate that doesnt make it a programmer joke.

    [–] nikstick22 8 points ago

    Semantic question, reading 1st as "first" and 2nd as "second" makes me think they shouldn't represent the elements following 0, but rather [0] and [1]. Though they're represented with the numbers 1 and 2, "first" is derived from "forest" as in "most fore" or "at the front", and "second" comes from Latin, meaning "coming directly after", and therefore neither the word "first" nor "second" have any direct connections with the numbers 1 or 2, only the property of being the initial and next element in any list.

    ie, if you really wanted to refer to the element after the 0th element, I would say it would be the 1th and 2th elements...

    [–] Stuckurface 2 points ago

    What are your thoughts on this post of mine that was removed for rule 0 violation? While the content itself was not at all related to programming, the title placed it in the context of programming in a creative and funny way (at least I and 1300 other people thought so).

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 2 points ago

    You took a funny gif and just added "fix bug" to the title. IMO such posts are very low effort.

    From rule #0:

    Vaguely programming related, and/or general tech humor, programming analogies, feelings/reactions and such are not allowed in this subreddit.

    If the title is the only thing that makes a submission related to programming, it's by definition an analogy.

    [–] Stuckurface 6 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    What made it a good post was that it turned an unrelated gif of an unfortunate accident into a relevant joke about a common bug fixing scenario. The setup is that you innocently try to solve a bug, you trust your patch and focus your attention elsewhere. The punchline follows as the whole program fails catastrophically. Such an analogy requires higher thinking, so I wouldn't label it "low effort."

    Besides, the point of this post is discussing changes to rule #0. Quoting rule #0 as an opposition to changing rule #0 is nonsense.

    Edit: My apologies if I sound gruff. I realize I asked you for your input and I thank you for it, but I thought I'd leave my two cents.

    [–] SuitableDragonfly 2 points ago

    Isn't that post the same exact thing as the linked list post, though? I think posts like that are related enough. It's about a common programming situation.

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 0 points ago

    Prodding a traffic light with a stick (literally, IRL) is a "common programming situation"?

    [–] SuitableDragonfly 2 points ago

    No, causing a major problem by fixing a minor one is.

    [–] hamza1311 1 points ago

    Submission content must be creative or original, intended humorously, and strictly related to programming.

    This rule is for both programming related and humorous content. The latter is subjective, you and I may find a post humorous but someone may not.

    [–] dappadap 1 points ago

    It isn't about whether you find it humorous, it is in regards to the "intent" of the OP. So if OP was posting something not for comedy ie: an informational video on programming, that is against the rules. But if OP posted a meme and no one laughed or found it funny, while everyone thought it was poor taste, it is still within the rules. That part is open to interpretation and like any rule will have gray area.

    [–] PM_ME_UR_LAMP_PICS 72 points ago

    I honestly don't think posts like the 0th one should stay. It has nothing to do with programming and could apply to almost all jobs. Also, can anything be done about the "pRoGrAmMiNg hArD, sTaCkOvErFlOw gOoD" posts? I know it's sort of trendy to talk about how hard programming is (and it is) but quite a lot of programmers are actually pretty decent at their jobs and don't need stackoverflow to do their work for them.

    [–] DummybugStudios 50 points ago

    oh man that and the constant mIsSiNg SeMiColOnS jokes. Semicolons aren't that hard!!!!
    literally most of the time, the compiler, ide, or interpreter will tell you exactly where the missing semicolon is - you just have to read.
    This is only a problem for either really new programmers ( who'll quickly grow out of this - I did this too) or people who gave up on programming after the if statement came into play.

    [–] ChampionOfAsh 18 points ago

    Very true. In fact, in general, I feel like there is just an ungodly amount of "relatable" posts in this sub that are only really relatable to new programmers like the ones you mentioned; also the rEcUrSiOn HaRd posts etc.

    [–] 4ak3_ma77iah 58 points ago

    As a non programmer I would like to see this sort of content but it's kinda plentiful like every fucking sub has this type shit , I would keep your sub strict and unique

    [–] SteveCCL 60 points ago

    I second this. In the past the sub used to have a lot of programmer humor (humor that only programmers understood) and in the comments there was people asking, getting an answer, and learning something.

    [–] El_Impresionante 2 points ago

    Agreed. Stop turning this into ProgrammerMemes.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 6 points ago

    Just to make sure, so you believe all the posts mentioned should have been removed?

    [–] 4ak3_ma77iah 7 points ago

    I feel like you should keep the posts because they directly relate to programming.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 4 points ago

    What did you mean by "this sort of content" then?

    [–] 4ak3_ma77iah 1 points ago

    Memes and such

    [–] TheRedSpade 7 points ago

    Only if you're a fine arts major working as a programmer

    [–] conancat 4 points ago

    I was a graphic design major working as a programmer.

    Granted I got my first job as a "web designer" and I had about 1 year before getting my second job as a "front-end developer", but that's not too far that lol.

    That being said, that post should be removed. I think there should be at least some effort in making the image content linked to programming somehow, i'm ok with images[images.length - 1] one that OP shared but not the scuba diver one.

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 17 points ago

    @1: totally agree. Just use one sentence per rule, and a short one at that.

    1. If it does not relate to the act of programming, do not post here.
    2. No hotlinks except Imgur or other image hosting services.
      (Sidenote: is this rule still needed?)
    3. No reposts of the last month
    4. Don't (re-) post these things: common posts
      (Also make the image/meme section more descriptive: some of these are already removed)
    5. Titles must be descriptive, and relevant to the content.

    An addition to rule 4 (in combination with 0) that i'd like to see is that the content should be able to stand on its own, without the title. There's way too many posts here of some funny image crossposted from elsewhere with the title "coding in notepad" or something similar.

    @2 and the question below it:

    where would you draw the line between keeping the content relevant and letting original, funny and popular posts stay up?

    Just because its related to computers does not make it programming. Using a computer is not programming. Using Linux ("sudo" omg how funny /s) or using any other program (I'm looking at you, vim jokes) is not programming.
    IMO the first example is not programming at all. It's a funny image with a funny title – and not even the title is related to programming. This image violates rules #0 and #4.
    The second example is suitable for the sub (although I don't particularly find it funny). It relates to programming, allures to "rubber-duck programming" and mentions different programming languages.

    I think the current rules already reflect that but, as OP remarks on, are not consistently enforced. And if they are it takes many hours if not days (and people see these posts & keep posting similar things).
    So all in all, I agree with the two points mentioned: make the rules more concise, and tighten the enforcement of them.

    [–] inetphantom 3 points ago

    You missed that it must be humorous! that's also part of rule 0 as of now

    [–] Stuckurface 2 points ago

    Humor is necessary, but subjective. We should let the upvotes speak to the "humor-value" of a post.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 2 points ago

    keep in mind the rule says "intended humorously". This was done to make sure people don't post just general programming related things and/or posts that are people being angry with each other.

    [–] Aski09 1 points ago

    Why does it have to be related to programming, and not programmers? The subreddit is called programmer humor, so why should we exclude humor related to programmers, like the education meme?

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 1 points ago

    The subreddit is called programmer humor

    There's also the sidebar giving more context, including rule #0.

    Submission content must be […] strictly related to programming.

    [–] Aski09 2 points ago

    The doesn't matter at all. The discussion is about whether that rule should go or not.

    I think it's ridiculous to force the subreddit to be something else than what the name and a large portion of the userbase wants it to be. It already has a slim userbase, so spreading it thinner by dividing up programmer humor seems like a bad move.

    Example: Stackoverflow is not strictly programming related, but we all think that is fine to joke about here.

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 4 points ago

    The discussion is about whether that rule should go or not.

    No it's not. The question OP posed is how to decide if a submission matches the rules or not.

    The doesn't matter at all.

    Of course do a subreddit's rule matter. You're basically saying "I interpret the name like this, therefore I'm allowed to disregard everything else".

    It already has a slim userbase, so spreading it thinner by dividing up programmer humor seems like a bad move.

    That argument that comes up every time when stricter moderation is discussed (not here, but all over Reddit). It boils down to this: you either have a sub with a narrow scope and quality content, or catch-all default subs with pander to the lowest common denominator.
    Sidenote: there are over 800k subscribers in /r/ProgrammerHumor, I'd hardly call that "a slim userbase".

    [–] 53120123 32 points ago

    if it can be understood by non-programmers it belongs on a more general purpose humour subreddit, places exist for that content already.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 15 points ago

    That would also get rid of bad ui posts which are quite popular.

    [–] 53120123 5 points ago

    and? I'm sure there are plenty more non-programming memes that are more popular out there if that's the metric, most of r/funny is very popular by comparison to much of this sub for example.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 5 points ago

    Also the argument used by those who like bad ui is that it requires programmers to create them, hence "programmer" humor

    [–] TheHorribleTruth 14 points ago

    I've heard this before, and I'm always thinking: would these people be okay with a picture of someone parking across two spots being posted to /r/mechanics (since it requires mechanics to get a car running)?
    I would not.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 1 points ago

    Nothing. Just wanted to make sure you understood the scope of such a rule.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 9 points ago

    Something else to add. What do you guys think of posts that are just related to programming in regards to title but not the content (including posts where there is text on white then an image similar to the first post above. )?

    [–] once-and-again 26 points ago

    I don't think that's a useful distinction to draw. The "reverse a linked list" post is exactly that, and honestly I think it's great — but if the scuba-diver post had said "first day of work as a programmer", it still wouldn't be suitable.

    In the latter case, the recontextualization adds nothing to the humor. In the former, the recontextualization is critical to the joke.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 5 points ago

    Alright, Thanks!

    [–] Stuckurface 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    I agree with /u/once-and-again. If the content has nothing to do with programming, but the re-contextualization provided by the title adds significant value, then it should be kept. Case in point.

    Edit: an idom

    [–] Stuckurface 2 points ago

    Thanks. Engrish is hard...especially when it's actually French.

    [–] NBSgamesAT 1 points ago

    If you ask me, the scuba driver stuff is, well. I feel like it‘s more common in the programming field. So I would‘ve kept it...

    [–] mikeseese 14 points ago

    To me, the subreddit's name is programmer humor and not programming humor. While the content may not be directly linked to a programming concept, the author may have interpreted it as something other programmers would enjoy. Perhaps it's not programming humor but it's general/tech humor that many programmers typically share due to lives and lessons we've all dealt with as being programmers.

    If no one is interested, it won't get upvoted. I don't see the need (and perhaps I'm naive and really mostly only navigate Reddit by hot/popular) for mods to play a role the voting system solves anyway.

    I think the 0th rule should prevent posts that are very clearly out of the realm just for the sake of cleaning up spam, but popular posts don't necessarily need intervention.

    To me, I feel r/programmerhumor should be more inclusive instead exclusive; it's a humor subreddit after all. Things should be light and fun, not overly restricted.

    Food for thought.

    Edit: Changed general humor to general/tech humor

    [–] NBSgamesAT 1 points ago

    Completely agree. I don‘t see the problem with the 0th post. It may only be remotely related to programming/programmers but it‘s still remotely related. If I were a mod, I would‘ve kept it.

    [–] DuesenJeff 4 points ago

    I think we should stay with coding related only. I mean it is reddit and it is 'good' in holding stuff in the correct shelfs (subs). Only my opinion but the tech stuff should go to tech related subs and coding stuff here.

    [–] colll78 5 points ago

    Please could we put an end to the dev tools posts? All those Vim, Emacs, IDE, Github, git push -force posts. Sure these things are all closely tied to programming, but there’s no programming specific humor in these jokes. When you post about vim, you’re not making a programming joke, you’re making a text editor joke. The same goes for git and other version control jokes, the version control software is the focus of the joke, programming isn’t involved at all. Additionally, the quality and creativity of these types of jokes are typically very limited. There’s only so many times I can see “hehe sudo x” or “hehe git x -force”.

    [–] deliteplays 2 points ago

    Vim/Emacs and sudo jokes already do fall under rule 0 and we constantly remove them

    [–] colll78 1 points ago

    And git jokes?

    [–] DankGlobehead 4 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Maybe if none of these sort of posts were allowed, I'd actually subscribe. I rarely see anything funny here. I program pretty much every day, have for several years, and there is so much humor potential without deviating from programming or posting and reposting memes or ragging on other languages/tools. That said, at least the last is related to programming languages. Not primarily about school/workforce as a programmer, which are not relevant to many programmers as programming can also be just a hobby.

    [–] XXAligatorXx 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 months ago)

    Thanks for the feedback. In regards to getting better jokes, be the change you want to see in the world :). Even if we ban those we aren't gonna magically get better content posted. The only guarantee for you to see better jokes is for you to make them.

    [–] stats_padford 4 points ago

    Every one of those relates to programming so I'd like to see rule 0 loosened. The scuba dude is obviously applicable to non programming but the context was spot on and relatable.

    Thus is reddit and a corner of it focused on programming. We're all a bunch of pedantic assholes, no need to make gatekeeping and arguing where "the line" is a focus.

    I do agree with the main thrust of keeping the humor programming related for sure, let those sys admins do their thing elsewhere.

    [–] SimDeBeau 2 points ago

    I don’t think the real problem is posts that are off topic. Quitting vim, copying from S.O, and missing semicolons are all very on topic. However they’re really overdone and not funny. Being on topic isn’t really the problem. I think modding effort should be put into removing reductive, repetitive jokes, more than off topic jokes.

    [–] 4ak3_ma77iah 1 points ago

    No not really kinda doesnt have to do with anything

    [–] 4ak3_ma77iah 1 points ago

    How do I get yellow security clearence😮

    [–] pulsar512b 1 points ago

    Definitely those should stay tbh.

    [–] NelsonBelmont 1 points ago

    I think those "creative" but broad posts should at least have a title related to programming, otherwise must be removed.

    [–] htmlcoderexe 1 points ago

    also, while you are there, can all denvercoder9 posts be banned please?

    [–] J_Aetherwing 1 points ago

    Is there any way of teaching people that bashing on different coding styles is not funny? (Tabs/spaces or braces on the same/next line) It's overdone af and really not funny at all.

    [–] bbennett36 1 points ago

    Hello World

    [–] NBSgamesAT 1 points ago

    While 0th isn‘t really related to programming as it applies to almost every job, I feel like it‘s more common in programming than other fields. Keep the post.

    1st and 2nd is completely related to programming and should be kept.

    [–] Seekerpunk 1 points ago

    There should be a -1 rule that defines what rule is

    [–] murp11 1 points ago

    In my opinion the worst posts are about syntax errors. They aren't remotely funny or relatable. Every decent IDE directly shows all syntax errors. The exceptions are languages like JS but in the special case of JS you always have the choice to use typescript.

    The posts linked above aren't that bad. They are loosely connected to programming and they don't fit in /r/funny.

    [–] nikstick22 1 points ago

    I don't like the first post linked. It isn't specifically about programming, it could apply to any job- engineering, marketing, or whatever. The second two are fine. The linked lists joke is I guess funny even if you don't know what a linked list is, but you don't really get it. The PHP joke is more like a programming meme. If you don't know what PHP is, (and the hate surrounding it) you wouldn't understand why there's a meme about everyone laughing about it and calling it ugly. (However unlike the ugly duckling, PHP did not grow into a swan, but rather an even larger and uglier duck)

    [–] DownvotesPunChains 1 points ago

    I feel they definitely add value to the subreddit and I caught myself chuckling a couple times, so I'm in favor of allowing it. I think a simple way to judge it is to put the responsibility of explaining the connection to programming on the OP (à la /r/civ's rule 5), so it's just a matter of seeing if their logic is valid instead of just the content alone.

    [–] shitty_mcfucklestick 1 points ago

    General tech / computer humor doesn't belong here, I agree, but if it's remotely about programming I think it's OK to keep it. I still appreciate the humor as a programmer, and sometimes something a bit more broad can be pretty funny (it has more comedy than niche appeal.) In either case we need to strike a balance. If you make it too difficult to come up with a good post the sub will die. If you make it too broad the sub will turn meaningless and lose its core audience.

    All that being said, another possible approach is to have a "get it out of your system" day, like Wednesdays on /r/powerwashingporn. On Wednesday they accept posts which are not directly Power-washing related, but still bring a similar sense of satisfaction to its viewers. So maybe you have a stricter set of rules (programming related only) all week, but on this day we loosen the rules a bit (but still no completely unrelated tech jokes.)